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Can I rant about tonight's PB? I was really hoping they were gonna give us some dad Michael moments, some love between him and Sara etc… but now there's only 4 episodes left and we got nothing. They know we care more about family than all of this, why are they being so goddamn slow to deliver? If their reunion is in the last episode I'm gonna SET PAUL SCHEURING ON FIRE. We didn't need five (NOW SIX) episodes of Yemen at all.

rant away! i was… slightly disappointed that we didn’t get more in that flashback tonight. i wanted them to at least speak to each other, i’ll admit. but the more i thought about it, the more i realized i was just happy to see them in the same space. the worst part about characters you really want to see together being separated is how long it seems like it takes them to be put back in the same space. it took ten episodes to get michael and sara back together in season two and that felt like an eternity. but they do it on purpose. they can’t blow their load all in four episodes and have them back together, as much as i wish they would. i try to look at it like it just makes the eventual reunion that much better.

but don’t worry. i am 99% sure they’re reunited earlier than the last episode. paul scheuring is safe from your flames. here is an episode still from episode 7. please pay close attention to the dresser in the background behind whip:

now, this was in a promo fox put out in the first week of march:

look in the background there behind sara! that’s the same dresser! so i think they’ll be reunited in episode 7. that’s, like, 3 episodes later than i would have chosen to reunite them, but at least it isn’t the last episode, right?

however, i don’t think he’s going to meet mike until the last episode. i might be wrong, but i feel pretty strongly we’re gonna have to wait until the bitter end for that one, unfortunately. 


Idea bashing and stream of consciousness writing ahoy.

Gonna scrap the idea of Mary having a skiff-cafe floating around, as it seems redundant.  We’ve already got other characters and locales suited to that, so no need for Mary to elbow in on it with excess eateries.

New path: Mary spends quite a long while with Cap’n Ed.  He gets her set up with her shiny new cyber-eye.  Life’s solid out on the space waves, for the most part.  Good kid, that one.  Doesn’t talk much about her past and nobody in the crew pesters her about it.  The way she sits up in the crow’s nest and stares out into the Etherium all night long says plenty.  The way she rushes from one end of the ship to the other just to watch passing cruisers of Her Majesty’s Navy glide by as long as possible says plenty too.

Time goes by, Mary grows up.  She leaves the crew on good terms.  Part of her doesn’t want to go, but there’s another part of her that needs to that she just can’t ignore.  Ed’s sad to see her off but wishes her well all the same.  Isn’t until years later they cross paths again on poor terms.  Hard to see eye to cyber-eye when your galley cook comes back stood in a Naval uniform at the side of a glaring officer.  It kills her and the old Cap’n inside a little each time, but they keep on as they always have.  Life and duty have their own needs, after all.

Still, Mary is Mary.  She’s always been the sort to take risks and throw herself into danger for a greater good.  As a girl she ran from her life on the docks and stowed away on a strange pirate frigate.  As a woman she proved she was more than enough to climb the ranks in Her Majesty’s service.  As an officer, she didn’t hesitate to leap aboard a gunner skiff in the midst of a cosmic storm, blasting headlong through the gales to save her crew and ship.  She spared them being torn apart by the raging ether, even if it meant she was instead.  As a girl she’d stared out into the Etherium for what seemed like forever.  Seemed just as long as she floated out into it without ship or tether, just what remained of her and the stars and the distant phantom bell of the dread Devil Johannus’ calling out to her.

Say what one will about the Navy, but they are loyal.  They don’t abandon their own and they sure don’t let heroism go unrewarded.  It was some time before Mary woke up again in the care of Naval doctors, patched up as best they could manage.  The old cyber-eye Ed had suited her with ages before was just the start, and the invasive rig that replaced all her limbs, a fair portion of her torso, and most of her spine was the end of it.  Good stuff, really.  Strong, resilient, full of useful tools.  But the Queen doesn’t quite feel it’s time for Mary to return to her rank and file.  Best she have a long rest, the sort that comes with a pension, and for once Mary actually agrees.  She’s lived and died in the stars long enough.

Time goes by, as it does.  Somewhere in space there’s rumors that Ed’s gone away, leaving nothing behind but talk and questions of what’s happened to the good ol’ Cap’n.  Crescentia never asked much of its local Navy veteran - one of many, but special in her own right.  Never bothered her when she went away or came back as she pleased, never bothered her asking about the father of the charming wee babe she’s born.  The way she looks out into the Etherium says plenty.  She’s a lovely sort, gentle as a breeze, and he grows up a spry and wickedly clever lad.  Mary Wuthers and her son Larke, as darling a family as you’d ever hope to meet.

But retirement, as nice as it sounds, isn’t for everyone.  Mary gave it her best go, she did indeed.  Tried hard at it, but never shook the feeling that she needed to be doing more.  Larke’s growing sense of adventure wasn’t to be argued with either and she realized soon enough he’d be out in the stars with or without her.  So she figured, why not with?  She has her ship, she has her skills, and she has a reputation that’s only been made that much more potent as the Wuthers set out once more.  Business, as it was.

Be it Navy or Pirate, soldier or civilian - didn’t matter who or why.  Word got around fast that when it came to security, nobody was better than the Wuthers.  Pro bono at times and haggled down to every last red credit by Larke’s keen wits at other times, depending on the client.  Cargo, people, doesn’t matter a lick.  Everyone knows there’s no safer place to be in all the galaxy than under Mary’s watchful gaze, ferrying something or someone precious where they need to be.  Some have tried to hijack her before, once or twice.  A third or fourth time long after the ashes and space debris faded away, thinking they’re better than those first two amateurs and know best how to take the old officer by surprise.  Fifth and sixth thought the same thing right up to the glow of a plasma bolt.  Seventh learned their lesson with just a few holes left in their hull and crew alike before they limped off, and there was never an eighth to follow.

When all’s said and done, her home’s still on Crescentia.  It’s where the Wuthers’ Private Security office sits and where the family rests.  At least until the next job comes in, when she looks once more out into the Etherium.