Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Hogwarts House Sortings
  • Buffy - Gryffindor
    • Brave, courageous
    • Leader
    • Hero
    • Fights to defend those who can’t defend themselves, always giving power to others
    • Doesn’t back down from a battle, enjoys the fight
    • Stands up to authority when she believes they’re wrong
    • Believes in accountability for her actions
  • Willow - Slytherin
    • Desire for power
    • Yes, this turned her bad, but then she learned to control her power and harness it for good
    • Easily presents as Ravenclaw but Slytherin when tested
    • Needs a balancer in her life (Hufflepuff usually)
    • Crosses lines to achieve her goals (memory spells, Warren)
  • Xander - Hufflepuff
    • He talks plenty about being scared. He’s not in this fight because he’s super brave or noble, he’s in this fight because his friends are
    • Hard-working and loyal
    • Open-minded - Prejudiced against demons but shown to be working past it and trying to be more tolerant
    • 6x22 - “Where else am I gonna be?” - saved the world with words and love, loyal to Willow even when she was trying to destroy the world
  • Giles - Ravenclaw
    • Excited about learning - honestly look at Giles in season 1 or 2, he’s like a puppy
    • Wise - able to look beyond the moment and see the bigger picture - despite caring deeply about people, able to compartmentalize his emotions for the sake of saving the world
    • Individuality, Creativity - does not blindly conform to the Watchers Council - throws out the rulebook and takes his own approach to better train Buffy, willing to question the wisdom of authority when it is illogical
    • Fascinated by learning new things, reads for leisure, gets lost in his studies
    • Aware that he has a dark side and consciously distances himself from it, choosing studies and knowledge over power
  • Oz - Hufflepuff
    • Loyal
    • Creative, unconventional - as shown by music, and his deep thoughts, random statements
    • Intelligent, but he isn’t driven by it and doesn’t pride himself on it
    • Patient, kind, loving, accepting, open-minded
    • He doesn’t place value on being intelligent, he cares deeply about being good
    • Buffy: “I kind of see Oz as the loyal type.” (Phases)
  • Faith - Gryffindor
    • Only sought power so she could have control over her life, she had a rough childhood and was seeking power to escape it
    • Not interested in power over other people - never sought being in charge, never sought being a leader
    • Worried about being a good leader when the role was given to her, concerned about all the lives she was responsible for, considered herself a failed leader for losing some of them, valued their lives over the mission
    • Willing to throw herself into battle
    • Desire to do right
    • Redemption
    • Gets enjoyment from fighting
  • Dawn - Ravenclaw
    • Really into research, correcting people like a nerd
    • Brave, courageous, always desperate to join the fight and prove herself
    • “Watcher Junior”, volunteers eagerly for research, learns languages to translate texts
    • Definitely has Gryff tendencies in her desire to be involved in the fight and jump into the battle, but prefers to research before battle and know what she’s up against, likes a plan of attack, wise and rational during battle (willing to sacrifice herself because that’s the logical conclusion based on the facts)
  • Tara - Hufflepuff
    • Look, Tara is the most Hufflepuff to ever Puff, do I need reasons
    • Kind, loving, patient, loyal
    • Avoids confrontation, unwilling to stand up for herself in most situations, but will always step up to defend her friends
    • Faces Glory, loses her mind (a fate she feared more than death), to protect Dawn
    • Loves Willow endlessly, breaks up with her but remains patient and loving and supportive
    • Loyal to the Scoobies even when separate from Willow
    • Lack of judgement when Buffy confesses about Spike
    • Strong desire for family and belonging
  • Kennedy - Slytherin
    • Manipulative
    • Power-hungry
    • Spoiled, used to getting her way, will deceive people to get her way
    • Eager for a fight and to jump into the battle
    • Confident in her abilities, cocky
    • Still sweet and caring but easily dismissive of danger until she’s been directly affected by it
    • Strong belief in specific people
  • Anya - Slytherin
    • Spent over a thousand years enacting vengeance???
    • Was very good at it, better than most others, more committed
    • Cared more about vengeance than exploring the world
    • Maintains certain disconnect from humanity after centuries as a demon
    • Holds grudges when wronged
    • Willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her goals (sacrifice herself, regain demonhood, use other people as human shields)
    • Avoids battles out of preservation instinct
    • Strong drive for personal satisfaction, such as sex and money
  • Riley - Hufflepuff
    • Good soldier
    • Doesn’t question orders, just accepts commands
    • Dedicated to the cause
    • Doesn’t seek danger or fights, interested in stability and commitment to people
  • Jenny - Hufflepuff
    • Loyalty - she was loyal to her clan, her people, to the point of spying on and deceiving people she loved - then she switched loyalties to the Scoobies, having grown to love them and seen them risk their lives for her, even though this meant severing her loyalties to her people, an incredibly difficult decision
    • Cares more about people than about ‘duty’ or ‘vengeance’ - chooses to reveal her true identity to Buffy, to assist in understanding what happened to Angel
    • Forgiveness - forgives Giles after Eyghon, forgives Angel what he did to her people, believes he’s good because he’s saved her life
    • Dedication, patience, hard work - tells Buffy it’s impossible to restore Angel’s soul, but tries to do so anyway - does the impossible and translates ancient texts, a feat she and everyone else thought couldn’t be done
    • Refused to tell the others about her plan in case it failed - she wasn’t doing it for glory, she was doing it to make things right with Buffy and Giles, because she cared about them and they deserved it
  • Ethan Rayne - Slytherin
    • Worships chaos
  • Warren - Slytherin
    • Would-be-rapist, murderer, lacks any remorse
    • Pure evil
    • Willing to go to any ends to satisfy his personal desires, no matter the effects to others

List of characters I wanted to sort but couldn’t figure out: Amy Madison, Joyce, Andrew, Jonathan, Kendra.
Characters who were on Buffy and Angel who I hope to sort after Angel: Angel, Cordelia, Harmony, Wesley, Spike.

Also, special thanks to @frankybelacqua for talking over most of these with me and helping me figure out the difficult ones (particularly Faith, Dawn, and Giles, and listening to me go back and forth on Oz).

Some of these I’m open to debate on, others I strongly believe (*cough*Willow*cough*). Let me know what you think on the ones I couldn’t sort, a couple of those are really bugging me.

Handwriting Post Tag thingy!! I even have a 17-minute drawing of Wonwoo~ I’m sorry my coloring sucks ahahaha!

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Favorite Drink: Wine + Tea

Crush: None in real life thank the heavens; Idols: Jeon Wonwoo, Min Yoongi, Jackson Wang

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I did a meme.

And i asked my brothers to help me out, just to make sure i was using characters that described me instead of just my favorite characters, here are our results!

Korra - The Legened of Korra.

Matoi Ryuko - Kill la Kill.

Rlena Darlian - Gundam Wing.

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Name: Tiana

Nickname: Reni (it’s also my middle name)

Gender: Female

Star sign: Cancer

Birthday: June 29th

Relationship status: Single

Pets: one cat and a small dog

Height: “5′3″

Favorite color: Indigo

Average hours of sleep: Between 3 to 6 hours

Lucky number: 4

Last thing I googled: health benefits of dandelion root tea

Number of blankets I sleep under: 1, but in the winter I’ll sleep with 2 or sometimes 3.

Met a celebrity: I met Alicia Keys when I was 8 and got her autograph :)

Favorite fictional character(s): Kageyama, Hinata, and basically all the captains and the pretty setter squad from Haikyuu!! Most of the characters from the Heroes of Olympus series (mostly Nico and Percy). Magnus (from Sword of Summer). Yoosung and 707 from Mystic Messenger. And soooo many more!

Favorite book(s): Impossible to choose.

Favorite band(s): Cold Play, Skillet, Imagine Dragons, and Paramore.

Song stuck in my mind right now: “Moondust” by James Young (it’s such a pretty and sad song).

Last movie I watched: Big Hero 6

Last show I watched: Married at First Sight

Last song I listened to: ”Dollhouse” by Melanie Martinez

Dream trip: Visiting Japan

Dream job: Something involving writing or psychology.

What am I wearing right now: Gray sweatpants and a black sweater.

Time right now: 9:11 pm

When did you create your blog: July of 2015

Current amount of followers: 132

What do you post about: gay volleyball birbs, mikayuu, all the anime I like, psychology, things going on around the world, and currently about the otome game Mystic Messenger.

Do you have any other blogs: Nope

When did your blog reach it’s “peak” (when did you get more followers, have a popular post, etc..) : idk

Do you get asks on a daily basis: nope

Why did you choose your url: Because I want the color indigo to rule the world! Jk, and 95 because I am random.

Lemonade or tea: Tea forever.

Cats or dogs: I love both, but I’m mostly a dog person.

Coke or Pepsi: Neither

Day or night: Night

Text or call: Text, but I will call my best friends

Make up or au naturel: both

Light or dark hair: both

Shorter or taller: Taller

Intelligence or attraction: Intelligence

City or country: I’m a city girl

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1. Do you like storms?
If we’re talking thunderstorms, I haven’t been in one for many many years and I do sort of miss them, provided I’m adequately sheltered. There is also something terribly exhilarating about being out (very briefly) in high winds, and driving in heavy pouring rain makes me feel alive like little else. So. Yes.

2. Favourite Pokemon game/region?
Aah I’m so sorry I’ve never been into Pokemon and I don’t really do video games, so.

3. What’s printed on/what does your favourite mug look like?

4. Which one is the best? Fields, mountains, forests, lakes, seaside…?
I’m going to say seaside, of course. I’ll bet you’re really surprised.

5. What do you think about tea with MILK? What’s your favourite kind of tea?
I don’t know that I’ve ever had tea with milk? Not much of a tea-drinker honestly; don’t have much taste for it. But I love a good chai tea latte. Yes.

6. Your opinion on SPINACH?!
It’s delicious prepped right. Fresh in salads or on subs, yes. Steamed with lemon and butter, yes. In dips and whatnot, yes. Pizza or calzones, yes. I’ve never had it creamed but I suspect I would not approve; it sounds terribly unappealing.

7. Albino or melanistic animals?
I’m going to say melanistic (now that I’ve gone and looked up what it means, ahaha)

8. Favourite manga/book/game/etc mascot? (like, Timcanpy etc)
I have been coming up blank on this one for weeks now. Q-chan from PSoH? Except I have no attachment to him, so no. Panther Lily from Fairy Tail (do Exceeds count as mascots)? Barbossa’s monkey? Is Jiipu considered a mascot character? R2-D2?

9. One painter/writer/anyone who’s a role model/GOALS for you?
I…guess I don’t have one. At least, I can’t think of any. Goals and role models have never been my strong suit. :(

10. Favourite BIRD?
Aah, how to pick a favorite birds are lovely. As a kid I had a definite Thing for peacocks and swans. As an adult, I think corvids are utterly fascinating. Seagulls! It might be seagulls.

11. Favourite grandma/grandpa character?
Danzo. Does Danzo count? Of course he counts. Uncle Iroh is a close runner-up. Mila from DS9, even if she is a very minimal character in the series.

My Questions:
1. Wish upon a star or Second star to the right?
2. What’s your favorite decade for music?
3. Tell me a favorite character whose name starts with…um…G. Why are they a fave?
4. What’s your favorite scaly critter?
5. Do you feel your zodiac sign/Hogwarts house/MBTI/what-have-you is accurate? Relatable in part? Not at all accurate?
6. On a scale of 1 (low) to 5 (high), how embarrassing do you find your old creative works?
7. Tell me about your opinions on pasta.
8. Between Princess Bride and Labyrinth, which would you say you like best and why?
9. What’s the most satisfying/fulfilling/enjoyable fandom you’ve been a part of?
10. What language would you be most interested in learning and why?
11. Any advice you’d want to give yourself of ten years ago, if you could?

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The Color Test

you are olivedrab #688E23

Your dominant hues are green and yellow. There’s no doubt about the fact that you think with your head, but you don’t want to be seen as boring and want people to know about your adventurous streak now and again.

Your saturation level is higher than average - You know what you want, but sometimes know not to tell everyone. You value accomplishments and know you can get the job done, so don’t be afraid to run out and make things happen.

Your outlook on life can be bright or dark, depending on the situation. You are flexible and see things objectively.

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