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How about... Drunk Bunny? I mean, if they were a time traveler I would figure that they'd hang out around a bar most of the time, and considering we about know nothing about them canonically, you can insert whatever character traits that fit the overall situation. Like, they could be more serious when sober, have them have a trouble past in science. Also, I can see them getting killed by Evil G because of them being stupid trying to be a hero or something. Like, a sweeter version of Rick Sanchez

I LOVE this idea. i’m so pumped to be drawing someone who isn’t fire or a skeleton for a while thank GOD. And, imagine sans and drunk bunny parting on the beach. Hell yeah. I’m already way more invested and into Drunk Bun. I love D-Bun.

i’m thinking of doing some real weird for this. what if like, I made a side-blog for this so we can do this properly? It’d start from when sans was going talk with his past self. and then once that event’s over, (i’d imagine it’d be pretty quick, since we’re retreading) i’d just edit the old posts. Anyone have any ideas/complaints?

Opposite Attract

“Do I have to go?” I asked, looking at the outfit my friends chose for me.

“It will be fun. Stop being such a kill joy and have fun for once” my friend , Rachel’ said, playfully slapping my shoulder.

I sighed and look at the outfit again. It’s a cute outfit. I’m glad it not really short and doesn’t show a lot of skin.

“Okay..” I said, taking the dress from the bed and put it on. I forgot that I even owned this. I don’t know how I forgot, it’s cute.

“See you look beautiful, Now let me do your makeup” my other friend, Morgan, said, pushing me down on a chair that was placed in front of my vanity.

She began putting different products on my face, using brushes. I’ve never been a big fan of makeup but Morgan is extremely good at it.

“And I am…done!” Morgan said, dramatically throwing a makeup brush on the table.

“Okay, I need to put my sho-” I was cut off by Rachel pushing me backdown on the chair. “What was that for?” I said, rubbing my elbow.

“We have to do your hair now” she said, picking up a hot curling iron and began to curl my hair into beach waves.

“Are we done yet?” I said, sighing. I’ve been sat in this chair for so long that my bum has gone numb.

“Stop complaining, I’m done now” she said, tapping my head. I got up and stretched. I sat on the bed and put on my heels. I put my piercings in and put everything I needed in my clutch.

We walked out of my 1 bedroom flat and locked the door. We walked down the stairs because we don’t have a elevator.

“Did you call the taxi?” Rachel asked as we walked outside. I nodded and looked around, finally spotting the taxi. We walked across the street and got in.

If your wondering where we are going, we are going to a popular club in London.

I paid the taxi when we arrived and we walked inside. Somehow getting past the security.

The music was so loud when we walked in, I couldn’t even hear myself think. Every time I turn, I see people making out. I’ve never been to a club before. I’m more of a, wearing comfy clothes and reading a good book while eating take away, type of girl.

“Look who’s up there!” Morgan shouted to us as we got to the bar. I furrowed my eyebrows, looking around.

“Who?!” I shouted, taking a sip of the drink Rachel ordered for me.

“Justin Bieber!” She shouted, pointing towards the DJ stand. I looked and there he was, dancing with some other people. Also holding up his phone to, I guess, either video himself or take photos.

“Cool!” I shouted back, uninterested. I knew who he was but I never listen to his music. I don’t really listen to music which I know sounds weird but I’m not into social media or listening to music. I read books and watch old movies.

“What do you mean, cool?! It’s Justin fucking Bieber!” She shouted, shaking my shoulders. I slapped her hands away and took another sip of my drink.

“ I herd you the first time!” I shouted back. This music is way to loud, I would tell you what song it is but I don’t have a clue.

“You really need to come out from under your rock!” She said into my ear.

I saw her hold up her phone, facing it towards the DJ stand and began taking loads of pictures.

“What’re you doing?” I said, looking over her shoulder. She was about to answer but she screamed instead. I jumped back as she turned around and hugged me tight .

“What are you doing?” I asked, trying to pull away from her.

“He winked at me!” She squealed into my ear. I slapped her around the head causing her to hiss and glare at me.

“Who winked at you?” I asked, rubbing head, a headache forming.

“Justin Bieber!!” She said, jumping up and down. I rolled my eyes and looked over towards the DJ stand and gasped. He was still looking over here. When he saw me look his way so he waved and winked. I rolled my eyes again and turned away.

“How long do we have to stay here. I’m getting a headache” I asked, rubbing my head, wincing at the pain.

“You can go if you want, I’ll see you tomorrow” she said, hugging me. I smiled and downed the last bit of my drink as began to walk out the door.

I got outside and breathed in. Finally, I’m not suffocated by the smell of sweat.

I took my phone out of my bag but before I could call the taxi, my phone was snatched out of my hands. I gasped and quickly turned around, ready to punch someone but I was greeted by Justin Bieber.

“That’s my phone” I glared, trying to take it back but he held it above my head so I couldn’t reach it. I wasn’t about to jump anytime soon, especially not in heels.

“I know” he said, smirking. I saw him turn on my phone and type in my password “how did you know my passcode?” I said, amazed.

“That for me to know” he said, typing something into my phone. I tried to see what he was doing but he kept moving away so I couldn’t.

“What are you doing?” I asked. He shrugged and gave me my phone back. I quickly looked through everything, finally seeing he put his number in my phone. I just sighed and typed in the number for the taxi. Before I could dial, my phone was snatched off me again.

“Give me that back!” I shouted and took it from him.

“I’ll take you home” he offered, winking at me again. I was about to reply but a flash from the corner of my eye distracted me. I looked over and gasped.

“Why are they taking pictures of us?” I said, my eyes wide as I looked into his. “Are they your stalkers?” I asked, looking at them again.

I felt Justin grab my head and turn it towards him so I was looking into his eyes. “Ignore them” he said, grabbing my hands and pulling me toward his car, I’m guessing.

We nearly got into it but the camera people surrounded us.

“What’s happening?!” I shouted, gripping his hand tighter.

“Just keep walking” he shouted back, pulling me in front of him. He held onto my hips and guided me into his car. Once we got in, I sighed in relief.

“Who where they?” I asked, breathing heavily. He looked at me a furrowed his eyebrows.

“You don’t know who they where?. Do you know who I am?” He asked, looking even more confused.

“I know who you are. My friends really like your music” I said, smiling at him. That was an understatement, they’re obsessed with him.

“Do you not like my music” he asked. “ I don’t listen to music, I don’t go on social media either. I’m more of a old school type of girl” I said, shrugging at him, playing with my nails.

He nodded. He looked really interested in what I said because he grinned at me. I smiled back.

“I liv-” “I know” he interrupted.

“How do you know where I live?” I asked, freaked out. “I don’t. I’m just messing with you” he said so I told him my address after I hit him on the arm.

“You know, your different from all the other girls I’ve met” he said, licking his lips.

“I think that’s a compliment” I said, looking at him.

“It is” he said, making me smile.

“Well, thanks” I said, looking out the window, a small smile forming on my face.

Hey guys:)
This imagine probably isn’t the best because it’s extremely old. I’ve only just got by phone back and I found this in my notes 😂 ( I don’t think I’ve posted it already )
Either way, enjoy 😂

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Who are you? Alex. From? Sheffield. From? Eng… Shef… Arctic Monkeys!

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currently super stressed out for my AP exams coming up in the next two weeks, any tips?😁

As a former honors and AP student, I most certainly can!! I don’t know which AP tests you’re taking, but between myself, Lonny, and a few other friends, we have at least 6 of them covered!

AP Literature and Composition:

I know this is a pretty common exam to take, and I took it and got a three! My school only accepts 4s, so I didn’t credit for it, but I finished the equivalent courses in college the past two semesters, so I think I may have some pointers!

  • When taking this exam, always try to have 1 fiction, 1 play, and 1 nonfiction memorized. I’m talking about everything you could possibly want to know about these works. Characters, plots, symbols, motifs, you name it. They usually give you a list of classics that you read in class or throughout the school year, so you should be good. I think I picked The Crucible for my play, and either The Great Gatsby or The Scarlet Letter, I can’t remember. Even if your work is not listed in the suggested titles, you can still use any title for your choosing, as long as it answers the question. 
  • Try checking out not only Crash Course (linked below), but also ThugNotes. ThugNotes makes learning the stories really fun, at least in my opinion! You get not only the summary, but also an analysis of the text, complete with important quotes 
  • Make sure you know how to analyze! You’ve been learning about it all year, so put those tools to the test! You want to make sure that you’re also able to come to conclusions from what you analyze. A bulk of your essays should be your own conclusions and analysis, not summary. The graders know the stories, so you don’t necessarily need for you to tell them again. I would say try to go for about 30% summary, 70% analysis. 
  • There’s a list of keywords you should know for the multiple choice. I think this one sums it up pretty well! Make sure you’re familiar with a majority of the words. You don’t need to know every single one, but know more than half so you can make some educated guesses need be! 
  • Read the questions/prompts before reading the passage. That way you know what you’re looking for, rather than having to flip back and forth mindlessly.  

AP United States History:

I know they recently updated this exam, so it’s definitely a different format from what I took. Nonetheless, the principles still remain:

  • The minute you get a document or prompt, write down every key history term you can think of that applies to the question, even if you think it’s the most obscure term. If you can include it in your essay, write it down. You want to aim for about ten or more Key Terms in your essays. 
  • is a good resource to use to practice main ideas and key terms!
  • The APUSH exam is really just all about memorization. Try to come up with ways remember years, acts, treaties, etc.

AP Calculus:

I didn’t take this, but Lonny did. She told me:

  • Practice a lot of open-endeds. The whole exam is about Calculus concepts and how you do math. Open endeds will definitely help you practice this.
  • Again, lots of memorization!
  • ALSO: this is lonny now but put EVERY step of your method when doing the open ended. you might not get the answer right, but if your process is correct, you’ll still get points for it b/c they don’t only look for the right answer. i’m 90% sure that’s how i got a 4 on that exam

AP Spanish Language:

  • AP Spanish is just like learning English. You need to know grammar, vocabulary, etc. For this class I really studied vocabulary from flashcards I made. 
  • Practice your grammar. If you are given vocabulary words, write sentences, and ask your teacher to check them. 
  • Become as familiar as you can with hearing the language. Watch Spanish programs on youtube, listen to Spanish radio, if you know someone who speaks Spanish, ask them to talk to you in it. I ended up listening to Disney music in Spanish, bc I knew what they were trying to say so I could identify the words. There are a lot of audio on the exams, so you want to make sure you can understand some of it. I’m not good at the listening part, but try picking up on keywords that you do understand, they may guide you and give you an idea of what is happening. Don’t get hung up on the words you don’t know. You’ll get stuck and try to figure out that word rather than listening to the rest. 
  • Find only prompts online, and practice writing emails, essays, etc. I was actually relatively good at these considering how bad I was in Spanish, and I found this to be the easiest part. 
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Practice your weaknesses the most. For me, it was listening and speaking! 

AP French Language:

Again, this was a course Lonny took, not me. She didn’t take the exam, but she says:

  • Listen to a lot of audio. It’ll help you understand the grammar and pronunciation. 
  • Essay writing is important. Practice your grammar structure.

AP French follows the structure of AP Spanish, so you can look there for more information!

AP Biology:

  • Memorization! As someone who is taking Biology 102 now, I can tell you this whole course is about memorization. 

General Tips:

  • If you haven’t done so already, try getting your hands on older editions of the exam! You can find them in AP study books, and online as well! In class, we would always practice from old exams, because they test creators usually follow a theme! It’s always a good idea to time yourself while taking these too! I know AP Central has them posted for the last decade I think. They also have multiple sample responses, so you can see how the graders grade, and why they received a grade. 
    • I think it’s important to sit down and try to grade some of the responses you’ve read, especially for AP Spanish, AP French, APUSH, and AP Literature. You tend to grade yourself harsher than the AP graders, so it’s important to compare what you would give it versus someone who gets paid to grade them.
  • Remember, these graders need to go through hundreds of exams, so they aren’t going to critique every bit of it. 
  • Don’t be afraid to cross anything out. If it’s crossed out, graders cannot grade it. 
  • Crash Course by John and Hank Green will be your best friend, no matter what class you’re taking! I can tell you as a college student, I still watch these, especially Biology and Psychology!
  • Try using Quizlet! I still use this all the time in college, and it’s an extremely useful resource for memorizing terms, which is important in a majority of these exams.
  • NEVER LEAVE A QUESTION BLANK.You will not lose points for wrong answers, so make sure you try to make an educated guess!
  • If you don’t know it, skip it and come back to it later. Remember, you don’t get points off for a wrong guess, but you don’t want to waste your time on a question you don’t know, especially if you’re timed. 
  • Don’t bother trying to cram information in at the last minute. Days before the exam, you either know it or you don’t. If you cram information, you are more likely to forget it.
  • Get a good night’s sleep the night before your exam. Maybe look over your notes for an hour and a half tops, and then book your books and notes away and go to sleep! You want to be awake during your exam!
  • Eat a good breakfast. Try to avoid sugary cereals and pastries so you don’t crash and burn during the exam. Do not, and I repeat, do not skip out on breakfast the morning of your exam. 

I think that’s all I have for right now! If I can think of anything else, I’ll make sure to update this! Best of luck on your exams!! Sending you lots of good vibes! Remember to breathe!


Concubine wars headcanon time. I actually already touched on how Camilla was as a child, but thinking it through I’m not content so here’s the edited version:

She appeared to be almost emotionless and numb back when her mother was alive, and behaved in a similar manner to Beruka - a comparison Camilla herself made internally. She was raised to show no weakness, and never reveal her inner thoughts and feelings.

In fact, she had always been passionate; her personality was merely repressed. As such, there would be occasions when she suddenly lost her temper, or she’d kneel down to pet an animal she found overwhelmingly cute. Her mother never approved of those moments, so if they happened in front of her Camilla would usually end up punished and/or lectured.

Most likely her other siblings found her apparent monotony strange or even creepy. It was difficult to keep everything inside, though her outbursts were still rare enough that not many will have seen them. Xander in particular did catch her trying to keep a rabbit as a secret pet one day.

After her mother died, aspects of what she kept hidden slowly came out until she became who she is today.

Short Story: A Dying Problem

I was digging through my computer files out of procrastination, and came across a kind of embarrassingly silly story I wrote in college. I actually think I wrote it my freshman year, circa 2007-2008, but it says 2010. Probably the last time I did some editing. I don’t remember. I’m still surprised I have it.

I’m posting it here for you just to show we all have to start somewhere, even though I’d already had years of writing experience by this point, it is still pretty unrefined. Hadn’t quite found my voice yet.

So enjoy this silly little story about an old lady kicking Death’s ass.

A Dying Problem

It was a beautiful day, as always, with the constantly blue skies and the never ending greenness of the grass as the pale Mustang wove along the perfect stretch of black asphalt that cut through the field to glittering skyscraper smack in the center of it all. Everyday the Mustang took the same route from the mansion to the skyscraper and everyday it always looked the same, except for the minor changes that always took place to keep up with the times. Take the asphalt road for example. It used to be cobblestone before this wonderful sleek stretch that existed now, and before that dirt. Before the invention of cars the Mustang used to be a mustang, with no exact color, just pale. Although sometimes people would mistake it for other light shades of actual colors, but that was only when the sun hit the car at the right angles changing the shade.

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Ok but can we talk about how Chat and LB now each know that the other has to have been someone in that building?

They’re sealed in before anyone on the outside knows anything. That means that only people already inside could be LB and Chat (there’s even a ‘fancy meeting you here’ moment when they meet in the lobby). It’s a closed event, so not many people are there. They also know it can’t be anyone they saw while they were suited up (like Theo or the Mayor), and Chat has already eliminated Chloe as a possible LB. 

So if LB or Chat were to really think about it… how long would it take for them to conclude who’s who out of such a small pool of possibilities?


Origins, a PhanFic

Dan and Phil film a video reacting to PINOF and AmazingDan.  What they don’t expect is the emotions it will bring back.  Angst/Fluff with a happy ending.  5.2k words.

Phil looked up from his phone, across the lounge at Dan, who was in his browsing position on the sofa, completely ignoring him. They may as well have been on separate continents.

“Hey Dan,” Phil said. Dan made a noncommittal noise. “About 20 people have tweeted me this petition, have you seen it?”

“Yeah,” Dan replied.

“So… we’re not doing that probably,” Phil said.

“I feel like we wouldn’t be able to post it, but we could try,” Dan said. Phil frowned.

“How much of the last PINOF did we scrap in editing?” Phil asked.

“Hours, I’m sure,” Dan replied.

“So why couldn’t we post this?” Phil asked.

“Sex tapes usually get flagged,” Dan said, as if this were the most normal conversation that had ever happened.

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Just to let you know, your blog is flawless and you are the reason I ship Gumlee.

Did you think I was lying? 
I said theres yaoi without even trying 
Already shipped so I’m not scared of dying
Drinking the red from your heart in one sitting
You think you’ve got me pegged
You must be kidding
I raise the Gumlee fans and they do my bidding
Girl, I’m a thousand years old 
I’m a riddle 
I’m a bad little boy
Yes I’m bad, 
But I’m not little
:D THANK YOU! Just to let you know. Your an awesome person and you cheered my day up today.
Crappy lyric edit but idc XP