this was bound to happen ok

The Champions, reacting to their weapons breaking


“Hey, uh, I think I broke your spear.”
“Oh…… up, ok. You can get it fixed here, just be more careful next time!”


“I, uh, broke your sword. And shield.”
“Ah. It was bound to happen eventually. Get it fixed up, and you’ll be fine.


"Um, sorry, but I broke the club you gave me-”
“HAHAHA, AGAIN?! That thing was so old, I’m surprised it lasted this long! Just patch it up real quick and be on your way.


"Hey, um, I think I broke your bo-”

SKAM S04E05 Clip 5 - Imagine all the people living life in peace

ESKILD: “You’re the one called Elias, right?”
EVA: Elias is your brother?
ESKILD: Then I go up to him and then I stroke him, just a little bit on his side at first, then I feel like a shiver going up his spine. *Gag noises* Then he left pretty quickly, but he seemed open for more fun.
CHRIS: Are you crazy?
EVA: Stop! I can send you the money.
CHRIS: Send me the money? What?
EVA: I can send it! How much is it? Hello!
CHRIS: 112.
EVA: It doesn’t!
CHRIS: 112 for a beer.
EVA: I can give you..
CHRIS: 112,50. 112,40..
[Are you coming?]
EVA: 112,40?
CHRIS: Point 40.
[John Lennon - Imagine]
EVEN: Thank you!
CHRIS: Oh my God
SANA: Yeah..
CHRIS: Yeah..
SANA: Oh, I love you so much.

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Only Way To Live - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 4818

Warnings: Kinky Filth, NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving)

Notes: Honestly, I’m kinda mixed about this entire thing? I don’t think it’s as good as some of the other stuff I’ve written. The idea was so good for this too! I got the idea from an episode of Attack of Titan while I was in my slump. So, please, any feedback ya’ll have would be appreciated.

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‘ultimate guess who’ anon fic recs

for those who missed it, @mlficwritersanon​ set up a fun guess who challnge. buncha writers wrote fics anonymously and readers are supposed to guess who wrote what! super neat idea.

anyway, i finally read thru all these and felt like reccing the ones that stood out to me =D/ not gonna be as detailed as my regular recs since i read most of these a while ago, and forget a lot of details xD;;;; sorry. i’ll do my best tho ;0;/ 

and for the record, all of these are reveal fics. that was the theme. :]

[listing these in reverse order, cos a lot of the ones at the end got buried by newer fics ;0;]

A Revealing Interview  Alya Césaire uncovers more than she expects to one afternoon when she interviews Chloé Bourgeois for the Ladyblog.
- this is a alya/chloe fic, in which they have miraculous. it’s rly cute ;0; 

We Were Lovers In A Past Life –  Alya’s kryptonite? Blondes and stripes.
 alya/chloe, with miraculous again. but different! this one ended my life. good shit :’D

Tomorrow’s Troubles – But that was a thought for tomorrow. Those were all thoughts for tomorrow. Melancholy was for tomorrow and so was responsibility.
- ladynoir/adrinette. THIS ONE PUNCHED ME OUT THE FUCKIN SEAT. I HELLA REMEMBER THAT. it was really good. ;0; it’s aged up. that is all i’mma say.

Dredging Up the Past Sabine reminisces about her time with the ladybug miraculous.
- s
abine + marinette mainly [also adrien and tom are in it~]. THISSSSSSSS FIIIIC IS ALL OVER AN OOOOLD HEADCANON!! previous ladybug!sabine was a really popular headcanon early on! This fic is nostalgic to me cos of that, and it’s a fun read. xD I loved the reveal hahah. this was cute.

i’m like dropping hints that i’m ladybug – “…I’m Ladybug.” (In which Marinette tries to get Adrien to figure out her secret identity. She was not counting on him being this oblivious.)
 Adrinette. This one is p fuckin great xD i remember cackling a lot. I liked how it ended up panning out too xD well played, anon //salute

If Only It Were That Simple –  Ladybug and Chat Noir have been partners for three long years, growing closer by the day. One night, Adrien argues with Plagg, as he often does, about not being able to tell Ladybug who he is. He just didn’t plan for Ladybug to hear.

Premier Amour  It has always been said that you never move on from your first love.
 adrinette/ladynoir. gfdfkjgjdfk this one is really sweet. it’s got a tiny bit of angst, but it’s good angst.

The Fox is Out of the Bag –  “Could uh, could you maybe forget about this?” she asked, eyes flitting around the room as if looking for an escape route.
"The whole transforming in front of me thing?” he said, raising an eyebrow.
DJWifi. Lmao this is short and funny. 

Those Freckles on Your Butt – It turns out that Adrien has a thing against modesty and Marinette gets a fateful eyeful.
- adrinette. //sobbing// was this fic written for me? b u t  t s //more sobbing//  no but really this is p damn funny :’D 

My Boss is a Vampire… Well, sort of – There’s something weird going on with the Agreste couple, and Nathalie is determined to find out.That, or she may just be paranoid for no real reason and is coming up with theories that mean nothing. Who knows.
- NATHALIE. MY FAVE BABE. This is another really funny one. :’D [also dem ot3 vibes yaaaaaas]

dropping hints Ladybug asks Chat Noir for boy advice. This goes about as well as expected.
 ladynoir. THIS IS SOOOO GOOD. i really liked this one. i cackled at how the reveal went down here tbh. smh@lb… [also think i might know who wrote it 👀 … too bad i am not participating in the guessing lol] 

Orion’s Belt – Here, kitty kitty.
- Ladynoir/Adrinette. pfff WHOEVER U ARE THIS DESCRIPTION SUCKS. tryin’a sell ur fic here!!! lmao. anyway yea this fic is super cute! just. really cute and sweet. good shit anon :> …except for that description :’D [but it’s really good so read it lol]

No Matter How You Spin It – They were bound to find out about each other eventually. It just figured that it would happen at a time where privacy came at a personal cost to both of them. (Or that time that Adrien nearly died twice on his 18th birthday.)
 ok so this is adrinette, but y’all, chloe legit steals the spotlight anytime she steps into the narrative lmfao. i love her :’D bless this fic. bless this fuckin chloe xD

It Had To Be Her… –  Adrien is used to listening to Chloe’s “secrets”. He’s not used to them changing his life… What he thought would be a simple conversation about his friend’s unrequited celebrity crush turns into one of the most revealing conversations he could have ever imagined.
 adrien&chloe. YOOOOOOOO IS ADRIEN AND CHLOE ON THE FRIENDSHIP MY DAMN JAM? IS IT ALSO THE FUCKIN BREAD AND PEANUTBUTTER OF MY SANDWICH? YES IT IS. sorry y’all i just get a lot of feels about platonic chloe/adrien lmfao. this is really cute ;0; 

I Used To Make You Smile, If Only For A While – She was the first person he’d unmasked for and THIS was her response?
 alya/chat [+ lowkey ninette]. holy ambitious premise batman. this is…so good??? and i could see it happening? like legit my fave alyadrien ‘how they hooked up’ set up here, but holy heck this was a rough read. like, i mean, due to the situation and just the charas…i just wanna hug everyone, poor complicated bebs ;0;

Mint Two-Lips –  Marinette thought she would never taste anything sweeter than Adrien’s sweet, minty flavored lips…until she tasted the exact same flavor on Chat Noir’s mouth.
  adrinette/marichat. sjhdfjkhfjkshdjk SOOOO i don’t usually like kiss reveals cos of the whole unfaithful angle [cheating is an instant turn off for me], B U T!! this one does it right! so i was pleasantly surprised :’D i liked how it worked out in the end too. nice play, anon c:

must be love – What’s a girl to do when she finds out her crush and suitor are one and the same? Ladybug finds out that Adrien is Chat completely by accident, and then proceeds to… have something of a crisis.
- guys it’s ladrien, come on … also   a  ng   s t  //laysonface// like i was dead before i even got out the gate on this one lmao 

Just Asking For Some Privacy – “No but she’s right. What the heck could the four of us possibly have to do that’s apparently so important that it needs to be done in private, in an abandoned locker room, and in the middle of an akuma attack?" 
- marinette, chloe, adrien, alya. o m f g. this fic lfdjkfsd these kids. what a mess lmao. i love this

Between The Lines   So he found who she is in the most unexpected way… now what?
- Adrinette. “No, that’s the problem.” FUCKIN CACKLIN’. this is p clever and funny xD  i think the writer’s first language isn’t english, so there are a few places that are a bit off, but it’s p easy to read anyway and it’s p fuckin cute, so it’s worth it xD

Tea and Sweets – When you’re sad, sweets get rid of that salty taste on your tongue. But he doesn’t have any sweets.
- Marichat. AGRESTE. FAMILY. ANGST. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS. my jam. hel lo . this was, like the name, incredibly sweet. and made me want tea lol. thANKS

alright that’s it!! i honestly wanted to add a few more than this, cos all the fics are pretty damn good, but i wanted to keep the list as short as i could xD;; [i managed to fail in that anyway, cos i think i recc’d almost exactly half of them…] 

but yea, pls also go check out the others in the collection!!  =D/

anonymous asked:

"Go then!! Leave!! See if I care!!" scenario between RFA members + MC :)

(i legit cracked my knuckles before starting to write bc I just KNOW this is going to be a long wall of text filled with angst boiiiii… ALSO this has a sorta happy ish ending bc…… my mood is too high up to write pure angst???? crushes can destroy a person rip)

((also I didn’t write V?? because I love him and honestly I can’t… squeeze my brain to get a clear image of what he’d do??? if I find a good and actually logical reaction, I’ll add him later on- but this is already super long and all-sorry!))


  • it’s hard for Yoosung to express his anger in a healthy way
  • he’d usually just play LOLOL and beat up monsters until he felt calm, but…
  • he can’t quite do that
  • MC had told him clearly:
  • he’s spending so much time on the game, it feels like MC is living alone
  • deep in his heart, he knows it’s true
  • with the increasing difficulty of classes, he just… naturally dove deeper and deeper into LOLOL
  • when he counted back, how much time had he spent with MC…?
  • had he even spent time with them in the past month?
  • it’s just when MC asks him for what seems like the hundredth time if he’s going to turn off the computer
  • it’s that what just sets off the stress
  • he really hates the anger he can feel bubbling up in him, but he can’t even avoid it
    • “Will you shut up?! I’ve answered you before! No! How hard can it be to understand?!”
  • it’s hard to tell who’s more shocked
  • him or MC
  • “What- what the fuck, Yoosung?! I’m just trying to spend some time with m boyfriend! Is it that wrong?! Would you rather just me leave?!”
  • he replies without thinking too much
  • his head is too full of anger led by stress
    • “Nothing is stopping you! The door is there for you to leave!”
  • he wasn’t shocked when MC ran out the room
  • he…. knew he’d acted like an asshole
  • what shocks him is the sound of the front door being slammed shut
  • he suddenly feels all the guilt washing up on him and he calls MC
  • no answer
  • he sits by the door for hours, but they don’t come
  • a week passes
  • every time he enters the chat they leave
  • his grades are dropping, he’s gaming for longer, and he can’t remember the last time he even ate a proper meal
  • he could have probably collapsed when the second week rolled around
  • living off cereal and random energy drinks he bought and gaming all day
  • it gets his mind off the trouble
  • when MC finally comes back, it’s more for concern about his health
  • at first he thinks he’s reached his limit. he’s hallucinating- stared too much at a screen and fried his brain. it can’t be. it can’t be MC. it’s a prank
  • MC scolds him- how could he let it get this bad? he could literally collapse and probably even die!- and also hugs him
  • both feel guilty, and Yoosung can’t even stop crying and apologizing as he hugs MC


  • little by little her stress builds up
  • this recipe didn’t come out like she wanted
  • too much work
  • her CD player broke
  • small things add up and up and don’t ever go down
  • it probably takes a full month before she’s at the limit
  • and it’s like a delicate sculpture- even the smallest touch could shatter her patience at this point
  • and that little touch just so happens to be delivered by MC
  • it’s a small mistake
  • just washing the dishes and accidentally breaking off a mug’s handle
    • “Gosh, sorry love, I’ll put this in the trash before one of us accidentally cuts themselves with the jagged end-”
  • Jaehee hears nothing
  • this has been the most stressful and tense month of her life AND NOW THIS HAPPENS, AT HOME, WHERE HER CALMNESS IS SUPPOSED TO BE-
    • “Are you stupid? How could you just break it like that?!”
  • She speaks oddly calmly for someone who was holding back stress and let it all loose at once
  • and it puts MC off
    • “I- it was an accident, Jahee- you’ve, this has happened to you before too,”
  • that just makes things worse
    • “Now it’s my fault?! I didn’t even touch the mug- stop shifting the blame onto me, specially if it was caused by your own clumsiness! Get ou- just, out!”
  • jaehee doesn’t know what she herself means with out
  • she half expects MC to get angry and shut themselves in the bedroom
  • or maybe shut themselves in the bathroom
  • she just needs to be alone and MC is in the kitchen- out, out out!
  • what she didn’t expect was for them to literally go out
  • they rush to the bedroom, and a few minutes later the front door creaks open and 
  • they’re gone
  • MC is gone
  • jaehee purses her lips once she realizes this, but she tries to stand strong
  • she was mean, and if MC need time alone too, that’s ok, right?
  • a day passes
  • two days
  • a week
  • MC is clearly alive- sometimes entering the chat to deliver an important message or so, but leaving quickly without even acknowledging her
  • for some reason, she can’t seem to throw herself into her work to avoid thinking- that’s how distressed she is
  • her work becomes slow and sluggish, and she can’t even seem to concentrate on basic tasks
  • it’s hard, but for one time- after so many tries- MC picks up the phone
  • after two weeks, she’s hearing their voice again
  • apologies are flying all over when MC walks in- she’s prepared food, MC’s favourite drink, and she fixed the mug with some superglue she found on the store
  • she can’t even express how much she needs MC, and fully accepts the fault for the situation, while asking MC to maybe… stay….


  • always a rumor going around about him
  • he knows it can’t be helped, but it bothers him
  • MC says they’re ok! it’s bound to happen!
  • but each time a new fake rumor springs up MC becomes…
  • more distant
  • one day in the couch, Zen feels so alone
  • when was the last time he and MC kissed? or even held hands??
  • why is MC like this?
  • upon asking, MC just seems to feel awkward and shrinks into the couch
    • “I trust you and love you, but… It’s just… Those rumors, they bring up so many evidence, and I… I feel… No, it’s rude to say it, sorry, I’ll… Go to bed now.”
  • is that
  • is MC implying they actually believe he’d cheat?
  • and usually this would prompt to him reassuring MC that he loves them, that he’d never do that
  • but it’s just… those tabloids and news have brought him and his manager so much stress lately, so much problems-
  • and now MC believes them?
  • he feels like he’s been punched in the stomach
    • “Wow, you trust those kinds of people more than me? Your actual boyfriend?”
  • MC turns around at this, and quickly tries to clean up what they said
  • they didn’t mean it like that
  • but seriously, the uncomfortable feeling that built up with each news article seems to lead up to MC spitting out another comment
    • “No, it’s just, I trust you! I… I guess those fishy news outlets and crappy tabloids are just simply amazing at photoshop and can make a photo where you’re kissing someone else that easy, huh?”
  • what the fuck
  • what the fuck
  • his blood is heating up, and he sucks in his breath
  • MC is accusing him of cheating
  • he hasn’t done anything to deserve this
  • to be fair, he did have some beers before, and earlier practice was crappy and his day had been pretty stressful- he did have a fair amount of stress on his shoulders that caused him to snap
    • “Well! With that amount of trust we’ve got here, maybe you’re the one smooching others when you’re out- because you clearly share so much trust, huh?!”
  • MC raises their voice to his level- somewhat shakier- but standing firm
    • “I’m trying so hard to trust you! So, so hard! But we can’t even hold hands in public- I can’t switch from being completely cold with you to being lovey dovey at home- I’m a human! Guess what?! That and those pictures do bother me! It’s actually! Kind of stressful!”
  • that’s his last straw
  • nothing in MC’s words particularly sets him off- maybe it’s the whole thing, maybe it’s nothing
    • “Get out of my sight! If you’re going to be like that, I’d rather be alone in this house!”
  • cue dead silence
  • both of them are clearly regretting their words- maybe not as much as they should, due to the boiling-hot blood pumping through their bodies
  • which probably causes MC to utter “fine” and slam the door as they leave
  • the first two days are hell, but Zen’s pride keeps him from trying to reach MC in the groupchat where they show up sometimes
  • a call they don’t answer, a message left in seen… his efforts to try and be level-headed are failing when it comes to apologizing
  • the second week, he’s desperate
  • he has received the worst critiques in his life about his acting by now- too stiff, out of character, spacing out in the middle of acting
  • and it’s that what prompts MC to go back after Jaehee worriedly begs them too
  • at first, when they unlock the door and go to where he’s sitting on the couch, it’s hard to find words
  • he hugs them out of reflex- god he missed them- and it’s time for MC and Zen to properly apologize before spending an hour on the couch muttering about how lonely and miserable they were without the other


  • The argument is small at first
  • it’s about a little thing, nothing too big, and honestly, he can’t even remember what it was
  • he can’t even remember how it escalated like that
  • he remembers slowly getting more irritated with MC, voice ever so slowly growing in tone, frustration creeping up on him
  • he can’t really tell when the small argument became an actual argument
  • talking- if not almost screaming with loud tones- filled the penthouse
  • the guards were probably all incredibly scared, and in all honesty, they’d have the right
  • he wishes he hadn’t had so much wine before
  • all he knows is that when he woke up, MC wasn’t home
  • he felt panic. horrible, soul consuming panic- it was worse than when Elizabeth 3rd had gone missing
  • he calls Jaehee
    • “Deploy all my guards to comb the city for MC, look for any free ad space in big and noticeable places- if those are taken, offer a higher pay immediately- MC is missing, we need to find them right now, ask the design department to-”
  • a big sigh cuts him off
  • Jaehee can’t even understand what her boss is saying
  • his words are so fast and filled with panic they become a blur of sound
    • “MC is with me, Mr. Han. They seemed incredibly upset yesterday, and asked if they could stay. I… Have no business in asking you this sir, so I won’t, but if you and MC had a fight, it might be best to let them cool off for a while.”
  • those words feel somewhat like nails being laid on a coffin
  • he tries to communicate with MC to no avail- asking Jaehee to please relay a message to them is the only way to get anything to them, and even then, no reply comes
  • his work becomes a complete mess
  • his handwriting is incomprehensible, he shows up late to work, and his documents are full of errors
  • it’s so bad even Zen feels worried- which is a lot
  • the second the week ends, Jaehee knows this can’t go on and arranges for Jumin to meet MC at her place
  • even though he feels awkward and out of  place in his employee’s house (and probably so does Jaehee), the chance to talk and see MC is a certain yes
  • he brings so many gifts as apologies- anything and everything he saw that reminded him of MC, from clothes to electronics- and it almost is too overwhelming for them
  • apologizing isn’t that hard when he is pouring out words without a filter- a consequence of being away from MC so much and finally seeing them again


  • Work, work, work, work, emotional stress, work, work, becoming cold, work, isolating himself, work, work, more work-
  • if MC had to make a list of what Seven has done the past days, it’d be that
  • completely enveloped in his work, not taking care of himself, letting his mental state fall down to the trash
  • even when trying, MC can’t help-
  • everything they do puts him off and he acts colder
  • it feels like back then, huh…
  • it’s too hard to brush it off
  • Seven’s usually odd but quirky humour wasn’t permanent- MC knew so much, and they loved even the somewhat cold and depression-riddled person Seven became
  • but… even this was a bit too hard
  • it wasn’t just being cold- it was plain rudeness sometimes, to downright ignoring MC
    • “Am I bothering you now…?”
  • MC knew the answer they’d receive- cleaning up the trash around Seven,being in the room; all that probably bothered him in his mood
    • “Yes. Get out.”
  • pressing their lips firmly, they stood up and packed some bags
  • was it petty? … probably.
  • but maybe it was for the best- a couple weeks alone would probably be what Seven wanted, right? and maybe going out and taking their mind off things would be good for them too, no?
  • the first day, Seven has already riddled their phone with calls, begging for an answer
  • he’s regretting it. he’s feeling like shit
  • but MC can’t just return yet- even if they feel bad for Seven, they have feelings to, y’know? they need some time too
  • so turning off the phone, days fly by and the small wounds on MC’s soul heal up
  • but the overwhelming guilt of leaving Seven for so long is unbearable
  • it’s not that it was even planned, but Seven can easily find them,and finally decides to show up to the restaurant where MC was planning on eating that day
  • he looks… better, but also worse
  • he showered and dressed in fresh clothes, and that’s an improvement
  • but the circles under his eyes are darker than ever, and he looks so lost and sad that it hurts
  • it takes all his strenght to not simply hug MC then and there, and cry
  • at first, MC fears they made it worse- now that they left, Seven will be colder than ever, he’ll hate them-
  • but it’s not… that bad
  • he feels like crap, too; for making MC feel so alone like that, and for acting like a stranger- he gladly assumes part of the fault and hopes to keep going on with the relationship
Needy Puppy (Pt 2)

Needy Puppy (Pt 1)

Genre: Smut

By: Admin Bean (edited by Admin Podo)


Words: 2,141

You awoke to the soft sunlight shining through your bedroom window and the faint sounds of birds chirping outside. You soon remembered what happened last night as you felt Taehyung’s arms around your waist and his grip on you tighten slightly as you shifted in his embrace. You wiggled yourself out of his arms, somehow managing to not wake him up. You looked down: after last night’s events you weren’t wearing anything from the waist below, so you grabbed your sweat pants that were on the floor slipping them on before heading to the kitchen.

You started a pot of coffee before making yourself some toast, but not long into your making of breakfast you hear a knock at your door. Only then did you remember Namjoon telling you he would be by first thing in the morning.

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soulmate! Joshua (pt. 2)

Admin note: This was requested and I’m so happy thank you! It was a bit different than our other cute ones so to make up for it, this will be the fluffiest!

requested by anon: “pt 2 to the svt Joshua soulmate au?” and “HI, I REALLY LOVE YOUR SOULMATE!JOSHUA AU AND I WAS WONDERING IF YOU COULD MAKE A PART 2. i love you” (TYSM AND ILY TOO) and “Can you write a part 2 for Joshua’s soulmate au pleeeaaaasssse”

recap: any visible injuries like scratches, cuts, and bruises that you sustain appear on your soulmate and vice versa (part one)

  • Is he really my soulmate?
  • man does fate love messing with you
  • here you were feeling sorry all these years that your soulmate got hurt because of you
  • and here he was standing in front of you with the same cut on his thumb that you had on your thumb
  • and wouldn’t you know it? Fate really, reeeeaaally likes, no LOVES, messing with you
  • because after all these years of being generally careful to not get hurt
  • you, in your surprise, step back a little only to slip on the rain-slick sidewalk
  • and as you fall, instinctually you use your hands to break your fall
  • you’re suddenly on the ground
  • your palms are bleeding
  • you can’t believe your luck
  • “I’m really sorry- I- I- was surprised and-an-”
  • you stop as warm hands wrap around you as your soulmate gently picks you up off the ground
  • his palms are bleeding too
  • “It’s ok.” he says to you softly while holding you in his arms
  • you can’t help but want to cry at how comforting his voice sounds
  • he continues holding you in his arms, “It’s all going to be ok.”
  • he doesn’t let go for a while
  • Hansol introduces Joshua to you and steps back to give you both space to talk
  • “I don’t really know how to start apologizing to you.”
  • you look up, “apologizing to me?”
  • “Yea, I tried to train carefully, but as a trainee, injuries are bound to happen” he says with a shy smile
  • “I thought you’d hate me because I fell off my bike and got that huge scrape” you say in return
  • “No way. I remember that, I kept walking in circles wondering if you were ok and my parents kept telling me to stand still so they could bandage it.”
  • “Well I cried about it, not because it hurt but because you had it too.”
  • you both laugh, recalling separate memories
  • you give Joshua your name
  • “I’m y/n” “It’s nice to meet you soulmate” “It’s nice to meet you too”
  • he still has an arm wrapped around you when
  • you both walk into this big dance studio and Hansol runs off to grab bandaids
  • when he comes back, he’s not alone
  • “SHUA!” “Hyung!” “Is this her?” “She’s really pretty!” “Hansol told us everything!” twelve guys surround you and Joshua
  • “Don’t let him convince you he’s the normal one.”
  • “I hope you like freestyle rap. and pizza.”
  • you laugh amongst the chaos, greeting all of svt
  • Joshua pulls you away playfully
  • “Yah! Give her some space”
  • they all back off except for a blonde hair guy
  • “Shua will always love me the best, but I’m glad he found you. He was going crazy. I’m Jeonghan, by the way, but you can call me ‘Joshua’s angel’ and no that’s not negotiable.”
  • Joshua laughs and lightly hits Jeonghan on the arm
  • “I’m looking forward to seeing our gentleman Joshua, dating someone.” Jeonghan says shooting you a wink
  • from then on you and Joshua are pretty much inseparable
  • as the gentleman he is, Joshua asked you officially with flowers
  • and you gladly accepted
  •  you learn that quite a few members have found their soulmates already as well; Jun, Hansol, Soonyoung, Jihoon…
  • you also hear from Joshua that about three days after you met Jeonghan, Jeonghan found his soulmate when they were having dinner
  • you love all of Svt, they treat you like family and always push you and Joshua together
  • maybe they got a sense of how much you two wanted to get to know more about each other 
  • you both have dates at random coffee and tea places around their company’s building
  • though he wears a mask to avoid media
  • you’ll both just sip your drinks and look up and meet each other’s eyes and then giggle into your drinks
  • or you go see movies, some in English, and talk about favorite characters and good plot points
  • or walk around in shops, pointing at random things you’d both want to buy
  • like these cool matching sunglasses or food and you usually end up with the food and later that day you’re both rocking those matching sunglasses
  • or stroll in the park or read together at book stores
  • you both talk about your day and how much you missed each other
  • yes, you’re that couple
  • you’re both always holding hands, or linking fingers when walking, or tugging at each other’s sleeves or playing footsie under the table
  • it’s sort of reassuring for the both of you
  • knowing that the other person is  there
  • when you’re both together, you both can enjoy each other’s company
  • you’re both a bit overprotective of each other as well
  • “Jeonghan!” Jeonghan turns to look at you
  • “Could you make sure Joshua actually eats when he’s supposed to, he told me last time he wasn’t feeling well.”
  • “Alright,” Jeonghan laughs, “it sounds like you already married Shua, y/n.”
  • you blush, but smile and playfully stick your tongue out at him
  • Joshua asks the others if they saw you waiting for him
  • and at first they tease and mess around with him saying you aren’t there
  • but he gives them a look
  • and they crumple telling him you’re in the studio waiting for him for your date
  • and next week you bring Joshua and svt chicken
  • “Chicken, the fastest way to butter up your soulmate’s friends and get them to like you. Y/n, you have good sense.”
  • and when he sees you, no matter what he might be doing, he always quickly walks up to your side
  • “UGH just get a room then.” Hansol laughs at his hyung
  • “I can’t do what you and your soulmate do, Hansol.” Joshua cheekily fires back
  • Hansol blushes and you and Joshua laugh
  • you could be having the worst day ever, but once you see Joshua, your fears subside and when he hugs you, nothing else really matters except for the two of you together
  • sharing injuries all these years
  • made you both closer without you both realizing it
  • if Joshua got injured rehearsing and said it didn’t hurt
  • you could tell if he was lying
  • because you shared his pain
  • you’ll wake up in the middle of the night, woken by some unknown nightmare, tears ready to fall
  • you accidentally dug your nails into your palm while having the nightmare
  • the imprints from your nails aren’t too deep, but they look red
  • and your phone buzzes
  • it’s Joshua
  • you’re up aren’t you? If you’re still up do you want to talk?
  • he calls you and asks a bit frantically if you’re ok
  • “I’m fine… did you see the marks on your hand? I was just having a nightmare, I’m sorry…”
  • “No, it’s fine.” he says, relieved it wasn’t too bad
  • then he’ll sing you a song quietly
  • his soft and gentle voice carrying a sweet and calm melody
  • and you’ll fall asleep, your phone still allowing Joshua’s voice to be heard
  • and sometimes
  • you like playing with his hair
  • “yah, y/n, what’s up with you.”
  • “I just like your hair, it’s cute like a bunny.”
  • “My hair reminds you of bunnies?”
  • “Yea, because it’s fluffy.”
  • and when you next go over to hang out with Joshua in the studio
  • there’s a little bunny sitting on the couch next to some flowers
  • For the person who thinks my hair looks like a bunny, now you can pet an actual bunny instead of messing with my hair.”
  • you cuddle the life out of that stuffed bunny
  • “Did you like it?” Joshua says from behind you
  • “It’s almost as cute as your hair.” you giggle giving him a hug
  • “I’m glad you like it.” he leans down to kiss your forehead
  • you’re a bit surprised and blush but you playfully scrunch your nose
  • “I’m not that easy Joshua Hong, you’ll need to buy me a few more bunnies first.”
  • “Will do, lovely.” he laughs
  • boldly you stand on you tiptoes and press a kiss to his lips
  • “Thanks for the bunny, I’ll give it cuddles whenever I miss you.”
  • “That poor bunny is going to get cuddled a lot then.”
  • “Nah because I have you too.”
  • “That’s right you have me now.”

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The Seventeen Soulmate AU series:

soulmate! Jun || soulmate! Vernon || soulmate! Vernon (part 2) || soulmate! Woozi || soulmate! Mingyu (carat version) || soulmate! Hoshi || soulmate! Jeonghan || soulmate! Seungcheol || soulmate! Joshua || soulmate! Joshua (part 2) || soulmate! Seungkwan || soulmate! Minghao || soulmate! Dino

Study Buddies Part 2 - Zach Dempsey


Part 1

Word Count: 1,027

Warnings: None

Plot Summary: You don’t realise that ‘studying’ with a certain someone would prove to be quite so difficult…

A/n: Heres part 2 if you like it then I am more than willing to carry this imagine on into multiple parts just request it :)

Sitting at the desk in the library you were finding it harder and harder to focus, Zach was busy talking away about some sort of biology thing. You kept getting distracted by the way his fringe fell on his forehead, or the way he spoke in a soft voice, shy but strong. Then there were his eyes, the colour a deep brown that sparkled almost golden in the late afternoon sun spilling through the window. Finally there were his lips, no matter how hard you tired you kept finding yourself looking at them and admittedly thinking what it would be like to kiss them, or feel them trail down your neck scattering you with kisses.

He glanced up at you and you quickly looked at your book trying to focus on whatever the hell he was saying.

“Hey Y/n are you getting this?” he asked as you looked up trying to stop you cheeks flushing pink.

“Um kinda…” you said, as he raised his eyebrow. “Ok no, it like learning Latin to be honest” you admitted.

“Hey that’s ok” he said with a smile that made you heart flutter, “If we put a little more work a little harder then you should be able to past the biology test next week” he said.

“Little more work? Why don’t you just throw the book at me and put me out of my misery” you said shaking you head and putting you face in your hands.

This comment earned a laugh from him that made you smile, you looked back up at him and he was now smiling again.

“Hey maybe we should study some more tomorrow?” he asked closing his book as you noticed the time; it was almost 4 you had both been ‘studying’ for about three hours.

“I have a double last tomorrow and the library closes early on a Friday” you said realising that you probably wouldn’t see him till Monday.

“I have basketball practice” he said with a frown. “Maybe you should swing by my place, my parents are out of town so they wont mind if we study for a few hours after school” he continued.

“Yeah that should be ok I don’t have any other plans” you said with a smile as the two of you stood and walked to the library exit.

“Well then I will pick you up by the front of the building after practice then?” he asked.

“Yeah sure see you then” you smiled.

“Bye” he said with as small shy smile before jogging to his car giving you a little wave before he opened the door and stepped inside.

You turned only to be startled by Hannah standing just a foot away from you.

“God Hannah, have you been stalking me?!” you said as you saw Zach’s car drive away.

“No I was just coming to get a book” she said with a massive grin.

“Since when do you read for fun?” you asked as the two of you began walking in the direction of monets.

“Since my best friend started studying with a super-hot jock” she said hooking her arm with yours.

“He’s not ‘super-hot’ and I’m not interested anyway” you said shaking your head.

“So does being not interested mean that you spend…” she looked at her watch. “Close to three hours staring at him.”

“WHAT! How long where you in there for?” You said stepping back from her, she doubled over laughing.

“I was there the whole time, if you hadn’t been so busy staring at Zach you would have noticed” she said straightening back up and walking down the street.

You walked after her and when you were walking beside her she spoke again.

“So how did it go?” she asked.

“Well considering the fact that you were there spying on us the whole time don’t you already” you said.

“I was sitting quite far away, anyway I want to hear all about it over a cup of hot chocolate” she finished.

Twenty minutes later you were half way through your hot chocolate and had just finished telling Hannah about the events this afternoon.

“NO way, he’s invited you to his house!” said Hannah covering her face with her hand grinning.

“Shhhh” you said glancing around the coffee shop hoping no one from your school was sitting at any of the tables.

“This is great news it means that he’s into you!” she said picking up her hot chocolate and taking a sip.

“Or it just means he hates it when people fail his favourite subject” you responded shaking your head.

“No, it means that he is defiantly into you, he doesn’t invite just any girl back to his place especially not when his parents aren’t going to be there” she said wiggling her eyebrows.

“God you don’t think-” you started before Hannah cut you off.

“No no no, Y/n hes not Justin! From what I’ve heard he’s the only decent jock in Liberty High so you don’t have to worry about him using you” she said with a reassuring smile.

“Ugh everything had suddenly got so complicated” you said with a groan running your fingers through your hair. “Yesterday I didn’t talk to Zach or even registers his existence 90% of the time why does this all have to happen?!”

“To be honest with you I don’t think that this all just suddenly happened, sitting in class together I have noticed that he has stolen a look in your direction more than one Y/n so this was bound to happen regardless of what it did” she said leaning back in her chair with a knowing smile.

“Wait what?” you said looking at her; there was something she wasn’t telling you. “There is no way that you managed to set all of this up just by assuming that he liked me based off of a few stares” you continued raising your eyebrow accusingly at her.

“Ok that’s enough for today” she said laughing as she stood up. “Have fun with Zach tomorrow night” she finished winking at you before hurriedly exiting the shop before you could say or do anything to stop her.

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“That’s not what I meant and you know it.” can you write something for pynch?

i really was gonna make it angsty this time i swear but alas 

pynch + “that’s not what i meant and you know it.”

edit: this has an accompanying piece! you don’t have to read it to understand the plot here, but it’s always a fun bit of information. read it here.

Adam still didn’t know what he was looking at.

He had been standing outside with Ronan and Opal for quite some time now, with the former holding up some…thing in their hands, as if expecting Adam to fawn over it any minute.

After a few more minutes, Ronan began to tap his foot in impatience, and Opal had resigned herself to making dirt balls, occasionally throwing them at Adam, Ronan, or said thing.

“So?” Ronan prompted as he scowled at Opal, and at Adam’s lack of reaction. “What do you think?”

“I think,” he started, still somewhat at a loss, “that dragging me into the middle of nowhere to show me more of your weird dream things was uncalled for.”

Adam had expected a rolling of eyes, or some sort of biting remark, but all he got was a smirk.

“You have no idea what it is.”

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ok y'all have been sorting pjo characters into hogwarts houses which would be nice if you were doing it right

it’s great that you’re trying and all but the thing is, I find a lot of them following the same pattern:

All the demigods are automatically in Gryffindor, because they’re super brave. Octavian and Ethan Nakamura and Clarisse and all sorts of people the fandom doesn’t like are obviously in Slytherin because, you know, Slytherin is hella evil. Then we’ve got the stuck-ups in Ravenclaw and the background characters in Hufflepuff, ‘cause apparently it’s the potato House.

Since all this is hella stereotypical and not at all correct, I was like, well, what would I do? Well hERE IS THE ANSWER ASSHATS

*bill bye voice* please…cOnSiDeR tHe FoLLoWiNg

Percy is a hella Hufflepuff, no denying it, not one bit. He doesn’t care about a position or nothing, he is just a pure Hufflepuff inside and out.

Let’s talk about some major Hufflepuff qualities here:

• Dedication (yo my boy percy is pretty dedicated to the camp and to staying alive am i right i mean he was literally not at all tempted to join kronos’ army like ever soo yeah. also. consider a thing. have u even read the books. if they are a smol bean and he has met them at least 15 mins ago u bet ur lil ass he’s dedicated)

• Patience (percy has not decapitated a SINGLE god on purpose and they all keep coming back, i mean it’s bound to happen someday but CMON YOU GOTTA ADMIRE HIM FOR THAT. literally so patient. even by ADHD standards and its ok u can ask me i have ADHD but that’s beside the point back to percy now)

• Loyalty (it’s his freaking fatal flaw wtf else do you want from him??? to jump into tartarus out of loyalty to his girlfriend??? you do one wrong thing to percy’s friend and he will mESS UP YOUR SHIT LIKE A TRUE HUFFLEPUFF DON’T EVEN PRETEND HE WON’T. remember nancy? I THOUGHT SO. FIRST FEW PAGES OF THE SERIES. AND IT ONLY GETS BETTER)



Don’t try to tell me my girl Annabeth is a Ravenclaw because she ain’t no Ravenclaw get outta my face and let me lay down some FACTS here


• Cunning (we all know what this means so lemme just throw down some hella rad SYNONYMS because those are just the bOMB DIGGITY: we got crafting, scheming, designing, and calculating rn. YOU KNOW WHO IS ALL OF THOSE THINGS? MY GIRL ANNIE. FIGHT ME. I GOT ANNABETH ON MY TEAM AND SHE WILL SLAY YOU WITH HER CLEVERNESS AND DECEIT BEFORE SHE EVEN TAKES OUT HER DAGGER. SHE TRICKED ARACHNE INTO WEAVING HER OWN DEATH TRAP FOR ZEUS’ SAKE)

• Resourcefulness (lil bby annabeth ran away from home in SAN FRANCISCO when she was SEVEN and met luke and thalia in RICHMOND which is in VIRGINIA. SHE WAS SEVEN AND SOMEHOW WENT FROM THE WEST COAST TO THE EAST COAST. GOTTA BE RESOURCEFUL FOR THAT. also remember that time when she broke her ankle, scolded it, then made a cast out of bUBBLE WRAP? BECAUSE I DO. AND THEN THE WHOLE WEAVING A BRIDGE THING. DANG GIRL.)

• Ambition (don’t deny it this girl’s fatal flaw is pride and those two things are connected aS SHIT. SHE’S SO INTENT ON BEING AN ARCHITECT THAT SHE GOT THE GODS TO GIVE HER A JOB REDESIGNING MOUNT OLYMPUS AND THATS A BIG ASS THING IF I DO SAY SO MYSELF. reminder that this girl had the chance to get away from a sphinx but she challenged it instead because it was sorta insulting?? who else do we know is like this?? oh yeah fUCKIGN SLYTHERINS)




• Wisdom (yeah annabeth’s mom may be the goddess of wisdom but if jason wasn’t wise then how the heckity heck would he have survived long enough to be made a freaking PRAETOR. also you know what fight me. jason is the equivalent of a giant dog that is a floofer and goes boof and loves small children but that has nothing to do with wisdom anyway he is one of the smartest out of the seven)

• Individuality (yeah that’s a thing go ask my girl JK. if jason isn’t so Original™ then explain to me please how he restored the Fifth Cohort to awesomeness?? he was a total badass who didn’t take any shit and turned it around for the whole cohort that’s how. this lil boi is an individual yis. one might ask how can one be a badass but also be a fluffball? well jason did it so stop asking ok)

• Acceptance (we are talking about the official mom friend and the founder of the nico di angelo protection squad what else do you want him to do, hug mother earth??? he wrote the song you’ve got a friend in me because he loves everyone)



Consider yourself a thing. Consider all of the Gryffindor Piper things. JUST CONSIDER THEM.

• Recklessness (subtle reminder that Piper used her charmspeak to fuckign steal stuff even though she knew she would get caught. also consider yourself some other things. remember when she anNIHILATED A FRICKIN GODDESS WITH HER IMPULSIVENESS BECAUSE YES. remember when she and anniebell had to do the thing with the stuff that was all about feelings and shit but lil orphan annie over there was totally lost and all like “this is hella illogical” and pipes was just all “we just gotta dO THE THING ANNABETH” and it was total badassery bc it’s the reason i live)

• Bravery (this girl went on her first quest like a week after she found out she was a demigod and would probably die a painful death bUT DID SHE STUTTER?? nah. REMEMBER WHEN SHE SCREAMED AT A CROWD OF ANGRY ROMAN CHILDREN WHO WANTED MURDER BECAUSE JASON GOT HIT IN THE HEAD WITH A BRICK AND SHE HAD TO PROTECT HIM??? BRAVE. went on her first quest knowing that her dad was probably gonna die and did all the things to make the giants angry and plan a rescue??? BRAVE AF.)

• Chivalry (HELLA amazing friend because she’s just sO GENUINE AND KIND and you know that if someone hurts you she will CUT THEM WITH HER SUPER BADASS KNIFE THAT GIVES PEOPLE NIGHTMARES. stands by jason ALL THE TIME especially when he needs her and actually everyone can count on her for all of the things.)



On the subject of Leo: This child is a Ravenclaw through and through no evidence needed but jUST IN CASE I WILL TALK TO YOU ABOUT THE STUFF.

• Creativity (we are talking about a smol bean who makes tiny helicopters and stuff that actually works WHEN HE IS NOT EVEN LOOKING AT WHAT HE IS DOING OR PAYING ANY ATTENTION TO IT. remember how this child saw a terrifying bronze dragon that everyone had tried and failed to tame and just went “sweet, imma grab that so we can ride off into the Canadian sunset”??? yeahp. remember when apollo needed a thing so he just casually freaking iNVENTED A BRAND NEW INSTRUMENT LIKE IT WAS NBD??? I DO. BADASS)

• Originality (leo practically becomes famous for his abilities to come up with plans that are so ridiculously original that nobody figures out what’s happening before it’s too late and if that’s not good enough for you then idk what is. allow me to raise you the cyclops incident, right next to the robot eidolons thing plus that whole fiasco where he fuckign died, also did i mention the valdezinator or the fact that he was the only person to ever figure out how to return to ogygia?? this kid is a mechanical engineer already and he’s 16 im pretty sure baby eight year old leo sat through calculus classes at a local college and got the best grades tbh)

• Wit (leo is the master of comebacks and rash two-minute ideas that actually end up working like damn son this is a purebred Ravenclaw right here lemme just appreciate this. also hey remember that time where he got launched off of a flying ship and was hurtling downwards at a very alarming rate because you know that’s what happens when you fall and he literally actually built himself a working helicopter so that he wouldn’t die all while free falling from probably at least a few thousand feet in the air like damn son)


Conclusion: Leo and Jason share the diadem. Leo gets it on mondays, wednesdays and fridays and Jason gets to wear it on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays and on sundays they surrender it to the marble bust of Rowena Ravenclaw in the Ravenclaw Tower who says that LEO DESERVES TO BE IN RAVENCLAW EVEN MORE SO THAN YOUR AVERAGE STUDENT COME AT ME BRO

ok well hazel is somehow both my child and my mom so I’m not exactly sure how that works but anyway hERE ARE ALL THE REASONS THAT HAZEL IS A BEAUTIFUL, BADASS SLYTHERIN.

• Cunning (hey y'all remember that time with the cliff and the turtle and the feet?? terrifying huh?? yeah girl slay!! hazel will trick you and manipulate you and you won’t have any idea it’s happening until you’re being gobbled up by your own gargantuan pet sea turtle. Slytherins are also known for achieving their ends in any and all ways and all i could think of was how my child actually literally fuckign died so that she could stop the rise of acelonywhatever and the whole time she was 13 and staring death and gaea right in the frickin face and she didn’t give any shits at all)

• Resourcefulness (let’s talk about that time when hazel was “captured” by the amazons and basically had nothing so she did the only logical thing which was drown them in massive piles of jewelry from the warehouse and make them beg for mercy, also there was this horse thing that nobody could touch and she just casually goes “oh just a sec lemme summon a giant gold nugget that was probably at least a mile into the dirt because how else would it be this big” and he loves her and she rides him into victory. did i mention that hazel is my mom?? this is just one (1) of the sUPER RAD RESOURCEFUL THINGS that hazel manages to pull off)

• Ambition (hazel both believes and knows for a fact that she can literally do all of the things and she never once doubts herself like at all because she is AMAZEBALLS LIKE THAT. SHE WAS 13 AND THE AMAZONS WERE ALL LIKE “DANG GIRL WE WANT YOU ON OUR TEAM” and she was like “i got this huge to-do list but nbd i’ll get her done” like she is pURE CONFIDENCE AND. YES)



Not gonna deny that my lil noob Frankie’s a tRUE PURE-HEARTED GRYFFINDOR. THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULD AGREE WITH ME.

• Chivalry (WE’RE TALKING ABOUT A CHILD WHO WILL TRIP OVER HIS OWN FEET AND PUNCH HIMSELF IN THE FACE IF IT MEANS HE’S SHOWING RESPECT TO YOU. my dude doesn’t care who you are, he will literally always show you respect until he’s given a reason not to. everything he eVER DOES is because he’s PROTECTING SOMEONE or he’s GETTING A LIL BIT OF PAYBACK and if that’s noT A GRYFFINDOR THING THEN DAMN SON YOU SHOULD REALLY SORT OUT YOUR PRIORITIES)

• Bravery (if you’re going to come into mY HOUSE and tell me that FRANK ZHANG ISN’T BRAVE then feel free to hit yourself in the face with a hammer because guess what losers?? this kid loses his mom and then his gma just goes “oh by the way you’re half god and you have a gift that you need to figure out for yourself and also here’s this piece of wood, don’t burn it or else you will actually die, now go with this pack of fuckign wolves to camp so that monsters won’t attack you and you won’t die, plus when you get there you have to beg forgiveness for this thing that your great grandfather did or else they might literally murder you. have fun” and frankie just rOLLS WITH IT AND KICKS ASS WHILE BEING A CUTE LIL CHUBBY BUNNY. LET’S NOT FORGET ABOUT HOW HE COMPLETELY OBLITERATED A WHOLE CITY’S WORTH OF MONSTERS to appease a stupid ass god and save nico and hazel from being forever plants and he gets back and trippy is absolutely terrified of him because omg he’s glowing red and he actually did the thing and oh also he kind of scared me so much that i sort of forgot i was a god and had power over him)

• Nerve (let me repeat how FRANK ENOUGH NERVE TO THREATEN A GOD WITHOUT EVEN THINKING OF THE CONSEQUENCES. I’M SO DONE WITH THIS. THIS IS MY SHIT THANKS. PLS APPRECIATE FRANKIE YOURE ALL BREAKING MY HEART. Also remember how he entrusted his real actual lifeline to somebody who wasn’t him like daaang boi that is so pure)




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can have headcanons for your fav fairy tail ships

Sure! I’ll go with my all time fav Gray/Natsu and Sting/Rogue


  1. When they first discovered their feelings for each other, both refused to acknowledge it. Alas, my first interpretation of their relationship in the series: they’re lowkey in denial ;) 
  2. They can’t exactly control their body temperature while asleep so they ended up cuddling whenever they share a tent. (I’m so going to draw this)
  3. Whoever show their love first loses. They’re pretty stubborn (or very tsundere) but they usually forget about it after awhile(especially Natsu) and starts showering each other with affections. Unintentionally, even in public like; playing with the other’s fingers, ruffling the other’s hair, back-hugging the other in front of the request board, etc! ♥
  4. Gray is a jealous boyfriend (He gets all pouty and grumpy). Natsu trusts all his friends(including Gray) very much so he’s oblivious… BUT when Natsu is possessive, it’s the worst thing ever.
  5. The guild did not see this coming. It’s a big surprise for them that Gray and Natsu are a thing!


  1. My first interpretation of their relationship in the series is: they’re lowkey crushing on each other <3
  2. They’d get married in some drunken shenanigans
  3. They’re both very stubborn. When they fight, nobody can make them talk to each other again until one of them(usually Rogue) misses the other too much and starts apologizing or crying (they’re crybabies ok, lmao).
  4. When the both figured out their feelings for each other, they panicked and don’t know what to do about it. They’d slowly start acting like more than brothers around each other (in private) without ever confessing or trying to define what they had. Until one day they stepped over the bounds and Rogue finally ask, “Sting, what are we… doing?”
  5. The whole guild ships them and is their matchmaker. Sometimes whenever a Stingue moment happen, there’s someone on the back who shouts “It’s canon!”. When they’re finally going out, the guild throws a party with a banner that says “STINGUE IS CANON”

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I always wonder whenever I come across someone who ships Jason/Tim, so I just thought I'd actually ask for once: how do you think Bruce would react when he discovered they were in a relationship? I mean, they're not technically related but he does consider them his sons and has adopted them both. Plus, there was the whole time when Jason seemed to hate Tim and even tried to kill him. There's also the possibility of it affecting their vigilantism.


A fair but loaded question- and you’ve come to the absolute, most inarticulate person on this hellsite. Buckle up friend, we’re going on this journey of discovery together.

Long post under the cut!

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drinking tips 4 beginners

ok so i know i have a lot of young followers and i haven’t rlly seen any posts like this so here r some tips i’ve learned from personal experience, observation, n friends!!! i hope this helps u guys and feel free to add ur own!!!

  • DRINK WATER in between drinks im so serious it’ll help a lot w the hangover in the morning 
  • eat a big meal before u plan to drink a lot n also make sure to eat something afterwards/before sleeping!!!! 
  • know ur limit…like rlly know when to stop
  • if u drink wine u WILL “lose ur legs” 
  • never ever ever drink alone!!!!!!!!!! be with people you trust to take care of u!!!!!!!!
  • know the alcohol content of whatever ur drinking bc if u drink a couple of beers ur gonna be alright at the end of the night but if u go for The Hard Stuff just know ur gonna get hammered way sooner
  • dont drink if u dont want to bc peer pressure is real n it’s more than okay to say no
  • (i only drink red wine so i would say to only have 3 glasses of it bc after the lucky number 3 things go down hill pretty fast)
  • dont take drinks from strangers!! never leave ur drink alone!!! always carry it with u wherever u go!!!!!
  • dont switch drinks like if ur going to drink beer then stay with that choice all night dont switch to whiskey you’ll thank me later ok just trust me
  • again…..know when to stop
  • dont get absolutely toasted every time u drink bc thats not fun 
  • before u go to bed make sure to lay out a glass of water n pain killer just in case u feel like garbage in the morning
  • just know that u will say and do embarrassing things when ur lit it’s inevitable
  • dont go to bed without washing ur face or showering,, this isnt a real tip just a reminder that it’s better to be hungover n fresh than hungover n nastee!
  • if u wear sunglasses indoors everyone will know ur hungover but it’s ok bc #relatable
  • turn off ur phone when u go out bc like u have to be super super intoxicated to actually drunk text but better safe than sorry!!! ur ex wont think it’s cute btw!!! (also drunk selfies r sloppy n no one knows what ur gonna post when ur out of it lmao)
  • dont post pictures of urself drinking on social media just dont (especially if ur underage)
  • if you’ve never drank before know that when u get Tipsy the room will be fuzzy n even if u dont know it ur going to be stumbling lmao
  • dont wear high heels if u know ur getting drunk just DONT bc then ur going to have to go barefoot wherever u are n that’s never a good idea bc germs
  • know that drinking is 100% ok for young ppl (18 or over) n that it can be fun but u absolutely do not have to do it, u can stop whenever u want to, and it’s not an every day activity!!!!! don’t make it a habit bc it’s a good time until it’s not!!!! just make sure ur comfortable and safe and it’ll be ok!!!!! stay safe everyone n bottoms up!!!!
Daddy’s promise 0.1

Request from anon: 083 would be awesome

Category: Pregnancy
083: “I can’t be pregnant… or….OH, MY GOD! ”

Pairing: Barry Allen x reader 
Warnings: Girltalk where the word “sex” is mentioned a couple times (idk if that’s a legit warning tho), mild swearing (I think there’s like… three curewords or something), and a bit bad writing in the beginning.
Words: 3516 

A/N: Just thought I’d give you the reason why I didn’t post Cinderella part 2: it’s pretty much because it’s been a while since I wrote last time, and I want the second part to be perfect, AND I didn’t have so many ideas – just thought you guys deserved an update quicker…


When it came to sneaking in after a long night, Y/N Y/L/N wasn’t the best. Was the girl inexperienced? Well, maybe, but she blamed it more on her dominant gene of clumsiness. As expected, the door wasn’t on her side when she tried her best to get into her and Mary’s apartment inaudibly.

Squeak! It was moments like these, Y/N regretted not getting their door fixed. Though she excused her laziness with the argument that it was a great (cheap) alternative for an alarm in case of thieves (as if anyone would break the law for her stuff, hah!), it wasn’t funny when you tried your best to sneak inside after a long night out.

“Good morning,” Mary, Y/N’s best friend, and roommate smirked at her, two cups of coffees in her hands. 
“We really need to oil those hinges,” Y/N tried her best changing the topic, as she took the mug her friend offered her. 
“Nice try, go shower and get dressed. You’ve got a lot to tell me, and I don’t want you to be hung over while you’re at it,” at that moment, Mary was so determined, Y/N didn’t dare nor care to tell her she wasn’t that hung over.

“You had sex with Barry?! I can’t believe it! I mean, you guys are like… the definition of cinnamon buns!" Mary exclaimed in shock.
"Ugh, stop it, Mary. Now that I’ve told you everything about last night-”
“He asked you to take som drinks with him and Caitlin, then you just ended up having sex? Who are you?" 
”-can you just be the bestest best friend in the world and don’t remind me about it for the rest of my life?“ Y/N continued as if her friend hadn’t just interrupted her, and hid her face in her hands.

"Wait, what? Why? Was he so bad?”  
“NO! Jesus, Mary, no, he- he was good… But the sex is not the point!” Y/N shook her head. 
“Well then, what’s the problem?”
“We’re friends, and… and… and did you not just hear what’s happened?! We had intercourse-”
“Don’t say intercourse, Y/N/N, it’s old and it’s weird,” Mary interrupted.
“Well, we did it-”
“You’re not five, Y/N, I believe the word you’re looking for is-”
“Oh my God, Mary, can we just not talk about this?! Please?” Y/n couldn’t do this conversation anymore, and with a short “OK” from her noisy friend, Y/N left their living room. 

It had been days since her and Mary’s conversation about Y/N’s wild night with Barry. Luckily for her, Barry was needed in Star City for a week, so the awkward meet was yet to come. Of course, Y/N knew that it had to happen sooner or later, though later had worked out just fine for the past days, hence why she was still rooting for that method – despite Mary’s constant nagging.

The morning came quicker than usual as Y/N woke up by the sudden urge to throw up. This confused her, considering Y/N was never sick – well, excluding the days she actually happened to be, of course. So when she found herself hanging over the toilet, she couldn’t help being both frustrated as well as disgusted. 

“Y/N, are you ok?” Mary’s voice came from the other side of the locked bathroom door. Y/N never locked the bathroom door – she feared she would get shut in and stuck during a fire – which happened more often than you would think (let’s just say that Mary wasn’t the best at cooking, or with fires).
“Uhm… yeah, just-” She was interrupted by a second and hopefully last round of vomit.
“Yeah, I’m fine, just a sec, Mary!” Y/N was panicking. Y/N was throwing up. Y/N never threw up.
“Y/N Y/L/N, I demand you to open this door before I get creepy Jack  down the hall to kick this door open for me!” And that’s how Y/N got herself in lockdown.

It was never fun to be at home, sick. Especially when one wasn’t sick, but one’s crazy overprotective roommate and best friend forced one to stay home because one acted a bit off and looked a bit pale in the morning. Y/N was currently in this situation. She didn’t like it. At the moment she was walking around their apartment, feeling 100% good to go to work. “You look terrible today as well, Y/N, you’re not going anywhere. I’m telling Mrs. Norman, so if I get a phone call that your toe has even touched the air of the other side of that door, you’ll be dead,” Mary had told her. 

This was it, the last drop, she was done, finished, finito with staying home any longer. Y/N had just finished her third film of the day, and just laying there was getting her a migraine. ‘OK, I’m going out! I’m a grown woman! A big girl, an independent girl! I can do whatever I want to! My best friend can’t make me stay at home!’ Y/N went for her purse and was ready to walk out the door, but as if Mary could read minds, Y/N’s phone rung.
“Hello?” Y/N sounded as chirpy as she could, feeling nervous as hell.
“Hey, Y/N! Just wanted to make sure you haven’t left!” Mary knew her better than anyone, and it was almost scaring Y/N a bit. Almost. 

Three knocks on the door followed by the sound of a pair of keys, and then the door opened. The familiar squeak made its way to Y/N’s ears as she laid on her bed in misery.
“Hey, Y/N, are you alright?” It was Barry. 'Barry? Is he back home?’ Y/N tried not to let her panic take overhand. Anger suddenly washed over her, if this was Mary’s work, a certain brunette would be in deep trouble when she came back from work…

“Hey, I uh… I brought flowers,” Barry’s voice could be heard from the living room, and Y/N’s mind was twisting and turning: Should she go on and play sick? It would certainly delay the awkward conversation that was bound to happen… Deciding it was her best option at the time, Y/N made out a weak cough, and answered her friend:
“In here, Barry!” as sickly she could manage.

“Hi, how’re you feeling?” Barry stepped inside carefully, as if the floor would cause her more pain. 
“I’m ok, my head hurts a bit, and I’m a bit nauseous,” Y/N thought that her breasts being tender were a fact she didn’t have to share.
“Uhm…” looking as Barry’s ears had just turned tomato red, Y/N scolded herself for saying her thoughts out loud.

“Mary told you to come here?” Y/N tried her best changing the subject quickly as well as keeping her act. 
“Uhm, no, heard it from Caitlin actually. She was.. uh… on the phone with Mary I think. She, uhm, she’s a loud talker,”
“Caitlin or Mary?”
“Both,” the two laughed, Y/N throwing in a couple of coughs. When the laughing calmed down, and the tension started to grow, it was as if her guardian angel saved her, and Barry’s phone rung.
“Uhm, sorry, I have to go, Captain Singh needs me at the office…”
“Yeah, of course, you just go and save the city by stirring in chemicals,” her good-bye made him laugh as he made his way out the door in a hurry. 

“Y/N?” Mary asked. They were currently sitting on the couch, eating pizza and watching How I Met Your Mother. 
“Pee on this for me, will you? I think you’re pregnant,” the brunette said, throwing a box at Y/N – who were almost choking on her food.
“Excuse me?!" 
"Just do it, it won’t hurt, and you’ve been feeling bad for days. Now be quick and get it done already before I eat this up," 

"This is stupid,” Y/N said. It turned out that Mary had seen the episode airing on TV “a thousand times”, so they were now hovering over the white stick somewhat curious and excited.
“Because I can’t be pregnant… OH, MY GOD!” Y/N couldn’t believe it. It said positively.
"Is it Barry’s?” Mary broke the silence
“Well, you’re obviously not Mother Teresa, and you’re not the one to sleep around; I mean, I’m just tying up the loose ends…”
“Oh my God, Mary, can we just not talk about this?! Please?” Y/N was still trying to cope with the fact that a living creature was growing inside her vagina.
“Yeah, yeah of course…” And the night continued, Mary planning out how she would be the cool aunt of the unborn baby, and Y/N denying the scary fact that she would become a mother in roughly nine months.

“You need to tell him, Y/N,” Mary said, looking at her best friend while trying her best not to tick off the ice cream-eating bipolar monster.
'I thought we agreed not to talk about this,’  Was what Y/N wanted and meant to say, though because of the piece of heaven that was melting inside her mouth, it rather came out sounding more like: “Eh ohuph uh a-edh umph uh ahk a-ou es!” Mary, on the other hand, managed to translate the faded message by the clear look in Y/N’s eyes.
“That was three weeks ago," 
"Ugh!!” And the monster sunk her head in the pillows surrounding her, letting out a loud cry of frustration.

“What about Coby?” Y/N asked her friend. 
“Because Cody is too common for you?” Mary answered, still skimming through her magazine in the other end of the sofa. 
“I don’t know, he just feels like a Coby,” Y/N answered, looking down at er stomach – if she really just concentrated hard enough, she could see the little bump forming.
“Yeah, you’ve just begun the first trimester, so sorry hun, but the kiddo doesn’t even have a face, let alone a pair of good functionating lungs," 
"You’re right, but what about Bia? Or Dory? What do you think about those?” Y/N asked, and at this, Mary set her Vouge away and looked her friend straight in the eyes.

“I think that if you want to name your child after a Pixar/Disney-cartoon fish, you better talk to the daddy…”
“Yeah, Dory was a bit too creative maybe… How about Elza? Elza is cool, or Logan? He was always my favorite. Though Jess was also-” Y/N’s attempt on ignoring her friend’s change of topic failed hard when Mary interrupted her.
“Y/N this is getting serious. You haven’t even hung out with Barry much for the past weeks. Remember when you two couldn’t stay away from each other for more than six hours? I remember that very well. I also remember him being your number one topic to talk about 24/7," 

She was right. Mary was right and Y/N knew it, though she couldn’t help it! All she could think of when picturing their first real talk since the one four weeks ago was BABYBABYBABY. Imagine how stressed he would be? He made one mistake, and now he was forced into a huge commitment. In addition to that, this was not what Y/N wanted herself. She wanted to get kids with the man in her life. And currently, that was her dad, considering her status on Facebook was still remaining 'single’. 

"But how Mary? How do I confront him with this? He’s going to be a dad! And when I tell him, he will have two options: A, to agree to all terms and conditions, to become a dad and parent with me, or he can B, politely decline and leave my life forever! Mary, I can’t bear a life without him!” She hadn’t even realized the tears running down her cheeks before now. 
“He won’t leave you, do you hear me? He will never ever leave you,” Mary tried her best reassuring her friend, patting Y/Non the head while whispering soft comforting words.

“You know, having a pregnant roommate is way more expensive than you would think,” Mary came in the door with four bags full of food.
“Yeah, yeah, where’s the pickles?” Y/N asked frantically, to which Mary gave her one of the bags.
“I mean, not only does it drench your wallet, but also your mentality. Here you go by the way, bought eleven jars, just for you,” Y/N went for it, and opened the first one in sight. But just as she was about to open the lid and down all of the juice like she had done for the now empty seven jars in their fridge, she stopped.
“Yuck, how disgusting is this? Do we have any chocolate?" 
“Like I said, drenching my wallet and mentality…” Mary said looking up to the roof, shaking her head.

Y/N was currently in her thirteenth week, and her clothing style had changed drastically for a couple of weeks. 'They are meant for comfort and coverage,’ she had told Mary when her friend had commented that she couldn’t leave the apartment in 'the biggest sweatshirt in the building’ and her pajama pants. So you could imagine Barry’s shock when he not only saw his once best friend and crush clothed in uncharacteristically clothing but also for the first time in months. How Y/N had managed to avoid him for that long?

Y/N laid in her bed, computer on her lap, popcorn within her hand’s reach, and sipping on a coke. Her mind was parallelled set on the kittens in the video she was watching, and how cool it would be when her stomach finally would grow to a proper, usable size AKA when she could drop the coffee table in the living room, and do a Phoebe Buffay. 

Interrupting her thoughts, her phone started ringing, leaving her annoyed as she had to pause her YouTube-watching.
"Hello?” She said unaware of whom it wa son the other side of the line. 
“Hey Y/N/N, just wondering where you-” It was
Barry. Her Barry. What was she to do?!
“Sorry, wrong number,” Y/N said in the deepest voice she could muster, as she quickly hung up on the poor, oblivion guy.

Though that wasn’t it, Y/N really was creative with her avoiding methods. She needed to go to the store? She asked Mary. Mary said no? She asked Mrs. Norman. Mary figured that out, got mad at her, and told Mrs. Norman not to worry about it? Y/N asked creepy Jack down the hall, whom she knew Mary wouldn’t dare to talk to. But how about her job? In addition to having a feminist extremist as a boss, Y/N was a writer for a magazine. So simply explaining her situation, adding a couple of white lies, and finishing with a strong apology with a touch of ‘I promise to work twice as hard at home,’ Y/N was off the hook. 

But just as any hormonal pregnant woman, Y/N got enough of her hiding – it should be him hiding, not her! To this Mary had told her that Barry didn’t have the knowledge to why he had to hide (which apparently, Mary didn’t have either) and she was being ‘irrational and not herself,’ which Y/N obviously ignored. Hence why she left their home to get the right chocolate milk, because creepy Jack simply didn’t do the job properly. 

“Y/N? Is that you?” Barry couldn’t be too careful when it came to assuming  – let’s just say this wasn’t the first time he had “seen”  Y/N in public. Though at the mention of her name, Y/N turned to see who had said her name. Her eyes locked into his for mere seconds before Y/N turned away in hope her invisibility powers would quickly appear and hide her. Such a pity Y/N wasn’t a meta…

“It is you!” Barry jogged up to her. Great, what was she to do now? 
“Hi…!”  Y/N answered back, holding her basket with milk in a tight grip.
“How’ve you been? I haven’t heard anything from you for so long…” Barry said, just standing there in front of the girl he loved. 
“Uhm, a bit ill actually… Yeah, that’s why I haven’t had the time to hang out,” quite happy about her explanation, Y/N stood there ready to go. 

“For three months?” Barry asked, not completely convinced.
“Yeah,” Y/n faked a cough, “really bad flu," 
"I see, well, do you want to grab dinner Friday?”
“Friday? As in now Friday? in three days?” Barry nodded, and Y/N shut her eyes as if she had to think of her plans for the rest of the week.  'Should I say yes? It would be quite suspicious if I told him no… But he will know! On the other hand, Big Belly Burger does sound tempting…’
“Big Belly Burger?” Y/N asked with a smile on her face, which Barry gladly returned.
“Yeah! Good, I’ll pick you up at six,” Barry winked at her, then left. 'What have I gotten myself into?’

“This is good, Y/N! Now you can finally tell him!” Mary said, proud of the maturity her friend was showing.
“Telling him? Are you kidding, I’m not gonna tell him anything! We’re just grabbing some burgers…” Y/N defended herself. Wouldn’t that be scandalous, her telling him? He would flee the country to just get away from her.
“You’re not serious now, are you?” When Y/N didn’t answer her, Mary took a deep sigh.
“You are aware of that you’re pushing him away from you, right? Because that’s why you don’t want to tell him because you don’t want to lose him? So I’d use some more time to think before you just go on your date-”
“It’s not a date!”
“- later today, and keep your secret safe,” Mary finished and left the room for Y/N to remake her decision.

It had taken her blood, sweat, and tears – literally, but Mary finally made Y/N agree to tell Barry about her pregnancy. But after a brutal paper cut, an intense discussion, and while following the DVD-aerobic-instructor, Mary argued her way to victory, Y/N left their apartment in defeat.

Walking next to Barry, Y/N started to regret her choice of clothes – no scratch that, Mary’s choice of clothes. Because Y/N was supposed to tell Barry she was pregnant anyway, and 'It’s a date for fuck’s sake, and you like him, you might as well dress proper!’ So there she was. Next to the guy she loved, feeling more insecure about her body as ever, in hope Barry hadn’t noticed. And even though he didn’t show it, Barry did notice. But the thought of her being pregnant? That hadn’t nor ever would’ve crossed his mind. 

“God, I’m hungry… Haven’t eaten since lunch, how 'bout you?” Barry asked, not really sure of what to say. The conversation usually came naturally between the two of them.
Starving,” Y/N said, but kept out the fact that she ate an hour ago. “I could seriously eat a horse, or maybe even the whole team, when I think of it,” she finished, and made Barry laugh. 
“A whole team of horses?” He asked with a smile, to which Y/N chortled at.
"I don’t believe you…” Barry said playfully, loving the feeling of the normality between him and the Y/H/C girl. 
“Bartholomew Henry Allen, you’ve officially been challenged to a duel,” Y/N said in the stiffest voice she could muster. 
“A burger-eating contest?”
“Well, if you want it to sound dull, so yeah…”

“Oh Holy Moses…” Y/N sighed and rubbed her stomach. In front of her was a grinning Barry Allen, and five un-eaten 500g-Double cheese-bacon-burger with sweet potato fries.
“Told you you’d lose, though I’m impressed, not many can keep up with a speedster,”
“Trust me, it’s not that difficult when you’re eating for two!” Y/N said with a laugh, but it quickly stopped when she saw the look on his face. It was a good mixture of shock… shock… and more… shock.

“Uhm… Uh… yeah, I’m uh… I’m pregnant… Sur-surprise?” Y/N had never been this nervous ever. 
“You’re pregnant?” Barry couldn’t believe it. Who was the father? For how many months? Why hadn’t she told him before? Was this the reason she hadn’t talked to him for so long? However, he decided to keep those questions for himself, afraid of the answers – especially the first one, hadn’t he meant anything for her? 
“Uhm, yeah… Due date’s 4th of April,”

“Who knows?” He asked again, “… is the father aware?” He finished.
“Mary and you are the only ones. Mom and dad are kind of still in the dark…” Y/N felt ashamed saying it out loud. 
“Ok, well, how are you feeling about it?” He asked, his concern warming Y/N’s heart. She was so sure this would have ended completely different – hell she had cut off all contact for three months, and she’d continued if it hadn’t been for their random encounter at the supermarket. 
“It was hard to cope with in the beginning, though I’ve grown fond of the little creature," 
"I just want you to know that I’m not leaving your side anytime from this moment, Y/N. You’re stuck with me, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


So Lilo & Stitch Voltron AU, it’s wild, but here’s some general headcanons I have for it thus far, I’m actually planning on writing it!

  • Galra Empire is still out there, taking over the universe etc. They are like MAJORLY against interspecies mating and Altean’s are one of the few aliens who can mate with any species. So ofc Zarkon destroys Altea
  • However they have 16 Alteans they keep for experiment reasons and the gladiator ring
  • Thace falls in love with one of the Alteans and they end up having a secret child, Keith. Thace manages to hide Keith for eleven years before they’re caught. (Thace is Jumba in this au basically)
  • Prorok is secretly against the Galra and helps Thace get Keith to an escape pod and the coordinates are hidden so Zarkon can’t kill Thace until they know where Keith is.
  • Zarkon has no idea that Prorok is working against him.
  • Lance and Allura lost their parents only 2 years ago when Lance was 10 and Allura was 18
  • They don’t share a mom but neither knows that
  • Allura and Alfor were actually Alteans, they escaped before the planet was destroyed but Allura’s mom died. Allura has no idea she’s an alien.
  • Lance is half Altean, his mom was human.
  • Hunk’s moms own a restaurant where Allura works after their parents die in an accident.
  • Matt is the dishwasher, Allura is a waitress and Shiro works as entertainment (the place is Hawaiian themed because one of Hunk’s moms is from Hawaii)
  •  Shiro has a prosethic and scar and Lance asks him about it every single time they see each other and Shiro goes out of his way to tell a completely crazy and different story each time Lance asks.
  • I was sword fighting in Peru when my opponent slashed me across the face and while I was distracted they cut my arm off. It was my first and last sword fight. - this is actually one of the more believable stories.
  • Coran is Cobra Bubbles in this au and his name is “Coran Mustachio” he’s also an Altean and secretly watching after Allura and Lance per Alfor’s request.
  • Lance has a picture of Matt wearing pigtails and pink bows.
  • Shiro once set himself on fire during his shoe and Allura never lets him live it down.
  • Keith stalked Lance for a whole day before introducing himself. 
  • Galra’s can learn languages via touch
  • Prorok is sent to Earth to kill Keith after Zarkon finds out that’s where Keith landed.
  • They actually send Prorok there with some Galra teleporter tech and then send a robeast to kill Keith but the robeast picks up on Lance and Allura’s scents instead bc Altean. 
  • Zarkon tells Thace if he can kill all the Alteans on Earth then he and Keith will be pardoned. Thace agrees
  • Keith is still lactose intolerant 
  • Keith is notorious for clawing at the walls, door frames, bed posts and no amount of yelling from Allura can stop him
  • Lance has a stuffed blue lion that Keith takes a major liking to.
  • Allura and Lance have pet mice
  • Prorok accidentally blasts Allura with some Altean weapon while she’s holding the mice and they end up having a mental link after that.
  • Voltron is real and little 10 year old Pidge manages to create a machine that signals Voltron.
  • Voltron is piloted by 5 aliens, 4 different species of aliens.
  • Black Lion is piloted by an Altean (Zarkon they’re everywhere, you failed bro) named Lunamor, female.
  • Red Lion is piloted by Trekvor, also an Altean (Zarkon…..) and male.
  • Yellow Lion is piloted by Kilgen who’s a Balmeran and male.
  • Green Lion is piloted by Lindora and she’s a Lizordak (reptilian like alien.) Born a male on her planet but prefers female pronouns, they’re ok with male pronouns too though.
  • Blue Lion is piloted by Jevelor who is an Aqulorven (fish type alien. Kind of like a mermaid with legs) and is a female.
  • Lance loves Jevelor because irl mermaid
  • Coran refers to Voltron as “The old lad”
Soulmate AU

The first time Lance saw the red markings on his forearm, he had thought he was bleeding. He had yelped, but upon further inspection, noticed it was writing. He had only recently learned to read, but he could tell this person had only recently learned to write.
‘Are you real?’ was messily scrawled in red marker, taking up the majority of the inside of his arm. The angled 'A’ starting at the crook of his elbow, and the squiggled question mark ended at the ball of his wrist. He had hastily ran to his dresser and threw open the drawer that was currently overflowing with coloring books. His tanned fingers found his green pencil box in the middle of the pile, and tried pulling it out. It was wedged between a particularly large Dora coloring book and a Spongebob pencil collection. He forced all his body weight down, and eventually the pencil case was free. Due to the evil force we call gravity, Lance’s body flew backwards and he fell to the floor. He scrambled to pop open the box and grabbed the first writing utensil he saw. The blue ink from the pen bled slightly against his skin, but he smiled as his hard work paid off.
'No. I am a alien.’

Keith glared at the words in front of him. He felt personally offended. He put the cap back on his red, Crayola marker and slid off his bed. His tiny legs carried him out the door and down the hall to his older brother, Shiro’s room.
“Shiro!” he squealed as he ran through the threshold.
Shiro jumped, but smiled warmly and sat his book down upon seeing the child in front of him. Keith rammed forward and threw himself up and over the bed in front of him. Shiro’s arms shot out and caught him just before his small frame hit the floor. He giggled as Shiro sighed and lifted him up onto his comforter.
“You have got to stop doing that!” Shiro scolded.
“Yeah, otay,” Keith mumbled and leaned over to grab the marker that had fallen out of his pocket. “Listen, otay, aliens are real, right?”
Shiro looked bewildered for a moment before he shrugged and answered, “Sure.”
“Yeah! So what should I say?” Keith asked and shoved his arm in his brother’s face. Shiro laughed when he saw the messy words on his arm.
“Well, first, you should correct their grammar. They’re AN alien. Then inform them that aliens are, in fact, real.”
Keith smiled as he wrote.

'Have you ever heard of mothman?’ appeared on 12 year old Lance’s left leg as he set down his comic book and examined one of the few remaining bare pieces of skin.
'What’s a mothman?’ he wrote back, smiling. They continued the conversation with the traditional blue and red ink until his very last inch of skin was covered with words.

'What color is your hair?’
Keith stared at the words and considered lying. Him and his soulmate have talked everyday since they were five, but they’ve never mentioned anything about appearances. He knew plenty of things about his soulmate, for sure. Their favorite color, favorite animal, their teachers’ names, their their subject, their deepest secrets, his pets, and he knew every detail about all three times they had broken their arms. He even learned more Spanish from them than he did in class. The clumsy human never failed to tell Keith everything, down to the smallest detail, even if it took up the entirety of a limb. He realized it would be completely and utterly unfair to lie and wrote 'black’ in neat writing beneath the question on his wrist.
'Awesome. Mine’s brown.’
They continued to describe themselves and Keith smiled as he attempted to imagine the Latino boy.

Lance woke up and groaned. He turned around and weakly opened his eyes to read 12:00 am flashing on his alarm clock. His eyes widened as he noticed the writing, 'Happy 15th Birthday!’ was written in bright red calligraphy across his stomach.

Keith was in the shower when a bright red splotch appeared in a rather private area. He blushed and ignored it, and continued his shower without thinking about it. He was wrapping a towel around his waist when the red splotch had turned into splotches, and there were angry scratch marks on his dick.
“What the fuck?” he asked aloud. He rushed into his room to throw on some clothes and grabbed the red marker off the shelf next to his bed. 'What the fuck are you doing?’ he wrote on his forearm, his face burning.
Keith laughed, but couldn’t ignore the heat that appeared in his stomach at the thought of what his soulmate had attempted to do.

Something cold had bloomed inside Lance’s chest as sudden cuts and bruises appeared all over his tall, lanky frame. He sat up straight and threw off his dark blue covers. He snatched the blue pen and sat back down. He anxiously looked at his alarm clock. 3:00 am. He bit the inside of his cheek out of anxiety and squiggled a quick 'r u ok?’ There was no response. He waited a few minutes and attempted again. He threw off his shirt and pajama pants and covered his whole body in blue ink. He laid in bed, eyes staring blankly at he ceiling, as he pondered what could’ve happened to him.

Keith woke up suddenly, sweat pooling around him and surveyed his surroundings. He was in a hospital. He blinked and the flash of headlights appeared in his vision. He shivered and wrapped his arms around his legs, and that’s when he noticed the writing. He kicked off the white blankets to see that every inch of his body was covered in blue ink. His eyes watered up as he read the question he knew he was bound to be bombarded with in just a few hours. 'R u ok?’
He looked around and all he could see was a black Sharpie setting on the table beside him.

Lance had attempted writing to his soulmate, but no matter what he wrote, the boy would never answer. He’d worried himself to the point of throwing up when he the black word had appeared on his stomach. Now, he was terrified. Silence for months, then suddenly deep scars appeared on his thighs. The first time it was small scratches across his heart and hips. After that, he’d cut a few sharp lines down his thighs. But nothing compared to this. The angry, puffy lines were random and all over his thighs. Lance was terrified and didn’t do anything at first, but this time, he wasn’t going to remain silent. He grabbed his paints off the top shelf of his closet and created beautiful flowers and vines to cover the scars.
The cutting was less frequent after that, and continued to dwindle every time Lance painted over the cuts. He was glad he helped. For the first time in a year, red cursive appeared on his wrist.
Thank you.

Lance was sitting in his room when a thought formed in his head. He grabbed the familiar blue pen, and thought of all the crazy things that had happened to him in such a short span of time. For the first time in four months he wrote to his soulmate.
'I guess you were right. Aliens are real.’
He wasn’t expecting a reply and he smiled largely as he watched red ink appear on his tan skin.
'Yeah. My brother was abducted by them.’
He laughed.

Keith was laughing at a stupid remark Lance had made when he noticed them. Red, jagged marks, similar to his own, were all over his thighs. He’d wondered how he hadn’t noticed them sooner considering how often Lance wears booty shorts around the ship. His eyes widened when they saw him, and Lance seemed to notice the change in mood because his smile abruptly dropped and he looked at Keith worryingly. Keith sighed and sat on the cool tile next to Lance.
“Lance, if you ever need somebody to talk to, I’m here. I know people who hurt themselves in a similar way, and I hate to see those marks-”
Lance interrupted hurriedly, “No! No, I mean, they’re not mine. My soulmate does it. I- I have no idea why. We haven’t talked in a few months.”
Keith nodded understandingly and wrapped his arms around his shoulders in a hug. Lance didn’t miss the way Keith winced when his knee accidentally brushed his thigh.

Lance was inspired by the way Keith had jumped to talk to him about the marks on his thighs. Fresh ones had just appeared, and once again, he grabbed the blue pen.
'Why do you cut?’
He winced at the insensitivity of the words, and cursed himself for the blunt question. His heart ached at the response. 'I miss my mom.’
Lance couldn’t figure out a way to reply, and he certainly couldn’t sleep after the exchange, so he found himself throwing on clothes and walking out the door. His mind was focused on the exchange, but his legs carried him to Keith’s room. He waited anxiously outside for a few moments before he hesitantly knocked on the door. There was a loud crash coming from inside, a slammed door, the sound of drawers opening and closing, and then finally the sound of running water before Keith’s voice was heard. “Come in!”
Lance raised an eyebrow and hesitantly walked in.
“What was all the commotion?” Lance asked.
“Uh, nothing, I was just,” he sighed before whispering, “in the bathroom.” Keith’s face was bright red and there were tear stains on his cheeks.
“Are you okay?” Lance questioned further as he walked to sit next to Keith on his bed.
Keith looked up at him and nodded. “I’m fine.”
Lance glared at him for a moment before deciding not to bother Keith about it and showed him his arm.
“What should I say?” Lance asked after a moment of silence. He looked at Keith’s face and wondered if maybe this was too personal to show an only semi-close friend. “I have no idea why he misses his mom, and I’m afraid that asking would be rude-”
“We were in a car accident,” Keith mumbled, interrupting Lance.
Lance went quiet. “What?” he whispered in response.
“We were in a car accident,” Keith repeated, louder this time. Lance still didn’t understand, but Keith continued. His voice cracked as he clung onto his composure. “We were on our way home from visiting Shiro. I was 16. I was asleep, but the headlights woke me up. I remember screaming, and suddenly we were upside down. I was in the passenger seat, when I woke up. I turned around and I saw my mom. Half of her body was-” he cut himself off with a choked sob, but had to keep going, “she-she was- half her body was- out the windshield.” He couldn’t keep going after that. He was shivering and his arms were tightly locked around his knees.
Realization dawned on Lance and he threw his arms around Keith, pulling him into a hug.

'Hurry up and come to the training room! It’s an emergency!’
Lance blanched when he saw the words and ran as fast as he could to the room. He skidded to a halt and glared at the laughing figures of Keith and Pidge.
“You two should’ve never became friends,” he whined.
“Okay, but watch this!” Keith and Pidge were giggling like madmen. Lance was confused as Pidge had their fingers hovering over specific keys on their laptop, and Keith was on the other side of the room, his hands both hovering over the emergency siren. Lance’s eyes widened, “Keith don’t-”
He was cut off by Keith yelling, “NOW!” Both of them slammed their hands down. Suddenly heavy metal music was blaring through every speaker on the ship and all the lights were out except a few. The few that were still on were multicolored and useless for actually seeing anything.
“I hate both of you,” Lance yelled over the obnoxious music. He heard Pidge’s loud laugh and glared at the general direction the noise had come from. He jumped when arms wrapped around his waist from behind. “You could never hate me,” was whispered into his ear and he leaned into the touch.
“Yeah,” he smiled, replying, “I guess not.”