this was from last summer but ok

bun emoji review

a good friend, tho his head is a lil too small. his eye is also too red, even for albino. 7/10

a good take on a cartoon bun!! that smile must mean she is living a happy life. 9/10 would feed a nanner

oh microsoft, when will your ugly thick lines end? the silhouette looks ok but his tail looks like a backwards broken leg. 6/10 take him to the vet

cute, though the ears are weirdly placed and the nose should not be a pink button. 7.5/10 would still snuggle

outstanding bun loaf anatomy, but where is her tail? 8/10 she looks concerned

would be a neat stylistic friend but he has a single ominous red eye. 4/10 i do not trust him

again with the great anatomy! but that button nose looks weird. 7/10 the texturing is also odd

best bun on list!!!!! he is a nice shade of beige and a+ bode. 10/10 would shower with all the timothy hay and veggies

is this a joke? really now. this is a tailless rat wearing apple slices on his head. ok cosplay tho 1/10

this is also not a bun. this looks like it was supposed to be a dog but the tail, teeth, and ears were changed last second. 2/10 not a bad face though

this “bunny” came from the area of hell where the minions andthe happy meal mascot were spawned. his face terrifies me. 0/10 save your children

not a bad bun, but the red outline is vague and menacing. 6/10 what happened to his ears

everyone is posting their pieces for the beautiful inuyasha zine from last summer, so i guess it’s finally ok to post mine! i loved working on this so much and everyone did such a great job on their pieces… looking through my copy makes me feel so proud o(^∀^*)o

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hello! im new to ur blog but ohmYGOD UR WRITING IS AMAZING 💕 it feels like reading a well-written book when i read ur stuff and i,,, forget im reading?? idk,, does that make sense? can i request a baker/pastry chef wonho scenario? (can u include a strawberry cake? i love strawberries lol) -🍓 anon

thank you!!! here’s some fluffy baker wonho~!!

  • his bakery is one of a kind because everything looks so bright and soft and sweet like the walls are a bright yellow and there are fake flowers decorating the display cabinet 
  • and even the live in cat that sleeps in the corner in a basket looks bright because he’s a ginger
  • and then,,,,,,wonho steps out,,,,,
  • arms covered in sleeve tattoos,,,,five piercings in each ear,,,,black skinny jeans,,,,,,and dyed hair
  • but ??? the smile on his face???? RADIATING 
  • is a cookie expert so he always has a cookie of the day and depending on the seasons or the holidays he has batches full of fun shaped cookies
  • like on halloween (which is wonhos FAVE because???? sweets???? cool costumes???? getting to come to work dressed in a cAPE???) he makes batches of cookies shaped like black cats, pumpkins, ghosts, frankenstein, you name it: he made a cookie of it)
  • but he’s also skilled with cakes, candies, and more,,,,,,even tho when people look at him he seems like more of a,,,,,,tattoo artist type??? or even a model,,,,his looks are the talk of the town
  • anyway you frequent his bakery a lot because it’s near school and you always get there right after ur last class ends so u can snag the outdoor seat and your order is always the same: a slice of strawberry cake and lemon tea
  • and wonho,,,,,,is kinda,,,,,like he remembers regulars,,,but u really stand out 
  • because u ALWAYS get the same thing. without failure and u always have a book in ur hands??? and wonho wonders if u just like reading that much or if ur in college
  • but he never asks because he’s always being asked something by someone (either co-worker minhyuk nagging or some customer trying to flirt)
  • but one day,,,,he notices you take your order and go to your usual seat and open up a new book,,,,,and it’s actually a book wonho knows so he’s determined he’ll say something today
  • and he tells minhyuk he needs to run across the street to get some more sugar and minhyuk is like “we have 30 pounds of it in the back this is a bake-” but wonho has already got his apron off and is waving goodbye
  • and ur sitting,,,enjoying the newest installment of this mystery novel uve been reading and suddenly u hear someone ask if they can seat beside u
  • and when u look up ur shocked to see,,,,,wonho??? 
  • standing there,, no apron but dough still on his hands and a bit on his cheek and ur like ???? w-wait are-aren’t u the owner???? did i do something wrong???? and wonho is like no no no i just,,i know that book ur reading!!!!
  • and u light up like u do!!! i love this author,,,,,she’s amazing!!! have u read the other ones???
  • and wonho is a little flustered because ur leaning over the table to be a bit closer because ur excited and he’s like o- oh!! yeah i have,,,,i just havent had time to read the last couple because work has gotten busy since it’s summer and all,,,,
  • and ur like omg i could bring u up to speed!!! if u want,,, i,,,if u have time
  • you shyly realize that ur also getting close and pull back a little blushing which wonho thinks to himself is super adorable but instead he just nods and is like “if u can tell me it all in the next ten minutes?? id be forever grateful”
  • and ur like yES I CAN ok well let me start from the beginning since ur up to book five do u remember when detective kihyun finds the hair in the professors bedroom WELL-
  • and u try to cram all three books into the short amount of time and describe the plot to wonho who listens intentaly 
  • and when ur done ur basically out of breath and have to sip ur cold lemon tea and wonho is like “,,,,,amazing!! when ur done with this one can u tell me what happens too???”
  • and ur like ofc!! ill even let u borrow this one if u want,,,,and the other three,,,i,, have them too,,,,
  • and wonho grins and is like deal!!! i like the way u describe them tho,,,,feels like i don’t even need the books
  • and ur like nO u NEED TO reaD THEM but also,,,,,i,,,,,is that like a compliment???? from wonho?????
  • and he smiles and is like “oh wait one second-”
  • and ur confused as he gets up to run back inside and then return a minute later and in a napkin he’s holding a cookie,,,,shaped like a strawberry???
  • and he’s like “i know u like my strawberry cakes,,,,but try this cookie! it has strawberry filling. i made the batch with you in mind!”
  • and u reach out to take it and ur like wait. with me in mind??
  • and wonho feels the heat in his face and he’s like aH,,,I,,,,y,,,,yes,,,,,well it’s just ur my customer that likes strawberries so-
  • and ur like m,,my customer??? and wonho is blushing even more but he’s like ,,,,,tell me if u like it!!!!! and tell me about the book when u finish it!!!!! see u,,,,,,,,,tomorrow?
  • and ur like,,,,yes!!! see u tomorrow,,,,
  • and wonho bows a bit before going back inside and ur heart is thumping because,,,,,wonho,,,,,noticed u??? remembered u like strawberries?? saw u reading??? likes,,,,,how u babble about books????
  • it’s all too much u feel like ur heart might explode
  • while wonho whose putting his apron back on with the BIGGEST grin on his face is like,,,,,,,,,they looked so cute,,,,,when i called them my customer,,,,,
  • before minhyuk pulls him over by the ear and is like “firstly, i know u didn’t go to get sugar. secondly, im going to teach u to flirt because GOD wonho who gives their crush a COOKIE IS THIS MIDDLE SCHOOL-”

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Hello! It's my first time to request something to anybody, but I would like to request a scenario when you go grocery shopping with Seventeen! Aaanndd I also wanted to say I love your writing and your interactions with your followers are so sweet :) You are one of the sweetest people I see on tumblr. I hope you have a lovely Summer and hope you don't get too stressed/tired from work!

- buys like 14 of everything because he wants to feed the other members too
- buys enough food to last a lifetime tbh
- “we have to eat healthier” (halfway through) “ok no let’s return this and get chocolate instead what was i thinking”
- buys a box of pepero to tease you with it later on
- carries the grocery bags when you both leave
- because one) he’s a gentleman and two) he wants to show off his muscles

- grocery shopping with him is actually the best
- he knows exactly what to get and where to get it
- it’s pretty much just you two joking around and holding hands, it’s more like a date than grocery shopping
- cool and mature in the store
- outside the store, he lets you sit in the cart while he pushes you around just like in the aju nice mv
- “jeonghan, this is embarrassing” “(continues to sing aju nice)”

- offers to pay because of coURSE
- encourages you to buy more fruits and vegetables, but secretly sneaks bags of candy in the cart
- lets you buy whatever you want
- buys whatever’s on sale. you know the type
- “why are you buying 10 cans of soup????” “it was buy nine, get the tenth one FREE”

- food puns
- “you’re the apple of my eye” “we make a great pear” “olive you”
- chooses to carry a basket and pretends it’s not heavy at all
- gives up ten mins later and shamefully walks back to the front to transfer the food into a cart
- “i told you to get a cart” “can we not taco bout it” “JUN—”

- does his jellyfish dance when you’re both in the seafood aisle
- does fishy faces at the fish
- puts the most expensive snacks in the cart, does the walk of shame when you take it out and say “no.”
- begs you to buy fried chicken
- excitedly runs over with soft drinks

- forgets to bring the grocery list. amazing
- guesses/tries to remember what was on the list, actually gets everything right
- (sees that a certain food’s all sold out)
- (returns a few minutes later to check if some magically appeared)
- accidentally makes the cereal boxes do a domino effect
- “i saw that” “shhhh”

- makes you get the food LOL
- “get those cookies on the bottom shelf. ok now that mochi over there. now—”
- actually a very efficient shopper
- but he pretends not to know where everything is because he wants to spend more time with you
- weighs two bags of chips to try to determine which bag has even the tiniest bit more

- accidentally screams when he sees his favorite snack
- sings the commercial jingle of any familiar food he sees
- secretly puts food that isn’t on the list in the cart
- it’s too late by the time you realize it
- (at the counter) “when did i put this in the cart?? and this?? and—” you turn to seokmin, but he’s innocently looking around, whistling a seventeen song

- gets lost
- you’re like how. the frick. did i lose someone so tall.
- you probably get called to the front like “(name), please come to the front of the store” and you find him there smiling sheepishly and you’re like unbelievable
- but on good days!! mingyu’s the sweetest
- he’ll take down the snacks from the top shelf and offer to crouch down to get things on the lower shelf
- also offers to carry the bags afterwards
- quickly throws in your favorite snacks in the cart

- disappears
- returns with his arms full of food
- “minghao we have a cart for a reason”
- wouldn’t mind running to the other side of the store to get something you forgot
- gets excited when he sees snacks he used to eat during his childhood

- eats all the free samples
- slightly changes his appearance to pretend he’s someone else to get more free samples
- begs you to let him buy all the limited-edition snacks
- stays in the fruit aisle for centuries so he can find the freshest fruit
- pays for a box of cookies right away and joins you right after just so he can walk around eating something

- “hansol, go get red apples” “ok i’ll be back”
- returns with green apples
- follows you around the grocery store, but gets distracted by snacks he sees on the way
- panics when he realizes he lost you, runs around the store to find you again
- “hansol where have you been????” “i was just looking around….. not like i got lost or anything…..”
- you tell him to wait at the counter while you go get something you forgot
- sweats profusely when he reaches the cash register and you haven’t returned yet

- buys snacks just because they have cute characters on them
- you literally have every kind of food in front of you
- but chan still insists on buying instant ramen
- gets every flavor of whatever you’re buying

i really hope you liked this as your very first answered request!! thank you so much for reading and for your sweet words ;w; have a lovely summer as well, and thank you for your request!!

{BTS x Forest Fairy!AU} Hoseok

Keeper of Foliage & Flowers Jung Hoseok 

Find Keeper of Streams and Waterfalls Min Yoongi (here)
Find Keeper of Rabbits and Deer Jeon Jungkook (here)
Find Keeper of Trees and Roots Park Jimin (here)
Find Keeper of Birds and Raptors Kim Taehyung (here)
Find Keeper of Wolves Kim Seokjin (here)

  • the only keeper who actively enjoys human interaction 
  • all of the other keepers,,,especially seokjin and jungkook don’t understand,,,humans are hunters they come and destroy the forest and the creatures
  • but hoseok is always talking about those few who dont,,,the people who come and enjoy the flowers,,,,,lay in the meadows and draw or write,,,,and what about the young kids who have fun climbing trees or making daisy crowns
  • for hoseok,,,,there’s a good side to humans no matter how much the keepers insist that it’s better to keep away if anything
  • usually in the summer he walks around shirtless
  • and down his arms starting from the shoulders is a tattoo of ivy vines which when hoseok runs his fingers over the tattoo and chants an old spell the vines can grow out of the tattoo and he can extend them to help him get up trees or use as rope
  • another thing is that when he activates this ability his eyes glow green
  • a lot of the time he wears has seeds hanging off a small pouch on his waist and he’ll go around the forest planting new flowers
  • and he never picks flowers,,,,because that’d essentially be killing them,,,,but when some of the flowers fall to the forest floor he’ll collect them and either crush the petals to make paint,,,,use the leaves for tea,,,,or just decorate his hair with them
  • rumored to also have the ability to bring dying plants back to life with a touch of his hand 
  • keeper jimin once added that hoseok’s smile seemed to have a radiance of life too but hoseok laughed it off
  • bugs like him a lot!! it’s common for him to have a butterfly sit on his shoulder or fireflies to help guide him through the forest at night
  • but hoseok himself is kinda scared of them so when something with more than four legs  comes by he’s like,,,,,he’s like i gtg
  • even though he lives in a forest like bugs still make him shiver ,,,,, but also catch him lying in a fresh meadow comfortable in the grass like it’s ocean water,,,,he’s complex but i guess it is his job to take care of the plants
  • is showing up to keeper meetings with dirt on his hands and shirtless chest and jimin understands the struggle since he watches over the trees but namjoon is always like dudes,,,,go to yoongi’s waterfall and take a shower,,,,and yoongi is like HEY who said i wanted dirt in my water
  • hoseok always explains that FIRSTLY flowers live in “soil” not “dirt” 
  • thinks every kind of plant is pretty,,,not just big vibrant flowers,,,,the small blades of grass are nice too
  • you,,,,,find yourself in the forest one night,,,desperately running toward the forest
  • the only thing you have with you is a lantern and a bag of food you’d managed to steal from the market that afternoon
  • and when you finally push through the bushes and into an open meadow you collapse into the soft grass and close your eyes
  • because well,,,,,,,,,you’re a thief
  • and it’s not like you want to be,,,,you just don’t have a choice because you can’t find a job in the village and you’re far away from your home,,,,so the last couple of summer nights have consisted of you trying to grab bread or vegetables when no one would see
  • but finally,,,,,you’d gotten caught and so you only know one place where you’d be safe: the forest
  • thankfully,,,,it’s that time of the year where it’s not cold and so you’ve been ok with spending your nights here,,,,in the wilderness 
  • but also,,,,,every night the sound of wolves and birds,,,,,it,,,,it just made sleeping hard
  • and as you sit up,,,rummaging through your bag to pull out half a loaf of bread that when you bite into taste like nothing but paper
  • you hear a low growl from a bush nearby
  • and you freeze,,,,because,,,,,,what,,,,,,,is that,,,,
  • but the growl gets louder and and you stand up,,, body shaking in fear,,,,and right as the bush opens up u can see the eyes of,,,,some animal and the snarling mouth
  • but before it comes out so you can see it’s body,,,,,you see something appear
  • a man???? whose tall,,,,wearing what looks like far over his shoulders and he seems to say something that makes the animal retreat and then???? he’s gone to
  • and you almost pass out from shock but u just sit back into the grass and mumble “was,,,,was that a forest fairy-”
  • “you’re right, it was!”
  • the voice comes from behind you and you get so startled that your first reaction is to turn and throw a punch but the boy behind you dodges easily and smiles
  • and ur like ??!?!?!? wh???? who????what???
  • and hoseok grins even wider and is like “that was a forest fairy. seokjin. not the most talkative,,,,but i told him to calm the wolves down for you,,,they won’t bother you tonight!”
  • shaking your head to see if ur not like??? imagining this boy up you ask “who-who are you?? a fairy??”
  • with a nod of his head he puts his hand out and is like “jung hoseok, keeper of the flowers at your service!”
  • and ur like keeper- flowers - jung- hoseok?? and he’s like mhmm!!! anyway why are u,,,,a human,,,,,sleeping in this meadow
  • and u kind of try to figure out what to say but u basically just go “i don’t have a home.” and hoseok points to the bread u dropped and is like “is that dinner?”
  • and u kind of get embarrassed but nod slowly and hoseok tilts his head and he’s like “when humans eat here,,,they’re always eating more than that,,,,,,,” and you’re like “because they have money,,,,,i stole that bread”
  • and hoseok pouts n is like “stealing isn’t good,,,but,,,,,i can see that u dont mean harm.”
  • and you wonder what he means,,,,but hoseok is basically referring to the fact that you don’t pick flowers,,,,,,you don’t steal flowers from the forest like other people,,,,,but he knows it’d be hard to explain to you so instead he offers u his hand again to help you up and goes “come with me,,i know where we can get something more for you to eat!!”
  • and ,,,,,,something feels awfully strange about following a random boy into the deeper parts of the woods
  • but you see the vines tattooed on his arms,,,,,the rugged messy hair,,,,,the way fireflies flock around you to light the path
  • and you,,,,,,believe wholeheartedly this guy isn’t human
  • and after winding through trees and bushes hoseok stops infront of a large oak and pressing his hand against it the bark moves to create a doorway and down into the earth you follow hoseok
  • into a small,,,cozy den where u assume he lives
  • and it’s lit by candles with pressed flowers hanging upside down over the walls and pots stacked on top of pots,,,,barrels full of seeds,,,,a makeshift door of leaves woven together 
  • and the furniture is all made of wood with carved designs and hoseok tells u to sit while he opens up some barrels and pulls out different fruit and vegetables
  • and you,,,,,feel you’re in a fairy tale,,,,,,,,,because,,,,,how is this real
  • and hoseok pulls a pail from a shelf and puts it on the table in front of you and is like ‘fresh rainwater!!!!” and ur like o,,,oh and he washes the fruits before giving them to you
  • and he’s like “hopefully they taste sweet,,,,i got the berries only a day ago and jungkook told me they’re quite fresh!!” and ur like whose jungkook but also as you take a bite,,,you can’t help but feel ur face light up because,,,,it’s been so long since you’ve eaten something so fresh
  • and hoseok grins because he sees ur expression change
  • and he offers that you can stay for the night or he can take you back to the meadow if that makes you feel uncomfortable
  • but,,,,,,you tell him you’d like somewhere inside to sleep for a night and hoseok says his beds all yours
  • and when he stands up you notice again the tattoos on his arms,,,,,(also the fact that his tan skin and gorgeous muscles are like right there. not the point) and u ask if all keepers have tattoos
  • and hoseok laughs and is like “would you like to see magic??” and ur like ,,,,i feel like ive seen a lot of magic already,,,,but hit me
  • and bring his left fingers over his right arm he traces up the tattoo and like,,,,,,,the vines grow upwards and extended toward you,,,,wrapping around your wrist
  • and u,,,,,,,,,are stuck between shock and fascination 
  • and hoseok pulls the vines back and they settle back into his skin and ur just like “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,holy shit”
  • and he laughs and is like it’s not creepy??? and ur like NO omg that’s so cool 
  • and thats how ur first night ends and in the morning u leave to go back into the village and hoseok says that if anything,,,,u can come back to the meadow and he’ll find u and try to help
  • and a couple of days later,,,,that’s exactly where you find yourself
  • because ud tried to get a job at a local cafe but someone had claimed that ud stolen food again,,,and with ur history everyone had agreed u were still a thief
  • and once again u found urself,,,,,alone running back to the safest place,,,,the forest
  • and u don’t mean to cry,,,,but it happens because it feels like no matter what u do,,,,,,you fail,,,,,,you keep failing and getting worse
  • and you’ll never be able to live well again
  • so when you get to the meadow all you do is breakdown,,,,forgetting that hoseok said if u ever came back he’d be there for you
  • and ,,,, he is,,,,,,,,he appears in front of you
  • asking in worried tone if you’re ok and you just cry,,,,,stuttering out that you’re like a wilted flower,,,,,,,you can’t do anything to make your life better,,,,,,,,,
  • hoseok brings his hand out,,,,,finger thumbing at your cheek and the tear stains slowly start drying
  • and when you look up at him hoseok smiles and brings his other hand over to touch the grass and he’s like “look,,,,this one blade is brown and crippling but,,,,”
  • with one swipe of his palm over it,,,,the grass slowly becomes greener,,,,straightening up
  • and you look in wonder and hoseok is like “everyone can make their life better,,,,with help,,,,,,,so don’t give up.”
  • for a second you don’t say anything,,,,but the warmth in his voice and his smile,,,,,you can’t help it
  • you throw yourself into his arms and hoseok teters backwards into the grass but closes his arms tightly around you
  • and you stay there,,,,,and hoseok doesn’t let you go,,,,,,,,
  • because unlike any other human he’s seen,,,,you’re hurting,,,,,but you’re not hurting over something wrong,,,,you genuinely are good and hoseok knows that he has to help you
  • so in the morning he asks jungkook for help who seems wary of you
  • but grows slightly more fond when the rabbits he looks after curiously hop over to sniff you and the deer don’t mind ur presence
  • and hoseok pulls you over,,,arm around your shoulder and he’s like “don’t worry,,,,this human is good!! look,,,how could such a pretty face be bad??”
  • and junkook is like that’s,,,,,and ur like ghodfljskd hoseok,,,,
  • plus being pulled into him makes u blush because,,,,shirtless,,,,what,,,
  • but basically jungkook agrees to help and leads you to the berry bushes deep in the woods and some other places where you can get fruits that you can bring back to the village and sell
  • and hoseok even manages to get taehyung to help by teaching you how to find feathers on the forest floor that you can also sell
  • and ,,,,somehow,,,,,hoseok convinces all the keepers that you’re special,,,,,you need their help
  • and a ever so reluctant seokjin even says that if anything,,,,he can give you some wolves teeth he’s collected over the years,,,,those usually make big money in villages
  • and everyone is being so nice and you don’t know why,,,,if it’s just because hoseok has vouched for you or something
  • but also when u return one afternoon,,,,running straight toward the meadow u see hoseok there,,,,holding a flower in his hands and he smiles when u greet him and u jump up and down and tell him u FINALLY made enough money to rent a small place in the village
  • and,,,,,,,,,u don’t know but hoseok’s smile falters
  • and u ask what the flower is for and hoseok gently puts it behind your ear and he says,,,,,now that you’ve done it,,,,you won’t need his help anymore-
  • but you just furrow ur eyebrows and ur like hoseok,,,,,don’t think that just because i have a home now that i wont came back
  • and hoseoks eyes slightly widen and he’s like,,,,,,,u,,,,u will??
  • and u laugh and ur like of COURSe,,,i love this place,,,,,,,i love all the keepers that are my friends now and most of all
  • hoseok doesn’t know why but it feels like the magic he usually uses to activate his vines is acitng up
  • but u look at him and ur like “most of all,,,i love you”
  • and,,,,,without even touching his arm the vines grow and wrap around you to pull you close into hoseok and ur like “oh!” but the moment of shock fades when hoseok leans his head to the side and presses his lips to yours
  • and the vines aren’t tight but hoseoks arms manage to pull you close and u wrap ur arms around his neck
  • and when you pull back you let out another gasp and hoseok is like ????
  • and ur like “your eyes,,,,,they’re green???”
  • and hoseok jolts a bit and is like “they,,,only do that when im using my magic,,,,” and ur like “is it because of the vines???”
  • and hoseok brings his hand over his chest and is like
  • “my magic comes from my heart,,,,,it cultivates my love,,,,,i don’t think it’s the vines this time, it’s you.” 

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What is your favorite quote from Astro?

oh gosh that’s a hard one

mj: “there’s a door there, and there, and there. choose one and get out.” to rocky, after rocky made some kind of terrible poem

jinjin: “it’s just my opinion! let me have my opinion!” when mj and sanha were roasting him for thinking he’s the visual don’t worry bby i agree with u

eunwoo: “I GAVE BIRTH TO IT” about ddoca to bin

bin: “where is the sanha” to the general room during the hotel vlive last summer, after sanha called him an idiot over the phone

rocky: “is an oven mitt a sanitary glove?” the classic ok ready! mixup

sanha: “i’m not going to change here. you know why? because i’m precious” to ddoca, about changing his pants

tbh there are so many things they’ve said that i can’t even begin to remember them or really chose actual favorites but this was the best i could do

anonymous asked:

Princess Au where a dragon named Emil try's to steal princess Sara but takes her brother instead. But the reason why Emil is taking people is because he is lonely and trying to break a curse.

oh my gOD OK LISTEN (and listen carefully because this will be L O N G)

  • Emil is no cute dragon, he’s frickin’ HUGE AND SCARY, but there are so many false legends and stories about him, like he can breathe fire and he once destroyed the whole kingdom with just one foot and the huge storm that caused so much damage last summer was because Emil just flew by and his wings are so strong… Basically the kingdom thinks all the bad stuff that happens there is Emil’s fault
  • Emil is a dragon from the Czech lands
  • He used to be the only son of King Nekola II
  • Prince Emil was the sun of the kingdom, even when things weren’t looking the best, everyone knew prince Emil would lead them out of the darkness one day
  • A terrible war broke out in the central Europe, though, and it wasn’t a good time for the Czech lands. They kept losing, people were starving and at the time the neighbour Slovak kingdom asked for help. King Nekola was really sad and tried to consider every option, but, in the end, he had to decline the help. There was no way to do it. And so the Slovak godesses cursed Emil.
  • At the day of his 18th birthday he changed into a dragon
  • The people only knew that the prince disappeared and all the hope for the kingdom was lost
  • Emil fled the Czech lands and flew for as long as he could until he landed in the King Crispino’s kingdom

  • Emil lives in isolation in the forest for months. He’s a sad, big dragon that can’t deal with loneliness, he needs people around him, he misses that he can’t sing or dance, he misses his family…
  • Eventually he gets spotted by the villagers and causes a bit of a panic, but no one really does anything since Emil doesn’t go near the town.
  • One day prince Michele is on a hunt in the forest, but his dog gets lost. Michele is desperate, he’s had the doggo since he was a puppy and he’s been his best friend since he was a child
  • Emil spots the prince and falls in love with him. Prince Mickey is so beautiful and charming and, though he can’t understand a word he says, Emil finds his voice soothing and kind
  • Emil finds the dog two days later, scared and starving. He feels so bad that he can’t just cuddle that little fluffball. But he decides he HAS TO take the dog to the concerned charming man that was looking for him. So he takes the doggo in his hands and flies out of the forest to find the nearest town.
  • Once he appears above the town, though, everyone starts panicking and screaming and they start attacking Emil.
  • Emil does all he can to protect the doggo because the doggo doesn’t deserve all the stress you stupid people! Leave the doggo alone!
  • The castle launches a big attack on Emil and, since Emil is not that good at flying, he gets hit pretty bad. He finally spots the beautiful man at the castle wall, though
  • He lands very clumsily right in front of Emil and everyone starts panicking because holy SHIT he’s gonna fry our prince alive!
  • Emil just leans down, gently places the doggo to Michele’s feet and flies away

  • Emil lands back at his usual spot deep in the forest and legit thinks he’s not gonna live through the night
  • He’s badly wounded and cries quietly all night because everyone is scared of him and he just tried to help, even the man he helped looked just terrified
  • Michele knows he should stay at home and try to get the kingdom back to normal, but he keeps thinking about the dragon everytime he snuggles his dog, he feels bad for what the people did to him
  • He ends up running around the woods all night with his doggo trying to find the dragon, he wants to thank him
  • Btw the dog’s name is Alfredo, just for the record
  • They finally find the giant dragon near the lake at the sunrise
  • Michele is really scared to get near, he knows injured animals can be quite agressive. And he’s also really scared that they might have killed the dragon, looking at the giant pile of flesh and skales, not moving. He really hopes the dragon just fell asleep
  • Before he can do anything, Alfredo the doggo runs towards Emil and starts nudging him with his snout. Alfredo can sense the dragon is just a giant dog lover inside
  • Michele decides to go near, too, because he trusts his dog
  • Emil finally opens his eyes, he looks tired and miserable, but visibly happy that his new doggo friend (and his owner) is there to keep him company
  • Michele almost starts crying, seeing how badly the people hurt Emil. He starts thanking him all over again and apologizes for what happened, he keeps repeating how grateful he is for getting Alfredo back because he’s his only friend and he wouldn’t be able to live without him (believe it or not, prince Michele is a very lonely prince)
  • Michele ends up placing a thankful kiss on top of Emil’s snout because he can’t think of any other way to show him how much grateful he is for his help
  • At that moment Emil feels a weird sensation in his body and in a few seconds a beautiful Czech princ lays in front of Mickey in the grass
  • Beautiful and badly injured

  • Michele takes Emil back to the castle (while Alfred keeps whining all the way home because his friend is hurt)
  • King Crispino immediately realizes who the young lad brought in is
  • Everything ends up well, Emil is treated and healed and brings the sunshine back to his kingdom along with a beautiful and charming new prince and his doggo baby Alfred because they both absolutely fall in love with Emil and will never let anyone hurt him again

Just One More - Auston Matthews #10

Originally posted by wonthetrade

about/request: someone better had requested a imagine with auston speaking in spainish because hot damn +a lot more

warnings: cursing and drinking

authors note: yeah so this just stemmed from me finding out that auston knows spanish and y’all wanted it after that, plus then this anon absolutely killed me so i put that shit in here too. it’s just a lot ok bye. again, i put translations next to the spanish words in paranthesis for the most part. 

word count: 2147

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Ok ya’ll this is my last story for the night (for reals yo sleep is a thing i need) this story is less life threatening and more amusing. It will give you a glimpse into who i am lmao

So throughout i high school i worked as a sale associate at a store called Canadian Tire. Big franchise in Canada. It’s this DIY store with everything from plumbing to flowers. Im the summer i worked garden centre, meaning i got water all the lovely flowers, haul (frickin escape artist) trees around and load them up, climb massive stacks of peat moss and bbqs for customers. Lots of fun.

So this one day im minding my own buisness, watering the starwberries with my snake friend chilling on my hose when i get a call on my radio. A customer wants a bbq from the shed.


I wander over there after locking the gate and begin the hunt for this bbq.

Now, this shed is full of hundreds of unassembled bbqs in identical cardboard boxes

I find the sucker and it is absolutely MASSIVE

I can lift most bbqs above my head ok i am strong i have muscles. I usually carry them on my shoulder. But this bbq was a behemoth. Rather than risk life and limb for this job (again) i call for back up.

One of the boys from inside comes out to lend a hand. We manage to get it off the pile but there is no way in hell we’ll be able to get it to the front desk with out a cart

“Ill go get a cart,” my assistant offers, blissfully unaware of what is about to happen.

He leaves the shed to track down a dolly. Im chillin, trying not to die in the heat of the shed, and decide to rest my tired ass on the bbq.

It feels like there’s a hair tickling my hand. I glance down to brush it off

There is a huntsmen spider the size of my fist chillin on my middle finger.

All my partner heard was a inhuman, pterodactyl screech that would have made the indominus rex beg for its mama and a vague thud

He races back to see who was murdering me

And finds me perched 15 feet up on a pile of bbqs like a damn gargoyle. He doesnt react. He’s seen this shit before

“Rekina, i was gone 3 seconds”

I was gone yo i noped the hell out of that situation i took off like freaking superman

Sale associate extraordinaire, can leap bbq stacks in a single bound and is SICK OF THESE DAMN SPIDERS IN MY DAMN SHED

AA!SteveTony - the one where the married dorks get on to becoming married dorks. Continued from this fic.
For @ishipallthings <33

Word Count: ~1500
Warnings: None, only fluff

Steve opened his eyes with a start in the room he claimed as his in the SHIELD facility that the Avengers were temporarily calling home. The room was little more than a barracks; it should have been familiar, but nothing had felt familiar in a while.  

Brows drawn in concentration, Steve focused on where he knew the speakers were located.  

“Tony?” he rasped up at the ceiling, staring blindly into the dark. When there was no answer, he murmured wryly, “I’m losing sleep because of you.”

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note to self: go outside more next summer. let the sun brown my legs and kiss my face and go to the beach, walk and build up my leg muscles, let my feet become tough from the ground and the sand, let my hair float in the salty sea breeze and stare off and imagine what it would be like to be a mermaid; don’t let other people make u feel uncomfortable and dont let ur worries keep u inside

The Melody In My Head (A Jonah Marais Imagine)

Part One

*As Requested*

Disclaimer: Because this request contained more in-depth plot-lines and story segments, it will be divided into three parts, posted at different times

Have a lovely day!

Word Count: 2329

Description: In which your boyfriend, Jonah, hears you singing to yourself and, on a whim, records it. Funny, how one simple recording, posted to the internet, can change someone’s life forever.

    I’d never been a very outgoing person. Even as a kid, I’d always preferred the company of my own imagination and thoughts to those of other children. I never tried out for any extra-curriculars, never managed to make more than a handful of friends, never really became anything. I was always just Y/N, the girl at the back of the class, with my head in a book, keeping to myself, not rocking the boat. I was a freshman in university at Stanford now, my dream school, because being smart had always been the only thing that I really excelled at. That may come across as sounding insecure to some people, but I don’t think of it that way. I never really valued anything over my education, not even my social life. Which made it particularly shocking to the few who know me well when the word broke that I’d started dating a rising international pop star. I remember the first day after the word hit the internet, a few articles had hit the tabloids, and a few photographs of us on a date at the park had surfaced; my mom called me up on the phone to make sure I hadn’t had a social breakdown. My few closest friends had called to see if I was being held against my will. Of course, neither of those things were true, but to this day I’ll get comments on how different we are- and truthfully I don’t know if I could explain how we fell in love if it would save my life. Some things are inexplicable, and when they happen it takes most everyone by surprise, even though it suddenly becomes the most natural and comfortable thing in the world for you. I’d been with Jonah for about a year now, and while most everyone is supportive, I’d be lying if I didn’t notice a blog post here or tabloid story there, talking about how odd it is that such an outgoing and self-assured guy like Jonah would be dating such an introverted, anti-social Brainiac like myself. I’d seen more than a few fans comment how it reminded them of Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical, but I’d never seen much of Gabriella in myself. Maybe Kelsey, but without the piano skills, or Ryan Evans. Nevertheless, we somehow fit together, and somewhere along the road, he’d become my favorite person, which is a massive step up from my previous favorite person- no one.

“Hey babe, the boys and I are heading out for pizza, you sure you don’t wanna come?” Jonah shouted from down the hall. I nibbled absentmindedly on the edge of my ballpoint pen as I continued copying down the notes from last weeks lecture into more legible handwriting. Smiling softly, I shook my head, before realizing he couldn’t see me.

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Are you ok with that? - Calum Hood

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Word Count: 1,9k

Rating/Warnings: Teen and Up Audiences, very very few mentions of smut

Summary: You were keeping a secret from Calum for a long time, but now it’s time to confess it. What would Calum do? 

A/N: Please leave some constructive feedback on my work! It could really improve my writing skills! Enjoy!!

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ok so we’re going to sit our booties down and learn a thing

These boots here are called Renegades. I love them. They come in lots of cool colors, like maroon and yellow and the whole rainbow k. These saved my life last summer when I couldn’t keep Bella from abscessing bc even once they would blow and heal, they weakened her feet. If I didn’t have these bad boys, I wouldn’t have been able to ride that whole summer.

They’re the most popular boot with Endurance riders and that’s bc they’re fuckin fly as hell. Do you know how easy it is to put these things on? 9/10 times when I use them, I only use front boots, and they take me like a minute per foot INCLUDING picking out the foot. Tell me that’s not crazy af. 

The bottoms are designed like a real foot and you can gets studs and shit if you do hardcore things. That heel captivator you see there moves free from the boot, so no rubbing or foot restriction. You can do legit everything in these babies and your horse’s perfect little tootsies will be nice and protected, while still maintaining the health that comes with a bare foot.

Worried about cables? Don’t k. I have…. 5 pairs of these plus I know lots of people that use them personally and never have I heard of a cable breaking. Even if it does, you don’t have to order a new boot so don’t stress! You can order every piece of these boots separately and save a buttload of skrilla.

Worried about them being loose and coming off? Don’t k. I’ve lost a boot once and it was my fault. I didn’t latch the velcro strap on the toe correctly so that sucker came loose and came off while we trekked through mud bogs that’ll make u cry. When they’re put on right, they stay put. No twisting. No nothin. You ride and you don’t worry.

And what’s super rad? They weigh less than any other boot I’ve seen. There are some shoes that weigh more than these.

AND there is a new design called the Viper that is currently being tested by Endurance riders before it goes on the market and I’m so hype for them. They’re supposed to be EVEN EASIER to put on and move even easier with the horse’s foot for the most natural movement possible. 

Fall Back Down, Pt. 4 [Finn Balor]

Part One. Part Two. Part Three.

Author note: This is the story that just keeps happening even when I don’t think it will. So let’s just agree there will probably be a part five at some point and be done with it.

This is just all fluff. This story is basically my happy place at this point.

Remember to thank SPARKLEEEE CUPPPP ✨✨✨✨ for the help.

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The rain was louder than you thought it would be. Maybe it was just you, but rain sounded different when it hit different surfaces. And as it hit the very top of the apartment building, and onto the concrete surrounding the empty pool that belonged to the complex, it felt like it was in surround sound.

You knew the storm would pass soon, maybe last a half hour more if you were lucky, but it was perfect for right now.

Even though it was 2 AM, the lights scattered among the buildings gave a soft glow in places. It was still fairly dark overall, only with spots of light.

It was peaceful. No one else in sight, out and about. Not that you expected anyone to be at this hour and in this weather, but there could always be someone like you who wanted to be out.

Things had been…a lot different lately.

Just a bit over three months ago, you’d had a decent understanding of your life. You’d suffered a big loss in your father’s death, but you were figuring it out. You were wrestling for NXT and training new ladies on the side. You had great friends and colleagues surrounding you. Best friends, a family, even.

And then Finn had kissed you.

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Beautiful Nights

I’m sick and I have nothing better to do so here’s a short SNS thing I wrote. Hope you all enjoy!


“Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.”


“Beautiful night, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful stars, right Sasuke?”


“Beautiful world… Right Sasuke?”


The two lovers gazed up at the endless abyss of glittering skies, a crescent moon watching over them and bathing them in little scattered rays of silver light. The gentle rustling of leaves was heard as the warm summer breeze strummed on trees, making a unique song dedicated only for the sky and for the lovers who currently lay on a grassy field, gazing up at the sea of stars.

Naruto shifted from his spot on the grass. “Beautiful Sasuke, right Sasuke?” Black eyes shimmering with reflected stars, rosy lips good enough to kiss, midnight hair that shined in the moonlight- Naruto sighed, gazing at the black haired boy lovingly. Beautiful Sasuke indeed.

Sasuke shook his head and chuckled. “That didn’t make sense dobe.”

Naruto giggled and pulled Sasuke close to his chest. “It made perfect sense teme.” He felt Sasuke tuck his head under Naruto’s chin and snuggle into the other male’s chest. “Besides,” Naruto began, running his fingers through the other boy’s hair. “You can’t disagree, can you? That you’re beautiful?”

A muffled sound and said boy shifted so that his legs were entwined with Naruto’s. He poked his head out from his lovers chest. “It’s cuz you’re in love with me.”

Naruto gasped in feigned realization and snapped his fingers. “I guess you’re right! Now that I think about it, you’re really ugly with that hairstyle that looks like a duck’s ass,” He teased. “see, the back is the ass, and your bangs are the duck’s wings, and-”

Suddenly a pale hand flew up and Naruto cried out in pain. He smacked Sasuke’s hand away from his cheek. “What’d you pinch me for?!”

Sasuke pouted. “My hair doesn’t look like a duck’s ass you usuratonkachi.” He slipped out of Naruto’s hold and sat up. “You have the face of an idiot.”

Naruto chuckled. “Aw, you’re pouting.” He sat up as well and pecked Sasuke’s lips. “ And for the record, I don’t look like an idiot. Have you ever seen such beauty? You should feel hono-” he hissed and smacked Sasuke’s hand away again. “Stop with the pinching teme.”

A pinch in the Leg. “no.”

A smack on the hand. “Teme.”

A pinch on the arm. “Dobe.”

Another smack on the hand. “Bastard.”

A flick on the forehead. “Usuratonkachi.”

A tug of silky black bangs. “SasUKE.”

Instead of flicking Naruto again Sasuke stared at Naruto, who had a tight grip on Sasuke’s bangs. Somewhere in they’re bickering they got close until they were mere inches from each other. For some reason, looking at Naruto now, so close… He wondered how he got so lucky. Naruto loved Sasuke so unconditionally and was willing to sacrifice everything for him and…he was just… So special. Sasuke lifted a hand and caressed Naruto’s cheek gently, his fingertips ghosting over a slowly warming cheek. “Naruto..”

Naruto gazed at Sasuke, a faraway look in those beautiful onyx eyes, who, in the night looked like skies themselves, alluring and captivating. Like seeing two galaxies, only more beautiful. He blushed and tilted his head slightly to the side, strands of golden hair falling into his eyes. “Sasuke?”

Realizing what he was doing, Sasuke pulled away quickly- or as much as he could considering Naruto still had a hold on his bangs and blushed a deep shade of red. It wasn’t always that he got… touchy with his lover. Even after being together for three years it was always Naruto who initiated things. It wasn’t that Sasuke didn’t want to touch him, he was just… More shy.

Sasuke composed himself as much as he could and cleared his throat. “L-let go of my bangs and I’ll tell you.” what was he going to tell him though? ‘Oh I spaced out don’t mind me?’

Naruto hadn’t realized he still had a hold of Sasuke’s bangs and with one last tug on the left one he let go, earning a slight wince from Sasuke. Naruto giggled. ‘Serves him right.’

“Ok, What?”

Sasuke fiddled absentmindedly with a dandelion he found beside him, pulling off one tuft of white fluff at a time and letting them get carried away by the light summer breeze. “Oh nothing, just remembering how you are named after a damn food. Can’t get worse than that can you?” He grinned at Naruto’s appalled expression. ‘Nice save Sasuke.’

“My name isn’t after a food! It means maelstrom and that’s very cool SasUKE!” Suddenly Naruto tackled Sasuke to the ground, pinning his hands on either side of the dark haired boy’s head. Sasuke struggled to get out of Naruto’s hold but to no avail. “Dobe!” Sasuke tried to get out of the Blonde’s vice grip but after a while of struggling he relaxed and sighed. ‘He gets so worked up about everything.’ He thought in amusement. “Get off Naruto.”

Naruto giggled and let go of Sasuke’s wrists, opting for entwining his fingers with his instead. “Doesn’t matter what your name sounds like or what my name means.” He leaned down and kissed Sasuke gently. He had a calm and sincere look on his face that made Sasuke’s heart flutter in his chest.

“What matters here is that you, Sasuke, got beaten in the sparring competition by none other than the great Naruto Uzumaki!”

Naruto rolled off of Sasuke before he got pinched and laughed loudly. Yesterday Sasuke, Sakura, Sai, and him competed to see who won in a sparring contest. It started with Sakura and Sai, Sakura coming out as the victor. Then Sasuke and Naruto, with Sasuke as the loser. Then Sakura and Naruto, with Sakura as the champion.

Sasuke threw the now fluff-less Dandelion stem at Naruto. “You’re one to talk, you lost to Sakura in the first five minutes!”

“Sakura’s a beast though, she always ends up winning! She may be cute, but those punches she throws…” Naruto shuddered inwardly. He’s had his fair share of punches from Sakura.

Sasuke couldn’t hide the laugh that arose in him and he laughed quietly until both boys were gasping for air.

After a few minutes of calm silence and more gazing up at the canvas of stars Sasuke turned to look at Naruto. He looked calm, a content look on his face. He looked back at the times when he had left and just how much he had made Naruto suffer. Just thinking about it tugged at his heart and he wanted to hold Naruto forever and never let go. Tell him that he would never ever leave him again because Sasuke was Naruto’s, and Naruto was Sasuke’s.

The raven found himself caressing the blonde’s cheek again. But unlike last time, he didn’t hide anything. He let all his love for him show in his dark eyes and he scooted closer to Naruto until his lips met the blonde’s. It was a chaste kiss,nothing sexual. Just Sasuke pouring all his love into the kiss. He felt Naruto wrap his arms around his waist and Sasuke cupped Naruto’s face, pulling him closer.

After the need for air became apparent, both boy’s pulled away and pressed their foreheads together. Short pants ghosted on each others faces and in that short moment there were no words that needed to be said. Just being in each others embrace was enough.

Naruto laughed and touched his nose with Sasuke’s.

“Beautiful night, right Naruto?

A kiss on the cheek. “mhm.”

Beautiful stars, right Naruto?

A kiss on the forehead. “yeah..”

“Beautiful world… Right Naruto?”

A kiss on the other cheek. “yep.”

“Beautiful us.”

A kiss on rosy lips.

“Beautiful us.”

Shoot To Kill  Summer Storm Coda

Read on A03

Warning: Violence

Betty stood in the kitchen making breakfast as the rest of the house stirred.  She heard Jughead rustling around upstairs and smiled.  He had kept her up late last night and she still felt the delicious ache all over.  Even after all these years, their need for each other was insatiable.  She stirred the pancake batter as crying suddenly filtered down from upstairs.  
She kept stirring knowing Jughead would tend to it, as he was the most amazing father she had ever witnessed.  He doted on his children and was always eager to tend to any issues that rose.  

“Hi mommy,” Summer said as she wandered into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.  

“Hi sweetie,” Betty said with a warm smile as she bent down to hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek.  Summer was 7 and was turning into the most beautiful and sweet little lady.  Her heart was as big as her smile and she was helpful and kind and always had something to say that made them laugh.  Jughead walked into the kitchen and she straightened and smiled at him and was greeted with a wink.  He walked over and leaned in for a soft, warm kiss.

“Good morning love,” he murmured against her lips.  Betty smiled and kissed him again.  “This one is grumpy and hungry,” he said pulling away and handing her 2 year old Jesse.  He had his father’s dark hair and his mother’s eyes.  Betty took him with a laugh and placed wet kisses all over his face.

“What’s wrong little man?  We not making food fast enough?” she said, urging a childish laugh from him.  “Breakfast will be ready soon, I promise,” she said, handing him back to Jughead.  He put him in the highchair and gave him a sippie of milk while he waited.  He crouched down beside Summer who had busied herself at the table with a paper and crayons.

“How’s my bug?” he asked, hugging her close and kissing her cheek.  

“I’m good daddy.  I’m drawing you a picture.  I don’t think the one I made you yesterday was good enough,” she stated and bent over to concentrate on her work.  Jughead chuckled and ruffled her hair and stood up.  He walked over to Betty and wrapped his arm around her from behind, his hand caressing her belly.

“And how’s this one?” he whispered in her ear, his hand moving over the slight swell of baby number 3.

“Probably tired from his or her father’s insatiable poking last night,” she said with a smirk.

“Mmmmmm, I specifically remember him saying it was ok if Daddy had some fun with mommy,” Jughead said, biting her earlobe.

“Him?”  she asked with a laugh.

“Summer told me she wanted a brother again because they are easy to bug so that’s what we’re having according to her,” he said laughing.  He kissed her again and she sighed into his mouth.  She would never tire of his kiss.

“You going to the city today?” she asked when he pulled away, plating pancakes off the griddle.

“Yes, Ryan can’t go for me today and I have to make the trip myself,” Jughead explained grabbing plates and bringing them to the table.  “I should be back around 6.”

They ate breakfast and went to see him off.  Jughead pulled Betty close, still after all this time, hating to be away from her for almost an entire day.  The kids were playing on the porch and he took the time to kiss her deeply, pulling on her lip, his tongue sliding between them.  Betty wrapped her arms around his neck and returned the kiss eagerly.

“I love you,” he whispered against her mouth, tugging her lip again.  

“Hurry home,” she murmured.  “I may let you have some more fun again tonight if you’re good,” she teased.

“Besides the fact that you’re going to give me another beautiful baby, I love how frisky you get when you’re pregnant,” he groaned against her lips.  She laughed and kissed him again and then he was off.  She watched the truck leave the driveway, her hand over her stomach.  This pregnancy came quicker than the first two and she was thinking her body must be working right now because it was such a wonderful surprise, she cried for a week.  Jughead was ecstatic.  He couldn’t believe he was on his way to giving her the ‘fuck load’ of kids he promised her and he couldn’t think of anything better than a house full of kids that were theirs.

Betty went to the porch and sat on the swing, relaxing in the warm summer breeze.  Life truely was wonderful.

It was late afternoon when Betty heard a vehicle pull up.  She glanced at the clock and saw it was 4:00 and smiled.  Jughead had made it home early.

“Summer, daddy’s home,” she called into the living room where she was playing with her brother.  She went to the door and opened it in greeting and froze.  Fear like she had never felt turned her blood to ice and she tried to quickly slam the door.  The harsh laugh that rang out made her stomach heave as Paul grabbed the door and kept her from closing it.  He shoved it open and she stumbled back. 

“Well, well, what do we have here?” Paul snarled as Summer came running.  She skidded to a halt and stared at him confused.

“That’s not daddy,” she said with a frown.  Paul sneered and took a step toward her and Betty rushed over and shoved her behind her back.  She glanced quickly in the living room and saw Jesse playing quietly on the floor, oblivious to what was happening.

“What are you doing here?” she gasped.  “You’re supposed to be in jail!”

“Ahhhh, they let me out,” he laughed, his face twisted with something sinister and Betty felt the fear coil deep inside her.  He took a step toward her and she backed up, keeping Summer behind her.

“Jughead will be here soon,” she said, trying to maintain courage.  “You better leave now, because I don’t think he’ll just shoot your hand this time.”  Betty realized she probably shouldn’t have brought that incident up as Paul’s face twisted with anger.  He pulled out a gun and she gasped.

“That his brat you’re hiding?” he asked, waving his gun in her direction.  Betty shrank back, shielding Summer.  She said nothing, backing up some more and cursing inside as she seemed to hit a wall, Summer caught behind her.  Paul looked around and suddenly spotted Jesse.

“Another one?” he asked laughing.  “Wow, you guys like a breeding farm or something?” he asked twistedly.  “I don’t much like the thought of him fucking my wife on my farm,” he said.

“This is NOT your farm and I’m certainly NOT your wife!” she said furiously, her anger making her forget her fear for a second.  Paul stepped closer and she whimpered as he leaned close, his breath on her face.  His hand came up slowly and wrapped around her neck.  

“Mommy?” Summer’s little scared voice reached her and Betty let out sob.

“Please Paul,” she whispered.  “You’re scaring my kids.”  Jesse had stood up at this point and was staring at them curiously.  

“Shut the fuck up,” he spat.  “I’ve just spent a fucking decade in prison because of you and you’re going to pay for it, bitch!”  His gun came up and pressed against her head and she closed her eyes, her body shaking.

“Don’t,” she pleaded.  “Please, I’m begging, not in front of my kids.”  Paul stepped back and grinned a sick and evil grin.

“I’m not ready to kill you yet,” he leered, his eyes roaming over her and she felt the nausea burn in her stomach.  He turned and stepped toward Jesse.

“No,” she cried, stepping between him and her son.  “I’ll leave with you.  Wherever you want to go, just please, please don’t hurt my children.  Please Paul.”  Something almost akin to psychotic flickered in his eyes and he dragged the gun down the side of her face and she pressed her lips together, trying hard not to cry.  

“I have just the place we can go,” he sneered and grabbed her arm, pulling her toward the door.

“Wait,” she gasped, pulling away.  “Let me say goodbye to them, please,” she cried softly.  Whatever sanity was left in him, he nodded quickly and she rushed to Jesse and held him close, crying into his hair.  “I love you baby boy,” she whispered.  She rushed to Summer and pulled her close.  She knew Paul was listening and tried to think of a message she could leave for Jughead.  She pulled back and tucked the hair behind her daughters ear and tried to ease the fear she saw in her eyes.

“It’s going to be ok, ok sweetie?  Call Grandma and tell her to come for a visit right away, and tell Daddy…..”

“Not a fucking word,” Paul growled, his gun at the back of her head, not caring at all how it might affect her children to see her like this.

“Tell Daddy it’s ok, that I went with the man so you’d be ok and I went because I couldn’t hide in the hayloft,” Betty said quickly.  Summer nodded and her tears rolled down her cheeks as Paul dragged Betty from the house.  Betty wrapped her arm protectively around her stomach as Paul shoved her into the back seat of vehicle.  He was about to pull back out and got a demented look in his face and he cracked the gun across her head and darkness swallowed her up.

Jughead pulled into the yard around 6:30 and climbed out of the truck.  As he walked up on the porch, Summer rushed out to greet him, looking frantic and terrified.  His alarm bells immediately went off.

“What’s wrong bug?” he asked quickly, noting her tears.  “Where’s mommy?”

“She’s gone daddy and she told me to call grandma and she wasn’t answering and I couldn’t call you because it said out of service,” she rushed.

“I was out at the Boon farm for a while, helping them with something.  There was no service.  What do you mean mommy’s gone, where is she?” he said, fear beginning to coil inside him.

“She went with a man, he had a gun,” Summer sobbed, throwing herself in his arms.  Jughead froze and pulled back.

“A gun? What man? What are you talking about Summer?”

“He was mean daddy, he said mean things and he was saying bad words and he was holding a gun and putting it by mommy’s face.”  Jughead started to shake, trying to comprehend what was happening.

“Where is Jesse?”

“He is napping on the floor, he fell asleep.”  Jughead rushed into the house and saw she was right, Jesse was sleeping on the living room floor and he was alright.

“Where is mommy?”  He yelled, unable to help himself.  Summer was sobbing and he kneeled in front of her, wiping her face.  “Sweetie, you have to help me out here.  Did he have a name?  What did he look like?”  

“I don’t know, but mommy told me to tell you it was ok, she was going to go with the man because she couldn’t hide in the hayloft.”

“Hide in the hayloft? What?  Why would she…..”  Jughead suddenly went still and his heart twisted in fear.  She used to hide from Paul in the hayloft.

“Oh Christ,” he gasped, the fear making him want to throw up.  He heard sirens wail in the distance and he stepped back from Summer in a daze.  He took a moment and then a rage so intense settled in his veins that he was shaking with it.  He walked to the back room and ripped his gun case from the closet and unlocked it, pulling the weapon from its place of safety.  He came back to the front room just as the sheriff’s car screamed into the yard.  Sheriff Scott jumped out of the car as Jughead stepped out onto the porch.

“He fucking got out?” Jughead yelled furiously, his anger almost knocking the sheriff over.

“I just got the call an hour ago.  I rushed here as soon as I heard.  He got out 3 days ago and they didn’t call till today,” Scott explained quickly

“He’s got her!” Jughead said.  “He fucking took her and I have no idea where they could have gone.  They could be anywhere!” he shouted.  Scott’s eyes widened and he grabbed his radio and called extra help.

“Ok, explain what happened here,” he said.  Jughead told him all he knew, pacing back and forth, unable to keep his emotions in check.  His eyes were wide with fear and rage and the sheriff sighed.

“Try to remain calm…”

“Remain calm?  REMAIN CALM?  How the FUCK am I supposed to remain calm!?  He pulled a gun on her, in front of my kids and she’s fucking pregnant Scott.  If he hurts her, I swear to God it will be the last thing he does.  I should have killed the bastard when I had the chance.”

“Can Summer describe what he was driving?” he asked.  Jughead went back inside and tucked the gun behind his back and picked her up and hugged her close for a while.  

“Do you know what he was driving sweetheart?  Anything at all about the vehicle?”

“It was a Jeep daddy, like the one I helped you fix last week.  Except it was blue, not red.  The license plate had red letters on top and bottom and blue in the middle.”  Jughead hugged her close, thankful he had taught her a lot about different cars and what to take note of if anything ever seemed wrong.  He kissed her and sat her on the couch.  He tried Katie again on the phone and got through and asked her to hurry over.  Walking out, he saw 3 police cars pull in and he walked up to the sheriff.

“Blue Jeep, California license plate,” Jughead said angrily.

“We’ll get an APB out right away Jughead.  I promise you, we’ll find her.”

Jughead sat on the porch step and lowered his head into his hands.  He took deep breaths, trying to calm himself but the fear was so thick, he could taste it.  His eyes stung with tears and he wanted to throw up.  He couldn’t lose her; not like this.

Betty slowly opened her eyes, the pain in her head feeling like her head might explode.  She now knew how Jughead felt whenever he got one of his migranes.  He’s had so many knocks to the head, the headaches plagued him at least twice a month.  She forced her eyes open and saw that she was in a cabin of some sort.  She frowned and looked around, and it seemed familiar somehow.  She struggled to sit up and took deep breaths to calm the nausea the threatened to overwhelm her.

Paul sat at a table, watching her and she shrank back against the wall behind her.  He hadn’t even bothered to put her on the bed, and she felt sore all over.  She again hugged her stomach, praying that her little nugget was ok.

“What do you want,” she said shakily, pulling her legs up and wrapping her arms around her knees.  Paul let out a laugh and sat back in his chair, playing with the gun in his hand.  

“You know, prison can do crazy things to a man,” he began, his voice harsh and angry.  “I spent the last 10 years acting nice and playing nice and just waiting for the day I could get out and come back here and fucking kill you.  You ruined my life!” he yelled.

“You raped women, Paul!  You tried to rape me,” she cried out in agony.  “It’s your fault you ended up in jail, not mine!”

“Yeah, well there’s nobody here to stop me today, is there,” he said laughing.  Betty felt chilled, terrified because he was right.  She prayed that Jughead somehow, by some miracle found her.

“You don’t need to do this Paul.  Just let me go and leave.  You can hide and nobody will ever find you,” she pleaded.

“You know, when I think back…”  Paul began, ignoring her plea.  “We had a pretty good life at first.  You were the sweet little wife you were supposed to be, we were going to make the farm into a big success.”

“Yeah, well, things changed,” she said quietly.

“You changed.  You stopped wanted me,” he said snidely.  She looked at him with an angry frown.

“Well, maybe if you want a women to keep wanting you, you shouldn’t hit them and abuse them,” she spat.  “It disgusts me that I ever let you anywhere near me.”  He snorted at that.

“You liked it in the beginning.”

“I didn’t know any better.  You’re fucking awful in bed,” she said before she thought better of it.
“Is that right?  What can that pig you’re married to do that I can’t do?”

“Pretty much everything,” Betty said with a taunting smirk.  “Not only does he know what he’s doing when he’s pleasing a woman, but he’s kind and good and gentle and wonderful.  He’s an amazing husband and father….”

“Shut the fuck up!  I don’t want to hear your raving reviews about the man you’re whoring for.”

“I’m his wife asshole, not his whore.”

“You were his whore first,” he said with a leer.  Betty said nothing and pulled her knees closer.  

“Why are we here?” she whispered after a while.  She recognized the place now.  It had belonged to his parents and they had sometimes come up here on holidays for a weekend with the family.  She was two hours from home.  She prayed someone would think of the place.

“You never even cried when I left you, did you?” he asked, again ignoring her.

“No,” she replied honestly.  “Even when you left me in piles of debt, I didn’t cry.  Anything was better than living with you.”  She knew she was making him more angry but she didn’t care.  Paul got up and walked over to her, crouching down in front of her, his hand stroking her face.   She shrank away and turned her head.

“My sweet little Betty.  Always so docile and obedient.  Quite the courage you have now,” he said with a smirk and then slapped her.  Betty spit at him and was rewarded with a back hand.  Her head hit the wall and tears stung her eyes.

“You’re nothing but a useless coward,” she whispered, tears running down her face.  Paul wrapped his hand around her throat and squeezed until she was gasping and he laughed.

“Fuck you bitch,” he snarled.  Betty lashed out then, her anger burning inside her.  Her fist struck his face and her foot caught him in the knee.  He fell back, howling in pain and she scrambled to her feet and ran for the door.  He caught her ankle and yanked and she fell to the floor, feeling a sharp pain in her wrist.  She felt his fist then, across her jaw and blessed darkness started to cover her and her last thoughts were a prayer that he didn’t defile her while she was unconscious.

Jughead paced back and forth on the porch, it was nearing morning and not a god damned thing had happened since the night before.  He was losing his mind and getting angrier by the minute.  He watched the CSU people comb the ground for clues and he marched over to Sheriff Scott, his anger evident in his face.

“What the fuck are they doing?” Jughead barked.  “There is nothing to find here!  He put her in the vehicle and left!  I don’t understand what they are doing.  It’s a fucking waste of time!”

“Jughead, let us do our jobs!”

“Nobody is doing their job!  She has been gone for 12 fucking hours and you guys haven’t got a fucking clue what you are doing or where she might be!”

“We are combing through leads and we have road blocks and vehicle searches happening.  We are doing all we can!!!”

“12 hours!” Jughead roared.  “She could be halfway to New York by now!”

“Jughead please,” Scott said, his voice calm and steady.  “Please just let us do our jobs.”

Jughead went back to pacing.  After a while he went to check on the children and they were resting.  Summer had had a hard time falling asleep and had woken twice with a nightmare and Jughead’s heart ached.  The fact that that son of a bitch had done this in front of his children infuriated him.  He was going to kill him; he was past caring at this point. If he got to Paul before the cops did, he was dead.  He wandered to his bedroom and sat on the bed, picking up the tshirt that Betty had slept in the night before, the one he had pulled off in a hurry to touch her and make love to her.  He held it to his face and inhaled the faint scent that was all Betty.  Tears stung his eyes and he clenched his jaw.  Jughead lowered his head into his hands and took a deep shaky breath.

“Please, God,” he whispered, unable to stop the tears from falling.  She had saved his life in more ways than one, he couldn’t lose her.

A few hours later he was back to pacing on the porch.  Katie had taken the children home and away from all the noise and strangeness and he was left waiting.  He was tired, so tired of waiting.  He knew the police were checking every lead they got but it wasn’t enough.  He thought for a minute and then pulled out his cell phone, and dialed a number.  He saw the sheriff watching him and turned away.

“Hello?” came a tired voice on the other line.

“Joan,” he said quietly.  “I need your help.”

“Oh Jughead, I’m so sorry, I heard and….”

“We’ll do that later, I need your help right now.”

“Ok,” she said slowly.

“Did you know Betty and Paul when they were married?”

“Yes, we’ve all known each other for years.”

“Is there any place you can think of where he might have taken her?  Any place they may have gone back then?  Any place his parents may have owned or something….”  Joan was silent for a minute as she thought, then she gasped.

“Yes, his parents owned a cabin on Caddy lake.  They always went there for holidays but his parents haven’t owned it in years.  Last I heard it’s been abandoned and nobody has been near the place in years.  It’s about two hours from here and it definitely couldn’t hurt to look.”

“Thank you!” he said quickly as he hurried inside while she gave him the address.  He grabbed the keys to the Camaro and raced for the garage as he shoved his phone in his pocket.  Sheriff Scott watched and he frowned.  

“Jughead!” he called out but he was ignored and he quickly moved out of the way as the Camaro flew out of the garage, a determined Jughead behind the wheel.

“Someone tell me who he was talking to,” he roared out angrily as he watched him disappear down the highway.  Someone suddenly came running waving paper.

“We got something,” he yelled.  Scott grabbed the paper and scanned it.

“Paul’s parents owned a cabin about 2 hours from here years ago.  A call came in, someone spotted the Jeep in the area last night, heading up a back road.”

“Jesus Christ,” the sheriff yelled running for his car.

“Shall we pull Jughead over?” The deputy yelled, racing for another car.

“You’ll never catch that Camaro, just fucking move!”  Minutes later, a line of wailing cars raced down the highway toward Caddy lake.

Betty woke slowly.  She hurt all over and for a moment she forgot where she was.  It all came screaming back and she whimpered, realizing her hands and feet were tied together.  Paul was slumped on the table, seemingly asleep but she knew he wasn’t.  He had been popping pills all night and he was as wired as anything she’d ever seen.  Every time she woke he rambled about their life together and fixing it and she knew he had gone off the deep end and she just lay silently, letting him mutter and rant about how he was going to kill her one minute and then how he would fix his family the next.  He was clearly out of his mind and she was terrified.  When she wouldn’t agree with his rants he would hit her and she kept praying he would stay away from her abdomen.

Betty squeezed her eyes shut and thought about her beautiful children.  She was hungry and exhausted and all she wanted was to wrap her arms around them and she needed Jughead.  Needed him with a desperation that made her weep.  His arms, his love, his comfort.  He was the love off her life and she desperately wanted to see him, even if just one more time.

Paul sat up suddenly, as if he was confused and then his eyes focused on her.  He pulled his chair closer to the bed he had dropped her in and smirked at her.  She felt her skin crawl and she tried to keep her anger from her face.  He didn’t like it when she got angry and her swollen eye and cut lip and bloody nose was proof of that.  He liked her whimpering in fear.  

“You know what kept me going when I was locked up?” Paul started up again.  She had heard everything already, his stupid sick delusional plans, and she was getting tired of hearing his bullshit.  She refrained from screaming at him, not that she really had the energy anymore.  She had started heaving in the middle of the night and he still didn’t realize she was pregnant and she prayed to God he wouldn’t because she had no idea what his sick mind would do.

“What kept you going?” she said quietly.

“The thought of taking you away from that bastard who shot my hand.  Well, granted, I had no idea if he would still be around and funny enough he was.  Shacking up with my wife.”  Betty didn’t bother arguing that she wasn’t his wife anymore, she just let him rant.  “Fucking kids with him?  You let him breed you?” he snarled.  Betty shrank back and realized he was going further into hysterias and didn’t know what to do.  She had no idea if he even knew what he was doing.  He kept threatening to kill her, to rape her, to take care of her, to marry her again; he was so all over the map, she wondered if he even realized how much time had passed.  She knew though, if help didn’t come soon or if she didn’t get away, he would kill her.  She knew it deep in her bones and she was terrified.

He rambled on for what seemed like hours and suddenly she heard a vehicle outside.  Her eyes went wide and she glanced at Paul.  He didn’t seem to notice yet.  A car door slammed and she heard frantic yelling.

“Betty!?”  Her heart leapt and she sobbed in relief.

“Jughead!” she screamed.  Paul jerked up and scrambled to her, yanking her painfully off the bed.  He held her in front of him like the coward he was and held the gun to her head.  

Jughead felt his heart stop when he heard her scream his name followed by a cry of pain and he didn’t pause to think things through.  He raced up the steps and threw the door open, his gun in hand.  He held it up in front of him and stepped in, taking in the sight in one quick look.  Fury like he’d never felt raced through him at the sight.  Betty looked like she’d been hit by a truck.  Her eyes were swollen, her face was bloody and streaked with tears, her clothes were torn and covered in dirt, her hands and feet tied together, being held with a gun to her head in front of the piece of garbage he should have killed years ago.  He held her gaze for only a second, seeing both fear and relief in them and he knew his face in that moment was torn with anguish.  Then he steeled himself and focused on Paul.

“Let her go,” he said in a furious quiet voice, his gun steady in his hands.  Paul laughed and just to infuriate Jughead even more, grabbed Betty’s breast and squeezed painfully.  She cried out and Jughead felt himself start to shake.

“Fuck you,” Paul spat, his eyes glazed and barely focusing.  “You shoot and she’s dead before your bullet hits me.”

“You’re not leaving this cabin alive,” Jughead said, his voice deceptively calm.  “That I can fucking promise you.”  Betty felt Paul tremble behind her and she realized he had enough sense to be afraid.

“Jughead,” she said softly, trying to keep her voice calm.  Jughead refused to glance at her, knowing if he did, he would lose it.  He kept his gun steady, trained on Paul.  She knew he didn’t have much of a shot, but she knew he was a good shot.

“Jughead listen to me,” she whispered.  The muscle in his jaw twitched, the only move he made.  

“Shut the fuck up,” Paul snarled, pulling on her hair.  Betty let him pull and let her head fall to the side, revealing most of his face.

“Remember the can, Jughead,” she said firmly.  “You never miss,” she whispered.  He shook his head, still looking at Paul.  No fucking way was he taking a shot with her in front of him.  She tried again.

“You know what the best day of my life was Jughead?” she said softly, tears falling down her face.  “It was the day I fell for you…..”  She noticed he went still and then he slowly nodded, understanding what she was saying.  Betty closed her eyes and let herself go limp and dropped.  Paul gasped and it was the last sound he made.  A shot rang out and Jughead’s bullet caught him in the forehead.  He was dead before he hit the floor.

Betty fell to the floor, unable to hold herself up and Jughead rushed over and pulled her away from Paul.  She was sobbing and he quickly cut away the rope and pulled her into his arms.  He was shaking and held her so tightly, she could barely breathe.  

“I’m sorry, baby, I’m so sorry,” he whispered, his face streaked with his own tears.  Betty clung to him and let his arms comfort her.  He stood slowly and lifted her in his arms and carried her outside.  There was a wooden bench on the porch and he sat down, cradling her in his lap.  Stroking her hair while they cried.  His hand moved down to her stomach and she lay hers over it.

“I think it’s ok,” she whispered against his neck.  “He never figured it out.”  Jughead leaned her back slowly and took in her face.  He got so angry he stood and gently set her on the bench.  Walking back inside he leaned over, grabbed Paul by the shirt and slammed his fist into his face numerous times before dropping him and delivering a swift kick to his gut.  He felt satisfied then and walked back outside and settled her in his lap again.

“Did he hurt you anywhere else?” he asked quietly, terrified of the answer.

“No,” she whispered.  “He kept threatening to but he was going off the deep end with all the pills he was popping and after a while I don’t think he even knew what he was talking about or where he was for that matter.  I think my wrist is broken though, I fell on it,” she said with a whimper and he realized she was cradling it against her.  Jughead tried to wipe the blood from her face but she winced and he stopped.

“I’m so sorry,” he said again, his voice hoarse and filled with anguish.

“I prayed you would find me,” she said softly, clutching his shirt.  “How did you find me?”

“Joan remembered this place when I called and asked if she had any ideas where he might have taken you,” Jughead explained.  He heard sirens wail in the distance and he hugged her close.  “I guess they figured it out right after I did,” he muttered.

“I love you Juggie,’ she whispered against his neck, her arms hugging him close.

“I love you too,” he breathed, holding her tighter.  Minutes later a pile of police cars screamed into the yard and the place was swarmed.  Sheriff Scott ran up the porch and looked at them, grimacing when he looked at Betty.

“Where is he?” he asked.

“Inside,” Jughead said flatly, his voice cold.  The sheriff disappeared inside and another officer got on his radio.

“We’re going to need an ambulance out here,” he said, giving directions.  

“Are the babies ok?” she whispered, her eyes heavy with exhaustion.  

“Yes, love, they are with Katie.  I came home and Summer hadn’t been able to get her on the phone and she told me what happened.”

“Oh, God, they were still alone?  Summer told you my message?”

“Yes love, and I understood.  I’ve never been so fucking scared in my life.  I think I may need therapy,” he said quietly, and she felt him still trembling against her.

“Is she ok?” Betty asked, crying softly again.

“She had a couple nightmares, other than that, I don’t know yet.  I just got them to go with Katie this morning and I’ve been searching for you.  I’m never leaving you alone again.  Ever.”

“He’s gone now, Juggie, he can’t hurt me anymore,” she whispered, her eyes drifting shut.  She fell asleep in his arms, the fear slowly melting away from her.  The ambulance arrived a while later and Jughead carried her to the stretcher, laying her down gently and then stepped back as the attendants got to work checking her out.  Another vehicle showed up for the body and Jughead stood by the car and watched.  He was still so angry, he felt like setting it on fire.  Sheriff Scott walked up to him and stood silently and watched with him.

“We’re going to need a full statement on what happened here,” he said after a while.  Jughead reached behind him and pulled his gun from his jeans and handed it to the man.  

“I’ll be at the hospital,” he said and got into the car and followed the ambulance out of the driveway.

Hours later, Betty was settled into a room, fetal monitors attached to her belly.  She had been cleaned up and the blood was off her face and Jughead sat, holding her hand, wanting to rewind and kill the bastard all over again.  He had never felt such complete satisfaction as he had felt when he saw his bullet hit the man’s forehead.  Her eyes were purple and swollen and her face was littered with other bruises.  Her lip was fat and there was a cut at the corner of her mouth.  The doctor had assured him that the baby was ok but Jughead had insisted on the monitors anyway, at least for a few hours.  They had obliged him.  She stirred suddenly and her eyes slowly opened, as much as she could open them anyway.

“Hey,” she whispered, trying to smile.  She winced and he sat on the edge of her bed and brushed her hair back.  “I don’t want the kids to see my face like this,” she said, her eyes filling with tears.

“We’ll wait till tomorrow, but they will want to see you, love.  The bruises will hang around for a while and I don’t think you want to wait.”

“Ok,” she agreed and she shifted slightly so more room appeared beside her.  “Can you lay with me?” she asked.  He settled down next to her and careful of her monitors, pulled her close.  “This is all I longed for when he had me.  I wanted to feel your arms one more time,” she whispered.

“You’ll feel them for the rest of your life,” he promised, placing a gently kiss on her mouth.  “I love you more than life,” he said tenderly.  

“I love you too….” She whispered as she drifted off to sleep.  Jughead closed his eyes and said a prayer of thanksgiving.  She was safe, she was in his arms, she was the love of his life.

A few days later, Betty was able to go home.  There was a cast on her wrist and bruises still littered her face but she was whole.  Jughead had no charges laid against him as Betty’s statement showed that killing Paul had been the only option.  Nobody cared at all that he was dead.  Summer was still afraid and barely left her mother’s side and Jughead decided they would find someone to talk to.  Someone for all of them.  The internal damage would last longer than the external and Jughead wouldn’t allow them to keep it inside.  He woke in a cold sweat every night since the incident and Betty was having nightmares like Summer was.  Paul may have failed at taking her life, but he had fucked it up just enough for them to feel the lingering effects.  Jughead knew though, that they would make it through.  He wouldn’t allow anything to break them.  They were strong, they were resilient and they were family.

GOT7 as my friends after our english exam

HEY GUYS I know I haven’t been doing sHIT lately and that is because I have my exams this week /: I just finished my English exam (170622) and tomorrow (Friday) will be my Science exam. My last exam will be on Monday (Math). Hopefully once summer break rolls in, I’ll be able to get back on my feet and start working on requests. Thank you for being patient with me, here is a “GOT7 as” post (:


JAEBUM: Okay, but what is the difference between a limerick and satire

MARK: *rlly quIET voice* i failed

JINYOUNG: ur fucking dumb how could you analyze the SHORT STORY wRONG THERE WAS TWO WOMEN 

JACKSON: ok but like paris from r&j is my bOOOOY

YOUNGJAE: for the poem did you get the answer “Jesus” or??? is it just me lol

BAMBAM: i wrote down satan what lol

YUGYEOM: honey as long as i pass we r all good. lets throw a party but dont play ur trash fucking music thx sweetie