this was awfully hard to colour

I felt like reviving my mermen! rusprus AU that I never managed to finish, and when I see my previous sketches, I’m happy I didn’t finish them  then. 

I really regreted choosing this type of merman for Ivan, tentacles are awfully hard to draw ! but on the other hand I have several reasons to make him an octopus, one on them being that octopus are awesome. I’m not going to say everything about this AU (because it would be too long), but here’s some things :

  • Gilbert is a prince, and Ivan is an outcast, and seemingly the last of his species
  • Gilbert can turn into an human, which makes him part of the dominant/royal race, because he can totally live on earth
  • Ivan is a blue ringed octopus, who is toxic for humans, and he can change to several colours, including black and stripped
  • Ivan’s fave food is crabs, as Gilbert quickly understood it :

On a technical note, it’s one of the first time I do a drawing with black outlines. Excepted for some details… I just liked the lineart, and I started to colour it without colouring the lines, and I liked how it turned out…so… 
Also, the background is kinda empty, but I prefered to work more on te ambiance of the drawing (it’s the first time I draw an underwater scener)…

Well, I hope you’ll like it…