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How can I prepare this summer for bton college?

You can’t prepare this summer; this summer has to prepare itself for bton college. 

But seriously, here’s a list made with love from the Tuesday afternoon shift:

1. Go to Disneyland.

2. Skydive. (Will ‘17 did this.)

3. See the aurora borealis. 

4. Climb Mount Olympus.

5. Meet Zeus.

6. Get autograph.

7. Survive lightning strike.

8. Weave baskets.

9. Grow an avocado.

10. Kilimanjaro.

11. Charm a snake.

12. Refurbish a classic car.

13. Visit Marilyn Monroe’s grave.

14. Go camping with your friends. (Jack ‘18 did this.)

15. Go fishing.

16. Watch Go Fishing.

17. Spend time in fields. (Frolic.) (Wesley ‘18 did this.)

18. Read all the books on your class’s Bennington poster.

19. Tame a bird of prey.

20. Establish a relationship with a woodland creature.

21. Meet The Gruffalo.

22. Meet Mark Ruffalo. 

23. Find a way to say goodbye to everyone. 

24. Spirit quest.

25. Find the Holy Grail.

26. Create your own music festival. 

27. Throw epic high school party in your parents’ house without their knowledge. (Invite Sigourney Weaver.)

28. Read all the Harry Potters.

29. Write the next great American novel.

30. Read the next American great novel.

31. Release an EP. (Get picked up by a major label.)

32. Meet Mark Ruffalo again.

33. Learn to play the ukulele. (Katie ‘17 actually did this.)

34. Reconcile the history of the American buffalo.

35. Introduce Mark Ruffalo to the Gruffalo and try to have a conversation about the next great American buffalo.

36. Smell your own fart. (Jack ‘18 actually did this.)

37. Touch your nose with your tongue.

37. Solve Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

38. Seduce your high school math teacher. (Jack ‘18 actually did this.)

39. Revive a wooly mammoth from DNA.

40. Relive the plot of National Treasure.

41. Find a hole in The Pixar Multi-Universe Theory. (Publish findings on your blog.)

42. Retroactively start blog.

43. Kiss a rhino. (With or without tongue—your choice!)

44. Learn to play poker. 

45. Play sports.

46. Become an olympic athlete. (I’m coming for you, Michael Phelps.)

47. Collect your debts. (Who owes you money??)

48. Invent your own calendar.

49. Make faces behind a reporter on the field. 

50. Make compilation of best moments from news blooper compilations. (Because no one’s ever done that and Wesley ‘18 really wants to see it.)

51. “Wonder is the seed of knowledge.” —Francis Bacon

52. Find a unicorn. If none is available, find a horse and stick a horn on it.

53. Attend Halloween party.

54. Read The Art of War. (Jack ‘18 actually did this in preparation for having a roommate.)

55. Mentally and emotionally and physically prepare for having a roommate. (Learn to fence.)

56. Limber up. Daily.

57. Do a pull-up. (One.)

58. Learn to do your own laundry. (Seriously.)

59. Learn routine maintenance (of your possessions and of yourself).

60. Take a shower. 

61. Find your scent. (Jack ‘18 = nag champa, Will ‘17 = the lights of men’s lives, Wesley ‘18 = sandalwood and lavender, Katie ‘17 = lavender) 

62. Listen to “Like a Virgin” by Madonna. (Fun Fact: Music Faculty Kitty Brazelton wrote this song.)

63. Read The Secret History

64. Decide whether or not you’re interested in Bennington history. 

65. Curate your wardrobe.

66. Figure out how to shop.

67. Say hi to Dylan.

68. Say bye to Stephanie.

69. Seduce Stacy’s Mom.

70. Carry Hera across river. Lose sandal in process.

71. Part the Red Sea.

72. Catch the snitch.

73. Put Sea back.

74. Snap fingers in a Z-formation.

75. Stay strong.

76. Learn about ancestry. (Tell no one.)

77. Challenge all your friends to a typing contest. 

78. Wrestle with self-loathing. (Lose.)

79. Discover botany and forestry.

80. Master iambic pentameter. (Will ‘17 did this.)

81. Try Magic the Gathering.

82. Learn to drive. (Katie ‘17 regrets not doing this.)

83. Collect stamps. 

84. Mail postcards.

85. Achieve nirvana.

86. Slip slowly into madness.

87. Hot tub. (Time machine.)

88. Knit a sock. Just one.

89. Hold a ceremony for roadkill.

90. Determine what kind of dog you and all your friends are. (Tell only Mark Ruffalo.)

91. Write a letter to Jack ‘18 telling them how amazing they are. (Send three dollars.) (Address: Jack Lindsay, Bennington College, One College Drive, Bennington VT 05201)

92. Alternate between deep breathing and labored breathing exercises.

93. Try chess.

94. Master death.

95. Master Card. (Seriously, learn about finances.)

96. Figure out everything you’re embarrassed to not know. (Trust us, more will come.)

97. Watch Arrested Development. 

98. Write draft plan essay. (Ash ‘18 actually did this! It’s in the office! Come see it!) 

99. Be sure to thank all the people who have helped get you to this point.

100. Think about all the amazing opportunities that await you.

101. Dalmatians.


Sleeping Beauty Castle, from below by Pietro Bellini
Via Flickr:
@Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland with a side of dessert

Chris Evans X Y/N.

Warnings:Sex, language. Not much else really.


Y/N is in a interview alongside Chris Evans, during so it’s revealed that  she’s never gone to Disneyland and Chris can’t fathom the idea. Being the gentleman that he is, he vows to take you to Disneyland because… everyone should go at least once in their life.  

Y/n  smile as her nerves tempt to get the best of her, James Corden is slowly making his way down the sofa, asking both fan and random questions that he found. Chris Evans was the first to go, answering the obvious questions. “What does he think about the new direction Cap is going? Does he see a real love interest with Agent 13 and Cap? How many dogs does he own? Is he more a dog man or cat man?” 

Y/N watched Chris answer the questions with enthusiasm and nervousness, he smiled too much and struggled to convey what he truly meant sometimes. However as James cards of question dwindled down, she knew it was close to being her turn. Which normally wouldn’t be a problem but she was late for rehearsals and had no clue what she would be asked. 

The English talk show host starts off simple, “where was she born, what was her favorite subject” and as the questions progress they become different in nature, some personal others ridiculous. It’s the second to last question that gets a reaction she didn’t expect. 

“Now, Y/N, is it true that you’ve never been to Disneyland?” Some of the audience members gasp with shock as James finishes his question. 

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I’m so hyped for the Anaheim Wings tour and I’m 99.9% sure that bts will stop by Disneyland because namjin needs to have a cute fluffy date eating flower ice cream

snapdragon-princess  asked:

for the yoi love-children au, what are the kids' phone covers like???

this was a very interesting ask!! so i decided to sketch some. I didn’t do all of them for now, but just a small part

mamoru loves donuts, we all know. on the cover he has two purikura he did with milo last time they went to japan. the donald strap was a present by milo from disneyland 

milo’s cover is with madonna’s rebel heart tour logo. the goofy charm is in pair with mamoru’s, he bought it when his family went to disneyland for lilia’s birthday

jr’s phone case was a present from his siblings so he treasures it a lot. he think it has a cool design. his previous cover was with red hot chili pepper’s logo

noah loves cats very much (in fact his instagram id is noah_meow)

joshua is a fervent exo-l so his phone is all exo-themed

jasmine thinks mike wazowski is very cute and has a lot of stuff mike-themed

this just summarize alex’s character perfectly. you’ll know more about him soon

I’ll draw the others’ as soon as a good idea comes for them! 

anonymous asked:

Could you please write some Jackcrutchie at Disney or something? Maybe with dealing with his disability in such a crowded place?

Sorry it took so long to get to this. I’ve got one month left in this semester and it is killing me. Ugh. Anyway, to all other anons, I am getting to your stories. Please, just be a little patient. They’ll be here. Anyway, Disney. Let’s do this.

Crutchie took his place in the line to get churros. That’s all Katherine had told them to do: eat the churros at Disneyland. No rides she recommended, no shows. Just churros. Not that Crutchie would complain. It was a fabulous excuse for a cinnamon-sugary treat. 

The line had queued up rather quickly and, though Crutchie wasn’t stationary for very long, the line certainly wasn’t moving faster than a crawl. Some large man in a sweat-stained gray shirt was demanding the employee give him a free churro because he had already bought the “goddamn tickets to the park and didn’t that come with a godforsaken churro?” Crutchie sighed. It would be a long day in the Happiest Place on Earth.

As he stood there and waited, soft whispers from behind him caught his attention. “No, it’s to get passes. You fake a limp or something and then they let you skip all the lines.”

“That’s stupid. Just stand in line with the rest of us.”

Crutchie bristled at the comments, but was saved from having to comment by the woman in front of him taking her churros and leaving. Forcing a smile onto his face, Crutchie greeted the worker kindly. “Can I get two churros, please?”

Behind him, Crutchie heard, “Bet he tries to get them for free, too.”

The worker must not have heard, because she simply smiled, handed him the churros, and accepted the money. Crutchie turned, glaring at the whisperers behind him. Both were teenagers, probably just barely in high school. “Just a pair of idiots,” Crutchie muttered to himself. He just needed to get back to where Jack was watching their stuff, eat the churros, and forget all of this had happened.

Just as he edged past the two teenagers, one of the boys stuck his foot out, catching the tip of Crutchie’s forearm crutch. Crutchie tried to maintain his balance with his other crutch, but the other boy kicked at that one as well. Crutchie hit the hot cement hard, the churros flattened instantly between his chest and the ground. He lay there for a moment, wincing in pain; he hadn’t been able to catch his fall quick enough and his chin had taken the brunt of the impact. There would surely be a bruise, Crutchie realized as he tenderly worked his jaw and tested its movement. 

As Crutchie refocused on his surroundings, he noticed a crowd of curious onlookers had gathered around him. Someone kept asking if he was okay and Crutchie finally managed to push himself up into a sitting position. “Yeah, I’m fine,” he grunted, rubbing at his jaw. He glanced at the two snickering teenagers, who didn’t even have the decency to look away guiltily.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” some old lady was asking. Someone had produced a wheelchair and Crutchie waved it away.

“I’m fine.” He stuck to the two words because he was worried that if he kept talking, the embarrassment and pain of it all would catch up to him and he’d be unable to keep the tears at bay. He wiped the crushed churros off of his shirt, dismayed at the waste of money. They had been expensive and he had just wanted to try one. Was that too much to ask for? One churro? One for him and one for Jack?

Jack. Where was he? Crutchie glanced up and blinked in surprise at two churros in his face. “Here, you can have these,” the good Samaritan offered.

“No, I’m fine,” Crutchie bit out, standing up. He wobbled slightly as his head spun at the movement, but he would be fine. When the man kept persistently trying to press the churros into Crutchie’s hand, Crutchie muttered in irritation, “No. I’m fine. I don’t want the stupid churros.”

He just wanted Jack. Where was Jack? “Let me through,” Crutchie tried, pushing through the people. He hated crowds. Why did he ever even agree to come to Disneyland? This all sucked and Crutchie just wanted to find Jack and go home. “Let me through,” he repeated and the visitors must have noticed the fire in his eyes, because they parted, letting him pass through.

Across the walkway, seated on the bench was Jack, scrolling through his phone. Crutchie quickly crossed over and collapsed on the bench next to his boyfriend. “Hey, you got churros?” Jack asked, looking up. Crutchie merely shook his head and Jack glanced at him in confusion, noting cinnamon still clinging to his shirt, the red scrapes across his chin, and the faint glimmer of tears held back in his eyes. Much softer, Jack asked, “Hey, what’s wrong? What happened?”

“I just want to go home. This place sucks,” Crutchie muttered. “You can stay, but I think I’m going to go back to the hotel.” Crutchie shifted, as if to stand up, but Jack tugged him back down.

“No, wait. What happened back there?”

Crutchie shook his head. “It doesn’t really matter, okay? Now, can I get the hotel key card? I think I left mine in the room.”

Jack started stuffing a map into his backpack. “You wanna go, we can go.”

“No, Jack, the tickets were expensive. I don’t want you to miss out just because of my stupid leg.”

“I’m not missing anything because of your leg,” Jack pointed out. “Did someone say something?”

Crutchie sighed. “It was just these two teenagers. They were idiots. Kept saying things about me faking for passes, and… After I got the churros, they tripped me and… I’m sorry,” Crutchie finished. 

“For what?”

“For crushing the churros.” He hesitated before adding, “For holding you back with my leg.”

“Okay, for one thing,” Jack began quickly, “I don’t care about the churros. Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

Crutchie shrugged. “I broke the fall with my jaw. My hands were full. It still stings a little.”

Jack gently leaned forward, kissing Crutchie’s jaw. “There. Now it’ll get better soon.” Once Crutchie had smiled at that, Jack continued, “Second, I don’t want you to ever think you’re holding me back. I don’t care whether you have one leg, two legs, or three. I love you, Crutch. Not your limbs.” He waited once more for Crutchie to smile shyly, before adding, “And, third, who tripped you, because I’m going to knock some sense into them.”

“Don’t worry ‘bout it,” Crutchie waved Jack’s concern away. “I’m fine. They’re just idiots. Let ‘em go.”

“On one condition,” Jack agreed. 

“What’s that?”

“Well, two conditions, I guess.”

Crutchie laughed a little. “I don’t know. Seems a little steep, to me,” he teased.

“You don’t even know what my conditions are!” Jack cried out in indignation.

“Fine, what are your conditions?”

“I won’t go after them if you let me go get us some churros because Katherine will kill us if we don’t have any. And, if we go ride Space Mountain first.”

Crutchie studied Jack for a moment. “I don’t know… Those are pretty hard to agree to… Space Mountain?”

“Fine, what do you suggest?”

“Make it Tower of Terror and I’m yours.”

Jack frowned. “That’s in the other park,” he complained.

“Oh, shut up. We have those park-hopper passes.”

Jack relented, kissing Crutchie. “Only for you. Now come on, we’re running out of daylight!”

“It’s 9 in the morning!”

“Yeah, and this kid,” Jack said, gesturing to himself, “ain’t getting any younger!”