this was bigger to him than an i love you

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how do you think the boyfriends react to seeing their love(whoever is smaller) in their uniforms?

This will include two fandoms because there was no specification: Haikyuu boys first, then some Kuroko no Basuke boys.


KageHina: Kageyama would blush at Hinata and ask him what the hell he was doing in his uniform. Hinata would giggle and blush also and say something like, I just wanted to see how much bigger it was than mine. Kageyama would call him an idiot but would let slip that Hinata looked adorable. (Hinata may or may not have spent the rest of the evening in Kageyama’s arms)

DaiSuga: Daichi would just smile, grab Suga and bring him into a hug and kiss. The fact that Suga only has on Daichi’s top and nothing else comes as quite a surprise when Daichi reaches down to fondle Suga’s bottom. (Worked like a charm, Suga thinks later that night while cuddling in bed afterwards.)

TsukiYama: Tsukishima dosen’t say anything. He just stares a little longer at Yamaguchi (In his jersey top and boxers) and then asks what movie he wants to watch that night. Yamaguchi finds himself pulled down to watch the movie in Tsukishima’s lap though. (Tsukki may or may not leave his uniform top out when Yamaguchi is going to stay the night.)

Asanoya: Asahi just sputtered and blushed when he saw Noya in his jersey. For one thing it went down past Noya’s knees and for another thing he looked adorable. Noya didn’t wear it long because it made it hard to move around. Asahi managed to take a picture first though.

IwaOi: Because Oikawa makes a huge deal out of the fact he is a few centimeters taller than Iwaizumi he refuses to ever try it on. However, one time when Oikawa was sick Iwaizumi gave in and tried it on. He spent the rest of the day reminding Oikawa that he was sick and NO they were not having sex. (YET)

KuroKen: Kuroo didn’t really say much because Kenma wouldn’t really care. He only put it on because Kuroo wanted to see what it would look like. Kuroo just grinned, said thanks and cuddled up behind him while Kenma finished up his game. (He did get lucky later that night though)

*KuroTsuki: Kuroo presented himself to Tsukishima proudly one afternoon. “Check it out, I make this look good.” he grins at Tsukishima widely. Tsukishima just grunts and says “You are such a dork.” But Tsukishima doesn’t ask Kuroo to change, something for which Kuroo picks up on fairly quickly.


KagaKuro: Kagami blushes red when Kuroko meets him at the door wearing only his jersey. “Kuroko!” he says loudly “What the heck?” Kuroko’s eyes light up. “You are very large Kagami-kun.” Kuroko states. “Look, this goes down to my knees. Kagami notices that Kuroko appears to be naked under the jersey. “You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?” Kagami asks him. Kuroko turns and starts walking down the hallway, “I don’t know what you are talking about Kagami-kun.” he says as he grins at Kagami over his shoulder. Kagami wastes no time chasing him to their room.

MidoTaka: Midorima stares at Takao deadpan and asks “Why are you wearing my uniform?” Takao grins and says “Well, my lucky item today is a piece of friends clothing.” Midorima frowns and says “Your lucky items is a hammer, what are you talking about?” Takao grins widely “Well, maybe I meant I want to get lucky in my boyfriends clothing.” Midorima shrieks out “Takao!” Takao just laughs and settles on the bed waiting.

MuraHimu: Murasakibara couldn’t help laughing at Himuro. His jersey went down to the middle of his shins and hung off his shoulders like a sack. He walks over to Himuro and picks him up. “Muro-chin, you look good enough to eat.” he tells him.

AoKise: Aomine saw Kise lounging on his bed in his uniform after coming home from school one day. Kise rolled over and said “Aominecchi, how do I look?” Poor Amonie, he couldn’t get any words out, but the fact that he managed to jump Kise got his point across pretty easily. (Since Kise is the same height or very close here’s the opposite). Kise asked and asked to Aomine to try on his jersey. Just once, he wanted to see him in it. After all he wore Aomnie’s all the time because he liked it. Finally, FINALLY Aomine put it on once just to appease Kise. Kise spent the next ten minutes ooo’ing and ahh’ing over Aomine and he swore he would never do it again. (in reality he was just embarrassed at how much Kise fussed over him.)

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Hey this is not a question but I don't know how long ago you posted your journal entry but for some quick motivation, God is bigger than any problem and illness, it's so tiny to Him that He can heal in a blink of an eye. All you need is complete faith and to remember that He calls us friend. Nothing is too big for Him! Just always pray rather it's just a thank you or the word help. He knows our needs before we come to Him. God bless love you 😊

Thank you so very much!! I really appreciate your message. God bless you and keep being the wonderful, kind person you are.


So I’ve been attempting to adult since I woke up but I find myself just drifting off thinking about the whole “is Hannibal in love with me?” thing over and over again, and you know… it really served no narrative purpose whatsoever within the context of the rest of the episode, and something like that is only being presented if it is absolutely essential to what’s about to come next…

I mean if you consider the fact that Will has already acknowledged the love Hannibal has for him in canon, there is no reason to present these feelings in such a blatant and textual way unless they’re going to matter in a big way come finale time. Hannigram has been canon in my eyes all season, but this is 100% text, and imo it’s something bigger than an “I love you” because “I love you” leaves room for a platonic interpretation from deniers. The phrase “in love” is undeniably romantic, and Bedelia speaking of Hannibal’s hunger for Will presents those feelings as sexual as well.

Anyways, I want you to consider all of the above, and then recall this promo photo from the finale:

and consider that when this happens, when Will is standing there in front of him touching that barrier like he wishes nothing more than to be able to step right through it, he is a man that knows without a doubt that the person standing on the other side is madly in love with him…

You and Fred have been dating for two years now, Finally when at Grimmauld place Fred decides its time to ask you to marry him. Its Christmas time and everyone’s gathered around the table, Fred hands you a small little present no bigger than the palm of your hand, As you unwrap it George pats Fred on the shoulder and Molly is about to cry.
A little black box is inside and you open it, A small silver band with three small diamonds and “i love you” engraved in the band.
Your hands fly up to your mouth as you look at Fred who smiles and takes he box and gets on his knee in front of you,

“Marry me y/n? No time like the present..Pun intended”
“I love you…that wasn’t even a pun Freddy”
“I’ll take that as a yes?”
“Oh Merlin yes!”

Molly hugs Arthur as Fred swings you into his arms, George and Ron are exchanging galleons, Harry, Sirius and Remus are smiling to themselves as Harry explains to Sirius about you two. Ginny and hermione are both hugging you,  nothing could ever break you two apart.

Copycat: Part VI

Prompt:  can you write a fic where in the reader try to steal the baby from dean?  (Yes. Baby. The Baby.)

Word count: 4,035

Warnings: none for this part, I don’t think

Author’s Note: I should’ve updated yesterday, but I couldn’t, so here’s an extra long part to make up for it. I loved writing this one, let me know what you think?

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

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Today Was a Fairytale

“You did terrific tonight, babe,” Adam whispered into Taylor’s ear as he came up behind her and grabbed her in a hug. She had just finished playing her last show at the Staples Center a few hours ago and was now attending an after party. She had been nursing the same bottle of water since the party started, not wanting to taint tonight’s memories with alcohol like everyone else around her. She turned her head to look at him. The smile on her face just would not go away.

“I love you,” she whispered to him, knowing he could hear her. He smiled bigger than before and kissed every sliver of skin that he could reach.

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You're doing a really good job so far and i also love your durarara blog! :3 You really don't have to update so often tho, we can wait too <3 when you have time, could you write a scenario with Woricks and nico's female lover that is jealous of Alex because she has quite small breasts unlike alex? Thanks!

Thanks! <3

He didn’t really get what she meant. “So Alex’ breasts are bigger than yours,” he repeated. “And what’s the problem with that?” His s/o looked at him like he wasn’t able to see the obvious. “I- I guess I’m just jealous. You like them bigger right?” He looked surprised. “Why would you think that?” His voice was too innocent to be sincere. “Because you said so yourself!” she almost shouted and Worick sighed trying to take them in his arms. Even though she would push him away he was able to wrap his arms around her and pulling her closer to him. “Even when Alex’ are bigger I like yours better since they are yours.” She wasn’t so sure whether that was actually a good thing or not.

He was surprised when she told him about her insecurities and jealousy. [Why would you want to have them as big as Alex?] he signed. “Men like them bigger, right?” She seemed vulnerable and sad. [That’s true for Worick but not all men have the same taste.] After he had signed the words she looked at him expectantly. “And you? What do you like?” He only shrugged before signing a sloppy [Yours are fine.].  She didn’t know whether she should be angry because of his bored impression. Didn’t it matter to him that she felt like that? But in the end he told her that he liked her the way she was. So she would just ignore this for now.

(Do you know the “cartoon” at the end of the 2nd volume where Worick acts like Nic is a pedophile because he likes small breasts?)

“I’m always worried about my appearance. I’ve received such great support from Connor and he loves me so. Oh, he loves me so – just as much as I love him, but I always tend to worry if he…truly likes what he sees and what he is with.”

“After all, I’m not built like any of those ladies portrayed in everything you see. In things like…what is it called? Television? Yeah… I am, without a doubt, a big demon girl. Bigger than big, even. And sometimes, I can even be much bigger than what I usually am. But at my very least, I am big. And sometimes, with that size, I wonder…if I am seen as some big, disgusting monster. You know, like those horrible stories you’d hear about the big, fat ugly demons that go around eating people. That’s absolutely abominable.”

“And yet, do I fit the description at all? No, no…I don’t eat or hurt people. But I am big. And sometimes, at least for some ignorant folk, that can be enough reason for them to hate me. Whether I’m just big, or because I am a demon.”

Marie proceeded to lift her hands to her eyes as she began to rub them.

“Connor…I just want to be my absolute best. For you.”

Everything to Lose (Everything Gained) - Chapter 36

So I’m back! Yay! Couldn’t leave you hanging on that cliffie for too long. I can’t even begin to say thank you enough for the support and love you all continue to give my little story. I never dreamed it would have the following and love it does. You all are incredible and amazing and I love each and every one of you!

priya108 thank you for continuing to beta'ing this story for me and being there for support and thoughts. You’ve been a bigger help than you could probably know. Thanks!

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“Oliver you need to stay in the car,” Sara told him firmly as he reached for the door handle. “The cops are on their way and we don’t know what he’s doing here or what he did to the apartment.”


“Oliver for god’s sake stay in the car,” Felicity demanded, tears spilling down her cheeks in frustration. “I don’t want you getting hurt or arrested, okay?”

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i said i wanted big noodles [thinkin udon yo] and he presented me with this 😍😍
sneaky sneaky!!

meet the new chunker asdfghjkl. his name is Relic!  he is a[n unsexed] pastel almost-yearling.  He is stunning.  super vibrant, very yellow in person. even these quality photos dont do him justice. im in love! he is a lot bigger than my babies, you can really feel him in your hand. he is very gentle and likes to be held

due to space, this will be my last cutie welcomed into this house, with the exception of any emergency rescues or things of that nature that only need temporary housing.

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i wanted to give up life, i can't take it anymore. life's throwing hard and heavy things at me. and i can feel that the world's against me. i got nothing

you got God. He is bigger than this problem. every time you feel weak, dont hesitate to kneel down and pray. after praying, you stand up strong cos He will give you enough strength to get back on your feet and face your problems with Him. you got this, love. ✊🏻

Quentin Fields was a basketball player. He was also a son. A brother. Somebody’s teammate.  Somebody’s friend. I never knew Quentin Fields and I guess now I never will. Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren’t you anymore? If you were suddenly gone how would your world react? Whatever you imagined was wrong. There’s nothing romantic about death. Grief is like the ocean: it’s deep and dark and bigger than all of us. And pain is like a thief in the night. Quiet. Persistent. Unfair. Diminished by time and faith and love. I didn’t know Quentin Fields but I’m jealous of him because I see how his absence has affected the people that did know him so I know that he did matter to them. And I know he was loved. People say Quentin Fields was a great basketball player. Graceful. Fluid. Inspiring. They say on a good night it almost seemed as though he could fly. And now he can.

-Sam Walker 6x03

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She's not going to lie that she is absolutely nervous to even be seeing River right now. With the news she has, she's surprised she hasn't run off. The last time they spoke, Clara talked about being infertile. Now that wasn't the case anymore, and she was pregnant. With the Doctor's child. And River was still married to him. Gathering her courage, she opened the door, stepping into the flat. "River? River, I um. I have something big to tell you. Please tell me you're here."

River glanced up from her work as she heard someone answer. The only person even able to get into her flat was Clara or her husband, and a visit from either would be more than appreciated at the moment – even if it wasn’t to serve as a distraction from work. She loved seeing either of them when she could and, hearing Clara’s voice only put a bigger smile on her face.

She stood and moved toward her front door, smiling as she saw Clara. “Don’t worry, dear, I’m here. What is it? Did you and the Doctor get in another row and need me to take you home?”

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Hi love, I'm having a problem and you give really good advice and are nice so I thought I'd ask you :). I love my boyfriend and want to lose my virginity to him (I'm over 18 and all) but I'm a larger girl and bigger and heavier than my boyfriend and am starting to feel really insecure about it. I don't want him to be disgustes when he sees me naked

Petal, this message made my heart flutter omg. I think because I was in a similar situation, having a boyfriend who’s like half my size in terms of weight. But we find each other sexy af and have no problems with it. I love his ribcage and hipbones and veins. He loves my tummy rolls and thighs and curves. Society tells us there are certain proportions to being in a relationship, that there should be one male (big and strong) and one female (small and submissive) but I think we’ve all learned by now that society’s expectations mean shit. I’m in a relationship made up of one male (skinny and athletic) and one genderqueer (curvy and cuddly) and it’s working magically. Go have sex with your boyfriend and enjoy it and feel beautiful and feel loved<3

Y'all says production is gonna lose viewers because of John but if y'all go on Facebook EVERYONE in the bb community LOVES him and the community on Facebook is bigger than Twitter and def bigger than tumblr so really they did the opposite and for a good reason: to keep their viewers

Yes I’m a stan of John but if you honestly read the fb comments all last week, you would understand why production HAD to keep him in that house

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I'm really scared to let my girlfriend go down on me. I had a bad experience with a boy who said mean things about my vagina cause my labia is slightly bigger than normal, but now it's scarred me and I'm so scared she'll be disgusted. He's made me feel like something is wrong with my body

Let me tell you something, boys are disgusting! There is nothing wrong with your body or your labia. You should of told him that his dick was smaller than normal.
You’re beautiful and don’t let no boy or girl ever tell you otherwise. Your girlfriend loves you and I can assure you that if she truly loves you, she won’t mind one bit what your vagina looks like.
This is for all your girls out there, you and your vaginas are beautiful, no matter what so embrace it, my love. There’s is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you, I promise x.


Listen, God came to this Earth for a reason.

He has been working through me this summer and I am so thankful that He has rescued me from my world lived past. High School is over and my life as a grown Christian adult has finally begun and I could not be any more excited. I trust that God’s plans for me are even bigger than ever. Yes, He will bring me through trials, open and close doors but I will remain faithful to my wonderful Savior. These past few months my walk with Him has grown so much and the love I have for Him has been overflowing out of my heart. 

Listen, Im a Human Being born a Sinner. 

I will fall and stumble through the rocky courses of life and I will hit the wall when I don’t expect it coming. I am a selfish and an impatient sinner but the One who loves me saved me from being that way. YOU and I were saved because we could never be that perfect. The One who saved us made a way so that we could live in everlasting peace with our Savior. 

Listen, I’m Not Perfect but My Savior Is

After all the falling I can rely on Him to catch me. After being hit a million times in the face by that wall I can rely on him to heal me. He is perfect in My weakness. When I’m selfish HE is selfless and when I’m impatient HE is patient. I am starting a new chapter of my life in a couple of days and now is your time to start the new and best chapter of your life. So my advice for people who are yearning for love, peace, a forever friend and hope in such a dark place in your life. Look only to the cross. He loved you so much that He came to save YOU. The Lost. Open your eyes He died for You and You alone. You are not alone so 


The Reason is You and..


hmasfatty replied to your post “hmasfatty replied to your post “hmasfatty replied to your post “My…”

The red band & the crest just KILL ME & teaching him how to read just has SO MUCH romantic potential. His story line is just gorgeous and he’s so passionate, especially from someone who presents such a controlled facade. I JUST LOVE FENRIS SO MUCH

Oh god, when I first heard you can actually teach him how to read, I was so HAPPY and OH MY GOD they should have made this a much bigger thing in-game than it was, and I could read a million fics of Fenris learning how to read, broadening his horizon, and it will never be ENOUGH. I mean, reading. A slave learns how to read, how to think for themselves without having to depend on others. Do I have to repeat how incredibly important that is?


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*hugs* Send this to ten of your favorite followers! Don't break the chain eyy~! o(≧∇≦o)

I especially don’t deserve you or your kindness, Kat, I’m such a useless, ugly and gross wife, you deserve soooo much better than me, Kath…. ;A;

You deserve all these Kuroo-gifs, and so much more, Kath. My love for this loser may not be bigger than yours (though I have loved him since the beginning), but I actually know how you feel. And you are so going to get this lovely message back, because your all my favourite everything, darling ;)

(p.s.:) I ADORE YOU