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I recently got a new laptop, which runs faster than my old one and makes typing much easier. This means I can write posts much more easily and it shouldn’t be as much of a pain. This also means I can be on the computer more and on mobile less, which is good because I am not as good at typing and tagging things on mobile. 

However, this does mean that I have to spend time customizing my computer to my preferences, transferring files from one laptop to the other, getting XKit and other Tumblr extensions set up, etc. That means spending a lot of time off of Tumblr. 

I hate to say it, but I am probably going to be busy for a long time with this. I’ve gotten quite a bit done, but the process is slow because I am so preoccupied with so many other things and because my flash drive can only hold so many files at once, which means I can only transfer a few files at a time.


I’ve said this before, but it needs to be restated: I am such a busy college student this semester and have a shitton of big homework assignments to work on in only a short amount of time. This means I can’t spend the kind of time here that I want.

I have a long list of things I want to do here (adding a FAQ page and ‘about my blog’ page to all of my blogs, for one), but I don’t know when I will be able to and if I will ever have time.

Summer is getting closer, so hopefully in May I can be far more active on Tumblr. Until then, though, I am not sure I can be.


I changed the URL of “lovesick-feminist” to “feminist-mayhem” and am making that where more of my ace discourse type of stuff will go. However, it is 18+ because the blog deals with a lot of mature topics like sexual education, abortion, etc., so that means many of you cannot see it. 


I have around 400 drafts saved here, 200 saved at @apocalyptic-feminist, maybe 200 saved at @lfeminist-mayhem, and perhaps 300 saved at @voluptuousvampire. That means I have a lot of posts I will be writing and posting in the future, which means I’ll be focused on that and might not have the time to answer messages. This, of course, won’t happen until I am done with all that homework, which honestly I don’t know I ever will be!

So it might not even be til summer until I have time to actually put effort into my Tumblr blogs.

I am going to try to put in a little effort into things today, but I make no promises. I’m really sick and in a lot of pain, and I don’t really feel up to being very active online right now.


I have a lot of drafts saved to this blog that I actually want to post to my other blogs instead. That means I will be posting things here, only to delete them immediately after saving them as a draft elsewhere. So if you see me posting a lot and are wondering what’s happening and why posts are disappearing, that’s the reason. There’s a method to my madness; I’m not just randomly reblogging shit and changing my mind.


Some of the drafts I have saved are nearly a year old, because it’s taken me that long to get to the posts. So if you’re wondering why I am reblogging old crap from you, it’s because I’ve had it in my drafts for a while and still consider it to be important and relevant.

I know there is this stigma against reblogging old posts, but sometimes old posts are really good and really important!


I have a lot of untagged posts on @voluptuousvampire. I swear, I will go through and tag those when I have the time. I’m sorry for that. I don’t mean to leave everything untagged. It’s hard to tag on mobile and I haven’t been able to get on my computer much lately, so I swear I’m not being careless on purpose.


I apologize for all the posts on my blog lately that are irrelevant and are taking up space. 

I have made yet another blog (as if I don’t have enough) for personal posts, random images, venting, that kind of thing. As of right now, it is mostly a depression blog with sad pictures and such things. I apologize for that, but that is really how I feel. The blog, @love-bites-but-so-do-i, is really becoming a place for me to just be lost in my mental illness, but I enjoy having it. 

Now, this blog can be dedicated to it’s purpose: nerd culture and analyzing media. This is my main blog, but it’s not meant to be a personal blog. So I apologize for the ramblings and random posts that have nothing to do with anything. I know that’s not why you follow me and you probably find me annoying.


For some reason, I’ve been getting a lot of new followers. I’d like you to go here to make sure you actually know what this blog is for and whether or not you really want to follow. Don’t worry, you can access this on mobile no problem!

To summarize:

I am a busy person. And I am sorry for that, really. I wish I could dedicate more time to you all, but I just can’t. And I hope you won’t hold that against me. I love you all a lot, and I have big plans for this blog and the others I run. It’s just hard dedicating my time to something like this when I have so little time in the first place.

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Hi there (: Before reading this post, I recommend sitting down with a hot mug of tea/coffee and a packet of biscuits because this post is going to be quite long!
I stumbled upon one of my very old blogposts from my fetus blog and there was a very extensive “study + exam tips” post, so I thought I’d repost it on here with some of the information tweaked (that is, fix up my grammar mistakes and make the language sound somewhat more sophisticated and structured):


Making notes:
Every exam that I study for, I always write a set of notes and summaries. Personally, they’re quite useful for me because as I write notes, I also remember what I write. It depends on what types of study methods you prefer but for note-writing, here are a few tips:

  • Making it visually appealing:
    I recommend writing notes in a set of different colours and font sizes since it’d be easier to remember. For example, write all the main headings in capital with a highlight, and write the subheadings in red.
    By using a wide range of colours, you’re able to remember and visualise it easier later on.
  • Picking out what to write:
    Something that I struggle with whenever I write notes is choosing what to write. I’m a major word-hoarder, meaning that I’ll write everything in my notes, which is really bad since it’s not actually summarising. It’s more of copying the text word for word. Over the past few exams, I’ve learnt that in my notes, I only need the “super” main points like topic sentences at the start of each paragraph in a textbook. In text book paragraphs, most topic sentences summarise everything that will be discussed in the paragraph. Don’t go through the trouble of summarising everything because the rest of the paragraph will most likely contain examples, context, and definitions. I recommend taking small notes on these and expanding on the topic sentence.
  • Media, images and diagrams:
    As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” and in notes, that is quite true. Diagrams and charts can show the same amount of information as two or three paragraphs of text. In my notes, I always aim to draw as many colourful diagrams, charts and cycles as possible. Since they’re colourful, they’re easier to visualise and remember during the exam and also, the points in which you’re meant to be studying are basically explained in diagrams.

You’ve written notes; now what?
Well, after writing notes, you’ve got to start studying them. I find it good to find points that you have no clue about, and remember and practice those.

  • Create/Take quizzes:
    A great way to see how much of the content you’ve remembered is taking or creating quizzes. During 8th and 9th grade, I remember creating tons of quizzes for myself about the points I was meant to study. The questions were very general but they did help me to remember my notes. I recommend creating them on Powerpoint and scrolling through the slides to quiz yourself. If you aren’t bothered to create quizzes, there are always many online. Tons of educational websites have quizzes about a wide range of subjects from maths to science. At my school, my teachers used to give us past exam papers to do. If possible, you can always ask your teachers for those, or search for some online. I recommend marking down the questions you get wrong, so you can study them later.
  • Read through them:
    Another studying technique is also skimming through a section of your notes then reciting them aloud to test your memory. 
  • Study with other people:
    Your classmates are probably cramming and studying for the exam like you are, so wouldn’t it be a good idea to study with them? I recommend joining Skype calls or chats with your friends who are also studying. It’s a good way to share and examine content, as well as learn new material.

How to prepare for your exams:
Okay. Now this section, I learnt through ALOT of experience. When it comes to preparing for exams physically and mentally, I absolutely suck at it. But through experience, I’ve learnt essential things that you should do to prepare for them.

  • Get enough SLEEP!:
    I 100% recommend you get a full night’s sleep before your exam.
    I used to stay up until 3 or 4am just writing notes, reciting them and repeating the procedure over and over. I would only have 2 or 3 hours sleep, having to wake up at 7am to prepare for school. The hours leading up to the exam were torturous. I was tired, groggy, and couldn’t keep my eyes open. Not to mention, I was also in a grumpy and foul mood since I was too tired. When the time to actually do the exam came around, I remember my mind just going blank as I sat there and tried to remember my notes. But I couldn’t! Because I was way too tired to remember anything!
    So yeah, get a good night’s sleep!
  • Eat all your meals!
    Back then, I used to skip meals frequently since I couldn’t afford to lose or waste time that could be spent studying. So I would go from the afternoon till the next morning with little to no food or meals. Thinking back, that probably was extremely unhealthy since I’d go to school with no food or energy in my system.
    I recommend taking regular food breaks, just to get your energy back up, and to make sure that you’re staying healthy!
  • Study early!
    Most people lose sleep and don’t eat because they have NO time at all. Study early and write your notes early for your exam. It definitely pays off in the long run and you don’t have to stuff up your sleeping patterns at all. I believe starting to write your notes when you get your assessment notification is good. It may be hard to start, but remind yourself that it’ll be beneficial in the long run!
  • Calm yourself down:
    Most people, including myself, panic or develop extreme nerves before an exam due to a number of reasons. The main one would probably be the idea of failing the test. I believe eating some food, drinking something warm like tea or coffee, and just ignoring the fact that you have an exam are some good ways to calm yourself down or cope with the knowledge of having an exam. It’s easier said than done, but trust me, once you persuade yourself that you’re prepared, and that you’ve studied as much as you possibly could, you’ll be much more calm.
    Talk to some friends about an interesting or controversial topic in the media. Or repeat to yourself that you’re going to get it over and done with, and then you’d be able to relax. 

Those are some of the study + exam tips that I’ve learnt from experience for studying for exams and coping with the bucket of nerves that come with it.
Good luck studying (:


Royal Tiara Challenge 2017

5. Favorite Ruby Tiaras

The Oriental Circlet

The design of this tiara may have been inspired by a collection of Indian jewels which were given to Queen Victoria a few years before. There certainly is a distinct feel to the piece created by the Moghul arches and lotus flowers present in the design, hence the “Oriental” in the name. The “Circlet” portion of the name comes from the way the tiara wraps itself nearly all the way around the head as a circlet would. It’s a big tiara: the original diadem consisted of more than 2,600 diamonds with opal accents, all set in gold. Opals were one of Albert’s favorite stones, and after receiving this tiara Victoria commissioned an opal necklace, earrings, and brooch to go with. The opals have since been replaced with rubies (and you will accordingly sometimes see this referred to as the Indian Ruby Tiara or even just the Indian Tiara).

The French Crown Ruby Parure

This was an extensive parure, including items you’d expect to see in a parure - a tiara, necklace, earrings, bracelets - but also items such as a crown and a belt. The set used nearly 400 rubies and more than 6,000 diamonds in all.


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Running behind!

Forgot to post yesterday evening. I got my afternoon 3 miles done yesterday and 3 more this morning. This afternoon was a weight session. (Pull-ups, deadlifts, bench press, tri-extensions, bent over rows, sit-ups)

Since I started running again, I have slowed down on my weight sessions, dropping the actual weight and lowering the total number of sets done. Still hitting the gym two days a week though. Harder to run with more bulk, so going to try to limit the gains for now.

Tomorrow is a rest day.

Green in Shspesh

We know from Setlock photos of Colston Hall in Bristol that the location that was used as the morgue is NOT green so it was deliberately painted just for these scenes. 

[x] [x] 

Originally posted by constantlyfreemaned

So that definitely contributes to the fact that we’re wondering about: “Why do they use green so extensively.”

In this case, wouldn’t it make much more sense to have light walls in a morgue, especially in one that is underground and doesn’t have any windows. You can barely see anything in there, can’t be helpful when you’re trying to examine bodies. This has me wondering if the darkness and being underground makes this a symbol of Sherlock’s subconscious, sort of like LSIT wrote in her meta about the Jack the Ripper case in TEH. 

Then we have the 221b entrance hall with the green wallpaper, and 221b itself has green walls again. And all this is quite dark as well.

Originally posted by stephenstrvnge

Originally posted by talesofsymphoniac

Honestly, the more I look at all this green darkness the more it reminds me of some dark dripping cave deep below the ground. Why is it so dark in your subconscious, Sherlock?

And since all of this so far has been meticulously and purposely designed I’m willing to bet 10 bucks that they also built this particular train compartment from scratch just as they did in TEH for the bomb scene. 

It’s been pointed out that green is associated with jealousy but I’m not sure that’s the only answer? But growth, harmony, and fertility don’t seem to fit either from what we know so far. Apparently dark green stands for money but I have no idea how that’s supposed to fit in.

And then we have this:

Sherlock is sitting in a green chair and wearing green! [x]

That’s not his usual colour, the only times we’ve seen him in green so far (iirc) were in ASiB with the green chequered dressing gown (a scene that was approx. 2 secs long) and the dark green shirt he wore for Christmas in HLV.

Any idea what this could mean? Aside from the obvious that it looks good on him and on the camera. ;)

Also, John is wearing a green coat in at least one scene (”The game is afoot.”)

ichxgo  asked:

Shudders at the sound of that whine, wanting to hear it again. He'd pull you closer if he had the hands free to do it, but as it is, he growls a half frustrated breath at the inability, tilting his head, marking another set of teeth to overlap the first, pretty sure you're going to have an extensive piece of art on your hip before he's done. Pushes a second finger in, digging teeth deeper as he works you open, but not too much, positive you like it to ride the edge of pain when he takes you.

Likes the way that growl sounds coming from you, maybe more so than he likes the heat of it against his skin. Whines again, a closed-mouth sound that’s not quite as violently taken off guard as with the first bite but it’s still accompanied by a writhing motion he has no control over. Gasps breathlessly when you bite harder in combination with the second finger, nails scraping at your scalp as his fingers tighten, half pushing against you but if you were to actually back off he’d probably hit you.

It is finally time, the extension a lot of you guys have waited for is here!

Reblog Display Options allows the customization of of reblog chains on your dashboard, for example removing the icons, the usernames or minimizing spacing between text and name. It also allows you to change back your dashboard to the old style of blockquotes, if you so desire.

NOTE: You may have to refresh the page after changing options in this extension. Make sure you have removed all other dashboard modification scripts before using the extension.

It should be available in your extension gallery by now, so go grab it from there!

Under the read more you can see a few examples of the extension.

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Helloooooo, Tumblr! I’m a bored programmer working on making a program that will generate the dumbest/weirdest/crackiest fanfiction plots ever. Unfortunately I’m not quite creative or focused enough to make an extensive list of all the potential characters, settings, and activities that could appear in this generator.

This is where you come in. I need your help to make that list. If you want to help, go to this page and fill in your suggestions. Anyone who contributes is welcome to leave their name, username, or other alias if they want to receive credit for helping out.

The Bad Fic Generator is in the early stages with only basic functionality (as you can see in the picture), but I have plans to add more features to it.

Deadline Extension

We’re extending the time you have to submit messages

Hi everyone!

Our submissions deadline of 14 Aug has been changed. Submissions are now open until further notice.

I set the original deadline to fit in with another group’s project - but since I haven’t heard back from them in a while, I’m going to leave our submissions open until I hear from them.

So that’s good news for you all who haven’t sent yours in yet! We have over 230 messages and counting - and there’s room for lots more. So please keep sharing the project around!

If you’d like to submit an art piece or know someone who would, send us an ask.

Thank you everyone - keep being amazing!



I see lots of people having a big trouble trying to watch the ML’s new episodes from TFOU and they don’t know how to install the proxy, so I’m going to tell you how to do it.

First, in Google Chrome you’ll see that in the right corner of your browser are three stripes and then a menu pops up when you click on it. From it, select ’Settings’.

When you had click settings, you’ll see that a new window opens, and on the left corner of that window you’ll find a menu, between the options you’ll find “extensions”, click on it.

When that option is clicked you’ll see all your extensions installed on your browser, and when you scroll down you’ll see ‘get more extensions’ on the bottom. You click on it too.

When you click on it, it’ll take you to Chrome’s extension page (Chrome Web Store), and in the search bar of it you have to search a extension called “Hola

Once you searched for it you install it. Please select the one according to your language because are two of them.

When you add it to your browser you’ll see that next to the three strips on the right corner is the extesion symbol:

Now you go to TFOU page and click on that symbol, a small window will pop up from it. 

You must click the option with the french flag and then you are done installing your proxy. 

so this is a thought in my head i’ve had for a while. it’s sort of messy and i don’t really have a solution. but wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to read up on the characters in the game?  

if you go to the wizard101 central wiki, there’s great info on boss cheats, pet talents, just general gameplay, but if you want to learn about the npcs themselves, there’s really nowhere to go. 

the original wizard101 wiki was on the right track with character description, but it was more or less abandoned when w101 central set up theirs.

this is what you get when you look up greyrose on both wikis.

wizard101 central wiki’s description of greyrose:

original wiki’s description of greyrose;

there’s hardly anything about her on either site, and i know we know more about this character than a few basic sentences.

now take a look at hermione granger’s page on the harry potter wiki:

this is extensive, detailed, it has basic information, as well as background, relationships with other characters, special abilities and so much more! something more like this would be great. and yes, i know there are many wizard101 npcs we hardly know about and their pages wouldn’t stretch nearly as far as a book characters’, but i’d love to read more than just 2 sentences, wouldn’t you?

i love learning about characters and i know other people do too, and to many players wizard101 is more than just about fighting monsters. a lot of people love to immerse themselves in the story and the characters that come with it. and since people tend to forget quests they did years ago, it would be nice to have something to refresh what we learned about our favorite npcs. i think it would make people feel more connected with the game.

i was thinking of the possibility of revamping the old wiki, but it’s been years since it was last seriously updated… so i’m not exactly sure where i intended to go with this. idk, maybe this is just supposed to be a long rant and nothing else. but i would love to hear ideas if putting something this together is even worth doing.