this was freaking hilarious omfg

One White Lie

One White Lie by komodobits
Rating: T
Word Count: 11,200
Summary: Castiel takes a deep breath and rings the doorbell. He doesn’t need to run through what he’s going to say – he’s already planned and edited and rehearsed it a thousand times. He is going to ask Dean Winchester out to dinner. If it’s not too forward, he’ll say, perfectly charming. You see, I’ve seen you around the neighbourhood and you always seem so earnest and I’d really like to get to know you bette— The door swings open, and Castiel panics.
He intends to excuse himself. He means to apologise and come back some other time. However, in a moment of blind fear, what comes out of his mouth instead are the words, “Could you spare a moment for Jesus Christ?”

OMFG! This fic was freaking hilarious. Crack pure and simple. Castiel’s inner dialog was a thing of disturbed beauty - the poor man. The things that come out of his mouth are at complete odds with what he really wants to say. And he just keeps digging the hole deeper and deeper. I often laugh and move on with fics like this, but this one just demanded to be shared. Don’t drink and read unless you enjoy spitting across the room!

kunaigirl  asked:

Imagine Wirt and Jason waking up after a night of heavy make outs and Jason starts freaking out because he's got marks all over his neck and doesn't have anything to cover it up and then Wirt notices he has some too and also begins to freak out so they panic and Wirt suddenly yells "DON'T WORRY MY MOM HAS STUFF" so they go into Wirt's mom's room and get into the cover up and this morning became known as "The great make-up fiasco"


like omg these losers nooo they get makeup everywhere and it’s a disaster gOD

greg finds them and tells the girls about what happened. they never let wirt and jason live it down.