this was awful i'm so sorry

And just when the will to do animatics comes back I found this…….
Now, I know internet is public and I know that everyone can SEE what I put on the internet but this does not give you the right to do whatever you want with something that I made.
This shouldn’t bother me as much but unfortunately it does. Mostly because I DIDN’T GIVE PERMISSION TO USE MY VIDEO and either I recived a request to use it. Worst of all, I came to know it nearly a month after it was made.
Taking aside the fact that the react has three times the visual of the original video (wich I forcefully hope didn’t become money in pokets that aren’t mine) but honestly I wouldn’t be so pissed if ANYONE said something about the animatic. The girl (please note this could be her like it could have been anyone else using my or anyone’s work without asking) as long as all the people in the comments hardly said NOTHING about the animatic making my work seem so much less that it actually was. The discussion was mostly about how Angelica sacrificed so much for her sister and, yes, this is true but… If you’re gonna talk only about the song then why do an animatic reaction at all?
That said, reactions on videos, especially when the videos are indipendent animations/animatic that take incredible amount of work to complete, are harmful to artists, especially the ones not popular like me. You (everyone that do reactions) are taking views away from us with your videos, a video that you made in 3 minutes while it took us MONTHS to complete. That’s not fair. Sure, the girl in question here was nice enough to give me credits and a link to the original but we all know that so few people will click that link.
I’m just…. sad it had to be like this….. If you said younger me that one day her creation would have gonna be reacted on some big channel she wouldn’t be able to belive it, but now, with all the experience (even if little) I have gained in the years I can say I am not ok with this. Maybe some people are happy someone reacted to their videos and that’s compleately fine but every artist has different thoughts on this and that’s why it’s so important to ask before you do anything. I pictured the possibility of this happening but I made the error of giving for granted that I would have recived a request to use my video and then politely denied it. A request, I remind you, THAT NEVER CAME. And if it came, a request that I’ve not responded or approved.
Sorry for the rant but I feel awful about this….. I won’t start any drama because I know how drama ends up on the internet but I really had to take this off my chest. This brings me to use the good old disclaimer at the beginning of the videos, the one that say without any mistakes that I do not give permission to use them.

Tldr: if you’re gonna make a reaction video please make sure you have asked permission to the original artist to use their work and that they are ok with it. If you’re gonna watch a reaction video please make sure you give a click to the original too. Thank you.


The west coast is on fire, Houston is underwater, two hurricanes are on their way, parts of the world are also flooded, and I’m currently using defense mechanisms to stay calm about the fate of humanity so I just have one thing to ask:

Who didn’t forward that chain letter from 2007

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The stages of saying ❝I love you❞ (Alec Version)

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If Cas is going to remember everything up to the moment he died does that mean the last thing he remembers is looking at Dean...?!

I would imagine so, yeah. But was his last sight of Dean the relieved and happy face when he came through the portal, or the shocked and devastated face when he saw the blade come through Cas’s chest… great it was a happy thought until I made it awful! I AM SO SORRY.

now I have Cas’s lines from 12.12 stuck in my head, including the “please, don’t make my last moments be spent watching you die.“

send help

But consider this

Steven’s PTSD getting worse due to witnessing Lars’ (whose basically his big brother now lbr) brutal death, the thought of possibly making him a zombie, and having to leave him behind on a hostile alien planet just after getting so close to him.