this was during freshman year omg that was so long ago

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"#vminkook mean girls au #where kook is the queen bitch around the campus #tae is the dumb blond everyone wants to fuck #chim knows everything about everyone and a rich ass bitch #and has a super big ass because its full of secrets" i dream of you one day writing this au

OMG someone is reading my tags! Anon, you are beautiful and amazing (also you can come off anon so we can be friends if you want and so I can spam you with vkook). Because of you, I’ll be putting this AU in my to-write list haha

For now, here’s a short WIP thingy that may or may not appear in the finished fic (beware this is random af)

*Inspired by this post

I can just imagine goth transgender!Namjoon, angry artist!Yoongi (who, while waiting for his big break as a rapper, recites his angry raps about big booty bitches and socioeconomic issues during the weekly poetry nights in a shady club downtown) and pansexual dancer!Hoseok who wants to be a ballerino and a gogo dancer being the school outcasts and they all hate the fearsome threesome (I know, I just came up with this shit cut me some slack). 

Then awkward and lost new guy!Seokjin comes along and Jeongguk, Tae and Jimin take an interest in him because he’s adorable af but rapper line guides him to the right path before he falls into their “evil” clutches.

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Makeshift Family

a/n: so I saw this tumblr post by @kevin-the-chicken and got super inspired to write it so here’s the first chapter (i hope you like it dude)

you read it on ao3 too

If someone had told Hux when he was six that he would find a family who loved him, he would have kicked them. At age six there was no such family in his future. His father, Brendol, was barely there as it was (and when he was there it was nothing but scathing comments); and his mother had walked out when he was two. The closest thing resembling a family back then was the nanny who watched him - and even she left when he turned ten.

So no, Hux wouldn’t have believed them at all.

His childhood was the epitome of pathetic. In elementary school no one bothered to sit with him at lunch on the bias of his ginger colored hair. It was a childish discrimination that eventually waned, but from grades one to three that was his reality. Along with the occasional teasing, which sometimes made him tear up a bit. But he never cried. According to his father good boys never shed a tear.

They just had tough hearts.

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