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Sneeze and You’ll Miss It by Courageous_Dreamer
Words: 4,917, T
Summary:  The adventures of John H. Watson, reluctant Time Traveller. Unfortunately it’s not the ‘cool’ kind of time travel, like in the movies, but perhaps… John might get his happily ever after anyway. 5+1 - Five times John hated sneezing and the one time he wanted to.

@musing-out-loud you gorgeous thing! This was fantastic, amazing and brilliant. I was right there with John the whole way, you took my mad ramblings and crazy weird timeline and made it into something beautiful. Thank you darling ;) 

Memorable Moment:

Dr John Watson rubbed at his eyes as he closed the door behind his last patient of the day, wondering what it would be like if sneezing was merely one of several symptoms that pointed to something perfectly ordinary like asthma or a cold.
John sneezed. Loudly. Violently. He opened his watery eyes to see a pile of text books balanced precariously to the left of a battered desk, a mug of steaming coffee on the right next to some pieces of paper with several lines of text highlighted a bright orange. John clenched his fists and banged angrily on the desk, spilling the cup of coffee all over the pieces of paper.Black coffee merged with orange highlighter in a sickening, blurry swirl. John was no longer a doctor, merely one of many students attempting to become one.

You captured John’s frustration in travelling backwards so well, having to get his degree twice, his ‘screw it’ moments are earned and even though I knew it was coming, I squealed at the ending. 

Don’t skip this one guys, it’s wonderful! Please remember to leave kudos and/or comments for the author. It makes their day!

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kevedderemin  asked:

Uhm hello? Do you still take requests? I'm sorry if I'm being a bother but can you write a sweet fluffy Zhanyi? Please? Thank you very much. :)

Yes, hello, friend.


Zhan Xixi…’


‘Do you love me?’ He asked, confidence fueled by booze.

Zhan Zhengxi turned to look at him.


‘Do you love me?’ Jian Yi asked again,  forcing himself to stick to his guns.

Just this once.

‘Of course I do, Jian Yi. You’re…’

Jian Yi braced himself for the inevitable ‘-you’re my best friend’

But it didn’t come.


‘W-what?’ Jian Yi asked, shocked.

Zhan Zhenxi smiled.

It would have been easy to say he was drunk as well.

He hadn’t stopped at one beer, wanting to make sure he and Jian Yi made it home safe.

‘You’re amazing.’ He repeated, confidence doubted only by the way his voice broke on the last syllable.

‘You think I’m…’ Jian Yi began.

‘Amazing? Yes. Let me add fantastic,  wonderful, hilarious, gorgeous, stunning, and brilliant.’

Jian Yi wished he could believe that.

Revel in it.

But he didn’t. 

He couldn’t. 

They stood in silence.

Zhan Zhengxi.

‘I know you love me, Jian Yi.’

The referenced man didn’t respond, finding turning away to be far easier.

‘Do you still?’ Zhan Zengxi asked, something like doubt creeping into his voice.

‘Of course I do.’ He breathed, hating himself.

‘Say it.’ Zhan Zhengxi demanded.

Jian Yi sighed.

‘I love you.’ He mumbled, hating himself.

There was a small crowd around them, undoubtedly hoping for a proposal.

Instead, Zhan Zhengxi dragged him from the crowd and into another. 

The both of the tightened their fingers.

Zhan Zhengxi dragged him to an oddly lit corner.

‘You’re beautiful.’ He informed the other man. 

‘Even in this light?’ Jian Yi joked, deflecting.

Zhan Zhengxi tilted his head back, watching him as if he was more important that the unique creatures around them. 

‘Always, Jian Yi. Always.’

Thier lips met in the cold corner of the room that held the jellyfish and interested very few.

‘I don’t know what to say.’ Jian Yi admitted.

‘You’ve said plenty, Jian Yi.’

Partner in Crime - Fred Weasley Imagine (requested prompt)

Prompt: Fred Weasley 

  #13.)“You’re not allowed to do that!”

“Fred, c’mon we have to hurry! Curfew was three hours ago and if Filch catches us, he’ll have us mounted on the wall-” Y/n whispered poking her head around the stone wall. A loud bang sounded through the deserted corridor leading to Professor Vector’s classroom. The door to the room was hinged wide open, despite having been locked when Septima Vector left her office earlier that day.

Waltzing out from the classroom door Fred Weasley held a strict finger to his lips.

“Sh darling! I know, but I’ll be done in a second… now keep a look out! If we get caught-” Y/n dismissed herself from her appointed job of being ‘look out’ and stomped over to her boyfriend with a stern gaze. Her strong hold caused Fred to take a quick step back growing slightly afraid of angering his girlfriend. 

“Fred Weasley there is no ‘we’ right now! It is only you who is going to get in trouble for this one. I’m not the one who broke into Professor Vector’s classroom and demolished her work!” Fred stood frozen at his feet trying his absolute best to fight the smile rising up. He couldn’t help it, she looked so adorable all frustrated and exasperated as her hands clenched together in tight ball like fist at her sides. 

“Is that alright if I point out how bloody beautiful you look today? Anyways, no one cares for Vector… she’s vile and always has a twelve inch pole up her arse-”  Y/n drew in a sharp intake reaching forward to shove his shoulder.
“Fred!” He snickered softly, rubbing his arm and turned back to his masterpiece  prank on his most hated teacher. 
“Sorry, Y/n dear but it’s the god awful truth and anyhow i’m not demolishing her work, she wasn’t the one to build the room. I’m only destroying all her supplies, test, tables and giving her a few explosive pens. It’s not like anyone enjoys  Arithmancy, it’s a waste of time.” Y/n’s mouth was agape and her grip fell off Fred’s shoulder’s allowing him to return back to his previous work. 

The lanterns and torches lining the hall were brightly lit making Y/n’s flabbergasted features even more visible. “Oh my god, you’re not allowed to do that! What do you think she’s going to do when she finds out you did it?” Y/n followed Fred’s trail into the room. When her eyes met the damage he had caused she thought for a moment that a tornado had swept through rather than her boyfriend. 

Books of all sorts were dispersed around the wooden floor boards, quills with broken feathers and snapped tips lied smashed on the desks which had the legs practically shaved off; one side scrapped the ground while the other hug in the air resembling the shape of a teeter totter. Black sticky ink caked the walls from head to toe, blank parchment was glued onto the ceiling, Merlin only knows how Fred managed to get it up there, and Professor Vector’s self portrait had evil devil horns carved into it with a red devil’s tail drawn onto her side sticking out in a curl. 

“Do you like it, love? I think it’s quite brilliant but there’s still a bit more to add with the-”
“No. Absolutley not. We’re leaving before you can do anymore vandalism here. You’ve gone completely mad… bonkers even! Now let’s head back to the dorm before-” A sudden pressure was placed upon Y/n’s lips causing her to stop midway in shock. Y/n glanced down at the slim finger Fred had shoved against her lips without warning.Scrunching her stare Y/n tried to hint at Fred trying to figure out his reasoning for the action but got nothing in return.

Straining his sharp eyes to the tall door, Fred tilted his head perplexedly.

“Did you hear that? I think someone’s coming, quick go hide in the closet! I don’t plan on getting a month’s worth pf detention and kicked off the Quidditch team for this!” Wide eyed Y/n sprinted for the supply closet slamming the wooden barrier shut and locked the second Fred entered the small crowded space.

His large frame shoved itself in the far corner maneuvering so Y/n’s smaller frail figure was placed in front of him with her front to Fred. The small leeway available for breathing made it even more difficult for Y/n as she worked to train her ears on the white noise playing outside her concealed box.

Fred was right; Y/n could hear a body moving about around the catastrophic ruins. The person outside scanned the room and tip toed about before letting out a screeching howl.

“These damn kids out of bed again! Professor Dumbledore…  Professor Dumbledore, students out of bed wandering the halls! Professor Dumbledore…” Filch. Y/n knew the instant he opened his mouth even through the door his muffle voice was a dead give away.

Fred’s hands slipped to Y/n’s waist as he pushed the closet door open with the other,

“C’mon we have to go before they get back, run!” The hands once placed so gently on her waist replaced itself into the steady grip of Y/n’s soft hand. Fred dragged her along, weaving in and out of Fred’s creation of a prefect mess and got her out in the hall heading back for their sweet, calm, reassuring dorm room. Y/n couldn’t help but let out a laugh as the couple raced back to their Common Room desperate for safety.
Hearing her melodic tone, Fred whipped his head around reaching the moving stairs and smiled,

“You’re absolutely adorable, love. The most beautiful girl in the whole entire world!” His voice boomed in the sleeping school, not caring who heard. This caused Y/n to laugh more a light blush now coating her already rosy cheeks from running around so much.
“Freddie you need to be quiet! What if Filch is still around and-” The stairs came to an unexpected stop as they lead straight to the portrait for the Gryffindor Common Room. Y/n looked up at Fred in anticipation only wishing to cuddle up with him on the couch for a few minuets before retreating to bed. Though when Fred refused to budge, Y/n knew something was up.
“Fred if you don’t stop this instant-”

“I can’t stop and I won’t stop because I love you Y/n. Now,” With a happy grin lighting up his face, Fred stuck out his elbow towards Y/n, “may I escort you to our dorm for a nice long cuddle session, sweetheart?” Nodding her head, Y/n giddily accepted his offer and wrapped her arm around his letting him guide her through the painting and to the empty couch.

“You drive me insane, but I do love you Fred Weasley.” He chuckled wholly and leaned over pressing a tender kiss to the side of hear head, then a light airless kiss to her lips.
“And I love you, Y/n. Thanks for raising a little trouble with me tonight. You are my favorite partner in crime… just don’t tell Georgie that, he probably won’t take it too well.”  

-Daizy xx

things people say about Colin

Directors - He has great screen presence, the camera loves him.
Writers - He puts soul into our words.
Crew - He is dedicated and hard working.
Fellow actors - He is a pleasure to work with.
Audience - He did justice to the role.
Fan - Not sure if he is human or an angel. He is awesome, brilliant, fantastic, gorgeous and perfect!
And then there is BRADLEY -



Whatever the situation, he’s really natural and beautiful.

Benedict, toujours aussi sexy quelle que soit l'évènement…

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Only 1 day to wait before the SHERLOCK mini-episode “Many Happy Returns”.

I’m in France so I really hope that my VPN will work properly to watch iBBC.

Can’t wait for this Christmas present!!

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