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What about one where the reader is around 17 and wants to drink but Sam and Dean won't let her so while they go on a hunt she sneaks off with her fake ID to the nearest bar which so happens to be the one Sam and Dean go to for celebratory drinks...

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You were too young to drink. Biggest bullshit you’d ever heard. 

Sure, you were too young by law. Four years to go even, which you knew very well. It was just that - who were they to tell you you were too young? Dean had his first beer when he was like 14, didn’t he?

To sum it up, you were annoyed. And, leaving an annoyed 17 year old girl alone with an endless amount of fake ID:s wasn’t a good idea. Because, Dean and Sam were off finishing off a hunt, and you were bored. Besides, breaking your brothers’ rules had always been sort of a guilty pleasure for you.

So, you took the things you needed, and headed out the bunker towards town.

An hour later, Dean and Sam strolled into their favorite bar, where they usually go for the traditional celebratory drinks whenever they had finished a hunt close to the bunker. After quickly checking with his younger brother what he wanted, Dean walked up to the bar when a girl with pretty hair caught his attention. She sat with her back turned to him, currently taking a shot. Dean put on his famous smirk and strolled up next to her, leaning against the bar. But when she turned her head to him, he screamed as he came face to face with his little sister.

You screamed too, although your reaction slightly delayed in comparison to Dean’s, who was currently covering his eyes.

“What’s going on? (Y/N)?” It was Sam, hurrying over to you.

“Hiya, Sammy,” you grinned broadly yet a little awkwardly.

Sam gaped, but before he could answer, Dean reached out and grabbed your chin, turning your head towards him.

“You’re wasted,” he shook his head angrily. “What the hell are you doing here, (Y/N)?”

“Baking cookies, wwwwwhat the hell does it look like?” You gestured wildly and snickered at your own joke, almost knocking down the beer you had in front of you. 

Dean was fast though and caught it, only a little bit spilling out.

“Oops,” you exclaimed, not noticing the slur on your voice.

“You are in so much trouble, (Y/N) Winchester,” Dean growled as he grabbed your upper arm, making you step down from the bar stool you sat on.

Dean kept you standing with his strong grip, but you did let out a surprised yelp when you realized how you knees were a bit wobbly. 

“You need to loosen up a bit, Deano. ‘S not good to be sho tense all the time,” you advised him, seriousness in your voice.

“Great, she’s a weird drunk, just like you Sam,” Dean stared at Sam accusingly.

Sam, who had been trying to keep his grin off his face this whole time, suddenly stared at Dean, offended. “How’s that my fault?”

“Because it is,” Dean argued, looking over his shoulder at the tall man who trailed behind you as you were led out of the bar by your oldest brother.

Once outside, Sam decided that it would take too long if you were going to walk home. So, after a bit of a struggle, you were placed on Sam’s back and he started carrying you back to the bunker, piggy back style.

Dean walked a few feet in front of you, pissed that you had gotten between him and his bar visit. 

You had already forgotten about that though, Instead, you were live commenting your great view along with blabbering about how nice Sam’s hair was.

Sam just played along, small grin on his face, knowing that you probably wouldn’t remember this later and that you would feel like absolute crap tomorrow.