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Can I rant about tonight's PB? I was really hoping they were gonna give us some dad Michael moments, some love between him and Sara etc… but now there's only 4 episodes left and we got nothing. They know we care more about family than all of this, why are they being so goddamn slow to deliver? If their reunion is in the last episode I'm gonna SET PAUL SCHEURING ON FIRE. We didn't need five (NOW SIX) episodes of Yemen at all.

rant away! i was… slightly disappointed that we didn’t get more in that flashback tonight. i wanted them to at least speak to each other, i’ll admit. but the more i thought about it, the more i realized i was just happy to see them in the same space. the worst part about characters you really want to see together being separated is how long it seems like it takes them to be put back in the same space. it took ten episodes to get michael and sara back together in season two and that felt like an eternity. but they do it on purpose. they can’t blow their load all in four episodes and have them back together, as much as i wish they would. i try to look at it like it just makes the eventual reunion that much better.

but don’t worry. i am 99% sure they’re reunited earlier than the last episode. paul scheuring is safe from your flames. here is an episode still from episode 7. please pay close attention to the dresser in the background behind whip:

now, this was in a promo fox put out in the first week of march:

look in the background there behind sara! that’s the same dresser! so i think they’ll be reunited in episode 7. that’s, like, 3 episodes later than i would have chosen to reunite them, but at least it isn’t the last episode, right?

however, i don’t think he’s going to meet mike until the last episode. i might be wrong, but i feel pretty strongly we’re gonna have to wait until the bitter end for that one, unfortunately. 

i dont hate my tech teacher but he’s making us do this assignment in Publisher and so far the only part that looks good is the part i did in photoshop 

why does the program Move The Text Boxes when they overlap
why is the default spacing between lines so big and how do i change it
how do i change the horizontal spacing of characters 

im just gonna go set myself on fire and then do it all in photoshop