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Levihan week day 1 - Celebration

I fully believe hange in labour is a celebration. Enjoy!


That’s all he heard. His eyes flickered to the kitchen. What has this god forsaken woman done to herself now he thought. He closed his book and walked towards the kitchen.

“Four eyes what the fuck have you do-” he was startled by his wife’s current position. Hunched over, her face red, her breathing uneven as she clutched her swollen pregnant belly. He also noticed the pool of water at her feet.

“Levi” she panted as she gripped the counter as he rushed over to her and helped her up. “I think” pant “it’s time” pant “to have” pant “a baby”. She said as she heaved into his chest. He stared at her wide eyes.

“ I thought you weren’t due for another week shitty glasse-”

“LEVI!” She said in a hoarse voice as she clutched his arms very tightly.

“Ok ok shit ehm fuck I’ll get the bag and then we’ll go!” He said as he sat her down at the kitchen table dashing off to find the baby bag that he had so perfectly packed with everything they would need.

About fifteen minutes later they were in the car on the way to the hospital. The ride there was most interesting. Levi should have expected it not to be a subtle labour with hange considering everything is wild and loud with her.

She was currently sitting in the passenger seat of their car head rolled back, breathing very deeply with perspiration started to flow on her forehead. Levi was a nervous wreck next to her which she did find quite funny considering it was so out of character for him. He caught her smirking and rolled his eyes and focused on the road.

The contractions were bad. Every now and again hange would fling forward heaving. Levi would rub her back with one hand or clutch her hand. Luckily for the both of them the hospital was only a ten minute drive.

They had managed to get hange into a private waiting labour room which honestly was best for everyone in the hospital.

She was currently four centimetres dilated and the contractions were getting worse. Levi was sitting beside her the entire time. He would rub her back and neck which she truly was thankful for as she leaned into his touch and he kissed her forehead. He got a cold cloth for her forehead as she started to heat up visciously.

Hours had passed now. He was now rubbing her tummy with one hand while playing with her hair with the other. She smiled a genuine smile and looked at him.

“You’re so good to me” she said with hazy lids from the epidural. He looked at her with a glare as he saw she was teasing him. He ‘tch'ed as he flicked her forehead. She just giggled.

“Don’t get used it shitty glasses, it’s just cause your in pain.” He said as he side-eyed the nurse that was giving them the most confusing look. Hange just left out a loud laugh that was cut off by a contraction. She huffed through it as the nurse went to call the doctor.

“I think it’s time shorty!” She smirked. He looked at her to give a sly comment for her name calling but was taken aback by her look. Her eyes were closed as she had the biggest smile and she just hummed in happiness. He admired her so much. He brushed off the stray bits of hair off her face. She glanced up at him and gave him a lopsided smile. He smirked and leaned down and gave her a soft and gently kiss.

“Let’s have a fucking baby Hange.”

“Ok hange you’re doing great just a few more pushes” the doctor said in slight horror at her frequent shouts and curse words but Levi just internally laughed at the eccentric woman he loved.
He was rubbing her lower back and holding her hand as she continued to push.
“GAH!” She would shout every now again.
“SHIT this is hard” she whimpered as a tear slowly rolled down her face as she clutched onto Levi’s hand he kissed a way her tear and whispered sweet nothings into her ear.
“ I can see the head!” The doctor announced. “
One more push hange”.

“Hange you can do this” he whispered as he kissed her temple. He looked at her deep brown eyes that were so wide and alarmed as she nodded confidently. “Ok, ok”

“Ok push now hange!”

“AGHHHHHHH” she shouted as she pushed with all her might and leaned forward dragging Levi forward with her.

“She’s here!” The doctor announced as the room was filled with a loud cry. The nurses took her away from the bed to clean her up. Hange collapsed back against the pillows. Panting deeply. Levi looked back at her. A shit eating grin on her face.

“It’s a girl!” She exclaimed happily. Levi bent down to her and kissed forehead.

“God bless her if she gets your nose"he said which set her off even though she was so tired. He smirked. She knew he was joking. He secretly loved her nose.

"Thank god that’s over” she panted. He cupped her cheek as she leaned into his hand and kissed his wrist.

“Here she is” the nurse announced as she handed hange a bundle of blankets with a red face poking out of them. She held her carefully and her heart swooned. Never did hange think she would have a child. Yet here in front of her, this bundle of joy is her and Levi’s little girl. Her eyes were closed as she stopped crying and was sleeping quietly against hanges chest.

“She’s so tiny” hange says quietly as she gently caresses her petite face with a finger. The baby stirred and grabbed her finger with her full hand which made hange laugh.

“She’s a tough one” Levi commented from over hanges shoulder. This environment was all new to him. He was never around children much. Hange knew this but addressed it carefully.

“Do you want to hold her” she asked him. He glanced at her to see if she was joking but nodded with furrowed brows as she gently passed on the baby. He looked down at her facial features. Swollen little baby eyes, a button nose and red gurgling lips. He smiled. He actually smiled. He suddenly felt a rush of pride and protection. This was his and hanges little girl. It was such a lovely thing to be able to say he thought.

Hange drifted off to sleep for a few hours as Levi held the sleeping baby in his arms. Hange awoke to him in deep thought. She took in his details. What a gorgeous man she thought.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked softly. He turned to look at her and saw her sleepy lids and content smile.

“Baby names.” He said as he looked back down at the baby.

“I was thinking Lilliana.” He said firmly waiting for her response. She thought about it and it seemed very fitting.
“I really like that actually!” She smiled. “Lily for short”

Levi smiled at hange. “I love you” he said so softly she barely heard him.

She reached out for his arm. “I love you too shorty.”


“Lily! Get back here you need your bath!” Levi said firmly as he chased his filthy two year old around the house. Lily giggled as she waddled down hall. She thought it was an excellent idea to go playing in hanges plants in the garden which led to her leaving a trail of dirt after her.

He finally caught up to her as he scooped her up in his arms as she retaliated by kicking her legs and laughing. He didn’t react he continued to bring her back into the bathroom to get undressed for her bath. She huffed as she sat on the toilet seat as he removed her shoes and socks. He glared at her.

“What’s with the face?” he said as he bopped he nose, which made her scrunch up her nose.
“I don’t want a bath” she said trying to look angry but wasn’t going very well considering her big brown eyes she developed from her mom made me her look so adorable. Levi just smirked. She’s too much like hange.

“Listen kiddo, if you take your bath now you can get two bedtime stories tonight” he said knowing she’d crack. She raised her eyebrow and huffed in defeat as she lifted up her arms for him to remove the rest of her clothing.

Levi gently washed the dirt out of her long black sleek hair. That’s one thing she inhabited from him thank god. She had hanges brig brown eyes her enthusiasm for life and reading but Levi’s stubbornness, hair colour and nose. He was slightly annoyed she didn’t inherit hanges nose.

“Daddy?” She asked as she played with the water.

“Hm?” He responded as he lathered her hair with shampoo carefully scrubbing her scalp.

“Where’s mommy?” She asked.

“She’s downstairs in her study she had to do a few write ups but she will be up in a minute.”

And so she was. She walked in to find her two favourite people.
“Well hello!” She said as she kneeled down beside Levi and kissed his cheek. She gathered some suds and blew them in Lily’s direction who giggled and then yawned. “Is it time for bed lil?” Hange asked. Which lily quietly nodded her head to.

“But tonight Lily gets two stories” Levi said eying Hange leaving her to make up the stories for bedtime. She squinted at him as he smirked.
“All right. Come on love lets get you out.” She said as she lifted lily out of the bath and wrapped her in her towel and headed for Lily’s room.

They both liked putting lily to bed because they were all there as a family. They out her into her baby blue nightie and as Hange told her two stories one of princesses and princes and the other of soldiers fighting to save the world, Levi brushed out locks and towel dried her hair. They popped her into bed and she gave them both big kisses as she went off to sleep soundly.

The two walked downstairs to the sitting room and plonked themselves on the couch. They were wrecked.

“You know your going to have to fix your plants” he said as he ran his hand through her hair. She sighed.

“Yeah. It’ll be fine though. We have Lily’s birthday next week actually we need to do something for that.” She said as she tangled their hands.

“It will be good for us. Something to celebrate.” Levi said as he closed his eyes leaning back. All he heard was her smirk and he feared the worst.

“Actually we already have something to celebrate” she said giggling as she sat up to look at him. He opened one eye to look at her.

“Hange….” He said warily as he sat up. She just smiled and leaned forward and said.

“I’m pregnant”

He just blinked.


He embraced her and whispered.
“ I hope they get your nose.”.

TalesFromYourServer: When a guest lies right to your face

I work in a casual, burger and bar type joint. It is a seat yourself restaurant, but when it gets busy we do take names to avoid confusion and save larger tables for bigger parties. For this reason, my manager had the “seat yourself” sign turned to “please wait to be seated” side.

We’d just gotten through our dinner rush when I saw a couple walk into the restaurant. They stood for a moment, looking around, when I came up to them and told them they could sit anywhere they’d like. The woman said, “oh I was confused because of the sign” and I replied and said I was sorry, we’d just gotten done with our rush and they were now free to sit down. My manager had been passing by and heard me saying this and told them the same thing, and all of a sudden their moods had changed. The man said, “oh, I wish we would’ve known that. We’ve been standing here for seven minutes.”

First of all, I literally saw you and spoke to you as soon as you walked through the door, so there wasn’t any damn seven minutes. Also, seven minutes? Exactly seven minutes? Some people…

My manager and I had a good laugh in back after we’d walked away and I’d told him what happened. It really wasn’t the biggest deal of the night, but just hilarious how much customers will sometimes straight up lie and exaggerate for no reason at all.

Anyways, I’m off for the next week, and ready to drink some whiskey. Cheers!

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My cycle home distilled into 9 photos. Each photo is captioned, so if you click on the first one, you get to read a little about the journey. I’m lucky I work so close to home - the cycle takes about 20 minutes without rushing (I have done it in 10 on a good day). I hate to think how big my ass would become if I didn’t cycle every day.

p.s. hello from England, land of green fields, church spires, and quiet suburbia :)

Why Supernatural deaths piss me off: part two

[part one here] [part three here]

[spoilers for SPN 12x23]

All the MCDs on All Along the Watchtower annoyed me, because the show has just done the trick of killing characters off only to bring them back again too many times for me to take it seriously. But they each annoyed me in their own special ways.

So… Crowley. 

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you know, the weird not-love triangle, polyamory thing btw Barry, Iris & SaviBarry makes me think they should have emphasized that for a few more episodes. if they had revealed him earlier, it could have been so that he really wanted Iris for himself and was trying to steal her. that would have been really interesting (more so than what they did). plus he could have kidnapped her for a couple episodes and there could have been more scenes btw her and Savi, with him trying to make her love him

There are just a lot of ways this arc could have better, they waited too long to reveal who Savitar is and then they had to rush the reveal and the reactions. But I’m glad that we got to see so much of him with Iris outside of the suit, Candice and Grant killed those scenes, just imagine what they could have done with more time. 

Marichat May Day 6: Game Night

He has already lost too many times to even count with the fingers. But Chat doesnt mind in the slightest while he can cuddle around Mari and enjoy her company.

i did this too late im sorry xD

Flowers for my sister

A/N: So when I was in Jr/Sr high they had fundraisers where for a dollar someone could buy you a rose & have it sent to on Valentine’s day. Throughout the day people would go into the classroom & pass out the flowers. They had notes on it with who it was from & whatever message they wanted. So I’m sitting here going “what fic should I write for Valentine’s day & this popped into my head.” Reader is Dean’s twin. The ending is kinda rushed but that’s because it’s bedtime but I wanted to post this on actual Valentine’s Day. Enjoy my loves.

Dean x Sister!Reader    Sam x Sister!Reader

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You nearly collapsed as you set your lunch tray down at the same table that Dean was already sitting at. Dean quirked an eyebrow at you, “What’s up with you?” He questioned. You ignored him by pretending to be very interested in the disgusting lunch that was in front of you. “Aye,” Dean said while kicking your leg under the table.

“What?” You hissed at him.

“What’s going on? Why are you all, moody?” He asked.

“Nothing. Just drop it, okay?” You replied before taking a bite out of the lunch the school provided for you.

“It’s not nothing if you’re acting like a-” Dean began but was interrupted by Sam rushing over to the table.

“Y/N are you okay?” Sam asked, out of breath from running, “I heard what happened and ran ove-”

“I’m fine Sam. Just drop it. Both of you. Okay?” You told them.

“Sam. Spill. Now.” Dean demanded.

“Sam, you open your mouth and you’re gonna regret it.” You replied.

Sam looked between you and Dean; you were both his older siblings, both of you were his heroes, normally he did what you asked, but this time he couldn’t.

“It’s Valentine’s day right? So these guys-” Sam started.

“Seriously Sam. Drop. It.” You hissed at him.

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what's a fire and how does it - what's the word? - burn

so i have this disney playlist i listen to usually when i’m driving and i was blasting poor unfortunate souls this morning and i was thinking

what if ariel didn’t sign the scroll?

because she’s about to, okay, and she looks at the paper. the parchment made of seaweed, the ones that’s specially treated to survive underwater. and she thinks of her cave of treasures, her books that remain perfectly preserved underwater. “no thank you,” she says slowly, becoming keenly aware of air of this place, of the not-people she’d seen who hadn’t been able to pay the price for sea witch’s bargain. “i – no. thank you. but no.”

ursula tries to convince her otherwise, but ariel runs. she goes back to her cave, destroyed as it was by her father’s anger, and thinks.

she’s the daughter of triton. her books never got wet, though she lives in the ocean. she feels a pull inside her, to the land, to somewhere else, but what if – what if –

what if she doesn’t need the sea witch or her father to perform magic for her? what if she has her own?

ursula had wanted her voice because that’s how she performed her magic. singing in this cave had given it powers and protection, and when she saved her prince from the sea – she sang then too, to keep him safe, to guide him back to life and away from death.

so she has magic. she only needs to figure out how to use it.

so that’s what ariel does now. she’s quiet and keeps to herself, and her father and sisters think that it’s because she’s upset with her father, that she’s busy licking her wounds. she’s moved on from that. she has no trident, and is uninterested with fueling her magic with the souls of the damned like ursula has. so she needs to figure something else out.

she does what she’s not supposed to do, and goes where she’s not supposed to go, slipping past the guards and patrols to the one place in the sea that is forbidden to all of them.

the crevice in the earth where what remains of her grandmother lives.

ariel goes to amphitrite, and the sea goddess is so much bigger than ariel, the size of great whale as she curls at the bottom of the sea floor, too old and too tired to do anything more than sleep. “granddaughter,” the great being croaks, opening an eye as blue and as unfathomable as the sea, “you look like me.”

“they say i look like my mother,” she says, and to herself adds: that’s why father can barely stand to look at me.

“you have more of me in you than your mother,” she says, and she shifts and pulls her mass of red hair over her shoulder. “more of me in you than your father does, even.”

“i have magic,” she says, pulling her bravery to the fore as she swims closer to her grandmother, “i want you to teach me how to use it.” amphitrite pushes herself up, and it’s the first time she’s moved in a millennia, and ariel notices for the first time that her grandmother isn’t a mermaid – she has legs.

she has legs.

“you have power,” amphitrite corrects fiercely, “and i will teach you to wield it.”

and so she does. ariel spends her nights by her grandmother, learning to harness the power of the sea that runs in her veins, and sleeps her days away while her sisters and flounder and sebastian grow more and more concerned, but she refuses to tell them why. she refuses to be stopped.

but her heart still aches. she fell in love with her prince, and she wants him still. so she swims to the edge, goes to the beach where his castle resides in the dead of night when her lessons with her grandmother are complete, and sings

. she’s careful not to let any magic leak through, only her voice. she does not want to enchant him. she wants him to love her as she is. so she sings, her voice clear and powerful and cutting through the air. she hopes he can hear it.

then one day a figure walks to the beach, and it’s him, her prince. “hello?” he calls out, “are you out there? are you – please, it was you that saved me, wasn’t it? won’t you come out and let me see you?”

so she does, waves her tail at him until he catches sight of her and takes hesitant, disbelieving steps closer.

“you’re a mermaid,” he says, eyes wide, “i thought i saw – but it couldn’t be.”

“i am, and it can,” she says, heart beating wildly in her chest. he’s just as handsome as she remembered, and she wants him just as much. “my name is ariel.”

“ariel,” he repeats, and pulls off his boots and goes wading into the water, watching her to see if she flinches away from him. she doesn’t, and his strides grow bolder. “my name is eric.”

“eric,” she whispers, and when he’s close enough he touches her, trailing fingers across the bare skin of her shoulder and tangling them in her hair.

when he kisses her, she feels powerful enough to undo the world.

so there’s that now, spending her nights with her grandmother and her prince, and she knows how to make her own legs now, could walk onto land and be made a queen among the two legged men.

but she’s a princess here first, and before she can do that she needs to take care of something.


the rotten sea witch with her rotten sea magic won’t be allowed to torment her people any longer.

she tells her grandmother, and amphitrite smiles and says, “an excellent decision, child. i’ve enjoyed our time together, but i think it’s time for me to sleep once more. i’ve taught you everything i can.”

and tears prick ariel’s eyes, but she holds them back. she knew that it couldn’t be forever, that her grandmother can’t die but no longer desires to live and this is the in-between.

“you’ll be an amazing queen,” amphitrite murmurs, and closes her eyes for a millennia more.

this isn’t something to be done in the dead of night, although it would be easier to do it then.

she will make a spectacle of it, she will remind the sea that her people are not to be trifled with.

once upon a time they feared a blue eyed, red haired sea queen with the power to destroy them all. it’s time for them to do so again.

so she drives ursula to the center of the city. her sisters cower and people hide, and her father comes rushing forward to save her.

“you’ve committed great crimes against my people,” she says, not flinching as lightning gathers in the sea witch’s hands, “so now shall a great crime be committed against you.”

“foolish girl,” the sea witch snarls.

triton is yelling. he won’t get there in time.

he doesn’t have to.

she doesn’t need to sing anymore. instead she lifts her hands and pulls ursula apart without ever touching her, not only renders flesh from bone but also sets free the souls she’s been hoarding, reverses the magic done to those who’d fallen into the sea witch’s trap.

they all stare at her, her people, her father, and her sisters. she looks to triton and says, “i’m not a little girl anymore.”

he opens his mouth, closes it again, then says, “i can see that.”

all at once everyone’s perceptions are turned sideways about their youngest princess. she commands a power that even her father doesn’t have access to, she’s not depressed and dreamy – she’s powerful young woman who knows exactly what she’s doing.

so she does what she wanted to do, she gives herself legs and steps onto the sand and launches herself into eric’s arms. she becomes his bride, and the rumors run rampant of what she is, of where she came from, but they can’t prove anything and so they rule.

they live long, happy lives. ariel is his consort, his advisor, his wife, his tactician, and his best friend. all those years reading drowned books have certainly paid off. she ages herself along with her husband, bears his children and then teaches them they ways of her – their – people.

her husband dies, and she disappears, like the stories of selkie women that everyone whispers around her. their children give their father a sea burial, and vow to see him again one day. what they know and none of their subjects do is this – their father’s body isn’t in that casket.

she returns to her ocean, her legs form into her glittering green tail, and she goes home. she uses her terribly powerful magic, and brings her husband with her. she went from princess ariel of the sea to queen ariel of the land, and now she’s back again.

she’s not quite a teenager, but neither is she the old woman she pretended to be on land. she’s returned her and her husband to the prime of their life, and as she gained legs to be with him, he now gives his up to be with her.

eric becomes a merman, and a prince by virtue of being ariel’s husband.

she returns to her family and her world without missing a beat, and they all welcome her as if she never left, treat her husband with kindness and respect.

because they all know.

it doesn’t matter that she’s the youngest. when, far in the future, triton’s reign ends –

ariel’s reign will begin.

After some thinking, I want to politely point out a few things to those of you saying Touka and Kaneki’s sex scene was rushed and meaningless.

Did kaneki and touka rush into having sex? Yes. But that’s entirely the point - in no way does that make it meaningless or perverted.

Kaneki and Touka have seen all of this happen before. Their hideout has been found. Their faces have been unmasked. Kaneki is the most wanted ghoul in Japan, and this is pretty much the beginnings of war for them. People are going to die. And they both know it can be either one of them at any time. Neither of them were going to wait for the “perfect moment, ” not when there’s a good chance that neither of them will live to see it.

What you’ve got to remember is that people don’t always make the best decisions when it comes to sex. More often than not, people get caught up in the moment and do it before they should do. This rushed nature is actually quite realistic. Even with Yorirko’s life hanging, Touka is keeping cool because she knows jumping to conclusions and being rash will do no good - she’s seen this before with Hinami’s mother.

Touka has experienced enough loss to know that she has to live for the living, and do whatever she can to keep those people alive. Sure, she’ll fight to protect kaneki, but that isn’t always what it’s about; with kaneki being suicidal in the past, she’s trying her best to give him an incentive to live. She’s letting Kaneki know that he’s loved even though she struggles to express anything other than her primal emotions. Kaneki needs to know that he’s loved right now. If there was anything more about Hide right now, it would be a bad turn for kaneki since he’d be living for the dead. It’s so important that he learns other people than Hide care for him that I’m shocked that people actually want Hide related stuff instead of this. Even though Touken wasn’t my favourite ship, I’m so happy because this is such an important hurdle for Kaneki’s character being overcome.

So yes, they rushed into having sex. However, I honestly feel this was a perfectly natural action for two broken people under pressure. They weren’t going to wait when there is a good chance there wasn’t going to be any other time for them. They both wanted to do it. Even if this is a sort of humorous thing to add remember they were virgins in their twenties as well; touka has done enough waiting on Kaneki, haha.

Please stop saying that their relationship is meaningless compared to his and Hide’s because it just isn’t true. The only other time Kaneki cried during a happy time was their first visit to :Re when he was so relieved to see Touka alive and he thought about what a beautiful person she was. After this, Haise gazed at her the same way Kaneki gazed at Rize - which Kaneki didn’t deny. If this doesn’t show how much Kaneki loves touka then I don’t know what will.

I’m honestly so proud of Touka for being so bold and collected here. She’s developed in so many ways. Sometimes, when written well, sex can really bond characters in books. While it remains to be seen, I’m really excited to see their relationship change and, hopefully, kaneki opening up to her by learning that people other than Hide love him. This is a good turn of events for both of them.

There is no shelter from the storm.

Team Instinct is prepared for combat!

This will be a print along with Mystic and Valor as part of the set at Animaga 2016 held this weekend!!