this was an important scene for me

I’m still pretty blown away by the parallels and callbacks in that proposal scene.

Same stunned, in-awe Connor look, in the same positioning, on the same bed as the “For once, I was good”/”Lie on your back, I wanna look in your eyes” scene.

Making babies mention: “You love me and wanna have my babies.” - “We can make a million babies.”

Love them so much they’ll do anything the other wants: “I love you, Ollie. So whatever you want, I’ll do it.” - “You’re the most important thing in my life, so whatever you want, I’m here.”

First night hook up references: rimjob and Oliver rambling away while Connor takes his clothes off and kisses him.

I’m actually quite impressed with the effort!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I loved the first 30 minute ep. It was so heartbreaking, yet so beautifully done and wow. I’m still in awe. 

Robron’s goodbye scenes killed me. First the stealing underwear and shower gel and then the actual goodbye. The forehead touch, mutual “I love you”, the kisses (yes, the neck kiss, too), Robert looking like he could lose it right then, “Mr. Sugden” and “Mr. Dingle” was all too much and so beautiful. Danny and Ryan were - and are - just beyond amazing with angsty stuff.

And then we even got a Rob & Paddy scene, which was unexpected but oh, so so good and needed. They finally put aside their differences, ‘cause right now their past isn’t important. It’s all about Aaron and the fact that they both love him so much. Things won’t be easy for any of them, but I’m sure Paddy knows somewhere deep down that it’s good that Aaron has Robert now. As he said “Last time was different, this time he’s got you”, it really is true. This time is different. This time Aaron has something to look forward to, someone who will be waiting for him.

Finally we were also blessed with the long-awaited Robert & Liv hug. When Liv said she wanted to stay with Robert, I melted. And then Robert’s “No one else is going anywhere”… Oh, my heart. Honestly, I’m at a loss of words, ‘cause everything was so emotional, but I loved the whole scene.

This sl will be so hard to watch, but we know it won’t last forever. There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Eventually everything will be alright. The boys will reunite and then they can finally start their family life with Liv in the Mill.

Why the music in Bellamy’s scene was perfect

For such a harrowing scene, for a scene that was paced so well—the use of sound was absolutely appropriate and perfect. I couldn’t disagree more with people saying that it was ill-fitting, and I’m going to explain why (to the best of my non-musical ability, bare with me).

The most important thing I can tell you is that the music is NOT meant to assist in portraying Bellamy’s reaction. Rather, it is a SYMBOL of his reaction. It IS his reaction.

The use of sound in general in this scene is phenomenal to me. I adored the slow clattering of the weapon at Bellamy’s feet, that echoing diegetic sound of metal touching metal. The addition of this chilling wind sound as the weapon hits the floor almost feels like this very last exhalation of breath. That sort of breathing out at the sight of something that would soon knock the wind out of you. And silence. To Bellamy, in this one second, everything freezes, including time itself. And to Bellamy, at the same time, as with any other human, the abruptness and instantaneous nature of loss reaches him all too soon, and that moment of disquietude he felt as Echo approached him and threw down the weapon just drops.

The best thing about the music is noticing where it even plays. It started as the camera panned upwards to Bellamy’s face, sounding very muted and faint, but intensifying and becoming more and more amplified as it reached him—we feel his reaction before we see it. That slow climb in volume and intensity symbolized the cognizance of his sister’s death and the burden of such morbid news. Figuratively speaking, the realization began at Bellamy’s feet—before the weapon—and crept all the way up to his conscious.

The notes used at the beginning were very deep and macabre sounding. It was quite disturbing—it made the situation seem even more wrong, like something is seriously amiss. It represents Bellamy’s processing of the information given to him even more clearly, that he was just unable to understand what he had just been told—that it can’t actually be possible. It has to be wrong.

The music stops when it cuts to Roan and Echo, almost showing that this music is almost really reserved for just Bellamy (just in case you needed any more proof that the music is an aural presentation of Bellamy’s reaction). The room is silent when Roan tells him ‘she wouldn’t be taken alive’.

When we come back to Bellamy, the music kicks up again, still sounding the  almost grisly tone of the piano we heard before—Roan tells him that he’s sorry, and Bellamy has to physically turn out because he can’t face the news. Again, the diegetic sound of his handcuffs clattering together is highly amplified, almost reminding us of this state of his incapacitation regarding both his physical and mental imprisonment. He is both literally and figuratively chained.

Now this is one of my favorite moments: the music dies down again and this absolutely spine-chilling gust of wind seeps into the atmosphere once more. A symbol of isolation. Hopelessness. Clearly a non-diegetic sound, but it contains the capacity to show the calm before the storm within Bellamy in that moment. These amplified noises reflect how sensitive Bellamy is to sound at this point. Note that the music stops again when Echo tells Bellamy that it was a good death. Silence again for Bellamy, as the news finally breaks his heart.

And as he begins to scream, even as it cuts to Echo and Roan, that peculiar and uncanny piano remains, but weaving with another instrument that I think may be the cello. There’s an undertone of sadness now, a reflection of Bellamy’s defeat, his hopeless denial, his plea for it to not be true but his understanding that there’s no chance that it isn’t. Do you know what that symbolizes?

It’s disbelief and grief ebbing and flowing into one. It’s horror and sorrow intertwining. Bellamy doesn’t know what to feel. It’s all so wrong to him, and yet he feels absolute desolation and loss all the same.

The music falls and rises rhythmically, just as Bellamy’s thoughts do—he breaks down, completely destroyed. He feels the emptiness in his heart, he thinks of what he has just lost and breaks down all over again. It’s deliberately patterned to synchronize with this routine of despair he appears to have.

And even as the melancholic music ties together with the piano, the piano still prevails. It’s still the loudest of them both and to me that depicts Bellamy’s cyclical thought process. Regret. Guilt. Shame. This feeling he can’t shake that something is wrong. The realization that this is earth and it was never on his side. That it is cruel, and it takes. Guilt for being so naive. Shame for failing his promise. Self-hatred as he realizes they never reconciled. That she died while still hating him. That to him, nothing will ever be the same again.

It’s clear that this scene’s intention is to illustrate the wave of absolute horror that washes over Bellamy. The suddenness of it, the absence of warning. Bellamy’s inner battle between rejection of fact, denial on the basis that it can’t possibly have happened and succumbing to the tragedy of death because he knows it is nothing but the truth.

I can only conclude this with a final statement: the music and sound in this scene could not have been more perfect, honestly, and I hope this meta made that clear.

wow I had no idea Raven and Bellamy shippers hated Bellarke and was so bitter over them. Went into the anti-bellarke tag just out of curiosity. If your trying to tell me there has been more romantic undertones between Raven and Bellamy then Clarke and Bellamy I think you’re a little delusional lol no offense,they definitely have good chemistry but there was never a scene that came off as potentially romantic between them.

I don’t know maybe I’m the delusional one but its been pretty clear that the only people more important to Clarke and Bellamy then each other is Octavia and Abby.

And whats with the notion that Eliza and Bob hate Bellarke lol you guys are crazy.


As you get older, you might start to find that things get harder. The world isn’t always a kind place. Especially for men like us. Take a look at the people on this mat. We are your community. When things get hard, we are gonna be the ones who hold each other up. As Randall’s father, you are his foundation. Come lie down, as if you’re gonna do a push-up. Randall, climb on your father’s back. 


why is no one talking about how Victor very explicitly declares he wants to take Yuuri’s virginity


“I think that… I think that until you’ve fought those battles yourself, until you’ve had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful talking about and putting yourself above Gay Pride.”

It’s just a small detail I notice, but when the ending plays, we know this scene comes out first, following it by them washing each other’s hair. And it made me think, this sequence is actually pretty important.

Because, you see, at first, Victor’s the one reaching out for Yuuri. It’s like he caught him by surprise.  

Meaning Victor’s the first one who started playing with Yuuri′s hair and tried to fool around while on the showers. But what I find endearing is the fact Yuuri follows along, since the next scene we’ve got is this… He reaches out for Victor, too.

Now they are both fooling around, and this has Yuuri smiling like a little kid; Victor acting like a two year old, without caring who sees, trying to make him laugh and enjoy such a simple moment. And I adore how Yuuri wants to make the other laugh too, wants to see him smile, and so he is not staying behind… but decides to play along Victor’s silly games, and I love every part of it.


“ I have known what you truly are since the day we met. Long may you reign. “


so i actually really love this scene and i think it’s an important Lance moment that should not be brushed off as him merely being cocky, selfish, pouty, etc..  here’s why:

Lance disagrees with Shiro. and not only is he being vocal about it, he’s firmly standing his ground on the issue. and he’s not just disagreeing with his leader, he’s disagreeing with someone who’s bigger, older, and more experienced; and let’s not forget, he’s also disagreeing with his hero, his inspiration, someone he really looks up to.

but that doesn’t stop Lance. he gets right in Shiro’s face (enough to make Shiro lean back), looks him directly in the eyes, and stands there for a good 10 seconds, not moving until Shiro has to gently push him away. he never breaks eye contact either.

it takes a lot of courage to stand up to your friend and your hero like that.

remember when alec a gay character got to say “you’re confusing me” to another man he was attracted to… and remember how magnus a bisexual  character then got to explain to him (and the audience) what attraction/love is supposed to feel like? can you believe shadowhunters gave us a scene that was so explicitly for lgbt viewers… a scene meant to guide us, to understand us… to accept us… 


This moment right here is easily my favorite scene from the episode. Tsukki was so angry with himself for not “stopping more than one spike” that he completely ignored the fact that HE was the one who ultimately brought Karasuno to victory !!!!!! (blocking, tactics, etc.) Even when Ukai calls him the MVP of the game, it’s clear that Tsukki was still upset. It takes his best friend to finally knock some sense into him, and the way Yams does it is brilliant. Someone on tumblr pointed out that this is probably the first time someone’s called Tsukki stupid (That would definitely explain his reaction). Yamaguchi doesn’t sugar coat anything and calls out the situation as it is: “Are you stupid?!” This is coming from the boy who allows no one to badmouth his friend. But this is also coming from the boy watched his friend go from ‘getting a passing grade’ to actually wanting to get better at volleyball. Something like “What are you talking about, Tsukki?” wouldn’t have done a thing. It’s important that we get to see this irritated side of Yams because that shows how much he really cares about him. He knows Tsukki is an amazing player and demands him to be proud of himself. After all, THEY'RE👏🏼 GOING👏🏼 TO👏🏼  NATIONALS👏🏼. Yamaguchi absolutely refuses to let Tsukki put himself down, and if that isn’t being a great friend, I don’t know what is.