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People Really Don’t Know That Women Actually Invented Things

If this video is anything to go by, New Yorkers need a serious refresher course on women in history. In the video created by MAKERS, a host asks people on the street who made a certain historical discovery, letting them choose between the woman who actually did it and a fictional man.

Watch the full video to see how the one person that got the question right learned it from Tumblr. 

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Cute yuzu vs sexy yuzu which one u prefer?



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This is more like “which do you prefer: cute or serious?” In which I feel more incline to choose “serious” (because he never fails to give me a heatstroke) but I also really really love his happy-go-lucky self (most of the gifsets I made feat. cute Yuzu)….so…..

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Because Yuzu wouldn’t be Yuzu without both.

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So you know this part of The Attack of the Clones:

Every time I see it. No matter how serious the gifset. My mind just keeps telling me that what is currently going though Anakin’s mind at this exact moment is:

“I had a dream like this once. If this ends up like my dream did tonight will be a very good night.”

Literally every single time, no matter what. That is what my brain tells me.

yo fam

this is patrick when gabriel starts talking about harvey and donna:

(a.k.a how to politely look uninterested)

when he mentions darvey:

(want this on a t-shirt cause same fam

when gabriel starts turning that shit around:

when gabriel starts talking about who he ships:

(he’s kinda like “hoe don’t do it” but “omg this is it” at the same time???)

when gabriel says i’m not gonna go there /bc he already knows the answer anyway:

like do u need more proof????????????????????

I was tagged by @bisexualeggy to re-introduce myself to the fandom~ 

I’ve done a few things like this before so I’ll try and keep this short and sweet. I’m Alita, though I also go by Ali or Tilde or basically anything you wanna call me. I’ve been in Kingsman fandom for a while, though I did initially get in late.

I’ve met tons of cool peeps through this fandom, some of whom I now consider my closest friends. It truly is a fandom like no other in terms of the community and the sheer talent of everyone in it.

I’m serious, y’all. So much good fic. So many gifsets. So much laughter and emotions. It’s a good time.

I can also be found on AO3 under the name mitslits! I’ve kind of hopped around in terms of content production as I’ve written fics, done edits and gifsets, and even done a few (not-very-good) fanvideos.

And I will end this with a picture of my face

Gonna tag @takeanotherpieceofmyhartwin @elletromil @mustardprecum and @adramofpoison

Why the Stardust Crusaders OVA is actually pretty good: a post

So, the Stardust Crusaders OVA gets a lot of shit from, at least, Western fans on tumblr - idk how Japan took to it. And while the art style is a different brand of strange from the original, and while it takes a lot of liberties, it’s actually pretty fucking good? I mean christ, Satoshi Kon was called in to help out with showing Dio’s timestop - the people making this were clearly trying to do the series justice. Like, Skywalker Sound was involved in the making of this OVA?? Apparently, the only time they have worked for an anime.

Tho that doesn’t stop it from being a bit…messy. The first episodes were made in 1993, starting with the introduction of Iggy and fight with N’Doul. This half is 6 episodes long, and highlights the following fights: N’Doul (spanning 2 episodes), D’Arby, and then 3 episodes following the Dio fight. If you’re not a fan of the series, and don’t know the backstory, you’re going to be horribly lost. Especially when it opens up with this:

Even if you’re a fan you’d probably see this like “since when is this a Battle Tendency OVA???????”

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I think Jay seems like the most obvious option for Savitar... I find it weird not seeing anyone really thinking of him. If he goes crazy in the speedforce jail then everything would make sense... being the first speedster (wasn't Jay a speedster before Barry?), he creating himself (because he choosed to stay in Wally's place), Wally going in shock because he finds that everything is because Jay stayed to save him... I don't know but seems the most reasonable theory for me.

Ooohhhh you’re right, it could be that.

Now I feel bad for literally just posting a reply suggesting he could be Savitar but i was shitposting and not serious.

Hmm, my jokes about what he said to Barry about Savitar, knowing he’s called “The God of Motion” and that he’s attacked other speedsters before, how he operates… that all suddenly seems more plausible.

Back when that episode aired and I made this gifset, I was actually suspicious of Jay because of how… not contradictory what he said was, but how he made it seem like Savitar is just this ‘entity’ that challenges speedsters, and when we learn that Savitar has this grudge against Barry specifically, it made me feel like maybe Jay was trying to throw Barry off the scent for some reason?

I think the reason most of us are reluctant to genuinely suspect Jay is because he was already wrapped into the Zoom storyline and red herrings last season, so it might feel flat to make him Savitar this season? Also because he’s just a sweet old dude who tries to stop Barry from making too many mistakes? And him volunteering to be in the speedforce means a lot of us discount him, I think.

Personally I hope it’s not Jay because I adore Jay, but I mean… fully plausible, yeah.

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I mean idk if this counts as iconic but the fact that Lori trusted glen enough to ask him to go pick up the pregnancy tests and stuff in season 2 was pretty cool. Like it shows how much people trusted him

ah thank you so much for the help! i feel like i’m definitely going to feature a gif about glenn knowing about lori’s pregnancy in the gifset but i’m not entirely what sure what direction i am going with my edit at the moment (whether it will be a more funny or serious post).

thank you for taking the time to help me out, it is much appreciated, and i hope you’re having a lovely day!

how do people in this fandom not get that the POINT of josh/rebecca is that is cringe-y? that she makes love triangles because she likes the chase because it keeps letting her put off working on herself and lets her use people as crutches? that the point of nathaniel is that he is not only male rebecca a la new york rebecca (high strung, father issues) but that she’s excited over him not because of real feelings but her life hasn’t magically been fixed by josh and she’s going to start thinking nathaniel will fix those problems? that, yes, rebecca can do better than josh but josh can do better than rebecca but they both need to learn to be alone first?

like damn i should’ve known when i first saw an actually serious josh/rebecca gifset that this fandom doesn’t understand that the situation really IS a lot more nuanced than that

and i can’t believe people already hardcore ship rebecca/nathaniel and have already forgotten the words “we have chemistry of course/but that’s a formula for divorce”

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Headcanon?! Do tell!

Hey!! I am so sorry, I have no idea how I missed this message… ummm I’m guessing this was in response to my earlier comment on this gifset?

I guess that rather than specific headcanons about them, the relationship between the three of them is just really fascinating to me. I adore the friendship between Hyde and Eric, but they’re more like brothers in my mind. They know each other so well and have each other’s backs no matter what, but they’re also very different and therefore they compliment each other well in that way. Hyde and Kelso on the other hand, despite being very different on the surface (mainly with respect to their intelligence) are much more alike. (They’re both the guys’ guys to Eric and Fez’s more sensitive guy types, for instance.) Because of that, I think that they’re a little more competitive with each other and much more likely to butt heads. Kelso seems to piss Hyde off more than anyone else on the show (except for perhaps Jackie, which I’ll get into in a sec) but they also have a pretty serious bromance going on. One of my favorite scenes between them is in the same episode as that gifset I commented on (Fez Gets the Girl) when, in between selling each other out for Led Zeppelin tickets, Kelso turns to Hyde and says,”Still friends?” “Till death,” he replies…then four seconds later they’re at each other’s throats again. They’re polar opposites one minute, but they’re always quick to team up together (usually in making fun of Eric or Fez when either of them is being particularly geeky or girly) the next. They interact with one another in a way that they don’t with the other guys, and there’s just something about that very male/competitive/dude kind of friendship that really intrigues me.

Then you add Jackie into the mix, and the whole dynamic I described above is intensified.

It makes perfect sense to me why the two guys she was attracted to were Kelso and Hyde because they both fit into a similar “type” (and why it makes even less sense to me that she would have ever been seriously attracted to Fez). Even though he let her dress him up like Miss America in S2, Kelso is very male, just like Hyde is. (Even in melting eyeliner, I would never describe him as “metrosexual” in the same way that I would Fez.) Jackie picked up on that similarity and the competitiveness between them very quickly, and what did she do with it? She egged it on. Just look at Battle of the Sexists and Water Tower—and that’s just in S1. (*cough*cough*ALLOFSEASON5*cough*ahem* excuse me!) All that competitiveness they had with each other became wrapped up at first in competition about Jackie, then competition with Jackie, until finally it was a competition over Jackie. (And if you’re feeling Fruedian as I often am, we could just go ahead and say that it was always a competition over Jackie, they just took a really long time to figure that out.) 

So that’s what I meant when I said I have a lot of headcanon about the three of them, and it’s depicted perfectly in that gifset: what started out as Hyde, Jackie, and Kelso arguing with each other very rapidly escalated to Hyde and Kelso tackling each other to the ground while Jackie gleefully poked and prodded at them from a safe distance. (Just look at her expression in the fourth to last frame—she’s loving it.)

In the first few seasons, Jackie annoyed Hyde in the same way that Kelso annoyed him, but the on the other side of that coin was a great deal of love and affection for both of them. (I’m all about love and affection disguised as antagonism, which is probably why I ship…well, just about every ship I’ve ever shipped for as long as I can remember.) Hyde and Kelso have a strong but tricky friendship to begin with, but then when you add to that the fact that they were both loved by and fell in love with the same woman, and I just. can’t. stop. the feels!!!!

Cherik Awards 2015

I almost forgot about this… Fortunately it came to my mind before 23:59 31 Dec 2015 lol.

Rec Three Fics:
Okay, since this is such a wonderful idea when I saw @luredin posted this, and I’ve enjoyed everything so much in this fandom (especially the fics), I figure that I should play big, so I’m going to rec three kinds of fics instead of three fics that I read in 2015 ;) (Sorry I didn’t tag all the authors since I don’t know if they are on tumblr, maybe someone would kindly tell me if they are?)

AU in a universe that I want or I really like:

  • You’re Not a Sarlacc by Pangea (AKA @pangeasplits)
    It’s basically a PWP. I wasn’t a fan of tentacles. This fic changed my world.
  • Better Outrun My Gun by Magnetism_bind
    Everything in this story is quite old west, and kinda classic. It has all I want in an old west cherik AU.
  • The Mutant Games by @turtletotem
    This is a Hunger Games AU that done an incredible job mixing with the canon. I thought I could predict the plot since I saw XMFC and Hunger Games, but the plot twist in the end is very surprising.
  • The Amazing Adventures of Cat-Man by so_shhy
    Interesting setting that Charles and Erik are the sidekick of the superhero and the supervillain, and they met when they were twelve and this is just too adorable <3
  • Doctor’s Diary by minzimpression
    It’s kinda like Gray’s Anatomy but I was a fan of the show before, so. But it’s actually great if you’re okay with the complicated romantic relationships lol.
  • What We All Long For by @nos4a2no9
    The aura of homophobia and anti-Semitic in the period is realistic. And the angst is very good that it made my heart break when I thought it couldn’t be broken more. I like the characterization of Erik and the great writing.
  • Ruining the Pedigree by @elbatross
    It’s a WIP and the author hasn’t updated over a year… But the world building (omega dominant) and the writing is brilliant.
  • Beneath the Jacaranda by @geertruis
    This does capture the Japanese and geisha culture very well, and the writing is great as well. It’s a very special fic in this fandom since it sets on a non-western culture.
  • Sink or Swim by @endingthemes
    DADNETO and kids! This is kinda a hurt/comfort story that I enjoyed. The development and how the character turned the table are really good.
  • The Swan by @waitfornight
    It’s a WIP. The writing and the atmosphere of this story is just gorgeous. It sets on WW2 and there are tons of history involved, and the homophobia and anti-Semitic at the time.
  • This far but no further by @niniblack
    Love this mpreg fix-it canon divergence fic. Cherik have very different point of view about everything, but they wanted to be with each other too much that they eventually compromised and find a way to be together.
  • On your knees, My King! by Hyperballad (AKA @fireflydown1)
    King Erik and Prince Charles, in a sort of Children of Dune world. The setting is interesting and the plot is fascinating so far (It’s a WIP) I have read.

Fics I just LOVE too much and don’t need a reason to recommend:

  • Missed Connections by aisle_one
    Obsessed stalker!Charles is something I didn’t know I want. It’s first person and epistolary form which I usually not prefer but I couldn’t stop reading. It’s kinda creepy but there is more than that.
  • Do You Love Me by cgf_kat
    Arranged marriage and nuclear holocaust are what I love :P The world building is fantastic and the development of their relationship is great.
  • Dragon’s Blood by Sophia_Bee (AKA @sophiabee)
    I love loVE LOVE  this story. I even recommended it on my blog before, but I just have to rec it again lol. Everyone did thing because of love, but the outcomes were not what they expected. It’s a story about hurt, forgiveness, acceptance, love, and everyone learned about how you let go the things you can’t get, and deal with the choices you had made.
  • Four Nights by theapolis (AKA @yoursidekick)
    The plot and the dynamic between Cherik are fantastic. I love how they admit their feelings and desire for each other.
  • The Secret of the Knights Templar by @madneto
    Exciting and well plotting story that I really enjoyed.
  • Are We Fucking? by Butterynutjob (AKA @mc-meow-avoy-fassbender)
    I really love this story. I mean, include the het part in it. It has this background that how social vulnerable groups deal with their difficulty in their life, and the sexual orientation is really a spectrum, that there’s no absolutely straight or gay. And of course the hot sex is delicious :D

What I’ve always wanted but didn’t think they exist and I was wrong:
These fics are really special to me. There are always some discussions about the unrealistic part in fandoms, and I’ve always wanted some fics that are realistic. And these fics, I found them quite educational in some way.

  • The House Spouse by Butterynutjob (AKA @mc-meow-avoy-fassbender)
    It’s one of the few fics that shows you what a real gay sex with protection would be like. And I like how it gave me a glimpse of the LGBTQI community was like in 90s, and how the character faced his orientation and accepted what he really is and what he really wants. The dynamic and development is really great.
  • Three Days in April by Sophia_Bee (AKA @sophiabee)
    This story is educational. It made me go researching about PEP/PrEP which I barely knew before. HIV/AIDS is not very common in fics (the fic The House Spouse up there mentioned HIV/AIDS briefly as well ) despite it is a serious issue in the real world and it’s not unfamiliar in gay community (at least in my country). And the Erik in this story is supportive and thoughtful, it’s like this Erik has bought out all the good part in Erik lol.

Rec Three Blogs:
@candycandybaby posts fantastic au gifset and headcanon.
@endingthemes makes Cherik gifs and meta from time to time.
@mc-meow-avoy-fassbender posts some VERY INTERESTING posts. (You would know what I mean if you follow her lol.)

Rec Three Fanworks:
The really AMAZING Fassy fanart by @larkistin
Tuesday Princess!Chares comics here and here by @cheesepizzaorgtfo and these made my week!
The X-Men drunk and stoned family fanart by @pencilscratchins

People in this fandom have been really creative and devoted, and the discussions and metas are deep and interesting. I enjoy and love this fandom so much, and the people I encountered here are all friendly and nice. Well, I hope this fandom would keep being this wonderful, and thank you for creating all the amazing works that got me through the bad days :D