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Yo I was wondering, how would Caleb and Chloe respond to/perceive someone else's nostalgia? For example, if someone was reminded of the smell of their grandmothers house, or a piece of their childhood that was extremely important to them but they know they'll never see again. Would Chloe see or smell the place they were thinking of (since memories are heavily tied to scent)? What color would Caleb describe nostalgia as?

So, first off…I’m going to answer this for Caleb. I’ll leave Lauren and/or Anna to answer on Chloe’s behalf…but I have thoughts on this. I’m going to mention a little story here…

A month or so ago I was out to dinner with my boyfriend. After our evening of IKEA meatballs and Lingonberry drinks, we decided we wanted to grab dessert somewhere. So we decided to go to a bakery in Burbank that I had never been to before…

After jamming out to some classic Cartel in the car, we arrived and walked into the bakery; I froze immediately. I froze immediately and in about five seconds I was crying. I’m not even kidding…I was full on crying. I was crying because the inside of that bakery smelled like my Great Gram’s house (she passed away 10 years ago and we were incredibly close). 

In that moment, when I stepped inside that bakery, I smelled a smell that I never thought I’d experience again; a smell that I didn’t know I missed. It all just hit me and I started crying. I was so grateful for that moment because in the span of a minute I was hit by this flow of happiness and sadness as I reflected on memories of me, my brother and my Great Gram.

So…the reason I bring this story up is because I don’t think “nostalgia” is necessarily an “emotion”…but I think it can be “a vessel that carries us down a river of emotions” (cheesy wording…but true AF).

…and therefore, my answer: While I don’t think nostalgia can necessarily be felt by Caleb as an emotion/color all by itself…Caleb, as he matures, has been able to begin to identify combinations of emotions and what those combinations might mean. Think of it like each color is a word in a sentence and the full sentence describes the complexity of a thought or experience (like nostalgia). Actually! Even better…anybody here see ‘Inside Out’? As the character Riley gets older…the colored globes in her head evolve from single colors (blue for sadness, yellow for happiness) to mixtures of them. I think Caleb in all of his fits and starts of emotional maturity (he’s a teenage boy…so…lots of fits guys) he is learning to translate combinations of emotions into more intangible concepts like “nostalgia”.

In The Bright Sessions, Caleb has said things like “Orange and smothering” I believe, to describe emotions like pride or protectiveness…and I think that’s a result of the emotions that make up that intention mixing together to produce a color that can be perceived and communicated to describe that concept.

So…there ya go! My thoughts on that. I Hope it made sense! 

- Briggon

grasshoppa  asked:

I have a request idea! Headcanons for Jumin and Zen accidentally walking in and eavesdropping on mc's ex trying to convince them to get back together. When the ex gets persistent and the guys get worried, mc just round house kicks him into oblivion! Like he goes soaring across the room

Aw yes you’re super cute requests are back! I always like showing the MC as a badass and this request is honestly so great! Now lets send some douchebags flying! ;)

Jumin would never feel very comfortable whenever you were with other men. After some time, Jumin learned that you were your own woman and could fend for yourself, especially when it came to your ex. One day, Jumin took you as his date to a high-end dinner party for his company. He went off to fetch the two of you some drinks only to find you and your ex talking. Jumin had forgotten that your ex worked at one of his branch businesses, mentally reminding himself to fire your ex after the party was over. He didn’t want to seem pushy so Jumin stood behind a large decorative pillar and listened in on the two of yours conversation. Your ex was begging you to get back together with him, telling you that he was a much better man than Jumin. Already on the phone with security, Jumin kept on silently listening to your conversation. Your ex smirked smugly and wrapped his arm around your waist, moving his hand awfully close to your bottom. Before Jumin could destroy your ex, you just smiled sweetly and round house kicked your ex all the way across the room. Jumin was shook. He swiftly came over to you and check to make sure you weren’t harmed. But you smiled at Jumin telling him that you were fine but you were feeling a bit thirty is all. Jumin smiled back at you, taking your hand and kissing the back of it as he said “Anything for my future wife.”

Zen was already fairly jealous whenever he found out that you had a boyfriend prior to dating him. But he understood, he dated some other girls before you so Zen had no right to get upset with you. One day, Zen was walking home from practice but stopped whenever he heard your voice by the local cafe. Zen peeked around from the side of the building to see you and your ex, making Zen’s blood boil. But Zen knew that you were bold and independent, so he stood at his hiding place and decided to listen in on the two of yours conversation. Your ex was becoming a little bit too demanding on the two of you getting back together, even pushing you up against the wall. Zen was about to kill the man until he saw you push your ex back and round house kick the douche straight into oblivion! Er, at least straight onto the other side of the road. Zen was shocked, angry, and proud all at once but he rushed to your side to make sure that you were alright. When you shrug your shoulders and tell him that it was no big deal and that you’d never get back together with him since he was nowhere near as amazing as Zen. At that moment, Zen grabbed both of your hands, looking you straight in the eyes and said “Marry me MC.” 

170326 - Shinee World Concert V in LA

cr: jtaem_


Taemin: there is one thing I have been meaning to try. I’m too shy to show my face. LA ARE YOU HAVING FUN TONIGHT?!?
Jonghyun: whoa Taemin, you have learned so much English
Key: Ok guys, so I’m back so…. what were you guys talking about?
Taemin: why you come hurry? Uh pls come your friend minho…



Paul Lahote Imagine: So whipped

Request 7: Hi there! :) Can you do a one like Paul Lahote x reader and the reader is his imprint, the whole pack teases him because he is so whipped around her and ends with fluff? Thank you :)

The wind blows softly kisses into my hair as I made my way into the familiar sight. The night sky above looked endless and alone. The crickets murmured into the evening, making their presence known to all those who listened. Everyone gathered around the campfire as its flames grew into the sky. I approached the logs set in place around it and sat beside Paul.

He immediately put his arms around my frame, a gesture that I’ve grown accustomed to. On his lap was two plates full of food and he gently set on my legs. Billy’s face was illuminating from the flames of the fire. He talked with his hands as he told of the Tribes legends. My face started to hurt as I remembered how this event was Paul’s and mines first date. As I closed my eyes I could recall how he twiddled his thumbs while he sat next to me. Or how he nervously asked, “Is it okay if I kiss you,” when he dropped me off at home.

As I went to lift up another scoop of food I noticed that my plate was empty. Paul’s eye’s locked my hardened looked as he replaced my plate with his half filled one. I cup my hand around his face as my lips lock with his, my little gesture of a thank you. The rest of the pack perked up at Paul’s gesture. Jared pointed his finger from across the fire at Paul and proudly stated, “Paul’s so whipped!”

Paul’s eyebrows turned in at the comment as he simply shook his head no. My hand flew to my mouth, covering it, as I tried to suppress the laughter that so desperately wanted to escape. Embry decided to join in on the hardship fun, “Whoa there Paul. You’re a Nicolas Sparks movie right now.” The roar of laughter filled the air around us.

“Will is it a crime to make your imprint happy,” Paul tried to defend himself.

I immediately put my arm around his muscular waist and leaned my head against him, “Will I love it. Don’t listen to those goofballs.” Paul relaxed into me as she shoulders dropped from their intense state. Paul leaned down and kissed my forehead. Billy forcefully coughed as he continued to tell the legends that were interrupted. We continued to listen peacefully and I ate Paul’s sacrificial plate of food while doing so.

do u ever feel like u were destined to draw a character????? smoky quartz is mine… theyre shaped like a friend

ladythugs  asked:

OMG I just had the cuuuuuutest headcanon: So we all know Tony knew Peggy as his Aunt Peggy but what if he grew up knowing the Howling Commandos as his uncles? I can just imagine little Tony being told stories of the war by his Uncle Dum Dum and then growing up a bit and going to college and building a robot and naming it after his favorite Uncle... I mean we've already seen his affinity for naming his mechanical babies after important people in his life *coughJarviscough*

Imagine Steve when Tony told him.

Idk maybe they were just chilling in his workshop while Tony was doing a little bit of maintenance work on Dum-E, and then Steve just asks him out of the blue, “JARVIS was a person, before he was an AI, right?”

And Tony freezes for a moment, before looking up at the ceiling and nodding his head a little. “Yeah. One of the best men I grew up with, honestly. Seemed only fair he got to… I don’t know, be remembered? And he always used to look out for me when I was a kid, so - carrying on tradition? I guess?”

“What about the others?”

Tony stopped, raising his eyebrows in silent question. Steve just gestured at Dum-E and sat back, waiting for the story.

“I… well this one,” Tony patted Dum-E fondly on the head, “he was kind of based loosely off an uncle of mine? Not by blood,” he added, when Steve’s eyebrows raised in surprise, “just… a good guy. He’d swing by with Pegs sometimes, tell me cool war-stories. And Howard was never an ass when he was around, ‘cause Uncle Dummy would just clock him on the nose.”

Steve smiled in amusement. “Uncle Dummy?  What a respectful name,”

Tony shrugged. “Pegs always called him Dougan, but it was too long for three-year old me. So he told me to call him Dum-Dum. He was… he was always fun like that-”

“Whoah whoa. Wait. Hold up,” Steve had stood up and crossed the room before the was even aware of what he was doing, taking Tony’s shoulder and clutching tightly. “You… you knew Dougan?”

Tony stared in shock for a moment. “You knew Dougan? But- but he never mentioned you! I talked about you all the time and he never…” Tony trailed off, getting sad for a moment as he thought back. “Oh. He… he always got sad when I spoke about you. After a while I just stopped asking. Was- was he a Howling Commando?” Tony asked quietly, but Steve couldn’t miss the childish little spark of excitement in his eyes.

Steve smiled fondly, and looked down to Dum-E sat patiently, as if he were listening to the entire conversation. Steve could almost see the shared traits, now he was looking. The clumsiness. The general loudness. The mood-swings.

“Yeah,” Steve replied softly. “He was… he was one of my best friends. We pretty much all lived in each other’s pockets back then, so it was hard not to be.” 

Tony looked at him, and then placed a gentle hand over Steve’s. “Want me to tell you about him? What he was like after, I mean. With me. Because he was great, honestly, I adored him-”

“Yeah,” Steve answered, smiling weakly. “That’d be… nice.”

And so they just talk. For hours. And it’s the first time Steve ever sees Tony’s face light up when he talks about his childhood. 

He leaves, six hours later, with a feeling that isn’t pain from talking about the people from his past. Just happiness.

Dum-Dum had looked out for Tony. He’d been doing Steve’s job before Steve had even known about Tony Stark.

And not that Steve likes picking favourites, but… it’s Dum-E

you know what’s ridiculously fun? board games.

you know what no one ever wants to play with me? board games.

am i mean when i play board games? no, not particularly, i just genuinely enjoy board games and no one else i know seems to

eternal sadness

She’ll be back

“Who was the last to come to this room?” Aragorn’s voice shattered the tension.

Who…was the last to come to this room!?” The King’s voice which had been a crack was climbing into a roar. 

“Who brought the wine!? Who was here!? Someone speak!” Aragorn had spun and seized the stunned Carar by his arm.

As he continued to bellow, Legolas hoisted his dwarf up in his arms, holding a shaking hand before his lover’s face. Gimli was not meant to be so gray.  Gimli was bright as a flame…this dull, stiffened dwarf, lying next to a spilled goblet of wine couldn’t truly be Gimli…

Was Legolas to witness the mortal candle of the one he’d given his heart to blow out? Was this it? After orcs, after trolls, after a night in mud as allies fell before them, after a hellish army fell before them, and weary friends were returned to them on eagles’ wings? After sickened stone stained with the dead, after a visit with ancient trees that whispered with sleeping power, after caves filled with stars where vows were made and lips and hands joined in ardent promise-This was to be their undoing? 

A poisoned cup of wine was to steal the happiness Legolas and Gimli had forged together?


“No…” Legolas breathed, “No…no!” 

Legolas’s hands fell on Gimli’s beard, and his breath caught in his throat.

Gimli was breathing.

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First Date

Request by @lisamaliceWhat about a fluffy Sami Zayn where he and the reader are on a first date and he keeps wanting to impress her even though she already really likes him and loves what he does.

Word Count: 1,085

A/N: @lisamalice, Sorry for long wait, going through a lot. Hope you enjoy!

Originally posted by samisebei

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sweet-christabel  asked:

For your Chellmann thing, I saw a cute AU writing prompt in another fandom that you could try - character A is a frequent patron at a building, character B is the window washer that they're crushing on. They've memorised their schedule but are too shy to say anything :) I thought it was a pretty original idea!

!!!!! Gonna make this short and sweet but aaaaa what a cute idea!

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Yuanfen - Part 4

Characters - Bucky x Reader

Word Count - 1985

Warnings - None

A/N - This is an AU. 缘分 (Yuanfen) is a Chinese word that has no direct English translation and (roughly) means “A relationship that is brought together by a force such as destiny or fate.“ Again, just building up, establishing personalities and whatnot before getting to the meat of the story.

Yuanfen Masterlist

Bucky’s lips gravitated toward yours slowly and for a split second you almost let go. Quickly snapping yourself back into reality, you jerked back, only to feel Bucky’s large hands grip your waist.

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