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The time the Drunk Druid killed us all

Once the group was trapped in a dungeon with no way to get out. We had all escaped our chains, and we were together. Finally the NPC wizard came to our rescue but the Druid knocked him out.

Druid: Oh god what do I do?

Ranger: Wake him up somehow. I don’t know, try something!

Druid: A spell! That’s what I’ll do!

Druid (OOC): Guys, I’m drunk. I have to roll on my random chart to see what I cast.

*Druid rolls*

Druid (OOC): *Barely containing laughter* Guys, I dropped a horse onto his chest.

DM: He teleports away. Have fun being executed.

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                                    Thanks you guys for getting me to 200+ followers. I never thought i’d get soo many so quick… especially after that shit start. I’m still working on my 100+ thing, it’s taking a while to prepare. Anyway, This is a shout out post to those i love/feel like loving/should be loved by you guys!

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🐧 🐧 . talked on the phone with Colleen ( @watcherandshield ) last night for 3 hours. And during our conversations, we have formed a new plot(s)

  • Ramsay/Jon : One of them is a customer and & the other is the manager. Basically, person A loves the steak from this restaurant. And a side of mash with like carrots ( or salad. ) And well Person B always gives Person A a discount, like 30% off and such. Person A wants to know how to get the whole thing for free — so person A prostitutes himself for free food. So Person A & B end up going to the storage closet and — ta da! Person A gets the free meal :’) ! We are very proud of this plot. Like new verse idea FTW. Best of the best. ( also hint this whole time Ramsay is person A. And Jon B. jsyk )

  • Also, pop Ramsay & pop Jon : Toy story style. Where we find them in weird positions and have to separate them. But Jon will ride a stuff animal bear and sail away to find Ramsay in the other drawer I locked him in :’) — I know. such a lovely story. right ?

Yeah, just know we can talk.  ❤️ xD ilysm Colleen LMAOOOO xD  ❤️



THEIR NAME IS JAKI, AND JUST CAUSE YOU CAN’T FUCKING SPELL RIGHT DOESN’T MEAN YOU ATTACK THEM. Oh my god, I cannot believe I am having to make a post like this right now.

Not only have YOU made yourself look like an asshole for saying their art is mediocre (which it isn’t. I went and looked, since this was one of tumblr’s ‘in orbit’ posts mobile does, and it’s rally fucking good.), you made this fandom look like a bunch of shit bags like yourself!! You messaged them a few times before asking how to blacklist things, and then do this??? What kind of dirt-bag are you? Because of you, there are people who are starting to say we are all like this, because that’s how people work when someone like you does something ASSHOLE-ISH for a whole fandom. 

I am appalled. Disgusted. EMBARRASSED by your actions. I am embarrassed that you thought it’d be okay to do this and then paint the rest of us like that because you are being a dick about someone’s ART STYLE.

If you did this, and you’re reading and following me: Hit that fucking unfollow button. I don’t want you near or around my content. Even better, if you did this, message me off anon so I can block you my damn self. This is rude and inexplicably angering.

So, “also fuck you” anon :) ! 

I have left out the person’s url so that all of you don’t go flooding said person (cause it would happen lbr), and or don’t go to try and defend this anon for doing this (though I don’t see that happening at all, the world is a surprise + the last discourse I never thought would happen in kkc).

    i shouldn’t have to overstate that this is a blog that is NOT SAFE FOR WORK. it’s noted in my rules and a clear WARNING page that no triggers are tagged in regards to violence/ murder/ bloodshed/ gore/ physical trauma/ abuse/ wounds/ cannibalism/ etc.

    still, i would like clear confirmation that you, as my writing partner, are alright and comfortable with certain things when in reference/direction/involvement at your muse.

    by liking or commenting on this post, i know that i do not need to restrict myself when it comes to detailed, gory descriptions, subjects or extreme violence in our threads together.

imnotlawful  asked:

Did you see the new spring heroes? When others saw them, they saw fanservice. When I saw them, I saw CAMILLA IS A MAGE ON WINGS. I REPEAT: CAMILLA IS A MAGE ON WINGS. FLIER EMBLEM HAS NEVER BEEN MORE VIABLE

I SAW IT AND CAMILLA IS FREAKING GORGEOUS. I don’t even care if it’s fanservicey, she is gorgeous and she is riding Marzia while wielding an Easter Egg. I mean it’s Camilla, she is an alluring woman by default so she’s not too OOC in a bunny outfit, I suppose. Lucina makes me kinda cringe though, she looks so moe… Oh well.

Also I live for how EMBARRASSED and GRUMPY Xander looks with his FORCED SMILE.

((This was not the design I was expecting to make for Tastee-Freeze but here you go you crazy kids, instead of a flannel-wearing dork you get wisdom doge.  Honestly, the engineers were probably planning on making him more human too and treat him as a serious test subject but then some engineer named Carol suggested they made Tastee-Freez a dog.  At first the other engineers were like “What??  A dog can’t run an ice cream shop!”  and then a video of a cucumber-serving dog in Japan proved them wrong and they decided to just make Tastee-Freez a total joke.

Honestly, Tastee-Freez’s existence is mildly upsetting because of the way they built him. Firstly, he has no mouth - TF is involuntarily mute.  Secondly, they decided to fill his brain with amazing problem solving skills so that anytime a problem arises, his computer brain would come of with hundreds of possible solutions but because he can’t speak, he’s stuck just watching the other idiot bots trying and failing to solve it when the answer seems so obvious to him.  He also has dog paws which make it nearly impossible to grip anything and be able to write.  He is also constantly patronized as people treat him like a dog when honestly, he is just as “human” as any of the other bot but he just happened to be stuck in this ridiculous body.  

None of the other bots really knew Tastee-Freez to be as intelligent as he was and they never will.  Tastee-Freez became incredibly frustrated by the inability to communicate and soon felt very isolated.  Because of this, he fell into a depression and stopped opening up his shop to serve customers, causing his business to fail.  This was only a few years into the experiment and the other bots weren’t really too worried about much and kinda just did their own thing.  They hadn’t had contact with their engineers since they were given their shops on Technocolor Avenue and told to just do whatever they can to stay in business. 

 But suddenly one day a van drove into the Avenue and four lab-coated engineers stepped out.  Most of the bots went to eagerly greet them and show them what they’ve done but Tastee-Freez didn’t even know the van had arrived as he was just curled up on the floor of his shop wallowing in sadness.  The engineers made some brief, patronizing acknowledgements of the other bots’s existence and marched off to Tastee-Freez’s shop.  Once they arrived on the scene (with a sizable crowd of curious bots following them) they knocked on the door requesting entry.  When no response was heard, they asked Big to politely knock down the door.  Big obliged, first lightly knocking on the door again and telling Freez that they are coming in to check on him and he’ll pay him back for the door later, before knocking the door in with his foot.  Freez looked up meekly at the engineers - being the only bot to know what would happen next after being cursed with the gift of knowledge with no ability to share it.

One of the engineers pulled a small, silver button from out of their coat pocket and as soon as the button was hit, some light sparks left his body as the light dimmed from Freez’s eyes and his body went limp onto the floor.  The other bots were confused and a little concerned about what they just saw.  Big placed his hand lightly on one of the engineer’s shoulders and asked what they used to relax Freez like that - not wanting to assume the worst.  Without answering the question, the engineer swiftly pulled out a taser and gave Big a good zap that sent him stumbling back a few feet and then looking back at the engineers with fear and confusion.  The bots murmured to themselves as the engineers began approaching Freez’s body.  

Finally, one pulled out a small tool kit and began carefully disassembling Freez into pieces.   Kaleidoscoops (One of the ice cream kids I still have to draw) screamed out of fear for the engineers to leave Freez alone.  The engineers looked like ants taking apart the body of a dead animal to them.  Kaleidoscoops looked around at the other bot (including Big) who were all frozen with terror.  At last, after pleading for the other bots to do something but to no avail, Kaleidoscoops - feeling a rush of bravery - ran at the engineers at full speed preparing to tackle them away from Freez’s body.  One of the other engineers pulled out another silver button, aimed it at Kaleidoscoops and with a quick click, Kaleidoscoops crashed to the floor - just as limp, motionless, and dead-eyed as Freez.  

The engineers pulled Freez apart and put his separate components in little shiny bags and began their work on Kaleidoscoops.  Dewar - still just as terrified and speechless as the other bots - began motioning the other bots to leave the scene with him.  He tugged on Big’s shirt (who still had not moved a muscle since the engineer shocked him) and told him it’d be best they go.  So with heavy hearts and bodies stiff with fear, the bots made their way back to their own shops - Big carrying the stragglers.  Later it would be discovered that one of the last acts of Freez was to scribble down what he could concerning the plans of the engineers and Technocolor Avenue.  It is only thanks to Freez that the bots now know about Operation Technocolor and the dire consequences that face them if they don’t stay in business or dare to stand against the engineers.  Freez was a good dog. ~ Magpie mun ))

((OOC: Hiatus))

I realised that I’m running out of time to determine what exactly I want todo with my life and my future is right around the corner. I’m graduating in May and I have to aim myself in the right direction. Thank you guys for liking my art and my characters. I hope to come back soon!

(( Next robo, Ferrall.  They are the showy, over-the-top gender-fluid waiter that will sing you a show tune with dinner whether you asked for one or not.  Refers to themselves as a “host” rather than a manager or waiter etc.  Strangely enthusiastic about their job.  Even when talking in private with the other bots about how concerning it is that they’ve been put into this experiment, Ferrall remains optimistic and happy about their situation.  Never one complaint.  The other robots haven’t seen Ferrall so much as frown before.  It honestly puts everyone a bit on edge that Ferrall seems to only show the same happy emotion regardless of what is going on.  Culver once innocently suggested they take Ferrall into the alley and stab him with a knife to see if Ferrall can feel pain.  He suggested this in front of Ferrall and Ferrall just frick i n  giggled all smugly with one of their hands daintily covering their mouth.  

Culver then proceeded to pick up a knife and stabbed it through Ferrall’s gut, cutting critical wiring, and causing him to bleed oil.  The other robots present (Big, Dewar, and Dreyer) pulled Culver away quickly and asked if Ferrall was ok and started to panic but then Ferrall just started laughing, dismissing their worries with a calm wave of their hand, pulled out the knife as oil bled from their mouth, and walked to the kitchen saying they’ll just go get a band-aid for this.  …It may go without saying but the other bots were pretty alarmed by this.  Ferrall didn’t even flinch.  The bots can all feel pain so it was all a little disturbing that Ferrall’s smile only widened when Culver stabbed them.

A few weeks later, Coppelia finally decided to just ask Ferrall about the incident, she discovered that Ferrall actually enjoys their own pain.  The other bots think some wiring malfunction made it so Ferrall actually feels both physical and emotional pain as pleasure and so that’s why they’re always happy.  Anything other than happiness is processed as happiness.  It’s still unnerving to the other bots and they’ve considered trying to contact the engineers to fix Ferrall but… they do seem happier this way.  -and they never have to worry about a bad mood interfering with their ability to provide good customer service.  But… really nobody but Coppellia, Culver and Tillamook spend any free time talking to Ferrall and Big still keeps a close eye on them when they are around Culver - he doesn’t want Ferrall to ask Culver to hurt them because Culver probably will do it without thinking it through.  Nobody other than Culver and Tillamook really trust Ferrall and Coppellia just patronizes them. ~ Magpie Mun))

madametreat  asked:

aaaa im in love with this ask blog, its cute!! i was wondering if you have any other accounts? id like to see more of your artwork!! i really love the artstyle!! im sorry if this was already asked;;

//No, no! It’s totally okay ; v ; I don’t really have another blog, it’s just the other one is cringy and the only reason I kept it is cause it has a bunch of stuff I don’t want to lose (likes, posts, etc.) T v T But I do highly appreciate this! I’m glad my art is at least nice to look at ( ´ ▽ ` ) <3