this was for my photo class actually

My five-year-old daughter Alice Bee decided that she REALLY wanted to dress as Hillary Clinton for Halloween this year, so my wife Jen and I decided to support her decision by wearing Secret Service costumes as we escorted her through the neighborhood.

I wasn’t initially planning to publicly post this image.  Despite the fact that I have managed to maintain a fairly modest career by creating and posting fake family photos to social media, this image, like 99% of my actual family photography, was intended to be personal and private–a fun way for our family to memorialize an important moment in our daughter’s life.

My daughter’s fascination with Hillary Clinton began many months ago, when she and the rest of her pre-K class learned that no woman had ever been elected to our nation’s highest office.  I would later learn that her entire class (girls AND boys) were completely flummoxed by this concept–it had never occurred to any of them that this was even a possibility.  Alice came home from school that day with a laser-like focus:

“Daddy, Daddy! Who are you going to vote for for President?”

It was about two weeks to go until the primary, and I was momentarily caught off guard. Up until that point, neither Jen nor I had even mentioned the election to Alice, but here she was excitedly awaiting my response about a race for which I was still undecided.

“Ummm, who do YOU think I should vote for?”

“Hillary! Hillary Clinton! Please? Please?”

“Hillary, huh? Why do you want me to vote for Hillary?”

“Because she’ll be the first Girl President! You HAVE to vote for her!”

“OK, we’ll see,” I replied, giving my standard Dad response.  

I was immediately envious of my young daughter’s uncomplicated view of the election. She obviously hadn’t been paying any attention at all to social media. She apparently didn’t know or care about Hillary’s Iraq War vote. Or her speeches to Wall Street. Or her use of a private email server. Or any of the other thirty years’ worth of critique from both the right and the left.

Five-year-olds (well, at least the five-year-olds I know) are constantly complaining about things not being fair.  In most cases, this is not actually the case—it’s just a standard complaint used to try to have cake as the main course for dinner or to not have to wear underwear to school.  I’ve often wondered how my kid will respond when she eventually learns about how unfair some things can actually be in the real world.  Will she respond with jaded cynicism, citing the inherent unfairness of the system as an excuse when she fails at something? Will she objectively recognize her own somewhat privileged background and neither take it for granted nor negatively judge others who come from different circumstances?  Will she stand up for those who have less, for those against whom the system can often actually be rigged?  Only time will tell who she will become, but for now, it’s a real pleasure to view the world through the eyes of someone who has been blessedly sheltered from the shitty way many Americans seem to be treating one another these days.

So in addition to the envy I felt about her enthusiastically simple view of the election, I was also incredibly proud of my daughter in that moment.  She had just learned something ugly about American history, and her response was immediate and proactive.  Instead of getting upset, she decided she wanted do something about it, to fix what she saw as a wrong. It’s been months since she learned about this, and her enthusiasm has not waned for one second.  She has asked each one of her grandparents who they are voting for and demanded their allegiance for the first “Girl President”.  At a work dinner with some of Jen’s Pentagon colleagues, Alice cornered one of the guests in the kitchen and struck up a conversation about the election.  Even when I told her that she was very likely speaking to a tough crowd, she would not be deterred. I am in constant awe of her tenacity.

I consider myself a political independent, but I currently live in a state where pretty much anything worth voting on gets decided in the Democratic primary.   So, on the day of this year’s primary, Alice Bee spied my “I Voted” sticker and immediately demanded that I reveal who I had supported.

Looking down at her, I cocked an eyebrow and replied, “Who do YOU think I voted for?”

“Hillary?” she excitedly asked. “Did you vote for her?”

I gave her a small nod, and she flung her arms around me in a fierce hug.  “Thank you, Daddy! Thank you! I just know she’s going to win!”

That was the exact moment when I realized that not only was I was actually proud of my vote, but that Alice Bee’s oversimplified view of the election was the right way for me to think positively about this election as well. Alice’s unwavering enthusiasm and cheerleading has been the one bright spot for me in what has otherwise been an exhausting, mentally draining and dispiriting time.

So I created this image last week and was planning to keep it just for our family’s amusement.  And then I showed it to a few friends. And then a few more.  And a few more after that. And across the board the image and the story behind it made them smile, or laugh, or express appreciation for such a simple, inspiring view of the election.  If my social media stream is any indication, everyone is exhausted by the constant flood of negative articles, vitriolic memes, and unsubstantiated fake news items that litter our feeds on an hourly basis. I know it may seem a bit Pollyannaish on my part, but if our family’s fun can make even a small handful of people smile or see something positive about this entire gross election season or to feel good about their decision to vote, then maybe we should share this with everyone.

The problem is that I’m afraid.  This is a time when everything has become hyper-politicized, and there are unfortunately way too many examples of mean-spirited trolls hatefully attacking anything they see as counter to their own worldview, including multiple very real examples of attacks and even death threats against children who express an opinion or whose parents do or say something that the trolls don’t agree with.  It’s a scary time, and even though I’d like to think that I’m personally brave enough to stand up against such hatred, it’s really hard for me to stomach the thought of some asshole creating horrific imagery about my family or making a death threat because I’m proud that my idealistic five-year-old chose to dress up as her hero for Halloween.

So, I decided to ask Alice Bee what she thought.  I explained that if we posted this image, a LOT of people would see it.  I told her that it would probably make some people very happy, but there would also likely be a number of mean people who would write or say nasty things about me, her mom, or even Alice herself.

“Why would they do that?” she asked.  “That’s just mean.”

“I know it is, but unfortunately, that’s what’s happening right now.  People are being really, really mean to one another when they don’t agree on things.”

She was quiet for a minute, and then I asked her again if we should share it, even though some people would probably say mean things about us.

“Who cares?” was her response. “I want people to see it.”

I love that kid. She inspires me and gives me hope. This election, I’m definitely with her.

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Came for the Toontown content, stayed for the cool bean Artist & her Space Babies

Honestly even withouT the toontown specific content I can’t help wanting to be a lil toony once in a while

It’s rare I post a photo on here with a celeb these days because I swear to god some random people just loved to hate that time I met Tom Hiddleston at a party and posted it on here (like you don’t know me and you deffo wasn’t at the party to gtfo of here ya muggy little c*nts, excuse my French) last year.

Annnnnyway!! I just really wanted to share this one because it was at a charity event the other night and about a month before this I’d seen James McAvoy for the first time since Ruling Class and to my shock he actually remembered me and my friend, asked how we were and told us he was doing more theatre next year. Then at this event the other evening we had spotted him arrive but wanted to play it cool. At one point we walked right past each other and I could tell he was looking but avoided eye contact but I know he recognised us because then when my friend behind me past, she must have made eye contact because I heard him say ‘hey’ and something to the effect of ‘you’re here’ but we didn’t stop and talk.

Finally, later in that evening, after I’d had a load of champagne courage he was returning inside after going outside for a bit and I just intercepted him with a light backhanded slap on his chest/shoulder (I really need to learn not to do that oops) and then the following happened:

Me: Hey James!

James: Hey you! *holds out hand to shake*

Me: *goes to fist bump instead because that’s how I roll*

James: Nah, come here! *proceeds to pull me in for a hug*

And inner me is freaking the fuck out because James McAvoy just hugged me like I was his bro (and I am happy with being his bro if anything) That’s when I also realised I’ve got to not screw up now and come across like a major fangirl, I’ve got to act chill AHHH but I somehow managed.

So, then I spoke to him for what seemed like forever about how we’ve both been, theatre and other stuff. It’s so easy to get caught up talking to this wonderful man that I nearly forgot to bring my mate in on the convo but then I got him to wish her a happy birthday and we continued to talk about theatre and stuff. (Theatre is my passion of you hadn’t noticed oops) And then he was so nice with taking photos afterwards and I legit feel like I’ve upgraded from random James fan to random acquaintance that James recognises but not in a bad way! Then later that night I went to talk to him again and he took some classic James McAvoy selfies with us, because he’s a photo beast when he gets hold of your phone!

Oh and he also remembered telling us a month before he was doing theatre because turns out he probably isn’t now until 2018 because everyone is doing he show he wanted to do next year already!

this is my last week of class before i get to go home to this lovable goon, so my dad has been sending me daily pictures of him looking kinda sad like this with captions like “waiting by the door” and “he misses you!” 

see ya friday, buddy :’)

[Book review] 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 (Cabin Crew)

When I posted my photos of my new books yesterday, @ohchickstudy commented that I should review the books. I thought that was a great idea, but of course, I haven’t read them yet. However, I do have a few other books that I have read, so I’ll start reviewing books that I’ve finished and get to those when I get to them. Thanks for the idea, @ohchickstudy !

My first review will be 그녀의 비행기 타는 법 by 전미애, 김소운, and 최보윤. My boyfriend actually let me borrow this copy of it, saying that he used to read it on his way to classes :) In this book, the three authors tell about their lives as flight attendants, including how they got their jobs, why they wanted to do it, places they have gone, people they have met, maintaining relationships while constantly on the go, crazy passenger stories, and just the little things that the cabin crew do before, during, and after the flight that those of us who only see it from the passenger side might not know about. Scattered throughout are cute drawings and photos of the places the ladies talk about and such.

I found this a pretty enjoyable read, getting insight into the lives of flight attendants while also learning a thing or two about the industry. Each chapter is an individual recollection from one of the authors, so you can sort of read it as a collection of short stories. You don’t even really have to keep up with which author is telling each chapter (I usually didn’t check, honestly; it was never really important); you can just read bit by bit and enjoy it that way.

As for difficulty, I didn’t find this to be a very burdensome read at all. If you’ve ever read a Korean novel (or a novel in any language, really) you’ll know that a lot of descriptors and other vocab that aren’t normally used when people talk naturally with each other tend to pepper the writing. However, this book’s format is a collection of stories told in first-person, so the writing style, including the vocabulary, is a bit less flowery. Sometimes industry-specific vocab will pop up, but in general, this is a fairly uncomplicated read. If you’ve got any interest in the life of flight attendants or travel or things of that nature, give this book a try :)

Hi, my name’s Asher! I’m in the 8th grade and I like playing with my frisbee and think it’d be cool to be a disc dog someday!


~Snow Day~

Classes were cancelled today, so I actually got to sleep in. Then it was off on adventure with two amazing friends (photo cred for the last picture: @the-proto-hipster) Definitely channeling a comfy witch today with lots of cozy layers, and no makeup. Also sort of feeling post apocalyptic since I’ve been wrapped up in the Walking Dead and The 100.

Xoxo Batty

Vest: thrift
Tunic: Allegra K
Leggings: thrift
Shoes: thrift
Jewelry: gifts from my boyfriend

I fucked up

Okay so I was hoping it’d be a surprise sort of bc only a few other brands from the brandom knew but the reason I was collecting everyone’s personas is bc I’ve been planning to do a huge group photo featuring them all. Well today I was working on it and talking to a friend about it and…my teacher well… he noticed. And now I have to make a poster featuring as many of your personas for a project in my socials class that shows the brandom and shit. Only problem is I only have approximately 7 brands personas ( I will make a actual list later) ANYWAY what I’m saying is, GIVE ME YOUR PERSONAS FOR YOUR BRANDOM BLOG MY SOCIALS 10 GRADE DEPENDS ON IT PLEASE


You know you’re at the National Institutes of Health when: (1) You spot course materials on classes about the latest research techniques and (2) You spot the “lab snacks” boxes everywhere that get sent along with each Thor Labs order (Yes, they actually send snacks! Goldfish, granola bars, etc!)

As requested, I have made a post where I’m sharing my best tips for neat printing. Because these photos are so zoomed, my printing doesn’t actually look that neat, but all the same. 

So first off, here is my printing: 

One of my main tips is to practice! I mean, it obviously doesn’t make sense to take an hour out of your day to practice printing, but there are some good ways to do it. 

  1. If you catch yourself doodling, write out the alphabet instead!
  2. Rewrite your notes from class. This will help you retain information, have neater notes overall, and help improve your printing. 
  3. If you’re in class and writing something that isn’t time sensitive, try to write as neatly as you can. If you’re in a lecture and the slides are flying by, don’t bother… but sometimes it’s good to practice in class so you get used to it. 

Another thing that I recommend is finding a good pen. Above, I wrote the same sentence in three different pens. The second two have gel ink, which makes my writing messier. The third is the messiest, probably because it has the largest tip size. The type of ink, the size of the tip, the grip, and many other factors of what you’re writing with can change your writing! Once you find a pen that you really like, stick with it and your overall printing should improve. I also recommend using mechanical pencils over number 2 pencils because printing usually looks neater with mechanical! 

My final piece of advice is to choose one style of printing. Trying to change up the style of your printing can make it look really disorganized and trying to remember the different fancy ways to write a specific letter makes it harder for you to keep them neat! 

These are pretty much all my tips, but hopefully they helped! Under the read more, I am going to put all the pens I used, just in case anyone loves pens as much as I do, haha! 

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My Binder Organization! 

Hey guys! A couple of people were interested in how I keep organized/what’s in my binder/etc, so I thought I’d make a post about it with pictures! I’m in no way an organization queen, I’m actually very messy, but I hope this somewhat helps. 

First Picture:

My DIY binder cover as of right now! I’m thinking about purchasing a photo/scrapbooking binder just because they’re thicker and more decorated (also pretty cheap). All I did was use a black piece of construction paper and used a silver sharpie to write on it. 

Second picture: 

My dividers, again nothing fancy. I try to reuse these every semester so I don’t want to make them too specific. I used washi tape to cover the tabs and wrote my classes on the tape so it’s interchangeable when I need them for different classes. I want to tape some inspirational quotes to them but I just haven’t gotten around to it lol. 

Third picture: 

The front of each divider. I keep my syllabuses (if you’re in college, these are the single most important thing) in the front so I can easily refer to them for whichever class I need. 

Fourth picture:

Notes for my upcoming exam. These are the next important thing so I put them 2nd, so there’s a little bit of method to my madness. Yes, I doodle Taylor Swift lyrics on all my notes. I’ve just started practicing with visual notes so hopefully I’ll get better and a little more creative in time. 

Fifth picture: 

Past homeworks/past tests/reviews/etc. I keep homeworks for my stats class mainly because I easily forget how to do math problems. I also keep up with past tests and reviews for other classes just to refresh and/or if the final exam is cumulative. (Usually they’re not, thank god)

Sixth & Seventh picture: 

Extra paper for taking notes in class and so I don’t have to keep up with 4 separate spirals. Nothing special, moving on lmao

Eighth picture: 

Papers in the back pocket that I have to take out often. I don’t like opening the rings because my binder is so stuffed everything wants to fly out so I just keep them easily accessible. Nothing special again.

Ninth picture:

My monthly planner. I try to keep up with a bullet journal (failing this month…oops) but this is for a quick reference of everything upcoming this month. If you’re in college, this is a cheaper way rather than investing in a planner. Printable is by @thearialligraphyproject. I prefer using printables rather than keeping up with a separate planner because, again, I’m messy and unorganized. 

I hope this helps some how in some way. I’m not completely in love with how it’s set up but it works for now. If y’all have any tips on binder organization please let me know! Also if you have requests for anything else I’d love to do them. :) 


*55/100 days of productivity*

12.3.16// Yoga at museum. Today I enjoyed the green park in Villa Pignatelli, practised my German reading der Spiegel literature magazine and had a relaxing yoga class.
Now I’m going on with my Canetti reading, outside it’s cold and my blanket is warm and cozy. So happy!   

2 | Internet Friends - Kim Mingyu [au]

Originally posted by giantgyu

Plot: Choppy Skype calls and sarcastic texts; that was their friendship

Genre: Fluff, Comedy(?)

Layout: Text, Instagram

Warnings: Swearing. Lots and lots of swearing.

Part 1 | Part 2 

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10.5.15 // There’s something I love about photos that are actually printed out, because we don’t do that often anymore. I couldn’t resist putting this adorable pic of me and my fam in my bullet journal. Had a great birthday on Saturday, and got a new grand little and a new great grand little in my sorority family! Now back to reality: planning a proposal project for my senior seminar class, while having a tasty donut and some coffee 😋 I’m a happy girl!

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Could you do 1 through 10? (You don't have to if that's too many <3)

Do you prefer traditional drawing, or digital?

Digital 1000000%

How long have you been drawing?

Ever since I could hold a pencil! I always used to make storybooks as a kid and staple them all together. I made a ton of Sonic/Tails ones LOL

How many classes have you taken?

None! I like teaching myself at my own leisure.

Do you have a DeviantArt, personal website, or art blog?

My personal website is under construction right now, actually!
I’ll be announcing that soon.

What’s your favorite thing to draw?


What’s your least favorite thing to draw?

Boxy structures like house interiors.

I love drawing loose, curvy lines and that’s hard to do with things like that xD

How often do you use references?

I use real-life photo references very often! Don’t be ashamed to use references. It helps you improve.

Do you draw professionally, or just for fun?

Professionally! It’s my full-time job.

How much time do you spend drawing on an average day?

WAY TOO MUCH. 6-10 hours.

Are you confident about your art?

Yeah, definitely. I think as an artist looking to make a living from it, you have to be at least a little confident to get anywhere. Believing in yourself is the #1 way to improve. Because if you believe you can do something, eventually you will.


2/12/2017 - 19/100+ Days of Productivity

StudyChallengeFeb17 Days 4 and 12 - Pens and Fave Stationery

So, I, like many of you, have way more pens than I actually need so the above photo is the hoard I keep at my desk while the lower photo are the ones I use most often as those correlate to my color coded systems for my classes. Additionally, I love Rhodia paper pads. I use the lined ones for my “pretty” lecture notes while I use the dot pad for the scribbly in-class notes :3