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Fatphobia runs deeper than conventional beauty standards and what clothes we “can and cant” wear.

Fatphobia is so internalized and we’re so aware of that. Me and any of my friends that are also bigger can’t even eat around people because of the looks and the judgements we’re scared we’ll get from people. 

Hell I can’t even go out in public, i can’t dance, I can’t hang out with my friends, I feel like I can’t do anything without being some sort of laughing stock. 

because somepoint, in my life, ive seen a video or soemthing of a fat person doing something that’s just a normal part of life as something that’s funny, that if i were to do some silly every day thing, it’s funny specifically because I’m fat.

so yeah. you can reblog your “fat is beautiful uwu” posts and then turn around and reblog a post thats supposed to be funny because a fat person is eating weird, dancing, or just having fun because you think its funny that their fat even though you wont admit thats the reason. 


hey guys fun fact “uwu take a bubble bath and eat chocolate” self care and “get out of bed and take a mcfucking shower” self care aren’t mutually exclusive and making fun of the former bc u think the only self care mentally ill people should practice is the latter is uh how do i say. Odd to say the least

i hope certain people start to understand that the #PunchANazi movement isn’t something we purposely support to “fight hate with hate”,, nazis literally do not give a flying fuck about minorities or their well being, and there is no fucking reason to “make peace and sing kum-ba-yah with them!! uwu ^-^”, richard spencer literally posted a comic about putting Jewish people in concentration camps, they want the “Aryan race” to thrive, they make fun of slain black teens and their grieving mothers, they are a literal ass threat to the country so if punching them is a way for them to fuck off then you best believe we’re gonna be an advocate for it 


My ask box is now cut open for any kind of inquiries and whatnot!

Friends at Shujin have suggested for me to create an ask blog like everyone else to share our school and Mementos shenanigans and the like with the Internet, so here we are.

List of normalized Seventeen things i’m getting sick of:

- Making fun of Seungkwan’s english

- calling Vernon a “halfie”, “Mixed baby,” Whatever. Basically just defining him by his mixed race.

- Blaming Woozi for the number of lines the other members get

- Misgendering Jeonghan for the sake of ships

- Misgendering Jeonghan Period. 

- Calling Woozi violent or evil CONSTANTLY (STOP WITH THE GUITAR THING)

- Acting like Dino is “too young” to do most normal teenage boy things

- Saying Jeonghan looked better with long hair/he should grow his hair out again. leave his hair alone he’s handsome no matter what.


- Making fun of Joshua for being Christian

-calling Seugkwan fat???? why would that ever be okay??

- Calling Wonwoo emo

- Comparing Woozi to Suga 

- Making fun of the8 for being “quiet” or “antisocial” after he left his family in China and spent years training/learning Korean in order to debut with Seventeen… he didn’t do all that to be made fun of.

- On the opposite end of the spectrum, treating Woozi like he’s nothing more than a cute baby smoll UWU. He’s a grown man and he’s more than just his appearance.

- sleeping on Jun’s talent and visuals

- Getting mad at DK and Seungkwan for having a lot of lines, like, as if they control that.


Dadvid AU thoughts

because it’s my fave

- in this AU Max is 16 and David is 30, he still works at the camp but Gwen doesn’t, so he has to manage it on his own. they still keep in touch though

- social services finally realised how shitty Max’s parents were and put him into a children’s home, until David appeared like the precious angel man he is and adopted him

- sometimes Max helps at Camp Campbell over the summer as David’s ‘mini co-counsellor’

- “hey kids, I’d like you all to meet Max, my mini co-counsellor!”

“suck a dick David”

- no matter what he says he loves it really

- Max isn’t great at school because his time spent with his parents (who were really fucking discouraging and always telling him he needed to do better) just made him stop trying because he could apparently 'never do well enough’, so he skives a lot, is rude to teachers and doesn’t pay much attention in class

- so David goes to his parent’s evening and gets bombarded with all this crap about Max being inadequate

- so he just

- kinda

- really passive aggressively tells them to go diddle themselves

- and voila, Max is now homeschooled and actually does so much better because David’s all about positive reinforcement and is really sweet and patient but also firmly but gently makes sure he learns everything he needs to and pays attention

- David makes learning fun :D *sparkles*

- because he’s homeschooled and pretty hostile towards people in general Max doesn’t really have any friends

- like, some of the campers he helps out with are ok but they’re kinda way too young to be his friends

- so the only friends he really has are the campers from when HE was at Camp Campbell, and he hasn’t seen them in like 6 years

- his birthday rolls around and David’s all

“UwU we need do do something special!! invite all your friends!! let’s have a party!! I’ll bake a cake!!”

and Max tells him he doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t want anything big

- he does really, and David can tell

- so Max wakes up on his birthday, gets dressed, and goes through to the mess hall for breakfast

- and as soon as he walks in he realises EVERYONE’S THERE


- and it turns out David stayed up for nights on end to track everyone down and invite them

“aww, Max! is this the first time you’ve hugged me?? :’D”


So, plainly-speaking here: I don’t care how many empty “omg this is solidarity!” posts, how many “bi girls are the cosmos uwu” posts, how many “just a reminder that it’s bad to do biphobia, guys!” posts are on your blog, I’m still looking out for this:

  • if a bi woman thinks you have said or agreed with something biphobic, no matter how nice she’s being about it, do you immediately accuse her of being a liberal that believes in monosexual privilege?
  • do you seem to like making fun of the concept that you could ever possibly be biphobic? (bonus points if you have a bi friend that agrees with you, so you don’t need to ever critically examine the way you talk about bi women!)

  • is your idea of positivity for bi women only ever the most bare minimum “don’t call bi girls straights!” or “all bi girls are cute!” posts?

  • do you only seem to care about biphobic issues once people who are not bi women begin talking about it? as in: are you waiting for people who are not bi women to “confirm” that something really does effect bi women before you agree that it’s bad?

  • is your concern for issues faced by bi women clearly contradicted by your continued behaviour? (eg. reblogging a post saying “stop lumping bi women and straight women in together” but continuing to use terms like “men-attracted women”)

  • do you seem especially concerned with bi women in particular “stealing” (even retroactively!) concepts, resources, and history, even if you yourself do not fully understand them? when bi women try to explain their perspective, is your first instinct to block, no-platform and mock?

  • do you imply that bi women trying to explain their experiences to you is just a result of bi women being entitled, whiny, childish, etc.?

  • do you consistently imply that you understand the experiences of bi women better than they themselves do?

  • have you ever brushed off the biphobia of a friend/mutual/acquaintance until it was no longer convenient to associate with them for unrelated reasons?
Just ask yourself these questions. Even if you, yourself, are a bi woman, ask yourself these questions! I needed to, once upon a time!
Reblogging cutesy posts us nice, having the bare minimum “no biphobes allowed!” in your header is nice, but it’s all a hollow gesture if you’re not working to actively understand us when we talk about what impacts us and why. 
How The Signs Study For Exams

Aries: Gets books out to study, arranges coloured pens neatly, tilts pretty lamp for perfect lighting, gets out the macbook and highlighters… spends 3 hours setting up the shot, adding filters, then instagrams it to make them feel like they’ve done work.

Taurus: Maintains the perfect 3 minutes of work : 3 hours of sleep ratio (somehow still passes).

Gemini: Keenly studying… the contents of every Netflix show.

Cancer: Putting on music to help them study, then getting triggered by the music and spends the next 4 hours reading through old conversations with their ex.

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Hey guys just a reminder that Connor Murphy isn’t a Pure Cinnamon Roll or anything of that nature and, while he definitely was under bad circumstances including mental illness, drug use, and parents who didn’t treat him right (which definitely caused him to act up), he still wasn’t a great person
According to Zoe, he never said anything nice to her ever, and even threatened to kill her (possibly more than once)
I know some of the hcs I post make it seem like I think “Connor is a pure cinnamon roll uwu” but I just wanna let you know that’s not how I feel about him
There’s a lot more to Connor than just pure headcanons and whatever
However, it is fun to make more lightheaded headcanons for Connor and it’s okay if you do, just keep this in mind
Anyways that’s all I wanted to say carry on!!!

Okay unrelated but what really annoys me is when people make posts about how “anti recovery” tumblr is and how app we never wanna help ourselves

 But then when someone comes along with a self care or positivity blog that’s cute and pink and comforting they just mock them? Make loads of “uwu” jokes and literally make fun of someone for trying to help their recovery.  

 You can’t have it both ways. Support people’s healthy recovery no matter how they do it- even if you think it’s “cringey”.