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i saw the rude anon and i wanted to tell you a story to make you feel better. i have a crush who looks like if Jimin and Suga had a baby, and i thought it was a good idea to talk to him. because why not?! i'm a socially awkward person who still sleeps with a nightlight because she is scared of the dark (i'm 13 btw) and so i did. i went up to him, froze, farted and proceeded to laugh while he looked like he was going to faint. and that he did. so that's my terrific story! and can i join the fam?!

this is brilliant omg, thanks for making me smile ♡ of course you can!

  • Garrus: Alright, my turn. What's the first order an Alliance commander gives at the start of combat?
  • Joker: Uh... I give up.
  • Garrus: (chuckles) Correct.
  • Joker: Ohohoh... alright, big guy. What do you call it when a turian gets killed by a horrible spiky monster?
  • Garrus: Friendly fire - come on, that one goes back to Shanxi!
  • Joker: Well, you gotta respect the classics!
  • Garrus: How many humans does it take to activate a dormant mass relay?
  • Joker: (exasperated) 602. 600 to vote on it, one to ask the asari for technical help and one to request a seat on the Council afterwards. How do you know when a turian is out of ammo?
  • Garrus: He switches to the stick up his ass as a backup weapon. Why does the Alliance hire pilots... with brittle bone disease?
  • Joker: Y... you're shittin' me! The turian military has one about me?
  • Garrus: Oh, absolutely. I heard it myself from a private back on Palaven.
  • Joker: Okay, why does the Alliance hire pilots with brittle bone disease?
  • Garrus: So that their marines can beat someone in hand-to-hand drills.
  • Joker: ...damn, you need to tell James that one. Hey, what's the hardest part about treating a turian who took a rocket to one side of his face?
  • Garrus: (deadpan) Figuring out which side took the rocket.

i need jason to meet sally 

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Thomas have you seen the Black Panther trailer? I'M SO PUMPED! Also my friend put this image in my head and now I can't unsee it: Bilbo Baggins interrogating Gollum throughout the trailer. You're welcome. Spread the word. :D

I am SO PUMPED AS WELL!!! And omg I didn’t even think about that…. that’s brilliant lol


“Everybody sort of realizes that ‘The Imperial March’ is hidden inside ‘Anakin’s Theme’ somewhere. But I don’t think people realize just how much it’s in there. It’s in there from the opening bars…

“There is a cool thing in ‘Attack of the Clones,’ where you have the love theme for Padmé and Anakin which is essentially a melding of the Luke theme and the Leia theme which will be so important later in the next trilogy… So literally, if you take this leap for Luke, that leap for Leia, chop it in half, go to the note right between (= plays ‘Across the Stars’).

OMG! This is freaking BRILLIANT!

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so i've been overloading my brain with your brilliant Bakugou meta because omg its amazing and you're putting all my thoughts into perfectly articulated words and phrases and i've decided you are awesome. Do you have a masterlist at all?


i don’t have a masterpost, but i can make one right now!!!!

i hope that helps!!!!!!

here’s a link to all my general MHA related meta!!!

God bless the bloggers who rec fics with actual links and descriptions of the fic and word counts….. I can barely remember the titles to most of the stuff I read!!!

Me: “OMG I read a brilliant fic it has UST and pining and hot kisses and perfect smut you HAVE to read it!!!”

Them: “fab what’s it called?“

Me: 🙃

Eliza Recommends Pt 5

Ah February. The month of love. The month of brilliant fics. The month of omg that was way too short how is it already March?! If February actually had a normal amount of days I wouldn’t be late for this, but I digress…

Bucky x Reader


  • Barnes’ Books // Series // This series makes me happy and brings me hope. Highly recommend giving it a read.


  • Worth The Wait // Series // Bruh go read it! Be prepared for angst. I cried. Gotta love a good cry tho. Such feels, much talent.


  • Blind Date // Fluff // Laughed so hard my face hurt. I’m still not over it. Secretly hoping for a part two. Not so secretly obsessed with this fic.

@drowsybucky (it won’t let me tag you sorry!)


  • Thicker Than Water // Series // There is so much detail and the plot is so beautifully spun just do yourself a favour and read it.


  • Night Walks // Mini Series // I absolutely love this. That is all.

Steve x Reader


  • Soundtrack // Series // Beautiful, heart wrenching angst that I just can’t stop reading.


  • Two Weeks // Angst // No words to describe how beautiful this was. JinAh you truly have a way with words. Read with tissues in hand.

Clint x Reader


  • Give Me A Sign // Fluff // A pinch of angst, a sprinkling of action, and a whole lot of fluff aka the perfect combination.



  • This story cracks me up every time I read it so obviously it has to go here.