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Watch: Red Velvet Takes 2nd Win For "Red Flavor" On "M!Countdown," Performances By EXO, KARD, And More

Watch: Red Velvet Takes 2nd Win For “Red Flavor” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By EXO, KARD, And More

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Red Velvet has taken first place on this week’s episode of Mnet’s “M!Countdown”!

During the show’s July 20 broadcast, Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor” was up against BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last. With 10,877 points to 5,500 points, Red Velvet took home the win.

During their encore speech, Irene thanked Lee Soo Man, her SMTOWN colleagues, everyone who had a hand in the album’s making, and of course,…

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baekhyun-ah, it’s okay…. we know your heart :)

(t/n: baekhyun mentioned before during his birthday party & encore concert that he will greet fans with ‘you came?’ when he meets us. he felt bad that he forgot about it during today’s Dream Concert that’s why he posted a comment on instagram to apologize.)


Mark is that a finger ❤️️?


God of mimicking fans. Asked for an opinion from fans on what they should talk about, ends up not understanding and teasing all of them in return. TWICE. Really hyperactive and energetic; jumping around and across the stage. One second cute, the next second a beast. Flawless skin. Voice is like warm tea on a cold day.

Super fluffy and hops around stage. Did his segments mostly in English (salutes). Says REAL cheesy things to fans; and in return we become speechless. Gives fans tons of fan-service, throws hearts everywhere and poses for their cameras. A really soothing and lovely voice. Squishy cheeks. Looks like a greek god in real life. Puts Adonis to shame.

VERY mischievous, you can see it in his gaze. Ad-libs like craaaazy all over the place but somehow still manages to sound amazing. Is an actual 5 year old – plays with gifts thrown onto the stage during the encore segment, but also a sweetheart because it’s not allowed but appreciates fans’ thoughtfulness. High chance of being a good dad in the future; gently dissuaded fans from throwing things onto the stage. Solid power-packed vocals. Plays with bubbles.

An actual sweetheart; searches for fans in ever nook and cranny of the hall and makes sure that he waves to them. Vocals A+, never misses a note. Shouted “make some noise” and managed to drag it into a high note at the end. Incredible dancing – chensing machine living up to his name. Why isn’t ‘Towel x Jongdae’ a thing? Literally glows. Has a smile that heals everything.

Cool one second and breaks out into laughter the next. Talented as hell; works the guitar and the DJ set like it’s child’s play. A real rap God. Saw a Yoda face costume mask and put it on; no difference. Really lovely singing voice. Amazing body proportions. An actual giant.

Super squishy and adorable but has a manly personality. Charismatic speaking voice. Had a few flat notes but all was well the moment he smiled. Singing voice is like melted honey. Shows appreciation for fans in his own weird way. Luminous elastic spring balls are his favourite toy – confirmed. Swings them like crazy and almost killed someone.

A dance God. Dancing that brings goosebumps; graceful yet sharp. Super beautiful skin tone. Literally glowing on stage. Throws smirks at every chance he has. Singing voice is highly underrated. Saw a fanboard that apologised for what happened at the airport, told the fan that “it’s okay”. An actual angel we do not deserve. 

Underrated rapping and singing; huge vocal improvement. Another dance God; one second fluid the next second sharp. Crazy visuals. Crazy body proportions. Jawline that could cut someone. Soft and tender heart; was asked what he would like for his birthday and he said “snacks for vivi”. Teared up when fans sang him his birthday song twice.

i am so. proud of yeri. just, the whole rookie era really showcased her improvement and im so so so happy she’s comfortable and confident enough to actually genuinely sing during the encore stages (instead of the laugh-singing she used to do) + the fact that she confidently covered some of joys parts? she looks so much happier and more confident and you can really tell her vocal ability & stability have improved so much im just incredibly proud of her

(170702)  jonghyun: the letter day xvii

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bellow are various fanaccts from the concert:

→ onew came in during the rewind vcr. 

→  he first came in through the left side and was looking around, but realized his seat wasn’t there and went back out. he came back in through the right side. 

→ onew laughed at the cockroach cg during the story time. 

→  when jonghyun said, “people who have the half-moon bell, please take it out,” onew looked around and then at his hands. since he didn’t have a bell, he hit the light stick against his hands instead. 

→ after finished up with the bell, jonghyun said, “bye, half-moon bell~” and fans did the same. onew had a huge smile on his face, then covered his face and laughed. 

→ jonghyun was interviewing people who came with their friends and the people he chose were on the second level; onew bent his head back to see them. 

→ when jonghyun asked people who’s friend is next to them to raise their hands, onew hit his knee and held his head in his hands and shook his head as if to say, “what a shame.” 

→ while jonghyun was talking before singing “fireplace”, onew kept looking at the event instruction sheet. 

→ durring the vcr, he slowly assembled the glasses. however, he didn’t really know how to, so he asked the people around him. 

→ he thought the vcr was over at a certain point so he made a motion to hide the glasses, but after realizing it wasn’t over her went back to putting them together. once the vcr was over, he held the glasses in the back of his seat and shook his lightstick as if nothing happened. 

→ after “love belt”, onew wore his glasses backwards, hanging off of his ears. 

→ onew took part in all of the events earnestly, the instructions said to hold the slogan under the eyes, so he held it exactly like that. 

→ onew came with no makeup on, so he kept covering his face. 

→ jonghyun said to greet people sitting next to you, so onew greeted the fan sitting next to him by slightly bowing his head. op says that his eyes are very warm. 

→ during the encore, “deja boo”, jonghyun found onew and said the “seems like i’ve seen you somewhere” line to him, even though onew had his face covered by the slogan. while doing this, jonghyun tripped on the stairs. 

→ for today’s letter the fan said that they wanted to say these words to shinee while smiling; onew listened well and when it was done, he clapped in her direction. 

→ onew watched the stages very seriously and applauded. 

Liam Talking About Zayn

(Best Song Ever was the last song of the encore at Croke Park during WWA, the fall below happened right at the beginning of Best Song Ever)

(By saying that, Liam basically told everyone to go look it up)

(Louis is from Yorkshire, but Liam uses the plural and Zayn is the only other one from Yorkshire)

i don’t know how to explain it but if you were there, you’d be able to see it.

throughout the ENTIRE concert, kaisoo were avoiding interaction with each other. i was so frustrated and i had almost given up. i even complained to my friend i was disappointed kaisoo wasn’t happening when the 2 of them had walked past each other so many times and that they were almost always dancing next to each other during all the songs.

during the TLP concert, kaisoo had plenty of interactions every time they brushed past each other. a light pat, or eye contact or smiley eyes. but during the concert today, it was very obvious they were avoiding each other.

DURING THE ENDING MENT THOUGH. jongin must not have been able to stand it. he picked up soo’s favourite toy and kept playing with it to get soo’s attention. baby boy succeeded in doing it and they kept having interaction from then on.

soo took away the toy from jongin which jongin gladly gave can i just say! then jongin took it back and wrapped it around his neck. THEN KYUNGSOO WENT TO PULL JONGIN TO HIM, HUGGED HIM AND WHISPERED IN HIS EAR. IT WAS LIKE EXO’LUXION IN SG WHEN HE HUGGED JONGIN FOR THE BDAE SONG WE SANG.

jongin apparently wanted the red glasses after that. he could have gotten it himself but more than once, he asked kyungsoo to get it for him. soo, unable to reject his precious lover, went to get it and EVEN PUT IT ON FOR HIM.

junmyeon was also watching everything nervously, may i just add.

later on, jongin was basically following kyungsoo around during the encore song and he didn’t care about restrictions anymore. he smiled, touched and played with kyungsoo. it was such an endearing sight.

sorry if this is all over the place. i just got back, am really tired and i cried so hard at the moments because i’m a hardcore shipper. but among the 3 concerts i went, and looking at all the interactions from 3 concerts, the interactions between the 2 of them from this concert was a lot more different like they were enjoying each other’s presence on borrowed time. it felt more precious and really just different…

i’m already convinced kaisoo is real but the way kyungsoo treated jongin today, it’s like they’re in love and it’s the kind of love we’ll never experience or understand besides themselves.

(170409) shinee world japan plus staff blog update

jonghyun’s birthday!!

everyone in shinee world, good evening!
jonghyun approached his 27th birthday on april 8th. on the same day, we had a live performance in osaka for ‘shinee world 2017 ~five~’. everyone congratulated him during the performance!! this time it proceeded like this: after the encore, the intro for the second song suddenly turned into the happy birthday tune for celebration!

we believe that all the people who had come to the venue must have thought “what’s with this timing?!” the fact is… the staff thought that since there had already been a surprise in nagoya for their 100th performance, maybe jonghyun would have thought that he’d be congratulated during the emcee segment. wanting to surprise him even just a little bit, the next song after emceeing started, they made him think that there wouldn’t have been anything! just as they thought, this was jonghyun’s reaction the moment the happy birthday song started (laugh)

he looked very surprised (laughs)
after this, he didn’t get the cake thrown onto his face like last year but everyone took a little bit of it with their fingers and smeared him. this time, the cake we prepared for him looked like this ♪

blowing out the candles, he wished health and happiness for himself, then the members, all the fans and the staff. everyone seemed really happy about the wishes! of course, all the celebratory feelings from everyone who had come to the venue and all the fans were conveyed to jonghyun.

during the last emcee ment, key expressed these beautiful words: “ jonghyun, happy birthday again. thank you for being born!” which onew developed into “being born = being a horse*”, making a pun. not being an effective congratulation, he began running around like a horse (laugh)

jonghyun, really, happy birthday to you!
may it be an amazing year for you ✩

* – part of the verb “to be born” and the word “horse” are read the same way in japanese

translated by romanceboys — take out with full credit

anonymous asked:

I think people underestimate just how small Kyungsoo actually is compared to all the other guys he hangs out with. Like I can't stop thinking of the time he just plopped onto Yeol's lap or the time Yeol swooped him up during an encore stage. He's literally like a sack of feathers for all these tall guys.


Yeah, I think we should certainly not forget THIS.

I cannot help myself not mentioning Ksoo’s hyungs

I could have also included older photos but I decided to stay in present. ^^

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