this was certainly one of my very first ships

~~~~ ✿✿✿✿ Happy NaruSaku Day!!! ✿✿✿✿ ~~~~

Hey, NS family, I just wanted to wish you all a happy NS day! Even though so much has happened (Where does one even begin? lol), my love for our ship and our fandom has most certainly not diminished, during the past two or so years. I legitimately became active on this site and started meeting awesome people, because of this ship, and nothing will ever change or detract from that. Regardless of what happened, I’ll ALWAYS be proud of these two babies and what [I believe] they represented not only for the story, but also for me, personally. Thank you all very much for being my first home on this site and for, in the case of quite a few of you, being my friends for three years. I truly cannot express how much this all means to me. 

Stay awesome, everyone! <3 

On “queerbaiting” in Sherlock, or rather the absence of it

I first watched Sherlock in November 2016. Late to the party, I know, but also just in time to watch every episode at least four times before the new season came out, and admittedly a few more after that. And although I haven’t been in the fandom for very long, I have a profound appreciation for not only the extraordinarily intelligent writing and the stunningly complex characters and intricate plots but also the obvious, the brilliant acting.

However, you can’t exactly join a fandom without coming across one or two gay ship, and the Sherlock fandom is certainly not excluded from that with their obvious johnlock. When discussion The Lying Detective with one of my close friend’s he drew my attention to some of the anger that surrounded the fourth season and I couldn’t understand why. At first I said they should be happy because of that comforting hug but he said that was precisely why I was mad. That’s when I sought out a hundred posts about the so called queer baiting that was angering people and I want to say something.

You are not owed anything. Just because you want something badly doesn’t mean you deserve to get it. I am not saying that queer baiting is okay, or that it doesn’t happen, but I am saying that it doesn’t exist in Sherlock.

Sherlock and John are two best friends, who are bonded so closely that they consider each other their family, their closest kin. They are two men who harbour an immense amount of respect, trust, and absolute loyalty for each other. They admire each other, know each other, truly know all of the best and worst things about each other and accept them. They live together, work together and it is true, they love each other. But they are not in love with each other, and they do not have to be.

Name another show, as popular as Sherlock, with the same audience, in fact, name any show, that projects a better example of platonic love between men. I have watched a lot of television and I must be missing something because I cannot. In fact, the most emotional vulnerability and availability I have seen from male television characters is centred around women and romantic love. Sherlock is different, and we are lucky for it because their loyalty to each other, their love, and their bond, is not driven by sex. Men do not have to have a sexual agenda underlying their relationships. Sex and romance are not the only motivators for men and we have been blessed with a brilliant television series that not gives us these beautiful characters and sets this vastly underrated example. And sure, there are jokes here and there about the world seeing them as a couple, but the beauty is in the fact that they are jokes, and that they live together in such an accepting world that if they were gay, it would be completely okay. But they aren’t, and for most of the viewership of the show, who don’t will or fantasise about a romantic connection between the two, it is better this way. It is a better message about the purity of a man’s loyalty and intentions, and a message about not only the more practical and academic intelligence but emotional intelligence.

There are plenty of shows with a variety of LGBTQIA characters, and although we are underrepresented, there is no crying need for gay sex in Sherlock, and we should be grateful for that, not bitter.


#LocalLens: Time Travel through Luanda with @notflavio

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. To see more photos of Luanda, Angola, through Flávio’s eyes, follow @notflavio on Instagram.

Flávio Cardoso (@notflavio) is an experienced time traveler, simultaneously capturing Angola’s past and present. Through his camera, the 27-year-old information technology advisor from Luanda records nostalgic relics, like aging walls and shattered windows, scattered amid shiny new architectural designs in his southern African hometown. “People just let go of things they once treasured. There’s a lot you can tell from the past when it’s left abandoned,” he says. Flávio’s fascination with old objects is very much a result of his surroundings. “You get all sorts of contrasts around here; from the richest people in Africa to very poor people struggling to survive in the streets to expensive luxury cars parked right next to rotting, used commuters,” he explains.

Lucky for Flávio, there are many nearby places to explore Luanda’s history and make new memories for himself. “One of my favorite places is certainly Santiago Beach, also known as Ship’s Graveyard, where several decomposing ships were left abandoned. This is also where Natalia Vieira (@nat_rvieira), Rui Jorge (@ruyjorgee) and I had our first InstaMeet, and it inspired many photo adventures here in Angola.” Hotel Panorama, a decaying hotel with mesmerizing views of the city and sea, is also among Flávio’s favorite photo locations. Although his photos capture scenes of destruction, they also bring the past back to life, in hopes that these places and objects may be valued again.


hey there friends, have you ever wondered why every videogame you play in space looks the way it does? you can thank alien for that! almost certainly the best space horror movie ever made, alien is one of my favorite movies because:

 1. ripley is an incredible character to look up to when growing up as a little dipshit. ripley is capable, commanding, the only person making any good judgement calls on the ship without her compatriots being portrayed as complete morons and her fight for survival is gripping and tense

2. the movie is beautifully shot. scott understands the importance of light and subtlety and particularly of implication. this is probably one of the first really BIG horror films where you never get a very clear shot of the alien. its always seen under pulsing strobe lights from alarms or curled up into crevices where a clear shape cant be determined. you see what it does, which is more than enough. in fact the clearest shot you get of the alien is when its a newly hatched baby and it zooms off the table hilariously like it just realized its late for school

theres a reason why alien is used as the standard by which other space horror films are measured: it is impressively successful in nearly everything it attempts and it tried for something beyond the norm for the time.

its great

Iron Legends -- Chapter 13

Series: Fairy Tail

Characters: Gajeel, Levy, plus appearances from Natsu, Lucy and others.

Genre: Hurt/comfort, Sci-fi

Summary: The old lab had always been fuel for a good story, something you would half-heartedly joke about going to sometime.  Some did, and when they came back they never talked about it again.  The legends circulated, telling of ghosts, monsters, and anything else someone would be likely to conjure up about an abandoned building.  But even with all the stories meant to keep everyone away, there are still those for whom the intrigue is too tempting.  

Note: I had a lot of fun writing this… :]

Ch. 1  Ch. 2  Ch. 3  Ch. 4  Ch. 5  Ch. 6  Ch. 7 Ch. 8 Ch. 9 Ch. 10 Ch. 11 Ch. 12

It had been two weeks since that night in her kitchen, and winter had continued to roll in with a vengeance.   The first few days after the incident, she had been able to make her way out to the facility to keep looking for him, hoping with everything she had that one day she would find him there as she had before.  Levy was relentlessly determined to find him, so much so that she considered fanning out her search, looking past the facility with the idea that he might have had some other shelter to hide in.  But with weather as it was, she couldn’t safely go farther.

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