this was for my photo class actually

How to study effectively
  • Set yourself achievable goals.
    Never try to fool yourself into thinking you will read 10 chapters every day, run at least 5 miles, clean the whole house and manage 1 huge assignment in 1 hour.
    This won’t work, you know that and you’re just fooling yourself.
    Be realistic. Read 1 chapter, but actually read it, not highlight every word there. Read it again, make a summary of it, close the book, explain the material to somebody else or just write it down in bullet points. Do a 20 minute work out. Clean your table. Write 500 words of that 2k essay (or write 100 words, or 50, hovewer much you can actually write)\
  • Take breaks frequently, but not longer than 20 minutes.
    I am a big fan of pomodoro technique when studying because it gives me a sense of a timeline that doesn’t allow to check on my phone, on my email- anything. Once you decide to ‘i’ll rest for a bit’ that bit turns out to be 5 hours on tumblr and bam - you’re not sleeping at night because your deadline is due. 
    Set a timer for yourself. 25 minutes of reading, 5 minutes break. After 3 cicles make a big 15 minutes break. After another 3 cicles take half an hour. Set yourself the exact amount of time  you will work, and the exact amount of time you will rest. 
  • Turn off your Tumblr/Twitter/Youtube.
    No explanation necessary
  • Understand what you’re reading.
    I can’t stress enough about this one, because in my 4 years of studying in med school i realized just how many people try to memorize exactly what is written instead of understanding the concept.
    Listen, your memory will fail you. You’re not a perfect database that can reach for any data file that you need any time. People forget  things, this is how our brains operate. 
    Logic will never fail you. This is so important to understand to all of you in medicine, that if you understand the basic you can always draw conclusions from that.
    For example, it is no problem for me to answer the question like ‘Clinical manifestation of pneumonia’ because i understand the pathogenesis, and just draw logical conclusion. This is what clinical thinking is based upon, basically
  • Don’t do things just because everybody do them.
    Make notes for yourself, not for a pretty tumblr post. I used to spend a lot of time and money on those but they were less effective than messier quicker not very photo ready notes that i made, but those were actually more helpful.
    Notes are here to help you, not to make an appearance of studying.
    A lot of my classmates spend hours taking notes but once they come to class it’s like they just mechanically copied the textbook without actually realizing what they wrote. Which is why my point of understanding what you study is important in note taking, notes are just a quick summary you can go back to, some details you might have troubles remembering, they are helping you revise not read from when you are asked a question. 
University Advice: How to Make Friends

1. It’s ok if your room/flatmates aren’t your bffs. Out of my first flat 2/6 of them are still my friends and we’re not close at all.

2. Talk to everyone. Some people say this is only acceptable in the first two/three weeks but I’m halfway through and I still talk to loads of new people PRO TIP: the girls bathroom is actually such a nice place to do this

3. Get people to add themselves on your facebook/in your contacts if you click. If they add themselves it’s not a problem if you’ve forgotten their name. Also if they add themselves to your contacts get them to take a photo.

4. Actually talk to these people that you like. Message them, organise meals out/club nights/movie nights/throw a party.

5. Obligatory tip about joining societies even though I have never done this.

6. Practical classes are a really good way to meet people/friends. I can’t speak for every subject but in biosciences we do a lot of waiting around.

7. Hang out with your friends and their friends. I’ve just been invited to a Disney house party (ngl my dream) by someone I met through a few of my friends. One of my close friends was a friend of my flatmate.

8. Jobs are great ways to meet people. I always have fun when I’m working for my uni with the people I work with and the girls I’m working with next summer are already tight on the group chat. We’ve made Disney channel puns.

9. Group chats are wonderful. Add groups of friends so y’all can all talk - it takes away the intensity of a one to one.

10. “But I’m an introvert! I can’t do these!” Ok firstly, I am also an introvert. I spend a lot of time by myself. Just because you are an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t meet people easily. It’ll only be awkward if you believe it’ll be awkward. Approaching meeting people with an attitude of “I’m an introvert I can’t do this” isn’t going to help.

11. Baking things is always nice and is a good icebreaker. Brownies are magical. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

12. Don’t feel like you have to drink (alcohol) at parties in order to make friends.

13. Nice gestures go such a long way.

14. Don’t stress about this. It’ll happen. You don’t need to grab onto everyone you meet in the first few weeks.

6 May 2017 || ig || May Study Challenge 

Day 6: How much of your stationery and study materials travel with you to class? How much is left at your study space?

This is a photo of my pencil case. I actually don’t need that many pens and pencils etc in class, but I take them with me in case I have a spare minute to work on my bullet journal or to rewrite my notes. Other than that, I have a spiral A4 notebook for class notes and folders for my English classes. Everything else (textbooks, other pens and pencils, rewritten notes, graded exercises etc) stays at home. 

Moaning Mona Lisa [m]

Genre: Smut/Fluff ⚠️ (Oral? Taehyung’s tongue? idk lmao)

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 3297 he’s my bias… I got carried away… I’m sorry…

Summary: Taehyung can’t finish his painting until his muse can relax…

A/N: This is the fourth installment of my Spring Day drabbles series! I only have three left to do. They should be up later this week! Check out my other ones thru the link at the end of this post 😊

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Auston Matthews #3 - Tall

Anon asked: since youre also a certified tall person, can you write one abt being tall (like around 6 ft)? matthews preferably. Thank you so much and i love your stuff!!!!

So I guess just a disclaimer of sorts - I do not know the heights of any of the Maple Leafs SOs, for the purpose of this story I am just imagining they are all around 5′7″ or below so there is an apparent height difference. The general plot of this imagine was taken from an personal event in which I was the only girl in a photo in the line of boys. I have gotten much more chill about my height as I have gotten older. Anon I hope you enjoy this! 

Growing up you had always been the tallest in your class, that included out of the boys. It wasn’t so much of an issue when you were in elementary school, it was actually beneficial in some aspects. You were picked first often when everyone was playing sports because your longer legs made you faster than the others. Middle school was a rough patch because that was the time when boys and girls were starting to like each other and no boy liked being the short one in the relationship. High school is when it started to even out again; boys hit their growth spurts and you were no longer the tallest. You learned to use your height to your advantage and when playing sports, it made you almost unbeatable.  

Your boyfriend Auston had three inches on you, so on a normal day all was right in the world. It wasn’t until after he was drafted and invited to yet another fancy charity gala that your insecurities made a reappearance. He needed a new suit and you needed a new dress so to make the whole shopping process more bearable you decided to go together. You tried on dress after dress and none of them sat right on your frame. Either the waist rode too high or the skirt wasn’t long enough and soon you grew frustrated.

The one you were wearing was shorter than you would have even thought to try on but Auston had picked it out so you tried it on anyway. It was supposed to hit just above your knee but instead stopped mid-thigh. There was no way you could sit in this dress without it riding all the way up your leg. You emerged from the dressing room to be met with wolf whistles from your boyfriend.

“Auston I can’t so much as turn without feeling like everything is going to be on display.”
“Well I like it,” he said a little too quickly.

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anonymous asked:

How do people have the time to decorate class notes? Is it done after class or are studyblrs just super quick?? Give me the secrets!

ROFL okay firstly, I’ll let you know my stance before telling you how to do it. 

I know how those studyblrs do it, but I personally don’t do it myself because I know it’s a waste of time - why does decorating something affect how efficiently and effectively you can learn something? Colour coding and segmentation is effective, don’t get me wrong, but going as far as to “decorate” your notes with pretty drawings… Saying that “it motivates me to study” and stuff is all an excuse to waste time feeling like you’re doing something productive tbh I know this because I’ve done it once when I was younger lol 

There are plenty of ways to motivate yourself to study that don’t include brush lettering and drawing pictures, and most of the time, good study habits just involve discipline at its core

Yeah decorating is nice, but admit it, it’s time consuming and inefficient, and doesn’t work at a higher education/university level (maybe only if you’re taking a low course load or first year - otherwise you’ll sacrifice valuable time that can give you a high distinction/distinction grade). 

But of course I’ve read numerous answers to this by those studyblrs themselves. I don’t mind telling you how they actually do it; it’s your choice whether to use that poison or not. 

Firstly: doing notes after class

The vast majority of those studyblrs (when asked) usually reply “oh those aren’t my class notes, I rewrite them after class”. What they do is that they note take in two ways:

  1. Take normal dot points, but leaving spaces for decoration - they then go home and highlight, brush letter, draw pictures, etc. to make notes attractive and take a photo for their studyblr. 
  2. Write really messily and quickly to get the information down - then go home and rewrite everything, switching pen colours and highlighting as they go, line-by-line. 

Obviously the more effective one is the first one. 

Secondly: just “super quick”

These few people will bring their brush lettering kit or whatever art supplies they need to class (and usually have a massive pencil case as a result). They will usually be proficient with brush lettering/drawing already or are the kids who do arts as hobbies. 

They can brush letter as quickly as they write, so it’s no big deal for them to do only the heading in brush lettering, then proceed to note take as normal, and then do any highlighting, underlining, etc. when the teacher pauses speaking. This way is significantly less effort, so if you’re looking for pretty looking notes, this is more effective, but you need to have some decorating skills on the fly, that kind of thing. 

Decorating notes isn’t for everyone - some people have a lot of other commitments in addition to school, and so don’t have the time for this - think carefully about whether it works for you. And just a last reminder that it’s not sustainable at a university level, particularly in higher years, and especially if you still want distinction/high distinction results. 

Hope that helps! ^_^

what’s up, next saturday i’m gonna be nerding out at mcm london as miss quill from bbc class, do come & say hi!! (also…sorry for the terrible quality of this photo lol. i had others but tumblr couldn’t deal & i can’t technology rip)


SINCE JANUARY FIRST 2015 TO TODAY, DECEMBER 28TH 2015 I HAVE DOCUMENTED EVERY DINGLE FUCKIGN MEME THAT WAS WIDESPREAD ON THIS GOD FORESAKEN WEBSITE, and yes I may not have been all scientific about it like some other people, but guess what this was a years worth of work and if this doesnt get some notes i ‘m going to scream

so, the memes of 2015, in a sort of chronological order but not for all of them:

  • “Sure Jan.”
  • year of neon genisis evangelion
  • Actually the entire brady bunch movie
  • reverse rick rolling
  • Miyazaki talking shit bout stuff (which tbh tho otaku culture is really messing up japan as a whole so this is sort of a serious thing idk man)
  • captain america civil war
  • i’m a jaded teenage girl.  i’ve been through shit that you wouldn’t even dream of.  you think life is hardd? try asking the cutest guy in the grade out in the middle of the cafeteria only to find out he had a fucking girlfriend.
  • Innapropiate audition songs
  • Dick cheney made money off the Iraq war
  • if you’re reading this it’s too late
  • *looks at smudged writing on hand*
  • Hoe don’t do it… Oh my god
  • Natalia kills
  • Uptown funk counts as a meme
  • The thing with all the emojis and send this to ten people
  • jet fuel can’t melt steel beams
  • Sausage movement
  • Taking the text from like a TV show title and editing it to say new shit.  I don’t even know if this meme has a name.  
  • garnet, amethyst, and (thing that isn’t pearl)
  • 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
  • Russia made memes illegal (I am gay gay gay I like long big cocks)
  • Paul Blart Mall Cop
  • rare pepe
  • *opens buzzfeed* … *closes buzzfeed*
  • sonic for real justice DOWN WITH MOD AMY. JUSTICE FOR MOD SILVER
  • barber: what you want –> barber: say no more
  • take me to snurch (snail church)
  • snake people, or sneople (two seperate memes)
  • She called me ugly I said “bitch swhere” she said “Under all that makeup” i said “bITCH SWHERE????!!!”
  • #thisgeneration
  • mcfreakin lose it
  • down with cis
  • minions
  • just gals being pals
  • where you live you’re first language what you call this [then an image]
  • you’re a kid you’re a squid
  • knife sharpening truck
  • gothic
  • af gifsets
  • me: 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right thereright there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit
  • cheeky nandos with the lads
  • anti coleslaw (coleslaw is great but everyone hates it apparently)
  • like is there a college aged woman who thinks quasadillas are a mystery?
  • cute gender neuteral terms for your partner
  • the author of the journals… my brother
  • siri what’s 0 divided by 0
  • iPhone restart
  • the jurrassic world scene with chriss pratt being ike “k stay back” to the dinosaurs
  • The gif with rihanna flipping her hand and wiking
  • minion hate (srsly tho they’re everywhere and i hate it)
  • BUSH DID 9/11
  • if there were two guys on the moon and one killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what
  • zoobe
  • me, shoving breadsticks into purse: sorry i have to leave right now immediately
  • #growingup_____ (growinguphispanic, growingupblack, growingupshy, growingupasian, etc.)
  • gun
  • okay… that sounds fake but okay
  • old american infomercials (ANim aL CRackE R s iN My sOUP)
  • you’ve heard of ________, now get ready for ______
  • X: stop telling everybody i’m dead! y: sometime’s i can still hear their voice
  • straight outta
  • the one where it’s like somebody is lost in  crowd so soebody else yells something offensive to find them
  • critically analyzing spongebob
  • netflix and chill
  • banksy
  • i hate when people dress like this… we get it you smoke weed
  • And now… back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press the other day Miley what’s good?“
  • ”And now… back to this bitch that had a lot to say about me in the press. Miley, what’s good?“
  • dan nicky your bobbie s
  • kidnapper: say it me: no kidnpper: say it me: *spits at them* fuck you
  • psychologist: *reads my mind* my mind: SCREAMING psychologhist: what the fuck
  • speech bubble meme (Like the character has a speech bubble so they’re saying a text post or something)
  • vine
  • ʷʰʸ ᵗʰᵉ fᵘͨᵏ ʸºᵘ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ʷʰʸ ʸºᵘ ᵃˡʷᵃʸˢ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ, ᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐᵐ ºʰ ᵐʸ ᵍºᵈ ˢᵗºp fᵘͨᵏ'ⁿ ˡʸʸʸ'ⁿ
  • *violins* ……run. BOW BOW BABABABABBAA
  • does “I aint get no sleep cuz of ya’ll!” count
  • me: *takes a deep breath* i lo-
  • kinkshame
  • relatable
  • dog of wisdom (ha da ba ga. ha bada ba gaga)
  • draw the squad/otp like this should count as a meme by this point
  • pokemon go (pokemon in real life)
  • [series] personality quizzes be like
  • …….anyways
  • u gotta
  • Putting fucking Halsey lyrics and other “deep” shit on Spongebob screencaps this one was funny until i saw a marina and the diamonds one and now i just feel disrespected
  • Concept; me
  • (Taylor Swift™ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2008©)
  • I’m the X
  • october 21st 2015 (back to the future)
  • poot lavato (this meme is actualy really shitty but it’s still a meme like nmot just a bad meme just like ableist and misogonystic and urgh)
  • the outfits for doing shti with 1d like burying harry alive outfit charts
  • hotline bling
  • “do you ever look at somebody and wonder, ‘what is going on inside their head?’”
  • the ufo in LA
  • the time shia labouef screened all of his movies for three days straight and he streamed it but he didnt stream teh movies he streamed himself watching the movie
  • pineapple pizza discourse (it’s fucking disgusting if u like it please evaluate your descisions)
  • money cat (and similar posts)
  • 47 lamborginis
  • [tumblr user] is stealing bones!
  • feudal lord/handmaiden
  • in this world it’s kill or be killed
  • replace “feminism” with
  • loss.jpg made an impressive comeback
  • 2015 in a nutshell
  • “the stars sure are beautiful tonight”
  • tubbs the cat discourse
  • hobo and glunkus
  • star wars opening crawl
  • also from star wars, the ine storm trooper who yells “TRAITOR” in the force awakens

renmugi-deactivated20170330  asked:

Hey, first of all, i want to say I admire you and you inspire me lots. So, I have problems when it comes to my characters and their features as, in one drawing I'll have them looking good and like they should be, but in the other, it doesn't look like them at all. I think that could be because of my anatomy or my "style". Do you have any tips? That could help improve that

Thank you bby <3

I still struggle with this, but I think I’m figuring it out. Here’s my advice from what I’m learning now:

  • Portrait Studies! I like to gather lots of portraits of different models from fashion blogs and sketch them. Using different faces seems a bit backwards since what we’re struggling with is keeping a consistent appearance for a character, but it has its uses. I guess it lets me see how many small details there are in faces and allows me more control/confidence when creating a face and then being able to recreate it accurately. It clarifies the vague vision of the face I have in my head and my drawing habits are less likely to take over. Here’s a video which is similar to the stuff I’ve been learning in college that helps when drawing from anything. And here’s a link to my fashion tag on my inspiration blog if you want to practice on some faces too :)

  • Stare at your friends(???) Whenever my friends are talking to me I usually just look at different parts of their faces that I want to learn how to draw. It might not necessarily help drawing in that moment as much as sketching would, but it keeps me interested and gives me something to work on when I actually get down to drawing someone.

  • Draw your friends! My class has gotten to the point where we’re comfortable with taking candid photos of each other while we work or hang out and draw each other for our assignments or just personal works. I didn’t have many artist friends as passionate about art so I’m used to doing it by myself. It gets lonely so if you feel me just try take advantage of having friends, even if they aren’t all artists!

  • Loosen up! This one is going to sound a bit odd because I agree that if you are good at something, never do it for free…. BUT from my experience it’s a lot more rewarding to just have fun with things. I’m not saying that you should give away everything you do for free, it’s just there’s nothing wrong with placing more value on the experience you gain from drawing a friend if they ask sometimes. You will get paying customers so there’s no need to fret over a free portrait study. Find the balance between emotional and financial rewards of creating art.

  • Iterative Drawing! I came across one of Sycra’s videos where he explains one of his methods for improving his art. I sometimes struggle to practice this one because it requires owning up to mistakes which takes courage and a lot of self love haha. When it is practiced, it does have amazing results almost instantly. You can apply this to remembering your character’s face and refining it to the point where you’re confident with how they look!

I really hope this helps :) I look forward to seeing where you go with this advice! Remember to be breathe and be patient with yourself <3

The Devil You Know Part 43

Beginning: The Devil You Know Part 1

Warning: Cussing

The Devil You Know Part 43

Chapter 77  

“I’m sorry.” Melinda said, shaking her head as she wipe tears from her face. “I was remember that night.”

“It’s fine honey.” Jane said, placing her hand on Melinda’s shoulder. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah.” Melinda said, nodding her head. “It wasn’t a bad memory to be honest. He was actually really sweet, kind, funny, and romantic. Everything you would want a man to be. I think that’s when I really started falling for him.”

Negan was about to say something, when Jane shook her head. He nodded and looked back down.

“Hell, I actually uh..” Melinda said, at her glass and back over at Jane. “I was actually the one jumping his bones that night. We were going out it like a bunch of jack rabbits.” She laugh and shook her head. “That’s the night when I got pregnant with Zoe. Is it…Is it..” She looked back at her glass.

“Is it what Mel?” Jane said, leaning closer to her. “It’s okay, you can ask anything.”

“Is it weird that I’m glad it was that night I got pregnant?” Melinda said, looking up at Jane as she sat her glass down. “Because it wasn’t one of those nights when he force himself on me. Because it was a night we had an actual moment we had together. It was something that was beautiful.”

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luckyfsh replied to your post “I would really welcome some prompts for Les Mis fluff right now if…”

R + e + crepes + vaguely awkward morning after??

Enjolras woke to the smell of something cooking, rolling over and blinking at the sunlight that poured through his window. His head is fuzzy, and there’s an ache in his jaw that is steadily growing as he becomes more conscious. He frowns, trying to think of who could possibly be cooking in his apartment when Combeferre moved out a week ago. Feuilly, maybe? Or possibly a less-than-malevolent robber? He attempts to leave his bed, but finds standing to be difficult, landing with a thump on his bed.

“Enjolras? Are you awake?” A low, distinctly familiar voice calls from the kitchen, and Enjolras is suddenly very awake. 

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When did I start to like Sakura?
Or better yet, why do I LOVE her?


Let me bring you way back into my childhood.
And I apologize because whenever people ask me this in person, I normally just say “BECAUSE SHE IS AMAZING, OK?”
and have never really told people the real reason why I love her so much, so I guess this is the perfect time to do it?


I, myself, was about 12 or 13 during the time, and could care less about her. I was pretty blinded by all the really cool characters like Sasuke, Neji, and Kakashi. Pff. It was normal, I mean, I wasn’t really checking out the female character at the time. I mean…she was okaaaayy. She had pink hair and that was cool, but other than that, her attitude was more humorous then it was awe inspiring. If anything, I was interested with Hinata. She was incredibly cute, from personality to appearance.

During this time, I was heavily bullied. I’ve had paperclips shot at my face, I was teased for having acne (occassionally called pizza face), and also teased because I didn’t shave my legs. Oh, not to mention I was teased for liking anime, and I was the only kid in my class to actually like drawing. (I went to a private school where there was only one graduating class each year). My bullying got so bad to the point that I had tried to commit suicide on countless occassions. I was sent to a therapist who said that nothing was my fault and it was all the bullies (who were literally the whole class). I had no friends, and the friends I did have only liked me so they wouldn’t be in trouble.

I sought solace in manga and anime, and Naruto was one of the first ones I read. I empathized with Naruto and during Sakura’s childhood flashback scenes, I slowly grew to appreciate her more.

Fast Forward and now I am this overweight, depressed, lonely, out of place, teenager. 

Here’s some visual reference. I don’t have many photos of my weight, I never liked to take pictures and when I did I hid in the back. I’m actually pretty embarrassed to put this up, uggghh.

My bullying was no longer in the classrooms, but in my family. I was raised with 9 male cousins, all are incredibly attractive and talented. I have one female cousin and an older sister, and they are often complimented, both are beautiful and mistaken for models a LOT. Then there was me, overweight and unhappy. The most compliments I would ever get was, “You would be so pretty without all the acne”. I used to work in a bakery, and I would get customers who would say things like, “do you wash your face everyday?” or “you have so much acne!”

I was depressed, unmotivated, unhappy, and angry with my life. I hated practically everyone and I hid myself most of the times.



I kid you not.
She literally changed my life.
The moment she began her growth, it was an inspiration to me. She did not have a kekkai genkai, she did not come from a high shinobi clan, she was overshadowed by two teammates who had great potential since the beginning, and she was seemingly useless. Then she trained, worked hard, grew, and became the badass she is now.
I use Sakura for a lot of my inspirations. She was literally just a regular girl with nothing out of the ordinary who worked her ass off and became God Tier. I cannot express how much she has changed my life and saved me.

I started working on myself, I started working out and lost 20 almost 30 lbs, my mind is growing healthier from meditation all because this seemingly useless kunoichi character changed her lifestyle which inspired me to do so as well.

I cant really explain to you how I grew to like her in great detail, but I will tell you that I went from ‘whatever’ to 'omfg i am so in love with you girl you are my queen’ during the span of my childhood.

So whenever I see Sakura bashings, I get a bit offended and/or upset because really, if Sakura Haruno never existed, I’m almost scared to see where the hell I would’ve been growing up.

I took some photos from my Instagram because I never really took selfies back then? But because I appreciate my body so much more, and I love my self so much more, I started taking more care of myself. My confidence is a lot higher, my self-esteem is actually there, and…idk, I’m just happy now, and it’s all thanks to the queeen. orz orz. 

Also, if you guys love Sakura Haruno ;o; follow me on my IG!! :DDD Or KIK/LINE ME! Message me for my info *3* 


guess who has a shop now? (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

preorders are open for prints for the above pieces! once I get the designs finalized as photoshop files and I get a proof of the print, I’ll update the listings with photos of the actual prints. I’ll be doing more lettering pieces in the near future (currently have two SoC ones I’m gonna work on in between class assignments) and adding those as well. I’m open to requests! if you’d like to get an idea of books I’ve read, feel free to shoot me an ask here or on my personal over at @suns-abs

reblogs are greatly appreciated! <3

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Remember when Hillary Clinton hired Debbie wasserman Schultz to rig the primaries against Bernie Sanders??? I love that part! Also Omg remember when the Clinton foundation stole 10 billion dollars from Haiti?????? I just love that woman so much! #QueenOfFeminism

Remember when Bernie Sanders, Mr Independent himself, pretended he was a Democrat because no one would know who the fuck he was if he didn’t have a party attached to his name??? Some might call that selling out, hmmm. Remember Bernie’s extensive legislative record in getting Bills passed??? Oh yeah, there is none. Oops. Or that rape essay of his - yeah, real pro women there. Or when he dismissed the black vote, because who cares about anyone else but  white working class folks?!? Bernie sure doesn’t. Or when he attended one Civil Rights rally and pretended he was a great crusader for equal rights - attending one rally does not equate to actually doing anything. And then of course there’s his great record on opposing the gun lobby… oh wait, yeah, he’s pro gun lobby. Damn. At least he released his tax returns though. Oh yeah… can only say “kinda” there. Or there was that time when he dumped toxic waste in Latino communities because Bernie couldn’t bear to see it dumped in white working class communities. Or my favourite, when he pretended Hillary had done nothing for health care when he’s actually in a photo with her when she tried to get her reforms through as First Lady. Yeah, Bernie, the #KingOfProgressives!

Bernie lost because Bernie sucks. Fuck off, Asshole!

Dear Friend,

April 30, 2017

I almost forgot what it was like to feel wanted. 
I almost forgot what it was like to feel important. 
I almost forgot what it was like to feel appreciated. 
I almost forgot what it was like to feel loved.

I had forgotten all these feelings because I started to believe that they didn’t exist for me anymore. 
It has been a while that I’ve felt any of these emotions. 
Ever since my ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend got together, I thought I was ruined. 

I thought I was never going to find anyone that could possibly like me, until I met someone new last week. 
He’s been a good distraction, but he’s not just that. 
He’s something more, and I really like him.
It’s calming to finally not have people who constantly hurt you on your mind. 
He’s been helping with that and I genuinely think he really cares for me.
He’s not like the other guys that I was talking to - the one’s that were just using me for their sexual desires.
No. He’s different. 

His name is Taylor. 
He has beautiful blue eyes, blonde hair, and a great smile.
He’s taller than me (of course because I’m a shorty) and dresses well.
He also grows a beard very nicely, but he doesn’t let it get too long - which I like. 

He and I have been talking for almost two weeks now. 
We met online via Instagram two Thursdays ago, and have been texting every day since then.
I’ve seen him around school throughout the semester, but to be honest, I never got a gay vibe from him until most recently.

Exactly one week before I followed him on Instagram, I saw him in the library at my university. 
That was also the same day that I had an appointment with the school’s therapist at 2:00pm.
I couldn’t stay in the library for long, since it was already 1:30 when I got there.

I walked up the stairs to the second floor and started looking for my friends. 
I noticed the cute white boy named Taylor with his two friends (which I found out later to be his twin brother and best friend) sitting at the table behind my friends.
I noticed him staring at me, so I made sure to stare back.
He needed to know I was interested somehow. 

I got closer to my friends’ table and pulled out a chair across from my friend Aaron and his girlfriend Paula.
They both greeted me with a “Hey Alex,” and Paula added, “You look so beautiful today!”
She always compliments me, so I naturally responded immediately with a “Thank you,” and a big smile. 

I finally sat down and tucked in my chair. 
Next to me was my friend Angel. 
When I was finally settled he finally turned to me, looked straight into my eyes with raised eyebrows.
“Are you done?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m done.” I rolled my eyes and refrained from laughing. 

“WHAAAAT’S UP MAYNE?” he yelled.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore.
I bursted out laughing. 
“You just saw me over an hour ago! What could have possibly happened between that time?”

He stayed quiet. 
Instead, he laughed and shook his head. 
“Come here, man.”
He opened up his arms so I could hug him. 

After the warm welcoming embrace from my friend Angel, I got comfortable in my seat and started listening into the conversation that was going on behind me. 
Taylor was talking about his homework to his friends. 
He sounded pretty feminine. 

I looked at my friends in front of me, pointed in Taylor’s direction with my thumb and said, “Wow! He’s cute and he’s gay? That’s really hard to find here at school.”

“How do you know he’s gay?” Aaron asked.

“He is.” Paula confirmed.

“He is right?!” I reacted quickly. “Wait, how do you know?”

“I have him for class. And I can just tell from his voice. He’s gay,” she said.

I was so overjoyed by this news. 
It made me want to go up to him and just give him my number. 
But I didn’t want to freak him out. 
Instead, I purposefully went to the men’s restroom just so I could get up and turn around to see if he would look at me again. 
I got up, turned my head, but not enough that my face was completely facing toward him. 
I looked at him through the corner of my eye. 
He watched me walk away. 

When I walked back from the restroom, the same thing happened as when I first saw him. 
His friends were gone this time. 
He was just on his computer pretending to work.
And just before I sat down we locked onto each other’s gaze. 
I thought it was cute. 

A few minutes pass and I leave again to go to my appointment with the therapist. 
I didn’t want to come across as too desperate, so this time when I got up, I didn’t look at him. 
This was the last time I saw him for about a week. 

The following Thursday, I was really sad that I didn’t see him in the library again. 
So I started complaining to my friends about him. 
“I’m so sad! My library boyfriend isn’t here. Where is he? I’m so sad!” I kept complaining. 

“Why don’t you just request him on Facebook?” Paula asked.

“I don’t have Facebook remember? Plus I don’t even know his name!”

“It’s Taylor! I’ll just send you his Facebook.”

“Oh my god. That’s literally all I needed to know.”

A few minutes later, Paula sent me his Facebook profile. 
Under his name, it showed his mutual friends with Paula.
Turned out that my other friend Sophia has him on Facebook too. 
I was actually a little mad that she never introduced me to him and she knows how lonely and single I’ve been lately.
I knew I had to have a talk with her about this boy when class started. 
She and I actually sit next to each other in our Corporate Tax course. 

Class was about to start, I walked in, and I see Soph sitting next to the empty chair that’s assigned to me. 
I walk up the steps and sit next to her. 
“So. Girl. Do you have any guys that you would like to hook me up with? Hmm?” I asked with a sarcastic tone.

“What? No. I don’t know any cute single gay guys. And the one’s that I remember aren’t that attractive. You wouldn’t like them.”

“Oh really. What about a white blonde one? Why haven’t you introduced me to that one?”

“A white blonde one? I don’t have any friends that are white, blonde, and gay.” 

“Oh yeah? Then who’s this?!” I slammed my phone in front of her with the picture of Taylor and her name under his profile picture. 

“Oh my god! I forgot about him! Yessss! He’s gay. And yes he’s single. And actually,” she pointed at the guy next to him in the photo, “that’s his twin brother. He’s gay too.” 

“What the fuck?” I was in shock. “Both of them are gay?”
I wonder if they are the same size down there, I immediately thought. 
I’m such a perv. 
“Do you have him on Instagram?”

“Yeah I do.”
She started looking for him on her profile. 
A minute later, she found him. 
I looked at his username and copied it onto my Instagram search bar. 
I found it. 
It wasn’t on private. 
I looked through almost all his photos like a stalker. 
I wanted to follow him, but I couldn’t come up with the courage to do so. 

I turned to Soph and said, “You do it. You follow him for me. Because I can’t do it.”

“Really?” she asked.


I couldn’t watch her do it. 
I would’ve changed my mind.

Click. She did it. 

I covered my mouth from wanting to scream.
My heart started racing and my palms started to sweat. 
I couldn’t believe I let her do that. 

We just laughed about it for the rest of the class period and made jokes about how he wasn’t going to follow me back on Instagram. 
It took him about forty-five minutes to follow back. 
I liked one photo - actually, Soph liked it - and left it alone. 
He didn’t like any of my photos. 

Later that day, I took a selfie so I could add on Insta later.
That night - after I uploaded the photo - not even two minutes later, he liked my photo and sent me a message immediately afterwards. 

“Hi :)” it read.

“Hello there,” I responded.

“How are you?” He asked. 

“I’m doing well. What about you?”

That’s great to hear! Same! I just wanted to drop in and say that I think you’re really cute,” he said. He even threw in the thumbs up emoji. 
Now I know he was really into me. 
No, not because of the emoji, but because he actually was making an effort to talk to me. 

Thank you!” I accepted his compliment. 

The messages were going on for hours. 
I was in complete shock of how fast things were going. 
He was so easy to get along with and we kept asking each other questions to get to know each other better. 
He liked me so much that he said we should meet in person one day. 
That’s when I realized that he hadn’t recognized me yet from the week before. 

Actually. I have already seen you in person! I’ve seen you in the library at school sometimes.” I confessed. 

“Oh no. That’s the worst place to see me! I look disgusting.”

What? How so? You should be happy that I haven’t seen you eating like a fatty at the Union.” I knew I could joke around with him. I could see that he had a great sense of humor by the way he talked. 

I meant at school in general. Wait. Have you seen me there too?”

Haha. No. Don’t worry. I haven’t. Just the library.”

Oh okay! Wait. Did I see you last Thursday in the library?”

No.” I lied.

You weren’t with three other friends?”

No.” I lied again.

Oh… okay.”

Okay. You caught me. Yes. That was me! Please don’t think I’m a stalker or anything! I just thought you were really cute and I just had to talk to you and I didn’t know how else I could do that.”

Lol! I knew it! No worries! It’s fine. Actually, I’m really glad I sent you a message. I really like talking to you.”

I really like talking to you too!” If he saw me send that message, he would’ve seen how idiotic I looked with a huge smile on my face. 
I bet I looked ridiculous. 

After a few hours of messaging, I was brave enough to ask him for his phone number. 
He gladly gave it to me.
I texted him, and we continued to talk passed midnight. 
We talked about so much for the rest of the night until we went to sleep.

Days passed and we started to get more comfortable with each other - especially in person when we officially met for the first time.
Over a week passed and we started to open up to each other - especially on subjects we didn’t really want to talk about, but we did it anyway. 
We trust each other. 

I’ve gotten to know him a lot better in this past week and a half.
We have a lot of things in common. 
We both play video games.
We both have the same sense of humor. 
We both like writing poetry.
He likes the same music I do. 
He enjoys late night drives with no set destination. 
There’s just so much,
and the list gets longer the more I get to know him.
It’s almost too good to be true.

The differences between us are just as exciting. 
He is very responsible.
He studies so much for school and seems really disciplined in my opinion. 
He comes across as financially stable and apparently likes to save money.
I admire him in many ways when it comes to those kinds of things. 
I’m definitely not a saver, and I always choose socializing over studying. 
I think I need someone like him to keep me in check. 

I honestly don’t know what he thinks about me. 
He says he likes me.
He compliments me and tells me I’m cute. 
He shows that he cares.
Like I said earlier - a part of me feels like he’s too good to be true. 
Another part of me thinks that it could work out, but then I start overthinking.
I start thinking that he’s too good for me.
Or maybe that I’m a bad influence on him and make him lose focus on school.
I don’t want to be that person for him. 
I want him to keep focusing on school and his good grades. 

I want to let myself fall for him. 
I want to let him break my walls down.
But that’s gonna be difficult. 
Because after what my ex-boyfriend and ex-friend did to me, I rebuilt my wall with iron so it wouldn’t be so easy to crumble. 
I don’t want to get hurt again. 
And I’m scared to be loved by someone again. 
Maybe he’s not the one, but maybe he could be.
I think it’s still too soon to tell.

I just know that I don’t want to be in a relationship right now. 
I still need to heal. 
I’m still broken.
Not entirely, but still broken.
In the meantime, maybe he can help me put some pieces of my heart back together.
The pieces that weren’t taken from me.
The pieces that need to be rebuilt, reformed, and shaped into a new heart. 
One that is touched by someone who deserves a piece of my heart. 
And if my heart is too small, maybe he can share a part of his with me. 

Until next time…

Love always,

So you want to have an inmate pen-pal...

Great! The art of writing and corresponding with hand-written letters is a dying art, and that’s a shame. Corresponding with an inmate in prison can be a fascinating, informative and transformative experience that causes a free person to gain insight into aspects of society and human nature, and it can give an inmate a window to the world that they are missing out on. But on the other hand, sometimes it can turn out not so great. I will talk about that later on. But here are some guidelines to get you started.

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I am a very serious Marine Bio student


“Have you guys seen Helen?”


“Heh, I wonder if they’ll notice me doing thi-Wait, did they just take a picture?”

“Oh no did they!?!?”


Photography has Nothing to do with Cameras

Summary: Based on the above prompt.  Dan gets transferred into Phil’s photo class and while asking Dan about how to use photoshop, Phil realises that Dan knows sign language. (cute, fluffy flirting and getting together stuff)

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None :)

A/N: I resisted making so many editing tips jokes in this fic.

When Phil went to photo class a few weeks after the school year had started, he didn’t expect to see someone new.  He would have thought that all the schedule changes had long been sorted out.  Only today there was a boy with brown eyes wide and confused.  Phil had seen him around school before.  His name was Dan he thought.  And he would have liked to approach the boy who he was deciding was extremely cute.  But everyone seemed to be getting into their seats and Phil figured he probably should too.  Maybe he had missed the teacher saying something.

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