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Auston Matthews #4


Anonymous said: Pls write more Auston Matthews! I live for it! 😊

Anonymous said: Can you please do more Auston Matthews imagines. Your writing is THE best!!

A/N: Honestly I just can’t stop writing Auston imagines and I’m not even sorry.. But also I swear I’m getting to everyones requests!! But yeah, thank you guys!! Hope you liked this :)

Word Count: 1,275

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“I can’t believe I’m letting you drag me to this stupid thing,” you grumbled while walking up the driveway with Steph by your side. After hours of trying to get out of being here, here is exactly where you ended up - here being Connor Brown’s house where a handful of people were enjoying some drinks by the fire.

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Two More Times the Gods Bothered Icarus at Work

The library doesn’t actually pay, per se, but if he volunteers a given number of hours, it does give him vouchers for select items purchased at the campus shops – class supplies, food and other sundries.  Icarus did the math and determined that the value of the vouchers was nearly as good as actual money, with the added benefit of the convenient location where he could stop by between classes easily and rack up hours for the week. 

And it’s fairly peaceful work.  Running the checkout desk; entering returned books into the computer; shelving books; light cleaning.  And Icarus is free to do some of his own homework as well, as long as he gets the list of tasks done, while still earning credit for being there.  Hard to complain about it.

He enjoys the tasks, and enjoys the hush of the narrow aisles, packed with books on either side, higher than his head.  They have a good section on aviation: old and new books; practical and philosophical; aeronautical and astronautical.  Icarus likes to sneak back to steal a few browse through them whenever he can.

Icarus is on his way back to the front counter with two books in hand, when he hears a yelp of surprise, two feet to his left, where there are a couple small steps leading up to the study carrels and tables. 

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Inspired by this@marichat-ladybee

Takes place post-Evillustrator.

She shouldn’t have flirted back at him.  Or at the very least she should have done something to discourage him, given him a cooler reception than she had, ignored his ridiculous puns and jokes more than she had, been—when you got down to it—less affectionate with him than she had.  Something.

But her the silly cat had dropped that damnable package off—a little something for the trouble, he’d written, a little something as compensation for the inconvenience of her needing to get him out of trouble instead of the other way around—and she’d had to open it just out of courtesy because it’d be rude to throw away a present and she’d had to find the bolt of finest silk inside, enough for a dress and a half, two if she wanted to shorten the hem and skimp a little on the material elsewhere, and she’d had to arrange for another meeting just to thank him and then she’d had to set up a third meeting when she’d noticed how reluctant he was to leave that time and then they’d just clicked somehow, like she and Alya or Adrien and Nino had clicked.

There was a long chain of “justs” and “hads” leading them here.  To this time, and to this place.

“Hey, Princess?” Chat says, waving a hand a few times in front of her eyes.  She blinks and swats at it on reflex as his words—tinged with shades of warm amusement and edged with mild concern—burrow down and nestle someplace next to her heart, a sudden boiling weight, a sudden tightness in her breathing, a sudden pressure in her chest.  Chat holds both his hands up in mock surrender and leans away from her.

“Hey, hey,” he says with a slight smile—and her breathing is just incrementally tighter as she answers it with a slight scowl—as she flails weakly once more at him for the look of the thing.  “You wouldn’t want to cripple me here, Princess, Ladybug might need my help and I can’t do that if I’m laid up in hospital with my arm shattered by one of your mighty blows.”

“Wuss,” she says, and Chat breaks into a quiet chuckle, her bones resonating with the sound.  It’s not fair that he can do this to her.  Not when he’s just a friend, just someone like Nino or Alya.

“Okay,” he says after a quiet minute.  “Seriously, what’s up?  I know I’m pretty, but I think something’s wrong when you’ve been staring at me for more than thirty seconds straight.”

Marinette catches herself and forces her gaze back down into her lap.  She’s wearing, yes, her usual pink pajama pants, loose and comfy and warm, the cotton weave wearing a little thinly at the side of her knee, where she’d taken to rubbing at it with her thumb on nights like these, when the dark thoughts came to her

She quashes the upwelling tide and forces her thumb to still its motion.

“Come on,” Chat says, his voice low and smooth.  He nudges her gently in the side with an elbow and she hammers down the instinctive urge, the by-now old habit to nudge back, to turn to him laughing or frowning with such overacted intensity that he’d immediately burst out laughing with his wheezing little cackle of a laugh or smile toothily back.

“Come on,” he repeats, a little quieter, a little more gently.  “It’s me, Marinette.”

Which is the entire issue, of course.  Him.  Him with his cheesy jokes and his pyrite cheer, his fierce kindness wielded like an axe against the evils of the world, his utter refusal to be anything other than a decent person.  The him that gave kids piggyback rides and capered for their amusement and came back after a hard battle to comfort Papillon’s victims.  Him, looking at her under the wan light of this half-moon above.

The him that was so hard not to fall for, in spite of all the flirting.  In spite of Adrien.

“All right,” Chat says after a minute.  He scoots away a little and reclines languidly on his elbows, watching the twinkling stars above with a small contented smile as Marinette watches him from the corner of his eye. 

It couldn’t hurt.  Just.  Just to admit it to herself, at least.  Just to say that her affections were more than merely friendly.

“You look nice,” she says, her tongue mangling the words in her head on instructions from the sentiments in her heart.  “I want to kiss you.”

Chat blinks, then turns towards her, his ears perking up.  “I’m sorry, what?”

Shit.  Shit.  The enhanced hearing, how could she have forgotten about his enhanced hearing, oh shit.

Deny, that was the thing.

Deny everything, it was just a quote, or something misheard, deny it deny it deny it.

“I said if you died I wouldn’t miss you!”

She feels the words slip oil-slick from her tongue, propelled by ill-considered panic with all the unstoppable inevitability of a lit match spiraling downwards under gravity’s clutching fingers, sees his eyes go wide with shock, the little exhale as though she’d just driven a knife into his chest, the reflexive recoiling from her shout.

She sits there.  He sits there.  Neither say anything in their shock.

Then Chat rises, his every movement measured and slow and overly careful, the movements of a man walking alongside a precipice, the waves crashing at the rocks below.  His hand  trembles once before he clenches it into a tight fist.

“I,” he says, “wasn’t aware.  Of the strength of your feelings.  On.  On this matter.”  A tight breath that Marinette struggles to replicate, breath enough to apologize, to admit the error, to drag him back even as the avalanche thunders down towards the both of them.

Just one breath, just enough breath to say one word, to say “stop”, to stop this to preserve this to save this.

“I won’t bother you further Prin—Marinette,” he says, correcting himself.  Then he coils and leaps away.


The skylight behind Marinette creaks open after some time.

“Marinette?” Sabine says tiredly.  “Why are you up here this late?  Was it you that shouted?”

“Couldn’t sleep, Mama,” Marinette says, staring blankly out at the night.

“All right.  Just be sure to get to sleep,” Sabine says after a moment.  The skylight creaks back down and shuts with a dull clunk of metal against metal.

Marinette sits as the dew settles into her clothes and the chill seeps into her chest, and the half-moon’s wan light descends towards the dawn.

Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 1 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4

Word Count: 1,197

Warnings: Language. Implications of sex.

A/N: I know I’m in the middle of a few things right now and I have a few requests in my ask box, but this has been rattling around in my head for days now so I just had to get it out there. Also, there is not enough stuff with James Madison out there.

…..Think this is def gonna be a series.

Tags: @avengershavethetardis @bjwrites


James Madison slowly came to with the feeling of warm sunlight on his face. The dull ache in his head served as a reminder of the alcohol he’d consumed the night before. He wasn’t drunk necessarily, but he definitely wouldn’t say no to some aspirin and a glass of water. He moved to slide out of bed when he fully realized the weight on his chest. He looked down and saw the girl laying against him.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) was asleep with her arm draped over his upper body. Her hair was in shambles, but she looked peaceful with the sun on her skin and her chest rising and falling gently. The blanket rested down on both her and his hips. James stared down at you and thought back to the night before.

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You Can Plunder My Dungeon Anytime

Slightly late for this @sterek-bingo entry because I fell asleep early last night! Enjoy :)

This story was written for the Kids square on my BINGO card. (AO3 link here).

You Can Plunder My Dungeon Anytime

Sometimes, they come in the night, and it’s unexpected, and it’s like drowning.

Other times, Stiles knows to expect them. He can feel the sensation building in his chest, like an invisible hand reaching inside him and squeezing him tighter and tighter, making it more and more difficult to breathe, until at last it overwhelms him completely and he’s gone. He can’t stop it, the blood rushing in his ears and the world spinning around him, sucking him under.

There are different ways of dealing with it. Anyone who tries to suggest breathing exercises can go fuck themselves, but holding an object – something smooth and hard that he can squeeze tight without it giving – helps sometimes. He has an app on his phone that puts up psychedelic images to try and help him focus.

Mostly, though, it’s just a question of panting through it until it’s over and he feels slightly less like he’s dying.

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The novel containing the second Shiratorizawa chapter just came out, as does my translation! Disclaimer, neither Japanese nor English are my native languages, I’m not super good at Japanese, but I did manage to read and understand this whole thing, so I think I give you the full story with this translation! Little things like Tendo and Ushijima’s endearing speaking quirks aren’t really translateable, but other than that! This is a really sweet story I hope all Shiratorizawa fans will enjoy.

Please buy the novel if you read this!


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Girlfriend // Kim Doyoung

- Pt 1

the prompt: can you preeeeeeetty please write more on hufflepuff doyoung because your golden snitch scenario was so cute and I loved it! aka: you’re worried Doyoung doesn’t really like you anymore, and he finally makes it clear that he does.

words: 1641

category: angst + fluff

author note: a lil hogsmeade scenario for one of my favorite hufflepuff babies <3

- destinee

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BBRae Week: Day 5

Casual Love vs Marriage

Yeah, both.

Friday nights were drinking nights.

No matter how busy their lives got, or how complicated, that was never likely to change, and it was something the group was rather vigilant on.

It had been a year that Kory and Richard were married, and the crew wanted to do something big for their best friends, to help celebrate when they got back from their anniversary getaway.

They’d made reservations at the couple’s favourite bar, invited everyone that had ever befriended them, and pooled in some hard-earned cash to buy out most the beer and liquor the place served.

Raven, Terra, and Karen had volunteered to show up early and put up a few decorations before anyone got there. Luckily, the original gang had spent so much time and money at this bar, that the owner had virtually no qualms with helping them out, especially when they’d often left him and his staff a generous tip by the end of every night.

It also helped that their presence, being former Teen Titans, drove in revenue and attention to the otherwise quiet establishment. It was always a full house any Friday the team decided to hit it up for their weekly drinking and socializing festivities.

“You know, it doesn’t look too shabby,” Victor had remarked when he’d stepped into the closed off area of the bar the girls had been decorating. His mechanical fingers rubbed at his chin as he contemplated the room around him.

“You say that like you almost expected it to look like shit,” Terra scoffed, folding her arms over her chest.

[but there’s more under the cut!]

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Hold On To Let Go Chapter 3

Chapter three has finally been written so here, take it. Please remember that I obsessively check to see if my works have gotten any feedback, so please comment and/or reblog if you liked it! It means a lot to me! Seriously, even just a bunch of random letters or words would make my heart soar.

Big thanks to @puns-and-fics for inspiring this, and @jamilton-central for putting up with my infrequent update schedule. I don’t know what I’d do without you two.

Thomas walked up the street, from the bus stop to the school courtyard. Soft rays of sunlight bounced off his dark curls of hair, framing his obviously fake smile. At least, it seemed fake to Thomas. But that was because he knew. At least James couldn’t tell, the shorter man running up to him and grinning.

“Tommy!’ James exclaimed, elated at the sight of his friend. “You’re never gonna believe what happened earlier!”

“What is it, Jemmy?” Thomas asked, happy to leave behind his inner thoughts in exchange for one of James’s stories.

“Well, you know how in Mr.Franklin’s class we have that research and debate project coming up, the one where you have partners?” James inquired hurriedly, talking a mile a minute. “Well, you got paired up with Alexandwhore!” He exclaimed, laughing slightly at the title they’d made up for the scrawny nerd during Freshman year.

“Why is that a good thing, Jemmy?” Thomas muttered, trying to hide the look of pain on his face. He would have to work with Alexander, who was the boy he’d been harrassing for years, and simultaneously the boy he’d been falling in lo- the boy who was his platonic soulmate.

“Because,” James answered smugly. “It gives us the perfect opportunity for what I would like to consider the perfect prank!”

Thomas eyed James suspiciously. “Your pranks usually end with someone in the emergency room, Jemmy.”

“Well, it’s only Alexandwhore, so it won’t matter where he ends up. Do you remember last year when it was a fairly bad storm outside, and that loser could barely speak?”

Thomas remembered that day faintly. It had been last spring, near the end of winter. Alexander had been a shivering mess, asking to leave the class as soon as the first bolt of lightning struck miles away. “Yeah, so what?”

“Well, I did some research- it’s surprising what you can find on the internet- and I think I know why he was like that. Turns out that on Nevis, or wherever it is he’s from, there was a hurricane when he was a kid. So now he can’t stand storms or something. That’s where my plan comes in. RIght before you do your presentation, we play some storm noises, dim the lights, and make it seem like a horrible storm is happening. Then, once Alexandwhore is terrified, we force him to go do the presentation in front of everyone.”

“That’s a terrible plan.”

“You have to admit that it’d work. All you have to do is get him in the right place at the right time so that I can do my technical stuff.”

“And Burr? What does Aaron know of this?”

“He said something about a code of honor, and how he needed to remain impartial on the situation of Hamilton- basically, Aaron’s a buzzkill, but he won’t tell anyone if we go through with it. So…you in?” James asked, raising an eyebrow.

Thomas felt his heart sink at the idea of doing such a thing to his soulmate. Even if Thomas didn’t love the other teen, this would be a cruel thing to do to his ‘other half’. But this wasn’t his soulmate. Nobody knew except him. Not even Alexander. And Thomas knew that he wouldn’t think twice before doing such a thing to a bastard, orphan, whore’s son, undeserving, smartass-

“I’m in.”

Click, click, click, went the linoleum tile beneath Alexander’s feet. His arm was covered in dark green scribbles, and the scribbles were covering up his- he didn’t need to think about that. Not at all. His sleeves were down, and it was a particularly cold day, so wouldn’t have to worry about someone accidentally seeing the marks on his wrists. Not at all.

Locker doors slammed open and shut carelessly down the hall, the metallic clangs melding together with the dozens of conversations happening at once, a few words stringing together each time he passed a group of people. One moment it was ‘she smells wine and cheap’ and the next it was a simple ‘cooler than a vintage cassette’, as if people still used those.

He kept his head down, denying himself the ability to see exactly who was around him. It was more in an effort to remain inconspicuous than to block his eyesight, but Alexander was willing to use either excuse while trapped in his thoughts. The world was quiet, but a strange sense of quiet. The type of quiet one can only find in the midst of a crowd of teenagers and the air thick with gossip.

Eventually, he reached his first class of the day, U.S. History. It wasn’t his favorite, per say, but he was smarter than to call it his most hated subject. After all, in this class, the only member of his group of tormentors that was here was Jefferson, and he sat across the room. That was as good as it would get.

Rushing in through the open door, he scurried away from the pressing crowd of his peers and walked into the artificially-lit room. There was Mr.Franklin, smiling at him politely, and the classroom half-full of people who simply wanted to avoid the noise and pressure of the halls before the first class of the day, and, of course, the memo board. It was typically bare, save for the crumpled flyer for a musical that the school had put on years ago, but today was different. Today, a neon green piece of paper was tacked to the board.

Walking over to it, he furrowed his brow at the list of names before reading the title of the page. ‘Group assignments’, it said, in overly curvy font which Mr.Franklin had most likely chosen for no reason other than the fact that it seemed amusing at the time, as most his choices appeared to be.

Scanning the page, Alexander’s heart stopped beating for just a moment when he read the words next to his own name.

Typed neatly on the paper in a font that Alexander had never even seen before was the name Alexander Hamilton, with a line attaching it to another name he knew all too well.

Thomas Jefferson.

Vacation in the Caribbean: Day #7


Surprisingly, this happened a lot faster and with a lot less begging~

Okay, I spoke too soon, Midnight has disappeared after the first message ;-;


xcuse u, i said i was sorry a bazillion times T_T and it wasn’t one message ok calm down pls thenks

She said sorry like twice, liar :P 

WARNINGS: There’s actually no warnings this time *gasps* I know, I was shocked too but there’s loads of fluff, smut and angst :) 

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こい の よかん - Hansol Vernon Chwe Imagine

Anon asked: Can I get a scenario where Vernon falls for a half-American half-Japanese girl? Thank you x 

Hey everyone! I was so excited when I saw this request, since I’m technically half-Japanese (really I’m full Japanese lol). The whole premise of this basically came from me visiting my brother at work while listening to Seventeen. Hope you all enjoy!

- Admin Erin

Summary:  こい の よかん (koi no yokan): a sense that future love is inevitable after a first meeting.⭐ Hawaii. For most, the sunny island is the first thing that comes to mind when they hear the word “paradise”, and for Hansol Vernon Chwe of the k-pop group with meteoric status, Seventeen, paradise is about to take on a whole new meaning.

Genre: Love at first sight!AU

Word Count: 1,338

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It was a blazing hot day in Hawaii, as usual, and the body heat radiating off of the tourists surrounding her didn’t make her feel any better. A soft-sided cooler swung from her right hand, her phone in her opposite as she made her way towards one of the busiest hotels in Waikiki, where she had to deliver lunch to her brother who worked in retail there. (He needed to pay her back later for making her spend her day off from work at the dance studio she taught at by catering to him, a grown adult.)

The harsh sunlight beat down on her exposed shoulders and she huffed out a labored breath, stepping to the side of the busy sidewalk to avoid getting stampeded over by passerby, and unraveled the beach towel from around her waist, laying it across her shoulders to shield them from the UV rays. After making sure that she had everything she had stopped with, she set off the for the hotel, and her idiot of a brother, once more.

“Vernon! Look here!”

“Hansol, over here, please!” His head swam by the flurry of requests from paparazzi, both in Korean as well as in English. A few of the other Seventeen members, namely Jisoo, Junhui, and Soonyoung, who had decided that they wanted to explore, were also called to as they stepped out of the Hyatt lobby.

Hansol tried his best to smile at every single camera in sight before lowering his sunglasses over his eyes and walking across the street with the other three guys. Thankfully, the few cameramen and women that had greeted them had left, and it felt as if he could finally breathe again. Admittedly, he was a bit exasperated, which was very unlike him, especially during a vacation for God’s sake, but what was the point if he didn’t even get a rest?

“Always been a dream of mine to come here,” Junhui broke through the younger’s dismal thoughts with a satisfied comment, and Hansol nodded, threading his fingers through his inky hair and taking in all the hustle and bustle of the tourist hot spot.  “Hey, there’s a sale here. Let’s go check it out,” the dancer added once they had stopped in front of a slipper/shoe store around the corner from their hotel, proceeding to lead the way in. 

“There’s no way I’m fitting more stuff in my suitcase,” Jisoo muttered, followed by a snicker from Soonyoung. 

“You overpacked again?” He asked incredulously, chuckling quietly so as not to disturb the relative calmness of the store. 

“Yeah, so what?“ Jisoo shot back, and Hansol could tell that the older boy was trying hard to fish for a better comeback, but came up empty. As they continued to bicker and Jun became distracted after seeing a nice pair of shoes, he started to wander around, looking at the array of items that were provided. 

"Hello, can I help you?” He jumped at the voice that had come from beside him and he blushed, scratching the back of his neck and smiling sheepishly. It was one of the workers, a guy that didn’t look that much older than him, if he was at all, dressed in dark jeans and a collared shirt. 

“It’s fine, man. Thanks,” he replied in English, the language that the male had spoken in, and started to walk away, but not before the guy stopped him.

“Hey, do I know you? You’re really familiar.” Hansol frowned, not sure how this grown man would know about Seventeen. Unless-

“You owe me for this.”

“You owe me for this,” she huffed, thrusting the cooler out towards her brother and receiving the blunt anger of his glare. 

“Excuse me for a second, sorry.” Her throat constricted as she gulped, realizing that he had been helping a customer when she had interrupted them. “Next time try to be more patient, okay?” She rolled her eyes but nodded despite herself, knowing full well that she shouldn’t sass her older brother. “On that note…” When he lowered his voice, she knew something was up, “Do we know him? He looks really familiar but-”

Seventeen-teen-teen! Her cheeks flushed red as her text-tone blasted from her phone, disturbing the peaceful quiet of the store, and she fumbled to turn her ringer off. 

“Nice ringtone,” the customer said, and both she and her sibling looked up at the same time, realization dawning on her first. She wasn’t sure if it was his messy, ink-black hair that caught her attention, or the natural glow of his pale skin, or the brightness of his coffee colored eyes, but what she did know was that she was absolutely positively screwed over.

“No way,” she breathed out, running a hand through her wind-tossed hair. Her head whirled as she tried to think of something, anything to say to stall as she recovered her composure. However, nothing really came to her mind, so she kept quiet.

Silence permeated the room for a few moments before her brother spoke. “Hey, you’re in love with this dude, right?” Out of all the times she wished she could smack her brother across the face, this one took the cake. She watched helplessly as a smile spread across Hansol Vernon Chwe’s face- the same smile she had seen so many times in videos and pictures- before she covered her cheeks with her hands, attempting to hide her blush. 

“No! I just admire his talent. That’s all,” she muttered, not daring to look up at either boy for fear of bringing more embarrassment upon herself. 

“Well, um… I guess I gotta get back to work!” With that, her idiot of a brother scurried away, already beginning to sidle up to another customer. 

“Uh, um… hello. I’m Vernon, but I think you might already know that?” At this point, it would be rude not to look up at him as he spoke, but she wondered how she would do that without squealing like a teenage girl. However, she managed to drag her gaze up to his eyes, and the breath was knocked out of her as he smiled shyly. 

“Y-yeah, I know who you are. I’m Y/N, it’s nice to meet you.” Really, really nice to meet you, she added in her head. She held her hand out for Vernon to shake and he took it, sending shivers coursing through her. “How are you enjoying Hawaii so far?” His smile widened into a grin, and she couldn’t help but smile as well. 

“It’s been great. The weather is amazing and the vibe of the people is even better.” He looked as if he was about to continue on, but bit his lower lip, glancing at the tips of his shoes briefly. 

“What’s wrong?” She asked immediately. “Are you feeling okay?” Okay, calm the hell down. You’re being too nosy and weird, you probably freaked him out already-

“Yeah, uh, I was wondering if you’d like to meet the rest of Seventeen? I mean, we do kinda need a tour guide, since we don’t have all that much money to pay for one, and I’m assuming that you’d do it for free since, well…” He scratched the back of his neck, huffing out an irritated breath. “Okay, that went a lot better in my head.”

When she recovered from her initial shock, a giggle bubbled up from her chest and she nodded, covering her mouth as she resisted the urge to start screaming and jumping up and down. “Of course I would love to show you guys around! When would you want me to meet you?” Way too eager. 

“Does tomorrow afternoon sound good? We’ll meet you by the statue of the famous surfer dude.” Another laugh escaped her. 

“The statue of Duke Kahanamoku, you mean?” Vernon’s cheeks flushed pink when he realized his mistake and he nodded, hair flopping in front of his eyes. 

“Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. See you tomorrow?” She nodded, still grinning up at him. 

“See you tomorrow.”

Sabino-Spots’ Guide to Traveling Hella Distances With Horses

This is my personal to do list when traveling various distances with horses. Enjoy.

One Hour - I don’t bother with leg protection, I stuff a haynet, which is usually more than enough to last my horse on the journey. IF you’re in doubt, pack a second net with a pre-loaded flake. Take a bucket of water just in case you break down, or if your horse gets thirsty, etc.

Two-Four Hours - this is where I start using standing wraps. These trips usually took me through some city of some sort and there was always stop and go, lots of turns, up and down inclines. Most gas stations have a hose spicket and will be happy to grant you access to them! These are fairly short trips so usually only 1 or 2 stops for gas. While the truck is filling, I’ll get the water and see if the horse needs a fresh hay net. I pre load 2 hay nets for these trips. These are very quick stops just to refresh, refuel and get back on the road.

Five-Eight Hours - This is where you need to take some extra care. Take coolers sheets and blankets for changing weather temps. Always check the temp in your trailer by observing the horse. Is he sweaty? Open more vents and windows if you can. If he’s fluffing and cold, apply what dressing is necesarry for the temp. Usually a sheet is plenty to keep them warm - unless there’s snow on the ground. Cooler and blanket for temps 20 and under, top vents closed, windows cracked just a bit for fresh air - literally about an inch. This is where I give up pre loading hay nets. I’ll pre load three, but my horses usually get bored of hay about 4-6 hours in - but it’s still there in case they want it. By this point, I’m traveling so far, I take however many bales I’ll need. I like to stop every couple of hours to offer water. I use a smaller bucket, it’s easier to tote, and if you’re offering water every 2 hours, they’re not going to get so thirsty that they need to drink 2 five gallon buckets of water. Of course you’ll probably have brought feed on this trip too.

9+ Hours - I do not recommend hauling this far without finding an overnight stable. It sucks. It sucks with two people driving, let a lone one. If you get tired behind the wheel, you’re putting more people in danger than just you and your precious cargo. These trips take a lot of planning, so start early. Plot your map, find the stables you’ll stay at over night. Do those stables have a place to house you? (some do!) Are you going to need to find a hotel? etc. Every two hours rule applies, as does a constant hay net. Again, don’t freak if they quit eating. Chances are, they’re either stressed or tired of eating hay.

Things to take with you
- Extra, pre filled hay nets depending on your distance.
- Extra halter, extra lead, extra trailer tie.
- Bailing twine and duct tape; in case stuff breaks or falls apart, it’s a quick fix.
- Water Bucket. If your horse is finicky about water, invest in a water tank to put in your trailer or go buy the 5 gallon buckets with lids at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart, and store at leas 20g of water.
- Extra standing wraps and bandages
- First aid kit for you and pon
- Your horses papers. All of them. Registration if applicable, Coggins and Health Cert. Ag inspection sites are NO JOKE.
- Cooler, Sheet, Blanket.

If you want to walk your horse on a long trip every few hours, I suggest trying to find a horse stable or a fairgrounds that will let you walk your horse without the risk of a semi truck running up on your horse right next to an interstate. Some rest areas are quiet enough for the well broke horse, just remember there will be constant dogs and vehicles. I don’t walk mine on long trips. My horse is sometimes very spooky, and if your horse gets away from you and causes a wreck, you will be held responsible for all damages (at least in america). So just keep those things in mind.

When we stop on the longer trips, we’ll stop from 30 minutes to an hour to give the horses a break. We let them hang their heads out of the trailer and look around. They seem to enjoy it, and it gives them time to rest. We’ll open the trailer up as much as we can to let the trailer air out. If you have to feed your horse on the road, feed them breakfast and go feed yourself. It’ll give your horse plenty of time to eat -and- you too. I’d suggest BS’ing a little longer than that so your horse can digest as much as possible before hitting the road again.

Also, if your horse sits on his tail, buy a tail guard wrap thing. They’re worth the money and work super well. On long trips I use a slightly padded halter. My horse probably doesn’t need it but it makes me feel better.

If you don’t know how to wrap standing wraps and you have no one to teach you, use shipping boots.

If you’re transporting in a stock trailer, or otherwise “open” style trailer, use a fly mask to keep debris out of their eyes - always, even if it’s a short trip.

I think that about covers it.

anonymous asked:

Can do you do an Elliot x Reader where the reader is very shy and when Elliot hacks her he sees a side of here which is very similar to him

A/N: Here you go! I hope you enjoy it. Some of the content describes anxiety and panic attacks so please be warned.

Elliot could already feel the nausea building in the pit of his stomach as he watched the new girl shuffle in. He absolutely despised changes like this, even entertaining the possibility that his work routine might be altered. What if she’s another Ollie.

The girl in question looked positively terrified. She threw her bag down on the desk and quickly emptied the contents. After a while Gideon sidled over and began giving her the basic Allsafe induction all employees received on their first day.

‘Okay everyone listen up! Y/N here is joining our team from today so don’t be shy.’

Elliot watched the girl sink into her chair as Gideon spoke and he almost felt a pang of sympathy - resonant of the same humiliation he’d gone through on his first day. She certainly wouldn’t be receiving an introduction from him though, she was no different than anyone else in that godforsaken place.

Regardless he began observing her anyway. Her first week told very little - she never ate in the office, she spent most of the day with her headphones in and timed her visits to the water cooler to avoid bumping into anyone else. Her lengths to avoid human interaction piqued Elliot’s interest and he decided to go deeper.

Flexing his knuckles Elliot began his search for Y/N Y/L/N in the dim light of his apartment. His fingers skimmed across the keyboard as he started with the usual channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Nothing. Elliot chewed the inside of his lip. He was going to need more than a name.

The next day Elliot was in sleuthing mode. He watched Y/N’s every move, waiting for the moment where she’d leave for lunch. Her computer password was already tucked away on a piece of paper under his mousepad. He’d logged everyone’s passwords as soon as he started working there in case he ever needed them, she was just a new addition to the collection.

The difficult part of course would be going unnoticed.

After what seemed like an age Y/N stood up, headphones jammed firmly into her ears as pulled her bag on and made a swift exit. Elliot waited 30 seconds before deciding to make a move.

Elliot gave a small stretch and walked slowly towards the bathrooms in a bid to remain casual.

Once inside the restroom he knew his time was limited before someone knew something was up. Elliot quickly entered the stall, choosing to leave the door unlocked as he clambered onto the toilet seat. He wasn’t a big dude by any means but the seat still creaked loudly under his weight as he reached upwards towards the ceiling - one hand fishing around in his pocket for a lighter.

Elliot held the flame under the fire alarm tentatively, half holding onto the stall door as he stretched his arm out as far as possible.

A few moments later and the alarm was blaring out, the sound causing him to recoil slightly as the sound bounced off the walls of the lavatory.

Now for the difficult part Elliot told himself as he turned against the wall whilst attempting to maintain his balance on the toilet seat. He opened the stall door, effectively sandwiching himself between the stall wall and the door to remain hidden as the building was searched.

Elliot waited a few seconds after the bathrooms had been searched, holding his breath as the alarm continued to blare loudly. He couldn’t hear whether they’d gone or not but he’d had to risk it.

Making his way into the deserted office, Elliot quickly rushed over to Y/N’s computer and typed in the password which he’d memorised while he was in the bathroom.

The alarm was a constant reminder of how little time he had to find out about her as Elliot’s hand flew across the keyboard, through her search history, her frequently visited, her applications. It was nearly all clean - too clean in his opinion.

That was until he noticed the VPN software carefully tucked away inside a string of mundane folders. The software in question was complex and more than enough to pique Elliot’s interest. Her IP address was useless now so Elliot noted down no less than 14 email addresses she’d littered throughout her system to peruse later.

‘Where the hell have you been?’ Gideon snapped, sounding more anxious than anything as Elliot emerged from the building.


Gideon huffed and turned around to continue counting the employees lined up outside. Elliot could see Y/N emerging in the distance - she gave him a quick glance, her expression vacant as she got into line.

The following evening revealed more to Elliot than he ever even imagined. Y/N was a hacker, a brilliant one. She’d been inside Goldman Sacchs, the FTSE, the New York Stock Exchange. She went on the most insane rants on forums - forums that Elliot used regularly. He’d been worshipping her this entire time without either of them knowing it.

Elliot turned the monitor off on his computer. He needed time to process all of this. It was rare that people ever impressed him - in fact it was usually the exact opposite.

The next morning as Elliot was exiting the subway station, he knew he wouldn’t be able to go on without telling her what he knew. A small part of his heart warmed at the fact he didn’t feel so alone, that there were others like him who understood his struggle.

Elliot felt overwhelmed by the time he got to work. His breath was coming out in small sharp exhalations and his face began to feel hot as the adrenaline coursed around him. He breathed in and out deeply to try and quell the anxiety, focussing on Allsafe’s beige carpet as he placed himself in his surrounding. Allsafe. Foyer. Tuesday Afternoon.

Y/N entered suddenly which made Elliot’s chest clench as he watched her round on him. She looked positively thunderous as she made her way over.

'Have you been looking through my computer?’

Elliot kept trying to look back at the carpet as the accusation hit him. He could feel his vision beginning to blur around the edges.

'Uh Elliot, are you alright?’

Elliot wheezed slightly as he felt his throat tighten up. Y/N glanced down at his scrunched fists.

'Come with me.’

She really was like him then. Y/N gently took Elliot by the sleeve of his hoodie, leading him towards the fire exit. Elliot barely looked where they were going but he was aware that they’d descended a few sets of stairs as the air slowly grew cooler around him.

Y/N released Elliot’s sleeve and beckoned him to sit down on one of plastic boxes scattered around the empty basement room.

'No one comes down here. I think it’s used to store maintenance equipment.’ She spoke hurriedly, laced with anxiety as she watched Elliot put his head in his hands.

'I come down here to think. It’s too busy everywhere else.’ She breathed out as an afterthought.

Elliot was slowly began to relax now. He focussed on the feeling of the rough concrete underneath his feet and the slightly musty taste of the air around him.

'I’m sorry.’ He muttered shakily after a few moments of just breathing.

'Don’t apologise. It used to happen to me a lot.’ Y/N replied quickly.

'I meant about your computer.’


'I’m not going to rat you out.’

'I know.’ Y/N began to pace a little as she chose her words carefully. Elliot noticed that she seemed far more confident now that the mask was off but she still had the same nervous energy as him.

'I know who you are. You’re the reason I went for the job, I wanted to learn.’ Y/N turned to face him and Elliot felt his face flush. She was pretty, even in the dimness of the basement.

'You don’t need to learn from me you’re very good at what you do.’

'But I don’t have anyone else…’ She trailed off, her brow furrowing.

'Welcome to the club.’ Elliot breathed out and instantly regretted it. Something about this girl made him reactive.

'Is that my inauguration?’ Y/N asked sarcastically, moving around him now as she gave him a bitter smirk.

'I don’t have an organised thing.’

'Neither do I. But we could do great things.’

Elliot bit his lip as he considered her. He was very tired of being alone, both physically and inside his mind. She was a risk, yes. But one he was willing to take.

'I think we should get to work.’

'I’m glad I met you Elliot Alderson.’

we must be miles up

aka that ninja ship party (brian/danny) post-concert whippets fic for the wonderful @egocentrifuge‘s birthday
rating: m for non-specific dick grabbing 
content warning for recreational drug use (nitrous), unironic use of the word ‘tubular,’ and excessive pining
on ao3

“Hi,” Danny says, like he doesn’t have his arms full of bright, neon-colored balloons. “How was your shower?”

“Did you rob a clown,” Brian says flatly.

“I have drugs!” Danny singsongs in reply, stepping into the room and letting the balloons tumble out of his arms and go rolling in random directions.

“Are those drugs LSD, and did you take them ten minutes ago?”

Danny laughs at him and scoops up one of the balloons, pops it into the air in Brian’s direction. “No— The concert, remember? You were asking about whippets. And here they are. I made whippets appear. I’m the goddamn whippet king.”

“Ah,” Brian says, letting the door swing shut and catching the balloon before it hits the floor. “I remember. And then I said, ‘after the concert, why don’t you go out in your boxers and buy drugs?’ That was my favorite part of the conversation.”

“These are indeed my drug-buying boxers,” Danny says, agreeably and without hesitation.

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(Translation) Kare Pillow vol. 10

大好きな彼とHして腕まくらでピロートークされちゃうシリーズ 年上彼氏と温泉デートで 編 (R18! Proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Hirakawa Daisuke

T/N: Commissioned! Thanks for the huge tip as always~! ♥

Tokuten (AfterStory) is included in this post, use CTRL+F to jump to tokuten. More comments at the end to avoid spoilers ahaha

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a/n: i know i have more prompts to fill, but i had a stroke of inspiration for another high school au that’s way more feel-good fluff than my previous one (which i love but it was hard on me personally and this made me feel better [please note these fics are not prequel/sequel but two separate works, despite their similar structure]), so i had to get it down. nothing happens but it’s a fun, banter-y, makeout nothing with a lot of run-ons and italics, so have a look and enjoy.

dare me to do it

all you do is sit and stare
beggin’ on my knees, baby, won’t you please
run your fingers through my hair?

—joan jett & the blackhearts

[jonxsansa, modern high school au ~4k+]

Jon wouldn’t say that he flirts with his best friend’s sister—“It’s called being polite,” he’s pointed out to an obviously perturbed Robb on more than one occasion—but he also wouldn’t necessarily say that he doesn’t, either; he just wouldn’t say that to Robb.  

But he absolutely doesn’t go to Robb’s soccer practices because that just happens to be when the cheerleaders practice, too. That’s a coincidence. Sam covers sports for the school paper so thoroughly that it’s practically inhuman, and Jon will tag along to keep him company, that’s all it is. He can’t help it if Sansa, you know, just happens to be there.

Not to mention, it’s not his fault that the muscles in her upper arms strain when she piles her masses of crimson hair into a bun on top of her head. He’s not some sort of pervert, either, but the sparrow tattooed on her lower back is expertly shaded so if anyone asks, he’s only admiring its craftsmanship. And it’s hot out this early in the autumn so, yeah, Sansa’s gonna strip her shirt off and lead practice cheers in nothing but a bright yellow sports bra and black leggings that have got to be tailor-made, he swears, because the way they fit the curve of her ass is just like… But he’s definitely, most decidedly not looking at her ass, Jon reminds himself, so how would he even know?

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An Afternoon Swim

Could you do an imagine where reader is out hunting and it’s really hot out so she decides to take a dip in a stream. Not knowing that Daryl is out hunting and he stumbles upon her bathing. Maybe with a little smut. 😊

I know, I know. I’m the worst. It’s taken like, a week for me to post this. But I haven’t been sleeping well and I think I’ve caught YET ANOTHER COLD. My immune system was still compromised from the last one so another one could sneak in. I think I even had a fever the other night which was giving me the weirdest dreams. But anyways, I’m sorry if this isn’t my best work because I’m really not proud of how this one turned out. I owe you another one shot haha

NSFW: smut!

It was early in the morning when you and Rick were looking over the map while everyone else ate their breakfast around the campfire. Rick had the map spread out across the hood of one of their trucks while you studied it carefully. You were going hunting in the next few minutes but the woods were a large space and after Sophia’s disappearance, Rick was doing everything he could to ensure everyone’s safety.

“I think I’ll stick to this little area right here,” you said, circling the small area with your fingertip, “Around this lake and stream here. This way if I don’t find anything, I can always try and catch some fish. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Rick said, “As long as we have an idea where you are. If we’ve gotta send someone after you.”

You laughed, “When have you ever had to send someone after me? I’m a tough girl, Rick. I’ve got this. You won’t need to send anyone after me, alright? Okay?”

“Yeah, got it,” Rick chuckled, patting your shoulder, “Still gonna have Daryl around just in case.”

“He’s gonna be thrilled,” you said, “I’ll see ya.”

You gathered your things and started walking, passing by the campfire and waving good-bye to everyone sitting there. You passed by Daryl’s campsite which he’d set up far away from the others. He must’ve had a soft spot for you because you were the only one he allowed to come over to his camp and talk to him. Although, he was a complicated man because it seemed as though he liked you but he never showed it. He was so difficult to read.

“Hey,” Daryl called out as you walked by, “Where are you goin’?”

“Hunting,” you replied, “Rick and I narrowed it down to a little grid around this lake and stream. I shouldn’t be too hard to find. Rick seems to think that I’ll need back-up.”

Daryl smirked, “Never needed back-up before.”

“That’s what I said,” you replied. After a bit of laughter from the both of you, he gave you a nod and you gave him a small wave in return, “Well, I’ll be back in a little while. Hope I find something good.”

You continued, venturing into the woods. You were extremely lucky this morning. You managed to catch quite a bit of squirrels while only encountering one or two walkers. But, the two walkers left your clothes and body horrendously stained with blood, making you look like you’d just battled a large horde of walkers. And the sun beating down on you wasn’t helping even a little bit. You’d lived in Georgia all of your life but you would never get used to this heat. You could feel how slimy your toes were in your boots, sweat rolled down your back, and your hair clung to your forehead and some other strands stuck to the back of your neck.

Coming upon the lake you told Rick about, you knew it was time to turn around and head back. But the lake was so blue, so clear, and so peaceful. The trees hung over the lake like a canopy, leaving you with tons of shade and just staring at the water made you feel just slightly cooler. A few minutes in the lake wouldn’t hurt, would it?

You unbuttoned your flannel and took of your boots and jeans, leaving you in just your underwear and the tank top you’d put on underneath the flannel. Dipping your toe into the ice cold water, you shivered and grinned as you dove in, sighing in relief as you felt ten times more comfortable. You could never get over how relaxed you were already feeling. Could it get any better?

“Hey, Daryl,” Rick called out as he came towards the campfire. Daryl was sitting with the rest of the group eating lunch of canned beans and eggs that had been left over from breakfast. Rick leaned against the back of Daryl’s chair, “Y/N has been gone a long time. She said not to send anyone after her but…she’s not usually gone for this long. Think you could go and look for her? Make sure she’s alright?”

“Sure,” Daryl said, setting his plate down, “You’re right, she’s never gone this long. But she’s a tough kid, probably just had to take a different way back.”

“Just to be safe.”

“I know, I’m goin’.”

Daryl gathered some supplies, his crossbow and a gun just in case. The thought of something happening to you was actually terrifying to him but he could never let anyone in the group see his fears.

He remembered you mentioning the lake so he headed there. Your footprints were rather easy to find and they were fresh. You had just been through here. He was confident that you were alright and that brought a smile to his face.

Suddenly, he heard splashing coming from a few feet away. He loaded up his crossbow, ready for anything. What if a walker had gotten to you and you were fighting it off in that lake? It could’ve pulled you down under the water and could be devouring you while Daryl was coming to help. He could already be too late.

Daryl had never been so happy about being wrong. When he reached the clearing, he realized you were fine, just swimming leisurely. You had the most stunning smile he’d ever seen. And when you stood up, revealing a now see through shirt which clung to your curves and made his heart pound. He knew it was wrong to be watching you but he’d frozen, entranced by how lovely you were. He never really had a chance to take you all in as he knew you’d ask why he was staring.

Still, it was wrong to be watching you like this when you had no idea. He wouldn’t want to come across as creepy and make you feel uncomfortable. He walked out of the clearing, his boot snapping a twig as he approached the lake. You whipped your body around but quickly relaxed when you realized it was just Daryl.

“What’re you doing out here?” you asked.

“You were gone for a long time,” Daryl explained, leaning his crossbow against a tree next to your clothes, “Rick had me come out here and find you, make sure you weren’t dead.”

“Shit, I hadn’t realized how long I was out here,” you said. Daryl sat down by the lake, hugging his knees to his chest as he watched you swim around. You stopped, floating there in the middle of the lake staring at Daryl, “Wanna join me?”

“I dunno,” Daryl mumbled, shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh come on,” you persisted. You sent a small wave of water his way which splashed onto his shoes. He kicked his shoes off and peeled off his now wet socks. Giggling, you slicked back your hair, “Sorry. Just come in with me, Daryl. Have a little fun.”

“If you’re gonna get me all wet, might as well,” Daryl grumbled, sliding his vest off his shoulders. You paused as he unbuttoned his shirt, swallowing hard as he opened his opened his shirt and tossed it aside, revealing a firm, tanned torso. You took a deep breath, knowing you had to control yourself despite how difficult it would be. Daryl barely tolerated a simple touch on the shoulder.

Once Daryl was down to his boxers, he slid into the water but he made no move towards you. He just floated there, splashing some water onto his face. You smiled and slowly swam towards him, “See? Feels nice doesn’t it?”

“Guess you’re right,” Daryl said.

“Well come on,” you said, grabbing his wrists and pulling him further out into the lake, “We’re fine. You can swim, can’t you?”

“Yeah,” Daryl grunted, “I know how to swim.”

“Then swim with me,” you said, spinning the two of you around in circles. Daryl was tense and his eyes were darting around uncomfortably but he allowed you to continue anyways. A part of him was enjoying the lighthearted moment between you two but he couldn’t bring himself to show it.

Over the next hour or so, Daryl started loosening up and you finally got a smile out of him as you swam around together, splashing around and laughing, probably making more noise than you should have. But for a moment, you both forgot that it was the end of the world and that there were walkers crawling around like cockroaches all over the place. And it was nice to forget even if it was just for a little while.

“This has been such a nice afternoon,” you said, “I hope we’re not worrying the others.”

“Nah,” Daryl said, “Haven’t been gone long enough. We’re fine.”

Daryl climbed out of the lake but kept his feet in the water, the sun warming his cold, shivering body. You swam to the edge, climbing halfway out of the water, leaning on your elbows. It gave Daryl a clear view down your tank top, which wasn’t hard to begin with since it was a white tank top and it was still wet.

You’d be lying if you said that you weren’t totally aware of your position in front of Daryl. You knew the tank top was see through and you knew that leaning over would show more than you normally would have. But seeing him like this, the sunlight making his wet body glisten and the way water dripped from the ends of his short hair made it even harder to keep it together. You just wanted him to ache as much as you did.

“What’re we doin’?” Daryl finally asked after several minutes of silence.

“Was I that obvious?” you chuckled.

“Ya ain’t exactly subtle,” Daryl replied.

You sighed, hanging your head, “It’s just been a while. But you make me so crazy, Daryl.”

“What’d I do?”

“Absolutely nothing,” you retorted, lifting your head. You reached out and touched his hand, “You’re not even trying. You make me go insane and you’re not even trying. And I’m over here trying my very hardest.”

“Well,” Daryl muttered, clearing his throat as he looked up at the sky, “It’s working.”

“Huh?” you frowned, “It’s working?”

Daryl nodded, “I didn’t wanna say anything but…you said it first.”

“You ache as badly as I do right now?”

He nodded again. You slowly lifted yourself out of the water and sat on your knees next to him. Daryl still wouldn’t look out you, but his chest was rising and falling a little quicker. His heart was racing and warmth spread through his body.

“Well, we’re all alone out here,” you cooed, running your hands up his chest. Leaning in, you placed a kiss on his cheek, “Before we have to go back.”

Daryl finally turned to look at you, his eyelids heavy and his blue eyes darkening with lust you’d never seen before. He was never one to initiate any kind of contact so needless to say, it was a shock when he slammed his lips down on yours. You struggled to keep up with him as his hands explored your body. He groaned as your own hands wandered, reaching the waistband of his boxers.

“Y/N,” he grunted, cupping your breasts in his large hands. You kissed him harder as your hand slipped underneath his boxers. He buried his face in your neck as you took him in your hand, sliding up and down his shaft. A few whimpers escaped his lips, his hands freezing in place, too lost in the pleasure to remember what he was doing, “Y/N.”

You loved the way your name sounded from his mouth. He was so vulnerable under your touch, trembling a little. You picked up a little speed and his breathing became heavier. He grabbed your wrist to stop you as his other hand pushed you until you were laying on your back, “Keep goin’ like that and this’ll be over before we can even start.”

You giggled as you pushed his boxers down off his hips while he peeled your soaked tank top off your body, throwing it away without looking where it landed. As he pulled your underwear down, he kissed down your stomach, making your heart race with anticipation. You felt his warm tongue on your skin and you gasped, arching your back a little. Daryl pushed your hips back down as he spread your legs. You propped yourself up onto your elbows, watching as he kissed your inner thighs. He moved to your core agonizingly slow. Once he finally reached it, your elbows weakened and you fell back onto the ground as his tongue swirled around your clit, his thick fingers suddenly sliding inside of you. Rolling your hips, you moaned and groaned and dug your nails into the dirt.

His expert tongue and fingers filled you with intense pleasure and it was everything in you not to get loud. Daryl groaned against you, the vibrations sending you into a frenzy. He progressively sped up and just as you were about to reach your climax, he stopped and pulled away. It was almost painful to be cut short like that and you whined and moaned.

“Daryl!” you panted, “What the hell are you doing?!”

Daryl scooted closer to you, running his hands up and down your thighs and swiftly wrapping your legs around his waist, “Relax, we ain’t done yet.”

A sigh of relief fell from your lips as he thrust into you, filling you completely. His brow crinkled in concentration, licking his lips as he slowly thrust in and out. He held tightly onto your hips, his fingers pressed into your flesh while you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, your nails raking down his back.

The pleasure was intense and everything surrounding the two of you was hazy. You were so lost in the moment, a horde of walkers could come crashing through and you probably wouldn’t have noticed. You loved Daryl and you loved the way he made you feel, the way he stared into your eyes, the way he kissed you. It was all so perfect.

The pressure built up in your body once more and this time Daryl didn’t stop it. The way your walls squeezed him, he knew you were close and he sped up, your core on fire as you exploded. You brought Daryl’s body down onto yours, his chest pressed against you as you curled your toes and whimpered into his shoulder. You refused to let go of him as you rode out your high, allowing him to finish too.

“Shit,” he panted. He looked around, most likely expecting walkers to start popping up with all the noise he realized the two of you had been making. It seemed he was oblivious to his surroundings as you had been.

“You’re amazing,” you said, kissing his cheek, “Think we’ve worried the group enough?”

“Probably,” Daryl grunted. He rolled off of you but grabbed your hand when you attempted to sit up, “Wait, we don’t gotta go back yet. Let them worry.”

You laughed, “What if someone comes looking for us?”

“They won’t,” Daryl said, wrapping his arm around your waist, “I just don’t wanna go back yet. Just a little while longer?”

You nodded and rested your head on Daryl’s chest, soothed by the sound of his heart beating in your ear and the water rushing through the stream nearby. Leaves, grass, and mud stuck to the two of you but you didn’t care. It was still possible that Rick could send someone to look for the two of you but you didn’t care about that either. You were content lying with this man forever.

Guys Night Out ~ pt.4

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Stiles x Stuart


Word Count: 4096

Synopsis: Stiles takes you on a surprise date

A/N: THIS IS SO FULL OF FILTHY SMUT IT’S RIDICULOUS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK, I’M NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOU PEOPLE.                 But seriously, this is really hot and I’m not even sorry about it. Again thanks for showing such an interest in this series! Y’all the bestest! 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  

“Where are we going?” I look out the window of the jeep trying to figure out where the hell Stiles is taking me.

“Somewhere,” he laughs, not giving me any other clues about this mystery date.

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