this was cute i had to

I’M READY FOR IT TO BE SPRING like its time for warm days, soft breezes, bright and colorful plants, happy days all around. 

(just more general photoshop practice and playing around with facial features??) 


I finally got this in the mail after ordering it on amazon. I had seen sketches and drawings of these two characters floating around but the manga just came out last month and I finally sat down to read it.
Lemme tell you know, it’s like cavity levels of sweetness. It’s so fluffy and cute but doesn’t compromise a greater narrative at all. I only read one vol. so there is a lot of room for stuff to happen, but it’s really cute.



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there’s a portuguese tv show with a time travelling lesbian, i love it when my country does me right

1 week left of February!

Guys!! This is the last week of February! Spring time is coming soon and im so excited! Littles can finally wear their cute pastel skirts or adorable dresses we’ve been waiting for. I hope you all had a wonderful day off yesterday! Now today we all have to start being productive. Make sure you all eat and drink healthy today. Try something new today! Instead of milk and cereal, have a smoothie and a salad! I love you all so much and have a wonderful day! 💜💙🐱

some of y’all are getting real sneaky with your porno like I had to double take so many times in the past couple weeks because I thought I was looking at a cute picture of Isabelle and was scrolling down to reblog it to this blog but then I realized that she had a huge dong