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I know a lot of you guys have been sending messages to me, I’m sorry I don’t reply so fast sometimes, I appreciate them all I’m just super bad at replying and think way too long on how I should reply…

again, thanks for everyone’s patience with me, I hope another update is good enough for this wait

I’ll try to post the next one this week as well…. try…

but just so everyone knows, I’m in the process of drawing like the last huge scene so it’s coming along ;)

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I personally think that Chara is absolutely irredeemable.  True pacifist ending?  Nah son, Chara don’t care about you or your opinions, death ain’t got shiz.  It makes them a stronger antagonist, and sets them apart from Flowey.

Well, that and it’d make a hella great sitcom if Chara was still stuck with Frisk after the true pacifist ending (◕‿◕)

Buuutttt I thought this would be a nice comic for the people who disagree with me on the whole “irredeemable tiny satan” thing (⌒▽⌒)☆

This was gonna be part of a very cute and heartfelt little comic about blue team friendship. Caboose was gonna be there. It was gonna be great. Unfortunately I have the attention span of a goldfish, so finishing said comic (IF I even finish it) is gonna take me seven billion years. Until then, have a lil Wash with awkward empty speech bubbles. Pretend he’s saying something nice about you.

I was gonna draw a comic for this but nah

You know what I’ve been heated about all morning? The fact that there is a resurgence in blaming otherkin for transphobic bigots.

It’s like a bad game of telephone. “A friend of a friend of mine tried to come out as transgender, but their parents won’t take them seriously because of otherkin that use neopronouns/nounself terms” “my dad thinks I’m insane because he saw someone who identified as wolfkin and thinks I’m just like that”.

No. That’s not how this works.

Real talk? Those people that are misgendering you or not taking you seriously? It’s regardless of the existence of otherkin. They just have a convenient group to blame now. The fact is that there are people that will use any excuse to delegitimize you or disregard your identity, and otherkin are the latest scapegoat.

“But they’re appropriating trans culture-” nope, stop right there. I knew I was trans before I identified as otherkin. The two are completely separate things. They’re a part of me, and some aspects are similar, but they’re completely different.

“But they make trans people look crazy-” for one, many otherkin ARE trans. For another, they don’t “make” anyone perceive us as “crazy”. Those people would have made bigoted assumptions regardless. And the coup d'grace? Most otherkin I know, including me, are mentally ill or have personality/developmental disorders. We actually are, you know, actively oppressed for that. And while there’s debate over the reasoning for that (being otherkin as a way of coping with mental illness, being classified as mentally ill because of not understanding human culture, the two being completely separate, being otherkin arising from a Special Interest or a fixation/obsession; the viewpoints are endless and as varied as the people that are in this group) that doesn’t change the fact that we are often mentally ill or disabled people.

So. Next person to tell me that otherkin are the reason I’m not taken seriously as a transgender person? Is going to get three lives and four Special Interests worth of frustrated young man in their face.

Believe that.