fic writer appreciation/positivity meme from @jonsa-creatives

Please answer the following questions and tag 5 friends!

1) Which current fic(s) are you excited about at the moment?

Is it okay to say one of them is a fic I’m doing with @kittykatknits and @jboobies? Cause I’m excited to see what they come up with and I love collaborating with them on it. 

Also, all @kittykatknits, @jboobies @vivilove-jonsa @angelwings1980 , @bluecichlid @lathwell55 @myrish-lace-love one shots or WIP

2) Which older/finished fic(s) would you recommend and why?

Dark Nights by @jboobies  It’s got angst up the ass, and Robb. And a 3 some. :)

Ivory & Steel by @vivilove-jonsa   Hot Gunslinger Jon. Need. I. Say. More?

Sicklings by @blvquebird Jon is full on dark here and I LOVE IT. But so is Sansa and I LOVE IT. 

3) Can you remember the first Jonsa fic you read?


4) Are there any writers that you think deserve more kudos/comments/general acknowledgement of awesomeness?

@kittykatknits @jboobies @vivilove-jonsa @angelwings1980 @tayl0crow @nabilawrites @bluecichlid

-Questions for the writers only-

5) What about your writing are you particularly proud of? (A certain fic? Your style? A specific paragraph or prose?) - Come on - don’t be humble! Shout about your talents!

Right now I’m pretty proud of “Hysteria”, my Mrs. Robinson series. It’s fun and I’m trying something new with a Jon I’ve never written before. 

I am rather proud also of Wolf - a canon-ish fic that let me explore a more primal Jon and Sansa, and something paranormal (supernatural) as well. 

And Lost & Found, which allowed me to explore a darker Jon. Okay, so all three have dark Jon so I think I just really like dark Jon lol. 

6) What do you admire about other writers?

Their ability to write fluff. I feel like mine comes off so gooey and wrong and boring. I just suck at it. The attention to detail that writers like @kittykatknits  @bluecichlid and @vivilove-jonsa give. 

I also admire @jboobies for how she makes emotions jump off the page. 

And I admire @lathwell55 to jump into naughty topics (giggle) and explore them. 

7) Do you listen to music whilst you write?

All the time. 

I tag: @jboobies @tayl0crow @nabilawrites @kittykatknits @bluecichlid

20 questions tag!!

20 questions tag!!

tagged by @myraqeul​ (Thanks dear :) )

Rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers (lmao do I even have this many friends???)

Nicknames: evil mushroom!!!! @boosonseok

Zodiac Sign: virgo

Height: 5′3 (or whatever that is in cm)

Orientation: heterosexual

Nationality: Mixed (Chinese and American)

Favorite Fruit: TOO MANY…. But watermelon

Favorite season: Winter for sure

Favorite Book: Every agatha christie book on this planet

Favorite Flower: Roses (call me a romantic)

Favorite Scent: Banana Bread baking

Favorite Animal: I like fat animals, (hippo, manatee, and a pufferfish?)

Favorite Colors: Black, white, neutral tones

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Coco: Tea, jasmine

Average hours of sleep: during school like 4-5 :’(

Cat or dog: cat

Favorite Fictional Character: GRAY FROM FAIRYTAIL (MY 2D HUSBAND LMAO)

Number of Blankets: 3, because I’m insane

Dream Trip: An Asia tour, of Korea, Thailand, Japan, China, and more!

Blog Created: unsure but i think like two years ago???

Favorite Song at the moment: @ CHERRY BOMB ALBUM and also Free somebody by Luna

Number of Followers: 191 (I am a small meek blog)

Favorite Bands: GOT7, SVT, MONSTA X, EXO, NCT (ALL UNITS), BTS, IKON, RED VELVET…. and the list goes on and on 

Favorite Solo artists: Honestly too many… Jay Park, Loco, Taeyeon… too many 

Song Stuck in my Head: Feels by Calvin Harris


Last TV show I watched: Produce 101 (still tilted af but im proud of daehwi my bb) JUSTICE FOR THE OTHERS THOUGH LIKE??????

What stuff do I post: a shit storm of everything, rn im in an produce 101 mood and nct mood

When did your blog reach its peak: LMAO LIKE A LONG TIME AGO WHEN I RANTED ABOUT AN ANIME and I had one photo of winwin that has like weirdly a lot of views 

Do you have any other blogs: deleted whoops!

Do you get asks regularly: nOpE

Why did you choose your URL: because of the fact I am WHIPPED FOR MARK TUAN

Following: 478 WOW WTF

Posts: 1,999 WTF I GUESS THIS IS MY 2000????

Hogwarts House: hufflepuff and im damn proud

Pokemon Team: i feel like i was on mystic when i had the game 

Lucky Numbers: 28,18 

What are you wearing right now: my totoro onesie 

Dream Job: honestly if I could I would be a teacher, but they don’t get the respect they deserve :( 

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Hey I’m back with the DDD Au :’D Part1 Part 2 Part 3
The one where Victor is a secret dream guardian~

  • Victor protected Yuuri too when he was younger and broke some rules while he did
  • Like directly talking to him for example
  • Victor got scolded a lot by Yakov later
  • Yuuri was super embarassed in real life because he thought he fell for someone who was just an imagination
  • Yuuri forgot him after a few days though