this was erm ;;

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Yo I'm writing a fic based on one of your posts about Anti and I just wanted to come in and say that because it's gonna be a good fic and I'm excited for it. So thanks for the idea hahah

…….. Uh oh.

I’m slightly terrified but intrigued. But, erm, you’re welcome? Lemme know when it’s done! I wanna read!! :)


I’m kinda not well at the moment. I tried to continue working on the Regis smut this evening, but my head is throbbing and I just can’t :( So my aim is to get it out to you lovelies by Friday evening at the latest. I’m not used to working so slowly but it seems my mental health isn’t doing so good right now- I just wanted to be transparent and let you loves know what’s going on so that you don’t think I’m just slacking off on requests! I do want to write them, and I have ideas for them all- I just don’t have the energy, and barely have the time to write them in one go!

I appreciate your kindness and patience everyone- and hopefully I can bounce back and be able to create speedy content of quality very soon! <333

Oh god, erm, alright…

Okay, so when I was about 6, I couldn’t unlock the backdoor in time, and there was a large bush in the corner of the yard. It’s central Arizona, so 6-year-old-me thinks, ’Hey! Nana won’t have to water the plants!’ And well… did my business, then went inside to wash my hands and watch The Little Mermaid. I think I did this a few years later, when my family and I were on a weekend long road-trip and all we had for emergencies was some toilet paper and hand-sanitizer.

Yeah, that was mortifying, but survival-of-the-fittest.