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So... I want to be witchy and practice the craft but I've honestly no idea where to begin. I also don't really have the money to afford supplies like candles and crystals and herbs and stuff (high school student here...) so I'm not even sure if I could practice effectively because of that. I have a couple books, but I'm not sure if the authors are credible or not, so I'm afraid to practice from them. Do you... have any advice or tips?

-big warm smile- Sweetie, come and sit by me. Let’s chat.

First of all, welcome to the community! There’s a lot to learn and a lot of complications and it might take you a while to find your feet, but there’s plenty of folks around who are willing to help. We’re glad you’re here! :)

Now then, supplies and budget concerns. There are SO many witches out there working on a shoestring budget or no budget at all, and they practice just fine.

One of the things that gets fed to us a lot by popular literature and media is that in order to be a witch you need lots of rare herbs and fancy crystals and enough candles to set a small village on fire. Not so. Basic spells can be done with whatever you have to hand. It’s all a matter of working creatively and thinking outside the occult-store box.

You’re a student, yes? So in your accoutrements for school, you’ve got things like paper, pens, tape, maybe some markers and things, right? And your home kitchen, that’s probably got a spice cabinet with some cooking herbs, right? And you’ve got access to the internet (obviously) and a blog.

So…good news! You’ve got everything you need to start your practice.

No candles? No problem! You don’t really need live-flame candles unless you’re working a spell that requires something to be set on fire. You can use LED candles, or a picture of a candle, or a flashlight, depending on what the symbolic need for the item is. Or, if you want, you can skip them altogether.

No herbs? Check that kitchen cabinet. Amazing things can be done with the seasonings that are probably already in your home. Some of my go-to herbs are Basil, Rosemary, Sage, Thyme, Cinnamon, Cayenne, and Ginger, to say nothing of good old salt and black pepper. The spice aisle is a treasure trove for witches on a tight budget, and even more so if you have a local dollar store that carries cheap generic seasonings. You only need a pinch or so of an herb for full effectiveness; a little bit goes a very long way!

No crystals? Again, not a requirement. Some witches work extensively with stones and gems and such, but as with candles, unless you’re working a spell that specifically revolves around the use of a crystal, you don’t really need them when you’re starting out. If you do feel a draw toward crystal magic, small quartz points are easy enough to find as decorative items or jewelry and they tend to be less expensive than most other minerals. (I recommend checking this shop for crystals and such. The owner is a fellow witch and her product is very good quality and very reasonably-priced.)

With paper and pencil, you can work on creating your own sigils, make paper charms or poppets, practice writing spells, or take notes on things that interest you. Blogs are a great way of doing this as well; plenty of witches have blogs that function as digital repositories for their magical learning.

As for the other stuff (i.e. cauldrons, jars, besoms, statues, incense, etc), all that can wait. The most important thing that you can do as a beginner witch is research. And not just with books either. The internet can be a great source of information, so long as you don’t mind exercising those critical thinking skills.

Witchy tumblr has taught me a whole slew of things that I never would have learned from books; some stuff about the community you can only learn from other people, and it largely deals with social awareness and etiquette. Generally, if you follow Wheaton’s Law (“Don’t be an asshole”), you should be fine.

Getting back to books…yes. There ARE pagan authors who are very popular and very problematic. The only two that I recommend avoiding wholesale are Silver Ravenwolf and Raymond Buckland, due to the rampant racism and misinformation found in their rhetoric. There are others that should be avoided for other reasons, but those are the two you see in bookstores most often. (My post on other authors and their issues is here.)

EVERY pagan author is problematic in some way (including me) because there are so many viewpoints in the community about what is and is not acceptable in the craft. Generally, you want to avoid (or at least heavily fact-check) anything that tells you the following:

  • There is only ONE WAY to be a witch / practice witchcraft (wrong)
  • There are only Certain People Who Can Be Witches (fraud)
  • Christians are evil / stole our holidays / burned millions of witches (lies)
  • It’s perfectly okay to cherry-pick whatever you want from other cultures and traditions and cobble it together however you please (NO)
  • You can’t do magic without deities / witchcraft is a religion (try again)
  • You can only do magic for pure good / for the good of others (haha no)
  • In order to be a witch, you must join a coven / undergo initiation / be trained by a person of certain rank / perform certain rituals / own certain objects / work your rituals naked / follow (or not follow) a certain religion / make vows to a certain deity or set of deities (nope nope and uh NOPE)

Whatever you end up reading, definitely supplement that learning with research on practical history (that boring stuff you learn from dusty old tomes) and a good dose of practical botany or herbology (knowing which plants do what so you don’t accidentally give yourself an allergy attack or a dose of poison).

If you’d like a place to get started, I do maintain a website with lots of free information on plant-based cottage craft (the way I do it, anyway) and advice for beginner witches. I also have a book in the process of being published that you might find useful. My two collaborative projects, The Sisters Grimmoire and The Witches Cupboard, are available on Amazon in print and on Kindle.

And if you have more questions, feel free to ask. :)

(Wow this one got away from me. But I hope it helps!)

ID #99099

Name: Natalie
Age: 19
Country: USA

I just finished my first year of college. I am studying architecture. I think it would be cool to have a pen pal- although online letters would be a lot easier for me at least in the beginning.

Things I love are:
-Soccer/football (Bayern Munich especially)
-The Beatles
-Drawing/art in general- (I have a more realistic style)
-Books- PJO/HoO, Divergent, Harry Potter, Maze Runner, Mortal Instruments/Clockwork,I’ll give you the Sun
-Spiritual stuff- like crystals, angels, oracle cards, spiritual healing/reiki

Or if you have other interests too, thats cool, I’m pretty open

It’d also be cool to talk to someone who speaks Chinese (Mandarin). I took it in high school and would love to get practice to keep up with it so I don’t forget it. I am no where near fluent in Chinese so someone with fluent/ really good English could work out. It is okay if you don’t speak Chinese but since a lot of people on here are from different countries and speak different languages I thought I would just throw that in here.

Preferences: Age 16 to I’d say about age 23 max- unless we have exactly the same interests, like a match made in heaven, then I probably wouldn’t mind age as much.
Gender/sexuality doesn’t matter to me

🌼 Advice for Baby Witches 🌼

When you’re first starting as a witch, you can use all the help you can get. So, this is a post about some of the best things I’ve learned or been told as a growing witch.

🌸 Research every path you can at least a little bit and don’t be so afraid about fitting perfectly into one. Every witch is at least slightly different. If you become interested in one path, don’t be afraid to try it out and see how it goes. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t go right the first time and always be ready to try again.

🌸 Don’t feel pressured to instantly do spells and do them every day/week. Build up your magick. Learn what to do. Be prepared. Being a witch isn’t about the spells and most witches tend not to even do witchcraft everyday, some even go a few weeks before doing something witchy again. Especially since you’re learning, it’ll take some time to adjust and feel confident. Also, spells aren’t even used super often in most witches’ practice. We practice other things, too.

🌸 Always verify information you find on the Internet and even books. Watch out for outdated information. Look for at least one or two other sources verifying the information you found.

🌸 Deities, spirits, etc. are optional. Not everyone believes they are real, not everyone worships or works with them, some even see them as just a representation. And don’t feel rushed to jump into this either. Wait until you’re sorted out. If you do choose to work with one, research an astonishing amount before making contact, sending offerings, praying, etc.

🌸 Meditation is very hard to get well at. Try guided meditation first to get used to it until you think you are ready on your own.

🌸 Not every witch is Pagan or Wiccan. You don’t need to be a part of a religion and you don’t need to label yourself.

🌸 Witch is a gender neutral term and there are millions of other names to call yourself.

👉 Tags You Can Look Up: witchcraft, witch, witchcraft 101, baby witch, witch advice, witchcraft basics. 👈

🔮 Easy Ways To Start Practicing 🔮

🔮 Bless your drink before you take a sip.

🔮 Draw a sigil for a good day on your foggy bathroom mirror after a morning shower and let it evaporate.

🔮 Draw productivity sigils on your school or work supplies.

🔮 Carry a crystal on you for it’s effects. You can use the crystal as a pendant for a necklace, carry it in your bra or pocket, etc.

🔮 Sleep with certain crystals under your pillow for it’s effects.

🔮 Buy body mists with certain scents (ex: lavender) and bless it before spraying it on you for it’s effects.

🔮 Meditate once a week before you go to bed and casually make it more frequent.

🔮 Use affirmations before you do something.

Have a good day/night and keep your head up, love.

Getting Started part 2
  • Once you have realized what it is that draws you to dragons and why you want to work with them making contact would be the next logical step in your journey. Meditating is a key practice in working with them since they do not typically reside on our plane of existence. Creating a home or sanctuary in the astral plane where you can comfortably work with dragons and they can comfortably visit would be a good place to start. It could be anyplace such as a mountain top or on a open beach or even a good size house . From what I have found dragons do love crystals and they would make good decorations and offerings when working with dragons. Once you have set up your base / ritual space in the astral you need to find a way to make contact. This could be something as simple as a candle spell letting dragon kind know you are interested in working with them and would be honored if they would work with you. The ritual/spell can be as simple or as elaborate as you want , the important part is your sincerity and the effort you are willing to put forth . Part 3 will be posted soon.
BokuAka Headcanons
  • Akaashi is a witch
  • He could be a closeted witch, subtlely draws sigils on bokuto bc bokuto knows. Or randomly doodles them in the margins of his notebooks or homework. Hums spells under his breath. Puts different book jackets on books to cover up the witchcraft titles.
  • And if Bokuto didn’t know and akaashi periodically gives him little owl charms covered with happiness sigils and protective spells
  • And Bokuto loves them and takes them with him everywhere
  • And then he finds out what the really are and loves them even more cause of all the effort Akaashi put into them and they literally are proof of how much Akaashi cares
  • Akaashi subtly drawing sigils on Bokuto’s notebooks
  • Bokuto seeing all the sigils and asking what they’re about and Akaashi getting all blushy and passing them off as art practice or doodles
  • Akaashi putting a little moon water in the washer with their uniforms when Bokuto comes over after practice or matches for happiness and protection
  • Akaashi sticking stones and crystals in his and Bokuto’s backpacks/bookbags as good luck charms
  • Akaashi being in the middle of class and suddenly comes up with a spell and jots it on the back of his homework, or his notebook. 
  • Akaashi asking Bokuto to go stone and herb shopping with him and Bokuto being v confused because none of these would go into any kind of food? 
  • Akaashi lying about his fascination with stones and their properties saying he likes geology. 
  • Bokuto buying Akaashi candles bc he noticed how many there were lying around Akaashi’s room.
  • Bokuto making fun of akaashi and how much he sweeps out the door instead of into a dustpan and Akaashi blushing like a fool when he tells him it gets rid of negative energy and bokuto does it for the rest of his life bc of that
  • bokuto loving coming over to akaashis house cause it always smells like herbs
  • Akaashi tracing runes into Bokutos skin during intimacy
  • Love spells during love making
  • Akaashi calling Bokuto the Wiccan term for soulmate when he confesses his love
  • Akaashi telling Bokuto about spirit guides and how one of Bokutos is the owl and Akaashi’s is an owl, too, of course
  • Akaashi and Bokuto lazing around and Akaashi humming Celtic music to Bokuto while he dozes off
  • Akaashi sealing enchantments on Bokuto by kissing him, be it his temple or his lips or his shoulder
  • Akaashi having a chest full of incense and his mortar and pedestal and his cauldron and BOS under his bed and when he pulls it out to show Bokuto, Bokuto makes that face like he did when he felt like he was being talked about in the anime that one ep
  • Bokuto finding bags of grass and bundles of sticks in the kitchen and being like “???”
  • And Bokuto is perceptive but he’s also not? like he notices things but tends to just accept things rather than puzzle over them
  • Akaashi cleansing his room with sage and Bokuto walks in later and asks why it smells like pot And then he’s like “you smokin that kush” trying to sound cool but Akaashi rolls his eyes and walks out

AHHHHHH i love all of these so much :D

@allthecinnamonrolls helped come up with them :DD

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I'm really interested in this kind of stuff and could you please explain to me how tarot cards and a pendulum work and all that? I'm really curious

Hi nonnie! Tarot cards work by having a structured deck where each card has a loose meaning, which you can find for free on the internet or in tarot books. This loose meaning, combined with the reader’s intuition, help give an insight into the future or past. You can use tarot to practice mindfulness by drawing one card each day and asking your deck, “What can I work on today?” You can also use tarot cards in spells, but that’s a whole other genre.

A pendulum is any weight on the end of a cord (string, chain, whatever you want). The most common kind is a crystal shaped like a roundish arrowhead on the end of a chain. When you get a new pendulum it is a good idea to make a chart with some straight lines going horizontal, vertical, and diagonal. (Look up pendulum chart if I’m not explaining this well, I’m tired ^^;) Then, ask your pendulum either a) “Show me yes” or b) a obvious “yes” question. For instance, “Is my name Jaz?” Whichever way it moves, mark as the Yes line. Continue for the other answers. Actually using the pendulum is very simple, just set your elbow on something good and solid so it doesn’t move, and let your pendulum hang freely. Wait til it is completely still to ask your question, then watch carefully as sometimes the movements are very small.

Hope this helps!! I love helping people learn! <3

I’ve always liked Sailor Moon a lot 

Idk about this drawing though, it started as a sketch and then I added more detail and more colour and I think it became a different thing than I wanted it to be. It doesn’t matter a lot because this was really more of a practice with drawing faces from reference, but there are still things I would have changed.
It’s a good practice if I redraw it though!

I haven’t updated here but just want to let you all know that I’m finally in recovery, I can walk and draw now! Few more days and I’m good as new!

Preview of some practice sketches with my fave bebe Tomoe Hotaru / Sailor Saturn as my cute model cause I’ve been obcessed with her 💜

Most of my practice sketches only get uploaded to my patreon, which will be my main art focus till the end of the month, I have a lot of catch-up to do.

A message to all Indigos
  • Please stay strong, shit gets hard sometimes and its always good to take a break from routine, take a bath, make some crystal water, work out, or do yoga, prayer, meditation, or practice your martial arts. Draw or read a book, If it's day take a walk, if its night, look up at the stars. Feel the air around you and the earth beneath you, I know things can get boring and depressing but instead of filling those gaps with addictions like going on the internet or something, pick yourself up and do something that will help you. You are a wonderful old soul, don't sweat the small shit. Goodnight!

I decided to do a quick redline of that sailor venus blu ray cover and I hope I’m not the only one seeing whats wrong here. I admit I don’t and can’t draw Anime and I struggle with basic anatomy 24/7 ( and this nothing to be ashamed of imo remember artists practice makes perfect! ) but come on Toei you’ve let down so many fans thanks to crystal we waited 2 years! 

(( This blog is beautiful btw keep up the good work :) ))

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Your last post lapis made me start to think about Bismuth. Each of the home world trio have an opposing view point of Bismuth in one way. Bismuth hated the cast system and being forced to do a job that was chosen for her. Peridot loves her job. It's not a high ranked job but she loves it and is deeply proud of her work. She brags about it on every chance she gets and tries to show of her knowledge when ever she gets the chance. (1/3)

Bismuth wanted to shatter the diamonds and free all the gems under their tiriny. Jasper has suffered horribly under just that situation. Jasper never wanted to be “freed” from her diamond. Loosing her diamond destroyed her. Finally Bismuth hated the upper crust elite gems who didn’t care for the lower class gems like her. Lapis hated the crystal gems because they didn’t care for other gems enough. (2/3)
They cared for the earth more than the well being of other gems. One planet wasn’t worth all the fighting and death. She herself being part of the blue court that was pretty tight knit and social. (3/3)

So here’s something I think is interesting, which is ultimately relevant to a bit of what you’re saying.

Homeworld and the Crystal Gems are presented to us as a binary. Either/or. You have one or you have the other. They are fundamentally irreconcilable. On the one side you have stars- volatile, ever-changing balls of fire and energy. On the other? Diamonds, unchanging, rigid, cold.

Except you know what’s interesting?

You know how crewniverse draws real stars in the sky?

Diamond shapes.

So basically- stars and diamonds are more interchangeable than they seem.

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“Don’t be sad, small wizard boy” is a quote from a dream I had and I wanted to practice drawing items since I’m not that good at it, so I guess I just kind of went with that and did a sort of ‘what’s in my bag’ type object description image. I only added the bottom part because I wanted a close up of his face but it’s still not close up enough! I think the way my computer captures images isn’t very good at detail! (*O>O *)/