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I know a lot of you guys have been sending messages to me, I’m sorry I don’t reply so fast sometimes, I appreciate them all I’m just super bad at replying and think way too long on how I should reply…

again, thanks for everyone’s patience with me, I hope another update is good enough for this wait

I’ll try to post the next one this week as well…. try…

but just so everyone knows, I’m in the process of drawing like the last huge scene so it’s coming along ;)

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So, if Arrow isn’t going to do a damn thing with madison mclaughlin in the long term, can CW bring back her Chrissy character and do a team up with Clair Novak ( Kathryn Newton  ) and Jody and maybe Eileen for a Supernatural spin-off?

Seriously the monster mafia show…nah that was never gonna happen.. a multi-generational girl hunter show…Birds of Prey feels (comics not the show) that would be something I’d watch 

But, if Artemis/tigress or whatever can team up with Black Siren next season, for a REGULAR  role that would be sweet…maybe…still haven’t watched since before thea took her hiatus. 

arantheal-black  asked:

Dude your health is more important than the story so take some time for your self because no you equals no comic and that's just bad for everyone involved

Nah next time I go to a hiatus I’ll be more precise on how long it’s gonna be,

Heads up, there will be no updates in February. (if everything goes fine on my end, I’m gonna meet Stephanie irl, which I’m also busy with the visa application and stuff this month)

More Daycare AU headcanons
  • The rest of the alpha kids are also visitors of the daycare center
  • Jade recommended the daycare to Dave in the beginning because she sends Jake there
  • Dirk isn’t a problematic child but tends to keep quiet to himself
  • Roxy happens to be the first of the other kids to try to talk to dirk
  • The dancestor trolls (meenah’s session) also happen to make appearances at the daycare
  • Young damara and rufioh are who introduce anime to dirk
  • The maryams own the daycare center
  • The kids like to mess with karkat and hang on him like a jungle gym
  • Kanaya is one of the favorite caretakers at the daycare
  • There’s a doodle wall in the daycare and dirk doodles memes he’s seen from Dave’s comics
  • Dave tries to hold some conversations with Karkat to get to know who tf is taking care of his brother before he’s rushing off to work
  • This becomes a routine that the two genuinely enjoy because after awhile they just rambled on about dumb stuff
  • One conversation involved the two of them going on a little too long which resulted in “Hey wait aren’t you going to be late?” “nah i got plenty of ti-SHIT IM GONNA BE LATE”
  • Dave was nervous for their first date, Karkat wanted to see what writer could pull out of the night. Dave left Dirk with his sister Rose who came with him to pick up Karkat, this is what might have lead Rose and Kanaya to meeting as they closed up for the day
  • Karkat, after talking with Dave for a few times tries to get close to Dirk and understand him and Dave’s family like relationship and keep a good eye on him
  • After a lot of skepticism and nostalgia sessions, Dave and Dirk get Karkat to play Pokemon Go

nothing says holiday spirit like rejection of your sexual orientation and gender identity


in other news, I literally spent a day on this comic. i was gonna colour it too but nah, that would take waaaay too long.

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i mean baristas are basically just non alcoholic bartenders right

i realised i never actually put anything forth for the coffee shop aus ppl were sending me today

so my setting is very much like the original canon:

idroid works at daddy’s cafe and is their best barista. then the new guy arrives. idroid is fully prepared to fight this guy. dunno why. just because. there’s a new guy, yknow? seems like the kind of person you should fight. in an initiation kind of way. like, welcome to the cafe. i understand it’s your first day, but i hope you can hold your own. here’s 12 complicated coffee orders that have been backed up for ten minutes, i’m gonna go on my lunch break and watch you suffer from across the room.

but. nah. the guy arrives and idroid’s concentration is so out the window, he mixes up a skim/soy order and goes really red after dropping three plates. the guy is pretty cute. he’s also really tall. and idroid would actually kind of like to literally fight him because he’s built like a personal trainer. but whenever he tries to flirt they both end up in these really weird long conversations about comic books that were published twenty years ago, and although idroid is annoyed at himself that he can’t just ask “wanna go out for lunch,” hes falling harder and harder for this guy with every dumb nerdy conversation they have

sandman is always smiling, even when customers shout at him. so idroid has no idea that he’s going through the exact same thought process.

and idk, it ends happily somehow, as these two do. they probably end up making out in the store closet after they both snuck in there to steal from the chocolate supplies. one of them started talking and the other was like “nope, not today. we’re fast tracking this.” the other was totally relieved by this development.

 daddy finds them like half an hour later and goes off because fieldmouse was left alone at the register in the middle of closing up shop. fieldmouse had been angry, but the second xe sees idroid and sandman disheveled together, xe backtracks like a motherfucker: HEY DADDY, ACTUALLY, IT’S FINE, I’M ALL GOOD, LET IDROID GET SOME ASS 

This was gonna be part of a very cute and heartfelt little comic about blue team friendship. Caboose was gonna be there. It was gonna be great. Unfortunately I have the attention span of a goldfish, so finishing said comic (IF I even finish it) is gonna take me seven billion years. Until then, have a lil Wash with awkward empty speech bubbles. Pretend he’s saying something nice about you.