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*BTS REACTION: You Being a Pro Wrestler*

S E O K J I N:

He looks at you strangely and then just nods in acceptance. He doesn’t necessarily care for pro wrestling, but he supports you by cooking you lots of food so that you have energy and tuning in. He only pays attention when you are on screen though. He will attend when you ask him, but you know that it’s not really his scene so you only ask when it’s really important.

He gives you a kiss on the cheek, “Of course I’ll go to your match this week. Just let me talk to my manager, okay?”

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Y O O N G I:

Honestly, he doesn’t understand at all why you would want to exercise for a living. If dancing wasn’t a part of being a KPOP idol he definitely wouldn’t be doing it. Like really, it’s cardio. You’ve never tried to drag him to the gym with you. You don’t think he really needs it either as his idol life does keep him pretty fit. So things are pretty much the same. Although he does find some of your moves impressive.

“Wow, YYYYYYY/NNNNNNNN!” He yells out and claps when he watches your match on TV with the other boys.

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H O S E O K:

He doesn’t believe you at all. It takes you showing him a picture of all the merch your parents have of you on a wall to convince him. After that, it’s like he sees your face everywhere and he doesn’t understand how he didn’t recognize you before. He’s not a fan of wrestling since violence isn’t his sort of thing, but he supports you by tuning in for your matches and always gets uncontrollably excited when you win.

“Y/N has a match today! Please support her ARMY!” He says on a Vlive while lifting up the shirt he has of you so that they can see it clearly.

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N A M J O O N:

He has little knowledge on pro wrestling, so his curiosity is sparked. He asks you questions on how you became a pro wrestler.  He won’t go to a match of yours until he feels like he has an appropriate understanding of the way pro wrestling works, to save the both of you from embarrassment.

He takes a deep breathe and looks at you as if he is going into enemy territory, “Okay, I think I’m ready.” With his new knowledge, he forges onward into your world.

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J I M I N:

Even though he knows you are used to it and don’t care much for it, he feels uncomfortable for you whenever he sees a match of yours. There’s just so much physical contact in wrestling. You find it cute when he blushes in second hand embarrassment for you.

“You have to grab them like that!?” He yells with mortification.

The move requires for you to lock their head in between your thighs.

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T A E H Y U N G:

He now understands why you are so healthy. The rumor within the group is that no one has ever seen you out of breathe. However, he’s really concerned about you getting injured once he looks up a YouTube video of one of your older matches. Those moves could very easily break your arm or give you a concussion if you do something wrong, not to mention the attacks your opponents try to land on you.

“Just like…Ahhh…Be careful, okay? I’d be very upset if something happened to you,” he says awkwardly because he’s afraid of coming off unsupportive.

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J U N G K O O K:

He’s really excited and amazed. It explains why you are way fitter than him. He looks you up on the internet, watches every match, buys so much merch, and basically becomes your number one fan. He’s really pumped for your next match and will do anything it takes to get to see you in person.

“We can work out together and you can teach me your signature move!” He says while puffing his chest, showing off the t-shirt he just bought.

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Existence, Merle, life? Merle? Is horrible. To exist, to live, is horrible

I think John is a fun villain


As you get older, you might start to find that things get harder. The world isn’t always a kind place. Especially for men like us. Take a look at the people on this mat. We are your community. When things get hard, we are gonna be the ones who hold each other up. As Randall’s father, you are his foundation. Come lie down, as if you’re gonna do a push-up. Randall, climb on your father’s back. 


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

Ohmygod, Anne reacting to getting her first period is the most #relatable thing to ever happen on a TV show. 

Her reactions, verbatim:

  • “Please plant some pink roses on my grave.”
  • “I’m not ready to be a WOman!!!”
  • “There’s been some kind of mistake. There’s no way God would think it’s time for ME to be a woman!”
  • “This can’t be happening…”
  • “Every MONTH? But WHY?”
  • “This is a waking nightmare. I hate this.”
  • “*groans loudly*”
  • “This is SO inconvenient!”

Like I said. Relatable. 


gif request meme: favorite hero heroic moment + game of thrones (for @thatrobbstark)


“If Jasmine were treated like a white girl, she would’ve been sent to a safe place to eat, sleep, maybe even given the opportunity to go to school. But instead, she’s treated like a criminal by the officers and prosecutor whose duty it was to protect her and save her from the hell that was her childhood. But you turn her back out onto the streets until she had a criminal record that prevented her from getting a job, government housing, assistance. Each violation leading to the next, all stemming from the first arrest, when the system that should’ve been protecting this vulnerable 13-year-old girl, blamed her and doomed her to a life in and out of prison.”


live action star wars triumvirates