this was far too fun to make okay

op 851

-pff pudding making fun of sanji omg

-so i dont rly like sanji all that much, but that face he made ….. poor him

-you tell her, brook !!

-ok asking the mirrors and then they even answer was too easy, no one thought of that XD

-so is that third eye of pudding linked with her abillity to manipulate memory ? (and seriously, that manipulating stuff goes a little far now, doesnt it ? i mean, taking years of your life span, now even memory ? :/ i dont like where this is going)

-i hope sanji stayed long enough to hear about her abillity bc that will be a problem otherwise


- JINBE ♥♥♥!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- SAVE THE DAY!YES!!! (also him kindly asking if they’d like to get out of there omfg)

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Dude, there is nothing wrong with abandoning stories because they make you anxious. Writing is suppose to be fun, something that makes you happy, not something that you dread doing. I've been in that situation, too, where I've had to delete stories because they were making me anxious and messing with my health. I deleted them and no one gave me any grief for it, what so ever! I was a lot happier after, too. Just look out for yourself, okay? You're not a failure. You're brave for getting this far

Thank  you so much for this. Honestly, I’ve been such a nervous wreck as soon as I decided to let go a few of these stories. But, now that I did, I feel really relieved and I’m able to finally breathe instead of feeling suffocated. Thank you so much for telling me your story. It’s made me really relieved! 

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It terrifies the shit out of me that Matt was in a car accident tonight where his airbags went off. He’s okay, but I am far away and cannot do anything.

I didn’t accept any babysitting gigs tonight because my sister wanted to get together when she got out of work. Now she’s tired so she “might just go home.” It’s too late to make other plans. I just took a shower and I’m waiting on Thai food to come. I don’t mind not having big exciting plans, as I am no longer fun, anyway, but knowing I could have earned $150+ towards moving tonight for doing the same thing I’ll be doing at home– watching Netflix by myself– is irritating me.

I was thinking about something this week. I only see my friends (and really, my family) when I make the effort to call them, invite them, go to them. I tried to think of the times someone reached out to me in the past YEAR, and I only could think of two. So maybe 2017 will be more about doing what works for me and makes me happy and less about waiting around for other people. Because I did that and while I very on is saying goodbye to what we all agree was a hard year, I’m here alone.

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K: lmao awww MAMI that was so cute ;; I wish Tae was actually here to kiss people-coughmecough- better but nah he's too far lmao you have great timing too! My best friend just told me that she'll be leaving our elective class therefore not able to make it to the field trip we've been looking forward to together since 7th grade ahaha I told her it was okay that she had to leave because she had good reasons and all but I can't help being slightly bitter since she'll be leaving me alone in the trip

Awwww I’m sorry your friend bailed on you, Rynnie :( that sucks. Try to have fun on the trip anyway, ok? I hope your week has been okay otherwise♡

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‘‘Aren’t you boys a bit too old for hunting bugs?’’

((violently bury myself in happy modern AUs))

So like this is nothing big, just a little AU I had fun thinking of in which they’re just… normal, happy kids, living happily in a normal world where they’re just normal best friends hunting normal bugs and having fun like kids are supposed to do

Sinbad is a bit scared of the bugs but it’s okay because he’s still having fun and Ja’far loves them and he gotta make sure Ja’far doesn’t hurt himself too much (he still always find ways to make himself new bruises, this kid is reckless)

Troublemaker *Stiles Stilinski x Reader*

fiesty-kitten123 :  Hiiiii! It’s me again with another request if it’s no problem! Could you do a Reader and Stiles one where the is like really troublesome and can like teleport (like nightcrawler - x- men) and he’s in charge of watching her and stuff? Thanks!

A/N: okay, you can never send too many requests because they’re literally so fun and like it makes me feel important XD . I’m not that good of a writer so getting requests makes me feel like I’m a good writer XD . I also didn’t proofread this, so sorry if there is any typos or grammar mistakes. xxx

She wasn’t sure how she got in the situation she was in. She was very confused at why there was a human watching over her. ‘He has to make sure you don’t go far!’ Scott told her. Of course she didn’t believe it. Even though, everyone said she was the troublemaker (she was) she never believed them, even though it was so true.

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So having blond hair in Japan makes someone stand out especially if it’s natural. So imagine Hide’s hair IS natural and is only part Japanese so his hair came out looking blondish. Imagine him getting teased by other kids his age and adults scoffing him because of it. He tries not to let it bother him. He meets Kaneki and he’s okay with Hide’s hair and doesn’t make fun of him for it or treat him differently.

Imagine on an especially stressful day he is pushed too far by a teacher and the tell him he’s not going to go far with hair like a “delinquent” and he yells “IT’S NATURAL!” and slaps his hand away because the teacher was tugging at his hair and runs off from school and Kaneki is present during all of this. Kaneki texts him and finds out he went home so Kaneki does something uncommon and leaves school and he knocks on Hide’s door and he opens it and he reluctant to let Kaneki in but Kaneki is insistent so Hide lets him in. Kaneki finds out Hide was about to dye his hair dark brown because he’s tired of being mistreated because of it. Kaneki doesn’t say anything and just gets the dye and throws it all away, shocking Hide. Kaneki then tells Hide that he shouldn’t dye his hair because of what some teacher said. Hide tells Kaneki he doesn’t want to ruin Kaneki’s reputation by hanging around him. Kaneki doesn’t care about that stuff. Kaneki tells Hide that his blond hair is what makes him him.

“I love you hair, Hide. It’s beautiful!” He says this boldly because he needs Hide to know that.

losing a piece of yourself is never fun, pretending that you’re okay only gets us so far, at some point… you’re going to need honesty for yourself. if we scatter the ashes of loved ones who left too soon, a smile is your only memory… but it is your favorite. you may never love anyone the same, you may never again… but the important thing is that you’ll always try. it’s just one day to mourn, it’s a city that burned to the ground, but you’re still here and it may take some time to make peace… but time is all we need. time… it’s all we will ever truly have.


Okay… Darkiplier is fun and all but when you make him RAPE someone. It’s not fucking okay. Stop. I read a TERRIBLE fanfic. (didn’t know it was Darkiplier because they didn’t put it in the title or the description.) it was all cute and shit at first and then they gave Mark a personality disorder. I was like, okay cool, whatever. Then they introduced Darkiplier. I was like 😐 k. Not gonna let that discourage me. THEN HE FUCKING ABUSED THE CHICK AND RAPED HER. THAT IS TOO FUCKING FAR. YOU REALIZE THAT IF MARK FUCKING READ THAT HE WOULD BE TORN APART RIGHT?!


And I’m not talking about a small fanfic. This fic had 9.5 FUCKING THOUSAND PEOPLE READING IT.



“Alright, alright.” She clapped twice, getting attention. “Everybody have their partners with them? Good. Now, please make sure to keep an eye on your buddy. Don’t let them out of sight and don’t let them get too far. That goes for all of you.” Avery warned, sending a meaningful glare towards her charges. The children fidgeted under her knowing gaze. Aged 7-12, they can be quite rambunctious if she didn’t keep a tight leash.

Satisfied, she continued with a smile, her stern facade fading. “Now, are you guys ready for some fun?” They nodded enthusiastically, cheering in excitement. “Okay, then. Let’s not let Captain America and the Howling Commandos wait for us any longer.” She stepped to the side and let them pass her into the famous exhibition.

Admin Kae and I don’t want to get this blog involved in any sort of drama, so I’m only going to mention one thing about HtF:

It’s a great fanfic, probably one of the best I’ve ever read. The author is a friend of mine and I know them to be a very kind, understanding person (which you’ll see if you scroll down to the end notes of the recent HtF update). 

If you haven’t read it yet, but everything going on right now is turning you off, I strongly implore you to reconsider. You should most definitely give it a read! If you still don’t want to read it, that’s okay too. No one can blame you for that.

If you’re reading it, but everything going on makes you feel bad for enjoying it, don’t let it get you down. Keep on reading it. If you’ve enjoyed it thus far, don’t let anyone put a damper on the fun you have when it updates. It’s a really good fic; no one should be upset with you for liking it. 

Just do whatever makes you happy, friends. 

“You look great, Karolin. That’s an awesome costume.” he said as he looked at the little girl on the Skype feed on his phone, “I’m sorry we’ll be too far to take you trick-or-treating this year, but you’ll still have fun with mom and dad, I promise. I need to go now though Kare-Bear, I’m not in my dorm. I’ll talk to you later, okay? Love you, bye.”  he told his sister before looking up and realizing someone else was nearby, “Oh, I’m sorry! I, um, I hope I wasn’t bothering you, she was just so excited to show me her costume, I didn’t want to make her wait until I got to my dorm.”

also i loved the premiere but these people tweeting jen and making this coffee thing into something which it most DECIDEDLY is not are a disgrace to the fandom and i don’t even care about saying it out loud. this “colifer” shit is gross as hell and is hurting the people we love and who play our otp. if it gets worse, i wouldn’t blame them for removing from social media entirely. the fact that sweet angel jmo even had to make that tweet is not okay. NOT. OKAY.