this was based one of my favourite justin songs as long as you love me

As Long As You Love Me

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Request: Chibs imagine based on As Long As You Love me, by Justin Bieber

Note: I hope you like this, i wasn’t sure what way to go with this so i hope its okay! 

Warning: Contains smut

Chibs watched her closely as he sat alone at the bar. She sat across the room, laughing with her friends.
She was beautiful, her lips were full and painted pink, and he wondered what it would feel like to kiss them. Her eyes were bright and had more depth than the ocean, like all the secrets of the universe were locked inside. Her voice was quiet and when she spoke everyone leant in close, desperate to cling to every word. Her voice sounded like his favourite song and he lost himself in her voice, it made him feel safe and comfortable, he built a home in her voice and he never wanted to leave it. Her laugh filled the room, laced with the innocence of a child who had never been hurt, like she saw the best in the world. Her hair fell down her back when she laughed, floating down her shoulders, shaking away any worries.
He scanned his eyes down her body, enjoying the soft curves of her hips. My god, she was beautiful.
He had never been religious, but he wondered if angels do exist, and he believed it as he watched her smiling to her friends.
A goddess was among them, so perfect, so radiant. He wondered if she knew how beautiful she was, how she had him captivated, how she captured his soul in her eyes.
He lifted his whisky to his lips, enjoying the taste as he watched her. He wanted more than anything to go and speak to her, introduce himself, make her his.
But he didn’t. No, she was too innocent, too pure, and he feared that if he touched her, or even spoke to her, he would make her impure, taint her with the danger of his life.
He sat at the bar, day dreaming of her lips and drowning himself in whisky.

You laughed as your friend Bella impersonated your teacher from high school, mimicking her stern voice exactly.
You reached across the table and grabbed your vodka, lifting it to your lips and letting it burn down your throat.
Your eyes scanned across the bar and landed on the man sitting alone at the bar, watching you with  a hunger in his eyes.
He had been there all night and your thoughts had been dominated by him.
He was mysterious, a certain danger radiated from the leather kutte around his shoulders and you were intrigued. His eyes were dark and filled with stories, and you found yourself wanting to hear every story he had. You eyes flickered across the scars on his cheeks and you wondered how he got them. You found them sexy, you found him sexy, and you blushed as your thoughts went to him.
Your friends laughing shook you out of your day dream and you stood, squeezing your friends shoulder as you walked to the bathroom.
You splashed water on your face, patting it dry with a handtowel.
You eyed your reflection, staring at your face as you gathered your thoughts.
You walked to the door and opened it, gasping as you saw the man from the bar leaning against the wall outside.
His eyes lit up as he smiled at you and you blushed, twirling your fingers in your hair as you watched him.
He straightens and stepped towards you, his eyes never leaving your face.
You gulped as he stepped closer and his scent filled your lungs, the perfect mixture of whisky, weed and leather. You breathed him in and bit your lip as he stepped closer, his body almost touching yours.
You could feel his breath on your face and you looked up and stared into his dark eyes.
They were filled with hunger and he paused, watching you, waiting for a sign to continue.
You pressed your lips to his and he moved against you instantly. His mouth moved hungrily against yours and he pushed you back into the bathroom closing the door behind him.
Your hands held his face to yours and his hands ran down your sides, holding you tightly to him.
You tasted like strawberries and Chibs couldn’t get enough. His pants grew tighter as  you moaned into his mouth softly, your hands running through his hair.
He ran his hands over your body, slipping his fingers under your shirt and lifting it.
You moved away from him and he lifted the shirt over your head, his eyes falling to your breast and he growled before crushing his lips against yours once more. His tongue pushed against yours and you moaned as his fingers traced your skin, sending shivers all over your body.
He pushed your body against the wall, moving his lips to your neck.
He breathed in your scent, losing himself in the smell of your strawberry scented skin and he sucked gently at the soft skin of your neck. The sound of your moan made his pants grow tighter and he ran his hands over your body.
He slipped one hand into the waistband of your pants, sucking at your neck as he moved his hand down inside your panties.
You moaned as you felt his fingers slip between your folds, feeling how wet you were.
He lifted his head to kiss your lips again and you moaned into his mouth as he ran his fingers around your clit.
His fingers teased you, circling your sensitive clit and you arched your back off the wall.
You could feel him smiling as he kissed you and he slipped a finger inside you, making you moan.
He couldn’t get enough of your moans and he slid another finger inside you, moving them slowly in and out.
You pulled your head back and bit your lip, stifling your moans as he kissed at the skin of your breast. He wrapped his other hand around your back, holding you close to him as he pumped his fingers inside you.
Your fingers held his neck and you dug your nails in as he moved his fingers inside you expertly.
His movements were rough, yet gentle and hungry.
You thrusted your hips towards him and he slid his fingers inside your pussy deeper, moving faster now.
“Fuck!” You moaned as you felt your walls tightening and you came on his fingers, still moving inside you as your body shook against him.
He smirked at you and you leant your head against the wall breathlessly as he moved his hands out of your pants.
You closed your eyes to catch your breath and felt his body move away from you.
You opened your eyes and saw him reaching for the door.
“Wait!” You panted, reaching your arm out and catching his wrist.
He turned to you slowly, eyebrows raised.
You blushed as he looked at hungrily.
“Ill see you round, lass.” His voice set fire to your bones and you melted at his accent.
And just like that, he walked out of the bathroom and out of the bar, leaving you breathless in the bathroom, your cheeks flushed a deep red from the guilty pleasure.


This had been going on for months now. Like clockwork, every wednesday night, you’d go to the bar with your friends, and every time he would be there, watching you with hunger in his eyes.
He would follow you to the bathroom and leave you breathless, hungry for more. He wouldn’t fuck you, no. He would just make you moan and cum on his hands and walk out.
Tonight though, you weren’t having it. He haunted your dreams, your thoughts. You wanted to know who he was, you wanted him to be yours, and you wanted to be his.
You didn’t know who he was, you only knew that he was a Son. But you wanted to know every part of him. Your mind never left him and you found yourself dreaming of him constantly.
So you walked into the bar alone, spotting him in his usual spot.
His eyes met yours and you walked towards him, never dropping the eye contact.
You stopped next to him and slid into the seat beside him.
He looked down at his drink and lifted it, swirling the contents.
“(y/n)” You said lowly, nerves beginning to fill your body.
He turned to you, his eyes piercing through you and making you feel insecure under his gaze.
“Chibs.” He said. His voice sent shivers through your body and you felt yourself get wet.
He struggled to look at you, still scared of taking away your innocence. But the thought of you surrounded him, he thought of you constantly, and he found himself dreaming of a life with you.
You leant against the bar.
“What is this, Chibs?” You asked, tired of the games. You had found yourself falling for the man at the bar, as stupid as it sounded. You didn’t know anything about him yet he consumed you, and you felt like you would give anything to have him in your life.
“Lass,” He warned, his voice sounded strained and you turned to him.
He had fallen for you, too, but he didn’t want you to be a part of his life. You were too pure, too innocent, and his life was dangerous. He couldn’t let you be a part of that.
You threw your hands up, frustration flowing through your body.
“What, you can finger me in the toilets but you cant talk to me? Forget it.” You pushed away from the bar and stood.
Your voice was like thunder and Chibs reached out, grabbing your wrist and leading you outside.
He pulled you to the alley, and you leant against the cool wall, arms crossed over your chest.
He leant against the wall opposite from you, hands running through his beard nervously.
“Look, lass. I cant be with ye. Its too dangerous.”
You rolled your eyes and shifted, standing up straight.
“I dont care! I don’t even know who you are! But theres something here, theres something between us. I don’t care if your dangerous, I want to be with you.”
Your voice ran through him. He felt the same, he felt the connection between the two of you. It was like nothing he ever felt before and he didn’t know how to control it.
He looked at you, studying your face as your eyes began to fill with tears.
“Look maybe this is stupid, but I’m Falling for you, Chibs. You gotta atlleast talk to me. I don’t care if your dangerous. I don’t care if your an outlaw. I want you.”
Chips stepped closer, his hands reaching out and holding your face as tears rolled down your cheeks.
“As long as i love you, and as long as you love me, nothing else matters, Chibs.” You whispered, desperation in your voice.
He nodded slowly and pressed his lips to yours. He couldn’t deny it any longer, you were his and he couldn’t act like he didn’t care.
“As long as you love me, (y/n), i will protect you. I wont let anybody hurt ye. I wont let anything happen to you.” His voice was sincere and your heart filled with warmth as he pressed his lips to yours.
“As long as you love me.” He whispered into your neck and you he held you, kissing you in the alley outside the bar.

Series Masterlist / In progress

Series Masterlist: 

BITE ME (Chanyeol Wolf Au)

SOLDIER  (Kai Soldier Au)

LONG LIVED LOVE (Luhan Supernatural Au)

Grim Reaper (Yixing Grim Reaper Au)

Small Side Series / Individual Member Series:


I Need You [BTS Series]


(A/n: Starting from the top of the list means it’s my top priority but it doesn’t necessarily mean that i’ll be doing them right away or in order)

1. Bite Me pt. 8
2. Grim Reaper pt.2
3. Soldier pt. 5 (Will be ending soon)
4. Long Lived Love pt. 3

Updated: 2016.25.7

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Updated: 21.10.16

Rewatching Reflekta

I feel like this part of the opening is relevant this episode. I can’t believe Juleka is actually Mike Wazowski

K let’s see who we’ve got in Mendeleiev’s class… I recognize not-crying-enough-girl, Justin Extra, the heartless kid from Darkblade, that cool girl, Jean Duparc, girl who looks like Asami, Mireille Caquet, Ron Weasley, Aurore Beauréal, and some other kids who I don’t have nicknames for yet


Kim is listening to Max talking about something

My sunshine children Adrien and Nino are chatting

Juleka and Rose are having a moment

Marinette’s spying on Adrien and Alya’s 30000% too entertained by this

Nathanaël’s doing something on his phone and Mylène and Ivan are watching him

Chloé and Sabrina are taking selfies or smth

The teachers are chatting (I love how Mr Damocles isn’t in the other class’s photo, they’re clearly not cool enough)

And Alix hasn’t even bothered to turn up yet (unless she’s too short and standing behind someone)

Seriously, what is my precious tomato son doing? He’s just scrolling? Maybe he’s showing Mylène and Ivan his artwork on like tumblr or something


This is glorious. Ron Weasley, Asami and not-crying-enough-girl were in their class. Chloé and Juleka haven’t changed. Sabrina is wearing green. Nath is wearing indigo. Kim is wearing yellow. Rose has long hair. Max has an afro. Marinette has her hair in a bun


Rose NOTICED POOR JULEKA AND SHE LOOKS SAD AAAAAAAA (also see Kim doing bunny ears to Marinette)

Look at this. Look at my cute smiling goth daughter. If you haven’t yet adopted her idk what you’re waiting for


One of the rare times we get to see both her eyes. This is an important moment.

Okay poor Ivan but I just can’t stop laughing… look at Max’s face. And you can barely even see Alix omg why did the photographer even considering putting the class giant on the front row

Marinette that’s a cute pose you’re doing there

Juleka’s death glare is my favourite thing

Chloé what the heck


Look at this family portrait of my 14 adopted children and my two adoptive parents

Why do they all look so unimpressed. Sabrina literally only asked to go to the toilet, it’s not like these guys knew she was up to mischief. Well okay Mylène just looks surprised and tbh “unimpressed” is Alix’s default facial expression anyway but like. Max and Marinette. Why are you unimpressed.

It seems this water cooler only has one cup. Where are all the other cups? How is more than one student supposed to drink out of this thing?

Why is there randomly a chair in the toilets

Why do these toilet doors have handles

Max just looks so done. Same, my child, same


Everyone in Mendeleiev’s class has so much attitude

I love how while everyone else is like “Oh yeah where’s Juleka???” Alix is just like “idc I’m outta here” and walks off

Marinette’s impression of Juleka is spot on tbh


When you realize the Reflekta Julerose scene is basically just the Horrificator Ivan/Mylène scene but gayer


This looks kinda uncomfortable

I’m worried about Juleka. She’s clearly very unhappy and has very, very low self esteem, even to the point of truly believing Rose would be better off without her. I know some people are like “why did she get akumatized over something as trivial as a class photo?” but I think it’s actually something far deeper than that, and not so easily fixed.




Mr Damocles and the Italian camera dude are totes besties

AND YOU KNOW WHO ELSE ARE TOTES BESTIES? Look at this. I’ve been keeping an eye on Nathanaël okay, and he never hangs out with anyone one-on-one, ever. The closest thing is when the whole class is there. But look. He’s talking to Alix Kubdel. One-on-one. You know, the other classmate who doesn’t have a best friend. So like I’m not saying these two are actually secretly best friends but OH WAIT THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’M SAYING

Btw Marinette’s lucky Chloé chose to record from this exact angle, otherwise Tikki would have been caught on camera and that would be the end of that

I love smug Tikki

Rose probably told Mylène and Jean Duparc what happened to poor Juleka. I bet they’re all predicting she’s gonna get akumatized

OH WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT they’re still talking to each other. Yeah yeah this is a background moment I shouldn’t read so much into it… but it’s not like they both got akumatized on their birthdays or anything… or that they’re near each other in the theme song, like all the other best friends… or that Horrificator kidnapped them in the same round, JUST LIKE ALL THE OTHER BEST FRIENDSOR THAT THEY’RE THE ONLY TWO CLASSMATES WHO DON’T HAVE A CONFIRMED BEST FRIEND/COMPANION AND I’VE LITERALLY NEVER SEEN NATH HANGING OUT WITH ANYONE ELSE EVER (THIS IS NOW MY FAV BROTP FIGHT ME)

That djwifi tho

It’s really creepy that she attacked Rose so callously. But then again, Reflekta is unique in that she has the exact opposite personality to Juleka, so while Juleka clearly cares about Rose a lot, Reflekta doesn’t care at all.

Also Juleka is noodle-armed whereas Reflekta has an eight pack, Reflekta is shredded

Okay I’m going out on a limb here based on who I just saw get transformed… that crying one on the floor is probably Rose being terrified for herself and Juleka, and the one on the left is probably Alix going “I’m tall now???” (The ones in the background are prob Mr Damocles and Italian camera dude, tho I saw Kim, Ivan, Alya, Nath and a bunch of background characters get transformed too)

How did she get out of this tho

Her evil laugh is creepy whether you watch it in French or English

Not sure what to say about this

She’s sliding down the railing, why do we not talk about this more

This is so cool tho. She blocks every single one of Ladybug’s attacks while strutting along as if she’s on the catwalk. Reflekta is fab and she knows it

Um… I’m pretty sure French dub Reflekta just implied she’s planning on keeping LB’s earrings… uh do you seriously think Hawk Moth’s gonna let you do that

I bet this one’s Alix, she looks like she’s gonna punch someone

I still can’t believe Reflekta just frickin stepped on all of them and ran away


Darn tourists

Out of context this looks like Ladybug and Reflekta are a couple now

They see me rollin, they hatin

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think she’s the only one to be de-akumatized while still standing up

Oh, so they did take one with Mr Damocles (also I’m loving how angry that dude on the front row is looking). But where are Aurore and Mireille?

Kim you better not be bullying Ivan again

Tfw when you’re not sure whether this counts as a Kimax moment or a heartrate moment so Both. Both is Good.




This has been said before but I’ll say it again - Juleka’s Angels needs to be a spinoff


THE CREASES Favourites Of 2015

We’re going to be posting some of our favourite tunes (& why) from the past year over the coming month leading up to Triple J’s Hottest 100. First up is Joe’s

Swim Deep - ‘To My Brother’ // I have a lot of respect for any band that can change their tune dramatically and still nail it 100% while maintaining their fan base, and Swim Deep is a great example of doing that. I was never really into their earlier music, but as soon as I heard this I was hooked on it and everything else from their sophomore album ‘Mothers’, which has really cemented them as one of the best acid-house/early 90s uk revivalists around at the moment. Fingers crossed for an Aus tour soon.

Palma Violets - ‘English Tongue’ // My 4am drunk anthem for the first half of 2015, my girlfriend hates this song for that reason.

The Charlatans - ‘Come Home Baby’ // I can’t even fathom being in a band as old as The Charlatans and still producing tracks as good as this one. It’s simple but beautiful and the chorus hits so hard. I’m a sucker for gospel backups too.

Oh Mercy - ‘Sandy’ // One of my absolute favourites of the year. Cannot beat the feeling on this track - I’m mildly embarrassed to admit that I’ve shed a few tears singing along to this one in the car. ‘Without You’ is a close second from the album also.

Dorsal Fins - ‘Monday Tuesday’ // Absolutely love these guys and this track among many others from ‘Mind Renovation’. Frustrates me on a daily basis that these guys aren’t one of the biggest bands in the country right now.

Justin Bieber - ‘What Do You Mean?’ // 2015 has undoubtedly been the year of the biebs for a lot of people including myself, and this track & new direction have really made me a fan of everything he’s (/his writers are) doing at the moment.

The Harpoons - ‘Ready For Your Love’ // Another Australian band who I absolutely adore and cannot figure out why they aren’t selling out shows around the world. This song is a masterpiece, it shows so much restraint and amazing craftsmanship that The Harpoons always nail so perfectly. Bec’s voice is without a doubt one of the most beautiful in the country/world too.

Chairlift - ‘Cha-Ching’ // I’ve had a huge crush on Caroline Polachek for as long as I can remember, and this song has rekindled my love for her and Chairlift by a hundred-fold. Another perfect pop song of 2015 with some of the best production I’ve heard in a long time, the bass in particular is mind-blowing.

The Lulu Raes - ‘Burnout’ // This song is incredible and gives me some major Supergrass vibes. It took me ages to find out who it was after hearing it numerous times on the J’s, and I definitely wouldn’t have guessed that it was a Sydney band behind it. Fantastic production and melodies throughout.

Flowertruck - ‘I Wanna Be With You’ // One of the most loveable bands in Australia right now and it shines completely throughout this track. I first saw them supporting Babaganouj in Brisbane earlier in the year, where there wasn’t a single song in the set I didn’t love (and for that reason made sure we played with them on our last tour!). Can’t wait to see what these guys do next, if I was a label I’d be jumping through hoops to sign them.

The Weeknd - ‘I Can’t Feel My Face’ // Another guilty pleasure/drunk anthem of mine for 2015. Amazingly catchy melodies and vocals.

City Calm Down - ‘Rabbit Run’ & ‘Son’  // I can’t decide which CCD track is my favourite so I’ve included both of these. Jack has one of the most refreshing, wide-ranging and powerful voices I’ve come across in a while and it really shines on both of these tracks. Instrumentally these songs are flawless too. Can’t wait for the album tour in April.

Swim Deep - ‘Namaste’ // Another favourite from their sophomore ‘Mothers’. Everything about this track is catchy and creative. I especially love how the verse enters.

Communions - ‘Forget It’s A Dream’ // Standout track from Denmark band Communion’s 2015 EP. Very reminiscent of shoegaze giants RIDE (Leave It All Behind) & Chapterhouse (Falling Down) but fantastic nonetheless. Like with every band from Denmark, they’re all incredibly good looking as well ;) .

Public Access Tv - ‘Petti Peru’ // One of the best NYC guitar-based bands around who are continuously following up each great track with an even better one. This is my new favourite of theirs but will undoubtedly be replaced with whatever they release next. These guys will be huge so be sure to keep an eye on them if you are unfamiliar.

Peace - ‘Lost On Me’ // One of the standouts from their follow-up album ‘Happy People’, this song is some of their best pop yet. Special mention to my favourite album track ‘World Pleasure’ which I sadly can’t include as it was released late 2014.

Tame Impala - ‘Yes I’m Changing’ // Not much I can say about this song and Currents that you don’t already know. It’s incredible and my favourite release from Kevin so far.

Wolf Alice - ‘Giant Peach’ // I actually thought this was a new one from Vancouver band The Courtneys when I first heard it on the radio, so it took me a while to realise it was Wolf Alice, as I’d originally heard them when they were a folk act a while back. Nonetheless this track and their debut is amazing, it’s clear why they are one of the biggest bands in the world right now. 

Jamie XX - ‘Loud Places’ // Another anthem of the year. Best part of this song is clearly the Idris Muhammad sample in the chorus but Jamie’s production, arrangement and Romy’s vocals definitely have made it shine.

surprise: mc

A/N: idk I based this off of the interview thing with bea miller/luke if you havent seen it then look it up! 

“Hello everyone we are back with the sensational, one and only, miss Y/N Y/L/N!” Ryan Seacrest paused as the few people in the room applauded and cheered as you blushed and grinned. 

“Thank you! Thank you very much” you laughed. 

The past few months had been a whirlwind for you, shifting your entire life upside down. In a wave of pure luck, Justin Bieber (it took you a few hours for that to fully sink in) had discovered you on YouTube and insisted on meeting you. You had just been posting covers online and keeping some rough song ideas tucked away, but after getting together with the international superstar and sharing your material it wasn’t long before you were signed to his record label and working on your debut album. 

“So as we all know you have been climbing the charts with your new single, And Another, and your first album is going to be released soon! How does it feel?” 

You nodded as he talked and then cleared your throat before answering, “It’s all very overwhelming if I’m honest” you said shyly, “I’m not really used to such a fast pace but ever since we’ve released the single everything else has kind of been falling into place you know? It’s been quite a lifestyle change but I couldn’t be happier.” 

“And what can we expect from the album?” Ryan asked. 

“Um, well it’s like I’ve taken a chunk of myself and uh…..put it in song form?” You internally slapped yourself for such a weird answer but tried to salvage the word vomit. “I mean, I did a large part of the writing for all of the songs on the album, and they’re all about things that I’ve gone through, or seen, or felt, or just adapting the music I like to listen to so uh, yeah….. it’s just really personal that way.” Relief washed over you as Ryan smiled and nodded, good that seemed to save it! you thought. 

“So you’re just diving in with the personal stuff then? That’s bold!” he chuckled. 

“Yeeaaah,” you agreed, your voice a higher pitch than usual, “I just figured that people might as well know from the get-go what I’m about and who I am. It’s important to me to be my most authentic self as much as I can, and if people don’t like that then……well I guess that sucks for me doesn’t it!” You smiled as the room laughed at your joke at the end, and you were glad that you were getting a good response so far. Radio interviews were tricky at first because you were reaching an instantaneous audience that couldn’t see you so you had to convey everything with what you said, but as time passed you learned how to answer questions and show your personality through your responses. 

“Well that’s one way to look at it!” Ryan laughed. “So you’re the new kid on the block and no one really knows that much about you..”  

You nodded and adjusted the large headphones on your head as you waited for him to get to the point. “Okay…and?” you prompted. 

“…And so we thought it would be fun to do a little quick-fire get to know Y/N? Are you game?” 

“Yes! Sounds good!” you smiled, getting in a more comfortable position in your chair. 

“Okay so the goal is to answer as quickly as you can, ready?” 

“Yes! Go for it!” 

“Alright, favourite colour?” 

“Depends on what mood I’m in, but right now it’s like a deep magenta purple.”

“Favourite food?” 

“All of it.” Ryan paused and gave you a funny look, doing a double take at your response. 

“All of it?” he asked. 

“Yes,” you laughed, “I like to eat I can’t just pick one thing! Next question.” He just chuckled and continued. 

“What is the one thing you can’t live without?”

“My loved ones” you answered without hesitation.

“Any tattoos?” 



“Gotta keep some of the mystery alive Ryan! Have to keep your audience wanting more” you laughed, shaking your head.

“Celebrity crush?” 

“Well Ryan,” you said lightly, “I have many. I can’t really choose because I like them all! Some days I’m feeling Nick Jonas, other days I’m feeling Chris Hemsworth, or maybe Matthew Gray Gubler….I don’t know it varies.” 

Ryan pressed on, “But if you had to choose one, your consistent go-to guy, who would it be?”

You took a moment to think (for dramatic effect, you already knew full well who your celebrity crush was). “I think I’d have to say Michael Clifford, from 5 Seconds of Summer” you said softly, a shy smile on your face. “Really? That’s unexpected, are you a fan of theirs?” Ryan looked genuinely surprised and you kind of expected that. The music you made was very much unlike some of the music you listened to, like 5sos for example. “Yeah, I really like them…I think they’ve grown up a lot which shows in their second album and they’ve taken more time to grow musically and lyrically and I think that’s awesome. Plus they just seem like really cool guys.” You smiled as you talked about them; you always smiled whenever one of their songs came on the radio or they were doing an interview…they just had that effect. 

“What is it about Michael that you like so much?” 

“Well he’s just a really genuine person I think, he’s so candid about anything he says or does, and that’s not something you see very often,” you smiled. “Plus everyone knows he’s attractive so that may have something to do with it” you added with a laugh. Ryan smirked and you knew something was afoot…. “Well it just so happens that we have them on Skype right now, say hello boys!” 

“HI!” The familiar chorus of their voices echoed through the small room and you felt the blood drain out of your face. 

“What the fuck….” you whispered, earning a laugh from everyone who was watching your reaction. 

“So boys how do you feel about Y/N being a fan of you guys?” Ryan asked. 

“We’re very flattered!” You picked out Ashton’s voice right away, although there was scuffling sounds in the background. “We’re so happy that someone as talented as Y/N likes our music and uh, I know Michael is pleased about it esp–” More scuffling sounds as Ashton got cut off. 

“I’m sorry but what is happening?” you asked, looking around in confusion, “Is this real life?” 

“I can confirm this is in fact real life” Calum replied, getting a laugh from everyone.  

You leaned across the table and whispered to Ryan, “Where am I even supposed to be looking? You said they’re on Skype right?” He laughed and pointed to a monitor where you saw the four boys who waved at you as you looked at them. Not knowing what else to do you waved back with a dumb smile on your face. 

“So boys, tell us where you are right now” Ryan prompted, and only then did you see they were walking down a corridor. 

“Well we’re…….and getting ready for………now….soon..” Luke was speaking but he was getting cut off as the video and audio were cutting in and out. The call ended suddenly and you turned to Ryan with wide eyes. 

“Was that real or a set up?” you asked, whispering for no reason. 

“Well that was really them” he answered, “But it seems like the wifi signal wasn’t quite good enough, sorry about that.”

“No no, that’s okay! I probably would have passed out if that continued any longer” you joked, laughing nervously as you tried to calm down, fidgeting with your hair and headphones and anything around you. 

“Please don’t pass out.” 

“Yeah that would be very bad for all of us if you did that.” 

You froze, the voices (and giggles) coming from the door were as clear as day and you did not want to believe they were right there. You slowly swivelled around your chair and saw 4 familiar figures in the doorway, with big stupid smiles on their faces. You felt your cheeks heat up as they walked in the room. 

“No… no no!” You gasped, curling up in the fetal position in the chair. “I’m gonna die and my career just started I cannot leave the earth this way” you mumbled into your legs. You heard laughter and a pair of arms wrap around you. 

“Awe, please don’t die, we would all be very sad” a familiar Aussie voice chuckled, and when you looked up you were face to face with none other than Michael Clifford. He was grinning and you were sure that your face was as red as his hair. Letting go of you he pulled up a chair and sat beside you as the other boys did the same, spreading out around the table. 

“Well for those of you at home the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer have joined us, hello!” Ryan laughed, still amused at your current state. “Y/N how are you feeling?” 

“I’m feeling like you should sleep with one eye open tonight” you said, thankfully getting laughs from everyone. Even though you were only half joking. “I think I’m still dreaming this cannot be real……OUCH! What the hell!” You turned around and smacked Michael in the shoulder after he pinched you. 

“What! You said you were dreaming so to prove you weren’t I pinched you, that’s what you’re supposed to do right?” he giggled. 

You rolled your eyes. “I still don’t know how you guys managed this….. I mean none of you are sneaky enough to pull this off.” 

“And yet here we are!” laughed Calum, smiling and nudging his bandmates as you and Michael couldn’t stop sneaking looks at each other. 

“Well unfortunately we have to wrap things up but thank you to 5 Seconds of Summer for joining us today, they’ll be back here tomorrow so answer some questions.” He paused for a round of applause, “And thank you to the always lovely Y/N Y/L/N for joining us, her new single And Another is out now and her new album will be out soon! This has been On Air with Ryan Seacrest, thank you for listening.” 

As soon as you were given the signal that you were off air you turned to Ryan, “I’m actually going to kill you I wasn’t joking.” But he just laughed, “Ha! You’re funny, there’s no way you could take me.” “Oh yeah?” you laughed, raising your eyebrows. “Yeah! And as much as I would love to work out the logistics of my death, I’ve got a meeting” he said quickly, coming around the table to give you a hug and a kiss on the cheek, “It was so great to meet you Y/N, I can’t wait to see you again soon!” He said a quick goodbye to the boys and dashed out the door, “Great stuff today guys!” he called over his shoulder. 

“So uh, we’re just gonna go…” Ashton said, shuffling out of the room awkwardly with Luke and Calum not far behind, “Michael…you coming mate?” 

“Uh yeah, I’ll be there in a second” he said, waving as they turned around and left. He turned to you with a playful smirk on his face. “So uh… think I’m attractive?” He wiggled his eyebrows playfully and you burst into laughter. 

“Really? That’s all you got our of what I said? That is so typical” you chuckled, feeling more at ease with just the two of you in the room. 

“Well I wasn’t really paying attention to the other stuff, maybe you could refresh my memory over dinner?” He looked at you with a cheesy grin in hopes that you would say yes. 

“That was probably the worst pick up line I’ve ever heard,” you giggled, a blush creeping onto your cheeks, “but yes, I would love to have dinner with you.” You smiled shyly as Michael handed you his phone and you put in your contact information. 

“Awesome….well I should probably get going” he said, opening his arms for a hug. You nodded and took a step forward and felt his arms wrap around you, strong and warm and you didn’t want him to let go. But he did and he smiled at you as you tucked a stray strand of hair out of your face. 

“Well um, I’ll just wait for your text then?” you asked shyly. 

“Which won’t be long,” he replied, grinning as you blushed, “I’ll see you later Y/N!” And with a wave he left, leaving you in a daze, still wondering if you had been dreaming the whole time. 

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