this was emotional in photoshop lol

It’s been a veeery long time since my last follow forever, and since I hit 3k (how) a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a new one to celebrate the big milestone!
Thank you to all my followers for deciding to stick with me and my usual rants and emotional breakdowns over cs attempts at editing with photoshop, and to all the lovely people who constantly brighten my dash (and my life) with their awesomeness. You all are absolutely amazing ❤️ 
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“Happy Birthday mama…”

(i want to draw something with a sad, melancholic atmospher so i was like “Hey! Why not drawing the Jeffersons celebrating Martha’s birthday after her death?!” and TADA! I even tried a new effect with photoshop and LOL it’s so ugly XD)

this is my headcanon: knowing how TJ couldn’t even pronounce Martha’s name without breaking or having tears in his voice during the few months following her death, i picture him as never visiting his wife’s grave or very rarely. Patsy and Polly were the two to bring her flowers, and Thomas observing them disapearing behind the trees to walk to the graveyard… *excuse me, i’m having an emotion*


Bollywood Photoshop Challenge (x):

22) Tribute to the “almost kiss”
Ah, remember the pre-Ram-Leela days?

I should say I’ve always been rather captious about screen kisses, lots of those I saw seemed to me to be too sappy or vulgar. But this BB kiss worked wonders. I can’t stop wondering how tender and passionate it is at one and the same time. The thrill of the longed-for moment and astonishing delicacy with which he touches her tiny chin and kisses her lips, her eyes being closed and mouth slightly open pending the sweet touch of his lips, all this can’t leave me indifferent even for a second. And now, one year later, it feels just the same.

Well she just asked him to repeat three magic words and BAM! Jane switched from chatter to the action! ヽ(♡‿♡)ノ I loved the comments of one TM community which were left during watching this kiss, e.g. ’I just wish he’d throw aside this fucking desk’ or ’Jane: Lisbon, have you closed the door?’ or ’that’s all, carry me out’ or ’how good to know that finally it’s NOT photoshop’ or ’let me have a dream tonight that I was in Lisbon’s place, amen’ or ’whoa… I’ve lost a few pounds while watching’ and finally ’can I have a cigarette?’ lol The whole spectrum of sensual feelings and emotions in one kiss and without a hint of a bed scene! /thud That’s what I call the stunning power of dramatic, director’s and scenary talent. Bravo.