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Invitation To Auradon

Request: “Could ya do a Harry hook x reader who’s a part of mals gang but wasn’t invited to auradon. And so she watches the coronation with Harry and friends and she’s so angry that they’ve forgotten and left her there and that they have gotten their happy ending but she’s stuck on the isle and Harry comforts her like “we’ll get out of here someday”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

A/N: REQUESTS ARE CLOSED and I changed this request up a bit since I wanted it to have a happy ending

Warnings: None

Originally posted by painfulblisss

The pirate crew was currently watching the royal cotillion but you weren’t. You were drawing with your finger on the table trying to distract yourself. You were sad because you hated being at the Isle you wanted to go to Auradon with Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay but that didn’t happen.

“You’re upset because they didn’t take you with them right?” Harry asked taking his eyes off the screen and sitting next to you.

“Yeah is it that obvious?” You asked.

“Mhmm you’re breaking my heart hear I don’t like seeing you sad.” Harry said.

“I’m sorry I can’t help it.” You said.

Harry extended his right arm and you laid your head on his chest. He held you with both of his arms. You felt him rubbing circles on your back with his right arm but with his left arm he was holding you safely.

“Don’t worry we’ll get out of here someday.” Harry said and you nodded.

“I hope so.” You said.

“Let’s go cuddle in my bedroom babe I know that will make you feel better.” Harry said.

“You know me so well.” You finally smiled.

You and Harry were currently cuddled up in his bed. You guys were comfortable until you heard a knock on the door.

“I’ll get it.” Harry said.

Once he opened the door 5 men stood in front of you both. You recognized the uniforms they were yellow and blue you knew that they were from Auradon. Your only question was why were they here. The man in the front just gave Harry an envelope that was closed with two gold poles.

Harry looked at you signaling you to come over. You stood up and he handed you the paper. You opened it and read it out loud.

“His majesty King Ben of Auradon and his counselor Miss Evie of the Isle here by request the pleasure of your company Harry Hook and Y/N L/N for the current academic year at Auradon Prep. Please notify his Majesty your response to this request. We’d love for you to join us at Auradon Prep signed King Ben.”

Once you finished reading out loud you smiled widely and squealed before jumping into Harry’s arms excitedly. He spun you around, your dream had came true. You would be able to leave the Isle and with your boyfriend, you were more then happy.

“So I can assume that you both will be joining us.” One of the ‘henchmen’ said.

“You assumed correctly.” You beamed.

Requests are closed so please do not send me requests! I am trying to get done the ones that have been requested. Numerous people keep sending me requests after I have made it clear that they are closed and I’m starting to get annoyed. So please do not send me requests because if you do I will delete them! I will let you all know when requests open again.

“(Left) We weren’t always this close. But one time in literature class, we were put into the same team and had to work on an essay with each other. The point was for us to work together to write about both the happiest and the most challenging times in our lives. Honestly, even between friends, people don’t really talk about that kind of stuff. But after we did the group work, even though we didn’t really know each other, I started to think that we could become friends. Will this interview be much longer? We’re on our way to go get instructions about volunteer work for the PyeongChang Winter Olympics and we’re running a bit late.”

“(왼쪽) 원래 잘 아는 사이는 아니었어요. 그렇게 지내다가 문학수업 때 같이 팀을 짜고 옆에 앉아서 글을 써보는 시간이 한번 있었는데, 그 때 질문이 인생에서 가장 행복한 순간, 가장 힘들었던 순간을 같이 써보라는 거예요. 사실 친구들도 그런 이야기 서로 잘 안 하잖아요. 잘 모르고 지내다가 그 때부터 친구가 될 수 있다는 생각이 들었어요. 인터뷰 얼마나 하나요? 저희 평창 동계올림픽에서 같이 봉사 활동하기로 하고 지금 바로 설명 들으러 가는 길인데 좀 늦었거든요.“


***Left this one completely platonic 🎮👾 Just two good friends hanging out***

“You cheated.”

“I did not!”

“You totally cheated. No way you beat me in this.”

You laughed and rolled your eyes, even though he couldn’t see it. Leave it to Juan to denote your better skill to cheating.

“I didn’t cheat. You’re just not as good as you think you are. You spend to much time showing off while I’m blowing through all the objectives.”

“No, you just keep stealing my kills.”

“I don’t steal your kills, you just can’t aim worth a fuck.”

“Alright that’s enough. We’re not friends anymore.”

The both of you laughed together, the sounds traveling through the mic on your headsets. Glancing towards the clock, you saw it was already nearing 3 am.

“Shit Juan, it’s late. I gotta go.”

“Aw come one, one more game.”

You laughed and shook your head.

“You said one more game 4 games ago. I have to get some sleep, I have a lot of shot I have to do tomorrow, plus I gotta pack.”

“Pack for what? Where you going?”

“Over to Bakersfield, I’m going with my friend for some business meeting she has.”

Juices eyes widened as he heard you, knowing that Bakersfield was kinda close to Charming, at least closer than a whole separate state. He thought he’d heard Hap say something about going down to Bakersfield sometime this week to visit his mom. Maybe he could ask to tag along and finally see you after almost a whole year of playing PS4 live together.

“Well listen, uh, I actually have a friend of mine that goes down to bakers field every now and then to visit family. Maybe if your still there, we can like, meet up or something. Just get some coffee or something ya know, finally meet each other in real life.”

You smiled on your end, the idea not sounding too bad. Truth was, you really didn’t know Juan apart from what he’d told you. Meeting strangers never really sounded like a good idea but he seems nice enough and even offered to meet in a public place which eased your worries. You’d be in town anyways and if things went south, you didn’t live there so you’d likely never seen him again anyways. After a couple of seconds of close consideration, you nodded and agreed.

“Yeah that sounds fine. I should be down by this Wednesday.”

Juice grinned himself and started closing out if the game, signing off as you did the same.

“I’ll let you know when I get there. Should be around the weekend. We’ll make plans.”

“Ok Juan. I’ll hold you too it. Goodnight.”

With a soft smile, the Son pictured meeting you in his mind.

“Goodnight Y/N”


You sipped at your water, your hands shaking softly as you looked out of the glass windows of the shop. People walked around outside, walking passed the cafe and into the various stores surrounding it in the complex. The amount of people soothed the worry of possibly getting hurt should Juan turn out to be a psycho, but now you found yourself still nervous, now at the thought of finally meeting him. You’d been used to just seeing him in that little square on the screen. It would be weird to meet him and see him in person for the first time but they were good nerves, happy to finally meet your friend.

Everyone and then, someone would walk into the cafe and you’d tense up, before realizing it wasn’t him. The hand on your shoulder caused you to jump and you spun your head around, finding Juan to be standing there. His face busted into a grin as you turned around and he made eye contact. You smiled as well and the bin of you went in for a hug at the same time, accidentally bumping your heads together as you leaned towards the same side. Laughing awkwardly, you both went in for the hug again, this time pulling it off. It was quick, but you couldn’t help but notice how familiar it felt somehow. Even with this being the first time meeting, you felt as though you’d known him. Pulling away, you both smiled at each other before you slipped at his shoulder playfully.

“You scared the shit out of me. I was over here watching the main entrance to see when you came in. Leave it to you to come in through the side.”

“Well to be fair, I was watching your for like a minute to make sure it was you. Last thing I wasn’t end to do was touch someone and get punched because it wasn’t you.”

Juice laughed and gestured towards the counter so you could start ordering.

“Well who’s to say I wouldn’t have punched you too?”

With a shrug and a smirk, he poked fun like usual.

“Well if you fight in real life the way you fight in Mortal Combat, I doubt it would’ve caused much damage.”

As you made your orders at the counter, you realized how effortless everything felt between the two of you. You hadn’t realized just how comfortable with him you’d become over the last year of late nights playing every video game under the sun and having him with you in person made you feel just like it did online. You envisioned having days where the two of you would just stay up having competitions to see who could get the highest kill streak in Call of Duty and ordering pizza. You could tell that it was going to be the beginning of an even greater friendship and you weren’t opposed to making some more trips out to Bakersfield to hang out with your new best friend.

Imagine Peter finding a number in the bathroom

It was third period aka the most boring class ever according to Peter. He hated social studies well more specifically Mrs.Neal. She always yelled at the smallest things and gave tons of homework, plus everything she taught Peter already knew. So he did the one thing he could do to get out of this shit class. He asked to go to the restroom. “Mrs.Neal?” she turned around with glaring eyes. “Yes Parker?” “Can I please use the restroom?” He said as sweetly as he could. “Okay but be quick this practice is very important.” As soon as the words fell from her thin dry lips he dashed for the door. When he closes the door Peter leans against it and takes a deep breath.”Oh thank god I escaped.” As he slowly walks down the hall his eyes see two girls giggling in front of the bathrooms. The taller one says “I can’t believe you actually did it!” “Y/F/N be quite someone will hear you!” The other one that had glasses harshly whispers as the duo walks away. The confused boy walks into the restroom and whispers to himself “Okay then.”He steps into one of the graffiti covered stalls. Some new writing catches his attention. “This was a dare so here’s my number if you are interested.” Peter smiled to himself and put the number into his phone under the name “Cute girl with glasses.” He put his phone away and walked back to class excited for lunch to tell Ned.(part 2 coming tomorrow)


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Could I have Gibbs smut? Do you still write smut? 😢 Maybe where he’s kinda posessive and gets rough? 

Requested by Anon~

If Gibbs hadn’t been in the mood he was in right now, he might have smirked when you yelped in surprise. He yanked down your pants a little harder than usual, tossing them away before he resumed his dominating position on top.

Your hands tentatively reach upwards, wanting to rid the Marine of his shirt, since you were already nearly stripped down. It only seemed fair.

But Gibbs gripped your wrists, roughing pinning them back against the bed and eliciting a small yelp. Your eyes shot up to his, hard and cold. Literally icy blue. “Did I say you could touch me?” He asked. Your throat closed up, brain ceasing to function because of this unfamiliar side of Jethro. Sure, you’ve seen him get like this at work, but never in bed. Never with you.

When you didn’t respond, his grip tightened and he leaned in even closer, breath running over your lips. “I asked you a question.” Gibbs stated.

“N-no.” You managed to answer.

He was silent for a moment before releasing you, immediately straightening up to remove his belt. “I think you need a lesson in following orders.” The Marine continued, voice steady and harsh. Once the leather was pulled through the loops, Gibbs flipped you onto your stomach, hands pinned behind your back as he quickly wove the belt around your wrists.

Just one step. Part 2

Here it is! The second part. You can read the first part here.

Remember to leave feedback (which is really appreaciated). Hope you like it!

“We’re going to be late.” My best friend said when I closed her car door.

We were heading to this camping where the whole group would be spending a week together, and Shawn was going too so things were going to be interesting.

“We won’t be late. We will get there earlier than everyone, so girl, relax. Enjoy life.”  I answered her and I could see how she rolled my eyes at my answer. I just laughed and turned on the radio to listen to some music, but instead I heard his voice.

Shawn’s song was playing on the radio and I changed it as fast as I could to another station.

“Why do you hate him so much?” Her question took me by surprise. I never admitted out loud the things that annoyed me about our so called friend and I found myself trying to find the words to express the reason to my hate.

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The Matchmakers

Requested by @cherieann-2001 :Opie story where I work at the school and take Kenny and Ellie under my wing after Donna dies. I help take care of them and they try to set me and their dad up on a date. Happy ending please

AN: I’m sorry about how long this is…..who am I kidding! I have no remorse!

It had been a long exhausting week, I was so glad it was Friday. I get through today, then it was spring break. Not that I had any plans, but I could sleep late and relax.

I sat at my desk with my cup of coffee, gathering my thoughts before the school day started. I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath in, and then releasing it, the sounds of children playing outside filling my ears.

There was a quiet knock on my door, I opened my eyes slowly. Smiling when I saw the Winston children standing there. “Ms. (Y/L/N)?” Ellie asked quietly.

“What’s up guys?” I had been Ellie’s teacher last year, and after her mom was killed earlier this year, she and Kenny had latched on to me as a mother figure. 

My heart went out to the both of them, so I didn’t push them away. I knew they’d had a hell of a time, and needed all the love they could get. “Dad, didn’t give us any lunch money….”

“Come on in, let’s get you guys some lunch packed. If you haven’t had breakfast, you know where I keep the breakfast foods.” Their dad needed a wake up call, I knew he was having a tough time adjusting to being a single parent, but this was ridiculous.

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Requested by geogrewife

“[Y/N] what are you doing?” Newt demanded jogging up to you.
“Get away from the doors. They’re closing soon”.

You turned to the blonde and gave him a look.
“Calm down Newt. I’m just waiting for Minho to get back is all. Not like I’m going to take off into the maze or anything” you joked. Newt wasn’t amused.

“Just calm on we’ll wait for him in the map room. He’ll be here in a couple minutes” he said taking your hand and attempting to lead you away.

“Newt as cute as it is when you get protective of me could you lay off just a bit?”.
This really wasn’t anything new. Newt looked after you all the time. As much as you appreciated it, it could be a little much sometimes.

Newt’s cheeks went slightly red.
“I’m not being cute. I’m only trying to take care of you. I don’t want to see you get hurt”.


anonymous asked:

you said you had an expensive concealer you used for covering your five o-clock shadow? Could you please expound because I've been struggling with that and I just thought there was nothing I could do :(

I’ve been using Dermablend cover creme and LA Girl Pro Conceal orange colour corrector to cover my beard shadow, and I’m really happy with the results! (Do get a close shave first and moisturize; I use a dual moisturizer with salicylic acid to minimize breakouts.)

The best setting powder I’ve found to pair with it is the Dermablend Professional Loose Setting Powder, but if you’re poor like me, Mehron brand setting powder is an adequate, if not great, substitute for less than half the price.

If you can afford it, setting spray (I like the Dermablend one) is a great finisher that gets rid of some of the over-makeuped look while holding the whole thing in place so nothing rubs off on clothing, pillows, etc.

All this stuff is super expensive and it took me years and years to convince myself it was worth it, much less acquire it bit by bit, but it really does make a huge difference and each of these items lasts me at least a year before running out. Plus in a pinch it makes my beard shadow less obvious even the next day.

I hope this helps!

Rossi Prompt Request

This was requested by @flufy07: 97. “When you fall, I will always be there to catch you.” with Rossi? I hope you guys enjoy this!

Word Count: 228

Warnings: fluffish

(gif is not mine)

It was obvious that you weren’t yourself today.  Rossi saw it on the plane and at the first crime scene.  Now that you were back at the police station, he could finally pull you to the side and talk to you.  

Rossi waited until everyone left the room to get your attention.  “[Y/N],” Rossi called out before you could leave.  He stood up, padding over to the door and shutting it quietly.  “What’s bothering you?  You’re not yourself today.”

“What if I’m wrong,” you asked in a small voice.  “What if the unsub isn’t Robert Schultz.  What if it’s some other guy I didn’t look at close enough?”

“This team is behind you one hundred percent,” Rossi assured you.  “We trust your judgement.  If someone thought you were wrong, we would’ve said something.”

“I just don’t want to fail Rossi,” you whispered.  “After the last case, I guess I’ve been second guessing myself.  I’m afraid that I’ll screw up and fall apart.”

“When you fall, I’ll always be there to catch you [Y/N],” Rossi said in a comforting voice.  He squeezed your shoulders, offering you a smile.  “I know you’re an intelligent and capable agent.  You’ve come this far, don’t let one tiny mistake ruin all of that.”

You hugged Rossi, feeling slightly better about the situation.  Maybe a talk with Rossi was all you needed.

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keith x injured!reader angst with a somewhat happy ending?

this is so short hsjsjsjdjdjs but here u go!

The deafening silence that built up between the two of you hurt. It’s the kind of silence that made your ears ring and made you wonder if you were really awake, let alone alive. That silence, that after you spoke a simple word or even an entire monologue…you’d wonder if you even said it, or just thought it.

Your breathing was back to normal, your body taking its time to properly heal as you lay flat on your back. Sleeping, peaceful, quiet.

“I’m sorry this happened to you.” Keith sighed, sat beside you fumbling with his fingers anxiously. Coran had broke the news that you may not wake up today, you may not wake up at all and that was something Keith just couldn’t seem to get through his head. His eyelids closed halfway, hiding his gaze from you just enough so that he could still look at you. The way you were hooked up to such a strange alien-machine was strange. Foreign to him and to you.

Yellow liquid flowed ever gently through the clear tubes under your skin, giving off a gentle glow in the slight darkness of the room. Echoing steps of foreign species heard outside of the room, languages of the unknown heard as well as he felt so out of place. Staring at your body that was burnt and finally patched up. Your bleeding had stopped, finally, after a giant scissor-like sword clipped your sides just enough to immediately knock you out.

“I should’ve been there, but I wasn’t. I’m sorry.” His hands shakily reached for yours, embarrassingly reached for yours in a fit of desperation and grief. He knew the others were in the room, sat in seats behind him, some had fallen asleep as it had been a rough couple days. Lance and Shiro looked down, to any part of the room but wouldn’t dare look at you or at Keith. They couldn’t bare it. Their faces puffy and swollen, burning with a great depression. Allura and Coran had gone to grab food for the others, Keith as well. While Hunk sat against the wall, sleeping quietly. Pidge lay in Shiro’s arm, having cried herself to sleep.

“You’ll be okay.” Keith’s words seemed to play on repeat throughout the room and no one dared stop him; no matter how irritating it would get. No matter how quiet his voice was, and no matter how frequently it cracked. He leaned forward cradling your hand with both of his. He cried, letting tears drop onto your knuckles as he kept repeating those words. Because you would be okay; you had to be.

Hours passed, and Keith passed out in the position he’d been in for hours. His hands holding yours and the top of his head against your thigh. And you awoke, lifting your hand from his and placing it on his head gently. The fingers seeping under his locks and rubbing gently, waiting for him to awake, and for the To as well. Because finally, they were at slight peace in their sleep. Nightmares were a problem, yes. But when you awoke you’d be there.

“I’m fine Keith. We’ll be kicking ass in no time.”

Friends - Manny

Warnings: Nope 

 Words: 1009 

 Requested: Heyy☺️☺️! Could U maybe write a Manny imagine where him and the reader R bestfriends and it’s his birth day and him the reader and the rest of the boys R celebreting. So they drink a little bit and that and Manny and the reader R getting a little closer then “Just Friends” (Like kissing necks few times and like sitting very close U know) and everybody notices and then after a while they leave to have sex? U don’t hav to write the sex part ☺️☺️❤️❤️😝 Thnx 😄😄 

 A/N: So I changed it slightly, I hope you don’t mind! 



 "Is everything ready?“ You asked Tobi through the phone 

 "Yes, get him down here as soon as and text me when your almost here” he spoke back before saying goodbye and ending the call 

 It was Manny’s birthday tomorrow and as the best friend that you were, you and the guys decided to throw him a surprise party at the sidemen house
 So here you were, 9pm on a Sunday night outside Manny’s house waiting for him to come out and join you in the car, soon enough he did

 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" you exclaimed leaning over to kiss his cheek as he got into the car 

 "Thanks but it’s not until tomorrow" he grinned at you putting his seatbelt on 

 "I know I’m just excited, your almost 21" He laughed at your enthusiasm

 Manny was unaware of the plan, in his head all he thought you two were doing was going to the sidemen house to mess around for a while 

 You laughed glancing over at him with a small smile tugging at your lips “getting old, you’ll be walking round with a walking stick soon” he chuckled lightly at your words

 "Bruv you wouldn’t catch me with one of those" it was your turn to laugh now, giggling at how determined he was to not get a stick 

 It carried on like this for the rest of the drive, mindless banter back and forth and anything and everything 

 When you pulled outside the sidemen house you remembered to slam your car door shut extra loud to get the attention of the boys so they knew you were here
Walking up to the door and knocking, then being greeted by a smiley Simon

 "Hey man" He pulled Manny in for a hug before stepping out the way and greeting you, opening the door wider to let you both in
Walking into the living room behind Manny, hearing Simon flick the light switch on behind you then seeing everyone jump out and yell ‘surprise’ would huge grins on their faces knocking Manny back slightly scaring him but a smile growing on his face when he realised what had happened 

 "Guyssss" he said laughing slightly as everyone wished him happy birthday, he turned around and smiled at your brightly flashing off his teeth before running off to his brother leaving you with Simon 

 "Well that went well" he laughed 

 "Yeah he didn’t suspect anything luckily" you replied smiling at the silver boy In front of you “Thanks for helping me" 

 "I’ll do anything for a couple of love birds” he chuckled his eyes glancing over to Manny 

 "What?“ A confused tone filling your voice as you squinted your eyes at him 

 "I see the way you two are, you can’t tell me there’s nothing between you" 

"There’s not" 

"If there’s not tell me why he’s standing over there staring at you” You turned your head and looked over at Manny, seeing him looking over at you before smiling and turning away

 "Him looking at me means nothing" 

 "Oh you silly, silly girl" He laughed patting your head, messing your hair and walking off with a smile on his face
He left you standing confused leaning against the wall, getting over your thoughts you decided to join everyone else for the party

 As time progressed you were counting down to midnight for when Manny’s birthday would come around, it was currently 11pm and you were standing in the corner leaned against the wall as Manny spoke in front of you 

“So who’s idea what this?” He asked, his hand leaning against the wall next to your head 

 "Well we planned it all together" You smiled 

 "Well thank you anyway I appreciate it" He Sent you another grin “Your a great girl Y/N” “Thanks” You laugh and smiled back, he moved slightly closer to you, his hand still resting next to your head as his other hand brushed your hair behind your ear 

 "Truly amazing" He whispered moving closer to you, his breath fanned over your face from the close proximity of you two whilst his hand moved from your hair to your waist
His head moved down slightly, his lips pressing lightly on your neck, kissing up your jaw before he rest his head on your 

 "Manny" You whispered placing your hands on his chest, a shaky breath leaving your lips
 He leaned forward and pressed his lips onto yours, his heart pounded in his chest against your hands as yours copied 
As his lips moved against yours his hands moved onto your hips, sliding around your back and pulled you closer to him 

 "If we leave now we could make it back in time before midnight" Your lips parted briefly as he spoke 

 "Okay" you whispered, not being able to say anything as he pulled away, grabbing your hand and dragged you out of the house, your eyes catching a certain silvered haired boy that winked at you with a smirk on his face as you left leaving a slight blush on your face as you and Manny jumped in your car and made your way to yours

 Not too long later Simons conversation with Cal and Will was interrupted by Tobi

  “Have you seen Manny?" 

 "Nope not for a while" 

 "I saw them leave together like an hour ago” Will spoke up earning a look from Simon “What?” Simon simply rolled his eyes and turned his head to look at Tobi, but he had already gone
He turned back around and faced Will again, slapping him in the arm 

 "What was that for?“ 

 "Why would you tell him that, I was trying to keep it a secret" 

 "Well I didn’t know” Cal laughed at the scene unfolding in front of him as Simon pulled out his phone and clicked on Manny’s contact, typing a message 

 You and Manny had no idea that all of your friends were about to find out that you had snuck off to have sex
You were both laying naked under your bedsheets, breathing heavily as you lay there Manny’s phone went off, a message from Simon popping up 

 'Enjoy your antics bro' 

 'Also happy birthday’ Manny chuckled at his friends text, seeing that the time was 10 past midnight meaning it was his birthday

 "Looks like I’m officially 21" He laughed “Great way to start off my birthday” He leaned forward and placed his lips on your both of you smiling into it 

 "Well how about we make it even better" You spoke against his lips, moving to straddle his lap 

 "Also Happy Birthday"

WHY TORD REALLY LEFT EDDSWORLD! I did some digging on the WayBackWhenMachine, in hopes of finding Tord’s old video so I could recreate it as a comic. I couldn’t get the video to play unfortunately but what I did find was shocking. Tord did not leave and close his account because of us, his fans; he left and closed his account because he was being devastatingly cyberbullied, just as I suspected and now I have the proof with these pictures I’ve posted! Tord Larsson? If you ever see this, I am so sorry that these people did this to you. Just remember that you have more fans than haters and that these people only ‘hate’ you because they’re jealous of you. I won’t pressure you to come out of hiding but it would be really cool if you did and me and all of your other fans will support you through the pain if you decide to.

babyfacedadult  asked:

Sans... Well Axe... What do you actually look for in a friend or an SO?

“you can stick with callin’ me sans, pal.  what do i look for, huh?  that’s not a question i get every day.”  

He trails off, actually trying to think about it.  Underground, he once had many friends, though the memories of them were fleeting.  Grillby had been a close friend, but even he had cut ties with most of Snowdin after the riots started.  And Toriel hates him now.  All Axe really has is Papyrus.

“that’s a tough question to swallow, buddy.  last friend i had… well, you could say i let somethin’ slip and now her life is in ruins,” he stated, thinking of Toriel.  Now that he was on the Surface, however, it was a different story.  He could relax… in theory.  

His fingers began to creep up the side of his face, toward his unlit eyesocket.

“someone who isn’t too sensitive, for one.  i don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but it’s easy to see what’s on my mind, heh. it also helps if they’ve got a sense of humor, and if they don’t scare easy.  hell, if they do, it could make it more fun to startle them, but…  just don’t need them scared of paps or me.”  

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly write something for the Little Bits Of Happiness AU, the Road to Hell AU, or the When She Smiles AU? Either ficlets or expansions, whatever you want. I hope your dad gets better!

When She Smiles is actually closed because we reached the point where I was just rewrite canon as it came. 

The Road to Hell is finished. I wrote the fic though it didn’t do so well. 

So by process of elimination, have some Little Bits of Happiness. :3 Thanks for the well wishes. <3

Little Bits of Happiness (Part 7)

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  • Contrary to belief, Toshinori was not part of the teaching staff when Izuku was born.  
  • No, he landed the job after his horrible fight with Sensei when Izuku was eight. 
  • When he was finally released from the hospital, the remainder of his recovery happened on Yuuei’s grounds, by request of Gran Torino and Recovery Girl. 
  • After Toshinori tries to escape from his bed for the nth time, Yuuei’s staff retaliates… and drops Izuku on Toshinori’s bed. 
  • (Shouta regrets that decision to this very day.) 
  •  Like everyone else on Yuuei’s grounds, Toshinori doesn’t last long before Izuku has him wrapped around his little finger. 
  • Izuku is under strict orders to make sure that Toshinori doesn’t use his Quirk because he’s still recovering. It’s cute watching Izuku scold Toshinori.
  • Toshinori’s very large and wide photo collection of Izuku starts because he and Izuku spend so much time together during his recovery. 
  • (Everyone regrets that decision to this very day. Toshinori became Izuku’s favorite!) 

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hc's for the paladins taking care of their s/o who accidentally broke an arm while training

A/n: This is coming from someone who has never broken a bone lol. I have no idea how it really works. Enjoy <3


-He’d probably follow you around, but not in a creepy way. 

-He’d of course keep his distance when you ask him to, but he’d keep an eye on you.

-Especially if you’re naturally clumsy. “You could break your arm..again”

-He’d also make sure you don’t train after a few weeks of getting your cast off, even though you tell him it’s probably fine.


-Lance basically turns into a guard dog.

-He glares at anyone who comes close to you (especially Keith) and he’d pull you really close.

-He’d make sure you don’t even set foot into the training deck (probably won’t let you look either)

-No matter how many times you ask him for some space, he’d stop walking next to you. He’d let you ahead a few steps and begin to follow behind you. (he’s worried ok) He’d end up being dragged away by shiro.

-”No! Shiro you don’t understand! T-they can fall and break it again!!”


-Well good luck getting away from him. He’s everywhere.

-Sometimes the team would have to give you a heads up if he’s coming.

-When ever you need to go somewhere, he’d carry you. 

-”Hunk my legs aren’t broken..” He’d respond with a quiet huff and continue to carry you where ever

-You do enjoy when he helps you bathe. It could be quite difficult.


-He’d be super cautious around you.

-Unlike the others, he’d give you space. He knows that you could be in pain. He’d give you the occasional “Are you ok..?”

-Sometimes you would call him into your room because you might need help getting ready. He’d love to be some kind of help.

-When you get your cast off, that’s when he’s around you more. He doesn’t want you breaking it again.

-”Be careful ___. We can’t have you breaking your arm again. We need you on missions.” With that he’d send you a quick smile. 


-She’d be really worried about you.

-Pidge will suggest she make something that’ll help it heal faster (she hates seeing you in distress) But you’d tell her to let it heal on it own.

-She’d offer small massages to maybe ease the pain (which you gladly accept) and let you play with her little gadgets.

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There's someone I know, someone I've bonded. I've... developed feelings for this person, but I don't want them. My question is, should I brush them off and step back or face them? :/

Well I would actually turn to the Commandments of chivalry on this one. Particularly this one “Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word” and “Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy”. In this situation being faithful to thy pledge word isn’t really necessary so you could ignore that. But now “Thou shalt never lie” to another and in my opinion yourself. If you brush these feelings aside they will only faster, grow and possibly have a negative impact on you or your friend. It’s best to be honest and face the challenges head-on. Get them out in the open, it would be easier to work through. Especially when dealing with those who are close to you. I understand you want these feelings and possibly ruin whatever relationship you currently have with this person. But believe me honestly is the best policy especially with oneself. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide whatever it is you want to do.