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Kind Of - Jooheon

A/N: Best friend Jooheon gets jealous and a bit carried away with his feelings~

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You lulled forward, your soft tresses curtaining your serene expression.

“She’s so cute,” Minhyuk spoke, reaching out to brush the curtain of soft hair behind your ear.

Jooheon caught his wrist, his expression placid.

“You’ll wake her,” he murmured.

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I remember getting my first American girl doll. I remember how much I loved her. When I went to my friends house; 4 years old, she and I would be the moms. We didn’t think there was anything wrong with that.
When I was five I met a new friend. She had two mothers. My mom was close friends with both. I didn’t think anything of it besides the fact she had TWO moms ! How lucky

When I was 10 I heard the word “faggot” for the first time. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew I didn’t want to be called that.
By the time I was 13, I knew what that meant. And I hated myself for thinking a word like that could define who I was.
I took so much time hating myself… that I didn’t love myself.

I remember waking up sobbing when gay marriage was legalized. I thought, “I finally have a chance.”
I remember coming out shortly after then to my family. I was welcomed and supported. I don’t know why I hadn’t done it sooner.

I still don’t understand how people can look at any person of the LGBTQIA+ community and think that there is a problem in learning to love another person or in loving ones self.

this pride month is a reminder to me, that even after almost two years of being out, there is still so much I can do for the other people in this community.

I hope you all stay safe and have a gay time 🌈 you deserve so much love


Bert: “Wow, you drew me. Ok I’ll draw you, and I’ll give you a rad thumbs up and a big heart because I can tell you have a big heart” 

there are just certain parts of my life I’ll just never end up telling anyone and I just gotta live w that

Hey! If anyone’s from Wisconsin I’ll be at KitsuneKon all this weekend. I (probably) plan to cosplay Human!Bill Cipher on Friday, Jean Kirschtein on Saturday and Viktor Nikiforov on Sunday :))) If you see me come say hi, I’m super awkward but love to make friends!

OK basically in my seminar there’s this boy who genuinely looks like a Kagehina lovechild with a bit of Suga, Noya and Oikawa thrown in?! I sat next to him after coming in late and just omg. 

Seriously, I can’t do his face justice but he’s really really pretty ok

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I'm 100% with you on LOK. I was so hype to watch it like "omg this is gonna be so great" like the caliber of ATLA and I was OUT OF THIS WORLD EXCITED to see a reunion of the Gaang all grown up but then ☹️ I still enjoyed parts of it tho! besides the wonky spirit world and the awk love triangles, Idk about all that lol. Imho the red lotus were the best villains

Yes! This!! This describes exactly how I feel about the whole thing. I can enjoy it, it I cannot hold it to everything A:TLA was.

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Might I be able to request some ferriswheelshipping headcanons? Like when and how they started dating and stuff?

of course friend~!

Alright so after the whole bit with Ghetis and the, idk end of the world or Unova or w/e happened and N cut all ties with his “father”, he seeks Hilda out and was like “hey, remember me? ah, of course you’d remember me. i tried to do a lot of shitty things and you stopped me from making a huge mistake. but uh hi”

and Hilda’s just like

“uh, hi?”

because at this time she’s probably already finished with whatever she was doin’ idk I haven’t thought too much on what she was doing after Ghetis and before marryin’ N boy here.

so N’s just super awks and shy and is liek “well fuck idk what to do”

but Hilda catches on and is like, ya know what? he ain’t half bad. now that things’ve calmed down and there’s no imminent threat, Hilda’s p attracted to N. So Hilda’s just like

“hey uh, so things have calmed down and you’re not here to try and take my Pokemon and end the entire world, so do you wanna go grab some Casteliacones?”

and N’s juST FLUSTERED LIKE OH FUCK WHAT’S HAPPENING???? SHE ASKED HIM OUT ON A DATE??? WAIT WHAT’S A DATE? oh this poor sheltered lil bby doesn’t know what romance and dating and all that stuff is. Hilda’s got her work cut out for her.

so Hilda’s teaching N all about what ppl do when they’re dating and stuff. And N’s just like, actually writing down notes. oh this sweet pure boy.

and they date for quite some time too! Hilda’s bro was really surprised that his twin sister and their former enemy/rival lasted so long. But he did give N the whole “protective brother speech”, but mostly as a joke. Except he didn’t realize N would take it so seriously and was quite literally shitting himself (there were a lot of awkwardness happening and Hilda scolded Hilbert for scaring her boyfriend like that).

N tries to be the perfect boyfriend, but keeps stumbling b/c he doesn’t really know anything about being a boyfriend? like again, he’s a sheltered lil bby, so he doesn’t know the right social cues and mannerisms when it comes to dating. But thank god Hilda’s there and honestly? She doesn’t care about the whole facade of being the “perfect boyfriend”. As long as he’s there with her by her side and being himself, that’s all that matters. She doesn’t want him to be someone he’s not in order to make her feel happy.

They also have a LOT of great communication with each other. Hilbert was definitely one of those that assumed N wouldn’t try to convey his feelings to Hilda, but he was surprised yet again at how wrong he was. N and Hilda has the most healthy relationship he has ever seen??? like, N and Hilda talks a lot???? N would ask questions, he would voice his concern??? Hilda would reassure him that he’s okay??? And like

they just talk and communicate a lot and it’s so beautiful.

once N’s gotten a hang of dating and understanding the whole boyfriend/girlfriend deal, he’s become so much happier being able to stand by Hilda’s side. He’s learned a lot about life itself from her (and Hilbert too) and the meaning behind the world as a whole. Being with her really opened his eyes to so many things that he has never experienced before growing up. Sometimes he’s ashamed for being so sheltered and naive about everything. But Hilda reassures him that it’s okay and that he can’t help what happened in the past.

it wasn’t until Ghetis came back to fuck shit up did N start to seclude himself. Of course, Rosa and Hugo (Hilda and Hilbert’s cousins) dealt with Ghetis. But N still felt guilty and responsible that Ghetis was still running amuck trying to start shit up again after years of silence from him and Team Plasma.

at this time, Hilda and N have been together for approximately 5 years (idk don’t quote me on that ok). idk they’ve just been together for a real long time now kay. so anyways, Hilda and N are just, so much closer to each other. They may have been together for a long time, but they learn something new about one another each and every day and it’s just beautiful and magical. N loves Hilda with all of his heart, and so does his Pokemon! His Pokemon are so happy that N is happy wtih Hilda. Hilda brings out the best in N and are so grateful to her for what she has done for N. Hilda’s Pokemon also loves N and believes that the two of them can grow and become stronger with each other. They’ve already gotten through troubling obstacles and pot holes that comes their way. 

that isn’t to say that they don’t have arguments! Sometimes they’re about the small stuff, like Hilda wanting to become a Pokemon Ranger and N being against her having to go study elsewhere. He’s insecure about himself still that he doesn’t know if he can handle long distance relationships. He wants her to stay here with him in Unova. But Hilda really wants to be a Pokemon Ranger and feels that it’s her calling. She wants to do it. They do end up reconciling and figuring out what to do exactly to overcome this obstacle. but they still have to have a long distance relationship thing - just until Hilda graduates from Pokemon Ranger school.

during her study abroad, they would video chat a lot, and N would sometimes visit her over there to spend time with her. And sometimes during vacation, she’d go back home to Unova to spend it with him. Except for N, it just wasn’t enough. He misses her a lot and in one instantaneous last minute decision, he decided to move to where she was - just until she graduates. Hilda was VERY surprised about him showing up with his suitcase being like

“hey i’m moving here so I can be closer with you” and he’s living in some small house he bought. He also got a job at a Pokemon Shelter and a Pokemon Daycare and absolutely fell in love with the job. He felt so close to the Pokemon in both the Shelter and Daycare, and his co-workers were absolutely kind! Hilda would visit him at work when her classes and training ends and can really see how bright N shines when he’s doing his job. It’s like she fell in love with him all over again.

fast forward to Hilda’s graduation, her fam is here with her - and N as well - to celebrate her finally becoming a certified Pokemon Ranger. N is absolutely happy and ecstatic that his girlfriend of {insert number here} years is finally a Pokemon Ranger!

they move back to Unova and Hilda proposes to N.


and he says yes before fainting from excitement lol.

so they’re p much engaged and they buy a nice house somewhere in Unova (i haven’t figure it out yet shhhh) and Hilda suggests N open up his own Pokemon Shelter or Daycare because she’s seen him work back in whereever-the-fuck-she-was-when-she-was-learning-to-be-a-Pokemon-Ranger and she tells him how bright and lively and happy he was working there. N doesn’t disapprove of the idea and decides to do just that. So their house ends up being converted to a Daycare and Shelter. Thank god they have a huge ass backyard and stuff amirite folks? They also had to do some construction stuff, so now they have an upstairs as well as a ground floor (which is behind their “store” front of sorts).

the Shelter and Daycare is opened and it’s been so successful! N would find abandoned Pokemon and would rescue them and bring them back to nurture them. He’s even hired a few employees who are dedicated to the cause to help out around the store. It’s also great to have extra pairs of hands to help handle all the Pokemon that comes through. And about a year or two after the opening, Hilda and N get married and everyone’s invited.



this ended up longer than expected ha ha!

I also ended up writing from how they got together to them sealing the deal LOL

I hope you enjoyed this headcanon, anon~! <3