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Look, I haven’t told Izzy yet, but you know how fast gossip spreads.  She shouldn’t hear about it secondhand. (requested by anonymous)

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All day long at work, I kept thinking about Samwell bake sales for whatever reason. That would be a sweet four years (no pun intended lol)

“Oh god, oh god, oh god.” 

You are two feet away from the door of your ECON101 class when suddenly someone is pulling you backwards. And into a nearby bathroom. And then starts pulling off your shirt.

Of all the things you expected to happen on a Tuesday afternoon at Samwell University, this was pretty low on the list.

“What the–” That’s about all you manage to get out and it’s muffled because your shirt is rucked up to your armpits.

“Bro, hurry,” the voice says and you finally place it. Chad. S or T. You’re not sure. 

“Dude, stop, what are you doing?”

“Your shirt,” Chad S or T says. “Put it inside out. Now.”

You obey because Chad S is a senior and maybe this is some form of hazing? Either way he is a senior and you’re a freshmen so it makes sense to listen to him. 

“Fuck, Chad, hurry,” the Chad in front of you says. 

“I’m trying,” you say. This probably would have been easier if he had remembered to take off your backpack before ripping your clothes off. Also, does this mean you aren’t going to Econ?

“Not you, baby Chad. Chad T,” Chad - he must be S, or maybe P? - says. He waves his phone in your face. “Texting. Are you inside out yet?”

“Yeah, yeah,” you says, pulling your shirt back on. His eyes scan over you. 

“No other Lax gear on?”


“Perfect, let’s go, rookie, I got the text four minutes ago.”

And then he walks out. 

“Wait!” you call, grabbing your things to follow him. “Wait, where are we going? Is this hazing?”

“What?” Chad S says, looking over his shoulder at you. “Fuck, no, you will know when you are being hazed, fucker. This is– I’m doing you a fucking favor, shithead.”

“You are?” This is definitely Chad S. Chad S is the angriest according to your charts. 

“Hell yeah, bro,” Chad S, cutting wildly across the lawn. “You’re not on the real lax groupchat yet but Chad W sent out the word.”


“He saw them loading up their old shitty car,” Chad S says, walking directly through a group of girls and almost knocking two over. “Which means only one thing.”

They arrive at the entryway to the cafeteria, where there appears to be a rather large group of people already gathered. Chad S nods at the group.

“The Hockey team is having a bake sale.”

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My revenge story is how I lost my first tooth. During nap time in kindergarten, I was reading a book because I couldn't fall asleep. My teacher came over and told me to nap and that I probably couldn't read the book anyway because it didn't have pictures. In response. I yanked out my loose tooth which she told me not to do several times earlier. It was bloody and painful (which is probably why she told me not to do it). I was a spiteful kid.

First off who’s she to say you can’t read?
Second you were an intense child. 😂
-Mel (the Slytherin)

I got you anon! Just assume everything is the same, but without them kissing each other for even once during their routes. This will be including semi-AU scenarios, so I hope you don’t mind about it :) Its literally the longest I’ve ever written omg ~Admin Kei


-It was a few weeks after the official announcement of their relationship, when Zen and MC are watching a romantic movie in his house

-While they’re watching midway through the movie, the romantic scenes were getting cheesier, which somewhat left them in an awkward mood

- Being the sensitive type, he couldn’t help but stole a few glances towards his side. There she was, holding her cheeks on her palms, slightly blushing. It seems that she was really concentrated on the movie, since her soft gaze never left the television screen.

-A few minutes had passed and none of them dared to say a word. He was feeling even more conscious now, he thought, as he tried to find somewhere else to distract himself from the movie; he never thought that watching a movie that contains particular…kiss scenes with a female he confessed his love on could be such intense.

-“Get a grip, Zen. You know you’re better than this.” He mentally slapped his cheeks, putting his thoughts towards their recent relationship. They did occasionally share some physical intimacy, but it seems like its missing something…oh. His gaze landed back on the screen; the kiss is still ongoing.

-“I never even kissed MC…I’m so stupid.” Deciding that he should repay back her feelings on how she supported him throughout the time she’s joined RFA, he simply turned off the TV with the remote, which immediately gained back MC’s attention towards him.

-“W-What?” she blinked in confusion, as her thoughts soon returned to the atmosphere around the house. Before she could further ask what’s going on, he held onto her chin with his fingers, slowly pulling her towards him.

-The first kiss they shared on the lips was mild and sweet; her lips were pretty soft too, he thought. Although she knew that he did not dare to delve in further, she could still feel his hidden feelings that were waiting so desperately to be shown to her, and it was crazy. It truly shows how both of them love each other, considering time was not a factor at that moment.


-There’s still a few months left before their official wedding, when they arrived at a particular high-class restaurant for dinner.

-“I love the quiet atmosphere here, Jumin, thanks for inviting me.” She said, as he pulled the seat for her to sit in. “As long as its for you, I wouldn’t mind at all.” He he softly replied with a smile, as he eventually sat in front of her.

-After he ordered food from the menu, both of them began to share a conversation relating to the wedding and perhaps even their honeymoon in the future. Even when he’s a bit tired from all the working in his company, talking to his fiancée really restores his energy right away.

-“Sorry, I’ll be right back.” She stood up from the chair, slowly heading towards the bathroom. He did not reply, but instead kept his gaze on her back; the way her dress sways whenever she took a step, her hair bouncing up and down and the smile that seems to be lingering on the back of her head, all of them intrigues him. He just loves every part of her well-being, whether its her appearance or not.

-When he took a glance towards his surroundings, he realized that another couple was sitting at the farthest table, well…kissing. He did not particularly mind them showing affection in a public place, but it certainly reminded him that not even once did they ever kissed on the lips before, even after he proposed during the RFA party.

-After MC came back from the bathroom, they continued to eat while sharing a pleasant talk, as if nothing had happened before.

-Eventually, as they were sitting on his car with his driver on the front seat, he stares at her with a strange expression, leaving MC in a blank state. “Jumin?”

-He did not reply again, but instead placing his right hand on her cheek tenderly, initiating a kiss right before she could react from it. The kiss was somewhat rough, but she does not mind; not only she could feel the warmth crept up from his body, but also the long suppressed love he have been wanting to show her all this time. It was particularly enjoyable and memorable to both of them.


-It was another random day of them scrolling through the chatroom together in his home, when he came through a particular topic discussed by Zen and Seven.

Seven: I’ll give you a virtual kiss if you want some company Zen <3 <3

Seven: *inserts heart emoji here*

Zen: *inserts awkward emoji here*

Zen: I would rather get kissed by a fan than you Seven.

-“Yoosung, what’s wrong?” Oops. He hasn’t even realized that he zoned out a bit, while looking at the screen in front of him. “U-Um, its fine, MC! Nothing’s wrong!” He waved his hand to reassure her.

-When he returned his gaze towards the conversation that both Seven and Zen shared, he realized that their relationship hasn’t even advanced further, ever since he confessed his love towards her. He appreciates how she stayed by his side even when he tried to compare her with Rika, which he knows he shouldn’t do that in the first place, but he really wished that he could know more about her in-depth.

-”Why did I even decide to scroll through the chatrooms anyway…” He sighed mentally, knowing that they haven’t shared a kiss, for even once. Maybe he could do something about it?

-Unfortunately, his self-consciousness told him that it’ll probably be too early to do so, so he wasted a few hours playing multiplayer games with her, talking, cooking, the usual routine.

-“Maybe I shouldn’t be too subtle about it and instead ask her directly? Yup, this is definitely the best idea, even though I didn’t have my first kiss yet! Go Yoosung!” He kept making pep talks to himself during the meantime and its almost driving him into a non-stop blushing madness; its still a surprise that she haven’t noticed this yet.

-As soon as its almost time for her to leave, he simply grabbed onto her wrists, implying her to stay for a bit longer. “C-Can I kiss you before you leave?”

-When he saw that she froze on the spot, he took the chance and grabbed onto her shoulders, giving her a simple kiss. He did not dare to move, but it feels kind of tingly and nice, he thought. He could even smell the faint scent from her minted lip balm, which reminds him to buy more of those when he got time.


-It was just like any normal day in the café, but with MC helping her with the washing instead.

-“I really appreciate your help, MC, but it’ll be very tiring if you stayed with me for the whole day.” She said, with sadness added in her tone. She wouldn’t want her to be stressed out with the large amount of work, considering how she truly understands the meaning of being stressed when she’s still Jumin’s assistant.

-“I’m totally fine, Jaehee! Looking at the customer’s smiles always give me a boost of energy, plus its not that I have a lot to do anyway.” MC replied joyfully, as she continues washing the plates piled onto the sink.

-“Wow, she’s just so innocent…but that’s what I like about MC though.” She thought with a slight smile, complimenting the RFA coordinator in her mind. Ever since MC joined the RFA and befriended her, her sole existence already gave her a lot of confidence on being direct towards her own feelings. If its not MC who joined the RFA by accident, she might’ve been stuck being Jumin’s assistant, or worse, going to the hospital frequently because of over-stressing herself and a lack of sleep for almost every weekday.

-Before her thoughts could drift along any further, all the lights in her café suddenly went into an outage; the sun already setting didn’t help much too. Several customers began opening the flashlight from their phones, but the café is still very much pitch black, considering how its not really crowded.

-Its even worse when there’s already inches of snow being piled up against the door. Yup you’ve guessed it; it happened during December.

-“Jaehee?” She turned her head towards the source of sound, “I-I’m quite scared of the dark.”

-As soon as she saw MC’s crouching figure, she immediately put her arms around her, stroking her back softly. When the lights seemed that it wouldn’t turn back on for a while, she knew the only way to give MC full comfort. It is not the best choice, but if its MC, she’s willing to do anything to keep her safe.

-As their lips were connected for a while, it successfully calmed down MC in a surprising state. It wasn’t really the first kiss they had imagined to be, but it was more of a reassuring kind instead. For both of them, its simply worth more than a thousand words.


-It was a quiet night in his apartment, when MC’s the only one falling asleep peacefully.

-“Why do I have to work overnight again…” He let out a soft sigh, showing his frustration on a certain someone. Getting tired from staring at the computer screen while drinking Dr. Pepper, he stretched himself to get more comfort from sitting on a computer chair.

-While he was busy with closing all the useless tabs, his gaze landed on a folder with MC’s name on it. He clicked on it out of curiosity and sure enough, its mostly about the background information he researched when she first joined RFA by accident.

-His thoughts simply drifted off the 11 days before the start of an unexpected RFA party; all these years having to act for an optimistic personality online, with MC  suddenly popping up and knowing how to respond most of his weird phrases, was clearly something that he did not expect at all.

-Not to mention meeting his twin brother in such an unfortunate incident, which led him into despair and for once, breaking out from the façade and showing his true, pessimistic personality. He always thought that he should repay the debt from treating her with coldness during the time he’s in Rika’s apartment, but he just doesn’t know how.

-He simply hates how he’s always so emotional during the night. As he landed his gaze on her sleeping figure, he felt a sense of calmness radiating from her. If she did not appear, all of these incidents wouldn’t even happen, especially being her boyfriend-

-“Wait…we’re in a relationship for almost a month and we still haven’t kissed? How?!” He continuously scratched his head in irritation, “Should I do that? Right now?”

-“But it might wake her up-“ “Alright, here goes.” He slowly tiptoed towards his bed, as he crouched down below her sleeping figure. Seeing MC’s beautiful face already made him into a blushing madness. He isn’t like this-

-He gently pulled her forward with his right hand, as he then tilted his head and gave her a sweet kiss. He tries to move forward, but he knows it’ll instantly wake her up. He lingered the kiss to further savor the moment, he realizes she sort of tastes like toothpaste and it was the best kiss he ever initiated.

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Okay I don't know if you've done yeet yet, but all I can imagine is like Penny ripping off someone's arm while whispering yeet to himself

“Darling,you know those Vine videos you show me?”
“We only watch them everyday,Penny.” You giggle. He beams at your giggle and scoots closer to you like always,”Darling,there’s this word I’m curious about.People have been using it very excitedly on here.”
“Which one?”

“Ohh.That’s used when someone is really excited or like when they’re throwing something.”
“Ahh,I see now.”
You’re out running errands for the day and this is the time Penny likes to grab a bite to eat.He has his prey cornered in a secluded part of the woods and has stricken them with intense fear.

“Please d-don’t! Leave me alone!”

Penny smirks and picks them up before tossing them into the sewer entrance.


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mtl mars sign and why? sorry if you've answered this before!

libra mars - literal sweethearts! can be passive aggressive but their aura is so calming and beautiful. and soft.

leo mars - my placement. we are legit the™ ride or die friend. wild as hell but highkey beautiful and passionate people.

virgo mars - fReaky but i luv it. actually quite calm people?? they know how to make you feel at ease. really good at communication too.

aquarius mars - uh?? lowkey rude and standoffish but smart as hell. i luv them. lowkey freaks too

taurus mars - dO not piss them off!! holy shit. but otherwise,, very calm and beautiful people. protect them

cancer mars - really good at playing victim and has a lot of breakdowns? otherwise, i admire their soothing but strong aura

gemini mars - really good at insulting people lmao. scattered af but i like it

sagittarius mars - probably the rudest people i’ve ever met but i love their ability to be so free

aries mars - they’re so intense but that’s what i love about them. can be pretty rude and insensitive tho

pisces mars - v soft and quiet people but can be pretty wild. honestly?? i love them. protect them

capricorn mars - hardworking as hell and honestly stresses themselves too much. otherwise, v settled

scorpio mars - intense lol. good at playing victims and holding grudges

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hi!! can you do #14? with andreil fluff? pls with minimal angst my heart cant take it lmao

#14 “This is damaging my self-esteem, I hope you know.” 

It’s been, by any estimation, a long fucking week. A game in Texas last weekend, the flight home, the long drive to Georgia, the game in Georgia, the drive back from Georgia, all in the midst of midterm exams—which meant that instead of sleeping on their flights and the bus, most of the Foxes had textbooks out.

And it’s not like they were all getting eight hours before that. Exy at dawn. Kevin’s extra practices. The gym. School, somehow. Socializing, because they’re not monks.

To top it all off, Andrew hasn’t been sleeping. He thinks Neil doesn’t notice, but how could Neil not? He sleeps in the bunk above Andrew’s, can feel it when Andrew spends the night tossing and turning instead of sleeping.

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Why do you think that Touka might be pregnant?

  • the poem saying “the child that was meant to be born, died”
  • touka’s cover page with her bloody belly and the words “bloom me a flower of my own”
  • kaneki and touka talking about sex
  • kaneki and touka HAVING sex WITHOUT a condom 
  • previous panels of touka surrounded by children
  • actual panel of touka surrounded by children while getting a “mysterious package” from nishiki that she asked for.

so… yeah 😂  fuck

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Aah, for a radmond request, maybe do something where raymond finds out about one of rad's insecurities?? :O

Another Anon:  If you’re still doing the Radmond thing, maybe their first fight? Like, not their usual fighting but yelling and stuff Sorry this is confusing. Also, I realllly love your stories and they make me smile a lot

(yes this is my first two for one deal, I feel like these would just go together so well also fhdjsf Anon you’re gonna make me cry from the sweet compliment also I get that 100% emotional fight not physical also whoops I think I made myself cry hahA)

The cup hit the wall with a loud thud, the glass shattering on impact. The two stared each other down from opposite ends of the living room, the movie long forgotten in the background of their battlefield. Teeth were bared, hands curled into tight, shaking fists, and for the first time in a long while, it seemed as if they’d return to their old ways. Raymond was the first one to break, a choked sob tearing its way from his throat as the levity of the situation hit him like a tsunami. Rad just stood there, his body unmoving except for the slight shaking in his fists and quiver to his lower lip.

Raymond wiped at his eyes angrily, because of course, he’d be the one crying. It would never be Rad, no, not Mr. Stoic. He didn’t have any emotions at all, he was just chill all the time. Except he wasn’t. Raymond knew he wasn’t, and that was what made this whole situation so much worse. Rad didn’t let his guard down around anybody, it seemed, not even his boyfriend. This whole stupid argument had started because of that, because Raymond had the nerve to ask Rad why he didn’t ever cry at this one sad movie, and then it had all spiraled out of control so, so quickly.

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