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House Rules: Minions!!!

Sometimes you want monsters to come in droves and go down just as fast. 

A fight against thirty orcs is a grand cinematic battle. 

The players get to enjoy carving through the mob like a hot knife through butter, feeling confident and powerful. 

Unfortunately, the mechanics of standard monsters make that difficult. 

If you use a large number of monsters of a level similar to the PCs, you overwhelm them. 

If you use a large number of monsters of much lower level, you bore them with creatures that have little chance of hurting the PCs but take a lot of time to take down. 

On top of that, keeping track of the actions of so many monsters is a headache.

Minions are designed to serve as shock troops and cannon fodder for other monsters…

Four minions are considered to be about the same as a standard monster of their level. 

Minions are designed to help fill out an encounter, but they go down quickly. 

A minion is destroyed when it takes any amount of damage. 

Damage from any attack destroys a minion. 

Use minions as melee combatants placed between the PCs and back-rank artillery or controller monsters.


  • Specializes at disposable front-line combatant.
  • Groups in large numbers to overwhelm the party.
  • Is vulnerable in all types of combat, especially AOEs.
  • Usually is just composed of a large group of themselves.


A minion is very much like the monster itself, though it has the following benefits and penalties to its statistics:

  • Initiative bonus: +0
  • Hit points: 1

Finally finished! It was an extremely fun process picking out colors and trying to combine traits from two very different characters! Not to mention I’m deep in my Capparity obsession now and there’s no escape. I just had to add my lovely new OTP in.

So here’s my third ever MLP nextgen! She’s got an older brother and sister who I’ve yet to give much thought to.

Introducing Genevieve (clearly named by Mama) Dapperpaws, though she usually goes by Vivi for short. She’s her parents’ fluffy princess, and they’ll spoil her rotten if given the opportunity. After hearing about her Dad’s history as a thief, Vivi thought it sounded really cool and tried to emulate him. Only, being the offspring of the Element of Generosity, her inherent desire to give back to others makes that a bit difficult: instead of stealing your things for her own gain, she’ll take the item, make it amazingly better, and gift it back, complete with “evillll gloating”.

Her parents find this utterly adorable and amusing, and just don’t have the heart to tell their youngest baby that that’s the exact opposite of what a thief does. XD

Vivi’s just a kindhearted, somewhat oblivious ball of fluff and failed mischief! She adores both of her parents completely and equally, and takes after both of them a lot: generous to a fault, a sharp dresser, adores shiny, graceful, and surprisingly cunning.

I don’t think she’ll have a cutiemark in the usual sense. She’s directly inherited a diamond mark on her belly from Rarity, but it seems more like a passed-down physical trait rather than any reflection of her talents/strengths. Though who knows!

I’m already loving the idea of her and Artemis (Luna and Discord’s son: being best friends and having a charmingly obvious kiddie-crush on each other. While Vivi thinks she’s up to no good when she swipes necklaces and adorns them in precious gems to gift back, Artemis actually excels in mischief (to a sometimes concerning degree). But she’s a sweetheart and acts as his moral compass, being one of the few that can get through to Artemis when he needs it most.

Oh yeah, I’m already attached to her. I’ll be sure to draw her more and flesh out her story in my weird MLP universe!

honestly i don’t think people understand how helpful words of affirmation can be for me. i’m in an almost constant state of ‘everyone hates me and i’m burdening everyone’ so hearing that you actually like me randomly is so !!! i appreciate so much hearing that i’m not annoying you, even if i need reminding a lot

I am...

Aries rising/sun: Intensely/Self-Centered

Taurus rising/sun: Stubbornly/Possessive

Gemini rising/sun: Vocally/Talkative

Cancer rising/sun: Cautiously/Caring

Leo rising/sun: Dramatically/Proud

Virgo rising/sun: Logically/Critical

Libra rising/sun: Anxiously/Agreeable

Scorpio rising/sun: Obsessively/Passionate

Sagittarius rising/sun: Excessively/Optimistic

Capricorn rising/sun: Deliberately/Goal-oriented

Aquarius rising/sun: Seemingly/Opinionated

Pisces rising/sun: Deceptively/Manipulative

Examples- Leo rising/Cancer sun: I am dramatically caring; Virgo rising/Aquarius sun: I am logically opinionated; Taurus rising/Sagittarius sun: I am stubbornly optimistic; Gemini rising/Capricorn sun: I am vocally goal-oriented.


·· I was under the impression that quinces were bow-and-arrow using savages…But after witnessing that, I guess they’re quite civilized… ··

                                                           - Happy Birthday @vegeet // 2.28.17