this was funny tho I liked it lol

85 Truths

85 Truths
I was tagged by king-ly so here goes!

What was your…:
1) Last Beverage: Water 
2) Last Phone Call: My mom for the billionth time today 
3) Last Text: “Quite lol 
And it was funny because we were playing this game and we kept talking about penises so that was interesting" 
4) Last Song: Can You Stand the Rain Boyz II Men version 
5) Last Time You Cried: Like Monday bc I hit my head on the kitchen cabinet door 😂
Have you ever…:
6) Dated Someone Twice: Nope
7) Been Cheated On: Hell yeah. Twice. By the same damn person 😒
8) Kissed anyone and regretted it: yep. Technically he kissed me tho 
9) Lost Someone Special: My uncle Bill 😕
10) Been Depressed: most of my senior year of high school bc of the the whole cheated on thing 
List Your 3 Favorite Colours:
11) Yellow 
12) Purple
13) Teal
In the Last Year Have You…:
14) Made a New Friend: Yes best friends I’ve ever had 
15) Fallen Out of Love: Sadly no 
16) Laughed Until You Cried: Regularly 
17) Met Someone Who Changed You: Yeah. They made me more mature 
18) Found Out Who Your True Friends Are: Absolutely. And they were strangers to me before last year 
19) Found Out Someone Was Talking About You: Yeah. Apparently my business is interesting conversation 
20) Kissed Anyone on Your FB List: A couple people 
21) How Many People Do You Know On Your FB List: Most of them 
22) Kissed a Stranger: Nah 
23) Drank Hard Liquor: Often 
24) Lost Glasses/Contacts: Thankfully no 
25) Had Sex On a First Date: Nope 
26) Broken Someone’s Heart: No, I let everyone else do that to me 
27) Been Arrested: No 
28) Turned Someone Down: Yeah 
29) Cried When Someone Died: I usually do 
30) Fallen For A Friend: Unfortunately
31) Do You Have Any Pets: Two cats 
32) Do You Want To Change Your Name: Absolutely not. It’s unique like me 
33) What Did You Do For Your Last Birthday Party: Watched the Super Bowl 
34) What Time Did You Wake Up This Morning: Umm 11 or 12 
35) What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night: On a date. Watching Dope 😊
36) Something You Can’t Wait For: To start my career as a lawyer 
37) Last Time You Saw Your Mother: Before I went to bed lol 
38) One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life: I wish I was smart enough to see the consequences of my choices before I made them 
39) What Are You Listening To Right Now: I Can Love You x Mary J. Blige 
40) Have You Ever Talked To A Tom: Yeah 
41) What’s Getting On Your Nerves: the fact that didn’t have a bae to watch the fireworks with 
42) Most Viewed Webpage: Tumblr 
43) Nickname: Pooh Bear 
44) Relationship Status: Single AF 
45) Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 
46) College: Sophomore at Kennesaw State University
47) Hair Color: Black 
48) Long or Short: Long hair but currently has weave bc I’m lazy 😊
49) Height: 4'11 
50) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Eh. Slick 
51) What Do You Like About Yourself: My personality, my ass, my sense of humor, my ability to empathize with people 
52) Tattoos: one on my forearm but I want more 
53) Right or Left Handed: Right
54) First Piercings: Ears 
55) First Best Friend: Bretton 
56) First Sport You Joined: does dance count? 
57) First Vacation: Probably Disney World but idr 
58) First Pair of Trainers: idk…lol 
59) Eating: Grapefruit 
60) Drinking: Water but I’d prefer something stronger 
61) About to: Go to sleep
62) Listening To: Are You That Somebody x Aaliyah 
63) Waiting For: Myself to get sleepy…A nigga lol 
Your Future: Will be lit 
64) Want Kids: Yes 5 lol hopefully I’ll get some twins 
65) Get Married: Absolutely if I can actually meet a guy that treats me right 
66) Career: i want to be a lawyer 
67) Lips or Eyes: Lips 😏
68) Hugs or Kisses: I love long hugs but kisses are so intimate 
69) Shorter or Taller: better be taller. If you’re shorter than me you’re a child honestly 
70) Older or Younger: If not my age, older bc I like maturity 
71) Romantic or Spontaneous: A nice balance of both. You can be spontaneously romantic
72) Nice Stomach or Arms: I like big strong arms 😍
73) Loud or Sensitive: I’ve gotten sensitive as hell. I hate it lol 
74) Hook-up or Relationship: I would rather have a relationship over a hookup any day. So the next morning you’re still mine 
75) Trouble Maker or Hesitant: Depends on the situation and my mood that day
Do You Believe In…:
76) Yourself: I try to but I have doubts sometimes 
77) Miracles: 100% 
78) Love at First Sight: Not really. If they’re a stranger no. But if it’s someone you’ve known and always seen as a friend and one day you just look at them differently then maybe 
79) Heaven: 100%
80) Sana Claus: I think he’s the spirit of Christmas lol 
81) Kisses on First Dates: Yes
82) Personality Type: I’m quiet until you get to know me. I kinda sit back and watch a lot. I chime in when I have something to say. I’m pretty energetic. I get “cute or adorable” a lot but I also get sassy a lot too so idrk lol
83) Hobbies or Things You’re Passionate About: Scary movies are my life. I have this weird passion for I love real estate. And interior decorating. Idk it’s weird. 
84) Favorite Season: Winter 
85) The Cup of Water, is it half empty or half full: I’d pour it out to solve the problem tbh
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I just woke up from a dream where Kane did the ice bucket challenge in his ring attire and he was lying in a coffin with his eyes closed and then they poured the ice water on him and he like jumped up and starting laughing and said “ahhhh it’s cold! It’s cold! I was sleeping, couldn’t you have waited?”

I don’t know why he was sleeping in a coffin but the reaction was cute

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Hello Louisa, do you have some Kaisoo moments when Jongin teases Kyungsoo? I would like to see some. I'm having Kaisoo thirst. Help! OTL

hello anonnie yesss hehe, and because tease can be in many diff ways i’ve got a good few things i can share :)

pokey poke

“bullying” soo with sehun

i want ur dick tho

hug me pls

lol no

just you wait until we get home

lololol strength

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  • What I say:I am fine
  • What I mean:Ok I understand that Phineas's mom turns away in the right moment for them to build their contraptions and stuff. But like??? WhAT about the rest of the parents in the neighborhood?? Do THEY also turn away in the right moment? Do there houses also have soundproof glass and not have windows in an area where they can see Phineas and Ferb's yard?? @Jeff "Swampy" Marsh and Dan P. EXPLAIN YOURSELVES??

*shakes head in disapproval* Jurassic World was unrealistic- i mean who could outrun a T-Rex, run through a tropical jungle scape in 2 inch heels (through the whole movie) WITHOUT twisting an ankle?

like come on guys, you’re better than that

I watch minecraft youtube vids n its funny going throu the comments bc u just see these kids using their parents google account to write the comments. like u see a pic of a middle aged white dude like “i luv u lion n emzy u r the best lion and rabbit” n I just find that hilarious.

Last night, I met this super beautiful/super funny girl, and she sang Bootylicious with me when I randomly started singing it and I was dazzled by the whole moment. Lol It was so cute, but I didn’t get to say goodbye bc she was talking to some peeps who don’t like me as I was heading home. I’m gonna add her on FB tho. Lol I’m hopeless. 🐙

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Do u think Dave and karkat have pet names for each other?

if they do then it would be something that would be STRICTLY private bc they seem intent on referring to each other as bro or dude and tbh that seems pretty funny in itself because of how casual calling your boyfriend that comes across lol

i rly like the idea of Dave calling Karkat “babe” tho and who knows Karkat does love his romance shit so maybe he does want to delve into the corn and tries calling Dave something like “snookums” once. Dave just. fucking LOSES IT which pisses Karkat off and then starts to give Karkat some ridiculous ones ironically to remind him of it and embarrass him. it goes on long enough for it to be normalized and spoiler: its actually not ironic at all

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I think it's both funny and heartbreaking that Arya is oblivious to Gendry's feelings for her.

gendry trying to deal with his feelings for arya = pure comedy gold. like his idea of flirting is trying to pinch her face with tongs and pulling her into the dirt and when he gets upset he just threatens to sleep with other girls. WHAT A LOSER. its a little sad too lol just bc he’s so torn up. the same applies to arya tho since she feels that gendry, her last true friend, abandoned her. idt either of them are completely aware of the other feelings OR their own. 

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Youre funny yo. I dont smoke much often for my health but i vape. Cant say smokin isnt good for the soul tho lol. You remind me of kid cudi. Hope those are nice wines. I'll vape one for ya, stay cool keep easy.

Holy cow thank you so much! Kid Cudi is dope especially when he smoked lol. And I mostly drink moscato, i find that the high sugar content pairs well with a weed high. I have had like every kind of wine almost tbh and they all get the job done. Thanks again for the compliments for real! Stay high and take a good hit from that vape for me!

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if you have Instagram go on ' spillytronnor ' look at there first photo, Troye's friend Ryan liked it but look at the caption

lol idk how late i am on this but that’s funny/interesting. “tronnor is my life” “recently there’s been so much tronnor proof that it’s nearly impossible to keep up with” (ok tru) so much tronnor in this post hahah. he could just be liking it bc he tagged troye in it but who knows, funny tho

delusional rich people are my fucking favorite. from this odd mom out show to the housewives of new york like ugh just so delicious. piper chapman is like so funny to me. i could never deal with these ppl irl but from a distance i’m like OMFG. i could kick it with the countess LuAnn tho lol ugh the lofty hobbies n ideas of how the world work are my favorite.

i forgot my brother and his gf was in america and some friends here are in australia (i can feel the chai presence is much stronger now i must be wary of any signs of yiff-activities)

but the funny thing is i literally feel no different i guess im just that used to people being all over the place now LOL also my sleeping pattern hasnt changed .w. except now my ‘net parents’ are both within train distance to hit me and tell me to sleep at the same time as they do XD

also this will be my brother and his gf’s first independence day and they dunno what coming and i realised i dont know what to tell them either since i know nothing bout it

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does gallagher get around a lot?

oh yeahhhhh. he’s been like that since I’ve talked to him when he was in juniors in vancouver. such a cutie. so sexual tho, I had drunk phone sex with him one night it was soooooooo funny (the time he had a blackberry lol), he thought I was being serious when I was with some friends and was hooked on the idea of having a threesome with my friend. I hung up when he told me to scream his name into the phone hahahah I couldn’t keep playin

he wanted to fuck outside the arena after a game haha, he kept naming public places he wanted to hook up in (Car, boat, public washroom) he was obsessed with that

other than that I don’t want to shit talk him!! he has a huge heart and he’s one of the hardest working guys I’ve met, soso passionate about hockey and his smile lights up the whole room :)