this was fun to draw though uvu

“Look! Look! I’m Karamatsu nii-san now! How is it?! Aren’t I look somewhat cooler?!”

(( D-Did a collab with @askkaramatsuno (Kicchiiii!!!! o7o//) !!! I-I draw Jyushimatsu with Karamatsu’s hoodie and Kicchi draws Karamatsu with Jyushimatsu’s jumper (ITS SO CUTE WAAAAA ///////) !! Thank you for doing this with me! I’m very happy! (//’7′//) Sorry my part came really late though.. b-but I had fun..!!!!! (//////7///////) Thank you thank you! UvU <3 ))

wwh4t3vv3r  asked:

I just wanted to say, your beauty and the beast shance literally made my day uvu I hope to see more shance c:

There’s more alright : D and I’ll be drawing more once the semester ends.

I’m glad you like it though it was so much fun!