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Thank you thank you thank you for your views on Chiam. I never bought the whole lovey dovey fiasco and believe Cheryl undermined the whole set up. Thanks for giving voice to my very minor opinion. Also loving the comments abt his success. You run a very fair blog so even my little Liam heart is happy.

You’re welcome :)

But I don’t think it’s a minority opinion, most people distrust Cheryl and can’t fathom what Liam would be doing with her for real. Plus the timing of everything and the way “someone” was pushing a pregnancy for her shortly after they “got together” and then for MONTHS before she actually did get pregnant, coincidentally just after he signed his solo deal with Capitol UK.

It’s very much like babygate is with non-Larries, I’m not questioning it because Ziam, I’m questioning it because it just doesn’t work in logic-land. 

Does anybody play video games and make the choices that they believe the character themselves would choose instead of making the choices you would choose? Like, play it in the actual POV of the character, and not through your own eyes? For instance, I believe Max would actually sacrifice Chloe even though it’d be the most painful experience she would ever have to go through; I believe Clementine would kill Lee because she doesn’t want him to suffer and be left as a walker; I believe that although Clarissa was a horrible person, Alex would stop at nothing to save everyone on that island. Coincidentally, the way I believe the characters would act in the situation is the same way I would. Does that make any sense?

Supernatural Relationships and Led Zeppelin

You cannot convince me that this was all purely coincidental.

12x01 - Part of the reason that John and Mary first got together was because of Led Zeppelin.

12x19 - Dean had gifted Cas a mixtape consisting of thirteen Zeppelin songs.

12x01 - Zeppelin referenced for romantic reasons.

12x19 - Zeppelin songs used for a mixtape, which is a commonly used romantic trope.

But then again it could all just be a coincidence.

Market eating in Sanlucar de Barrameda

Sanlucar de Barrameda is a small town in the south west of Spain, where the Guadalquivir river meets the Atlantic ocean. It’s one point of the “Sherry Triangle” – the three towns (Jerez and Puerto de Santa Maria are the others) which each produce sherry, and which mark the borders of the area where the palomino fino and pedro ximinez sherry grapes must be grown.

The town produces the manzanilla style of dry sherry – coincidentally my favourite, and the perfect pairing for the all the amazing seafood you can eat here. Sanlucar is famous for prawns, and has a protected indication for its famous langostinos. There are plenty of good places to eat, but the best for us was a café called La Plaza in the covered market, right next to Bodegas Hidalgo, producers of La Gitana.

First you go shopping in the market, and then the bar will take your meat, fish and vegetables and cook them up for €3/kilo. The market has half a dozen fish stalls, with piles of shellfish and fish.

We went for lunch two days running. Great things we had included chipirones – the tiny squid pictured above. These are often deep fried, but they cook on the plancha (hot plate grill) perfectly. Acedias are like a small plaice and were sweet and delicious. On day two we had clams, which were cooked with wine and garlic.

And of course the prawns. The first day we had the Sanlucar langostinos. 

The second day we samples a few different types – shown in the photo at the top of this post.

You can also select vegetables to be grilled as well – we picked courgettes, peppers and asparagus.

They also sometimes have a few dishes they’ve selected. On the second day we were offered a tomato salad with lots of salt and olive oil.

The crew are also really friendly. It’s got to be the best value lunch in the whole town – not only was everything cooked well, but the team do an amazing job of keeping track of everyone’s shopping and spacing the dishes out. 

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Hiii, I just wanna share that I don't think louis and harry's team promote their things in coordination. I think they do what's best for their own client. I think right now, they're not relevant to each other regarding their solo career professionally. Do I make sense? Hahaha. I'm sorry.

You make sense and that’s perfectly fine to interpret it that way. Obviously Harry’s stuff needs to coordinate around Dunkirk first and foremost so any other coordination could be planned or coincidental depending on what the team’s motivations are. I do think the whole band would want to at least be slightly coordinated since they’re essentially fighting for the same pockets, but they are also individual artists now and there are only so many Fridays in a year and they obviously have other things to schedule around like interviews and performances so we’ll see how things progress.

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Ok lets be real here, you must have sold your soul for your amazing writing skills cause theres no other explanation for someone to write as well as you do💓

oh gosh hahah youre too sweet! coincidentally, I sold my soul to Supernatural, which is why the show keeps getting renewed. oops.


Ok come on! Was this the ONLY person they could get from Harry Potter? Of course the PHILOSOPHER’S STONE (original British name for HP’s Sorcerer’s Stone book) had to used by Alchemy (aka Tom Felton who played Draco Malfoy). The irony is too great and definitely not coincidental either. Ugh.

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I think bs no's IG account is gone. Thank god!

Yep, bs_no on IG is gone and coincidentally…or actually not coincidentally, so is sassyfraser1743 on Twitter, which was proven to be one of Nipuna’s sock accounts…that leads me to believe that Nipuna was indeed behind bs_no.

To think that someone who puts on this facade of being a supportive fan and participates in My Peak Challenge, admins for TeamSam, goes to conventions and sweetly poses with Sam and Cait, is actually behind some of the worst sock accounts that spew hate, is disgusting and worrisome. She needs help.

Teenage Fever [Nathan Drake]

Pairings: Nate x Reader

Request: Hello my dude I’d like to request a Nathan fic where the reader and Nathan are like best friends and Nathan really likes her and she likes Nate and they never really acknowledge it until sully makes a comment to Nate about him seeming to really like her😊    

About: Nate has a crush on the reader. Coincidentally, the reader has a crush on Nate.



Note: i have another imagine request very similar to this and i was going to combine them but i think this request wants adult nate and the other one wanted teen nate so i didn’t combine them lmao

Originally posted by le-le-perv

“Jeez, kid,” Sully nudged Nate in the ribs, “you’re not being very subtle about it, are you?”

“Huh?” Nate turned to his best friend, adjusting the suddenly too-hot collar of his tux. “What are you talking about?”

“(Y/N),” Sully gestured over to her, cigar in hand, watching as her and Sam laughed together, catching up on lost time, “you’ve been staring at her this whole time.”

Nate shrugged, a sheepish grin on his face. “So what? She looks good in that dress.”

“Why don’t you tell her that then, huh?” Sully encouraged, smiling as you turned to face them, waving them over. “She’s totally into you, kid. Surprised you can’t see it.”

Nate looked at Sully, wide-eyed. “Y’think?”

“God, you’re acting like a teenager again, Nate,” Sully rolled his eyes, “be straightforward! Sheesh, act like you’ve never been with a lady before.”

Nate rolled his eyes and elbowed Sully to keep him quiet as the pair walked over to you.

“So,” you began, pushing a loose strand of hair behind your ear, “are we all set?”

“Actually, let me show you something,” Sully ushered the three of you out of the door and onto the corridor that overlooked the auction. “They brought it out just before you got here. Somebody changed the order.”

“So we’re going to have to take it from the stand,” you realised, “but how’re we going to do that in-”

“With the lights out,” Sam nodded. “I got the cross.”

“I’ll get the lights,” Nate decided, looking up to you and Sully. 

You rolled your eyes. “I suppose I can distract a few bidders.”

“Be careful,” Nate said, patting your shoulder.

You smiled at his sincerity. “I’m sure I can handle a few, old rich men, Nate.”

“Christ! Are you alright?” Nate asked, eyeing you as you stormed into the vehicle, clutching his arm for dear-life as Sully stormed off from the auction house.

You breathed heavily before slowly calming down. “I’m okay. Jeez, that was a rush, huh?”

Nate laughed, “yeah, get used to it. I’m sure with Nadine and Rafe as competition that won’t be the last of the goons we’re going to stumble into.”

“I bet,” you sighed, itching to rub at your eye though refraining from doing so, knowing that you were still caked in makeup, having dolled up for the occasion. 

“Hey, we’re back,” Nate muttered, nudging you in your side as your eyes seemed adamant on trying to close.

“Huh? Oh, okay,” you muttered, stretching out and pulling the door open. “Ugh… Nate…”

“What?” He asked, concerned. 

“I’m tirrreeeed,” you whined.

“Oh, you have got to be joking me,” Nate rubbed his jaw, “I was worried there for a sec! Thought you were hurt or something.”

“Take the hint, Nate,” Sam grinned, stepping out of the vehicle. “She wants you to carry her.”

You smiled over at Nate smugly, who sighed in response and rolled his eyes. “Okay; fine. Grab on,” he said, leaning over for you to clamber onto his back. “You are so immature.”

“Hypocrite!” You gasped.

“How?” Nate laughed.

Marco,” you reminded him, “polo.”

“Oh, shut up. I have all the power here, you know,” Nate teased, “I could drop you-” he paused, “any second!” and released his grip on your thighs for a moment as the two of you stepped through the hotel door, causing you to let out a shriek.


“That sure woke you up, huh?” Nate grinned over his shoulder at your frowning face. “Think you can walk now?”

“I don’t know actually,” you responded, wiggling your legs. “High heels do a lot of damage, you know…”

“Oh, shut up,” Nathan laughed, dropping you to your feet at the door of your bedroom. “I watched you take them off within like, five minutes, and use it to knock one of the guards out.”

You shrugged, “so what? They’re lethal, both to my feet and whoever’s on the receiving end of that heel.”

“They sure are,” Nate laughed, his hand planting to rest on the door. It was a very close position, oh, it was perfect to just reach up and kiss that beautiful mouth, but he pulled away a little to quickly. “Alright, uh…”

Sam suddenly collided with Nate, pushing him into you so that your chests were flush against one another.

“Oh, jeez, sorry,” Sam smirked, “must’ve tripped over the tension in here…”

Nathan sucked on his teeth and gently pulled himself away as Sam disappeared into the other room, laughing. 

“That was weird,” you said, pulling a face. “It’s like he’s trying to get us together or something.”

“Yeah,” Nate looked down at the ground, suddenly sheepish. “Wouldn’t that just be crazy?”

“Nate?” You nudged his eyes upwards from the ground by poking his chin. “Everything okay in there?” You asked, tapping his head gently.

“Sure, just…” he hesitated, his words catching in his mouth. “Just… do you ever feel like, maybe, that there’s more to us? Than to our friendship?”

You felt your cheeks turn hot. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that do you feel like… we’re not… just friends?” He asked, struggling to get his words out.

Relieved at his words, your tense shoulders relaxed and you leaned back against the door. “Yeah. Yeah, Nate, I do.”

“Really?” His face lit up.

You bit down on your lower lip. “Yeah.”

“Oh, well-”

“But first,” you rose your brow, “we have to see to that cross.”

Nate sighed, realising you were teasing. “Right, the cross.”

ok, now this one’s the last one (im from new jersey, so i had to haha)

bonus at the end cos it’s coincidentally been a year since yesterday ;)

Victuuri Week Day 2: Historical Drama AU (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶”

in which Viktor is a yangban who falls in love with this extremely cute and intelligent scholar ~