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Wizardess Heart boys as Pokémon

Elias-Gyarados (he is a gyarados just like klaus but shiny cause this babe is special)

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Yukiya-Lyncanroc (both day and night form can describe him)

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Luca-Aipom (yeah he would definitely tease everyone)

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Klaus-Gyarados (sugested by @rayheart does this means he was a magikarp before?? hahahaha but yeah make klaus angry and he’ll bring the dragon rage upon you)

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Randy-Swirlix (if this pokémon ain’t randy then i know nothing)

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Azusa-Mimikyu (I think it suits him very well ‘cause at the same time mimikyu might frighten people by his behavior or whats under his costume in the end he just wants to be loved) 

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Joel-Jigglypuff (honestly, it couldn’t be other XD)

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Vincent- Arcanine (ministry/police model boy)

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Leon- Togetic (rare in the wild and look for people to share happiness pretty much leon)

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Cerim-Alola Ninetales (Contemplate his beauty)

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Guy-Pachirisu (happy boy)

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Glenn-Braviary (i don’t know glenn very well, but i think braviary fits him, both of them have a high sense of justice when it comes to help friends)

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Leslie-Alola Meowth (grr)

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Sigurd-Gengar (look at this precious smile)

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And as bonus Liz-Eevee

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Thanks to @rayheart for the idea❤❤

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if you could create an album using taylor’s entire discography, what 13 songs would you put on it to make your perfect album?

1. red
2. fearless
3. cold as you
4. dear john
5. all too well
6. the other side of the door
7. mean
8. new romantics
9. treacherous
10. come back… be here
11. if this was a movie
12. holy ground
13. clean

bonus tracks (because i’m extra™)
14. we are never ever getting back together (rock version - 1989 world tour)
15. wildest dreams/enchanted mash-up (1989 world tour)
16. drops of jupiter (cover - speak now world tour)

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Ten Songs I'm living for rn

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First on the list goes out to my fuckin queen, Cardi B- Bodak Yellow
SZA-Normal Girl (honestly the whole Cntrl album is amazing)
Alvvays- Atop A Cake
Whitney Houston- I wanna dance with somebody
Amy Whinehouse- Me & Mr Jones
Dounia- Shyne
Frankie Cosmos- Korean Food
SZA (ft. Kendrick)- Doves in the Wind
Madison McFerrin- No Time to Lose
Willow- Wait a Minute!

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Rules: Tag 9 people you want to know better!

1) Relationship status: In a relationship! Going on 7 years 😊💖

2) Lipstick or Chapstick: I went through a lipstick phase like 3 years ago but by god chapstick is tried and true, I’ll love it forever

3) Last song listened to: French Montana, J Balvin - Unforgettable Latin Remix ft. Swae Lee 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

4) Top 3 shows:

  • Breaking Bad (I’ve rewatched it like 4 times and it’s only been a few months since my last one and guess who’s fuckin ready for another rewatch b*tch!!!!)
  • Game of Thrones (listen. I won’t stan for the writing or acting like I would for BB’s writing or acting, believe u me, but this is still high budget quality television and I’m Invested and also Premiere Sundays get me fuckin. wet)
  • Avatar: the Last Airbender!! Will there ever be something so pure and wonderful and completely captivating as this show and its world and its characters?? I know I love it so much because I know that I wouldn’t change a single thing about this series, it’s perfect to me. Also FMA:B

5) Top 3 characters:

  • Sango. The best, the uncontested, the Forever Girl.
  • Toph Beifong!!! Earth Queen!! She can destroy u and she invented metal bending and she’s the best at what she does and she KNOWS IT!! MODESTY WHOM?? (azula from AtLA is also a close second)
  • I…. would die for Ygritte. Would absolutely die
    • Other honorable mentions from Game of Thrones: Daenerys, Arya, Brienne of Fucking Tarth, Jon, cgi wolves and dragons

6) Top 3 ships: I’m gonna keep this to one ship per fandom!

    • (kagsan is literally like right there though)
  • Royai!!! I have a weakness for handsome flirty boys with black hair and badass women with scars that both do questionable things for the ones they love, sue my ass i guess???
  • Jon/Ygritte… There will never be a better Jon Snow ship, I’m so sorry. He looks pretty and powerful with Dany tho but it’s still no cigar

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Color Tag!

                                           Art by Merwild

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The thing is to find gifs using your OC’s favourite colour

                                      From Soli Humael




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Hey I’m back with the DDD Au :’D Part1 Part 2 Part 3
The one where Victor is a secret dream guardian~

  • Victor protected Yuuri too when he was younger and broke some rules while he did
  • Like directly talking to him for example
  • Victor got scolded a lot by Yakov later
  • Yuuri was super embarassed in real life because he thought he fell for someone who was just an imagination
  • Yuuri forgot him after a few days though

THEY’RE SO HAPPY SHE FINALLY DID IT!!!!! (well, most of them are lol)

based on keiiros​’s draw the squad post!