this was fun to draw though uvu

Okay, so I got very distracted with life and Dream Daddy I haven’t really worked on the ocs even though I have them all drawn out, but I want to color them all, so just to show that I am working on them, I’ll be posting them separately as I get them done uvu ~

First oc troll belongs to @mewhoismyself
Second oc troll, Astrid, belongs to @queen-sarcasm15

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queenfujoshi  asked:

Your art style is so sweet and adorable. Even when you draw them not "chibi-fied" they're still so cute and charming!!! I love that you do the more uncommon pairings too for TF2 like Engie/Scout or Engie/Spy. Ahhh I always love seeing your art come up on my dash, but I just about squee everytime I see those pairings! :D ♥ Thank you for contributing so much to the fandom! :D

Aw gosh, thank you very much! My default setting for most of my drawings is cute, so I can see how it shows through my non-chibified work too haha 
Uncommon tf2 pairings are really fun to draw uvu ♥ But then again I’m very open minded with any tf2 ship~ (*^ワ^*)
Aw, I’m so glad to hear that~ I haven’t really drawn much of either pairing in a while though, so sorry about that ;o;
Ah, you’re welcome! I feel like I don’t really contribute much though, other than cutesy drawings haha ヽ(;▽;)ノ


“Look! Look! I’m Karamatsu nii-san now! How is it?! Aren’t I look somewhat cooler?!”

(( D-Did a collab with @askkaramatsuno (Kicchiiii!!!! o7o//) !!! I-I draw Jyushimatsu with Karamatsu’s hoodie and Kicchi draws Karamatsu with Jyushimatsu’s jumper (ITS SO CUTE WAAAAA ///////) !! Thank you for doing this with me! I’m very happy! (//’7′//) Sorry my part came really late though.. b-but I had fun..!!!!! (//////7///////) Thank you thank you! UvU <3 ))


Since the contest is over, and I lost, I think it must be okay for me to share my design~

I thought about the whole “Alice in Wonderland”-theme and quickly understood that I wanted to make a design based of the Rabbit! I had loads of fun while coming up with ideas for this one, and I’m really happy with how things turned out uvu 
I also included some different versions of her for them to choose from~ Which one do you like the best? 

I have seen some truly amazing entries, so I understand now that I didn’t really stand a chance hehe! I did my best though n_n;