this was gonna be a serious gifset


that’s it, that’s the whole show


Where have all the good men gone
And where are all the gods?
Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?
Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
Late at night I toss and I turn
And I dream of what I need  (x)

that “modern cartoons are only good when they have a Serious Overarching Story” stigma starting to spread is bullshit if we’re gonna be honest

especially when y’all ignore perfectly good shows like Wander over Yonder and Penn Zero because there’s no opportunities for angst fanfics and gifsets identically rehashed across every fandom

yo fam

this is patrick when gabriel starts talking about harvey and donna:

(a.k.a how to politely look uninterested)

when he mentions darvey:

(want this on a t-shirt cause same fam

when gabriel starts turning that shit around:

when gabriel starts talking about who he ships:

(he’s kinda like “hoe don’t do it” but “omg this is it” at the same time???)

when gabriel says i’m not gonna go there /bc he already knows the answer anyway:

like do u need more proof????????????????????


Amy Raudenfelds02e07

“I should have told you about Karma. My feelings for her are complicated, we have a past, but but I want a future with you. But she’s right, she’s always gonna be a part of my life, and you’ve gotta be okay with that if you’re gonna be my girlfriend.”


… Starting JUNE 19th - June 25th

Stalia has been lacking some serious love lately, so @braedens and I decided to spear-head the remedy for inspiration!

Now, we don’t have plans to make an official blog for this event, nor are we selecting certain fan-works to be first place to last place, but we’re certainly gonna reblog every single stalia-related creation posted to the #staliaweek tag.

We just want everyone to have fun, and create some fun content for our recently neglected ship. 

Fanwork of all tumblr-capacities are encouraged; fanart, fanfiction, fanvids, music, poems, gifsets and graphics.


  • Day 1: Fave Episode
  • Day 2: Song Inspiration
  • Day 3: Alternate Universe
  • Day 4: Crossover
  • Day 5: Fave Moment
  • Day 6: Colours
  • Day 7: Free for All

*The themes are merely suggestions to get those imaginative juices flowing, but feel free to do what you want!


  1. No mention of, or allusions to, r*pe.
  2. No slavery themes.
  3. No character and/or ship bashing. This is a fun week dedicated to celebrating stalia, NOT tearing down/belittling others.
  4. No suicidal ideation.
  5. Warn for triggers.*

*I.E. if AO3 would have you mark something in warning, you mark it as such.

Thank you all for reading, and I hope all of our fellow stalia-shippers participate and have a good time! At the end of stalia week, I will be making a master post of all of the fanwork :)

We’ll be tracking the tags #staliaweek and #stalia.

Our convos with Nad

I swear we are serious and intelligent adults. It’s just autocorrect being evil

Me: Hey Bad :)

Me: Nad* whoops autocorrect.

Nad: Lol hiiii.

Me: I’m gonna make a bidder with the hug scene.

Nad: bidder…

Me: gifset* autocorrect once again.



Me: Lol now I’m not alone in autocorrecting hell.