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Hello! Sorry i haven’t posted anything but i’m trying to finish a chapter for my fic, but of course, while writing, this popped into my head! I just had to draw it! I don’t know if it’s been done before? 

I spent most of the day at the mall today, my mom made my brother and I go earlie so then we could all have lunch (with my dad too) cause we had to buy some stuff for uni DX! (you know i’ve had the same school bag since eighth grade until now, so it was really sad to pic a new one :c i’ll post a picture of it, it deserves it!) And i took my sketchbook with me and everytime my brother stopped to try on some shoes i would sit down and draw XD

So that’s for now! See you soon! Later tonight maybe! :D

If you were payin attention before my absence, Ti (@d-lynx) and I were communicating via smoke signals and they brought up they wanted to make a plate and to just put Aizawa all over it. I told em I’d make a collage, and this is what it is. 

Wanted to post it to archive it. 

Right click, open image in new tab. Him big.

Random NurseyDex Thought

Office AU in which Nursery sees head of IT Dex on his first day and develops an instant crush. Fast forward a few months of stilted elevator flirting that progresses to short conversations and occaisional lunch together in the staff cafeteria, complete with friendly teasing and chirping (about Nursey’s organic everything, Dex’s ardent defense of the superiority of New England food) and poor Nursey’s department has a major IT issue that brings the whole of the IT department to their floor.

Dex sees him and smiles before heading over to help him personally. They chat while Dex does his computer genius thing, and when he’s done Nursey notices he’s blushing just before Dex hands him a post it and says “I had to uh, reset your original password, this is the uh, temporary one, if you want. I gotta go” as he gestures vaguely and quickly exits.

It’s only as Nursey glances at the note and realizes it’s a phone number that he starts to feel a nervous blush rush over the back of his neck. By the time he’s finished reading ‘not angry, just nervous’ that he remembers that when he set his password the first day, all he could think of after the elevator ride with Dex was: 1HotAngryR3dHead.

He quickly puts Dex’s number in his phone and texts: i was nervous, too. Dinner?

VG: MasterPost...Ch1, Rules and Main Characters.

Hello my lovelies! So, I’ve seen @blogthegreatrouge made an AU on VG! Characters. I have seen so many that are hard to find so, I’ve created a master post.

I will update this every time a character is made. Please reblog this if you have a VG! Character I did no include or if you just made one so it’ll be easier to find.
Before I do the introductions for the characters, let me tell you the rules Rouge made. She won’t accept characters that are in the following categories:

•Characters from already existing video games:
     -Example: Undertale or sonic.
Please, be creative and make your own unique design. Don’t get a character from a video game and recreate them. Use your persona or any of your characters!

•Half Characters:
   -Rouge doesn’t want half drawn pictures. She always wants full body.

•Non-colored Characters:
   -She wants fully colored references.

   -Do not get a character and recolor it.

•Names Must Be Included:
  -Name your characters! That’s important! If a character is a monster there are no need for names.

•One Character:
   -She’d prefer if you’d just make one character. Two characters or more may be hard to keep track.

•No Messaging!:

   -She is a busy artist who is well known in the Undertale fandom. She gets billions of messages most likely. She can’t keep track of messages. If you want her to see the character, you have to either submit it to her or put them on your blog and tag her. You can also reblog this with your character for me to include so she may see. You can even message me. I am not popular or well known. I can keep up with messages.

Now, without further a do! Here are the characters!
AU by @blogthegreatrouge


The Main Characters:

VG! Spring! @blogthegreatrouge

Beware of the edgy cat who isn’t afraid to bomb away your brains…

Personality: -Unknown-
Special Attacks:
Weapon: Gun(?)

Main Attacks:
Ranking: Good
Abilities: -Unknown-
Summary: -Unknown-

VG!Shiziko @grimkipp

She may be cute but she’ll bite….

Personality: -Unknown-
Special Attacks: -Unknown-
Main Attacks:
Abilities: -
Level: -Unknown-

VG!StickCat  @nekophy

Cute but deadly….

Personality: -Unknown-
Special Attacks: -Unknown-
Main Attacks:
Abilities: -

VG!Shibe  @inashibe

….who was that?…

Personality: -Unknown-
Special Attacks: -Unknown-
Main Attacks:
Level: -Unknown-

—–End Of Group One——

VG! Aren @anrez-op-skele

Energetic Fluff Ball….careful…

Personality: Protective, nice to people who are kind, rude to mean people,  possessive, and hot headed
Special Attacks:
Electrical Crayons and water color clap.
Magical bag that shoots paint and his eyes
Main Attacks:
Electrical crayons
Speed boost, invisibility
Even if he is the son of Shibe, he quarrels with her all the time. Sometimes he’d ditch her for someone else, in topic, Rey. He once got hurt after fighting with a Level 3 player and wouldn’t play anymore, until he met Rey. Rey helped him get back to his feet and showed his some moves that she knows. Ever since that day, Aren wouldn’t stop following her around, until she met Shibe.
Level: 1

VG!Nateev @nateeev

Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing…

Personality: -Unknown-
Special Attacks:
Main Attacks:
Level: -Unknown-

VG!Meepers @meeperspeeperslovecandy


Personality: -Unknown-
Special Attacks:
Main Attacks:
Level: -Unknown-

VG!Anger @angexci

Familiar yet…different.

Personality:  -Unknown-
Special Attacks:
Main Attacks:
Level: -Unknown-


Ch2, Characters: This may have two parts, soon
Ch3, Villains: Including the neutrals, soon
Ch4, Monsters: Monsters only, soon
Ch5, Assassins: Killing for money, soon
Ch6, Others: Witches, machines and robots, soon

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13,4 and/or 49 for bechloe?

13. “I hate you so much I love you.”

“Beca!” Chloe attempts to say between her chuckles, as she quickly places her phone right in front of the brunette’s face.

“Nooo!” Beca quickly disagrees as she covers her entire face with her hands.

Beca tries her hardest to retain a straight face, but seeing her beautiful girlfriend’s laugh as she peaks through her fingers, it’s just inhumane to not copy her actions back.

“Just one more Beca, I promise!” Chloe says as serious as she could whilst swiping through the new filters on Snapchat.

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xxlovendreamsxx replied to your post “Sasus probably the kinda guy who turns down Sakuras advances before…”

one who will also frequently engage in morning sex with her with no regards as to her being late for work yes??????? huehueheu

she becomes exponentially more alert at the feeling of her presumed slumbering husband’s firm grip on her wrist, the sound of her alarm still shrill in the background. He had grabbed her just as she had started to roll out of bed to groggily begin her morning routine. Sakura turns to see him buried in their comforter, messy-haired, one eye open, staring her down with a look, lazy as it may be, that can only mean one thing.

“right now?”

he squeezes her wrist. she sighs.

“but last night you said you didn’t want to-”

he shifts onto his back, sheets sliding conveniently enough to keep him covered, but still suggest that he is.. in need.

“you’re impossible” she protests, pressing the snooze button.

“and you’re annoying” he mumbles into his pillow, pulling her on top of him. “now come here”

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Jess I saw your post about the light going out & I just wanted to send you hugs. While I'm "still on the ship" I don't begrudge you your feelings one bit after the absolute shite you've been put through this last year & that's even before your mother's health. Please look after yourself as I've had dealings with sick family members & I'm still trying to get back to myself after it & it's bloody hard - continue

(Continue ) Also I hope you don’t leave here as even off ship there’s a bunch of women here who would brighten any day with their wit & biting intellect & they do the soul good. Also who knows what will come down the line in the coming weeks/months. Sending you virtual tea, biccies, crisps & chocolate 🙂

Thank you so much lovely!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Top: before workout 

Bottom 2: after workout

I can barely type and I LOVE IT

Currently rocking out to Meghan Trainor because she’s been hyping me up a lot lately

Gonna try and watch a movie or two and talk to this guy I think I have a date with on Sunday 

We go to the same gym – wouldn’t it be cute if we met there

It would but we met on Tinder which is just as cute because he’s cute 

“But Bren, didn’t you say you were gonna stop dating!?”

Yeah but he’s cute and it has been like two weeks and he hasn’t asked me for nudes so he’s a good guy and worth giving a chance

Also he’s looked at my Tumblr before/ has my url, so if you’re reading this:

Hey there cutie!

Okay I’m done rambling now

Love you guys have a kickass *insert time of day where you are* <3

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Do you sometime feel insecure about your own work? Like being afraid that it might not be as good? How can you overcome this insecure?

Sometimes I get nervous before I post, but really I’ve been writing seriously since the sixth grade, and over the years I’ve learned to just accept that there will always people who dislike my writing, but there will also always be people who like it. I’ve been through phases of writing. Poetry, original works, fandoms, and all different kinds. Not everyone is kind to author’s, and it sometimes becomes very stressful when it feels like no one appreciates what you’re doing.

Before I began writing for Prinxiety, and PTA, and all this stuff, I came out of a different fandom that was constant hate and anger. People there were just not right, and I can’t tell you how often I had come up with a brilliant new idea, but never posted it, or deleted it because people would tear me down instantly.

Coming here, I thought I just hadn’t been unlucky enough yet to find the mean side of everything. Yet, all I’ve received is kindness and honestly I can’t name a single person who’s been mean, on or off anon, or at all.

What I’m getting at is, sometimes the difference in getting over your insecurity, is just finding that place where you feel safe.

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Weren't dimetrodons pre mammalian. They're cynodonts right. Before mammsliaformes?

That is true, tho Dimetrodon is a Sphenacodontid and not a cynodont.

You are one of the few people to take not of my blog title “Post mammalian Synapsid”. Which is actually a terrible “pun” on “dimetroDONE”.

I also like the title cause all synapsids for now on will be mammals reguardless, I just like the mental image of mammals evolving “back” into an irrecognisable “reptilian” state

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Just curious: what's the buffer for if not situations like this? Do you just want to save it for emergencies?

The buffer is mostly to maintain as close as I can to professional quality. I don’t believe in finishing a page and then immediately posting it. Even the best of us need to edit ourselves, and having a window of time between finishing a page and editing it gives one a chance to catch mistakes.

This is actually my number one piece of advice to just about anyone out there doing webcomics. Do NOT immediately finish and post. You need to be able to proofread an entire finished scene in one go and edit it for flow and consistency before you post any of it. Without a buffer, you can’t do this.

But yes, it’s also good for emergencies, like if I get sick. It’s also good for when I want to spend two or four times as long on pages, since I then have the wriggle room to linger on the art. If I didn’t have a scene with animation this chapter that’s taken so much extra time, I mighta dipped into the buffer next week.

But I’m not comfortable with it. I’m sorry ;_;


That happened.
If the killer is reading this, don’t worry, I’m not mad at you or anything, since C was marked and it’s only an rp.

Honestly, even though probably hardly anyone following me knows who C is, I just needed to make this post because I’ve honestly never felt so attached to an oc that wasn’t mine before. The fact that they were nonbinary was probably reason I got so invested in their character from the very start, since of often get attached to people and characters that have similarities to me. Also, I’m absolutely in love with rude characters, and C is just 👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯😩😩😩
I mean what

Around the middle of chapter one I was like
Oh shit C is pretty cool.
Then I found out CD was a thing and
I still practically worship that ship
Its a+




I literally came back from school and the rp had already started, so I focused on that.
But then I got pings from Ward and was like
Oh yeah I forgot. Some fuck is dying today
And at first I only saw Cyprus.
And I wasn’t too sad cause anyone could see that coming.
But then
saw C’s name in red
and had a fucking heartattack.
My brother was sitting next to me and I fuckinG GASPED.
And then I ran to my room so I could mourn in peace.

Oh yeah
And then Emma made Dimitri angst and
even though I knew it would happen, I still hate her.
Emma if you’re reading this, I hate you.

Anyways to sum it up
I love C
I hate Emma
I’m crying

Apologies for the really fucking long post

Here’s the fuckers that were mentioned:
@eggseggseggseggseggseggseggseggs 💜💜💜
@badatusernames fuck you

Anyways, with that headcanon / analysis out of the way, I can 100% confirm that Kuma in non-despair verse, POST TIMESKIP, after like 3  / 4 years have passed just suddenly bREAKS THE FUCK DOWN OVER HIS FAMILY’S DEATH, COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE ONE DAY – MAYBE IN THE PRIVACY OF HIS HOME, MAYBE OUT IN PUBLIC, MAYBE BY HIMSELF, MAYBE WHEN HE’S JUST HANGING OUT WITH HIS BOYFRIEND – W/E, HE JUST STARTS BAWLING & SOBBING & CHOKING & MCFUCKIN’ LOSES IT FOR LIKE 3 STRAIGHT HOURS before finally calming the fuck down and going to bed or smth kjbNJKHERBNGJHKB

it takes years of him holding back his bottled up emotions & grieving that he never properly expressed when they died but goddamn when the dam finally breaks iT

i just had a very stupid and fun overwatch experience that i would like to share before i forget

i just spent the last three hours in a group of strangers playing vs AI where we all (with the exception of one or two if we’re having too much trouble) play the same character and worked our way through 17/23 heroes. we were not in a team through the first five, but after the game forced us into new servers we friended up and played in a group. we’ve just been playing normal matches for a while now and i want to go to bed bc it’s 3 am so these are my highlights/takeaways:


  • i’ve said before that you haven’t lived unless you’ve played in a team of six junkrats. if this is true, then it is especially true that you haven’t lived until you’ve seen five junkrats line up in a semicircle around a sombra and aggressively greet her over and over to bully her into switching. to the sombra’s credit, she stood her ground
  • apparently, it IS possible to win a match with only junkrats. somehow
  • god what a mess


  • we barely won this one. by far the most difficult
  • im really bad at snipers
  • many shots, few kills


  • nothing really eventful happened actually pharah worked out fine we won


  • an audio and visual nightmare
  • deserved an epilepsy warning
  • lúcio talks A LOT MORE THAN I REALIZED
  • everything moved so fast
  • i can’t stress this enough it was havoc in there
  • never ever put 5 lúcios in a small enclosed space together im going to have flashbacks for the rest of my life


  • also very fast but manageable
  • i expected to have a lot more trouble than we actually did
  • maximum lesbian


  • easy as hell dude there was no problem
  • except visually, seeing 15-18 beams of electricity all interwoven in a small space was a lot to take in and also a helltrap for anyone that got close
  • 40 player kill streak


  • a challenge that left me with a couple of striking tableaus
  • a circle of five mercys, each healing the one to their left
  • genji standing on a table surrounded by four mercys all healing him at once as he spams “i need healing” over and over


  • a fucking joke. the opposing team was slaughtered. they needed only step into our brood of massacres
  • ft the easiest game of basketball


  • also a joke but the joke was on us because we lost this match in one minute TOPS


  • cOMe GIT yUR ARMoR
  • but seriously the control point was just…..just armor


  • one long and ridiculous race to be the first one to hack an enemy as they appeared
  • at one point in the spawn room two sombras were up on a ledge and kept saying group up so i ran over and threw my translocator but i missed and it bounced off and the matched started before the cooldown was up and i felt humiliated


  • just. nonstop ults. that’s it
  • passing out healing orbs like valentines. a little sad when everyone else has one but you


  • in which everyone inevitably embraces the spirit of the character
  • i am your shield. i am your shield’s shield. i am your shield’s shield’s shield. i am your shield’s shield’s shield’s
  • basically just a game of whackamole


  • just do a pirouette in a hot topic and you’ll get the same experience

soldier: 76

  • we only played for a little bit until there was an issue with the match but we were getting our asses kicked anyway
  • im sorry i just
  • we’re ALL soldiers now


  • if for some reason you couldn’t see the enemies after the first “marked by the dragon” arrow don’t worry you will after the next five
  • basically a contest to see who gets to use their ult first


  • i could not tell you why but hearing so many versions of his voice speaking so much was the funniest but it absolutely was
khuxparty is back !!

Hello !!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been quite a long time (even I don’t remember since when orz…) but I’m happy to announce that khuxparty will resume activity with the arrival of its new co-mod, Steph! Long overdue huh?

That being said I’ve looked through all the missed submissions and would post them but I’m rather hesitant to bc they may not be accurate or relevant anymore ;_; So !! If you would like to update an existing listing or add a new one feel free to send them in, as they’ll Actually be posted now 💦💦 If you’d already sent a submission before but never saw it posted + don’t need to make changes let us know too ! 

And if you’re wondering, Steph will be updating with mod & party info later :^D

the following is just a mod yuu blurb..

–> yuu here ! I AM…. so sorry for disappearing Again….. I’m still pretty much mia but I look forward to being a bit more active again now that Steph is here. I really miss khux and the community but tbh, I had to stop playing a while ago because the app size grew to be too much for my current phone ;;__;; 2gb+ last time i checked !? at some point I couldn’t do anything without getting storage errors 💦 until I get a new phone -hopefully in time for multiplayer!- I won’t be able to play, but my party is still together ! I hope to see you guys around, and keep having fun ! (especially now that we have Backcover too :^o)

Quick update: this blog just hit 200 followers! *cue the finale of the 1812 overture*

I just added a section for different relationships on the tags page with platonic relationships with ampersands and with romantic relationships with slashes. (Ex. sally&anthony vs. anthony/helen) Feel free to use this format!

I might be reblogging old posts in the hiatus, so if you’ve seen a post before or if I reblog one of your posts from a long time ago, that’s why.

Finally, @mischastanton is having a hard time with their chronic illness right now (which is the reason for the finale delay), so please send them support!

I’m having a metal revelation: B-A-T-T-E-R-Y 


- First and foremost, I think of physical batteries. Like the one in your TV remote. I’ve made a post on this before, -> (x) but considering Battery City literally has electricity coursing through it; this meaning of battery tends to be the first to come to mind. (Mind you what happens to batteries when they run out of juice, but that’s for another post.) Maybe, really digging into it; you could get an idea of citizen’s worth? They’re all ‘batteries’ to be used by BLI.

- Secondly, I think of Battery in it’s “artillery storage” meaning. Not much to explain here. BLI just havin’ a ton a weapons makes sense, I mean, the Dracs have ray guns too.

- Okay, this one’s odd. There’s a really arctic usage of ‘battery’ to mean set/series; i.e. “a battery of test.”  

Collage of unfinished ToG and ACoTaR art lmao. Minus the recent piece I just posted a teaser for and my inner circle portraits! Hahaha. To think my sketchbook has more….Then there’s ones I deleted…..Oh god I have a problem lmao. But at least it’s getting me to draw! Before these series I was so lazy about my art.

Let me know if they’re any you’re looking forward to being finished :D. And I hope you can tell who’s who haha.

silverliening replied to your post: silverliening replied to your post: …

Ah I’m not actually in the Kpop fandom ^^ I find shipping real people weird but to each their own. So finding it in fandoms I am in is SO SO rare. It’s more of an unrequited love thing than a soul mate thing I just draw similarities in it as like… a world state. I’m not sure how to word it lol Having had a one sided love before I like Hanahaki better and can identify with the feeling of suffocation. Thorki ftw tho ����I swear I’ve read half of the thorki fics on Ao3 (or I had about a year ago)

I hope with time AO3 delivers more Hanahaki fics for you! <3 There’s nothing worse than having a theme you love and not being able to find as much of it as you want!

And haha, Thorki shippers forever. *high fives* :D I fucking love that fandom. I also read Stoki (Steve/Loki), but that’s like *tiny* by comparison.