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Do NOT spread Brendon’s new address around if you ever come across it. Do NOT go to his house. I don’t care if you’re the biggest fan alive, don’t go to his house unless he invites you. It’s simple. He’s a human being who puts up with enough stuff already, the fact that it’s gotten to the point where he doesn’t feel safe anymore in his OWN HOME and he feels the best decision is to MOVE is completely unfair, and now you need to keep this in your thoughts, tell new fans, people who don’t know. Respect him and his privacy.


“At times the world may seem an unfriendly and sinister place, but believe that there is much more good in it than bad. All you have to do is look hard enough. and what might seem to be a series of unfortunate events may in fact be the first steps of a journey.”

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so biophilia, if done with enough background knowledge on animal behaviour, is a good thing?

Biophilia is an innate human experience - it’s not good or bad, it’s just part of who we are. It’s how we choose to engage with it that matters. 

This blog was created because I believe there’s a huge amount to be said for learning to understand why animals do what they do on their own terms - putting ourselves into their heads as much as we can, rather than interpreting them through our own schema. We can love and value them just as much when our empathy is accurate to how they live, and honestly, I think it’s so much more powerful to look at something as alien as an octopus and have some semblance of an idea of it’s internal state. 

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why do you shoot on film? the quality looks very bad

I’m not sure.. I guess I don’t really care about quality. Everyone with enough money can buy a good camera and take perfect pictures, it’s so boring to me.. I mean I also like digital pictures, but film is just more natural and real to me.. it’s just something you can hold in your hands.. Also, I feel the same way about sending a text instead of writing a letter, searching for new music on youtube instead of going to a store and looking for cd’s and all that stuff.. but at the same time I’m using my phone and youtube like everybody else so whatever

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Hi! Do you know fics (au or not) where Killian is already in love with Emma and being all awkward and maybe jealous?

Some Sort of Neighborly by @shipping-goggles

Modern!AU Captain Swan. They’re not neighbors, not exactly, and they’re not friends either. It’s pretty hard to find reasons to bump into the woman who lives next door to your best friend, especially after your only interaction with her has been waking up on her couch one Saturday morning. 

Dropping Anchor by @nowforruin

As if returning home penniless and heartbroken isn’t bad enough, the last thing Emma needs is for her mom to get her a job – and for her future boss to pull her out of the harbor before she even knows his name. But Killian Jones has never been afraid of the water…

Look What the Cat Dragged In by @athenascarlet

There are only a couple things Killian Jones knows about his neighbor, Emma Swan. She’s a bail bonds person and she’s attractive. Also, she apparently has a cat. And he apparently is now her cat sitter.

csa tw/abuse tw

I want to be very clear about what I am observing on tumblr lately:

  • I am observing a dynamic where a close-knit clique of individuals, with a largely shared audience that is comprised at least to a degree of young people, often gang up on and bully (using deeply personal tactics - often referencing their targets abuse histories and using loaded language that is clearly designed to be as personally upsetting as possible to the individual) anyone who disagrees with them
  • which would be bad enough except they are also targeting people specifically for trying to talk about consent and communication in relationships, for using terms like “homophobia” and “transphobia” to describe the oppressions that many LGBT people face, and for saying that the consumption of child porn is not okay
  • specifically I am seeing a great effort being put into undermining established ideas and language etc that have been used for ages, by both victims and victim advocates, to talk about abuse and oppression
  • to the point where victims are framed as perpetrators explicitly for using the wrong language (even when the language that they used is like, straight out of Why Does He Do That) to talk about their own abuse
  • I am also seeing a sweeping normalization of emotional manipulation and verbal abuse through widespread misinterpretation of terms like “gaslighting” and “boundary violation” and etc, so that someone can literally post a chat log in which they exhibit textbook manipulative and gaslighting behavior, and then when someone says “you’re being manipulative”, they are attacked for “gaslighting” the manipulator by “saying [their] feelings aren’t valid”
  • AND, while all this is happening, this clique of individuals circles the wagons around personal friends of theirs who have been exposed as consumers of child pornography, by insisting that fictional child pornography is harmless (it’s not) and that consumption of child pornography is a “valid” “coping mechanism” for csa victims
  • which, without accusing anyone of lying about being a csa survivor, directly parrots a pervasive meme that is often used to stigmatize and keep survivors of csa from coming forward about their abuse AND is used by abusers to avoid accountability - the idea that being sexually abused as a child directly causes someone to become sexually attracted to children, which is an idea that has been debunked time and time again and largely decried by victims and advocates as deeply harmful
  • and is especially troubling given the resurgence of ideas like “asexual people are more frequently and more deeply harmed by rape and rape culture than non-asexual people” and “some pre-pubescent children are naturally sexual beings who are interested in and even want sex, and some aren’t, and the ones who aren’t are asexual”

All of this is frankly deeply terrifying to me. I think at BEST people are harming themselves here by engaging in and spreading ideas that seem pro-survivor on the surface but are ultimately deeply damaging, and at worst they are creating a playing field in this discourse where grooming and abuse are normalized and the language that we use to address and call that shit out is seen as unacceptable and problematic, and survivors who don’t embrace this dynamic to their own detriment are treated as disposable (and ironically accused of being anti-survivor!), along with potential victims. 

This is not okay.

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write about late nights or early morning

Late nights are sodas drank a little too late, watching movies with friends who are all in different states, and cuddling up in blankets and pretending that the blanket is your friends. It’s watching the time and internally converting the timezone difference, and telling them they should try to sleep, even though it’s even later for you. It’s watching the sun rise through the window knowing you haven’t slept yet. It’s waiting for that crash later and not bothering to get off the call because the best feeling is trusting your friends enough to fall asleep on them.

Late nights that turn into early mornings are the days you look to coffee to pretend you know how to function properly. It’s questioning your life choices and not changing them so you can still hang out with the people you love. Late nights are the times you don’t do anything and don’t feel bad for it.

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My View on 2x08

So I didn’t get to watch the episode until last night and I was actually surprised that it wasn’t as bad as Tumblr made it out to be. I don’t know if I missed something or what but I thought it’d be a whole lot worse. I’ll start with the things I was most worried about and go from there.

Raphael/Izzy: So I was under the impression they were like going to make out since in photos I couldn’t really tell. While a friendship between them seems questionable, Raphael is practically bound by his faith and I’m sure he hates to see anyone in a position he may have previously been in enough to help, even if it compromises some of his own thoughts. HOWEVER, do not take this to mean I’m okay with what Izzy did. Raphael was very reluctant the first time and didn’t want to do it at all the second, but Izzy convinced/forced him to bite her. I think the short heart-to-heart was partially because they were still high off each other and because Raphael wanted her to understand why he wouldn’t do it anymore and why she needed to sweat it out. The slightly flirty banter at the end I think was partially the high and also Izzy being her confident flirty self. Given proper work, I could actually see a broship here. Two incredibly powerful, sassy, well-dressed people who don’t take anyone’s shit including each other’s could be awesome. Just imagine the back and forth, Izzy casually flirting and Raph smiling and rolling his eyes like, “Isabelle I’m asexual. I know you know this. Go flirt with your girlfriend.” Imagine them making snappy comments about people together or teasing each other about their SO’s. Right now though, it is definitely leaning towards toxic. I think it can be salvaged, however. I really hope Raphael can help Izzy get better and also warn any other vampires she might go to that if they bite her they’ll suffer. A lot. I hope they eventually work together to take out Alderdick. I wouldn’t be surprised if Raphael could make the connection that Izzy wouldn’t do this unless someone like Alderdick tricked her. Perhaps with Izzy’s help Simon could even go back to the hotel. That said, the lack of saphael made me sad and I would’ve liked some interaction.

Climon: Ho boy. So it happened. I’m not happy about it, but at least it hasn’t strayed (too much) into the toxic territory I know it’ll be if we look at book canon. I think Clary has some jealousy/boyfriend abandonment issues to work on judging by what Iris’ spell showed and Clary’s reaction to it. Simon though, my precious cinnamon roll, my baby, my Jewish nerd son, he’s just been so good. I’m glad he at least got it out there even though I know how it ends. I’m really hoping this means Simon will have more confidence in himself, which will hopefully lead to enough self-respect to put himself first when Clace inevitably comes back. As for the Climon chemistry… Ew. Ironically, watching them kiss felt like I was watching siblings kiss. There’s no romantic chemistry whatsoever. I kept thinking, “aw they’re such cute friends” only to remember, whoops not friends anymore. They just don’t work and I really hope the lack of chemistry was purposeful. They have great chemistry as friends but that kiss was just… No.

Maryse: I heard Maryse was coming back and I was so sure I’d be screaming at her the whole episode. I kind of was, but by the end I was like, “shit, you are kind of basically grown up Izzy with your whole I’ll deal with it and take whatever I have to in order to get the job done kind of way as long as my family won’t get hurt.” Instead of a bitch, at the end I saw a woman who grew up in prejudiced times, hurting, accepting her mistakes, and trying to protect her family. There was one big crack in her tough woman armor and it broke me. I want to add Maryse to the list of strong women who deserve better in this show. Even though keeping the truth from Izzy could make her continue to hate her mother, she doesn’t want Izzy to hurt. I just. Maryse has earned some real respect from me.

Max: needs to learn some manners, but he still owns my heart. Kids are way too smart sometimes.

Iris: I actually didn’t know she’d be back but when I saw her in the recap I knew there’s be trouble. I can respect her need to protect Madzie though. On that we agree. I’m also glad the blood oath doesn’t have Clary like killing someone or something even though I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was Valentine’s plan. That was really clever with the cat thing though. The warlock battle was awesome.

Jace living with Magnus: I was afraid this might limit the Malec, but I’m super happy with this and I broship it to high heaven. The bit about Jace knowing they did it was quality. That was just quality television right there. The blossoming bromance is great. I approve 1000000000%.

Malec: I know many people saw what happened last episode as toxic with Alec “forcing” Magnus to have sex with him, and I do think it could’ve used more talking but I think this episode helped alleviate Magnus’ fears of being a hit it and quit it relationship. I think that was Magnus’ main issue with having sex rather than the sex itself, so while they still have work to do I think this was a quality episode for them. “I want to show her that this isn’t going anywhere.” 💯💯💯👍👍👍💯💯💯 good shit I tell ya, good shit.

Clalec bros: Alec has grown on me so much and it hurts so bad to see him want to fucking JUMP OFF A GODDAMN ROOF!! Like, Jesus. I just. Thank fuck for Clary reaffirming that she doesn’t blame him. I really hope that will help Alec move on. Also props to Clary for not blaming him. It can be really easy to blame other people for stuff like that, even if they couldn’t have done anything otherwise. We don’t often see Clary not being destructive (imo), so I think their broship is good for her and I think helps Alec lighten up a bit too.

The trailer: So. So. Shit goes down. I checked and that is definitely Raphael getting smacked around by Alec. Considering what he says to Magnus and that Izzy is in the background, I’m betting either Alec finds out about the yin fen or Izzy comes clean. I bet Raphael even went with Izzy to tell Alec to make sure she didn’t chicken out. Or maybe not, who knows. I’m totally not digging Clary’s new suicidal tendencies even if she has her reasons straight. We get it, you’re a danger but just. Ahhh. I have to wonder if this is when Simon becomes a daylighter if Clary convinces him to drain her (or turn her??? Like she can’t be pure angel blood if she becomes a vamp right???). Also, Maia. I love you. You’re badass, but please chill a little. Just slightly. Please. Looks like next episode is gonna be another roller coaster.

on a completely different note i’ve been paying attention to my disordered eating lately and i cannot believe all that shit in the aughts about hating carbs and carbs being bad for you? i cannot get enough calories in my body on the daily without eating copious carbs like. nothing else does the job unless you’re that raw vegan girl who ate like 30 heads of lettuce and banana peels or w/e

A lot of people are saying how much they like and miss the rival couples. I have a bad habit of never finishing my HM games, I’m lucky if I make it far enough to actually get married, but in most of the games I have, which is almost all of them, I never make it to the kids or marriage stage, so I’ve never experienced these rival couples that everyone goes on about, and honestly, it hasn’t made much a difference for me.

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Press me up against the wall with my back to you, press your knee into my leg and whisper what a bad pet I've been. Shove your hand into my pants and finger me roughly, make me whimper and my heart beat faster. Spank me and bite me hard enough to make me bruise and bleed. Then fuck me hard enough to make my legs collapse after you climax, but care for me after and remind me you still love me, I just need to know my place sometimes. (Have some soft guro [if it counts as guro???])

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Hi sea fam, I've lately stopped being able to use my healthy coping skills. I used to draw and write but for the past two months I've been completely blocked. It's not a loss of inspiration, I've got enough of that, but it's like my brain decided I can't do things that are good for me. Powering through that block isn't working for me and just increases my anxiety... and now I'm left with no coping skills since I don't want to use the bad ones. Do you have any tips on how to get through this?

A lot of people run into the same problem, I would just pick new outlets. If drawing and writing isn’t working, maybe you can try digital sculpting (I think sculpturis offers a free version of their program? Or maybe that is the program, I’m not sure), or you could try music, or photoshopping, video game making, just pick somethin’ new. And if, or when, your brain decides to try to stop those, see if you can use it to go back to writing and drawing.

-Lou the Lobster

Next up, a sweet child: My tanto.

Tanto are daggers, usually endowed with a pretty thick constitution. Since Japanese blacksmiths couldn’t make long blades easily due to the shitty iron they had to work with, they got good at making short blades something fierce. The use a dagger has in a battlefield is dubious, at best, but hey, when you had to resort to a last last last resort weapon, you at least had the guarantee that it was going to be a good last last last resort weapon.

As you can see, the length and width of a tanto is pretty damn respectable! You stab someone’s gut with this bad boy, their back will feel it. The average tanto is long and thick enough to go through a person easily, and its compact design makes puncturing armor an easier task than you’d think. I acquired this when I was a young one, and the quality of the steel is great! I simply HAD to have it. I keep it in my cupboard, in case the unfortunate event in which I have to shank a burglar happens.