Would You Rather?

Okay so heres this tag and im gonna do it for fun cause why not so if you wanna do it!!!! do it!! and tag me so i can see what you chose

Would you rather?

build a snowman with v OR have a snowball fight with j-hope
get coffee with suga OR get ice cream with suga
• go to the cinema with jimin OR the amusement park with jungkook
• do a dance cover with j-hope OR sing a duet with jin
kiss rap monster OR cuddle suga
• babysit with jimin OR dogsit with v
• meet j-hope’s family OR have v meet your family
• film a commercial with j-hope OR film a sketch with v
• hug jimin OR hold hands with jungkook
• go to paris with jin with OR to london with suga
• film a drama with jin OR do a photo shoot with rap monster
attend an award show with rap monster OR wear couple t-shirts at the airport with jungkook (holy shit i think about that one al lthe fucking time)

spend a lazy day with suga OR explore a city with j-hope
• fall asleep next to jimin OR wake up next to jungkook
• make up a silly rap with v OR a silly choreography with jin
• have a fun picnic with j-hope OR a fancy date with jin
• have jungkook serenade you OR have v sing you to sleep
• have a dance party with j-hope OR sing karaoke with suga
• go camping with jimin and v OR go to the beach with rap monster and suga
cook with jin OR bake a cake with jimin
have a sleepover with the hyung line OR a birthday party with the maknae line
• celebrate halloween with jungkook, suga, v and j-hope OR christmas with rap monster, jimin and j-hope

Would you Rather: NSFW  (I did this but jsut put it under a readmore !)

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½ Commission for the super sweet @bruhchantite

Thank you for commissioning me again with your lovely characters. I always have so much fun drawing them! Once again sorry for the very very long wait, I hope that this makes up for it! (I am also guilty of trying out a new colouring technique that I am not used to haha… I like the result, I just need to get use to it a bit more).

Anyway, thank you for commissioning me and being so patient and kind and sweet and stay tuned for part 2/2

First Annual Tumblr Mythical Beast Party!

Here’s what I’m going to do. Watch your doorsteps, because each of you is getting a package in the mail, and guess what! It’s a wormhole. It will instantly transport you to an undisclosed basement location where we will have a Tumblr Mythical Beast Party! 

Dress Code: I want to see unboxy giant bow prom dresses, Randler and R&L-logo hoodies, Persuas-a-hats, mythical shoes, beanies, and snapbacks, grey Henleys and plaid button-downs, vests and scarves, Bartholomew the Pug costumes, or maybe some dorts. Be creative.

Shipping all those wormholes will be expensive so we’re gonna have to go potluck for the menu, but we’ve had a lot of ideas presented to us over the years. Blood cookies, testicle smoothies, sidewalk soup, you know the drill. The buffet table will be outfitted with a mirror punch bowl filled with soylent punch, so even if we spend the rest of our natural lives at this party we know we won’t starve.

Activities will include: Clothes-Off, What Am I Petting/Smeeling, Find the Cow, Speech Jammer Challenges, Upside-Down Glasses Challenge, and obviously hours and hours of RandL karaoke. There will also be dramatic readings of any and all requested Rhink fics, read by the authors. 

I’m open to suggestions on additional dress ideas, food, and activities. Reblog to RSVP! ;)

Tagged - Playlist Shuffle

You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people.

I was tagged by @i-totally-dont-suck-at-writing
! Thanks love!

1.) Jealous - Nick Jonas

2.) Come and Get Your Love - Redbone

3.) Something Big - Shawn Mendes

4.) Helpless- Hamilton

5.) (Dont Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult

6.) Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics

7.) Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi

8.) House of Memories - Panic! At the Disco

9.) Irresistible- Fall Out Boy

10.) Be Alright - Ariana Grande

I tag: @grungebeauty666 @writingsofapanda @tatertotsflowercrxwn @thetcfruitloop @dont-touch-me71213 @booperdooperr5 @nerdgirl070 @antidarkeye @we3sprinkles @ultimatefandom-imagines and anyone who wants to do it! If you do it, pretty please tag me😊 can’t wait~

Rules: Post five facts you like about yourself and then tag ten people.

tagged by: @philosoph-ie thank you so much!

1. I like that I appreciate art

2. I like that literature is a big part of me

3. I like that I’m trash for gendry and arya (lol)

4. I like that I love nature

5.  I like my music taste

I’m tagging: @officiallyfrazely @house-arya @gendryxaryatrash @padmesgreene @rhaegarsstark @coralcactus @a-madwoman @a-girl-has-a-point @raprapsong @thestagthatlovedthewolf @ladee-sith

Tag Game - 5 Things

tagged by one of my favorite mutals <3 @ameehhhhh thanks so much and if you don’t know this you are loved :) 

5 things you will find in my bag



-my glasses


-my portable charger 

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

-posters and random picture on my walls

-my intrustruments ( acoustic and electic guitar and ukulele)

-my laptop

-my messy desk 

-of course my bed 

5 things I always wanted to do in life

- I wanna travel I have a list of places i wanna see, which is always growing. But going on my dream adboard trip be amazing

-I always wanted to see a boardway show in New York 

-be in successful in my terms which is being stable with money, happy with jobs and with good friends

-this is cheesy but i always wanted to be in love or fall in love with someone who is supportive and can deal with me 

-to do something with music

5 things I’m currently into

-Childish Gambinos new album 

-the show parks and rec

-i got back into the harry potter universe

-chirstmas cause it’s now december 

-spider solitarie

( yall thought i was gonna say monsta x but the thing is im always into them) 

5 things on my to-do list

-have good grades

-not to fail math

-to write more music

-not to stress too much about school 

-to make more snapchats/moodboards 

5 things people may not know about me

-I have mental illnesses…. I dont feel like naming them 

-I identify as queer, I really don’t care about gender if i find you cute I find you cute. 

-I overwork myself to the bone, where i get sick or completely exhausted. So in group projects i will load more work on myself then others because, I know I will get it done.  

-I am a big history nerd! I love history my favorite subject 

-In person I tend to be all over the place. I can have a million things to say or nothing to say. It can be hard to deal with but it’s how i am. 

This was a lot of fun! Sorry if i got heavy in the last part I just wanted to be honest. 

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Plant personality quiz

Chamomille: Easy-going, friendly and well liked, you’ve got a gentle and sweet nature and a calming presence that puts others at ease. Your sensitivity to others may cause you to take on too much of other people’s feelings, though, and you may even be prone to worry.

Ginger: Spirited. A feisty and fiery companion, quick with an opinion, a laugh or an idea. Warm, friendly and inviting, you never allow an awkward moment to pass. In fact, even cold and distant people warm up to you more quickly than others. Negative experiences or too much indulgence, however, can send you into a bit of a tailspin, and when hurt you may become quite cold and distant. Ginger people do best when their natural warmth and affection is flowing freely, giving them easy access to their love of life.

Passionflower: Deeply concerned about others and the world around you, you have a developed sense of what’s right and just. You’re a bit of an idealist and strive to see your vision of perfection realized in the world. On occasion you get out of balance, and you may feel a deep sense of unease and be prone to worry—especially at night, tossing and turning over all that is wrong or that needs fixing.

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Do the test here.

(if any of you whom I’ve tagged already have done it, I apologize for not knowing)

I was tagged by @babyhyunnie thank you so much Jess ^.^

1. who’s your first bias and who’s your current one? Honestly Kyungsoo is the first person ever who caught my eye and dragged me into kpop but now I love Suho and Baek, those two own my heart as well as Yoongi and Jimin
2. why did you get into kpop? Funny story, back in like 2012/2013, I first heard of kpop and I thought it was a group HONESTLY OMG I genuinely thought there was this group called kpop and they all looked so good and in Jan this year my sister got into it and then I did too hahaha
3. if you could join any kpop group, who would you choose? Either exo or blackpink 
4. if all of your bias’s proposed to you, who would you choose? OH GODS HOW CAN I CHOOSE THIS IS SO HARD BUUUT Suho because we’d keep each other entertained with our lame jokes and I feel he’d do his best to cheer me up when I’m down and he’d just understand me??
5. if you could be in any fanfic, what would it be? I would absolutely love to be in either Duodenary by leftfoottrapped (miikkaa_xx) bc powers and gods and mythology hell yes sign me up OR if you’re going to be greek, at least be a god by growling (n3mesism) (it’s deleted now ))): ) bc exo as frat boys and this is just great hahaha 
6. what mythical creature would you be if you had the chance? a werewolf bc I watch too much of teen wolf hahaha
7. supernatural! au or mafia! au? supernatural because powers and the unknown yes I am such a sucker for this
8. which kpop idol you would switch body with? Jimin or Baekhyun, I’d love to interact with exo and bts members
9. if you could have any idol as a pocket size companion, who would you choose? Jimin because it would be so cute, he’d try helping me with everything and he’d make me smile all the time and wow can you just imagine a pocket-sized ChimChim?? W O W
10. which idol you would want as sibling? Hmmm, Minseok and Jisoo definitely. Minseok would be such an amazing older brother, like everyone would underestimate him and Baek would be like LET’S DATE and he’d be like NO GTF AWAY FROM HER and Jisoo would be such a great older sister?? She’d take me shopping and give me dating tips hell yes
11. if you were only able to say five words to your bias, what would you say to them? Five words??? *thinks hard* stay strong, I love you and/or I support you no matter what (that’s six but I can get away with it right??)

I’d like to tag @softexodus @kaiscloud9 @hansolmorelikehandsome @chimchimies @puppy-chanyeol @luflute @sasukekun @hoshistic and anyone else who would like to do this, you don’t have to if you don’t want to  ❤❤❤

Hey guys, have we cried over episode 9 of Yuri on Ice enough yet?

I think not!

Let’s talk about that airport scene (my precious, beloved airport scene).

It’s beautiful and tear-jerking on its own.

But how about we remember that Yuuri said that he will retire after this year’s Grand Prix Final?

Let’s look at that scene from that angle.

What he’s saying here is basically “Please stay with me, please take care of me for these last few weeks before everything is over.”

And this line, this line especially sounds melancholic. As though Victor is saying “I wish I could stay with you longer but we both know that we can only stay together until the Grand Prix Final. I wish we had more time. If only this didn’t have to end so soon…”

And Yuuri knows that’s exactly what he means. He wishes it would be a promise that they’ll stay together forever, but really, it’s only a reminder that what they have is temporary, that even though they wish it would last longer, it won’t. That everything between them will end, and will end soon.

It’s no wonder there are tears in his eyes.

And of course, we can imagine that Yuuri’s plans can change, that he will compete again next year, or that Victor will stay by his side not as his coach, but as something more.

But they don’t know that yet.

They’re clinging to each other for dear life because, for all they know, this is all the time they’re going to get.

They want to make the most of it while it lasts.