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    oh wonder, without you’ 
do you know that i’ve been closing my eyes? love me slow, hallucinating. i’ve been chasing my mind, lonely in the cold nights. and i’m digging down holes without you, can’t be on my own without you. i’m a little bit lost without you.

How To Stop Procrastinating

For all the procrastinators out there, here’s a list of tips that a fellow procrastinator has found very useful through the years to get her actually doing stuff.

Start studying from day one

I know you’ve heard this a million times, but seriously, before the panic of “I can’t possibly catch up with all of this’ kicks in. Once this happens, you won’t even want to try so you’ll just procrastinate even more. I know it seems overkill to study on the first day, but think of it this way, you’ve covered almost no material and it will take you no time. Also, it only takes 30 days to form a habit, I promise you revising every day becomes second nature after a while.

But I’m already in the middle of my academic year and I can’t possibly catch up!

I’ve heard that excuse a thousand times, from myself that is. So you can’t catch up? Well, don’t. If it’s a class where you don’t need to know the previous material to understand what you’re learning about right now, take it from that point and keep up with it. You can catch up on the previous stuff little by little when you have free time.

But it’s a cumulative class and I need to know the previous material to understand what the heck my profesor is talking about! 

Watch some youtube videos on the material or go to Khanacademy. You just need to grasp the basics, you can perfect your knowledge on those topics later on, if you have time.

I just can’t get myself to open the book 

First, what is it you need to do TODAY? Let’s say you need to study a unit that has x pages and you have three days ro study it. Today you will study x/3 pages. You get it, don’t just study aimlessly, give yourself a finish point. Then write down what you want to accomplish (it’s incredibly satisfying to cross things out) but don’t write more than 5 tasks (unless they’re really small ones) per day.

Now is when you find that you don’t actually want to do any of the things on that list, so what do you want to do NOW? Do you want to watch a youtube video? Read a book? Pee? What were you planning to do to procrastinate? Well you can still do it. That is, once you study a page (or x pages, whatever you feel up to). This can be repeated until you hit that finish point you stablished earlier. You can also add extra weekly rewards like ‘If I do all my studying this week, I can do x or I can buy y’ (think small stuff, x can be calling a friend to hang out and y can be a color pen). But remember, just as important as getting that reward if you do your work is NOT getting the reward if you DON’T do the work. I don’t mean like don’t indulge if you haven’t finished one or two tasks, but, if you’ve been slacking all week yet you get the reward anyway, what your brain understands “It’s ok, I don’t actually need to work”.

I just want to lie on my bed for a bit

Yes, studying on your bed is awful and you should avoid it. But you know what’s worse than studying on your bed? Not studying at all. If you’re like me and sometimes you just randomly get these urges in the middle of the afternoom to lie on your bed ‘for a bit’ and then you fall asleep, bring your study materials to your bed. DON’T lie down, just get into a slightly reclined sitting possition. I find that this kind of tricks your brain into thinking that you’re resting but you can still get work done.

I have to write a paper, not study

I was planning on telling you that I have literally no tips for writing papers and lab reports (these in particular are the bane of my existence, I literally feel such hostility towards them that I will refuse to even look at the document I’m sure it has nothing to do with being a failed writer) BUT luckily I’ve found something that kind of works. So, forget about your paper for a minute, open a text document, and just WRITE. You can literally write about whatever - your day, how adorable your pet is, or a random story that makes no sense whatsoever. Force yourself to write for about three minutes. Now look back at your paper. I find that once I’ve started writing, I am a lot more willing to keep doing it, even if it’s not about the same topic. This may not work for some people though. Also, write a SUPER rough outline or just bullet points of what you want to say like “Then we add HCl. Later decantation. Test for acid pH. Finally filter and evaporate”. Expanding on something is much easier than writing it from scratch.

Clean you desk the night before

I promise having a clean space to put your books on will motivate you the next day.

And finally, a little tip from a recent experience - YOU’RE GOING TO WISH YOU HAD DONE MORE 

Personally, every time “I can just cram for this” even crosses my mind, I remind myself of how stupid I felt last semester when it came to finals and how badly I wanted to go back in time and beat past me to a pulp. But also, I remind myself of how thankful I was to past me for every little thing that she HAD studied because it was one less thing to worry about. So, when you want to slack off, think of your future self thanking you for not doing so.

So, with this advice in mind, go hit your books right now and start becoming a better version of yourself!

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phaxhalfelven  asked:

Oh my goodness wonderful request...Loved question what is this letter from? You said it's from a book? And can I get my hands on it? Okay so it was three questions...

Hello! Thank you! Yes, it was from a book called Doctor Who: The Companion’s Companion. Clara wrote it full of quizzes and other information on the Doctor’s past companions. She then hid it all in the TARDIS. He found the book and added in a page addressed to her, and then put it back in her hiding place.

Here’s photos of the book cover, the page Peter read out loud, and then two YouTube videos of him on stage. The P.S. got cut in the first one, so I added it in from my original video.

Why do I dislike Tales of Zestiria the X?

Recently I’ve been asked one question numerous times: “Why do you think the anime is shit? You only hate it because it doesn’t focus on SorMik, right?”

Now guys, I think it’s vital for me to answer this. Because let’s face it, we will never see face to face if we don’t discuss the matter. And look, here I am, typing this out because I feel this is important. So if you’re curious and want to understand why a lot of us dislike the anime then please bear with me because this will be long (6 pages in Word, 6!)

To make this a little bit easier for me, I’ll assume that you haven’t played the game or watched its walkthrough yet and that you like the anime. But of course if you did either of them it’s good, bc at least you’ll know what I am talking about.

And so, I shall do a character analysis in this post, comparing the game and anime selves to each other while I name some other issues as well. I won’t list all the inconsistency and plot holes the anime has for I’d be here even after my death.

I’m going to try to make you guys understand that while the SorMik fandom is not happy, there are more pressing issues with the anime than that.

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rooster-geek  asked:

Hey there! I've been seeing gifs and clips of the mcelroys all over Tumblr, and from what I've seen, they're fuckin hilarious, and I was wondering how you would suggest someone start watching their content?

Wow! A question like this for little old me? Honestly I’m a little thrown off but I’ll do my best to let you in on some info, and open this up to anyone a little more well versed than I am.

Monster Factory - This was actually my first introduction into any sort of McElroy content. It’s a series on the Polygon YouTube page your oldest brother and your sweet baby brother, Justin and Griffin McElroy respectively, create abominations within character creators in video games and basically…hack and roleplay their way into your heart. It’s probably one of the more universally known aspects of the McElroy fanbase because it’s easily accessible and hilarious. This is where all those Final Pam, Turbovicki, and Knife Dad jokes come from. I highly recommend starting here because it is a great base for figuring out if you like their humor style and whether you’d be interested in diving deeper.

MBMBAM - Better known as My Brother, My Brother, and Me. This is a podcast where the three McElroy brothers give advice for people of the modern era. You have Justin and Griffin, as well as the middlest brother Travis. A lot of questions come from Yahoo answers or user submitted things, but it is a wholly fun podcast. The first episodes are shaky and older, so a lot of people suggest jumping in later if you aren’t concerned about starting from the beginning. The podcast is super funny and heartwarming, and this was personally my first introduction to Travis McElroy, who is amazing. Don’t be confused by this podcast because there is a recent Seeso television series of the same name based on the podcast which leads to ….

My Brother, My Brother, and Me (tv) - I linked the episode of the show that was released on YouTube, and if you like it you can always sign up for a free trial on Seeso to see all the episodes. It’s an amazing show and I highly recommend watching it because if you enjoy the McElroy boys it doesn’t disappoint at all! 

The Adventure Zone - A D&D Podcast with all three brothers and their lovely father. I have to admit I haven’t delved very far into this one, and know all the baseline things but I do know it looks like a lot of rowdy fun with some wild boys!

Shmanners - Are you scared of being that one person at a function who doesn’t know which words or motions to use to not look like a total buffoon? Travis and his wife Theresa will show you what manners are all about! 

Sawbones - Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her doting husband Justin go through the mishaps of the medical world while being blissfully married. It’s super fun and if you like medical jargon and stories it’s totally an awesome podcast!

Rose Buddies - Griffin and his wife Rachel go in depth for some high brow analysis of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchises and all of its side projects. It’s hilarious and dives super deep into the shows. So if you like seeing a more intense viewing of shameless reality television, which I do, this is super fun!

There is a lot more, and it’s all super awesome! I’ll link the Polygon YouTube page and their own personal podcast listing on their page so you can check more out. Anyone with more to add can feel free, especially for Adventure Zone related things!

drinkcoffeemakefilms  asked:

Franchesca, I love you, I love decoded, but I literally cannot watch it on youtube anymore- I have to watch it straight from mtv(.)com (a website I don't even use in the first place) because the comments are so triggering. PLEASE, why can't mtv disable comments and start blocking trolls? Any joy I get from decoded and similar series is almost instantly dissipated when I see that like/dislike bar and thousands of anonymous people debating my humanity

Hey! Thanks for watching and supporting the show, it means a lot. The comments on YouTube are notoriously bad, so I’m glad you’re taking the steps to avoid them by watching on MTV’s dedicated Decoded page. Just as a heads up, the show is also shared on Facebook, so you can always watch it on my page. As for the current state of the YouTube comments, that’s not something I can do anything about. I don’t manage the channel or have a say in how it’s managed. 

I can say though, disabling comments negatively impacts search results and moderating comments takes a lot of additional time beyond managing uploads. I wish I had a more concrete answer or that hateful comments weren’t part of the YouTube viewing experience, but sadly it seems to come with the territory when talking about social justice online. Thanks again for continuing to support Decoded despite it all. 

reignfier  asked:

So I got really excited over my hand lettering and decided to request a fic as well but no pressure :D outgoing Clarke tries to hint her interest at Bellamy but he's such a nerd he totally doesn't get that she likes him.

I hope you like it! Thanks for the prompt <3


Bellamy didn’t mean to become a professional YouTuber.

He was convinced, as a preteen who watched tons of daytime court TV shows that aired on public access channels when he and O got home from school, that he wanted to be a lawyer. Making decent money, arguing with people professionally… it seemed like a sweet deal to Bellamy.

And out of– probably stubbornness, honestly– that remained the plan for years.

But then halfway through law school, a professor he TA’d for started assigning videos for her first years to watch outside of class. Between the narrator’s long-windedness and lofty vocabulary, and the dryness and complexity of the topics, Bellamy’s office hours had been flooded with students asking him to explain the very same concepts in ways they would understand.

“I don’t have time for this,” he’d complained to Miller, who just reached over to pat his shoulder patronizingly, not even looking up from the textbook in his lap.

“Kids these days, am I right?”

“The videos are a good idea,” Bellamy continued, knowing Miller was hardly listening. “They would work great if they didn’t always lead to students tracking me down while I’m trying to study so they can ask me all the same shit.”

“So make a better video.”

Bellamy blinked at him. “Is that an actual suggestion, or are you just bored with my ranting?”

“It can be both,” Miller shrugged. “If you can’t join them, beat them.”

“Huh,” he said. “Maybe I will.”

So he did. He expected to be emailing students the links, maybe sharing them on the class Facebook page. He never expected them to start getting hits from law students across the country.

He posted another video, and then another, each time the views and likes climbing little by little. YouTube ads started making him a little bit of money on the side, not enough to support himself (not at first), but enough it kept him going. Kept him filming and uploading.

That’s when Monty came in.

“I’m going to help you out.”

Bellamy frowned at him, shrugging his backpack off. It wasn’t unusual for him to come home to find Monty there, laptop balanced precariously on top of Miller’s legs thrown across his lap, the two of them studying together. In his opinion, it was only a matter of time before they hooked up on that couch, and Miller was going to owe him twenty bucks.

(“If we don’t hook up, then I’ll have twenty bucks. If we do hook up, it’s not that hard to just move it somewhere else. You’re making this too easy for me.” “It’s a gesture, asshole. I’m rooting for you guys.” “You’re welcome to root for me with your wallet anytime, dude. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.”)

“What are you helping me with?”

“Your video thing.” He turned his laptop to show that he had Bellamy’s page pulled up, icon and banner blank. “More specifically, production quality. If you’re willing to shell out a little bit of your internet money on some better equipment, I can help you film and edit your stuff so that it looks a little more legit.”

“Less like you’re in some basement somewhere making instructional videos on how to make suits out of skin,” Miller added. Bellamy gave him the finger.

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Drama King

YouTuber!Au Series

Word Count: 1715

Genre: Fluff


You knocked softly on Jeonghan’s apartment door, hands trembling too greatly to make any louder of a sound. You were frantic, jittering in place. After no one answered for a few seconds, you pulled out your phone and looked again at the text Jeonghan had sent you.


Jeonghan was normally very calm and collected, never even texting in all caps like that. You knew that something was bothering him, which is a rare occurrence, so you rushed over to his place like any good friend would.

You sighed to yourself. Even calling yourself Jeonghan’s good friend in your head was a little upsetting.

“(Y/N)!” The door swung open, startling your mind away from wherever it began to wander to.

“Jeonghan,” You started, a bit breathless, “What did you need my help with?”

Jeonghan stuck his head through the doorway and hastily peered around the hallway, as if he was looking to find someone spying on your conversation.

“Come inside first.” He ordered, pulling you by the arm into his apartment.

The sudden and brash skinship made you blush a bit, but you tried to collect yourself as Jeonghan closed the door and locked it.

“What’s wrong, Jeonghan?” You asked, growing more concerned by his odd behavior.

“I have a problem.” He said distressfully.

You tried not to look him in the eyes, out of fear that he might notice the rosy tint your cheeks still wore. As your head was tilted slightly, you got a view of Jeonghan’s YouTube setup on the opposite side of his living room. In all of Jeonghan’s videos, he would sit in front of a pastel gradient background, but you could clearly see that it had been taken down. All that was left of the setup was his camera, pointed at a barren wall.

Jeonghan usually had countless beauty and skincare products laid out on his desk, to remind himself to make product review videos of them. But from what you could see, all those products had been replaced with what seemed to be piles of paper, lots of them.

“Jeonghan, I’m really starting to worry about you. What’s your problem?”

He sighed, placing a hand on your shoulder. His sudden boldness for physical contact was uncharacteristic, and caused your eyes to widen in response. But this only prompted him to chuckle.

“You think I’ve gone insane, don’t you?” He asked, abruptly returning to his usual slow-paced persona.

“You haven’t really done anything to convince me otherwise.” You answered, removing his hand from your shoulder.

“Well, my dear friend,” He began, placing his other hand on your other shoulder, “I think I have too.”

He took his own hand off your shoulder and began walking dramatically further into the room. You followed closely, legitimately worried for your friend’s sanity.

“So, you know how I’m always making fun of web dramas on my channel and how I always say that YouTube isn’t some theatre?” He asked, still walking.

“Yeah, why?” You responded, doing your best to keep up with him.

He paused unexpectedly, standing right before his desk, “I used to think web dramas were stupid and that YouTube would never be a good platform for them.”

He paused his speech again, lifting a packet of papers off his desk. The first page had some words across the top in big, bold letters, they read,

“Silent But Violent Script”

“What is this?” You asked, as Jeonghan offered you the packet and you began flipping through it.

“Junhui invited me to act in one of his videos. Honestly, it was the most fun I’ve ever had while filming something for YouTube.” He explained.

“So… You want to act in YouTube web dramas now?” You pieced everything together.

Jeonghan didn’t respond, he merely turned to you, and the look in his eyes did all the talking.

“Jeonghan,” You sighed, giving the script back to him, “If you want to act in web dramas, that’s great. You didn’t have to go crazy worrying about whether or not I would judge you for it.”

“(Y/N), I have something else to tell you.”

He licked his lips and furrowed his eyebrows, as if he was thinking hard about how to tell you his problem.

“I was acting just now.” He said, a giddy grin plastering itself on his face.

This time, you were the one furrowing your brows. Your strange friend did an equally strange dance in response to your utterly confused expression.

“So,” He started, laughing like a little kid, “Do you think I can be a good actor?”

“I don’t know what kind of character you were going for or if you were trying to prank me by acting crazy, but I honestly think you’d be a great actor.”

“Aw, thanks,” He replied, playfully hitting your shoulder, “But, I have an actual question now. Would you want to be my manager? Like, help me find a role and stuff?”

“Of course. I would love to.”

End Flashback

And that’s how you found yourself back at Jeonghan’s apartment, knocking on the door the same way you did then. Only, after that fateful day, you’d been at Jeonghan’s apartment door at least once a week.

In spending so much time with Jeonghan, you somehow managed to fall for him harder than ever before. In retrospect, it seemed quite silly. The both of you would simply sit on his couch and look through casting calls online, occasionally he would print out a script and make you act it out with him. But in that mundane, repetitive process, you actually learned so much about Jeonghan.

He was expressive with his body, his eyes able to tell stories that not even his words could. And when he did tell you things verbally, they always meant something. He was charismatic probably to a fault, not to mention graceful yet cunning.

He was perhaps all too perfect to be real, but you still felt rueful about liking him. Jeonghan was someone who could undoubtedly date anyone of his choosing, why would he date someone he’s known since high school? Why would he choose you of all people?

You tried to reason with yourself that maybe you weren’t actually falling in love with Jeonghan, maybe you were just infatuated with one of the characters he played. But even this couldn’t explain away your massive crush on him, as you knew you never cared about any of the characters Jeonghan played. All you could think about when you watched him act was how passionate he was. All you could think about when you left his house was how passionate of a boyfriend he would be.

But, you still didn’t know whether or not he liked you back. If there was one thing you hated about Jeonghan’s newfound interest in acting it was that, in combination with his already aloof personality, he seemed rather indifferent all the time. You wondered, could he ever see you as something other than a friend?

“(Y/N)! Thanks for coming so quickly. You’re such a good friend.” Jeonghan ruffled your hair and beckoned you into his apartment.

That was not the answer you wanted.

“So, I found a casting call that sounds really interesting,” He started as he closed the door, “They want a handsome romantic lead type for a K-drama parody. Honestly, I think I’d be perfect for the part. I’m handsome and funny, don’t you think?”

You blushed a bit at his question, looking away slightly as you answered, “I guess the part may suit you.”

As Jeonghan continued scrolling through the casting call, his eyebrows began to furrow themselves.

“What’s wrong?” You asked.

“They included samples of the script… There seems to be a kissing scene.” He said.

“Not in the audition scene, right?”

“No, of course not. But, that kind of makes me a bit nervous.”

“Why? I thought you were supposed to be handsome and funny. You’re not telling me you’ve never had your first kiss, are you?”

“I am handsome and funny, of course I’ve had my first kiss. But this would be my first real acting experience, I don’t know if I’m ready to have my first on-screen kiss.”

For the first time, you could see him growing slightly awkward and fidgeting with his fingers. You knew your friend and you could tell he wasn’t acting about this.

“Well, if you don’t want to kiss anyone then maybe you can talk to the writers about it once you get the job.” You offered.

“That’s a good idea,” He began, the look on his face suggesting he was still thinking about something, “But if that doesn’t work, I should be ready for the kiss. I’m afraid I might be a bit rusty. I haven’t really kissed anyone since we were in high school.”

“How do you expect to break through the rust?” You asked jokingly.

Jeonghan’s face suddenly became serious, eyes looking to you with great intent.

“Let me practice on you.” His words suggested but his eyes demanded.

You couldn’t refuse, after all, you’d waited for this moment for around as long as you’d known Jeonghan.

He was seated on the couch and you stood a good distance before him. But, as you walked over to him, he closed the gap between you by pulling on your waist. You bent your knee, allowing it to rest in between Jeonghan’s legs on the couch cushion. You tried not to look Jeonghan in the eyes, since you still didn’t know whether he liked you back or he really was just practicing kissing with you. But somehow, Jeonghan’s gaze found yours, and it silently eased all your suspicions.

You placed your hands close to his neck, your left hand falling slightly and rubbing his chest as a result. You could see him grin at the sensation, in the brief moment before your lips finally locked. The kiss seemed to last forever, but at the same time, not long enough. Both you and Jeonghan pulled away breathless, but smiling, as he leaned in again to rest his forehead against yours.

“You know what, (Y/N)? Forget that role and the kiss. From now on, you’re the only one I’m kissing.”

-Written by Admin Cali

4-24-17 | 62/100 Days of Productivity

24. How do you like to study for test? What methods are your favorite?

Currently studying for a bIG test right now - the APES exam (dun dun dunnnn). I usually like to read my notes thoroughly. After that, I usually look back on my tests and see what I got wrong; if there’s a concept on the test that I’m not too familiar with, I look to the textbook and read more about it or else go to Youtube for some more clarification. I like using Kahoot for test practice (even though the time limit on the questions are a little too short), if I get something wrong, I look at my notes+textbook again. These are the things I do most, so I guess these are my favorite methods?

All I’ve been doing is reading and highlighting the (past) pages of the apes review book and looking over some things in the apes textbook. Kind of flipping out because my first ever ap exam is next Monday @_@ May the AP gods have mercy on me and all of you studying!!!

🎶 currently listening to : Stronger - EXO

My first page in my book of shadows~ ive been watching a lot of youtube videos and got really inspired to work on mine! This quote really resonated with me so i wanted it to be my opening page. Found a free to use border online and hand drew it out on a piece of notebook paper, then transferred it onto some manilla cardstock and glued it in haha Still trying to figure out where everything else in the book goes but one road block down, the rest to go

Boyfriend does my makeup w/ Jaemin
  • okay so
  • anon let me choose the member for this masterpost
  • and i choosed this prince bc I MISS HIM SO MUCH
  • he was my bias in the dream team b4 donghyuck <3
  • and bc of that sometimes i feel like I cheated on him lmao
  • but lets start shall we~~
  • so, you two cuties were in his house right
  • you guys agreed to at list once in a week have a sleepover on each others houses
  • so there you were
  • and you were tired of doing the same stuff every week you know 
  • aka eating and watching movies in netflix
  • so that day both of you started watching youtube vids
  • what a difference am i right
  • but the important hing is that he randomly found the my boyfriend does my makeup challenge
  • “jaemin why are makeup tutorials in ur yt page”
  • “sometime i like watching them with jeno… buT IT’S NOT AS WEIRD AS IT SOUNDS”
  • what
  • and you said no at first but he conviced you eventually
  • and ur like ¿¿? why is he so weird
  • but you end up accepting anyways
  • i mean, how could you say no one to this angel
  • so you gave him your makeup bag and he was shooketh bc of all the stuff you had
  • “do you use all of this?! everyday?!”
  • but he wasn’t giving up
  • so both of you sat with your legs crossed and facing each other in his bed
  • “foundation comes first, right?”
  • but you would only answer him with ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • and insults lmao
  • “hELP ME OUT A LITTLE HERE WOMANNN” -Na Jaemin, 2k17
  • he put a bunch of it in his hands and then he touched your face
  • and u were like ewwww
  • he spended like ten minutes expanding it all over your face jfc
  • and let me tell you he would use this as an oportunity to flirt w you and make you flustered too
  • “w-why are you putting it on my lips too, jaemin?”
  • “shhh”
  • can i slap him
  • “so the thing thats to cover your eye bags, right? this??”
  • ”is that enough?”
  • “did i blended it well?”
  • “oMG sO p rEtTyYYyy”
  • i have the scenario in my head and i’M LAUGHING SO HARD
  • and then well, it happened
  • “can we start with your eyes now?”
  • and since the second you heared him say this you got nervous
  • he grabed one of your palettes and choose a natural shadow and a brush and then sat closer to you
  • “close your eyes, baby”
  • he would grab your face really delicately and start putting the make up in one of your eyes carefully, fixing some mistakes with his fingers
  • “okay, let me do the other one now”
  • you could feel his breath because of how needlessly close he was to you
  • and there was this moment when you didn’t felt the brush in your eyelid anymore
  • so you opened your eyes and hE JUST PECKED YOU IN THE LIPS!!!!1!
  • one of your hands went to your lips instinctively while you looked at him with a surprised expression
  • “why are you so surprised? we were making out like an hour ago”
  • “the good thing is that we don’t even need blush now”
  • i’m gonna slap him myself i swear
  • and as revenge you jumped over him and started to tickle him
  • “fine~~ just stop”
  • so you stopped and looked at him
  • he placed his hands in your waist and smiled at you
  • “you’re seriously so beautiful, y/n”
  • your heart melted and so did mine ok
  • you hided your face in the crock of his neck and heared his precious laugh again
  • you cupped his face and kissed him sweetly, but it didn’t stop him from smiling
  • “let’s finish your makeup, princess”
  • in the end, it wasn’t too bad tbh
  • maybe he just putted to much blush and the contour was horrible
  • but A++ with the eyeshadow let me tell you
  • i updated my bias list today in the morning and he’s already ruining it i really h8 him

I’ve been watching a lot of survival/camping/bushcraft stuff on youtube lately, and out of morbid curiosity I decided to check the comments on a woman’s video. 

“Wow after all this time i have finally found her, The girl of my dreams, Only problem is i am to old for her now at me being 56, Thats just my luck,,lol   Well at least now i can stop dreaming, or can i?  All jokes a side, nice very nice to see a young woman that can fend for her self, Bravo, Yes two thumbs up for Lilly“

“I think I found the woman I want to marry! lol.“

“If only there were more women like you in the world….“

Then I went to look at more of her videos, some just have comments disabled in general. The first thing on her youtube page is a big disclaimer about how her email is for business only and personal messages will be deleted, I can only imagine what kind of stuff she gets there. More choice comments:

A bottle of BEER?!?!?! Theres no girls like you out there, Lilly!“

“I think I got the hots for Lily. D:“

“Wait wait… there is something not right here. I’m sitting here watching a woman camp in the wild solo, eaten soup an drinking beer AND she’s hot.. When did these genes develop in the female species and why isn’t there more of them?“

All of these comments have a ton of upvotes too. Tomorrow I’m going solo camping for the first time in like 9 years (when I was hit on by a group of guys while I just walking to the bathroom) and I’m more nervous about men than bears. I want to do more hiking and camping, eventually backpacking on the APT, but this is something I really feel. 

(I did check a bunch of comments on videos by men and they’re overwhelmingly just about gear, food, liking the dog, places to travel, etc. Or if there’s a woman in the video… then suddenly it’s about her and not the camping.)


So I just received my Ensemble Stars on Stage DVD yesterday! I’ve been planning to share it but seems that most people have already watch the main stage? Well, I’m still planning to share them include with the backstage in case you want it!

Download - Ensemble Stars on Stage

- Ozawa Ren as Akehoshi Subaru (Trickstar)
- Yamamoto Ikkei as Hidaka Hokuto (Trickstar)
- Matsumura Taiichirou as Makoto Yuuki (Trickstar)
- Tanimizu Riki as Isara Mao (Trickstar)
- Kominami Kouji as Sakuma Rei (UNDEAD)
- Akazawa Ryotarou as Oogami Koga (UNDEAD)
- Tomohiro Okutani as Hakaze Kaoru (UNDEAD)
- Akira as Otogari Adonis (UNDEAD)
- Komatsu Junya as Hasumi Keito (Akatsuki)
- Higuchi Yuta as Kanzaki Souma (Akatsuki)
- Ueda Kandai as Kuro Kiryuu (Akatsuki)
- Konishi Seiya as Nagumo Tetora (Ryuseitai)
- Sakurai Keito as Shino Hajime (Ra*bits)
- Yamanaka Kenta as Aoi Hinata (2wink)
- Yamanaka Shota as Aoi Yuuta (2wink)
- Takasaki Shota as Sena Izumi (Knights)
- Kitamura Ryo as Narukami Arashi (Knights)

How to get the download link:
1. Make sure to read the F.A.Q page first
2. ask me through PM or you can also message me

- I rip my own DVD, in other words, it’s the RAW file for sure.
- I upload them by myself so if you ask me “Do you still have the dl link?” I should asking back “Why on earth I might not have it anymore?”
- I share both mainstage and backstage.

- DO NOT REUPLOAD, especially to streaming sites like Youtube or Dailymotion
- If anyone asking for the file then please refering them to this post
- Please support the actors by purchasing their releases as well!
- Screenshot / gifs / edits is ok as long it’s not too much

Concentration #8 Animatics!

I took a random page from my comic’s script and made them into animatics! There are a few line changes in courtesy of anyone watching without background context.  First time using Storyboard pro, super fun program!

(If you are reading my comic, this is sorta a spoiler, but not anything big. There’s also no sound sorry!)


|The Poten Project | Youtube | Vimeo

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Hey, I love your fics! Could you do one of jughead trying to do Betty's makeup lmao

Hey, I’m so sorry this is so short! Thank you to @tewgrunge for the help.


“I really want to start a Youtube channel!” Betty smiled as she sat down at her desk, opening her laptop.

“Really?” Jughead laughed. “You don’t have enough going on in your life right now?”

“This is something light and cheerful, so shut up.” Betty smirked. “Actually, I need your help. I want my first video to be something that’s trending.”

“Okay…” Jughead smirked sceptically. “So what’s trending?”

“I’ll let you choose between two. I do your makeup… or you do mine.” Betty said with a devilish smile, pushing her makeup bag closer to the edge of the desk, towards her boyfriend.

“Oh-ho, no.” Jughead laughed, stood up from the bed and took a step towards the door.

“Please, Juggie! I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

“Okay, fine.” Jughead said, pulling a chair from the corner of Betty’s room.

Betty held her hands together in front of her chest, a broad smile on her face. “Thank you! Okay,” Betty started her camera, pointing it toward the two of them.

“Ready?” She smirked at Jughead.

“I guess so,” Jughead laughed and shrugged off his sweater.  "You know I don’t know what I’m doing right?“

“I know, Juggie, but I love you for trying.”  Betty turned the camera on and smiled towards the lens.

“Hey guys!” Betty said as she stared into the camera lens. “This is my first video for the Blue and Gold Youtube Channel, and we thought what better way to let you get to know us than to film something playful and fun? This idea has been on the trending page for weeks now, so, here’s me, Betty, and my boyfriend Jughead, and he’s about to do my makeup!”

Betty looked next to Jughead who was staring at her.  "What?“ She smiled at him.

"You - you just said you loved me.”


“You said ‘I know, Juggie, but I love you for trying.’”

Betty took a deep breath. “Well, I do love you, Jughead. Now, do my makeup.”

“What do I start with?” Jughead laughed as he pulled cosmetics out of Betty’s bag.

Jughead stared down at his phone, trying to encapture a young Joan Crawford on Betty’s face.

He dragged the brush across the black powder and pushed it against Betty’s lid.

“Ow,” She winced, her eye watering.

“Shit, sorry.” Jughead gently swiped it back and forth, reapplied the color, then swiped against the other eye. “Okay, mascara time.”

Jughead reached into the bag and pulled out an orange stick, untwisted the cap and pulled out the wand. “Ready?” He asked, twirling the wand between his fingers.

He leaned in closer to Betty, then promptly dropped the mascara wand on the carpet.

Betty burst out laughing, then looked at the camera. “The little red light isn’t even on!” Betty huffed. “I think this might be the universe’s way of telling me that I shouldn’t do a Youtube channel right now.”

Jughead laughed, too, as he picked up the wand from the floor. “Well, at least one good thing came out of this.”

“What’s that?” Betty smiled at him.

“You told me you loved me.” Jughead put the mascara on the desk, reaching out to rub Betty’s shoulder.

“Oh,” Betty murmured, suddenly embarassed. Her cheeks reddened.

“I love you, too, by the way.” Jughead whispered as he leaned closer, enveloping Betty’s lips in his own.

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how can I learn latin without taking classes? I can understand just a few words but not complete phrases or texts, I also cannot enroll into courses or classes because where I live no one teaches either latin or greek. I'm totally in love with latin and I look forward to learn it. What do you recommend me doing?


Basic Grammar

A very basic introduction to Latin

A youtube based latin course

The Latin textbook taught at my college (which includes a few dozen pages of practice sentences with the translations provided after the main body of the textbook. It would be a good idea to contact someone who does know Latin to help you work through parts you don’t understand and correct you on some of your translations.)

Another youtube course part 1 and part 2

A free online course

The Perseus Latin Word Study Tool

Quizlet, which you can use to practice with sets of flashcards that other people have already made.

When you’re first learning, make sure you practice your noun declensions and verb conjugations over and over and over until you can recognize each form by sight and remember how it’s supposed to be used. I like to write out declensions and conjugations on a little dry erase board.

You can probably find quite a few more resources online. Hopefully this helps! 


So Ive just finished watching @therealjacksepticeye playing Outlast 2 which is fucking terrifying and I saw these on my home page.

@lordminion @brycemcquaid @therpgminx @markiplier

You better damn well believe I am watching every single one of these youtubers play this game and possibly every other youtuber that I am subscribed to who may possibly play this game. The first Outlast was amazing and terrifying and I watched about 6 channels play it. I love everyones commentary on the game and even though I only focus on the gameplay and some of it could be the same, I still enjoy watching them all.


Patreon tier for @themisanthropiclord​ ! Thank you so much for your support! <3

This is the first page of (unknown) amount of pages relating to origin of Phil, companion of TML’s persona!

He runs a gaming youtube challenge, has a wonderful voice, and you should check him out!

You can also check out the comic about origins of TML’s persona here, drawn by my good friend @arrt-jim-lad.

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Sorry, this is very random, but "Applepie Studios" just reminded me of the YouTube channel "Applewar Pictures". Thats all. Continue with your greatness.

Anyone who likes to work with others on creative things is welcome! Send me an example of your work to me and you will become an Applepie-creator!

(Do read the rules on the Applepie-Studio’s blog first though, just to make sure we are on the same page ^^)

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(Cough shameless promotion aside, I will continue my greatness Anon)