this was for a sig i made

It was probably Elise who made Leo wear the flowers - Takumi is very much amused

Decided to learn how to draw proper chibis today, so I made a draw the squad thing. Hope I did ok. If you use it I’d love to be tagged in it so I can see your awesome work!~ 

3, 2, and 1 chibi versions under the cut! all are transparent! feel free to cut my sig out, just please don’t claim ownership of the drawing. reblogs > reposts, of the base alone I mean.

Go to town ^~^

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Two SANICS done MANY months apart!

The first was one intended for a print that I abandoned progress on, so here’s just the boi. Feel free to use him on stuff you won’t profit on as long as you keep my sigs.

Second one is a print I made for my dad inspired by the style used by Hesse in Sonic: Mega Drive - The Next Level. He’s been asking me to redraw this old picture I drew for him when I was a small kid to hang next to it in his locker at work, so here that is. The print itself has the SEGA and Sonic logos on it, but I removed those for uploading. 

PS. I’ve been hemming and hawing to myself for awhile but I’ve made a new blog @gutsnstuff where I’m probably gonna be posting my future art from now on so you can follow me there if you’d like!

I’m bad w words but the gist is I just wanted a fresh start as opposed to just changing urls & I didn’t really wanna delete the art on this blog. So while i’m leaving this up so people (& myself) can view my old works any time, I won’t really be uploading things here anymore!

I’m really pleased with how my ryder turned out.
Her facial animations are really good with the changes I made to the head base. Her lips don’t do the flappy thing I often see, and her eyes aren’t wide-looking like a deer in headlights. She’s got decent range of emotion without looking “ugly” or uncanny/weird. The only complaint I have I guess is that her eyelashes clip a bit because they are so long. But there’s not much I can do about that. 

u_u I like Sig. she’s very good.

          chinshands can u imagine a pokemon au for portal,, cave is lysandre,, doug is az,, space is shauna,, houston is like a waaay meaner olympia who’s The Worst,, siG HS,, 


“The Rescue: V1″ – It’s occurred to me that most folks probably don’t want to read my rambling notes on things, and my gf has suggested that I’m too quick to pull back the curtain on the magic tricks, but I like the notes for my sake, so I’m going to try putting them behind the cut. Read or don’t, viewer’s choice. Meanwhile, I’ll be posting a second version of this in a few minutes.

Please don’t repost, remove my sig, trace, use for avatars, post on Instagram or otherwise act like an ass with no respect for others.

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