this was asking to be giffed

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From my experience, when a man introduces you to others and says"the woman I love," he's introducing his other half. He is SURE about you being what he wants in his future. He can't fix his mouth to call you girlfriend because that's for kidz. Expect that man to put a ring on it, any day.

  • Taehyung: Why was I chosen to act the underwater scene? *referring to their mv*
  • Jin: I know why
  • Jin: V's front hair color is green
  • Taehyung: So you're trying to say that it's seaweed?

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hello, no offense at you on a personal level at all and to some point i must admit i agree with some of your points (bismuth deserves better/bring back the rubys and jasper) but honestly im tired of your BS but for some reason you still apear on my dash board even though i have blocked you twice already, so maybe could you block me? maybe this way i wont see you around no more,again nothing against you,its just i want to enjoy this show and you make it hard for me to do that


Endless list of unpopular parings → Brock + Misty from Pokemon 

“Well, he’s not the only one with a soft spot for pretty girls, is he?”