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For people voting in Queensland tomorrow, it’s really important to know that the voting has changed to a FULL preferential system. This means you need to fill EVERY box on your ballot paper in order of preference, starting with 1 next to the candidate you most prefer, 2 next to your second most preferred candidate and so on. It’s pretty simple, but if you’re confused, make sure you read the instructions on your ballot paper. 

There will probably be people at your polling place handing out ‘How to Vote’ cards in support of their candidate. If you identify with or want to vote the way a particular party or candidate wants you to vote, that card will tell you what order to fill in the boxes. BUT remember that you are under no obligation to follow the ‘How to Vote’ card or even to accept them. You can still put the LNP/ALP/Greens/PHON/KAP candidate first, WITHOUT following the preferences on the card. 

Perhaps I was rereading a certain someone’s (*cough @tyranttortoise*cough*) Kinktober and perhaps I loved FrenchMaid!Stretch a little too much.

The day someone looks through my sketchbook is the day my life ends.


Casablanca (1942) dir. Michael Curtiz

“You want to feel sorry for yourself, don’t you? With so much at stake, all you can think of is your own feelings. One woman has hurt you, and you take your revenge on the rest of the world. You’re a coward and a weakling.”


Natasha’s mission: To spy on Fury and the KGB agent he’s captured and been interrogating.

Clint’s mission: To mime out the entirety of the viral “octopus&puppy r 2 cute 4 words” video he found during lunch.

I’ve wanted an excuse to draw Catherine Tate’s ridiculous faces for ages, and finally did it with Clint. I didn’t even BEGIN to do Tate justice, but it was a barrel of fun, so have a Doctor Who reference~

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You don’t have to go down there, Richie. 

Right. I didn’t have to get on a plane in LA, I didn’t have to go to the dinner, I sure as hell didn’t have to come out here. And now I don’t have to go in.