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Very well done, detailed, and articulate comparison.

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It wouldn't make sense that Harry would stay with Sony if they're the ones behind still making Louis be a fake dad because that's still going on so does that mean maybe Sony isn't the one behind babygate

Sony is/was the most powerful player over One Direction and Louis (they’re a wayyyyyy bigger dog than Modest and they’re bigger than Simon/Syco, more so now than ever since they bought out so much of Syco), so I think the idea that they don’t have a hand in babygate is pretty ridiculous. Sony also could have stepped in to better promote MITAM and to stop Simon’s really obvious smear campaign against One Direction (and especially Louis) in the months leading up to the hiatus and they didn’t, I’m assuming because they knew One Direction would not be re-signing with any Sony label as a band, so that definitely puts Sony on my shitlist as well.

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t struggle to understand why Harry would want to sign with Columbia/Sony because I don’t really get it at all - and this isn’t just a Larry thing because I think Sony fucked Harry over too because of how they handled things with One Direction when the clock started ticking on their contracts. However, I also know that there’s a lot we don’t know about how literally ANY of this went down - One Direction’s decision not to re-sign, how things were with Sony/Syco/Columbia behind the scenes, babygate (how it started, why it’s still going on, and how it’s going to end), Harry’s decision to sign some type of deal with Columbia and Sony, the details of that deal, and so on. And we also don’t know how the mess Louis is dealing with is going to be cleaned up and what label he’ll want to pursue future projects under (though I’m guessing it won’t be a Sony label considering they’ve napped through the entirety of JHO promo). We don’t know what was brought to the table in negotiations and what deals with the devil any of these boys have had to make to get even part of what they wanted because I think it’s clear that there were limitations on them (and there still seem to be, at least when it comes to Louis).

None of us wanted Louis to put out music under Syco and none of us expected him to considering the abuse they’ve hurled on him over the years, but JHO was distributed through them, so Louis clearly had to make a deal with the devil as well. And I’m not going to be one of those bloggers who pretends Harry and Louis were on an equal playing field with anything because I don’t think they are. I think Louis has been at an disadvantage for YEARS and for whatever reason, especially in 2015, Sony and Syco really had it out for him significantly more than any of the other boys, but I do think the example with JHO shows that the boys sometimes do things that aren’t ideal from our perspective and that probably aren’t ideal from their perspective either, and we don’t know the probably very complicated reasons for it and likely never will.

So I’m just trying (very very hard) to put my reservations and bitterness toward Sony aside and I’m just waiting to see what happens going forward.

When Peter said that he was just trying to be more like Tony, imagine Tony thinking about all the things that he had done and about how he had been before he had found his way. He’s picturing himself in a negative light like he usually does, not taking into account at how Peter views him as a hero and holds so much respect for him. Peter doesn’t see Tony as the bad guy (the way Tony sees himself) but sees him as one of the bravest people ever. 

Tony wants Peter to be better because he knows that Peter can be so much better and refuses to allow Peter to go down the same dark and twisted road that he’s been down many times before. 

Learning Languages and Self-Compassion

So, right now, I’ve been teaching English as a part-time job, and a student asked me; “What do I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed?”

The “normal” answer that you hear is that you should practice more. If you practiced yesterday, then maybe you would not feel overwhelmed today.This advice, while true, is not especially helpful in the moment you are feeling overwhelmed.

So here is how I learned not to be overwhelmed.

When I was in Japan, I had a friend who was much better at Japanese than me. She had passed the JLPT N1, the certification necessary to enter a Japanese-language University. We were talking about our language skills, and she said:

“I feel like I’m never going to be good at Japanese. All the time, there are things I want to say that I can’t find the words for. I say one thing and people understand something else. I even still mispronounce words sometimes. I just don’t think I’ll ever be good at it”

The thing is, I felt these things too. She might as well have been inside my head. And she was *so much better than me*.

So I began to think about it, and you know what? All of those things? They’re true of my native language too. Of course, it happens more often to me in Japanese or French than in English, but it still happens in English. Even mispronouncing words.

See, your memory can’t tell you “six months ago, you were at a loss for words once per spoken hour of Japanese, now you have to talk for three hours before you can’t find the words you need.” Your memory focuses on your mistakes, the times you were embarrassed. Your memory lies.

So yes, you should practice as much as you can. But you should also remember that we are all still learning. And that it’s kind of a miracle that language works at all. When you are overwhelmed, remember to be kind to yourself, and that learning is not a thing that ends. 

All members raji 3/24 (two mails)

Ruki (reading mail): “Ruki-san, Uruha-san, Aoi-san, Reita-san, Kai-san, good evening. I listen to the radio every week. This isn’t related to the theme –” They’re never related to the theme!!

Reita: Ye pretty much

(Kai giggling or some shit)

Ruki: “I just broke up with my boyfriend.”

Aoi: Hm.

Uruha: Awwww!

Ruki: “I know it’s probably not good to compare him with other people I’ve dated, but he really made me happier than I’ve ever felt before. I just can’t accept it, so I’m going to become a better woman and get him back. That’s all.”

Reita: Oh, so she was dumped?

Kai: Wait, that’s all? (giggling)

Ruki: It says “that’s all.”

Reita: Huh?

Kai: That’s all?

Ruki: Huh? – Oh, uh, “I have a question for you,”

Reita: (giggling) Okay…

Kai: Mhhuhu

Ruki: “What is your idea of a ‘good woman?’ I’m curious because I feel like men and women would have different answers……uhhh…..I’m really looking forward to Gudon no Sakura.”


Kai: Okay.

Ruki: You know even thought I read it I didn’t get any of that


Reita: That’s cause you’re bad at reading!

Ruki: What was it…

Uruha: What’s a good woman?

Kai: What’s a good woman?

(everyone is talking and then Aoi says something that makes everyone laugh but I didn’t get it :c)

Ruki (whining): But we’ve talked about girls so many times alreadyyyyy…

Uruha: We get asked every week!

Reita: It’s fiiiine!!

(everyone starts talking and laughing again)

Reita: We have to speak one by one!

Aoi: Do we have to start raising our hands?

Reita and Kai: No no it’s fine its fine (laughing)

Reita: We’ll do it with our faces

Kai: Yeah, ur face like “K IM GOING NOW”

Reita: Yep! Okay, so please answer one by one!

Uruha: But isn’t a good woman, you know, someone who doesn’t ask this kinda stuff?

Reita: Well said.

(Kai doing the Kai Laugh)

Reita: K NEXT

Kai: “What makes a good woman…”

(everyone laughing)

Aoi: But who’s going next!?

(everyone laughing)


Uruha: (laughing) “I’m going”

Aoi: I think you’re wonderful just the way you are~

Reita: I see.

Aoi: Thank yoooooou~

Reita: That’s not the kind of answer she wants fam

(everyone laughing)

Reita: Hai, Reita desu~ Well, like Uruha-kun said, I don’t think that’s something you should ask so blatantly. Just leave the guy alone.

Kai: Like, that’s a sign of a good woman?

Reita: Make him swim. Make him swim until he’s about to drown. Then once he’s about to drown, go help him.

Kai: AhhHHH

Uruha: AhhHHH

Reita: That’s it.

Kai: Ahhhh I see

Reita: Yes.

Kai: So, what about Ruki-kun?



Ruki: ……….. –Yep! Uhh, “Good evening, everyone~”

(everyone laughing)

Aoi: Good evening~

Ruki: “This happened to me recently at work” (HE SKIPPED THE QUESTION LMFAOOO) “But I’m not sure if you would call this a Dark Side Story, so please evaluate it!”

Everyone: Okay.

Ruki: It’s Dark Side Mail, I see. “At work, my superior was saying stuff like ‘I lost weight recently! Even though I was already thin…’ I smiled and said, ‘yeah, you were always thin!’ and then she smiled too and was laughing, so I thought she was happy. But then later that day my coworker was like, ‘hey, did you do something to [the superior]?’ and I’m like, ‘uh, no??’ and then my coworker showed me texts between the two of them, and the superior was saying stuff like ‘[the gazefan] said something rude to me today’, ‘i think she’s trying to start a fight with me,’ ‘she was laughing at me isn’t that awful?’ I was like, what!? Since that day I’ve decided not to make any more casual comments to my superior anymore.”


Ruki: “I’m sorry this was so long.”

(everyone bursts out laughing)

Kai: That’s it!?

Reita: That’s your fault! You’re so bad at reading!! [Ruck probably left a bunch of shit out lol]

Uruha: Wow, what a shitty person

Ruki and Aoi: Hmmmmm, yeh

Kai: Wait, who? The superior?

Ruki and Uruha: Yeah the superior


Kai: …Wait why? What?

Uruha: What do you mean what?

Ruki: Hm. 

Reita: Well she was thin, and you know some people have a complex about being thin, right?

Uruha: What!? Oh really….

Reita: Yeah I’m pretty sure.

Kai: Oh so that’s it?

Uruha: So what, she wanted to be told she was a little chubby?

Reita: Or that she just didn’t think she was that thin so when someone told her she was thin it actually felt like they were teasing her – yeah idk shit about women.

(Kai laughing)

Uruha: Women……

Kai: Maybe she was thinking that the other girl [the fan who wrote in] was thinner?

Reita: Oh I get it! So being told she was thin by someone even thinner than her…

Kai: Right, right, like it felt like maybe she was being made fun of

Uruha: Ahhh….

Ruki: I see…

Aoi: Then you can’t really talk to her can you?

Kai (laughing): Yeah, for sure!

Reita: Yeah, you can’t~

Aoi: I feel like that too. With the Gazemen

Reita and Kai: Hehe, what? h-huh? ur jokin…

Aoi: I just

Uruha: But you know

Aoi: I just love u guys……

Uruha: But do you really have to tell them [that you’re mad]?

Kai: No but she didn’t, she heard it from another friend. Like, this girl said this about you.

Ruki: Ahhh…

Kai: Yeah I don’t think she told her herself.

Aoi: Hmmmm….

(Everyone goes ah yes hmmmmm for like 5 seconds or so)

Ruki: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….

Reita: u ok?

(everyone gigglin)

Ruki: I’m just wondering what they want from us sending this mail. Like they’re not even like, what do you think – well whatever, her superior did that.

Kai: Do you want to read Abe-chan now? (laughs)

Ruki: Huhu, how many times have we read Abe-chan now?

Reita: We’ve read a lot.

Ruki: That much, huh! Then we don’t have to read Abe-chan, do we? It’s always the same thing.

(Everyone laughing)

(Ruki reads Abe-chan anyway tbc)

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Request please! Tfp Autobots reaction (like all of them lol. Including Cliffjumper, SS, Magnus, Knocks, ESPECIALLY Wheeljack;) to when their s/o (whether human or Cybertronian or both lol) comes home frustrated or crying from a long day at work? Plsssss that would so make my day after a long day at work 😘 love you!

Went with human on this one. Hope you like it ♥♥♥

Optimus invites you to cuddle in his berth and tell him about your day. He gently pets you as you vent and you both end up falling asleep and getting the rest you need. 

You and Ratchet have a bitch fest. You both go on and on about how stressed and underappreciated you are. It turns into you telling each other how awesome you both are and how much you appreciate each other. You both feel a lot better afterwards.

Bumblebee beeps sympathetically. Here, your favorite show is on! You cuddle and watch together, Bee occasionally poking and tickling you to make you giggle.

Arcee just smiles and tells you to hop on. You ride far out past the roads at what feels like a million miles an hour. It’s exhilarating and liberating to feel the wind whip past you, and by the time you stop for a milkshake back in town you’ve forgotten why you were upset.

Cliffjumper’s supposed to be working, but you’re more important. You’re obviously in dire need of a smoothie and tons of horrible puns. He won’t rest until you’re dizzy from laughter.

Bulkhead is your personal giant teddy bear. He turns on the radio to your favorite station, giving you snuggles and smooches until you fall asleep against his warm plating.

Wheeljack offers to teach your boss and co-workers a lesson. No, Wheeljack. Instead he rubs the tension out of your back as you sit on his lap. Occasionally he reminds you that his offer still stands. No, Wheeljack.

Smokescreen is on a Mission to make you feel better. Worry not, baby, he’s got blankets, snacks, and some mindless cartoons! You’re wrapped into a burrito and fed gourmet junk food while you snuggle your giant robot boyfriend. Life is good.

Ultra Magnus suggests filing a complaint about your awful co-workers. He’s still busy, but he lets you  sit on his shoulder until he’s available for cuddles.

“My boss was a jerk today.” “Kill him,” says Knock Out. You roll your eyes, saying you wish you could. Knock Out offers to do it. That makes you laugh, and Knock Out suggests a drive-in movie. Yeah, that sounds nice.

@ supergirlwriters and @ thecw listen to me yall u better make supercorp canon around mid season 3, take it slow kill mon el let kara heal and lena comfort her and then make them kiss a bit later (kara makes the move). If you do that not only will your ratings go up like crazy, but your show will literally make history and will be one of the best tv show ever made cause you’ll have 2 f/f couples made of main characters. If you pull out that bullshit of Lena Luthor Turns Evil, wow so much surprise! You ruined your show by having no imagination ! But if you make a Super and a Luthor canon That would be a game changer for your show

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Hmm, I know salt is one of the keys to protecting yourself and your stuff. But I was wondering if salt can protect you just as it is, or can it also protect you if it was added/mixed into something? (Like sea-salt lotion?)

It generally has to be crystalline for the catchall certainty of the university to make it effective. You can fudge the lines of this; the success of a variation is not so much scientific as something you inherently feel should work. But if you’re going to start messing around, you’d better be absolutely ironclad certain it will protect you, because your belief is going to be what makes it so.

I’ve loved Bates Motel from the very first episode, but dayum, this final season has been absolutely phenomenal. And talk about a plot twist…they led us right up to where we expected to go tonight, and then totally pulled the rug out from under us. This show really really deserves some Emmy love, dammit, especially for writing and directing, as well as for the work done by Vera Farmiga, Freddie Highmore, and Max Thieriot.

PS: Rihanna was much better than I thought she would be. Yay!

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i suffer from severe depression and all of your posts always makes me feel that there should be something else in the world. Your words somehow tell that someday I am going to find me and never be alone anymore. Thank you.

I am so happy that my blog has such a positive influence on you, and I hope you will get better soon – if you ever need anything, just message me! Thank you so much for your kind words.

Bushel of Dreams (Jumin x MC)

While you’re sleeping, Elizabeth 3rd comes to join you.

Word Count: 590

Not going to lie, my day has been horrible. Specifically, one of my cats went missing and we live by a forest where coyotes live. So, my day hasn’t been all that great. Anyhow, I hope you’ve had a much better day and enjoy! Thank you!


You lay with Jumin’s arms entangled around you protectively, your body melted against him and the bed as you swept through your dreams.

Yet you were quickly drawn from your slumber as you felt a shifting ahead of you, a weight sinking just in front of you.

Your gaze flickered open to see a ball of white approaching you curiously, sniffing as you tail swayed from side to side, ears perked upwards. 

Elizabeth 3rd.

Her diamond bright eyes stared at you with a gaze wider than dinner plates as she mewed quietly, pawing at you.

You huffed, grinning slightly as you reached out an arm, stroking Elizabeth lightly.

She erupted into purring, stretching out with a delighted mew. 

Jumin, being a lighter sleeper, woke almost immediately at this slight movement, his eyelids groggily lifting.

“Darling…is something wrong…?” He murmured, barely tipping his head up. “What is it…?”

“Nothing’s the matter, you can go back to sleep.” You hummed, taking one of his hands wound about you, running a gentle thumb over his knuckles. “It’s just Elizabeth 3rd coming to visit us.” 

“Oh really?” He sat up a bit, giving a sleepy lopsided grin. “What a lovely visit.” 

He watched as Elizabeth snuck beneath your arms, curling up against you as she continued to purr happily. 

“I’m glad to see she likes you,” He laughed softly, kissing your temple. “But I don’t see how anyone could not like you if I’m to be completely honest.” 

“I would say the same, honey.” You cooed, ruffling his hair playfully.

“I know many people who would beg to differ dear.” He admitted, nodding as though making a list within his head. “but I don’t think I care as much as others would.”

“How come?”

“Because as long as you’re beside me, I’m perfectly happy.” He shrugged as though this was a worldwide fact. “That’s all I need turtledove.” 

He glanced down to Elizabeth, a hint of sadness flashing upon his expression at the memories, quickly replaced by a kind fondness.

And as if Elizabeth knew, she lifted her head, almost smiling in a peculiar sort of way.

“Well, you’re very right there.” You replied, your body twisting to rest your forehead against his own. “I’m not going anywhere.”

He nodded, his eyes drenched in the familiar, adoring warmth that always seemed to appear when he looked to you.

“Neither am I MC, don’t worry.” He said, lightening his tone. “I wouldn’t dream of it, for it’d be a nightmare.” 

You both rested back against the mattress, Jumin’s head resting against your shoulder, curls of his now messy hair twirling with your own. 

And as you began to fall asleep, Elizabeth 3rd letting out the tiniest of snores as you drifted off, Jumin spoke once more to you with love-laced words.

“I hope you have the sweetest of dreams darling,” He murmured. “Goodnight.” 

Your lips stretched from ear to ear as you replied to him tenderly. “I’ll be right here when you wake up, we both will.” 

And you knew, only good dreams were to come.

oh yeah like………. i know madoka magica is Shit and i have so so s o many issues with it but when i was younger and didnt know any better i attached onto homura so much because i was going through a lot of traumatizing shit and she’s still Super important to me (i’m also ignoring anything that happened after the anime, like with witch homura and all that bullshit)

just like…… her love for madoka and her dedication to saving her and how closed off she was hit real close to home 4 me (and still does )

Captialists: I’m not gonna pay for people to eat, they need to pay for that with their own money they get from working.

Captalists: all the jobs are going overseas because we pay people too much here. Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you should expect to get paid. You need to gain experience and get educated if you want a better job.

Capitalists: but we’re not gonna pay for your education. So if it’s too much for you, you’re just shit out of luck, or you could take out loans.

Capitalists: why don’t we have enough educated people to do these jobs? now we have to import people to be scientists and engineers, it’s embarassing. Also why is unemployment so high. Too many freeloaders in this damn country. Let’s cut food stamps again. You don’t work, you don’t eat. Maybe that’ll light a fire under their asses.

“Strength grows in the moments when you think you can’t go on but you keep going anyways”
@son-0f-a-snitch as Sansa Stark! I honestly couldn’t picture a better Sansa, and I’m so glad I found her blog!
Thank you so much Ara, your encouragement and strength will always inspire me and I’m sure many others! Stay beautiful my friend and adopted sister! (It’s Tumblr official, therefore illegally binding!Lol!)

I’m really glad that post of mine about feeding hungry children is blowing up. It makes me feel so much better to see that there are so many people who are utterly disgusted by the sentiment that a child needs to produce some kind of measurable “results” to deserve food. Also if everyone is down I’d like to collect everyone’s amazing responses and create a masterpost that we can all go back to every time some 18-year-old libertarian who’s never experienced hunger pains in his life opens his ignorant face flap.

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Prompt: Matt giving Andrew the 'if you hurt him i'll kill you' talk.

lol okay so like idk if i could see this too much but:

  • matt had been drinking
  • well they all had been drinking but matt was definitely well on his way to drunk
  • and of course it being just him and the girls the gossip started pretty early on
  • and the theme of andrew and neil came up for the 7th time
    • “andrew better be nice to neil otherwise i’ll hurt him” matt muttered as the others chatted quietly
    • “you should tell him that yourself!” said allison eager to see where this goes
    • “yeah! i will”
  • and with that he was off
  • he eventually found andrew and neil on the roof since it was only 8pm
  • (they had a day off and day drinking is definitely a thing college kids do)
    • “neil, can you leave for a sec i want to talk to minyard alone”
    • “uhh,,,, okay?”
  • as soon as matt carefully makes his way over to andrew, he and starts talking 
    • “so i know you and neil seem pretty serious and i just want to say that id you ever hurt him-”
  • andrew cut him off by ignoring him and leaving the roof himself
  • unfortunately matt was locked on the roof and was there for about an hour before dan found him
  • (by this time he’d sobered up a bit)
    • “yeah that was stupid, i’m pretty sure andrew would hurt himself before he hurt neil” he mumbled as dan walked him back inside
    • “you’re right about that”

send me prompts! or check out my other hc’s!

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Messaging anon because I'm shy, buut....I first found your art back in 1998, or 1999. I was a little kid, and I found you through Team Artail. Anyways... you were my fave there. You Inspire me so much!! I'm glad you're still around. Your art is so positive and sweet. I'm a gay guy, and when you came out it, I was thrilled for you. I'm a pro artist/animator in the industry, and I just wanted to extend a thanks for sticking around. Going through your art still makes me super happy.


I wish I could go into better detail and that there wasn’t a huge character limit, because it doesn’t feel like enough. Your work had an effect on shaping my art back then. I mimicked a lot of your stuff. I still love your art to this day :) I love that the content has remained so positive…I hope things are well for you. Sorry I did all this anon, I am just very shy.

Team Artail! Oh man, I had a lot of nice memories from that site!