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My Dofty heart was expecting that, but it still hurt.  Can’t blame Dom for making a move, Lofty definitely gives off vibes that he’s interested in him.  The scenes with Lofty trying to avoid Griselda were hilarious (and now we know why the hands-on-bum thing happens), but he’s such a closed book, I wish he’d open up more.  When Dom said “I can’t read you” I was like SAME!

Their chemistry is fantastic and I want them to get together soon dammit!

Astro painting your nails

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MJ’s the most likely to screw it up and start screaming. He’s always laughing, and he’s always trying to make other people laugh, so he’s going to say something that’s going to make at least one of you keel over. And when that happens, he’s going to get nail polish all over your fingers. But you don’t mind; hearing MJ laugh is a blessing.

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I think JinJin would be giggly, just because he’s worried he’s doing it wrong. And then, of course, by giggling, he messes up. Which makes him giggle more. And then you’re giggling because he’s so cute. And now there’s blobs of nail polish all over your fingers. All while JinJin’s proclaiming “I’m doing amazingly!” It’s all a bit of a mess, really, but at least you’re having fun.

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I think Eunwoo would have some adeptness at this. I feel like he’s a precise person, and I definitely think he’s a perfectionist, so you’re not moving until he’s done a flawless job. That, and honestly, everything he does just turns out perfectly? The finished product would be better than even you could do it. Maybe it’s because he went on Lipstick Prince. Or maybe it’s just because of his natural grace. Who knows?

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Moonbin is such a soft, gentle person, and he’d probably be the most delicate when it comes to this. I think, with Moonbin, you’d feel the most pampered; if he has the chance to spoil you, you know he’s going to take it. So painting your nails might be part of some ‘spa day’ he’s organized for you. I think he’d do a pretty remarkable job at it, seeing as I don’t think he has much practice, and you might end up asking him to do it more and more.

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I think Rocky would be the member who would most enjoy this moment of intimacy with his partner. He seems like someone who’s a bit less overt with his feelings than the other members, and I think he’s someone who prefers to bask in the quiet moments of life. So, being able to just sit with you, having an excuse to hold your hands, would make him feel quite content.

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I feel like Sanha would make everything the two of you do an Event. I think he’d be the one to suggest it, wanting to give it a shot after watching you do it yourself. He’d probably start by announcing “I shall now begin the most ceremonious task of painting your nails!” Then he’d proceed to do a somewhat sloppy, but genuinely earnest job. It’s not perfect, but you can tell he tried. Nothing that a cotton swab can’t fix.

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Do you ever just imagine Kim Namjoon being a TA at your university in the English department?

  • Like he’s the resident TA expert on Transrealism literature in Europe. He also teaches Dr. I’m In the Middle of a Research Grant and Won’t EVER Be In Class’ courses, OR your World Lit lecture. 
  • On the first day you receive the lightest and most sparse syllabus you’ve ever seen and you’re like “wtf guy did you make this just before class?” 
  • But then come to find out every day your class meets, you discuss the required reading from the night before. 
  • So there’s no real lecture, no powerpoint to mess with, no electronics to do battle with. JUST A GROUP DISCUSSION WITH STUDENTS LEADING AND HIM ASKING A QUESTION TO GET YOU GUYS THINKING.
  • He also shows up with like a bandage on his cheek one day. Two weeks later he’s got a splint on his pointer finger. A week later he can’t walk much so he rolls into class in one of those rolling chairs???
  • And when people ask wtf happened he’s all…”Yall’s grades are what happened.”
  • Finds the poeticism in Odipus to be endearing on the creepiest level.
  • “Moral of the story is never marry the queen of a place you just moved to.”
  • The next day you start a “Shit my Lit Prof says” YikYak and Twitter account
  • He only assigns essay exams because why the fuck would he ask you multiple choice?? 
  • You’ve made the mistake of asking him why not and he went on a class-long rant about the ineffectiveness of multiple choice exams. 
  • You have one research paper and he lets you pick the topic because he wants to know where everyone’s interests lie in literature, particularly his English major students. 
  • He wants two digital sources and the other 10 required sources to be physical because he don’t play with digital.
  • Says a million times leading up to the due date that he won’t accept any of the papers late and even goes so far as to call out that one kid in the back who’s taken the class and failed before if he remembered what happened the last time. 
  • The kid says that’s why he’s in this class again and puts his head down to go back to sleep.
  • But, your wifi was down and you couldn’t send the paper in on time. You visit him during office hours just before class literally in tears and he gets really awkward.
  • TA Kim, in an attempt to shut the door for privacy and at least help you calm down stubs his toe on his desk and has to be taken to the emergency room–you couldn’t hear very well but he might’ve broken it.
  • Takes a full presidential term to grade one exam but when you get it back, it has hella detailed notes and scribbles on the back with an explanation for your grade.
  • Grades in purple, not red. Red is abrasive. Red looks too mean.
  • Wears glasses every day except for that one time he broke them outside on the quad. Needless to say he goes on a rant about the legitimacy of frisbee. Discussion on Gulliver’s Travels are postponed until the next lecture.
  • Wants everyone to love Hesse as much as he does but the entire class groans whenever he talks about him (not like this speech will make any converts after you’ve all heard it for like the 20th time that week).
  • Could’ve easily been a philosophy teacher but he didn’t like the department chair.
  • Once he gets his doctorate, he’s destined for tenure track.
  • All the old fart professors love him, even if he challenges some of the university’s old ways of teaching, grading and helping students.
  • Can literally stand behind every mark in his grade book.
  • Extra credit is writing a 5,000 word essay on why you didn’t do all your assignments in the first place.
  • Will literally look at students crazy who are failing the course and they show up a week before finals asking how they can still pass the class.
  • His final is a local bar where you’re all to sit down and discuss the current state of world literature over whatever beverage you prefer.
  • You get a little drunk before it’s your turn to say something and you get a B for effort.