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Okay, so finally I got to my computer so I can really write down what I think about the current situation. 

Well, I am really upset. And pissed. Not at the new ghouls but at Papa/Special Ghoul/Tobias Forge (I don’t care about hiding their names anymore, everybody know who is Papa, so fuck that). YES, I DON’T KNOW what exactly happened in Ghost but just the fact he claims all work in Ghost is just HIS is fucking shit! Like… he may be the brain, he may be the certain person there but withou the rest he wouldn’t reach anything he has now. Idk… I still like him but also think about taking down his pictures of my bedroom wall, because… this is not the Tobias I fell in love with. I fell in love with adorable and extremely talented Swede, not with guy who probably fired all his friends who were with him for many years from band and now claims that all work is his. NO!

The video Martin released and everything about Priest is obvious proof that their departure was really… well… shit. Martin looked so fucking sad and Priest… Priest. 

And also the new ghouls. They seem to be fucking cool. It’s not fair from me that I won’t probably give them a chance. Because I can’t fucking look at their live performance because to me it seems just like some Revival or something. 

The ghouls were supposed to be nameless but you don’t need a name to have fucking fantastic stage persona. The old Ghouls were giving me the feel that it’s bunch of old friends living their dream. Now it’s Papa and bunch of cute little ghouls, but something is missing. Something important.

Okay, so what now? I’ve been thinking for a while and I am thinking about unfollowing Ghost everywhere because I don’t want to fall in love with new Ghouls because I am afraid they will be kicked out of the band again and also I feel like cheating on the old ones… I will still be interested in their music, because it’s something unique and really good shit but… 

Now I am glad that Martin left already in July 2016. I remember searching for things which would tell me he is coming back, I was like “Oh, he’s just working with TID, don’t worry” and now all the Ghouls I love are gone. 

I will still support Martin Persner, Simon Söderberg, Henke Palm, Martin Hjerdstedt and Mauro Rubino everywhere they go. These guys have changed my life and made it million times better. Thank you, babies. 

P.S.: I hope Priest and Magna Carta Cartel (or TID) are goin to do some life performances because I’d really like to invest my money to ticket to see them. Come closer to me.

P.P.S.: Sorry for mistakes, I am Czech and too lazy to read it after myself. 

honestly fuck those photos where someone’s room has like one white blanket on the ground next to a plant with like two pastel sweaters on a clothes rack. welcome to my cluttered hellscape of a bedroom. there are no clean walls. clothes are erupting from every crevice. my bed has 14 pillows and none of the pillowcases match. where the hell is my representation on this damn website.

I Would Hate You If I Could
I Would Hate You If I Could

I hear you’ve been telling all your friends that you’re done with me
Like you always knew things wouldn’t work out.
And I’ve been hearing things from people that I don’t want to talk to,
Like it matters who you’re sleeping with now.

Can I erase from my mind anything that you said or
Any time that we spent with each other?
I don’t want to waste away another cell on a memory
When you’re just another meaningless lover.

Forget the nights that we spent laughing
Until the morning on your bedroom floor
Without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall.
Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled,
The smoke still on your breath,
Undressed and pinning you up to the wall.

And I swore I heard you talking when I was tossing in my sleep.
You were always trying to walk in circles around me.
I was out one night when I saw you and you froze me where I stood.
I would hate you, I would hate you if I could.

Forget the nights that we spent laughing
Until the morning on your bedroom floor
Without a thought about your roommate asleep down the hall.
Forget the days we’d waste in bed, tangled,
The smoke still on your breath,
Undressed and pinning you up to the wall.

I would hate you but I’m not finished yet.

Even you, up on that pedestal, the time will come
When you will deconstruct yourself and remake what you are.
When it does you’ll remember me and the words I spoke
And wonder how you ever could have strayed so far.

it’s 3 am and i should be sleeping yet here i am making klangsty videos lmao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

from the first 2 chapters of HGAPFY.


They couldn’t think of something to say the day you burst
With all their lions

and all their might

and all their thirst
They crowd your bedroom like some thoughts wearing thin
Against the walls

against your rules 

against your skin
My beard grew down to the floor and out through the doors

Of your eyes, begonia skies like a sleepyhead, 



Calendar photos
  • Phil: We get lots of tweets from people that think we had like a photoshoot in an actual studio for that
  • Dan: No, we just take them in Phil's bedroom
  • Phil: Nooo... we just take them in my room against my white wall and we do it ourselves on a timer
  • Dan: And just laugh for like... four hours


There will be a day when his name is only a small fragment of memory. Your chest will not tear at the thought of him kissing another’s lips. The surrounding walls in your bedroom will only become a place where you learned to forget about him instead of love him. There will be a day when you give your love to someone worth it. People can hurt you, but someone will love you.
—  You aren’t unlovable

Your posters. The color of your walls. The size of your bed. Where you sleep says a lot about who you are.

That’s the idea behind photographer and filmmaker John Thackwray’s photo series, My Room Project.

Six years ago, Thackwray started photographing his friends in their Parisian bedrooms to capture their style, interests and hobbies. He slowly expanded the project to include the rooms of young people from Nepal to Romania to Mexico. He wanted to document the diverse lifestyles of the millennial generation — people born in the ‘80s and '90s — and show how they express themselves.

With support from groups like UNICEF and Gautier, a French furniture company, he was able to travel to 55 countries over the past few years, where he captured the portraits of 1,200 individuals ages 18 to 30. Thackwray, who was born in South Africa, has visited a Buddhist temple in Nepal, a jail in Mexico and the cold reaches of Russia’s Siberia. He’s profiled artists, students, engineers, shepherds and filmmakers.

Your Bedroom Says A Lot About You

Photos: John Thackwray

there’s always gonna be things that remind you of him.
I’m sorry to say it, baby, but it doesn’t just go away. I like to tell myself I’m wrong. my head is full of thoughts and I guess I like to tell them to fuck off.
tell yourself you did the right thing. tell yourself it is going to be fine. tell yourself you belong to the stars and the sun and the moon, and you were created from nothing but light. tell yourself darkness doesn’t rest here. tell yourself you did the right thing.
I’m sorry, baby, but the ceiling isn’t your friend right now. no matter how long you search for cracks or whisper into the crevices of your bedroom walls, they’ll never answer back.
there is love in the lines of your palm. there is love in the way your eyes light up on Sundays. there is love in the words you sing, and no, you’re not a broken melody.
he doesn’t love you, I know. I know about the way yesterdays fill up your head and all you can think about is all the promises they held. I know that you’re trying you’re trying you’re trying.
and I know that you’ll write about it like a journal entry of any other day, even though it makes your head spin and your stomach lurch.
there’s always gonna be things that remind you of him. give them a new meaning. give them a new meaning.
—  but for now, i’ll stay reminded. // r.e.s

A/n: Obviously this doesn’t need anymore of an explanation. Still not happy with it! (ಥ﹏ಥ) I don’t think I’ll every truly feel 100% with these because I don’t wanna let you guys down! It’s a nice change to write from my fanfics though! xx

 .Sugar Daddy Calum AU

.Calum x Reader

*Smut Warning

.Reader P.O.V



A swift glance at the large clock hanging from your bedroom wall informed you that it was now nine thirty three, giving you exactly twenty seven minutes until Calum arrived back home.

He had been away on a business trip for the last three nights and with lack of phone signal and skype refusing to play ball, you had hardly made any contact with him.

Needless to say you wanted to make it up to him, and had been pampering yourself all day in prepare for his arrival.

Nails glittering deep pink, hair styled loose but neatly, and you’d even purchased a new black lace corset and a pair of matching thigh high stockings… you figured if you were flashing Calum’s credit card, you wanted the things you purchased to bring enjoyment to him as well.

Dressing in your new attire made you feel incredibly sexy; the way the fabric scraped, soothed and hugged your skin was making you impatient to show Calum, but there was still over fifteen minutes before he was due back so you would just have to hang on a little longer.

The view from the wall length windows of Calum’s penthouse apartment was the best view in all the city; you didn’t need to look from anywhere else to know this. Night-time was your favourite because the world was dark but the colours from all the lights made outside made it seem magical.

It was this particular view that you were currently admiring as you buttoned yourself into one of Calum’s crisp black shirts in an effort to fight off the chill that was beginning to seep into your skin.

You only had three more buttons to go when you heard the lock in the front door turn, making you jump out of your skin when Calum burst through, trailing a suitcase behind him with one hand and positioning his suit jacket over his shoulder with his other.

Apart from looking a little dishevelled and tired he was here, finally back home and you hadn’t realise just how much you’d missed him.


You gushed as you skipped over through the living room in your open plan styled home and straight into his awaiting arms, his jacket dropping to the floor as he encased you in a long awaited embrace.

“Y/n… Mmm, Babygirl…”

Calum groaned lowly against your ear as his hands shamelessly travelled straight to your backside.

Giggling in delight, you pushed back against his touch as you looked up to join him in a sweet kiss that was short lived, getting broken by your impossibly large grin.

“I’ve missed you so much.”

Calum sighed heavily against your collar as his warm hands continued to brush up and down your body.

“Are you tired Daddy?”

You purred softly into his hair as he planted his face firmly against the crook of your neck. Trailing your hands slowly up his shoulders and into the short dark strands at the back of his head, soothingly scratching with your newly polished nails as you held him comfortingly.

“Not too tired that I can’t give my Princess the attention she deserves.”

Calum smirked against your skin before pulling away with a light nip.

“You got dressed up just for me? Give me a twirl Baby so I can see.”

With a smirk, you took a couple of steps back as you unbuttoned your shirt, revealing the figure hugging black lace beneath before gracefully turning on the spot, blushing lightly as Calum’s hungry eyes devoured your body.

“Is that a new set Princess? You look stunning, you’re absolutely prefect.”

You were on cloud nine.

Complements from Calum were heaven to your ears and it made your body burn with heat and desire.

“Meet me in the bedroom Y/n, I have something for you.”

Calum teased and your eyes sparkled with delight as you obediently danced past him, grazing your fingers teasingly along his jaw as you did so.

As soon as you were in Calum’s room, you stripped out of his shirt and threw it on the back of his desk chair. Not having chance to do much else before he entered, you tentatively approached him when he walked in to you, his hands hidden behind his back.

“What is it?”

You asked curiously as you prowled closer, tilting your head to try and see what he was hiding.

“No peeking Princess… Sit on the bed and close your eyes.”

Grinning playfully, you held his dark eyes for a few moments before crawling up onto the bed and kneeling expectantly on the end of the plush mattress, you closed your eyes, completely trusting of your partner.

It was a few moments before you felt an impossibly soft sensation brush over your shoulder. Your eyes remained closed but your mouth opened slightly in thought and confusion as you tried to figure out what it was.

The feeling trailed over your back and over your other shoulder until it had encased your back completely, and you couldn’t help but think how perfectly comfortable it felt.

“Do you know what it is Princess?”

You could hear the teasing in Calum’s voice and it made you smirk.

“Well… It’s soft, it feels like I’m being coated in a cloud… Is it a coat?”

Hearing Calum huff shortly as if he were holding back a laugh caused you to pout.

“Guess again, you’re nearly there.”

Calum encouraged and you tipped your head in his direction.

“It’s only covering my back… so, is it just a blanket?”

The room was silent for a moment before Calum spoke with pleased tone.

“Good girl Y/n, open your eyes.”

Wasting no time, you blinked your orbs open and turned to see an autumnal toned pink blanket draped over your shoulders that stretched out to cover nearly the whole bed. It was a heavy, high quality fabric and even though it was plain, it oozed expense and you felt your face flush as you trailed your hand over the comforting material.

“Oh Calum, it’s beautiful! I love it! How did you know pink was my favourite?”

You teased as you brought your attention back up to your partner, who was now stood directly before you.

“I know my Princess and I know what she likes.”

Still on your knees, you extended your body up and held his face gently with both of your hands as you brought his face closer to yours for a tender kiss.

Calum was responding just as delicately and you knew that he knew just how grateful you were.

“Can I show you just how thankful I am?”

Calum smirked and nodded once in agreement and that was all the conformation you needed to drop your hands straight to his belt buckle.

Knowing exactly what you were doing, you could get Calum’s clothes off with your eyes closed and as soon as his tapered trousers and boxers had been lowered to reveal his semi hard on beneath, you wasted no time to apply your mouth right where he wanted it.

Calum’s low groan was music to your ears as you slowly but heatedly sucked up and down his shaft, using your hand to take care of what you couldn’t reach to lick.

“Baby, keep going.”

Calum huffed and you tightened your grip on him as you felt his length get predominantly harder with your touch.

Releasing him from your mouth, you swiftly switched and now used your fingers to take care of his head whilst you licked and sucked closer towards his base. Whining softly, you licked his shaft over and over again as you felt Calum’s fingers tangle firmly in your hair. He wasn’t forcing you to move anywhere, just making sure you didn’t move away from where he was getting the most pleasure.

“Do you like that Daddy?”

You purred as you briefly took a moment to lick the bead of pre cum that formed at Calum’s tip, using your hand to coat the rest down this firm shaft.

“You know I do Princess.”

Calum praised as he leaned closer for a sensually heated kiss.

“Come with me.”

Calum instructed softly and as you busied yourself shrugging carefully out of your blanket and climbing off the bed. Calum removed the rest of his clothing before you followed him over to his desk chair, watching as he sat comfortably smug in his seat before tapping his thigh.

“Come on up Baby.”

Blushing lightly, you swiftly removed your underwear in anticipation before climbing up onto Calum’s lap, hovering on your knees above his nicely toned body as you met in a sweet sensual kiss.

Kissing Calum was one of your favourite things to do. You loved how his lips felt and moved against yours and you could never resist locking your fingers into his short hair; anchoring him in place as you both tried to get the more dominant position.

The feeling of Calum’s fingers against your cheek caused you to part with his mouth and move your lips onto his digits instead, sucking and licking until he was satisfied.

“Are you ready for me Y/n?”

Calum purred against your lips as he reached down to dip his damp fingers into your heat, causing you to whine and roll into his touch.

“Yes Daddy, take me.”

You whined with a small, cheeky smile against his jaw where your lips were currently pecking kisses down his sharp features, and Calum didn’t need telling twice.

Taking a moment to line himself up, you rocked down against him until you could go no further, gasping blissfully at the feeling you had longed for, for days.

“Ohh Daddy, you feel so good.”

You moaned teasingly as you began to grind intimately against Calum’s crotch, resting your hands supporting on his chest as you worked your hips back and forth, relishing in the heated feeling of it all.

Calum’s eyes were dark with desire as they flicked between yours and the point at where your bodies joined, encouraging you to move faster.

“Ah, Cal…”

You sighed as his hands gripped tighter against your hips, getting a better hold on you as he began to pump up into you with a steady rhythm.

As much as you loved to take control, there was nothing like Calum thrusting into you. Every stroke was new and different and unpredictable; he pulled noises from you that were genuine and uncontrollable and you knew that’s what he liked.

Leaning forward to seal your lips in a sloppy kiss, Calum fixed his hands firmly on your backside and in one calculated movement, pushed onto his feet and  moved you up so you were perched on the edge on his desk; defining your connection with a hard thrust as he picked up his pace.

Gasping and moaning like the needy girl you were, you wrapped your legs shakily around Calum’s waist, succeeding with your new angle at rutting in deeper.


Calum groaned as you simultaneously whined his name and you knew you were both close; you could feel the unbearable aching knot build in your abdomen and you never wanted Calum to stop.

“Daddy I’m so close, your Princess is so close.”

You nudged playfully but desperately against his jaw as his thrusts became harder. Holding his face gently against yours as you both panted helplessly, Calum’s fingers came in between you and began to rub lightly against your clit, applying just the right amount of pressure to get your thighs shaking and for you to reach your high.

“Ah! Yes Daddy, please…”

You sighed in content and he followed soon after, releasing his fluid into your body, making sure to keep still so you could feel his throbbing cock planted deep inside you.

“Oh fuck, Y/n.”

Calum groaned before you lightly pecked his lips with a happy smile, staying nestled against each other until you had both regained your regular breathing pattern.

“Let’s get cleaned up Baby.”

Calum suggested as he pulled away, but leaned back down to collect you once again in his arms before walking towards the bathroom, nipping and kissing your collar on the way.


Changing into a more comfortable pair of underwear, you slipped across the bed against your new fluffy blanket, relishing in the amazingly soft feeling it created against your skin.

“Do you like it Princess?”

Calum spoke up, emerging from the bathroom and you beamed up at him.

“I really do Calum, this is one of your best gifts ever I think.”

Calum chuckled as he searched the floor for his boxers and you couldn’t help but stare at his tattooed body as his arms and torso flexed.

“Come and try it out with me, it’s so warm and cosy.”

You smiled once Calum was finally sorted and he didn’t hesitate to crawl over next to you to test out the new addition to your bedroom.

As soon as he was comfortable, you cuddled up against his side, snuggling warmly against his body as he secured a strong arm around your waist and turned on his side to face you.

“Get some sleep now Baby, I’m taking you out tomorrow for breakfast.”

Closing your eyes, you hummed approvingly as you placed a blind kiss against his collar.

“I’m so happy you’re back Cal.”

Calum’s nose nudged lightly into your hair and taking a deep breath in of you scent, he mumbled in reply.

“So am I Y/n…”



I rewatched Malec scene at Magnus’ from episode 6
First picture: we have thie chandelier. The same is on the picture number 3 and we see that they are gonna kiss.
In the second picture, in the background we see something red. For me it looks like the bed from picture number 5!
And finally gif number 4. Look how they are standing on the third picture (at directions !!!!)
Just to clear!

I’m really sorry for that. I needed to share this with someone because I’m freaking out right now.
When I realized this I screamed at the whole house and now my sister run into my room to check if I’m okay(again, exactly because the first time was when I saw the pictures at the balcony. Yeah, you know which ones.) BUT I’M NOT OKAY!

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just my weird brain which can’t wait any longer for episode 7?

Sorry if you didn’t understand me clearly. I was writing this so fast and I didn’t have time to think.
citrine ep aesthetics

gravel to tempo: low slung backpacks, eyes darting to someone and then immediately back, pin badges on denim jackets, leaning your head back against your locker, tugging at your friend’s wrists to make them dance with you, scrawled journal entries, lip syncing with your earphones in, jumping into a swimming pool in the heat of summer, writing self-love mantras on your bedroom walls, watching the light fade from the sky sitting on a hill overlooking the city

ease my mind: dancing barefoot with your lover in a hotel room, hands run through hair, a smirk tugging at the corner of your lips, late night texts, kisses when no-one’s looking, sand running in an hourglass, the sway of hips, testing out chords on a guitar, straddling your lover in bed to lean down to kiss them, sighing with your eyes closed, hands on waists, notebooks filled with lyrics, girls in underwear and oversized shirts, fingers traced along spines, whispers against skin

pretty girl: catching a girl’s eye across the dancefloor, sparklers under the darkening sky, pink and white lollipops, arms slung around shoulders, rouge velvet booths, arms brushing against each other, metallic eyeshadow, mini skirts, reapplying lip gloss in fancy bathrooms, feeling your heart race, colourful cocktails, low lit clubs, eyelashes fluttering against cheeks, sighs of pleasure, sheer black dresses, tongues tracing lips, hands against bare thighs, feeding a lover chocolate with your fingers

one bad night: fingers caressing pulse points, lace-up thigh high boots, lips against necks, fingernails down backs, bodies pressed up against each other, the bite of cold air as you walk into the night, ballroom style dancing with a lover under street-lamps, kisses up against walls, stockings and suspenders, sheets tugged free from the corners of mattresses, moans in pitch black rooms, fingertips grazing every curve of your body

palace: wilting roses in a vase next to your bed, all the light fading from a room, your head hitting the pillow at the end of the day, their reassuring embrace, small sighs, a single tear, moonlight sneaking in through a gap in the curtains, cautious smiles, dreams of the one you loved and lost, doors slamming, memories of days spent laughing in grassy fields under the sun, cold hands held in warm ones, letting out a breath you’ve been holding, picking wildflowers

The English Breakfast - CC Free + Base Game only  

2 Bedrooms / 1 Bathroom    …     30x20 lot    …    $72,460 Lot Value

Origin ID - SourSimmy

I got bored this evening and realized I had this little place sitting in my game sadly incomplete!  This is my first ever from-scratch build in TS4, so please excuse any horrendous mistakes I have made. I’m trying ya’ll.    

I assume Moveobjects should be on when you place the lot. I have no idea.

TOU: just tag me if you use it? even if you use it as a base, I’d love to see what someone with other game packs and better design ability make this little guy shine!!! 

Preview Pics Below the Cut:

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10 Awkward Coming Out Moments...

By Alex Danvers.

1).  Releasing I wanted to bang Kara’s ambiguously evil aunt.
2).  Releasing I’d been checking out your Vasquez’s ass for two years.

3).  Having to say “It’s classified” any time anyone asks me how realized I liked girls.
4).  When the girl Kara set me up with pushed me up against the wall, and the RFID key fob in my pocket accidentally unlocks my Tactical Wall ™, and I had to explain to the cute waitress from Noonans why I have an M4, a Mossberg 930, two Berretta Px4′s, and six flashbang grenades hidden behind a mirror in my living room. (Thank god it wasn’t the on in the bedroom).
5).  Noticing J’onn getting really uncomfortable every time he’s in the same room with me and Lucy Lane, then remembering he can read minds.
6).  Seeing a really hot girl during a stake out, and muttering “I am so gay,” to myself, only to realize my mic is hot when the rest of the stake out team replies “we know.”
7).  Coming out to my mom, only to have her gasp, place her hand on her chest, and say “This is new and shocking information!”
8).  The coming out cake.  Kara ate the whole thing.  I only got like, one piece.
9).  President Marsdin catching me doodling “Alex Danvers-Sawyer” inside little hearts on my legal pad during a briefing.
10).  Waking up with a hangover and a vivid memory of standing outside Maggie’s apartment with my cellphone and a bluetooth speaker playing “In Your Eyes” at 4 AM.

Only Us (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you?(kind of? I don’t know. Fuck it.)

Word Count: 2388

Warning(s): Mean parents, swearing, and slightly sexual remarks.

Additional Notes: Frank Gallagher is a character int the TV show Shameless(it’s amazing please watch it) and he is pretty much always drinking. (Also if you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk)

Part 1

My phone rang loudly as light crept in from the window. Fuck. I thought as my eyes focused on the time on the far wall of my small bedroom. 6:15. I hated school. I groaned getting up turning of my alarm, yawning and stretching. I tugged my short shorts down that I slept in overnight and opened the door walking to the bathroom avoiding the beer bottles that littered the dark carpet. My hand reached for the door before it was yanked open. A middle aged man stood in front of me wearing only his boxers. I shuttered stepping back.

“Who do we have here?” He grinned down at me. I shivered taking another step back.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked glaring at him fear still gripping me.

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Joker Imagine : Chains

Because this song exists *click me*

Joker’s P.O.V.

My eyes felt really strange, as if I had slept good, almost too good. I yawned loudly and then opened my blue eyes, hoping to see my lovely bedroom, but I saw a dark floor followed by a dark wall. No furniture, only an empty, dark room. I looked around and then I realized that I was stuck. I was sitting on a chair and I was chained to it, really well too, making sure that I couldn’t do anything. What kind of a crazy fucker would dare to chain me up? I’m the Joker!

I heard a door opening and the clicking of heels from behind. So it was a woman. She came closer and stopped right behind me. I wasn’t scared, I was angry yet excited to see who this woman was. I felt a hand on my shoulder, moving to my neck and then my cheek, rubbing it lightly. ‘’You woke up’’ Her sweet voice spoke, filling the silence. My red lips curved into a smile as I recognized her. It was Y/N, last night’s company, also a hot babe who knew how to kill.

‘’Finally got the guts to ask me out, didn’t expect it to happen this way’’ I chuckled lightly and then watched as she walked in front of me. My eyes widened as I saw her special outfit - purple lingerie with loads of golden details and pearls. The bra cupped her boobs well.  She put her knee on my lap and put her other hand on my shoulder now, looking at me with a mischievous smirk. Damn she was a beauty, hot like the Vegas summer, but as beautiful as a million diamonds. I liked this little madness.

‘’You doubted me Joker’’ She spoke again, making me smile even wider. ‘’I couldn’t believe that such an angel could harm a soul’’ I teased this girl and then tugged my chains. ‘’Ah ah ah!Don’t do that’’ She warned me and grabbed my jaw, looking deep in my eyes with her E/C ones. Her pupils were large so it was very obvious that she was turned on, taken over by lust. ‘’Do what?’’ I asked innocently and moved my hands smoothly, making no sound anymore.

‘’Oh quit it J’’She nearly giggled as she saw my ‘innocence’. Suddenly this dream woman sat down on my lap, pressing against my crotch that was only clothed by my blue boxers. Her arms draped around my neck and her eyes, oh her eyes were drilled to look at mine.Damn these chains holding me back from touching her. Little did she know what I could do. ‘’Getting horny J?’’ She purred softly, touching my chest with her hand, gently raking my skin, but not harshly. ‘’I want to show you that I’m capable of taking control’’ Y/N whispered close to my face, making me want to kiss her.

‘’How?’’ I smirked, wanting to tease her before getting into action. Her finger touched my lip and she made a very innocent face, pouty lips and big eyes. ‘’Just watch me proving you..’’ Y/N stopped and then smiled again. Her lips were painted dark red, looking very sexy on her.She leaned closer to my ear, pressing her chest against mine in process. ‘’..wrong’’ Y/N finished her sentence. Although that sounded really hot right now, I had to show her who the real boss was.

‘’I’d love to see that another time darling’’ I admitted warmly, seeing how she seemed confused for a split second. ‘’Another time?’’ Y/N raised her eyebrow and tilted her head. How adorable. Suddenly I grabbed her wrists tightly and held her on place. ‘’Did you know that I know chains very well? I can get out of anything, handcuffs, ropes, chains you name it’’ I told  her darkly, my voice getting raspier. I stood up, still holding her and I licked my lips.

‘’Tell me pretty, there must be a bed somewhere, right?’’ I wanted to know so I could show her. Y/N tried to pull her wrists away, but I pushed her against a wall and towered above her, looking straight down to her pretty face. ‘’Oops’’ She smiled nervously and gulped. ‘’Oops, yeah oops. You fucked up and I’m going to punish you for that’’ I promised her darkly, being very sure of my own words.

/Part 2??? Or not?

“Sixteen-year-old Daria Morgendorffer, from Lawndale, USA, has a bedroom with quite a history. The previous owners had locked up their crazy aunt in what is now Daria’s padded room. But Daria appreciates her cushy interior. “It muffles sound, so my parents can’t eavesdrop. And it does cut down on the pain when my sister’s actions finally drive me to bang my head against the wall repeatedly,” she says. Her treasured skeleton poster reflects Daria’s eclectic style. “If that’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, I know it’s going to be a great day,” the teenager declares. What do friends and family think of Daria’s room? “My friend Jane thinks it’s cool - she says my personality will probably grow into it. And my sister, Quinn, is generally too scared of the decor to set foot in here, so that works out very nicely."Daria’s bedroom also offers a safe haven from her school, Lawndale High. "If it weren’t for those bothersome truancy laws, I’d spend a lot more time in here,” says Daria, who tinkers with formulas for biological weapons when she’s not watching Sick, Sad World. She’s looking to expand her territory, though. “I need my parents’ and my sister’s spaces, too, but so far I haven’t been able to get them to move out. I’m working on it.” We think she’s joking.” -Seventeen Magazine 1998

(page + text from July Issue of Seventeen 1998)


Malec shippers. They get hardcore flirting, teasing, a wedding showstopping kiss,dates, feelings, relationship drama, the angst of keeping half of the OTP alive out of magic, hand holding and the need to stay alive because eternal life is meaningless without this boy. A silly gift that means I want this, I want to be yours because it’s the first time you’ll be mine and I’m different from all you’ve had so far.

Merthur shippers would kill for magic to bring back that loved one, to be more powerful, to have the skill of centuries and the knowledge to command the darkness that claimed the man who made him wish to live. The prat, the clotpole, my lord, my king, my Arthur, I can’t lose him… Cursed to forever waiting, may someday, one day.

Sterek shippers would kill for a kiss that would hide the best bits behind closed doors and fade to black. Plaid and leather in the bedroom floor as they pin each other against the wall for the right reasons. Something more than a look across the room, a dying stare, the wet memories of holding his sourwolf 2 hours to save his life, watching him grow, live, love… and leave.

Destiel shippers would kill for the showstopping love declaration. Dark angel wings wrapping around a speechless man who’s suffered and shouldered the pain of his family and his own feelings, ready to be dragged from perdition once more and taught how to love without fear.

Hannigram shippers would kill for some uncomplicated feelings, less blood, less pain, more time together. Less making you miss me, making you need me by poisoning your mind so you cannot live without me. Or too broken to live with me.

Stormpilot shippers would kill for more than a few hours of longing stares, a jacket that was mine and now it’s yours along with my heart before you came back to base all broken and silent, hurt saving someone else. 

Malec shippers have canon on their side, books showing all the love and desire and they’re eager, desperate for more. In a world where every second they are together is a miracle we envy so much. May they get more time. All the time. ANY time.