this was at the before party


Lena Luthor wasn’t usually a nervous person.  She could command an audience, she could dominate the boardroom, but right now?  She was panicking.

Honestly, Lena never really thought her friendship with Kara would reach a stage where she was slowly being introduced into the group, one by one.  Maggie had been first.  She and Lena had long since discussed the whole Maggie-arresting-Lena debacle, Maggie spending the better part of ten minutes apologising before Lena could get a word in edgewise.  She and Maggie had hit it off fairly quickly, bonding over their mutual love of Italian cuisine and various scientific magazines.

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Waking Without You

just over 1700 words, a continuation of this. Trigger warning for unintentional drug overdose. 

Even hates waking up without Isak.

Since they moved in together it hadn’t really been an issue.  Sure there are the odd night when Even visits his parents and ends up staying the night, or Isak parties too hard with the boys and ends up passed out at Jonas’, but Even is lucky enough now to be able to say he wakes up almost every day tangled up with Isak.

This is why when he stirred in the middle of the night and found himself severely lacking a sleepy snugly boyfriend his lips pushed into a pout.  Was it too much to ask for to just have one night where he got to cuddle his boyfriend for the night before they had to deal with a new day’s bullshit?

His annoyance, however, flew out the window when he heard retching coming from their bathroom.  It wouldn’t have been a surprise to Even if Isak had caught some bug going around; Isak had hardly slept the past couple of weeks and his immune system was probably through the floor.  It didn’t help that he ate like shit.

Even was beginning to realise that it was a miracle Isak wasn’t sick more often.

He took a breath and rolled himself out of his duvet cocoon, ready to go comfort his boyfriend.  He grabbed a hoody off the floor and pulled it on to keep the chilly night air from biting at his sleep warm skin and crossed the flat.

“Baby?” He croaked out, too tired to be embarrassed by his sleep roughened voice. He could still hear retching when he knocked on the bathroom door.  He figured Isak hadn’t heard him and pushed the door open, unaware that his world was about to turn on its axis.

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"Blackmailed Noora" Noora was the one who made a deal with him to go out with him if he apologizes to Vilde. Which he did. Afterwards, Noora could've walked away, but she didn't. William left the party and Noora went after him. I don't like the way William treated the Nico deal - THAT was fucked up. But before? He's problematic but he's not this evil lord that you're making him out to be.

What the hell. Oh my god anon.. thats.. not how it went. Noora only agreed to go out with him if he stopped trying to use vilde to get to her BC he said ‘I’ll only stop calling her if you go on a date with me.’

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For the sibling au: what if one time isak and evens sibling went to a party and got really drunk and because isak doesn't want to go home like this, he sleeps over at his friends house. When they're getting ready to go to sleep, isak gets up again just to go for a pee and on the way from the toilet to his friends room he meets even who got woken up by him making a lot of noises (like goddamn isak didn't see where this wall came from, it wasn't there before) Part 1

Part 2 and isaks heart I racing and everything is moving and he can’t focus because he is very drunk and also because even, just in a white shirt and his boxers, looks incredibly cute with his tousled hair and the sleepy but also confused look on his face

ahhhhh and evens like “youre still up?” and isak puts his hands in the pocket of his sweatpants,trying to act cool and stay steady, and hes like “i had to use the toilet… sorry if i woke you” and even shakes his head a little ,”its okay. but,” and he smirks, his eyes suddenly light up “since we’re both up.. wanna watch some shitty tv?” and isaks heart skips a beat and inside his head he’s like whattttthefuckkkk! but he just shrugs, “okay” so they go into evens room which, okay, isak thought they were gonna use the living room, he’s totally not freaking out or anything, and even gets the tv remote and slips under the blankets and looks at isak, nodding him over and isak hesitates but his legs are moving forward and once he’s in evens bed his thoughts are fuzzy and he hears his blood rushing. then even turns on the tv and they end up watching some late show thats really bad, it hurts to watch, and well isak barely does bc all he can think about is even’s closeness and his body’s warmth and he’s trying so hard to not touch evens arm but then of course even elbows him softly in his upper arm, his voice barely over a whisper, “u know what could make this better?” and shit his face is so close and for a second isak thinks theyre gonna kiss but then even is getting out of bed and leaving the room and isaks like “???this did not make it better, wth?” and he’s confused but then after a minute even is walking back with a box of icecream and two spoons and sits next to isak again, and the cold running down isaks throat sobers him a little but his heart is still racing bc he can feel even everywhere, he smells his scent and the room is dark except the tv’s lights and it feels so cozy and soft and then evens hand is reaching over to isak with a spoonful of icecream, “you have to try this flavor” and he’s feeding isak and isak almost forgets how to swallow ,his cheeks burning under even’s gaze but then he manages, and hums happily bc damn, it really is a nice taste, and he thinks “his lips must be even sweeter” and he catches himself looking at evens lips and then he watches as they quirk up and even is smiling shyly and then isak drops his gaze and continues eating the icecream silently, and even makes a comment about the show and isak almost chokes from laughing and its either bc he’s still a lil drunk or well, u know, everything ur crush says is 10 times funnier than it actually is, and even is trying shush him to not wake up the others and his hand is also on isaks back, soothing and helping him calm down his coughs and suddenly isak forgets theyre not a thing and this doesnt happen every night, so he just. lets himself relax for the first time since he stepped into the room and even seems to copy, his shoulders dropping too and theyre laughing as silently as they can and even’s hand doesnt leave isaks back, it only slides down lower and rests there and isak moves closer to him without realizing and then theyre watching the show like that, all cuddled up with melted ice cream between them 


Last Night’s Vibez

My neighbor had a birthday party at a club last night and invited me, I mean she’s my neighbor so of course I had to go show face. Party was lit af, but then these females got to arguing n shit, next thing I know it’s a drink being thrown in my direction so I ducked and dipped out. Lmaoo no time for the fuckery. Just wanted to post these ”before the shenanigans” pics lmao
As of now I’m packing for my little trip to LA, only gonna be there until Wednesday.

April 30, 2017

Remember how I said list-making Hannah would be back soon? HERE SHE IS MY DUDES !!! Last night I went to a party with my best, best gals and dressed like an idiot and danced in my fav velvet boots. It was so, so lovely and reminded me who I am: someone who doesn’t settle for mediocrity and has lots of love to give and lots of people who love her in return.

Since my race is next week (a week from today!!!!) I couldn’t drink, but I danced so much and had fun drinking water with my lovely lady April haha.

Here are some lil moments I’m holding onto:

  • Before the party, Taylor and I went to see our friend in an improv show. We go to nearly every one and it’s such a good ritual to have. Last night I realized I knew 1/3 or so of the audience, and it reminded me that I’m really making a life here. I’ve come so, so far in 2 years.
  • Also went to a music fest downtown put on by our college radio station with Taylor, Rachel, Em, and a few others and me and Emily (of course) danced like idiots — ESPECIALLY to the house music.
  • A-Punk by Vampire Weekend was playing as we left so Em and I just started FLAILING and doing this little jog/run dance.
  • Also she helped me pick out my outfit and we went and got iced coffee (and in my case a matcha latte) and I made her pasta for dinner with vegan sausage, mushrooms, and onions ah
  • At the party, there were these two girls who kept telling me MULTIPLE times how good I looked as if it was of the utmost importance for me to understand their sincerity. It totally made my night
    • This happened a lot with a lot of different girls and I just love girls so much and girls who support each other I could burst
    • Also having a girl gang is like ????? What is better?????
  • At one point during the party, me and my friend Nic jacked the aux and it was a BLAST
  • My friend Jack and I played Kanye’s “The New Workout Plan” and did all the essential workout moves while singing every word (cue: DUMBBELL ARM MOTIONS). It was something out of Georgia Nicholson.
  • At another point during the party, my friend braced me by the shoulders and looked at me VERY INTENTLY to tell me how happy he was that we’re friends and it was so PURE.
  • After the party I took a few people home and Nic rode behind us on his bike and I didn’t know how to get outta the neighborhood so I drove really slow next to his bike while he navigated me. All the windows were down and we were listening to the College Dropout.

That’s all I got for now, lovelies. Megan might come see me today but otherwise I’m cooking all day for a cookout I have later with a student org I’m in. I feel so lovely and whole because I’m realizing that I’m not a broken person. I haven’t failed. I haven’t isolated everyone in my life or scared them away with my mental illness like my ex-friends who bullied me in high school said I would.

I’ve made a life here and there are so many people who love me.

Sending you all love and resilience. If I can be okay, you can too.

All my love always,
H xx

p.s. the song for today’s overcast Sunday morning with a cookbook and my big ol cup of coffee is “Beach Comber” by Real Estate

This isn’t just whiskey - it’s treasure.- Reyes Vidal

And again XD I desperately need some DLC…

This party’s pretty boring
I don’t think it’s for me
Lucy’s already crashed out
she’s on the spare settee 

This air is getting so thin
Go down, go down, go down
The honey whiskey’s kickin’
Go down, go down, go down

I think I better go before I try something
I might regret, I might regret
I think I better go before I try something
I might regret, I might regret

But if you wanna free your body tonight
It’s our secret, It’s our secret
I think I better go before I try something
I might regret, I might regret

you wanna know what @venenix and i have a lot of feelings about? viktor and yuuri’s wedding + bachelor’s party. admittedly, we have a lot of feelings about viktor and yuuri in general, but we spent roughly three hours texting headcanons back and forth about the night before the wedding and we though it’d be a pity to keep them in our phones, so here goes

  • Viktor and Yuuri obviously get married in Saint Petersburg, considering how Yuuri moved there (and please imagine Yuuri saying “yes we have a lot of beautiful memories in Hasetsu, but Saint Petersburg!!! your home!!! our home!!!” and Viktor proceeding to bawl his eyes out in Russian)
  • they’d also get married during the off season, obviously. and the off season is in summer. you know what Saint Petersburg has, during the summer??? WHITE NIGHTS. BE STILL MY PUSHKIN-LOVING HEART.
  • is there anything more beautiful than the thought of our favorite skaters strolling down Nevsky Prospekt under the white nights i dO NOT THINK SO
  • as for the bachelor’s parties, they obviously start our divided in Team Viktor and Team Yuuri and then they all meet up at a night club and things can only go downhill from there
  • there’s a lot of Phichit singing Abba, specifically say i dooooooo i do i do i do i do with accompanying Guang Hong+Leo chorus
  • when they meet up at the night club, Yuuri has already drank his fair share of champagne and is reADY TO GO BRING BACK SOCHI!YUURI
  • viktor is Ascending
  • somehow Chris has decided that he has to keep the future bridegrooms Pure and Chaste™ and is being a cockblocker extraordinaire
  • also he’s dressed in one of those very tacky “sexy nun” costumes that you find everywhere in Italian carnivals and you can pry this headcanon from my cold and very catholically raised dead hands
  • “NO TOUCHING VIKTOR”, “but—”, “YOU’RE NOT MARRIED YET DON’T LIVE IN SIN”, “chris what the actual fuck”
  • half through the evening no one can find Yuri and Otabek because they’re speeding through first and second base behind the dj booth
  • “i fucking hate those two”, “of course you do Yura”, “they’re all over each other look at them!”, “Yura you literally have a hand down my pants not that i’m complaining”
  • during a pause between two songs JJ randomly shouts that “ISABELLA JE T’AIME LET’S HAVE AN ENFANT” and it’s a bit weird but Isabella is just In Love
  • sara and mila take hold of a sofa and spend half the night making out because they haven’t seen each other in a while and really missed each other
  • since it has been discovered that Seunggil is an affectionate!drunk you know he’ll be all over Phichit who is very flirty and so incredibly stunning that a little bit of Seunggil’s soul Dies
  • michele has found out that mediterranean blood mixes incredibly well with alcohol and is dancing like his life depends on it and Emil Sees Heaven
  • when it’s time to go home Phichit drags Yuuri to his hotel room because “you can’t sleep together the night before your wedding are you insane?”
  • the next morning Chris wakes up with a random stripper’s underwear on his head and shakes Viktor awake classic cliché Hollywood comedy style (but considering how we know that he climbed the Hasetsu Castle naked i will not apologize for making him Extra™ not now not ever)
  • viktor’s eyes turn teary and his lips quiver as he asks “really? with yuuri?” and then he starts bawling
  • but the ceremony is beautiful everyone cries we cry and then they party all over again under the Saint Petersburg white nights amen
Conflict of Interest

Fandom: MCU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Agent!Reader

Other characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Maria Hill, Clint Barton.

Prompt: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

Notes: This was written for @therealdeanwinchester13‘s Writing Box Challenge! The card that was pulled out for me was a song, which I have incorporated near the end.

Warnings: Mentions of Bucky’s past, alcohol.

Words: 3,826

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Your phone lit up at the press of a button and you noted the time glowing on the display.


You could hear the bass of the music carrying down the halls to your room, along with a hubbub of conversation and laughter. Tonight, was the night of one of Stark’s infamous parties, which was clearly in full swing already. You were just waiting on Maria to finish up in the bathroom before the you could head down and join the rest of the team for what promised to be a lively night off.

The two of you had been so busy lately that you hadn’t had a chance to catch up on recent events. Sure, you received official updates as all agents did, but the two of you hadn’t been able to kick back and relax as the good friends you were for what felt like months. In fact, it probably was months. You hadn’t managed to properly speak with her since you had been assigned to watch over the newly awakened Winter Soldier.

And boy had that been eventful.

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i do think that Noora was suspecting that Sana was into Yousef, or she suspected that Yousef was into Sana after she talked with him at that party, but after she tried talking to Sana about it and Sana shut her down so fast and talked about how Imature yousef was, she probably just assumed that Sana wasn’t interested.

i still don’t think noora is interested in yousef, or anyone from that matter. this clip makes that pretty clear. The yousef comment was just a joke since she had been talking to Sana about him before.


1. we don’t know exactly what happened with sonja and even or how she feels or what conversations they’ve had post isak/even….since we weren’t in his headspace. given she was happy giving isak advice and wish the both of them a merry christmas, i can only assume things were friendly with all parties involved. he didn’t string her along…. he broke up with her both times before things got serious with isak.

2. isak apologized!!! twice!!! to eva about what he did in s1…. from something eva did herself, that yes he catapulted into the spotlight, but………she made her own mistakes as well WHICH SHE SAID!!! he also realized after the shit he said about MI people that he was wrong…… he was happy to see his mom??? he came out to her and her approval meant the most to him??? he tried his best to understand what even was going thru even.

3. jonas was a dick i guess in s1………and the kid he was in s3…… a completely different person, he grew up and learned from his mistakes… like???? do these characters have to give a speech about how much they’ve changed??? julie knows we can pick things up that we don’t need to explicitly be told things…


Guess who’s got a new group?

It’s me!

Jon found a gaming bar in our area and we joined a group doing a 5e version of the Curse of Strahd. I don’t really have all the names yet (for players or characters) so for the now the quotes will be cited by class and honestly I’ve been thinking of doing it like that for a while now, so…

Anyways, I’m playing a halfling rogue named Phaedra. I’ve never played a halfling or a rogue before; she was a pre-gen from a binder the bar keeps on hand for people who just turn up. 

Jon is playing a halfling fighter of some kind? He named him Francis because it’s Jon. He hides a lot and doesn’t trust new people at all.

There’s also an excessively muscular and taller than average halfling named Thorngage whom I’ve pegged as the party leader, a tiefling cleric based heavily on Claude Frollo from Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, a bard clown who can only tell lies, a half-elf druid with blue hair, and a spy who apparently wears robes like he’s an onion and they’re his layers.

This campaign will be tagged as #curse of strahd.

Enjoy and roll 20s!

Your Mod,


TalesFromYourServer: Saved three patrons from accidentally sinning, got first tip ever

This happened about a month ago, before I knew this sub existed, but I figured you folks might appreciate it.

So I work part-time as a banquet server at a relatively fancy historic hotel, and specialize in serving events such as private parties, awards ceremonies, conferences and weddings. I’ve been there about a year and a half, and as a result am one of the more experienced members of the staff. That particular day I was working a private dinner for about 100 people, all college students and young professionals. They were part of an academic association and were convening from all over the state for an awards ceremony. In other words, a pretty typical event.

As part of my position we not only set up the room (linens, tablewear, decorations), but also set up and refill buffets, serve plated dishes, clear plates, do breakdown and cleanup, and generally handle any special requests or accommodations. So the party was in full swing, and my coworkers and I were watching and refilling the Italian buffets we set up as tables were dismissed.

I noticed a young woman wearing a hijab in the line for the buffet. What we have set up is pretty standard: salad bar, grilled vegetable display, garlic bread, green beans, vegetarian lasagna, and two meat dishes. While in line two men standing next to her point to one of the meat dishes and say “That one has pork. This one isn’t our chicken.” in a joking way. They were indeed right, it was a chicken dish with pork sausage. They take some of the other dish, which I assume to be chicken, and head to their seats.

A minute later a coworker runs up to me:

CW: “Hey, can you grab some more pork cutlets from the hot box?”

Me: “You mean chicken cutlets?”

CW: “No, the pork. The chicken dish has the sausage.”


I hauled ass into the dining room where the hijabi woman was sitting and quietly told her that what she took was pork and not chicken, and therefore not halal. Thank God she hadn’t started eating yet. She looked mortified and pushed the plate away from her, thanking me for letting her know. I took her plate and told the same thing to the two other Muslim gentlemen, who also thankfully hadn’t started eating. They thanked me and quickly got up to refill their plates with halal fare and tiramisu for dessert.

So, crisis avoided, service continued as usual, taking plates and refilling glasses during their awards ceremony. At one point one of the Muslim men walked up to me and shook my hand, thanking me again. So my happy little heart feels like I’ve done my good deed for the day. But it gets better. FIVE more patrons at separate times come up to me and thank me for my service. Now, I pride myself on doing an excellent job, but this was way beyond the norm.

And now comes the cherry on top. Not one, but TWO patrons while thanking me gave me $5 tips. Unlike servers, I get paid an ok wage (~$8.25/hr) and as a result getting tipped as a banquet server almost never happens. To have TWO patrons tip on the same day is a once-in-a-blue-moon, straight up legendary occurrence. Definitely one of the highlights of my brief service career.

So reddit, thats the story of how I prevented my customers from sinning and made ten bucks in the process. Also I love our kitchen staff dearly but who puts out meat dishes that all have pork?!? Fuckin hell, man.

TL;DR: Muslim patrons mistake pork for chicken, quickly swoop in to correct mistake and prevent accidental sin, get a handshake, compliments, and two $5 tips. Feelsgoodman.

By: EmpressofMars

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hey, sorry if this disturbs you but I wanted to thank that Anon which dissed cliché Marichat Balcony scenes because since then I grew into loving them more then before, and now I'm finding myself in hopping for a Marichat balcony scene every time I start a new chapter of the fanfics I read. I'm absolutely going crazy craving for more of them (as there can be so many different ones) so thanks Anon!!

It doesn’t disturb me at all!

Oh, look at that, I’m lovin’ how that asshole anon just increased the liking of the marichat balcony scene ‘cliche’. I wonder if they are boiling cause they did the exact opposite of what they wanted.

As for you nonie, welcome to the Marichat ‘Cliche’ Petty Party!

Shall We Dance

Imagine Request

Tom HiddlestonxReader

Hey, darling, can you do a imagine where the reader, Tom’s costar in a Marvel movie, invites him to be hers/his partner in a dance? And the reader is an amazing dancer, just like Tom. (Princess Consuela Bananahammock is back)


You’re having an amazing time at a large party after the premiere of the latest Marvel film, you weren’t in this one, you weren’t making your grand debut for two more movies, but you have been announced, so you are part of the family now. You’re excited and a little tipsy when you see your co-star Tom hovering around the edges of the dance floor, never afraid to dance at the drop of a hat, but clearly not wanting to be the only one out there. You take a quick shot and wink at the bartender before charging over to Tom, on a mission. “Alright, Hiddleston, I’m going to need you to show me the snake hips.” grabbing his hand and sliding out onto the dancefloor. You twirl and spin and ever so slightly grind against each other, somehow managing to sync your mutually disorganized chaos into a perfect dance with each other. Just as you are ready to break free and get one more shot to keep the slight buzz going, Tom’s arms tighten around you, the music switching to something slower, more intimate, he whispers in your ear, “There is no way you’re getting out of this dance with me, you are far too amazing to let go.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think life of the party could be like a continuation of popping champagne? Cause popping is about them not knowing what to do when they get big and then life of the party sounds like what happened after they made it big. Does that make sense or am I not making sense

no this totally makes sense!! i really like this idea honestly, i think life of the party is quite different from any song they’ve put out before and i think there’s definitely a parallel between it and songs like poppin’, and also someone pointed out parallels from stella too where it’s like back then they loved partying and having so many friends and stuff and now it’s like ‘they all wanna know me’ ‘what the hell did i do’ ‘thrills don’t come for free, the price you pay for dreams’ (i think it’s thrills, it sounds like thrills to me) anyway yeah i totally agree, like it’s such a cool dynamic like watching and listening to these boys grow and change it’s just crazy what a blessing



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I was tagged by @dubvictor to talk about five things that make me happy, so here goes!

1) Walking through the park in the morning, when everything is quiet, and I can watch the animals play out their routines without disturbance.

2) Bright colors.

3) Tea. Unflavored tea, no milk, no sugar, bitter and steaming and aromatic.

4) Meeting exciting new people. I always feel so buzzed and high after going out to a party and making new connections.

5) That moment when I’m reading a fic or a book and it puts an idea in my head I’d never ever considered before.

If you’re up for it, I tag @rembrandtswife, @synteis, @codeswitch, @purronronner, and @cyanoticfallacy to give it a go :)