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A drive to remember

OK I am attempting something new here…smut. (I know.) This is my entry for @queen-of-deans-booty and her celebration for hitting 1k followers - you should totally go check her out! I picked the classic trope of truth or dare/never have I ever

Word count: 1,618

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam

Warnings: SMUT, oral (female receiving), heavily implied oral (male receiving), talk of past sexual encounters, alcohol, drinking games, mention of injury to character, one or two swear words, sassy as fuck reader

A/N: this is the first time I’ve written a proper smut scene in a fic so I’d love some feedback on how I did?! Also always practice safe sex people!

A/N 2: if I’ve tagged you and smut isn’t your thing I apologise! And to everyone if you’d like a tag in future work just send me an ask/IM :)

“Never have I ever had a threesome.”

Smirking, you lift your bottle to your lips.


Shaking your head, you laugh at the incredulous looks on both boys faces.

“What? I was young, it was college.” you explain.

“Sammy went to college and you don’t see him drinking.” points out Dean.

“Yeah, but Sam was dull in college. No offense.”

Sam’s response is one of his patented bitchfaces.

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Auston Matthews #4


Anonymous said: Pls write more Auston Matthews! I live for it! 😊

Anonymous said: Can you please do more Auston Matthews imagines. Your writing is THE best!!

A/N: Honestly I just can’t stop writing Auston imagines and I’m not even sorry.. But also I swear I’m getting to everyones requests!! But yeah, thank you guys!! Hope you liked this :)

Word Count: 1,275

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“I can’t believe I’m letting you drag me to this stupid thing,” you grumbled while walking up the driveway with Steph by your side. After hours of trying to get out of being here, here is exactly where you ended up - here being Connor Brown’s house where a handful of people were enjoying some drinks by the fire.

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Two More Times the Gods Bothered Icarus at Work

The library doesn’t actually pay, per se, but if he volunteers a given number of hours, it does give him vouchers for select items purchased at the campus shops – class supplies, food and other sundries.  Icarus did the math and determined that the value of the vouchers was nearly as good as actual money, with the added benefit of the convenient location where he could stop by between classes easily and rack up hours for the week. 

And it’s fairly peaceful work.  Running the checkout desk; entering returned books into the computer; shelving books; light cleaning.  And Icarus is free to do some of his own homework as well, as long as he gets the list of tasks done, while still earning credit for being there.  Hard to complain about it.

He enjoys the tasks, and enjoys the hush of the narrow aisles, packed with books on either side, higher than his head.  They have a good section on aviation: old and new books; practical and philosophical; aeronautical and astronautical.  Icarus likes to sneak back to steal a few browse through them whenever he can.

Icarus is on his way back to the front counter with two books in hand, when he hears a yelp of surprise, two feet to his left, where there are a couple small steps leading up to the study carrels and tables. 

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Son of the Sea

This is dedicated to the shadiest person around. She’s always out there killing us with her fics, so this week a group of us are out to return the favor! And we’re doing it in the most loving way possible of course😘  Happy birthday to the beautiful and talented @kpopfanfictrash ! I hope your birthday was everything and more! ily <3

Taehyung: hinted demigod au.

Caution: Smut

Word Count: 5.2k+

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stardusted  asked:

plance: lance overhears pidge talking to hunk about her crush on him :)

Plance is love, Plance is life. Bless you for this request!

Written as part of my 300 Follower Celebration! Thank you again :D

“Fine. But look, you can’t say anything to Lance.”

There were two things in this universe guaranteed to make Lance stop in his tracks: the appearance of someone hot, and the words ‘You can’t say anything to Lance.’ When both were a factor, well, it’d take a herd of charging weblum to get him to move.

Lance plants himself right outside the open hangar door and scoots as close as he can to the edge without being seen. If Hunk or, Alfor forbid, Pidge, caught him eavesdropping, there’d be hell to pay. Resisting is impossible, though, now that he’s heard his name roll off of Pidge’s lips. He would never let it be said that he left his curiosity unsatisfied.

Not that he’d meant to be listening in on a conversation not meant for him. He’d been working with Coran up on the bridge and Coran had tried reaching Pidge and Hunk down in the hangar. When they hadn’t responded - it was obvious why, now - Lance had generously volunteered to take a break from staring at system maps and ask Hunk and Pidge for the diagnostic readout Coran needed.

Given the circumstances, he doesn’t think Coran will mind waiting just a bit longer.

“I won’t say anything to Lance you don’t want me to,” Hunk says. Lance pouts - he knows Hunk’s loyal enough to keep his promise, but Hunk’s also his best friend. How is Lance supposed to ‘accidentally’ find out about whatever Pidge is telling Hunk if Hunk doesn’t let something slip?

He hears Pidge take a deep breath. “Okay,” she says.

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Eight Years Later

Oops. My hand slipped. Couldn’t resist this bit of inspiration.


My backpack lands on the wide counter with a loud thud that I feel in my shoulders. Stupid AP Biology text book weighs a ton. As I roll my shoulders to work out the kinks, Peeta walks into the back room and smiles.

“Just give me a minute to finish prepping tomorrow’s dough and we’ll get out of here,” he tells me.

I hop up on the counter and pull out a text book while he washes his hands and gets to work. I don’t mind waiting while he finishes a shift. It’s actually nicer than being stuck at home. My house is usually empty and quiet now. As long as Peeta’s mom isn’t at the bakery, the place is warm and welcoming. Filled with rich scents and laughter as Peeta and his two brothers make light of their jobs.

My biology isn’t interesting to me right now, though. What is interesting to me is the way Peeta’s massaging that dough – er, kneading it. My aching shoulders throb in jealousy. The thing is, we’ve been dating for over a year but it wasn’t until last month that I worked up the nerve to admit to him that I wanted to have sex with him. I mean, who wouldn’t want to? He’s hot. But I’ve never been good with words and I’m even worse when it comes to sexy words.

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my heart flutters when i see you; peter parker

request“Can you do one where peter and the reader have been friends for a while but peter starts to like her because she got hot over the summer. And the reader has no idea that peter likes her. Please and thank you. I love your writing.😊😊”

word count: 2,123

warnings: bad writing, bad ending. some swearing. i didnt edit this

a/n: thank you sm for the request!! i’m sorry again for the ending. idk how to write endings still. i listened to this while writing if anyone wanted to know? yeah lmao.

Your name: submit What is this?

Peter stood at the main entrance of Midtown, clutching his phone in his sweaty hands. He never really knew why the first day back to school made him so nervous, it always ended up just being like any other school day. Even with this in mind, though, his stomach wouldn’t stop turning and he silently hoped that his new deodorant would be enough to fight of his nervous sweat.

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Inspired by this@marichat-ladybee

Takes place post-Evillustrator.

She shouldn’t have flirted back at him.  Or at the very least she should have done something to discourage him, given him a cooler reception than she had, ignored his ridiculous puns and jokes more than she had, been—when you got down to it—less affectionate with him than she had.  Something.

But her the silly cat had dropped that damnable package off—a little something for the trouble, he’d written, a little something as compensation for the inconvenience of her needing to get him out of trouble instead of the other way around—and she’d had to open it just out of courtesy because it’d be rude to throw away a present and she’d had to find the bolt of finest silk inside, enough for a dress and a half, two if she wanted to shorten the hem and skimp a little on the material elsewhere, and she’d had to arrange for another meeting just to thank him and then she’d had to set up a third meeting when she’d noticed how reluctant he was to leave that time and then they’d just clicked somehow, like she and Alya or Adrien and Nino had clicked.

There was a long chain of “justs” and “hads” leading them here.  To this time, and to this place.

“Hey, Princess?” Chat says, waving a hand a few times in front of her eyes.  She blinks and swats at it on reflex as his words—tinged with shades of warm amusement and edged with mild concern—burrow down and nestle someplace next to her heart, a sudden boiling weight, a sudden tightness in her breathing, a sudden pressure in her chest.  Chat holds both his hands up in mock surrender and leans away from her.

“Hey, hey,” he says with a slight smile—and her breathing is just incrementally tighter as she answers it with a slight scowl—as she flails weakly once more at him for the look of the thing.  “You wouldn’t want to cripple me here, Princess, Ladybug might need my help and I can’t do that if I’m laid up in hospital with my arm shattered by one of your mighty blows.”

“Wuss,” she says, and Chat breaks into a quiet chuckle, her bones resonating with the sound.  It’s not fair that he can do this to her.  Not when he’s just a friend, just someone like Nino or Alya.

“Okay,” he says after a quiet minute.  “Seriously, what’s up?  I know I’m pretty, but I think something’s wrong when you’ve been staring at me for more than thirty seconds straight.”

Marinette catches herself and forces her gaze back down into her lap.  She’s wearing, yes, her usual pink pajama pants, loose and comfy and warm, the cotton weave wearing a little thinly at the side of her knee, where she’d taken to rubbing at it with her thumb on nights like these, when the dark thoughts came to her

She quashes the upwelling tide and forces her thumb to still its motion.

“Come on,” Chat says, his voice low and smooth.  He nudges her gently in the side with an elbow and she hammers down the instinctive urge, the by-now old habit to nudge back, to turn to him laughing or frowning with such overacted intensity that he’d immediately burst out laughing with his wheezing little cackle of a laugh or smile toothily back.

“Come on,” he repeats, a little quieter, a little more gently.  “It’s me, Marinette.”

Which is the entire issue, of course.  Him.  Him with his cheesy jokes and his pyrite cheer, his fierce kindness wielded like an axe against the evils of the world, his utter refusal to be anything other than a decent person.  The him that gave kids piggyback rides and capered for their amusement and came back after a hard battle to comfort Papillon’s victims.  Him, looking at her under the wan light of this half-moon above.

The him that was so hard not to fall for, in spite of all the flirting.  In spite of Adrien.

“All right,” Chat says after a minute.  He scoots away a little and reclines languidly on his elbows, watching the twinkling stars above with a small contented smile as Marinette watches him from the corner of his eye. 

It couldn’t hurt.  Just.  Just to admit it to herself, at least.  Just to say that her affections were more than merely friendly.

“You look nice,” she says, her tongue mangling the words in her head on instructions from the sentiments in her heart.  “I want to kiss you.”

Chat blinks, then turns towards her, his ears perking up.  “I’m sorry, what?”

Shit.  Shit.  The enhanced hearing, how could she have forgotten about his enhanced hearing, oh shit.

Deny, that was the thing.

Deny everything, it was just a quote, or something misheard, deny it deny it deny it.

“I said if you died I wouldn’t miss you!”

She feels the words slip oil-slick from her tongue, propelled by ill-considered panic with all the unstoppable inevitability of a lit match spiraling downwards under gravity’s clutching fingers, sees his eyes go wide with shock, the little exhale as though she’d just driven a knife into his chest, the reflexive recoiling from her shout.

She sits there.  He sits there.  Neither say anything in their shock.

Then Chat rises, his every movement measured and slow and overly careful, the movements of a man walking alongside a precipice, the waves crashing at the rocks below.  His hand  trembles once before he clenches it into a tight fist.

“I,” he says, “wasn’t aware.  Of the strength of your feelings.  On.  On this matter.”  A tight breath that Marinette struggles to replicate, breath enough to apologize, to admit the error, to drag him back even as the avalanche thunders down towards the both of them.

Just one breath, just enough breath to say one word, to say “stop”, to stop this to preserve this to save this.

“I won’t bother you further Prin—Marinette,” he says, correcting himself.  Then he coils and leaps away.


The skylight behind Marinette creaks open after some time.

“Marinette?” Sabine says tiredly.  “Why are you up here this late?  Was it you that shouted?”

“Couldn’t sleep, Mama,” Marinette says, staring blankly out at the night.

“All right.  Just be sure to get to sleep,” Sabine says after a moment.  The skylight creaks back down and shuts with a dull clunk of metal against metal.

Marinette sits as the dew settles into her clothes and the chill seeps into her chest, and the half-moon’s wan light descends towards the dawn.

Star Cross’d - Part 1

Yay, like, a real chapter! With, like…a real chapter length! :D

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader
Words: 1,890ish
Summary: And they’re off to see the Wiz–the reader’s fianceé.
Warnings: Swearing
Other Parts: Masterlist

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Artificial Intelligence [LCK]

↠ changkyun x reader feat. hyungwon; 16.3k; boyfriend simulator gone wrong
↠ your new boyfriend is a mystery and hates being jealous, slight possessive behaviour, horror/mystery, video game!au

“I would do anything for you, baby. Why would I lie to you about there being a way for us to be together?” Changkyun asks. He waits a moment, but seeing you’re not going to answer his more rhetorical of questions he moves closer to you, copying your action from a while ago. The lips that ghost over your own are so kissable. You’d wish to do it now. “Forever.”

Originally posted by wonhontology

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How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days (Part 3)

Summary: (Modern AU) A player bets his co-workers he can make a woman fall in love with him in just 10 days. But he bets on the wrong girl – a writer with her own agenda.

Word Count: 1,854.

A/N: Sorry this took a while to post! School’s been getting in the way. Hope you guys enjoy! Feedback would be greatly appreciated. 

Part 1 Part 2 

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Heaven Help The Fool Who Falls In Love Pt. 1 (James Madison x Reader)

Time Period: Modern (College AU)

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7Part 8Part 9, Part 10

Word Count: 1,197

Warnings: Language. Implications of sex.

A/N: I know I’m in the middle of a few things right now and I have a few requests in my ask box, but this has been rattling around in my head for days now so I just had to get it out there. Also, there is not enough stuff with James Madison out there.

…..Think this is def gonna be a series.

Tags: @avengershavethetardis @bjwrites


James Madison slowly came to with the feeling of warm sunlight on his face. The dull ache in his head served as a reminder of the alcohol he’d consumed the night before. He wasn’t drunk necessarily, but he definitely wouldn’t say no to some aspirin and a glass of water. He moved to slide out of bed when he fully realized the weight on his chest. He looked down and saw the girl laying against him.

(Y/N) (Y/L/N) was asleep with her arm draped over his upper body. Her hair was in shambles, but she looked peaceful with the sun on her skin and her chest rising and falling gently. The blanket rested down on both her and his hips. James stared down at you and thought back to the night before.

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character: park woojin

genre: fluffy + angst

style: paragraph

summary: woojin wants to ask you to the dance but someone asked you before he could because he was too nervous and he gets jealous/upset (inspired by hotshot’s jelly)


Woojin looked up from his phone and saw y/n walking towards him with a smile. She was so beautiful to him, especially in her simple plain red top and jeans.

“Hey!” Woojin greeted her with a bright smile that showed his snaggletooth.

“I’m so sorry for being late,” y/n apologised with her smile turning into a pout. “I’m not usually like this. I accidentally overslept. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just arrived a few minutes ago,” Woojin lied, not wanting her to feel bad.

“Oh, really? That’s good then,” y/n said with a relieved sigh and let out a little chuckle that made her smile reappear. “I would feel bad if I made you waited for so long.”

“Anyways, I already bought your favourite,”  Woojin changed the topic and gave y/n her chocolate cheese drink.

Y/n’s smile brightens even more as she saw the drink and happily took it from Woojin. “Thanks! I’ve been craving for it for days!”

As y/n drank her drink, a small foam of cheese formed on the top of her lips. 

“This is so good!”

Woojin couldn’t help by laugh at her because she looked adorable.

“What are you laughing at?” y/n asked Woojin in confusion.

Woojin pointed on the top of his lips, making y/n lick the cheese off her lips.

“Oh.” A giggle left her lips and drank the drink again. “Did you get one for yourself?” y/n asked after drinking.

“Yeah,” Woojin answered. “I already finished it.”

Again, lying. The boy didn’t even think of buying it for himself.

“Oh, you must have drunk it real fast,” y/n said with her smile still there.

“Yeah, the drink was so good, I drank it so fast,” Woojin lied while letting a chuckle leave his lips.

He didn’t want to buy the drink for himself because he was scared that he wouldn’t have enough money to pay for their meal later.

“Here, drink this then,” y/n offered her drink to Woojin.

“Oh, no, I bought it for you.”

“Park Woojin. Just drink it,” y/n commanded with a voice that imitated Darth Vader, which gave the two a good laugh.

“Okay.” Woojin gave in, using the same Darth Vader voice that y/n made earlier and nodded before taking the drink.

“You’re sure?” Woojin asked in his normal voice, making y/n nod eagerly. Woojin then drank the chocolate cheese drink and immediately his eyes widen by how delicious it tasted.

“Woah, that’s actually really good,” Woojin mumbled to himself.

“What did you say?”

“Nothing! Here, you should drink the rest,” Woojin said not wanting her to hear him. 

“A-alright, don’t have to get all worked up,” y/n said with a giggle. “Anyways, shall we get going?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

It’s amazing how her smile can make him all jelly inside…

“I can’t believe they ditched us.”

"Same.” Woojin took the ribbon that was on the floor and passed it to y/n who was about to climb the ladder to hang the decorations for their school’s prom night.


Woojin watched as y/n tied the ribbon with the balloons and stuck them on the walls, while he was setting up the tables for the food.

“At least it just the two of us,” y/n said trying to brighten up the mood. “I like it that I’m stuck with you rather than the others.”

“Same,” Woojin agreed with a smile.

His heart was beating so fast by her words.

The others were supposed to come and help as well, but they all had "excuses” so it was only the two of them.

“I hate them,” y/n joked as she stuck the last balloon and let out a faint laughter.

“Same,” Woojin agreed and laughed along.

“Oh, well, at least we finished most of it,” y/n said. “We only have the to do the sound check and we’re good.” y/n then stepped down from the tall ladder.

“Yeah, let’s set up the tables and we’ll just put the rest of the balloons-”

Woojin was interrupted by y/n’s screams as she slipped from the ladder because of the laces from her shoe.

Both of their hearts stopped for a few seconds, thinking that y/n was going to injure herself terribly, considering that the ladder was pretty tall.

But, Woojin immediately ran to y/n and managed to catch her, bridal style, just in time before her body could crash onto the floor.

Y/n’s eyes were closed shut when she thought that she had reached the floor, but, she smelt Woojin’s familiar scent.

“I got you,” Woojin whispered to her. “I got you. You’re safe.”

Y/n immediately felt tears falling down from her eyes due to the shock, giggles followed after.

“Oh, my god,” y/n softly spoke with giggles leaving her lips. “I-I thought I was going to die.”

“Why are you laughing?” Woojin asked who couldn’t help but laugh along.

“I-I don’t know, I just thought I was going to die and all, you know?”

“But, you didn’t,” Woojin assured her with a smile.

“It’s all thanks to you,” y/n said and smile brightly at him. “Thank you,” she said in a whispering tone.

Their faces were so close, Woojin wanted to kiss her. He almost did.

It’s amazing how being so close to her can make him all jelly inside…

“Thanks for saving my life again, Woojin,” y/n thanked him as they walked back home.

“Not a problem,” Woojin answered. “Glad I could be your superhero for a few minutes,” Woojin joked.

“I’ll treat you to some friend chicken, okay?”

“Whoa! Fried chicken? Alright!” Woojin snaggletooth showed.

Y/n’s heart was melted by his adorable smile.

There was a silent atmosphere between the two, but it wasn’t the awkward kind. It was calming kind.

Woojin was going to ask y/n something, but he was stopped by y/n phone ringing.

“Sorry, I have to pick this up,” y/n said before answering her phone. “Hello?”

Woojin’s lips were pressed together. He was going to ask her if she had a date for the school dance.

“Yeah, I’m on my way home with Woojin, now. Why?”

He wanted to dance with her. He wanted to be her date to the prom. He wanted to be hers.

“Oh! Really!? Alright! Thanks, mum!”

As y/n places her phone back into her bag, she apologised and explained.

“I’m sorry, my mum called.”

“It’s alright. Must be good news, huh?” Woojin asked with a chuckle.

“Yeah, my mum said that my dad’s present for me is here.”

“Woah, that’s great! Any idea what he got for you?”

“Not sure. It’s usually something cool. My dad’s low-key cooler than my mum. I hope it’s that huge fluffy bear that he took a picture of last week, though. It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I just need to hug it.”

Woojin liked listening to y/n talk. The way she talked was so pure and adorable. The way her voice sounds like an angel.

“But, honestly, as long as it’s from him. I’m happy,” y/n ended with a smile, child-like smile.

“Then maybe I should get you a teddy bear for your birthday since you like teddy bears,” Woojin joked.

“Would you?” Y/n asked with a smirk.

“If you wanted to, I would,” Woojin answered.

“What about balloons? Purple balloons?”

“If you want, sure~”

“Awww, you’re the best Woojin!” Y/n said and gave him a light fist bump on his shoulder.

“I know. I’m the best,” Woojin bragged. “Do I at least get a hug?”

“A hug!? Of course!” y/n exclaimed and hugged him, allowing her head to hit his chest.

Woojin’s face turned red and his heart was beating fast. Y/n could hear it, and she couldn’t help but smile either. 

Woojin hugged her back and rested his cheeks on her head. 

It’s amazing how her hugs can make him all jelly…

“You didn’t ask her? YOU DIDN’T ASK HER!?”

Woojin was welcomed by an angry Daehwi.

“What?” Woojin asked in confusion.


“How do you know I didn’t ask-”

“She’s talking about it with the rest of the girls,” Daehwi interrupted him. “Yesterday was supposed to be your day to ask her. You had an entire day! The rest of us purposely didn’t go so you could spend time with her. And this is the result you gave us?” Daehwi scolded him. 

“I’ll ask her now, then,” Woojin said confidently and walked towards y/n’s table.

Y/n saw Woojin walking towards her and, immediately, she smiled at him. But, she didn’t get the chance to say anything because someone else walked past Woojin.



“Come with me.” The boy grabbed y/n’s hand and pulled her out of the classroom making everyone except for Woojin and Daehwi, squeal.

“Is he going to ask her to the school dance!?”

“Oh, my god! Y/n’s so lucky!” 

“Yah! Park Jihoon! Where are we going!?” y/n’s excited voice can be heard and giggles leaving her lips.

“I thought she was going with Woojin.”

“But I think Jihoon suits her more.”

Woojin immediately looked at Daehwi, who felt sympathetic for his best friend.

“I thought she was going with Woojin because we ditched the decorating thing for them to hang out and spend time together.”

“Woojin, didn’t you ask her to the dance?”

Woojin clenched his fist before leaving the classroom to follow y/n and Jihoon.

He stayed at a proper distance so it wouldn’t be obvious that he was following. Daehwi tagged along, of course.

“Woojin, I don’t think it’s a good idea-”

“I know what I’m doing,” Woojin interrupted Daehwi in an angry tone.

Daehwi couldn’t help but only sigh and followed the boy.

“We’re not supposed to be here, Jihoon,” y/n said with a giggle as they reached the school rooftop garden.

“Don’t worry, nobody comes here,” Jihoon assured her with a heart-warming smile.

Woojin and Daehwi hid behind the window that was beside the door they entered.

Woojin watched as y/n and Jihoon were talking and giggling. It reminded him of the time they were together yesterday.

“I don’t really know how to dance,” Woojin heard y/n said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you,” Jihoon assured her and took her hand and placed his other hand on her waist.

The two then began dancing and giggling. Woojin couldn’t quite hear what they were saying, but his eyes were starting to water.

“I could teach you too,” Woojin whispered.

All of the sudden, y/n almost slipped because of the laces of her shoe, but Jihoon managed to catch her. Just in time, before her head could reach the floor.

Suddenly, the Jihoon and y/n’s faces were so close, that they could almost just kiss each other.

Unlike Woojin, Jihoon did kiss y/n, making Woojin’s heartbreak in pieces and tears fall down his eyes.

A kiss from y/n was definitely better than a hug from y/n. 

He could have gotten the kiss.

Being y/n’s date to the dance was definitely better than spending an entire day with her. 

He could have brought her to the dance.

Instead of being jelly by y/n, he was jelly of Jihoon.

Woojin immediately ran away, leaving Daehwi to follow after him.

“Woojin!” Daehwi called out to him, but Woojin couldn’t hear anything.

He felt disappointed in himself. 

He felt like a failure. 

All his confidence disappeared. 

All his love gone.

“There has to be another way,” Daehwi informed him.

“There’s no other way,” Woojin answered in a monotoned voice. 

“There is another way,” Youngmin said without looking up from his plate.

“There is?” Daehwi asked, making him, Woojin and Donghyun look up at Youngmin.

“Yeah, no guarantee that it’ll work,” Youngmin answered and looked Woojin. “Do you want to try it?”

The Truck

Originally posted by neaarty

Happy, happy birthday to my fellow smutketeer and #queenofdrabbles, @xerxia31​! Here’s a little story laced with angst and smut, liberally sprinkled with f-bombs and topped with a shitty red Corolla. Enjoy your day my lovely friend! I <3 you a whole bunch.

Rated M

The minute I heard the hum of Peeta’s new truck in the driveway, I was unimpressed. It was the first major purchase by either of us since we moved in together a few months ago, and I guess I’d just assumed we’d buy our next vehicle together. After all, both of our college cars are entering into their geriatric years. His Jeep wheezes and gasps up the hill toward our little house. Every bolt in my shitty red Corolla rattles the minute I turn the key.

He was barely out of the driver’s seat before he started going on and on about how useful it’s going to be and how much he’s going to save on Jeep repairs. He showed me the extended cab with the front bench seat and laughed about how I could snuggle up beside him.

I couldn’t enjoy his enthusiasm. I was too upset that he left me out of the decision-making. But since I’m the one to blame for that, I can’t complain.

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The novel containing the second Shiratorizawa chapter just came out, as does my translation! Disclaimer, neither Japanese nor English are my native languages, I’m not super good at Japanese, but I did manage to read and understand this whole thing, so I think I give you the full story with this translation! Little things like Tendo and Ushijima’s endearing speaking quirks aren’t really translateable, but other than that! This is a really sweet story I hope all Shiratorizawa fans will enjoy.

Please buy the novel if you read this!


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Girlfriend // Kim Doyoung

- Pt 1

the prompt: can you preeeeeeetty please write more on hufflepuff doyoung because your golden snitch scenario was so cute and I loved it! aka: you’re worried Doyoung doesn’t really like you anymore, and he finally makes it clear that he does.

words: 1641

category: angst + fluff

author note: a lil hogsmeade scenario for one of my favorite hufflepuff babies <3

- destinee

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Midnight Date - G Dragon

Originally posted by orange-unnie

Summary: Night time is the perfect time to be together.

Genre: Fluffiest Fluff that I have ever fluffed so far

Warnings: Talking shit about Joann, and swearing. Opps.

Disclaimer: I’m so sorry if your name is Joann and you’re reading my story, this is not meant for you it’s kinda and inside joke with my friends. Once again, this is not meant to hurt anyone with the name Joann’s feelings. I’m sorry.


A/N: Hey there! So yeah I’m gonna be posting slowly, but I got a lot to post. Okay? Like don’t expect a lot all at once, but there will be a lot. I should’ve clarified that earlier. Whoops. Like always my inbox is open and I currently have this list going on, another shameless promotion for you guys. I hope you enjoy some fluff.

~ Admin Brooklyn


You knew that dating an idol would be hard. You knew that the multiple months away from each other would take a toll. It did a few times, but nothing that Ji Yong couldn’t fix. Even when he didn’t have to go anywhere it was hard. You knew he wanted to take you out on extravagant dates. He wanted to show off that you were his beautiful girlfriend and that he loved you with all of his heart. He couldn’t do that though. You had both made the decision of keeping your relationship a secret. You both didn’t need the pressuring stress of people judging you both for who you love.

This didn’t mean that you didn’t have dates. Actually this made dates a bit for fun.

Most of your dates were mostly stay in movie marathons or home cooked meals inviting over the rest of Big Bang and their families. You loved them. Ji Yong definitely knew how to make you feel loved no matter what. There were dates that you had decided that it was time to go outside and have some fun. That is how you ended up where you are, slung over Ji Yong’s shoulder, your face red from laughing.

“Put me down!” You giggled. Ji Yong chuckled as you squirmed in his arms. He raised his hand and smacked your butt. You squealed and Ji Yong laughed loudly.

“Jagiya you love it don’t lie,” he says. You could hear the smile in his voice as he talks. You laugh as he turns, your hair swaying to one side as he walks. He leans forward, letting your feet hit the ground. You lean off of Ji Yong’s shoulder, only for you to hold your head in your hands and lean against him once again, a smile on your face.

“Ooo, head rush,” you say. He smiles down at you and you look up at him. Even though it’s night time he still wears a mask and a hoodie with the hood on. You look up at him and smile and even though you can’t see you it you know he’s smiling back. “Where too oppa? It’s just us.”

“Where ever you want to go my love,” he says back. You blush madly and grab his hand. He chuckles as you try to hide your face. You feel a hand brush your hair behind your ear, you look up at Ji Yong you stares at you lovingly. You look into his eyes and blush madly.

“I’m-I’m a little hungry,” you say. Ji Yong chuckles and laces his fingers through yours. He begins to walk and you gladly follow him.

“Where do you wanna eat jagi?” He asks. You shrug and look around. Buildings were on either side of the road, street lamps being your main source of light.

“Let’s get candy,” you state. Ji Yong looks down at you amused.

“Okay,” he said. You could hear the smile in his voice. “We’ll go to the nearst convient store, they’ll be both open and empty.”

“Sound’s perfect,” you say. Ji Yong then continues to lead you down the sidewalk. As you walk you tell him about your day at work. “You won’t belive what Joann did today. God I swear she only has the job because she’s doing both bosses at one.”

Ji Yong let out a loud laugh. He’s heard of the infamous Joann before. Your rants consisting of Joann and how she got a raise the second day on the job when it was also offered to you, who had worked for a year there. “Other than Joann, how was your day jagiya?”

“Pretty okay. Completely boring compared to right now,” you say. He smiles down at you and you start blushing. He pulls you close to him, wrapping his arm around your shoulder as you walked. “What about you oppa? How was your day?”

“Pretty okay. Completely boring compared to right now,” he says. You roll your eyes, a smile on your face. Ji Yong loved it when you blushed, it brought out the cuter side of you that was natural and just straight out beautiful. He stoppe walking, which caused you to stop. You looked behind him and saw the convient store. 

“Okay oppa, I’ll go in and be right out. You want the usuall?” You ask. Ji Yon shook his head.

“I’ll go in with you,” he says. Your eyes widen a little.

“Oppa, are you sure? We could get caught.”

“I’ll be good I promise. Please let me go,” he said childishly. You sigh and nod your head, smiling. 

“Okay oppa. Let’s go,” you say opening the convient store door and walking in. Ji Yong follows behind you, the door closing shut behind him. You automatically head for the candy part of the store. Searching throught the aisles you see your favorite candy grabbing you go find Ji Yong. you find him by the drinks, looking through the selection they have, a bag of chips already in his hand. 

“You ready to go?” He asks. You nod your head. Ji Yong ditches the coolers full of drinks and heads straight for the checkfor the check out counter. You both set your items on the counter and Ji Yong grabs his wallet. The lady eyes Ji Yong as she rings the iteams through the register. You looked at Ji Yong at Ji yong nervously. He shrugged and handed the lady a twenty. After the lady colletected your changed Ji Yong held up his hand.

“Keep it,” Ji Yong said. The lady looked at him wide eyed. 

“Are you sure?” she asked. He nodded his head and grabbed your things. She smiledat him as she held the cash. “Thank you sir!”

JI Yong put his hand on your back and guided you out of the store, leaving the woman alone with her cash. You smiled up at him as the cool air of the night hit your face. 

“That was very nice of you oppa,” you say. He smiles down at you as you walk away from the store. He pulls down his mask and kisses your forhead gently He pulls away, only for you to grab his shirt and pull him down closer to you. You press your lips to his and close your eyes. Ji Yong’s eyes widen in shock, but he quickly smiles into the kiss and closes his eyes. He smiles down at you when you pull away.

“Best date of my life,” you whisper. Ji Yong chuckles at your statement.

“Best date of your life so far.”

Sanvers 4th of July

Also on AO3

This was supposed to be short and funny. It turned out to be long and full of feelings. Aka, I’m the most predictable. Whatever - enjoy!


“So, Danvers. What are the big 4th of July plans?”

Alex looks over at her, startled. It’s June 30th, and Maggie’s making breakfast while Alex washes the dishes from last night’s dinner.

“Uh,” Alex knits her eyebrows, running her mind as quickly as possible over the last couple of weeks, trying to remember if they’d talked about making plans. She comes up blank, so she tries to stall for time. “Don’t you have to work?”

“Nope,” Maggie says, and her voice is casual but there’s something behind it. “Took some wrangling, but I managed to get it off.”

Oh, okay. Okay, shit.

Alex can’t figure out if they’d talked about it and she completely forgot, or if this some new curveball.

But Maggie’s number one pet peeve is not being heard, and most cops have to work on the 4th because the holiday turns everyone in the US into delinquent assholes, so if she managed to get the day off she must have some serious expectations for something.

Okay, shit.

If Alex were Kara, she thinks, she’d make up some elaborate story, some oh yes we’re going to ride a ferris wheel and also be in Paris—oh, but like the Paris in Las Vegas because of America, haha, totally, definitely, I for sure already bought the tickets, surprise!

But Alex is Alex, so instead of hijinks she goes for insecure honesty. “Uh, I, uh haven’t made any plans? Yet? But I’d be happy to make some? With you?” Her hands stutter on the dishes, making jerkily little circles on the same plate she’s been washing since Maggie first opened her mouth.

Maggie doesn’t look over from where she’s expertly flipping an omelet. “Oh,” is all she says.

Okay, fuck.

“Mags?” Maggie looks over, probably at the sheer panic in Alex’s voice. “Babe, I’m sorry, I didn’t—I didn’t know you wanted to do anything! But really, I—I can get the day off, I can—we can, um, I mean, I can plan something, or you can plan something, or we can go somewhere—”


But Alex doesn’t hear her, continuing to babble at high speed. “I can—there must be a hotel that still has space, or a beach? Or, um, I don’t—I’m sorry, I don’t know, but I can—we can do anything, I didn’t mean to forget—“


Alex hears her, finally, and quiets herself. She looks over at Maggie with eyes that are big and round and scared and a little wet.

“Babe, it’s fine. Relax.”

Alex blinks at her. This is clearly not fine. This is the opposite of fine. Alex is the worst girlfriend ever. This obviously matters to Maggie and she must have mentioned it, and Alex must have forgotten, and she’s trying to hard to be a good girlfriend, to be good at being in a relationship, but she fucked it up again, and it’s not fine.

“It’s not a big deal, Al. I just assumed that you all did something for it.”

Alex narrows her eyes, confused. “You all?”

“You know,” Maggie says with a little shrug as she slips the omelet out of the pan and onto the waiting plate. “You and Kara and your mom and Kara’s boy band of admirers.” Maggie starts making the second omelet, tossing the pre-cut vegetables into the pan. “I had just assumed – it was stupid, I guess – but you guys seem like an all-American family, I just thought you would have some barbeque traditions or something.”

Alex nods. That makes sense. It does – but it doesn’t totally account for the heaviness in Maggie’s voice, or the way she hasn’t made eye contact, or the way she’s hitting the eggs against the pan a little harder than she needs to.

“My parents were never really that into it,” Alex says softly, turning back to the dishes, pretending to be as casual as Maggie is. “They were a little far to the left for that kind of patriotism, I think. When I was little we used to go sit out on the beach and watch the fireworks, but we never did anything special.” Alex puts the now very clean plate in the drying rack and reaches for a mug. “But then when Kara came, the fireworks scared her – they were so loud and bright and really overwhelming for her. So she and I usually just marathoned movies and I always tried to get her into a sugar coma as early in the night as possible so she’d miss most of it.”

Alex sees Maggie nod out of the corner of her eye.

“Yeah, that makes sense,” she says, clearly still upset but clearly trying to hide it. “Poor little Kara.”

But Alex is in charge of this interrogation.

“Did you do something special when you were little?” She asks carefully. Asking about Maggie’s childhood is always delicate – Alex has learned to phrase it as when you were little rather than did your family or did your parents, but it’s still always delicate. She’s always careful.

She never wants to make Maggie remember her awful teenage years, and she hates the Sawyers even more for making it hard for her to get to know little kid Maggie.

Maggie doesn’t like to talk about herself, and Alex hates it because she wants to know every moment of Maggie’s life.

Maggie flips this omelet – perfectly, as always. “Yeah, it was a pretty big deal in Blue Springs. Not a lot else going on,” she adds wryly. “There was a parade with these ridiculously cheesy floats, and people would spend, like, months making them, it was ridiculous.” But her voice is fond. Alex never hears her talk like this, warmly and tenderly about Blue Springs and about her childhood. She almost holds her breath, still washing the same mug, afraid to make a sound. “We’d go stake out spots on the parade route like hours early, with coolers and chairs and shit, it was a whole thing. And then after the parade we always hosted this big barbeque in our front yard, and everyone came, basically every Mexican in Nebraska, I think. All the cousins and everyone, it was a total zoo. And then we’d all drive out to the prairie, which is like 10 minutes away, of course, because Blue Springs is nothing, and we’d lie in the beds of the pickups in just like, piles of cousins, and watch the big county fireworks.” Maggie’s smiling at the memory, still looking down at the omelet, and Alex wants to cry. “I drank my first beer in one of those pickups with my cousins, smoked my first joint. We’d set off fireworks, and the kids would have sparklers, and shit.”

She slips the omelet out of the pan and onto the plate. She turns off the stove, takes the first plate, and sticks it in the microwave, closing the door without starting it.

“I’m gonna take a shower before I eat,” she says casually. “Will you be gone when I get out?”

Alex knows that’s code. Maggie doesn’t shower as quickly as she does, but that’s clearly code for I’m going to take a long shower, please don’t be here when I’m done. Alex wonders if she’s going to cry in there.

Alex nods her head a little, hands still soapy. She wants to reach out, to hold Maggie, to tell her that she loves her, that she’s here now, that she’s here to help Maggie heal.

But Maggie’s already walking away, closing the door of the bathroom firmly behind her.

Alex leaves the rest of the dishes. She puts her omelet in a Tupperware and gets dressed as quickly as she can. She’ll brush her teeth at work.

She has some work to do.

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Coke and Stars

Anon asked: /crying slightly/ e-expensive headphones soulmate au

Hey so i uh fucking love soulmate aus? So im gonna be a little bitch and plug in my own where the night sky is blank until you meet your soulmate

Michael pressed his cheek up against the cold wet window he was sitting on. Condensation rubbed onto him and now there was a smudge on the window between all the fog. He watched as water droplets built up and raced down to the edge, creating a little tiny puddle by Michael’s thigh. He sighed, which placed more condensation in place of another spot he’d rubbed water off. He hated the cold normally, which was why he was inside right now, his legs over the heater. But sometimes the cold against his face was the most grounding and calming thing, and so he couldn’t find the energy to move. Even as his face went numb. His phone buzzed, and with a sigh he looked down at the message lighting up the screen from his best friend Jeremy. He was leaving messages to him about how beautiful the sky was. Jeremy had met his soulmate today.

So maybe Michael was being a little emo right now.

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One Shot #7

Title: Coach Winchester

Ship: Cheerleader!Reader x Coach!Dean

Description: Sam and Dean have to go undercover in a high school again and Dean is appointed not only as the P.E. teacher but the football coach as well. When one of the cheerleaders are bullied, protective Dean takes over.

Warnings: bullying; teacher-student relationship; slight smut

Word Count: 3,117

Master List

“Mr. Fitzpatrick, we have practice.” A student stuck his head in Dean’s office, causing the man to shoot up from the computer. Quickly closing out his internet window, he clapped his hands and smiled at the boy, “I’ll meet you boys out there. Just get started and I’ll be out in a few minutes.” Rolling his eyes, the boy stepped through the office and through the side door that led to the field.

‘Damn these kids.’ Dean thought to himself as he closed the notebook that was in front of him on the desk. He promised Sam that he would do research as soon as school got out but he was informed that he also had coaching duty last minute. He was beginning to get tired of this whole substituting thing to get closer to the ghosts inside the school.

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